1910 US Census

First is an index table that lists only Wanless-like heads-of-households & persons in a household headed by a different surname; contains 206 entries. Thanks to Martha Palmer for the generation of this index from genealogy.com.

At the bottom are some full census entries.

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SurnameGivenAgeSexRaceBornFound inPageComments of Holly
WanlessEldridge74MWIowaArizona, Yavapai, Willow Crk137B
WanlessDennis32MWOregonCalifornia, Butte, 5-Wd Chico145B
WanlessEliza T.71FWCanadaCalifornia, Fresno, 7-Wd Fresno133B
WandlessMina28FWMichiganCalifornia, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Twp68A
WanleyGeorge32MWEnglandCalifornia, San Francisco, San Francisco15A
WanlesSamuel L.38MWConnecticutCalifornia, Sonoma, Mendocino Twp192A
WanlessAnna L.51FWEnglandColorado, El Paso, 4-Wd Colorado Springs67B
WanlessAlex E.36MWEnglandColorado, El Paso, 7-Wd Colorado Springs205B
WanlassSam25MWUtahColorado, Otero, West Holbrook62A
WandlessCharles H.50MWCanadaColorado, Pueblo, 5-Wd Pueblo109B
WanlessFrank R.35MWAseaColorado, San Juan, Silverton63A
WanlessJohn29MWEnglandConnecticut, New Haven, 13-Wd New Haven156B
WanlessElizabeth45FWEnglandConnecticut, New Haven, 9-Wd New Haven78B
WanlessSarah A.0FVirginiaIdaho, Bingham, Danielson Springs11B
WandlessJames32MWVirginiaIllinois, Cass, 1-Wd Beardstown17B
WanlessJohn48MWCanadaIllinois, Cook, 2-Wd Chicago98B
WanlessRobert B.23MWIowaIllinois, Cook, 32-Wd Chicago139B
WanlessThomas70MWCanadaIllinois, Cook, 32-Wd Chicago116B
WanlessWilliam49MWCanadaIllinois, Cook, 6-Wd Chicago268A
WanlasFrancis3MWIllinoisIllinois, Grundy, Greenfield Twp137Bs/o Robert Wanless & Addie Swansborough
WandlessMary E.73FWNew YorkIllinois, Lake, Shields Twp45A
WandlessElizabeth82FWEnglandIllinois, Madison, 3-Wd Collinsville86A
WanlessJohn A.43MWCanadaIllinois, Rock Island, 7-Wd Moline255A
WandlassThomas W.32MWEnglandIllinois, Rock Island, Hampton Twp172A
WanlessAnna B.23FWKentuckyIllinois, Saline, 5-Wd Harrisburg192B
WanlessWilliam18MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, 4-Wd Springfield229B
WanlessFrank39MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, 6-Wd Springfield194Bwho is this? See the 1910 census file for this entry.
WandlessRobt27MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, 7-Wd Springfield279A
WanlessFrederick29MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, Clear Lake Twp180A
WanlessThomas38MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, Clear Lake Twp177A
WanlessWalton15MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, Clear Lake Twp181A
WanlassRalph25MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, Divernon Twp231A
WanlessCharles S.26MWIllinoisIllinois, Sangamon, Springfield Twp112B
WanllessWm H.42MWEnglandIllinois, Sangamon, Woodside Twp185B
WanlessEdward A.73MWCanadaIllinois, Vermilion, 2-Wd Danville60A
WandlessDavid30MWIllinoisIllinois, Will, Wesley Twp21B
WanlellRobert27MWIndianaIllinois, Williamson, 1-Wd Marion230A
WanlassSadia27FWEnglandIowa, Clinton, 1-Wd Clinton69B
WanlassRalph64MWEnglandIowa, Clinton, 3-Wd Clinton131A
WanlessAlonzo B.62MWVirginiaIowa, Howard, Vernon Springs Twp45B
WanlessEldredge H.35MWIowaIowa, Howard, Vernon Springs Twp58B
WanlessPerry A.62MWVirginiaIowa, Howard, Vernon Springs Twp50B
WanlesWilliam49MWOhioIowa, Winneshiek, Bloomfield7B
WanlessRobert51MWEnglandKansas, Cherokee, Ross Twp12A
WanlaceGeorge T.50MWEnglandKansas, Linn, Blue Mt Twp12B
