These are death records and indexes from various sites, created when we first started Wanless Web, plus some gravestone inscriptions from cemeteries. Since then, most of these have been integrated into the relevant trees and the purpose of this page is just to show that we have checked these resources.

Because records are constantly being update on the Internet, we recommend frequently searching the following resources:


Wanless names in the Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Contributed by Bruce Bagnall

Alexander, born 1864, died 16 Oct 1953 (Bur w/ Ella J.)
Annie Louise, born 25 Feb 1859, died 1 Oct 1936
baby, died 15 Jun 1905
Dorothy Louise Erl, born 16 Nov 1891, died 15 Feb 1953, (Bur w/ Norman
Ella J., born 1871, died 14 Mar 1930 (Bur w/ Alexander A. “Alex”)
Norman Douglass, born 30 Jul 1883, died 5 Oct 1939 (Bur w/ Dorothy
Louise Erl Wanless)
Virginia Hanna, born 1871, died 1932, (Bur w/ Alexander A.)

The following I believe are wife and children of Thomas Wanless (b 1839) in my database:

Mary, born 30 Jan 1838, died 30 Sep 1883
Willard T., died 23 Aug 1874 ( age 11 mos;s/o Thomas & Mary Wanless)
Walter, born 16 Jul 1875, died 9 Aug 1875, (son of Thomas & Mary
Mary Elinor, born 8 Aug 1872, died 18 Mar 1877, (Bur w/ Mary)
Jessie C., born 3 Oct 1876, died 28 Jul 1877, (Bur w/ Mary)
Kittie May, born 12 Mar 1882, died 22 Jul 1882, (youngest d/o Thomas &
Mary Wanless)
Mary S., born 9 Sep 1883, died 16 Dec 1883, (Bur w/ Mary)

I’m making some assumptions, but if these children are all Thomas and
Mary’s then this has to be one of the saddest family stories I’ve seen. Six
children, the oldest lives less than five years, and the mother dies three
weeks after her last daughter is born, with the baby dying two and a half
months later.


Death index from the Illinois State Archives; contributed by Claire Wandless

Name Sex/Race Age Cert# Date of Death County City or Township
Eliza F/W 75 0003196 18 Jan 1936 St Clair East St Louis
Elizabeth F/W unk 0025425 5 May 1917 Madison Collinsville
Josephin A F/W unk 0012920 28 March 1946 Sangamon Co Springfield
Mary Elizabeth F/W unk 0040828 12.Nov 1920 Lake Lake Forest
William M/W unk 6011511 22 April 1932 Cook Chicago
Elizabeth F/W unk 2920516 4 Oct 1934 Vermilion Danville
Catherine F/W unk 6032839 10 Dec 1920 Cook Chicago
Charles Robt M/W unk 0002089 8 Jan 1921 Sangamon Springfield
Fay Burrows N/S (not stated?) N/S 0001100 13 Nov 1939 Sangamon Springfield
Georgia S F/W 66 0010618 13 March 1935 Cook Norwood Park
John Albert M/W unk 3810246 22 Aug 1933 Rock Island Moline
Lester L M/W unk 0036991 9 Sep 1944 Sangamon Springfield
Marion V F/W unk 6025117 27 Sep 1918 Cook Chicago
Mark M/W unk 0037114 29 Nov 1921 Williamson Johnston City
Martha F/W unk 0830220 8 July 1930 Saline Harrisburg
Mary F/W unk 6026995 16 Oct 1919 Cook Chicago
Mary F/W unk 0030752 16 Oct 1947 Cook Chicago
Mary K F/W unk 0840271 30 Oct 1922 Sangamon Riverton
Matthew M/W unk 0162462 13 Sep 1934 Cook Proviso Twp
Robert (J R?) M/W unk 2840468 5 May 1934 Sangamon Springfield
Robert R M/W unk 0028695 15 July 1946 Rock Island Rock Island
Sarah E F/W unk 2920113 7 March 1924 Vermilion Danville
Walter M/W unk 0033716 8 March 1916 Saline Harrisburg
Walton Rutledge M/W unk 0840175 23 May 1927 Sangamon Clear Lake Twp
William M/W unk 0022141 30 July 1940 Cook Chicago
William E M/W unk 6005568 18 Feb 1937 Cook Chicago
William H M/W unk 0049374 10 Dec 1944 Sangamon Springfield
Wm M/W unk 2840001 1 Jan 1922 Sangamon Springfield


