State Censuses

1856, Pilot Grove, Winneshiek co, Iowa
Thomas Winluss, 46, married, b. VA, 0 yrs resident in Iowa, farmer
Juliann, 45, married, b. VA
Lovina, 24, b. VA
John H., 21, b. VA
Mary, 19, b. VA
Wilson, 17, b. VA
Isabell, 14, b. VA
Brown, 12, b. VA
Laura Ann, 10, b. IL.
Bunavista, 9, b. IL
Franklin, 6, b. IL
Alford, 4
George, 2
— Browns’ future wife Harriet Judd age 4 w/ her parents James M. & Philencea Judd are a few pages back, plus several Cloughs nearby

1857 Atchison co district 3, Kansas
J.A. Wanless, 1 male, 1 person

1865 Pulaski Co, Illinois
Jasper Wanless – white
2 males age 20-30
1 female age 20-30
1 male under 10
2 females under 10
livestock worth $25

1865 Sparta, Knox Co, Illinois
Joseph Wandless – white
1 male age 20-30
1 female age 20-30
1 male under 10

1875 (1 March), Noble, Dickinson co, Kansas (Chapman post office)
Jennie E. Wanless, 30, farmer, real estate worth $490, personal property worth $300, b. VA, came from Pa. to KS
Richard Wanless, 2, b. Pa.(?)

1875 (1 March), Leavenworth, Leavenworth co, Kansas
T.L. Wanless, 30, female, dressmaker, b. Ohio, came from Ohio to KS
E. Robinson, 45, female, dressmaker, b. OH, came from Ohio to KS
A. Wanless, 10, female, b. KS

1885, Parsons, Labette co, Kansas
J.B. Wilson, 69, real estate, b. OH, came from OH to KS
Theodosia, 40, wife, b. OH, came from OH to KS
Alice M. Wanless, 20, music teacher, b. KS

1885, Clay Center, Clay co, Kansas
boarders at Western House hotel
G. Wanless, birthplace unknown (for all boarders)

1885, Pueblo Co, Colorado
5th Ave Hotel, Santa Fe Ave
Wanless(?), J.M. or perhaps Jos. M. or Jas. W., age 28, painter, self & parents b. Pennsylvania
— name could just as easily be Wankers or Waulans

1885, West Branch, Springdale Twp, Cedar co, Iowa
house of George & Annie Ebert, page 650
Sarah Hughes, 52, everybody born England
Ralph Wandles, 32, married
Sarah Wandles, 30, married
Sarah Wandles, 3
— Sarah Hughes is more like 65 here, Ralph is about 43, his wife should be Alice not Sarah age about 36.
–family is repeated on page 59, Cedar Twp, Johnson co, Twp 81, Range 5, Section 22:
Ralph Wanlass, age 40, married, farmer all born England
S.H. Wanlass, 27, married
A.M. Wanlass, 3
— this is totally messed up. Alice Mary is Ralph’s wife, age abt 36, and S.H. is Ralph’s daughter Sarah Helen age 3

1885, Cresco, Howard co, Iowa
Oliver G. Wanless, 29, married, insurance agent, born Virginia
Ora, 24, married, keeps house, born Minnesota
Ralph, 1, b. Howard co
Irene G. White, 48, widowed, b. New York

1885, Cresco, Howard co, Iowa
Leven Wanless, 72, farmer, married, born Virginia, parents foreign born
Nancy Wanless, 66, married, keeps house, born Virginia, father native born, mother foreign born

1885, Bluffton, Winneshiek co, Iowa
Lot 1, Block 3 Manning(?) P.O.
John H. Wanless, 49, married, laborer, born VA
Susan, 40, keeps house, b. Ill.
Eldridge, 13, kids all b. Winneshiek co
Veda, 7
Howard, 4

1885, Bloomfield, Winneshiek co, Iowa
Twp 99 Range 9 Section 5 SW 1/4
A.P. Wanless, 40, married, farmer, b. West VA
Mrs. Wanless, 27, married, b. Kansas
Elden Leroy Wanless, 9, b. Winneshiek co
William Burgis, 30, hired hand, b. Canada
Nelly Groat, 15, hired hand, b. Winneshiek co
— This is Alonzo B. Wanless’s family.