WanleyJohn31MWKentuckyKentucky, Franklin, Peaks Mill162BLooks like Wanley.
WanlessGeorge T.42MWKentuckyKentucky, Jefferson, 8-Wd Louisville96A
WanlessHugh54MWKentuckyKentucky, Jefferson, 8-Wd Louisville122A
WanlessJoseph44MWKentuckyKentucky, Jefferson, 8-Wd Louisville110B
WanlessRobert59MWEnglandKentucky, Webster, 4-Dist132A
WanlessThomas34MWIndianaKentucky, Webster, 4-Dist132A
WanlessOliver W.35MWWest VirginiaLouisiana, Jackson, 3-Wd91A
WanlessWilliam31MWEnglandMaine, Sagadahoc, 5-Wd Bath97B
WanlessEthel M.18FWIndianaMassachusetts, Franklin, Northfield125A
WandlassJennie M.16FWMassachusettsMassachusetts, Middlesex, 1-Wd Newton32A
WandlessHenry37MWCanadaMassachusetts, Middlesex, 5-Wd Cambridge243B
WanlessDavid63MWScotlandMassachusetts, Middlesex, 5-Wd Somerville108A
WandlassIda18FWMassachusettsMassachusetts, Middlesex, 8-Wd Cambridge170B
WandlessWilliam H.61MWCanadaMassachusetts, Middlesex, Framingham108B
WandlessCharles M.50MWCanadaMassachusetts, Norfolk, Hyde Park134A
WandlessMaria J.42FWMassachusettsMassachusetts, Norfolk, Medfield35BLooks like Waudless.
WandlessAnna51FWCanadaMassachusetts, Suffolk, 17-Wd Boston97B
WandlessRobert A.48MWCanadaMassachusetts, Suffolk, 7-Wd Boston181B
WanlesHenry73MWMichiganMichigan, Allegan, Clyde Twp236B
WanlessChristiana29FWMichiganMichigan, Bay, 2-Wd Bay 2-Pct300B
WanlessClayton39MWMichiganMichigan, Bay, 3-Wd Bay 1-Pct76A
WanlessWilliam J.48MWCanadaMichigan, Bay, 3-Wd Bay 2-Pct88A
WanlessBernard38MWMichiganMichigan, Bay, 4-Wd Bay 1-Pct127B
WanlessThomas25MWMichiganMichigan, Bay, Bangor Twp11B
WanleyJohn T.62MWEnglandMichigan, Macomb, 1-Wd Mt Clemens70B
WanlessAmos42MWEnglandMichigan, Saginaw, St Charles Twp197A
WanlessGeorge G.42MWMichiganMichigan, St Clair, 7-Wd Port Huron127A
WanlessEdward A.36MWCanadaMichigan, Wayne, 17-Wd Detroit157B
WandlassGeorge D.58MWMichiganMichigan, Wayne, 4-Wd Detroit207A
WanleyRoy19MWMichiganMichigan, Wayne, 7-Wd Detroit43A
WanlessFrank H.28MWMichiganMilitary & Naval, Philippines, Naval Station Olongapo91B
WanlessOliver G.54MWVirginiaMinnesota, Anoka, 3-Wd Anoka185A
WanleyFred33MWGermanyMinnesota, Hennepin, 4-Wd Minneapolis130B
WanlettAlfred E.52MWIllinoisMinnesota, Hennepin, 5-Wd Minneapolis277B
WanlesJohn B.42MWCanadaMinnesota, St Louis, 1-Wd Duluth96B
WanlessJames43MWCanadaMinnesota, St Louis, 1-Wd Duluth40A
WanlersJohn A.73MWSouth CarolinaMissouri, Phelps, St James Twp248B
WandlessEmma V77FWMissouriMissouri, St Louis, 15-Wd St Louis160B
WandlessMinnie A.29FWMissouriMissouri, St Louis, 15-Wd St Louis209A
WanlessMary A.42FWMichiganMissouri, St Louis, 20-Wd St Louis42B
WandlessEdvert39MWMissouriMissouri, St Louis, 24-Wd St Louis239A
WanlessHavard G.26MWIowaMontana, Yellowstone, School Dist 5191B
WandlessHenry W.5MWIllinoisNebraska, Deuel, Swan Pct185A
WandlessLotta49FWNew YorkNew Jersey, Bergen, Ridgewood Twp19A
WandlessWalter25MWNew YorkNew Jersey, Camden, 7-Wd Camden196A
WandlessWalter50MWNew YorkNew Jersey, Camden, 7-Wd Camden203B
WandleyJames41MWIrelandNew Jersey, Mercer, 10-Wd Trenton278A
WanlessHerbert24MWCanadaNew York, Erie, 13-Wd Buffalo188B
WanlassJames G.25MWScotlandNew York, Kings, 20-Wd Brooklyn2A
WandlessGeorge E.31MWCanadaNew York, Kings, 28-Wd Brooklyn224A
WandlessThomas29MWPennsylvaniaNew York, New York, 11-Pct 32-Ad Bronx241A
WandlessHenry W.47MWVirginiaNew York, New York, 12-Wd Manhattan206A
WanlesJoe31MWRussiaNew York, New York, 13-Wd Manhattan103A
WanlessRichard37MWKansasNew York, New York, 18-Wd Manhattan67A
WanlassEmma45FWCanadaNew York, Niagara, 1-Wd N Tonawanda127A