Bay co, Michigan death index 1883-1920

FHL 0947218


1899 Winless, Geo. A. D 147
1902 Wanless, John D 267
1908 Wanless, Louisa E 98
1912 Wanless, George Sr. F 4
1912 Wanless, Emma M. F 22
1913 Wanless, Woodrow F 2A
1919 Wanless, Elizabeth G 113


  • Search the Minnesota Historical Society Death Index — use “Starts With” and “Wanl” or “Wandl” for most likely results

New York

New York City Death Index 1891-1936

Surname Given Name Age Month Day Year Certificate Number County Soundex

Wandles John T 33 y Jan 19 1895 1408 Kings W534
Wandless Alfred T 11 m May 29 1907 18209 Manhattan W534
Wanless Jessie 50 y Jul 12 1916 14543 Kings W542
Wanless Anna 34 y Jun 11 1922 16886 Manhattan W542
Wandlse Walter 55 y Jan 29 1931 3766 Kings W534
Wandlass Thomas C 53 y Jun 27 1933 5807 Bronx W534
Wandless George 54 y Oct 6 1934 19693 Kings W534



Ohio Death Indexes

Source: Ohio Historical Society Death Index, 1913-1937

Surname Given County of Death Death Date Volume Certificate# Holly
WAHILESS GOITGEL LUCAS 11/14/ (in 1928-32 section) 6750 7005 (ordered 4/30/03)
WANDELESS WALTER W CUYAHOGA 1/25/1914 1262 1672 x Walter Wiseman Wanless
WANLESS E C GREENE 1/20/1924 4354 2417 x Edward Crosby Wanless
WANLESS JAIRCS P SUMMIT 2/23/ (in 1928-32 index) 581 1880 . x (actually James F. in Scioto co)
WAULESS MARGIE F FRANKLIN 7/1/ (in 1928-32 index) 659 42297 x Marzie Wanless
WANLESS MARGARE LUCAS 2/5/1936 8061 11790 x Margaret George, w/o George R. Wanless
WANLEBSS FLAY C SUMMIT 4/3/ (in 1928-32 index) 65080 31047 (ordered 4/30/03)
WANNESS JOHN BUTLER 2/16/ (in 1928-32 index) 903 11762
WANLESS ANNA F SCIOTO 3/8/1933 7173 18319 w/o James F.
WANLESS WILLIAM S ATHENS 2/20/1916 1854 8595 x
WANDLESS GEORGE D CUYAHOGA 2/11/1913 994 7746 h/o Mina
WANDLESS MINA L CUYAHOGA 4/10/1922 3851 21340 Mina Lake
WANLESS ROSSAH SCIOTO 4/22/ (in 1923-27 index) 4727 25121 Rosanna Gable Wanless, d. 1925

Source: Ohio Deaths from, 1958-1998

Searched all Soundex matches to Wandless & Wanless.

Surname Given Date Age Place Residence Gender Race Marital Cert# Volume Holly
WANLESS ETHEL 09 April 1958 Age: 51 Toledo, Lucas County , Henry County Female White Widowed 27994 15385 Ethel Hill, w/o James
WANLESS GEORGE 11 December 1958 Age: 69 Toledo, Lucas County Toledo, Lucas County Male White Married 87573 15624 x
WANLESS MARY 21 July 1960 Age: 73 Toledo, Lucas County , Lucas County Female White Widowed 51990 16217 x
WANLESS NORA L 15 August 1964 Age: 86 Canton, Stark County , Stark County Female White Widowed 62675 17784 x
WANLESS AUBREY L 18 March 1966 Age: 44 Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County Tallmadge, Summit County Male White Married 23607 18410

Wandless, Charles C
Death Date: 09 January 1986 Place of Death: Columbus, Franklin County
Residence: Columbus, Franklin County Gender: Male
Race: White Age: 80 Years
Never Married Death Certified by: Physician
Autopsy: Yes – Used for certification
Birth Date: 17 October 1905 Birth State: Ohio
Certificate: 002400 Volume: 26322

