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Wanless-like passenger arrivals in the US

Wan(d)lesses extracted from FamilyTreeMaker’s “Passenger & Immigration Index”,
arrivals to New York, 1820-1850 (at
— index entries have been removed from this list as we acquire the manifest details shown elsewhere on this page.

Place: America Year:
Primary immigrant: Wandless, Margaret
Permanent entry number: 7544844
Accession number: 446322
Source publication code: 8695
Source publication page number: 133
Source publication: SMITH, CLIFFORD NEAL. “Unrecognized Refugees from Injustice.” In Genealogical Journal, vol. 8:3 (Sept. 1979), pp. 125-134.
Source annotation: Date of emigration and intended destination. Extracted from Home Office papers (appellat records) in the Public Record Office, London. A comparison of names listed in Smith’s British Deportees to America (the seven part series was indexed as nos. 8530, 8541, 8543, 8544.1, 8544.2, 8544.3, and 8544.4 in the first edition and the 1982, 1986, and 1993 – Parts 4-7 – volumes of PILI, respectively) and the first volume of Peter Wilson Coldham’s English Convicts in Colonial America (indexed as no. 1222 in the first edition of PILI). For more information on the names indexed herein (crime committed, date of court session, place of incarceration, exact citation of appellate record, and, if applicable, enlistment notation), see British Deportees to America, part 2.
Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index

1765, to America, Wandless, Margaret
Permanent entry number: 7544843
Accession number: 2217439
Source publication code: 8541
Source publication page number: 75
Source publication: SMITH, CLIFFORD NEAL. British Deportees to America, Part 2: 1764-1765. (British-American Genealogical Research Monograph, 2.) McNeal, Ariz.: Westland Publications, 1978. 81p.
Source annotation: For earlier years, and annotation, see item no. 8530.
Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index

1773, Thomas Wandless, to America
Permanent entry number: 7544842
Accession number: 1626497
Source publication code: 1217.8
Source publication page number: 27
Source publication: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. Bonded Passengers to America. 9 vols. in 3. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983. Vol. 8. Northern Circuit, 1665-1775: Cheshire, Cumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland, Westmorland, Yorkshire, and Flint. 54p.
Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index

1773, Wandless, Thomas, to America
Permanent entry number: 6787963
Accession number: 2748935
Source publication code: 1220.12
Source publication page number: 837
Source publication: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988. pp. 462-920.
Source annotation: Date and port of arrival, or date of sentencing or reprieve for transport and port of arrival. Name of ship, crime convicted of, and other information may also be provided. The first part of this book was indexed as source number 1220.11 in PILI 1999 Part 1.
Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index


Details from passenger manifests and other indexes

30 Sep 1818, on the brig Elizabeth, from England via Halifax, Nova Scotia
with the family of John & Mrs. Douglas and their apparent children Wm, Ann, Susanna, Isabella, 2 unnamed, plus apparent servants or traveling companions Geo. Frater, Ellen Roberts, Jane Buckam, Geo. [or Bea?] Wanless, and 11 chests of wearing apparel and bedding.
Further down the same manifest is this group:
Geo & Mrs. Clarke, Mary Amos, John & Wm Rutherford,
Geo. Wanless, Mrs. Wanless
with 8 chests of wearing apparel & bedding for the whole group.
There are also families named Cowans, Johnson, Graham on this ship, who may be relatives of George Wanless. This is undoubtedly George Wanless & his wife Esther Amos arriving for their permanent stay in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure if the first Geo Wanless listed with the Douglas clan is the same person or another George Wanless.
Source: Passengers arriving at Philadelphia (

Arrival Date, Ship
Details of Family

20 May 1842, arriving in New York on the ship Philadelphia
Ellen or Ellenor Smith, 46, female, no occupation
Thomas Wanless, 17, no occupation
Mary Ann Smith, 15
Maria Smith, 10
James Smith, 8
Port of Departure: London
Country of Origin: Great Britain, intend to settle in the US
Family Identification: 30082117, Microfilm Serial Number: M237, Microfilm Roll Number: 48
Source: passenger manifest, NY Passenger Lists 1820-1857 (

23 Oct 1846, Haidee
George Windlass, 40, farmer, from England
Mary W, 36
Isaac, 17, farmer
Elizabeth, 11
William, 10
Michael Hope W, 8
Elinor B., 4
Margaret Hope W, infant
Source: passenger manifest at

10 Aug 1847, Ann Harley
Alex. Wanless, age 23, laborer, from Great Britain
Eliza Wanless, age 23, from Great Britain
Source: passenger manifest at