1885, Howard, Howard co, Iowa
P.A. Wanless, 38, married, b. VA, farmer
Cyntha, 29, married, b. MN
Stella, 6, b. Howard co
Edith, 4, b. Howard co
— this is Perry Wanless’s family

1885, Orleans, Winneshiek co, Iowa
section 25 E-1/2 SE

Alonzo Wanless, 36, married, farmer, b. WV
Louise, 29, married, b. Winneshiek co
Vernon, 11, b. Winneshiek co
Ardus, 8, b. Oregon
Eva, 6, b. Oregon
Jay, 5, b. Oregon
Earl, 2, b. Oregon
— Wow. This is really messed up. This is Albion Emile & Ladorah Wanless, and Eva should be Ora Elvarene.

1885, Duluth, St Louis co, Minnesota
Thomas Wanlass, 31, b. England
Jennie Wanlass, 31, b. NY

1892 Tacoma, Pierce Co, Washington – page 41 or 1254 (image 414 at
Wanlers [or Wanless], Paul, 19, shingleman, b. Oregon. single
, Gilbert, 38, laborer, b. Canada, married, US citizen
, Mary, 43, h. wife, b. Canada, married, US citizen
, William, 14, at home, b. Canada, single
–This census is arranged alphabetically so you can’t tell if all the above people live together or not. I think they are from 2 separate families – Paul from Thomas W & Julian Butcher line and Gilbert, Mary, and William from Gilbert W & Jane Wright

1892 Tacoma, Pierce Co, Washington – page 57 or 1270 (image 422 at – repeated on page 61 or 1274 (image 424)
Wanless or Waulers, Paul, 46, sawyer, b. Scotland, single, US citizen

1892 Tacoma, Pierce Co, Washington – page 33 or 1248 (image 410 at
Miss Alice Wanless, 20, single, housewife, b. Colo.

1895, Bluffton, Winneshiek co, Iowa
Alonzo Wanless, 51, married, b. VA, farmer, Catholic (whole family)
Gertrude, 39, b. Canada, keeps house
Leroy, 19, b. Kansas
Mabel, 10, b. Winneshiek co
Vira, 8, b. Howard co
Forest, 6, b. Winneshiek

1895, 59th St West, Duluth, St Louis co, Minnesota
John B. Wanless, 28, b. Canada, book keeper, in MN 2 yrs 6 mos, in this district 2 yrs 1 month
Lizzie, 34, b. Canada
Jane, 5, b. Canada
David, 3, b. Canada
Mary Sessions, 25, b. Canada

1895, Rice Lake, St Louis co, Minnesota
on the farm of Wm Johuchaka from Poland
Chas. F. Wanlas, 39, b. Iowa, laborer
1895, Jordan Twp, Fillmore co, Minnesota
John H. Wanless, 50, b. VA, farmer, in MN 3 yrs 9 mos, in this enumeration district 3 months
Laura S., 48, b. VA, farmer
Eldridge H., 23, b. IA, farm laborer
Veda G., 17, b. IA
Howard G., 14, b. IA
Fred G., 8, b. IA
1895, Duluth, St. Louis co, Minnesota
1424 Jefferson St.
Thomas Wanless, 39, b. England, in MN 16 yrs, in this district 2 yrs, carpenter
Jennie W., 43, b. NY
Amy, 8, MN
Effie, 6, MN
William Smith, 33, b. NY, in MN 4 yrs, carpenter
1895, Duluth, St. Louis co, Minnesota
with other boarders
James A. Wanless, 30, b. Canada, in MN 4 yrs, in this district 2 yrs 6 months, lawyer

1895, Duluth, St. Louis co, Minnesota
in house of James & Miriam Weir
Margret Wanless, 25, b. Canada

1895, Neptune, Monmouth co, New Jersey
with Lane family
Richard Wandless, age 20-60
Amy Wandless, age 20-60

1895, Camden ward 8, Camden co, New Jersey
Walter W. Wandlass, age 20-60
Mary A. Wandass, age 20-60
Frank, age 5-19
Walter, age 5-19
Charles Shaw, age 20-60
John Shaw, age 20-60

1895, Wayne Twp, Passaic co, New Jersey
Alexander Wanless, over 60
Alexandrina Wanless, over 60

1895, Marshall, Richland co, Wisconsin
A. Wanless, 3 males, 3 females
James Wanless, 4 males, 4 females
Wm Wanless, 4 males, 3 females

1895, Forest, Vernon co, Wisconsin
James Wanless, 1 male

1895, Clayton, Crawford co, Wisconsin
Arch Wanless, 2 males, 1 female
John Wanless, 4 males, 3 females

1895, Farmington, La Crosse co, Wisconsin
Joseph Wanloss, 3 males, 1 female

1905, Mariposa Park, Clinton, Clinton co, Iowa
Ralph Wanlass
Ralph Jr.

