New York newspapers with Wanless/Wandless names

Excerpts from Brooklyn Eagle online:

15 Sep 1882: Wanted – agents male and female to solicit orders for the latest and best patent household necessity; quick sales, large profits, light business, just being offered, no humbug. Apply to Wanless & Co, 139 Monroe st.

31 Oct 1882: Wanted, to canvass in Brooklyn for a fast selling patented article, live, gentlemanly men; good pay to men of push; call on Wanless & Co., 550 Gates av.

28 May 1887: Walter D. Wanless sang and was a guest at a party of the GAR celebrating the anniversary of William Blanchfield’s release from a Civil War prison, at Blanchfield’s home on Herbert St, Brooklyn. William Murphy also a guest.

24 Jan 1892; 23 Jan, Boston Mass. P.M. Wanless of the iron molders union is the president of the newly formed New England label league, to push the use of trade labels