Jul 12, 1850, Rockaway
departed Liverpool, arrived in New York
John Monless [Wanless], age 47, farmer
William, son, 21
John, son, 17
George, son, 14
Andrew, son, 10
Archibald, son, 7
Robert, son, 4
Marg’t Wanless, daughter, 2
Country of Origin: Great Britain, intend to settle in the USA
Family Identification: 15304593, Microfilm Serial Number: M237, Microfilm Roll Number: 90
Source: passenger manifest, NY Passenger Lists 1820-1857 (

1 Nov 1850, North Atlantic
William Wanliss, age 29, joiner, from England
Isabella Wanliss, age 29, from England
Source: passenger manifest at


12 May 1851, Roscius (roll 98 list 509 line 49)
Margaret Wendless, 26, servant, from Great Britain to USA

16 Apr 1853, American Congress (roll 124, list 258, line 13)
Catherine Wandles, 32, departed London, origin Germany, destination Germany

24 Aug 1853, Glasgow, departed Glasgow (roll 130 list 879 line 16)
Mary Ann Wardlens or Wardlew or Wandless, 26, from Great Britain to USA
Margaret W, 2

16 Sep 1854, De Witt Clinton (roll 145 list 1253 line 46)
William Wanlass, 24, cabinet maker, from England to USA

18 Sep 1854, Edward O’Brien
Isabella Wanless, 45, miners, whole family from England to USA in steerage
Joseph W, 14, miners
Isabella W, 11

2 Jan 1857, Columbia (roll 170 list 10 line 35)
Jacob [should be Jackson] Wandless, 32, blacksmith, deck house, whole family from England to USA
Jane W, 33, wife, deck house
Mary W, 7, child, between decks
Jackson W, 4, child, between decks
Sarah W, 11 months(?), child, between decks

7 Sep 1857, Cynosure (roll 178 list 1077 line 55)
John Wanless, 24, labourer, from Ireland, intends to live in USA, embarked Liverpool, 2nd cabin

20 Oct 1857, Edinburgh (from Glasgow, Scotland to New York)
Jessie Wanlas, female, 26, from USA to USA in the upper between decks

10 Mar 1859, Glasgow (roll 190 list 132 line 8)
David Wanless, 23, merchant, from Scotland, intends to live in Canada

16 May 1865, Virginia, departed Liverpool (roll 251 list 380 line 30)
William Wanless 44 m lab. (all from England, all going to US)
Eliza 42 f wife
Robert Graham 17 m lab.
William ” ” 16 m lab.
Robert Wanless 14 m lab.
John ” ” 10 m child
Margaret ” ” 7 f child
Thomas ” ” 5 m child
Mike ” ” 21 m lab.
Margaret ” ” 18 f spinster

21 Nov 1865, Moravian (roll 259 linst 1135 line 23)
A. Wanless, 25, male, labourer, from Liverpool, England to USA, steerage

2 Jan 1866, Atlantic (roll 260, list 9, line 9)
C.C. Wandles, 31, from USA to USA, 1st cabin

31 Jul 1869, Europa (roll 315 list 886 line 45)
William Wanless, 34, gentleman, native of Scotland, intends to live in USA

21 Aug 1869, Colorado (roll 316 list 938 line 28)
Hy. [Henry] Wanlass, 21, from England to USA

21 Oct 1869, City of Baltimore (roll 320 list 1208 line 31)
John Wandlass, 22, smith (shown by a line drawn from a smith 2 people above), from England to USA in steerage

26 Jul 1870, Manhattan (roll 332 list 711 line 3)
Henry Wanless, 22, labourer, from Gt. Britain to USA, between decks
Mary W, 33, matron

18 Apr 1872, Egypt (roll 355 list 301 line 51)
Jonathan Wander or Wandes, 58, labourer, from England to USA
(next page) George Wander or Wandes, 50, ditto

22 May 1876, Idaho (roll 403, list 430, line 6)
John Wandlass, 28, gentleman, from Gt. Britain to USA, cabin

5 Jun 1876, Nevada (roll 404 list 478 line 5)
Margt. [Margaret] Wanless, 52, matron, from England to live in USA, steerage
Jos. Wanless, 7, child

18 Apr 1877, Ethiopia (roll 408 list 276 line 1)
Jas. Wanliss, 37, farmer, from Scotland to USA, steerage, departed from Glasgow

23 May 1877, Ethiopia (roll 408 list 423 line 3)
John Wanless, 37, farmer, embarked Glasgow, native of Scotland, intends to live in USA, steerage

23 Jun 1877, Wyoming (roll 409 list 570 line 38), from Liverpool & Queenstown
Jas. Wanless, 28, labourer, from England to USA in steerage
Christine, 23, wife