1905, Cresco, Howard co, Iowa
A.B. Wanless

1905, Jefferson, Poweshiek co, Iowa
Amiel Wanless
or Annie Wauless ?

1905, Burr Oak, Winneshiek co, Iowa (Canton, Minnesota post office)
John Masters
Mrs. Prudence Masters
E.L. Wanless
Mrs. Edna Wanless

1905, Vernon Springs, Howard co, Iowa (post office Cresco)
Perry A. Wanless
M. Wanless
Olive Wanless
Eunice Wanless
Edna Wanless
Thelma Wanless
Edith Gregory

1905 (1 March), Ross, Cherokee co, Kansas
Robt. Wanlass, 45, b. England, came from England to Kansas
Anna, 37, b. England
Willie, 12, b. Kansas
Johnnie, 3, b. Kansas
Anna, 7, b. Kansas
Dan McLauglin, 5, b. Kansas

1905, Duluth, St Louis co, Minnesota
219 S. 17th Ave East
John T. Wanlass, 51, self & parents b. England, carpenter
Jennie, 57, b. NY, father b. NY, mother b. England, wife
Amy M., 18, b. Minn, daughter
Effie V., 16, b. Minn., daughter

1905, RFD #4, Spring Valley, Sumner Twp, Fillmore county, Minnesota (sheet 15-542)
John Wanless, 70, born VA, parents b. VA, has lived here for 14 yrs 7 months, in state for 14 yrs 7 month, farmer
Howard G. Wanless, 21 born in Iowa, father b. VA, mother b. IL, farm laborer
Fred Wanless, 19 born in Iowa, father b. VA, mother b. IL, farm laborer
Veda Wanless, 23, b. Iowa, father b. VA, mother b. IL, domestic work
— Veda is on schedule sheet 16-541 but at the same address, on the image before her family at

1905, Jackson Street, Anoka, Anoka co, Minnesota
Oliver G. Wanless, 49, self & parents b. VA, in real estate
Ora G., 44, b. Minn, father b. Texas
Lynn, male, 17, born Iowa(?)
Luceille I., 16 (birthplace completed covered by ink blot)

1905, Burns, Lacrosse co, Wisconsin
E. Hemstock, 50, b. WI, parents b. England, farmer
Sarah, wife, 46, b. WI
Maud, dau, 21, b. WI
Hugh,son, 19, b. WI, farmer
Thomas, son, 17, b. WI, farmer
Lilly, dau, 10, b. WI
Hugh Wanlass, 38, b. WI, farmer
Caroline, 26, b. WI
Joseph, son, 2, b. WI
1905, Superior, Douglas co, Wisconsin
J.B. Wanless, 43, b. Canada, parents b. Scotland, diver
Mary, wife, 39, b. Can., parents b. Scotland
Jean, dau, 14, b. Mich.
David, son, 12, b. Mich.
Lizzie Thompson, employee, 20, b. Sweden, housework

1905, Farmington, La Crosse co, Wisconsin
Joseph Wanless, husband, 78, b. England, widowed, parents b. England, farmer
Joseph C., son, 41, b. Tenn., farm labor
1905, Marshall, Richland co, WI
Ruth A. Wanless, 67, widowed, b. OH, parents b. PA, landlord
John E., son, 43, farmer
Luly, granddau, 20, b. OH, farm labor
Deltha J., 17

1905, Marshall, Richland co, WI
Wm Wanless, 47, b. WI, parents b. VA & OH, farmer
Florence, wife, 43, WI, parents Ind./OH
Bessie O., dau, 20, WI, house servant
Roy G., son, 18, WI, farmlaborer
Bertha E., dau, 16, WI, student
Frank E., son, 14, WI, student
Herman W., 10, WI
Archie E., 7, WI
Ruth E., dau, 5, WI
1905, Marshall, Richland co, Wisconsin
James A. Wanless, 41, b. WI, parents b. WV & OH, farmer
Josie B., wife, 37, b. WI, parents b. England
Earl D., son, 17, WI, farm labor
Leslie, son, 16, WI, student
Hazel L., dau, 14, WI, student
1905, Bloom, Richland co, Wisconsin
Wm. A. Ferguson, 55, b. OH, farmer
Susan K., wife, 44, b. WI, parents b. OH
McPherson, son, 13
Boyd, son, 9
Clara, dau, 4
Terry Wanless, step dau, 15, b. WI, parents b. WI, farm laborer
1905, Liberty, Vernon co, Wisconsin
James Wanless, 38, b. WI,parents b. WV & OH, blacksmith
Lida, wife, 27, b. WI, parents b. WI & IN
Archie, son, 7, WI
Mary E., dau, 5, WI
Jennie R., dau, 3, WI
Gracie L., 10 mos, WI
1905, Clayton, Crawford co, Wisconsin
John Wanless, 45, b. WI, parents b. WV, farmer, owns farm
Sarah, wife, 41, b. WI, parents b. OH
Bulah, dau, 19, all children b. WI
Vernis, son, 16
Floyd, son, 14
Rose, dau, 12
Beryl, son, 10
Bessie, dau, 8
Nellie, dau, 6
Gladys, dau, 4
Clair, son, 2