WanlissGennie M.40FWNew YorkNew York, Oneida, Trenton91B
WanlinLewisa21FWPennsylvaniaNew York, Orange, Warwick73A
WanlasMartha68FWNew YorkNew York, Suffolk, 5-Dist Islip84A
WandleyWilliam34MWIowaNorth Dakota, Emmons, Winona Twp287A
WanlessWilliam74MWWest VirginiaOhio, Athens, Bern Twp209A
WanlessIda23FWOhioOhio, Athens, Troy Twp169B
WanlessSarah A.50FWEnglandOhio, Cuyahoga, 1-Wd Cleveland75A
WandlessCharles42MWPennsylvaniaOhio, Fairfield, 3-Wd Lancaster86A
WanlessJames S.41MWWest VirginiaOhio, Scioto, 4-Wd Portsmouth270A
WanlessGeorge R.43MWEnglandOhio, Wood, Ross Twp14B
WanlessJames18MWPennsylvaniaOhio, Wood, Ross Twp14B
WanlessRalph9MWOhioOhio, Wood, Ross Twp14B
WanlessGeorge48MWCanadaOklahoma, Garfield, Lahoma255A
WanlessFred R.38MWColoradoOklahoma, Oklahoma, 2-Wd Oklahoma City39A
WanlessGilmore69MWVirginiaOregon, Douglas, Pass Crk212A
WanlassBudd C.20MWIowaOregon, Marion, Scotts Mills Pct248A
WanlessArdus V33MWOregonOregon, Marion, Silverton Pct268A
WanlessLouise23FWOregonOregon, Multnomah, 4-Wd Portland72A
WanlessLeslie13MWMtOregon, Multnomah, 7-Wd Portland106A
WanlessJessy Y.30MWOregonOregon, Multnomah, 8-Wd Portland26Bpage missing at ancestry.com; should be in ED 200 or 201
WanlessCharles57MWIowaOregon, Yamhill, Amity Pct112A
WanlessBert35MWOregonOregon, Yamhill, Baker Crk Pct127A
WanlessS. W.69MWVirginiaOregon, Yamhill, Baker Crk Pct127A
WanlessClifford26MWOregonOregon, Yamhill, N Mc Minnville Pct204B
WandlessJames31MWOhioPennsylvania, Allegheny, 10-Wd Pittsburgh260B
WandlessHarvey R.40MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 13-Wd Pittsburgh97A
WandlesJohn34MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 15-Wd Pittsburgh265B
WandlessJames H.38MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 1-Wd Pittsburgh10B
WandlessJames M.40MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 20-Wd Pittsburgh76A
WandlessM. J.30MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 20-Wd Pittsburgh245A
WandlessBruce49MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 5-Wd Pittsburgh67B
WandlessGeorge C.64MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 5-Wd Pittsburgh255B
WandlessMargaret J.65FWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 5-Wd Pittsburgh247B
WanlissWilliam B.32FWWest VirginiaPennsylvania, Allegheny, 8-Wd Pittsburgh11B
WandlessMargaret69FWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, Baldwin Twp262A
WandlessBruce52MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Allegheny, Chartiers Twp 7-Pct37B
WandlesMax32MWRussiaPennsylvania, Lackawanna, 1-Wd Scranton15BCould be Waudles; first letter looks like it was changed. Can't find him in any later census.
WandlessFranklin27MWNew YorkPennsylvania, Philadelphia, 38-Wd Philadelphia144A
WandlaasLeo34MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Schuylkill, Girardville Boro224B
WandlassCharles J.36MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Schuylkill, Girardville Boro224B
WandlassElsie18FWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Schuylkill, Girardville Boro222A
WandlassGeorge26MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Schuylkill, Girardville Boro224B
WandlissGeorge B.17MWPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Westmoreland, North Huntingdon Twp272B
WanleyFred B.43MWMaineRhode Island, Providence, 6-Wd Providence231B
WanleyJames70MWMassachusettsSouth Dakota, Lincoln, Lynn Twp123A
WanlersFred23MWIowaSouth Dakota, Mccook, Canistota Twp213A