Wanless, John F
Death Date: 25 August 1974 Place of Death: Cincinnati, Hamilton County
Residence: Cincinnati, Hamilton County Gender: Male
Race: White Age: 65 Years
Married Death Certified by: Coroner
Autopsy: Yes – Used for certification
Birth Date: Birth State:
Certificate: 067892 Volume: 21824

Wanless, William D
Death Date: 23 May 1975 Place of Death: Akron, Summit County
Residence: Akron, Summit County Gender: Male
Race: White Age: 56 Years
Married Death Certified by: Physician
Autopsy: Yes – Used for certification
Birth Date: Birth State:
Certificate: 038808 Volume: 22105

Wanless, Ada
Death Date: 22 May 1977 Place of Death: Akron, Summit County
Residence: Akron, Summit County Gender: Female
Race: White Age: 76 Years
Widowed , Death Certified by: Coroner
Autopsy: Unknown
Birth Date: Birth State:
Certificate: 038390 Volume: 22889

Wanless, Thelma
Death Date: 01 April 1980 Place of Death: Cincinnati, Hamilton County
Residence: Cincinnati, Hamilton County Gender: 2
Race: White Age: 73 Years
Widowed , Death Certified by: Physician
Autopsy: Yes – Used for certification
Birth Date: 29 August 1906 Birth State: Kentucky
Certificate: 027889 Volume: 24021


Index to Deaths in Pittsburgh, 1870-1899
Source: FHL 505814 (1873-1884) and 505815 (1887-1898)

Surnames were all spelled Wandless.

Given Name Volume Page Year
George C. 6 424 1873
Clara 6 134 1873
Jennie M. 6 164 1873
Lettie 6 164 1873
Nancy 17 172 1877
William 31 588 1882
George 35 228 1883
Sarah H. 36 579 1884
Alice May 48 506 1887
William 73 122 1893
Rebecca J. 73 122 1893
Ethel R. 74 523 1894
James 90 30 1898

Index to Pittsburgh Estates 1788-1971
Source: FHL 0877036 and 0877037

Surname Given Name Date of Death Residence Personal Representatives Vol Page Blk unheaded
George 2 Oct 1883 Pgh. Agnes Wenless & David Hutchinson, Exrs. 33 263 7
Wandless George
West Pa Nat’l Bank gdn 85 55 6 3604 1962
Wandless George 24 Feb 1963 Baldwin West Pa Nat’l Bank gdn 83 319 4 1789 1963
Wandless George H. 1 Aug 1938 Marshall Tp Agnes Wandless, Exr. 62 23 5 5506 1938
Wandless H.W./Howard E./
28 Oct 1965 Pgh 89 107 4 5283 1965
Wanhop James no date; filed between 1887 and 1888 40 155 2
Wandless John 3 Jul 1902 Pgh Bruce Wandless, admr. 40 161 1
Wandless James M. 3 May 1955 Pgh Margaret E. Kirkpatrick, Exr. 75 220 4 2146 1955
Wandless Margaret B. 13 Aug 1917 Baldwin Tp T.H. McConkey, exr. 40 376 1
Wandless Nellie B
John McKay, gdn 39 391 9
Wanless/Wandless Willie B. 21 Sep 1910 Wm H Arbour, exr 44 94 6
Wandless Anna or Annie 27 Apr 1921 Pgh Bruce Wandless, admr 33 47 3
Wandless Agnes 3 May 1948 May View Commonwealth Trust Co, Admr. 68 121 8
Wandless Bruce 18 May 1922 Pgh Milton J. Wandless, admr. 45 203 6
Wandless Bruce 29 Jul 1933 Dormont Nellie B. Luehn, Exr. 50 288 9
Wanlin Catherine 13 Apr 1969 Pgh Regis De Temple, Exr. 93 173 3S 2185 1969


Wanlass/Wanless obituaries in the Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah

Contributed by: Alona Perkes

The Salt Lake Tribune, (Salt Lake City, Utah) March, 19, 1949 page 20
Clarence Edwin Wanless