1915, Mariposa PO, Clinton, Clinton co, Iowa – individual cards filed in alphabetical order so you can’t see who lives where
Alice Wanlass, age 68, completed 8th grade, b. England, married, Presbyterian, parents b. England, in US 32 yrs
Ralph Wanlass, age 25, single, clerk, earned $720 in 1914, completed 8th grade, born Iowa, Methodist, parents b. England
Ralph Wanlass, age 70, married, retired, completed 8th grade, b. England, Baptist church, parents born England, 32 yrs in US
Sadie Wanlass, age 32, single, trained nurse, earned $800 in 1914, b. England, Methodist, parents b. England, 29 yrs in US

1915, Prosper PO, Hesper Twp, Winneshiek co, Iowa
A.B. Wanless, married, age 71, farmer, earned $1000 in 1914, born West Virginia, Methodist, parents born Virginia, home worth $1000, incumbrance on farm/home $1000, 59 years in Iowa
Ella G., 58, married, b. Canada, 38 yrs in IA, Methodist, parents b. NY
Forrest, 26, b. IA, with parents, no earnings, father b. West VA, mother b. Canada
Paul, 17, with parents, no earnings, father b. West VA, mother b. Canada
E.L. (male), 39, married, farmer, earned $800 in 1914, born Kansas, home worth $10,000, encumbrance on home $5000, father b. West VA, mother b. Canada
Edna, 38, married, b. Iowa, father b. NY, mother b. VA

1915, Cresco, Howard co, Iowa
P.A. Wanless, age 68, married, retired, completed high school, b. West VA, farm worth $3600, no encumbrances, parents b. WV, 58 yrs in Iowa
Cynthia Wanless, 58, married, completed 9th grade, born Canada, Catholic, father b. Ireland, mother b. NY, 57 yrs in US, 37 yrs in Iowa
Thelma Wanless, age 17, single, b. Iowa, completed high school, Catholic, father b. WV, mother b. Canada

1915, 1619 2nd Ave, Mason City, Cerro Gordo co, Iowa
E.H. Wanless, 42, married, earned $600 in 1914, finished 8th grade, literate, born Iowa, whole family Methodist, parents b. Virginia
Mary Wanless, 36, born Germany, 23 yrs in US and in IA, married, literate, Methodist, parents b. Germany, finished 8th grade
Anna, 16, b.Minn, father b. IA, mother b. Germany, 11 yrs in IA
Laura Wanless, 14, b. Minn., father b. IA, mother b. Germany (parentage same for all the kids)
Clifford Wanless, 12, b. Minn., at school
Wilson, 10, b. IA
Margora Wanless, 8, at school, born Cresco, Iowa
Ralph, 3, b. IA
Ruth, 3, b. IA

1915, Bergen, Ramsey co, North Dakota
Einer Lee, age 20-60
Iva Lee, age 20-60
Ota Wanles, age 20-60
Stephe[n] Lee, male age 20-60

1925, Cresco ward 2, Howard co, Iowa
P.A. Wanless, 78, married, owns home worth $6000, 69 yrs in Iowa, 1 yr of college, born Virginia, parents Levan Wanless b. VA & Nancy Dilla, b. WV, married in WV, Protestant
Cynthia, wife, 68, 48 yrs in Iowa, complete the 5th reader in school, born in Canada to Thomas Ryan (b. Ireland) & Mary Craig (b. NY), married in Canada, Catholic
Edith Gregory, granddaughter, 20, completed high school, b. Iowa, parents Morris Gregory b. Iowa & Edith Wanless b. Iowa, married in Iowa, Catholic

1925, Mason City ward 4, Cerro Gordo co, Iowa
Vincent Booth, 30, b. IA, father Samuel Booth b. US age 60, mother “at Killians Jernitor” age not known born at home(?), served in Army, enlisted in IA, Protestant, in domestic or personal service industry
Laura Booth, wife, 24, b. Minnesota, father Eldridge Wanless b. MN age 57, mother Mary Newboner b. Germany age 45, married at Cresco, IA
Laura G. Booth, dau, 3, parents Vincent Booth & Laura Wanless as above, married at Albert Lea, Minn.