WanlessRalph G.26MWIowaSouth Dakota, Perkins, Grand Rvr Twp31A
WanlessGeorge J.54MWColoradoTexas, El Paso, El Paso273A
WanlessJohn C.40MWWyomingTexas, El Paso, Socorro208A
WanlessEdwin A.20MWOhioTexas, Harris, 3-Wd Houston111A
WanlessAndy11MBLouisianaTexas, Jefferson, 2-Wd Beaumont178B
WanlessGeorge T.67MWCanadaUtah, Salt Lake, 1-Wd Salt Lake City72B
WanlessRobert42MWEnglandUtah, Salt Lake, 1-Wd Salt Lake City79B
WanlassAlexander46MWScotlandUtah, Salt Lake, 2-Wd Salt Lake City21A
WanlessCharles60MWEnglandUtah, Salt Lake, 2-Wd Salt Lake City116A
WanlessMargerite B.32FWUtahUtah, Salt Lake, 5-Wd Salt Lake City146B
WanlessClarence E.45MWColoradoUtah, Salt Lake, Farmers Wd180B
WanlessFred44MWEnglandUtah, Salt Lake, Farmers Wd179A
WanlassAzer21MWUtahUtah, Utah, 1-Wd Lehi145B
WanlassJoseph42MWScotlandUtah, Utah, 3-Wd Lehi154B
WanlassJackson C.33MWUtahUtah, Utah, 4-Wd Lehi165A
WanlessChas W.29MWUtahUtah, Utah, 4-Wd Provo89A
WanlassFred31MWUtahUtah, Utah, American Fork29B
WanlassJackson57MWEnglandUtah, Utah, Lehi170A
WandlessVerona G.42FWMaineVermont, Essex, Lunenburg311B
WandlessStephen S.44MWVirginiaVirginia, Augusta, Pastures199A
WandlessAngus C.54MWVirginiaVirginia, Bath, Williamsville68A
WandlessJohn W.41MWVirginiaVirginia, Bath, Williamsville67A
WandlerJulius50MWNew YorkWashington, Clark, Manor Pct269B
WanlessAlbine61MWWest VirginiaWashington, Clark, Vancouver Heights Pct252B
WanlassJohn T.55MWEnglandWashington, King, 12-Wd Seattle270B
WanlessAlfred58MWIllinoisWashington, King, 13-Wd Seattle237B
WanlessPaul C.38MWOregonWashington, King, 13-Wd Seattle180A
WandlessTomMWUsaWashington, King, 1-Wd Seattle163B
WanlessWalter M.32MWCanadaWashington, King, 7-Wd Seattle36A
WandlessJoe31MWIllinoisWashington, King, Black Diamond Pct105B
WanlasBertha18FWCanadaWashington, Pacific, S Bend268B
WanlassMason W.46MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Lewis, Skin Crk292A
WanlessRenny33MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Edray8A
WanlessRuth F.9FWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Edray25A
WanlessC. C.50MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Green Bank50B
WanlessJames71MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Green Bank51A
WanlassJohn73MWVirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Huntersville126B
WanlassStephen77MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Huntersville131B
WanlessGeorge B.23MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Little Levels145A
WanlessLaura54FWVirginiaWest Virginia, Pocahontas, Little Levels145A
WanlessWilliam D.28MWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Randolph, Dry Fork46B
WanlesAlfred28MWPennsylvaniaWest Virginia, Tucker, Black Fork259B
WandlessDorotha E.45FWWest VirginiaWest Virginia, Wood, 4-Wd Parkersburg139B
WanlessJohn49MWWisconsinWisconsin, Crawford, Clayton Twp42A
WanlasJoseph, Jr.52MWTennesseeWisconsin, Louisiana Crosse, Farmington Twp121A
WanlessEarl D.22MWWisconsinWisconsin, Richland, Marshall187B
WanlessJonathan E.48MWWisconsinWisconsin, Richland, Marshall191A
WanlessLeshie21MWWisconsinWisconsin, Richland, Marshall187B
WanlessWilliam52MWWisconsinWisconsin, Richland, Marshall193A
WanlessArch41MWWisconsinWisconsin, Richland, Sylvan270B
WanlessFranklin F.19MWWisconsinWisconsin, Richland, Sylvan270A
WanlessRosa17FWWisconsinWisconsin, Vernon, Readstown172B
WanlassJames63MWScotlandWyoming, Uinta, South Cumberland 16-Dist46B
WanlassJames E.45MWEnglandWyoming, Uinta, South Cumberland 16-Dist46B