Clarence Edwin Wanless, 84, 1130 Roosevelt ave., retired contractor, died in a Salt Lake
hospital Friday at 3:35 p.m. of causes incident to age. Born in Denver, April 26, 1864,
he was a son of George F. and Anna F. Wanless. He came to Salt Lake City in 1902 where
he entered the contracting business. He retired 30 years ago. Mr. Wanless married Addie
Martin in Salt lake City in 1901. She died in 1926. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs.
Nellie Gillman, Salt Lake City, and Mrs. J. J. Fetherolf, Santa Monica, Cal.; two
brothers, Fred R. Wanless, Los Angeles and Harry G. Wanless, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis,:
three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Deseret News & Telegraph, Salt Lake City, (Utah) Tuesday, April 15, 1958, page B11
Jackson C. Wanlass
LEHI – Jackson Charles Wanless, 82, died Monday, 1:40 p.m. at a Lehi hospital of a
heart ailment. Born Aug. 20, 1875, in Lehi to Jackson and Julia Phillips Wanlass.
Married Nellie Thomas Jan. 10, 1900, Salt Lake City Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. High Priest Lehi Fifth Ward. Retired electrician. Survivors:
widow, sons, daughter, Athol T., San Pablo, Calif; Marion L.., Rodeo, Calif.; Ruel L.,
Santa Maria, Calif.; Glen, Lehi; Mrs. Max (Faye) Fenn, Benson, Ariz.: two brothers,
one sister, Dr. Stanley Wanlass, Harrison, N.Y.; Fred C., Jordan Narrows, Utah County;
Mrs. Emily Johnson, Lehi; 19 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren. Funeral
Thursday 1 p.m. Lehi Fifth Ward chapel. Friends may call at family home Wednesday
7-9 p.m. Thursday prior. Burial Lehi City Cemetery.

Deseret Evening News, (Salt Lake City, Utah) Friday June 27, 1919, page 8
Relief Society Worker At Lehi Called by Death
(Special to The News.)
LEHI, June 27, – Mrs. Jane Mason Wanless, wife of Jackson Wanless, Sr
., died at her
home Tuesday and was buried from the tabernacle yesterday. For a year past she had
been ill from dropsy and during the last several months had been gradually getting
worse. Mrs. Wanless was born in Lehi Sept. 13, 1864. In 1881 she was married to
John Mason (deceased) and by this union was the mother of four sons and one daughter.
Three of the sons, Eugene, Victor and George, survive. Two years ago she married
Jackson Wanless, who survives her. Funeral services were under the direction of the
second ward bishopric, the speakers being Elder A. J. Evans of Alpine stake
presidency, George Zimmerman and Edward Southwick. Musical numbers were by the ward
choir, assisted by Mrs. M. S. Lott and Mrs. T. F. Kirkham. Mrs. Wanless will be
especially missed to the Relief society, where she was a prominent member and teacher
for many years.

Deseret News, (Salt Lake City, Utah) June 3, 1922, page 2
James Henry Wanlass
– In a local hospital, James Henry Wanlass, 29, railroadman, who
lived in the rear of 234 Seventh East street, died Friday. Death was due to
inflammatory rheumatism. surviving him is his widow. The body is at the Larkin
undertaking establishment.

The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) Wednesday Morning, June 7, 1922,
page 19
Burial services for James Henry Wanlass will be held at 2 o’clock this afternoon at
the family home 247 West Fifth South street. Interment will be in City cemetery under
the direction of the Larkin undertaking establishment.

The Deseret News Friday March 21, 1924, 2nd Section, page 8
Formr Eureka Resident Is Buried at Provo
PROVO, March 21 – (Special) – Funeral services were held Thursday in the Bonneville
ward chapel for William Wanlass, former resident of Lehi and Eureka. Bishop Isaac
Jacob president. Invocation was offered by S. O. Worthington of Eureka. Music was
rendered by the ward choir under the direction of Charles E. Hawkins. Solos were sung
by Mrs. Hugh Peterson and Miss Jennie Brown and a duet by Mr. Hawkins and Mrs. Emma
Chatwin. The speakers were Alma Miller, Bishop Finch of Eureka, Prest. Abel John
Evans of Lehi and Bishop Jacob.