1925, Ruthven, Palo Alto co, Iowa
Stephen Lumley, 53, b. England, father Stephen Lumley b. England, mother Jane Moses b. England, parents married in England, employed in professional services, Protestant (whole family)
Katherine, wife, 54, b. England, father George Wanless b. England, mother Jane N. Hunter b. England, parents married in England
Doris May, dau, 23, b. Colorado, parents Stephen Lumley & Katherine Wanless both b. England, parents married in England, employed in theater(?)

1925, Cresco ward 2, Howard co, Iowa
Fred Mitchel, 37, all b. Iowa, parents Will Mitchel b. IA age 65 & Elizabeth Beach age 61 b. IA, parents married in IA, Protestant (whole family), unclassified laborer
Mable, wife, 40, parents Alonza Wanless b. W. VA [age blank] & Gertrude Shoecraft age 68 b. Canada, parents married in Kan.
Aleen, dau, 17, parents married in Iowa
Marie, dau, 14
Winifred, dau, 12
Wilma, dau, 8
Robert, son, 4

1925, Hesper Twp, Winneshiek co, IA
Paul O. Wanless, 26, married, b. IA, father Alonzo B. Wanless b. WV & Gertrude Shoecraft b. Canada age 68, parents married in Kansas, farmer, Methodist
Miriam B., wife, 26, b. Minn., father George Carr b. Mass. age 63 & Blanche Krause b. MN (age blank), married in Canton MN
Bernard L., son, 2, b. IA to Paul & Miriam, parents married in Cresco IA

1925, Hesper Twp, Winneshiek co, IA
E.L. Wanless, 49, b. KS, parents Alonzo B. Wanless b. WV (age blank) & Gertrude Shoecraft b. Canada age 68, parents married KS, farmer, Methodist
Edna, 48, wife, b. IA, parents John McMasters b. NY age 74 & Prudence Sharp b. VA age 71, parents married in Decorah IA

1925, Burr Oak, Winneshiek co, Iowa
Chas. Snyder, 47, b. Ohio, parents N.D. Snyder b. OH age 76 & Hulda Overmyer b. OH age 74, married in OH, farmer, whole family Catholic
Olive, wife, 37, parents Perry Wanless b. VA age 78 & Cynthia Ryan b. Canada age 68, married in Decorah IA
Perry, son, 17, parents Chas. & Olive married in Cresco
Kenneth, son, 13
May, dau, 11
Francis, son, 8
Zita, dau, 6
Gregory, son, 4
Edna, dau, 2

1925, Cresco Ward 2, Howard co, Iowa
Fred Sobolik, 30, b. IA, parents Frank Sobolik age 60 b. IA & Carrie Green age 55 b. IA, married in IA, all Catholic, unclassified laborer
Thelma, wife, 27, parents Perry Wanless b. VA age 78 & Cynthia Ryan age 68 b. Minn., married in Minn

1935, Laurel, Sarasota, Florida
Wanlass, Joseph, white, age 79, bachelor, b. Tennessee, completed the 9th grade, owner, farmer

1935, Duval, Florida
618 Pearl St
Mary Wandless, white, 56, widow, b. Michigan, completed 7th grade, roomer in rooming house, works in F.E.R.A. sewing room

1935, 922 S. Lake, West Palm Beach, Florida
William Wanlass, 30, father, b. England, completed grammar school, renter, clerk
Edith, 27, mother, b. England, completed grammar school, housewife
Mona, 2, daughter, b. N.Y.
1945, West Palm Beach, Florida
718 So. Rosemary
William Wanlass, 42, b. England, completed 8th grade, machanic
Edith, 39, b. England, 8th grade, housewife
Robert I., 5, preschool
Mauna, 12, b. Mass., 7th grade, student

1945, Warrington, Escambia Co, Florida
Guy Wanless, 60, b. KY, completed 8th grade, occupation starts with “g” but is too faint to read

1945 Broward Co, Florida
1915 Coolidge
Wanless, blank male, 50, b. Ohio, completed high school, retired
Wanless, blank female, 48, b. Ohio, completed high school, housewife

1945, Dade Co, Florida
1234 SW 16th St
Robert E. Wanless, 35, b. India, completed college, pilot
Roberta, 34, b. Iowa, completed college, housewife
Loren, 5, b. Fla.
James, 2, b. Texas