1930 census household transcripts

This page serves as a placeholder of sorts and is by no means complete. Households get transcribed here when we don’t have time to figure out which tree they belong to. You will find many other 1930 census households transcribed with their trees, and some may be duplicated here.

California, Alameda County, Hayward (ED 237 pg )
702 Seventh

Wanless, Margaret hd, 42, divorced, self & parents b. California, private nurse
, Jay son, 13, self & parents b. Calif.

California, Butte County, Chico (ED 11, pg 15A)
Cana Road

Bennett, G. Clark hd, 40, first md at 21, b. California
, Georia M. wife, 41, first md at 22, b. Calif., father b. England, mother b. Calif.
, Mary E. dau, 17, single, b. Calif.
Wanless, Edith V. step-dau, 21, md, first married at 18, b. Calif., parents b. Calif.

Colorado, Sedgwick County, Julesburg (ED 8 pg 4A)
Smith, J.F. hd, 73, first md at 23, b. New York, father b. US, mother b. Vermont, retired, not a veteran. owns house worth $1200, has radio
, Alice wife, 69, first md at 19, b. Illinois, father b. Vermont, mother b. Pennsylvania, housewife
, Henry A. son, 48, single, b. Illinois, does odd jobs, not a veteran
Wandlas, Henry W. grandson, 24, single, self & parents b. Illinois, mechanic at garage

Illinois, Rock Island Co, Hampton Twp, Barstow village (ED 32 pg 1B)
Stephenson, Edward 65, first md at 25, self & parents b. Illinois, farm laborer
, Alberta wife, 59, first md at 20, self & mother b. Canada-Fr, father  Canada-Eng
, Oscar son, 19, self & parents b. Illinois, laborer at construction company
Graham, Stanford grandson, 6, b. Illinois, father b. Calif, mother Maine
WANLESS, Alberta granddau, 17, single, self & father b. Illinois, mother b. Canada-Fr
Wise, George lodger, 74, divorced, first md at 21, self & parents b. Illinois, railroad section laborer

Illinois, Saline Co, Harrisburgh, 911 Washington Street – roll 554 page 2B ED 18 – 4 Apr
Will Wanless, 56, age 19 at first marriage, b. Indiana, parents b. Indiana, loader at coal mine
Martha, wife, 53, age 13 at first marriage, self & parents b. Tennessee
Walter, son, 27, single, b. Kentucky, loader at coal mine

Illinois, Saline Co, Harrisburgh, 501 S. Granger(?) – roll 554 ED 17 page 6B
Raymond P. Williams, 39, first married at 26, self & parents b. Kentucky
Zena M. Williams, wife, 35, first married at 22, self & parents b. Kentucky
Robert H. Wanless, stepson, 17, self & parents b. KY
Emma W. Williams, daughter, 9, b. ILL

Illinois, Rock Island Co, Moline – 2430 25th St – ED 59 page 8B
John Wanless, 63, first married at 29, b. Ill, father b. NY, mother b. England, owns house worth $8000, wood worker in body works(?)
Sarah, wife, 54, first md at 20, b. IL, father b. Canada, mother b. Germany
Ruth, dau, 31, b. IL, book keeper at City Hall
Jennie May, dau, 18, b IL

Illinois, Peoria Co, Peoria, 115 Cost Lake – ED 85 page 12A
Harry Wanless, 34, first md at 27, b. Michigan, parents b. England, clerk at tractor factory, WWI veteran
Bernadette, wife, 25, first md at 18, self & parents b. Michigan
Leo E. Johnson, brother in law, 21, married, first married at 19, self & parents b. Michigan, core maker at tractor factory

Illinois, Tazewell Co, Pekin, 308 Main St – ED 28 page 14A
Claud D. Godbey, 40, first md at 24, b. IL, father b. WV, mother b. IL
Deltha J., wife, 42, first md at 18, self & parents b. Wisconsin
children Claudie, John, Lilis, Rose, Roy, Richard
Bernard G. Wanless, stepson, 21, self & parents b. Wisconsin, coal heaver at paper mill

Illinois, Willamson Co, West Marion, 702 N.Vanburen(?) – ED 25 page 2B
Robert Wanless, 47, first md at 24, b. Indiana, father b. England, mother b. Scotland, merchant at grocery, owns store, owns house worth $10,000, not a veteran
Vinnie, wife, 49, first md at 26, self & father b. IL, mother b. TN
James, son, 19, b. IL, salesman at grocery
Laurene, dau, 16, b. IL
Robert Lee, son, 11, b. IL

Massachusetts, Boston, 60 Evans Street
Robert H. Wandless, 49, first married at 21, self & parents b. Canada-English, immigrated 1923, permanent alien, plumber in building industry
Margie E., wife, 42, first married at 19, , self & parents b. Canada-English, immigrated 1923, alien
Margorie, dau, 19, self & parents b. Canada-English, immigrated 1923, alien
Russell R., son, 18, self & parents b. Canada-English, immigrated 1923, alien

Oregon, Newberg, 801 South (North?) Meridian(ED 6, pg 3B)
Wanless, S. Mercy hd, female, 50, wid, b. Kansas, father b. England, mother b. USA, cook in restaurant, owns house worth $2,000

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia (ED 682 pg 19B)
Degnan, Anthony hd, md, 40, first md at 24, self & dad b. Penn, mother Austria, machinist in car shop
, Ruby wife, 42, first md at 26, self & mom b. Penn, father b. Maryland
Sternberger, George stepson, 22, md, first md at 21, self & parents b. Penn, electrician in car shop
Wandlass, Lucy stepdaur, 24, md, first md at 19, self & parents b. Penn.
Wandlass, Charles grandson, 2y11m, self & parents b. Penn, optometrist in optical co
Lang, Ethan lodger, 29, wid, self & father b. Penn, mother Germany

Washington, King co, Seattle, 2106 N. 57th (ED 34, sheet 18B)
WANDLESS, Joseph 52, first marriage at 26, b. Illinois, parents b. Wales, general truck driver for Univ. of Wn.
, Ella wife, 40, first marriage at 17, b. Washington, father b. Wales, mother b. Illinois
, Eleanor dau, 15, b. Washington
MORGAN, Maggie mother-in-law, 56, widowed, first marriage at 18, dishwasher at [dirt?] kitchen