1900 Census Rejects

This is a list of people in the 1900 U.S. Census who are probably not actually named Wan(d)less, but their names were similar enough to make it worthwhile to record somewhere, so if you’re desperate to find a missing Wan(d)less, you might see if any of these match your profile. Keep in mind that most US censuses we see today are actually handwritten copies of the original handwritten copies, introducing copyist’s errors into the equation, so it is perfectly reasonable that a name originally recorded as Wandless might end up as Wandley in the copy.

Genealogy.com Index Entry In actual census, looks more like Location ED & Page # Particulars
Wendles Wendle; the censustaker made large clear trailing “s” letters elsewhere on the page and this doesn’t look like them, it just looks like a small tail on the final “e” north part of Grant Twp, Nodaway Co, Missouri Ed 97, sh 4B John & Mary both b. 1833 in Virginia & parents b. VA, married 41 yrs; 10 kids, 7 living; farmer; kids Will S. b. 1871 in Illinois, John L. Nov 1874 in Ill., gr-dau. Naomi Newcomer b. 1887 in Missouri, dau. Laura F. Bever b. 1859 in VA (md 14 yrs, 3 living kids) & her daughters Mamy, Drois, and Mildren all b. Kansas
Wendles Wendler; final letter looks just like other trailing “r” on same page and not like other trailing “s”s on page 7th Ward, St. Paul, Ramsey Co, Minnesota ED 121 sh 10B Katie b. June 1880 in Minnesota, parents b. Germany, servant
Waness Bonness or Maness; first letter doesn’t look like “W” and there’s definitely no “l” in the middle 6th Ward, St. Paul, Ramsey Co, Minnesota ED 110 sh 11B Agness b. Dec 1869 in Ireland & parents b. Ireland, immig. 1872, listed as dau. of widow Mary Faivre b. Feb 1828 in Pennsylvania w/ parents b. Ireland, with another dau. of Mary named Mary F. Conner b. June 1879 in Penn. with parents b. Ireland
Waness Maness or Marriss; doesn’t look anything like other leading “W” on page Deep Creek, Habersham Co, Georgia ED 62 sh 4A Savannah, b. Oct 1883 in Georgia, parents b. Georgia, boarder with Deal family
Wandels Wondels 1st Ward, Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois ED 11 sh 11B James, b. Apr 1879 in California, father b. Illinois, mother b. Ireland, single, lodger, brass molder
Wandley THIS PERSON HAS BEEN VERIFIED TO BE A WANDLEY 6/28/2002 Utica, Oneida Co, New York ED 81 sh 7A William b. Nov 1861 at sea, parents b. Germany, immig. 1861, wife Martha b. 1864 New York, children b. New York 1883-1899: Ida, Annie, Lizzie, Frank, Nellie, William, Gertrude, Emma
Wandley Wandley Monroe Twp, Butler Co, Iowa ED 68 sh 3A Ed. Ch. b. July 1882 in Iowa, father b. Illinois, mother b. Wisconsin, boarder with DeBoer family, clerk for a butcher
Wandley Wandley or Wandling; statistics are written over the last part so all I can read is Wandl— Osceola Twp, Brown Co, South Dakota ED 54 sh 5B Fred b. 1866 Germany, immig. 1881, farmer, naturalized, wife Lottie b. 1865 Illinois, married 7 yrs, children b. 1894-1900 in ┬áSouth Dakota: Freda, Hugo, Laura
Wandley Wandley Choteau Section, Twp 20N Range 18E, Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma now) ED 30 sh 16B W.H. (male), married, no other information shown, with son Jacob C. Fair, b. June 1895 in Indian Territory, father b. Michigan, mother b. Ind. Terr.; Jacob is Cherokee but 15/16 white & his parents are Cherokee; W.H. is apparently Cherokee & so are his parents, but no white blood for him
Wandley Wandley Milford, Worcester co, Massachusetts ED 1651 sh 1A James “Was here June 1st but left and could not find him”, he was an iron moulder in a lodging house
Wandley Wandley Jersey City, Hudson Co, New Jersey ED 165 sh 4A Lena b. 1882 in France, single, parents b. Switzerland, immig. 1884, listed as dau. of Mary Wetzel b. 1856 Switzerland, immig. 1884, with son Freddie Wetzel
Wandley Wandley Salt River Twp, Adair Co, Missouri ED 15 sh 10B Lyda b. 1864 in Maryland, parents b. Virginia, servant, single
Wandley Wandley or Wandliy Curran Twp, Sangamon Co, Illinois ED 109 sh 7A M. Wandley b. 1835 Germany, parents b. Germany, immig. 1853, married 44 yrs to Eva, age 64, also German, 9 kids; son John b. 1867 Illinois
Wandley Waudley or Wandley Strasburg, Lancaster co, Pennsylvania ED 108 sh 4A Norman b. 1826 in Penn; farmer, parents b. Penn; md 10 yrs to Ada b. 1868 in Penn; son Norman E. b. 1893 Penn., dau. Elizabeth Ahe b. 1855 in Penn, md. 14 or 24 yrs, parents b. Penn.
Wandley Wundley; the censustaker was good about closing his “a”s elsewhere on the page, so this looks like a “u” Reading, Berks Co, Pennsylvania ED 59 sh 8B Raymond E. b. Feb 1899 Penn., parents b. Penn, listed as grandson of John & Elizabeth Keppley, whose children are listed as Ida, Gertrude, John A., Elsworth, and Clarence (adopted).