The Salt Lake Tribune, August 9, 1940 page…..(oops forgot to get it)
Fred S. Wanless
Fred S. Wanless, 74, 1415 South Main street, secretary and treasurer of Charles
Wanlass & Co., china dealers, died unexpectedly Thursday at about 6 p.m. at his
residence. An attending physician said death was due to natural but undetermined
causes. The body was taken to 574 East First South street, pending completion of
funeral arrangements.

Deseret Evening News (Salt Lake City, Utah) November 30, 1881
In the 5th Ward of this city, Nov. 29, 1881, of heart disease, Mrs. ELIZA WANLESS, aged
58 years. Deceased emigrated from Leeds, Yorkshire, England, about four years ago.
She died in full faith of the gospel.

The Salt Lake Tribune, (Salt Lake City, Utah) Saturday, March 4, 1939, page 30
Mary Helena Wanless

Miss Mary Helena Wanless, 72, died at her home, 1130 Roosevelt avenue, Friday at 2:45
p.m. following a lingering illness. Miss Wanless was born in Denver, Colo., January
27, 1867, a daughter of George F. and Annie Hume Wanless. She came to Utah following
her graduation from college and took a position as teacher in the Hamilton public
school and later transferred to the Emerson school. She taught there many years,
retiring in 1933. Miss Wanless was an active member of the Business and Professional
Women’s club. Surviving are three brothers, Clarence E. Wanless of Salt lake city,
George H. Wanless of Chicago, Ill., and Fred R. Wanless of Los Angeles. Cal.
(Comment from Alona: Has a very pretty picture of her – age about 25)

Deseret Evening News (Salt Lake City, Utah), Tuesday, July 5, 1892, page 2
WANLESS – In Salt Lake City July 5th of peritonitis, Harry Wanless, in the 44th year
of his age. Funeral from the -th ward meetinghouse Thursday July 7, 1892, at 1:30
p.m. Friends are respectfully invited.

FHL Film# 026554 Death Records of Salt Lake City 1848-1950 has:
Wanless Harry “A” 55 2243
#2243 “B” 4110 Harry Wanlass
43 years 11 months, 1 day
Place of death: 3rd West 841 So.
Male, white, married
A dairyman
Born at Leeds, York, England
Father: John Wanlass born England
Mother: Eliza S. Wanlass born England
Place of residence: Salt Lake City
Internment: 1892 July 7
Death: 1892 July 4 of appendicitis peritonitis
Dr. A. R. Marlain
Undertaker: Jos. E. Gaylor – Resident


Wanlesses buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
Source: Letter from cemetery administrator 26 Oct 1999.

To be buried here, you have to have been in US military service or married to someone who was, with a few special exceptions.

There are 4 decedents interred here with the surname WANLESS. (Note from Holly: I had asked about alternate spellings also, so I assume there are none.)

  • David A. Wanless (1950-1988) died while on active duty in Germany. He is buried in Section 69, Grave 772. He was a Master Sergeant in the Army.
  • Robert Hume Wanless (1911-1962) shows a home state of Pennsylvania. He was a Captain in the Navy and retired in 1961. He died in Maryland and is buried in Section 3, Grave 4056-NS.
  • Samuel Averill Wanless (1861-1948) was with the hospital corps of the Army, serving from April 25, 1898 to January 31, 1899. He was a Private and was from either Tennesee or Virginia. He died Jan 14, 1948 and is buried in Section 12, Grave 4193.
  • His widow, Mary Ethel (1881-1968), died in North Carolina and is buried in the same grave with him.

Death certificates can be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the capital city of the appropriate state of death.

(Note from Holly: the last 2 are in tree 1. Robert Hume is in tree 3.)

Update: David A. is from the Springfield line, a son of William Wanless, per his son Aaron David Wanless, who writes: “The name was David Allen Wanless, he did die in Hanau, Germany, but the date was Dec. 2, 1988. The grave marker is wrong and the Army will not change it to the proper date. He was born Feb.12,1950 in Lincoln, Ill. He served 2 tours in Vietnam in the Army, first tour was with the 101st Airborne Division, and second tour was with MACV (military assistance command Vietnam). I believe he was either an Infantryman or in communications. He was also present at the infamous “Hamburger Hill” campaign. His father’s name is William Wanless. I remember my Grandfather (William) saying that my family had come from England to Canada down into the U.S. He said that many of our family settled in Springfield IL.”