Full Census Entries

Incomplete. Most census entries have been extracted to the relevant trees and are not present here. These are ones we haven’t got around to linking to any trees, or they may be duplicated here and in a tree. They are in alphabetic order by state.

Illinois, Sangamon co, Springfield 6th Ward, 1006 South 16th St. (ED 151 sh 194B)
Wanless, Frank 39, married once for 8 yrs, b. Illinois, father b. Kentucky, mother b. Illinois, heater at plow factory, unemployed 6 mos., owns mortgaged house
, Nora wife, 33, married once for 8 yrs, no children, self & parents b. Illinois
Bashaw, Vilma or Velma niece, 8, self & parents b. Illinois

Kansas, Cherokee co, Ross Twp, Roseland Village (ED 36, sh 12A (2A))
WANLESS, Robert 51, married once for 6 yrs, self & parents b. England, coal miner, immig. [1883? 1893?]
, Annie wife, 41, married twice, this time for 6 yrs, self & parents b. England, 4 children, 2 living, immig. 18– (90?)
, Annie dau, 12, b. Kansas, parents b. England
, Johny son, 8 or 9, b. Arkansas, parents b. England

Oregon, Multnomah co, Portland (ED 146, pg 72A)
168 Park Street

Wanless, Louise lodger, 23, single, b. Oregon, parents birthplace unknown, real estate book keeper
— most people on this page are listed as roomers, but a few are lodgers – what’s the difference?

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, 8th Ward
534(?) Penn Avenue (near Atlantic Ave) (ED 380, page 11B, 24th April)
William H Arbour white, age 46, b. West Virginia, father b. Ohio, mother b. WV, married once for 23(?) yrs, produce merchant, rents house
Wife Mary B 46, Ohio, father b. Germany (German), mother illegible
Daughter Mary D 18, Ohio
Daughter Minerva 16, Ohio, cashier at produce co.
Cousin William B Wanliss 32, he & his parents b. West Virginia, occupation: own income
and 2 unrelated lodgers
— next house is Little Sisters of the Poor (poor asylum for girls)

Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co, Elizabethtown Borough ( ED 42, page 9A, 26 April)
East High Street
WINLESS, WILLIAM age 30, b. PA, parents b. PA , married once for 5 yrs, merchant of general store, owns business, owns mortgaged house
ANNA, 30 wife, 1 child, living, b. PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh 024 0345 0087
–enumerated with Frank Lange
WANDLESS GEORGE C., BO [boarder], 64, PA PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh 034 0551 0023 
WANDLESS M. J. head age 30 PA PA
JESSIE, wife 27 PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh 035 0559 0001
CARRIE, wife, 36 PA
EDNA M., dau., 12 PA
GEORGE, son, 8, PA
MARGARET E., dau. 3, PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, 12th Ward, 320 Liberty Ave (ED 284 page 8B(?) line 93 visit 109 — several separate families at this address (Smith, Fotinkos)
WANDLESS JAMES H. head, 50, married 14 yrs, b. PA, parents b. “unknown”, driver [industry too faint to read]
Ada wife 37 England, no kids, parents b. England