29 Sep 1877, Wisconsin (roll 410 list 928 line 18)
Mr. John Wanlass, 55, gentleman, from Scotland to USA in cabin
Mrs. Eliza W, 54, wife
Master Fred W, 11, child
(line 43)
Jane Wanlass, 23, spinster, from England to USA in steerage
Eliz. W, 22, spinster
John W, 18, labourer
Emily W, 16, spinster

26 Jul 1880, City of Richmond, departed Liverpool (roll 429, list 938, line 54)
Joseph Wandless, 44, farmer, whole famliy traveling from England to USA in steerage
Doretha W, 37, wife
John W, 14 (or 16?), farmer
Mary A. W, 11, child
Anne W, 9, child
Margaret W, 4, child
Henry W, 2, child
James W, infant

20 Jun 1881, Juliet, all from Scotland (source:
John Wandles, 51, engineer
Jane W, 48
Jane W, 25
Elizabeth W, 17
Mary, 15
Ann W, 10

19 Dec 1881, City of Berlin
William Wanless, age 30, laborer, from England

8 Feb 1884, St. Laurent, departing Le Havre & Brest, France (roll 473 list 131 line 16)
Mr. Osswald Wandliss or Wandelin, 41 or 47, US citizen, farmer going to Missouri

6 Oct 1884 , Britannic (roll 481 list 1281 line 47)
Sarah Hughes, 64, servant (shown by ditto marks after a servant 2 people above), from England to USA, aft steerage from Liverpool, all alient
M.A. (female) Thompson, 36, servant
Ralph Wanlass, 42, clerk, for’d steerage from Liverpool
S.H. Wanlass, 2 yrs 6 months

18 Dec 1884, Scythia (roll 482 list 1588 line 13)
George Wanless, 62, tea-man, native of Scotland, in transit, for’d steerage

19 Apr 1886, Egypt (roll 493 list 412 line 3)
Thos. Wanlass, 26 or 36, labourer, from Great Britain to USA, fore steerage, intending to remain

19 Oct 1886, Spain (roll 500 list 1279 line 19)
John Wanless, 26, labourer, No. 1 Steerage aft, intends to sojourn
Mrs. Wanless, 26, wife
Isabella W, 8, child
John W, 6, child

Sep 1887, British Prince, departed Liverpool, arriving in Philadelphia
Isabella Wanless, age 30, female, born England, wife
Ethel Ann Wanless, age 8, female, born England, child
Source: Passengers arriving at Philadelphia (

20 Jun 1888, Nevada (roll 521 list 832 line 30)
Miss J. Wanless, 26, lady, embarked at Liverpool, from England to USA, 1st cabin

5 Aug 1889, Furnessia (roll 536 list 1049 line 7)
Mr. Jno. [John] Wanless, ages not given, embarked at Glasgow, citizen of Canada, going to Canada
Mrs. Wanless, wife, ditto

18 Aug 1890 , Anchoria (roll 553 list 1214 line 27)
Mr. Alex Wanless, 66, from Glasgow, Scotland to USA, US citizen, 2nd cabin

29 Jun 1891, Ethiopa, from Glasgow, Scotland via Moville, Ireland (roll 571 list 945 line 14)
Geo. Wanless, age illegible maybe 27, labourer, departed Glasgow for New York

4 Nov 1891, City of Parish (roll 579 list 1705 line 25)
Martha Cochrane, 49, married, embarked Liverpool, destination Pennsylvania, steerage
Annie Wanless, 25, married
Annie Cochrane, age blotted out, child
Geo. R. Wanless, age blotted out, infant

13 Aug 1902, Rhynland, departed Liverpool, arriving in Philadelphia
Wm Wanless, 23, male, iron worker, English, literate, last resided West Hartlepool, final destination New York, passage paid by cush(?) [not “self”], going to join Mr. Geo(?) Kendrick, Arolla Hotel, Brooklyn, NY. [The note next to this says something like “they know of him, are acquainted [something] work from(?) [something]. ]
— listed between John Williamson & John McKinnon, also young ironworkers, about 9 from West Hartlepool
Source: Passengers arriving at Philadelphia (

Mormon Immigration Index

The following Wan(d)less extracts are from the Mormon Immigration Index 1840 – 1890. All these ships
departed from the Port of Liverpool (England) with the year of departure listed after the ship’s name. The
date in <brackets> is supposed to be the birth year of the person. Contributed by Claire Wandless.