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh 021 0398 0107
MINNIE, wife, 30, PA
MARY, dau, 10, PA
SADIE, dau. 6 PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, 7304 Forrest Way  – ED 445, Family #194
WANDLESS HARVEY R.- head, male, white, age 40, married 5 yrs., he & parents b. PA, Occupation Carpenter, can read and write, rents house, employed for wages,
out of work 24 weeks in 1909.
NANNIE [Mamie] – wife, age 31, gave birth 2 children, with 2 living, she & parents b. PA.
JOHN H.- son, age 4, born PA
HARRY G.- son age 1 yr. & 8/12 born PA.

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland Co. 286 0176 0446
WANDLISS GEORGE B. SS [step son] 17, PA PA
Enumerated with James C. Henry

Pennsylvania, Schuylkill Co. Girardville, 258 0030 (can’t read family #: 0094 or 0044?)
Enumerated with David A. Jones

Pennsylvania, Schuylkill Co. Girardville, 258 0030 0084
LOUISE E., wife, 34 France
EARLE C., son, 7 PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh 024 0334 0174
HOWARD E., son, 22 PA
NELLIE B., dau. 15, PA
2 not relatives [I assume this means two others lived in household]

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co 005 0040 0405
ANNA, wife, 50 PA

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh – 814** Adelaide Street, 5th Ward, ED 344, sheet 11B , line 92, family 242
WANDLESS, MARGARET J. head, white, age 65, widowed, 6 children, 3 living, b. PA, parents b. Ireland (English), no occupation, owns unmortgaged house
, GEORGE H., son 30, single, b. PA, (all childrens’ parents b. PA), clerk in railroad(?) office
, AGNES R., dau. age 28, single, PA, operator at telephone company
, MARTHA R., dau. 26, PA, single, no occupation
FARLEY, ELIZABETH M., sister, 67, single, b. PA, parents b. Ireland (English)
**last digit of street address is unclear, but address is between 812 and 818

Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co, Castle Shannon, Baldwin Twp
9th Pct, ED 10, sheet 9A, line 18 – Chestnut St., 26 April
Douglas, Mary hd, 40, single, b. PA, parents b. PA, no occupation, owns mortgaged house
, Maggie sister, 33, single, b. PA, parents b. PA, teacher in public school
Wandless, Margaret aunt, 69, married once for 36 yrs, no children, b. PA, parents b. Ireland, no occupation

Texas, Jefferson co, Beaumont, Ward 2 (ED 176 sh 178B)
Denhead(?), Rosa A. 38, black, married [can’t tell if it’s once or twice), for 7 yrs, 1 child, 1 living, b. Louisiana, father b. Tennessee, mother b. Louisiana, dressmaker
Wanless, Andy son, 11, black, b. Louisiana, father b. Michigan, mother b. Louisiana
— The “B” for “black” appears to written over an original “W” for “white”, so this is somewhat suspect, but there are other black and mulatto families on the page.

Utah, Salt Lake co, Salt Lake City, Ward 1, 224 East 4th Smith(?) Street (ED 103 pg 79B)
WANLESS, Robert 41, married once for 9 yrs, self & father b. England, mother b. Scotland, grocer in own store, immig. 1881, naturalized
, Lillie wife, 35, married once for 9 yrs, 2 children, 2 living, self & parents b. Pennsylvania
, Robert son, 5, b. Utah
, William son, 3, b. Utah
BERGER, Cordillie mother-in-law, 60, married once for 40 yrs, 5 kids, 3 living, b. Penn.
KESMITH(?), David roomer [no other info]
BOWIE, Archie roomer, 37, self & parents b. Scotland, immig. 1906, bricklayer
HANSEN, Millie roomer, 30, b. Utah, parents b. Sweden, saleslady in dry goods store
HULL, Edith roomer [no other info]
POWERS, Mich [no other info]