Departed Liverpool Ship North Atlantic 1850
WANLESS, Isabella <1821>Age: 29 Origin: Newcastle on Tyne
WANLESS, William <1821>Age: 29 Origin: Newcastle on Tyne Occ: Miner

Departed Liverpool Ship Enoch Train 1856
WANLESS, Ellen, Sr. <1828>Age: 28 Origin: Liverpool, England Occ: Wife
WANLESS, Ellen, Jr. <1850>Age: 6 Origin: Liverpool, England

Departed Liverpool Ship Columbia 1856
WANLESS, Jane <1824>Age: 33 Origin: England Occ: Wife
WANLESS, Jackson <1825>Age: 32 Origin: England Occ: Lead Miner
WANLESS, Mary <1849>Age: 8 Origin: England
WANLESS, Jackson <1854>Age: 3 Origin: England
WANLESS, Sarah <1857>infant Origin: England Age:3 months

Departed Liverpool Ship Monarch of the Sea 1864
WANDLASS, John <1847>Age: 17 Origin: England Occ: Laborer

Departed Liverpool Ship General McClellan 1864
WANDLESS, John <1847>Age:17 Origin:England Occ: Laborer

Departed Liverpool Ship Colorado 1869
WANLESS, Charles <1848> Age: 21

Departed Liverpool Ship Manhattan 1870
WANLESS, Henry <1847> Age: 23 Origin: Leeds, England
WANLESS, Mary A. <1847>Age: 23 Origin: Leeds, England

Departed Liverpool Ship Idaho 1873
WANLESS, Ellen <1851>Age: 22 Origin: Leeds

Departed Liverpool Ship Idaho 1874
WANLASS, Alexander S. Child
WANLASS, Helen A. Child
WANLASS, James Father.
WANLASS, Jean A. Child

Departed Liverpool Ship Nevada 1876
WANLASS, Margaret <1824>Age: 52 Origin:Glasgow Conference Mother Destination: Ogden;
WANLASS, Joseph <1869>Age:7 Origin: Glasgow Conference Son Destination:Ogden

Departed Liverpool Ship Wyoming 1877
WANLESS, James <1849>Age: 28 Origin: Glasgow
WANLESS, Christina <1854>Age: 23 Origin: Glasgow

Departed Liverpool Ship Wisconsin 1877
WANDLESS, John <1822>Age: 55 Origin: Leeds
WANDLESS, Elizabeth<1823>Age: 54 Origin: Leeds
WANDLESS, Jane <1854>Age: 23 Origin: Leeds
WANDLESS, Elizabeth<1855>Age: 22 Origin: Leeds Daughter
WANDLESS, John, Jr.<1859>Age: 18 Origin: Leeds
WANDLESS, Emily <1861>Age: 16 Origin: Leeds
WANDLESS, Fredrick <1866Age:11 Origin: Leeds

Departed Liverpool Ship Nevada 1888
WANLASS, Jiss J.<1862>Gender:F Age:26 Origin:England Occ: Lady Destination: Lehi


US Naturalization Indexes

Brooklyn, Kings County, New York

SURNAME First Name Declaration Vol Dec Page Year Petition Vol Pet Page
Weinless Eva 184 443 1918
Wanless James Gorrie 124 69
Wanlass Joseph 72 39 1913 139 247
Wanless Peter Muncie/Munro 181 247 1918
Wamlez Samuel 199 350 1919
Wainlez Samuel 21 73 1909
Wanless William Grant 126 47 1916 157 140
Wanless George 1938 862 244034

New York – Nassau County

Family Name First Name Volume # Petiton # Admission Age Birth File Soundex
Wanless Kathleen Vol. 131 35,123 1958 none 11/04/1911 Petitions W542
Wanless Margaret Vol. 131 35,125 1958 none 06/01/1939 Petitions W542
Wanless Wilfred Wright Vol. 131 35,124 1958 none 01/15/1908 Petitions W542

New York – Suffolk County

Volume Petition
Wanless William 9 3291 Riverhead Intention

Naturalized 1923 US Court, Southern District of New York
Petition to be admitted as a citizen by
Eleanor Wanless Dixon Gray
Depositions filed Aug 27, 1923 in Denver, Colorado by
Miss Theodosia Raines of 317 Chamber of Commerce, Denver
and Mrs Carrie Hubbell of Lafayette Club, Denver
for the purpose of establishing my character and residence in the state of Colorado from Dec 1917 to and including 1 May 1920.
(she signed her full name)
540 West 122 St, New York City, NY
Certificate of arrival shows that Eleanor W.D. Gray arrived at Boston on 10 Oct 1914 on the Devonian.
Petition for naturalization shows:
born 31 Oct 1878 at Newcastle on Tyne, England; in secretarial work; emigrated from Liverpool; first declared intent to naturalized on 19 Feb 1917 in Los Angeles, CA. Single.

North Dakota

Name Country Date Papers County Volume Page
Wanless, Arthur Canada August 11, 1884 1st Walsh D-2 172
Wanless, James Canada July 07, 1888 1st Towner D-1 137
Wanless, James B. Canada November 19, 1897 2nd Towner F-7 180