1880 US Census

Wanless-like names

This page is definitely not complete. Many Wanless census entries have been linked to their respective trees, and are not present here. Some are present in both places.

COLORADO – complete

Denver, Arapahoe Co – Lawrence St (ED 14, sh13, ln 28)

Wanless, George F. male 37 b. Canada, married, editor [everybody is white, all parents’ birthplaces are blank]
Anna wife 34 b. Canada
James son 17 ” “, at school
Clarence son 15 ” “, at school
Mary dau. 13 ” “, at school
Willie son 10 b. Colorado
Harry son 8 ” ”
Fred son 5 ” ”
Nellie dau. 2 ” ”

Los Pinos Canyon, Conejos Co (ED 29, page 205C, line 42)

Wandless, John wh, male, 24, servant, laborer on RR grade, single, b. Prussia, parents b. Prussia
— in boarding house or railroad camp with many other laborers on RR grade

Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado (ED & page # coming soon)

Wanless, Thomas, age 40, real estate (?), born in Canada
Mary S., wife, age 32, keeping house, born in New York
Jennie E.,daughter, at school, born in Colorado
Connor, Mary A., age 23, servant
Wanless, George J., age 25, nephew, miner, born in Canada
Eckel, Charles, age 14, adopted? for a time, at school
Wellington, Lavella, age 22, Boarder,

Leadville, Lake Co -West Chestnut St (ED 73, p.315B, line 20)

Wanless, John 47 white, male, married, lodger in hotel, lawyer, b. Canada, parents b. Canada

Dakota Territory – see South Dakota


Winneshiek Co, Bluffton Twp (ED 338, page 13 (upper left corner), sheet 20A, ln.41, #103-103) — SEE DATABASE 1

Wanless, Alonzo hd, wh, m, 36, md, farmer, self & parents b. VA

Gertrude 24 wife, b. Canada, parents b. VA

Leroy 4 son, b. IA


Newton, Middlesex Co, 6th Ward, ED 478
Wanless, Pat 38 laborer, illiterate, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland

Anna 39 wife, housekeeper, illiterate, b. Ireland

Tom 4/12 son, born Jan in Mass., parents b. Ireland

Higgins, John 23 boarder, laborer, b. Ireland

O’Brien, John 31 boarder, laborer, b. Ireland

Hyde Park, Norfolk Co, ED 519, page 620d

Wandless, William H. wh, male, 31, straw hat maker, unemployed 4 mos, b. New Brunswick, parents b. New Brunswick

Sarah E. 26 wife, b. P.E. Island, parents b. England

Marguerite 1 dau., b. Mass.

Charles 20 brother, carpenter, b. New Brunswick, parents b. New Brunswick



Jackson city, Jackson co – 4th Ward, page 334A (excerpt from LDS CD; need to see actual entry; missing from ancestry.com)

George Wandless head 52 b. England, parents b. England, express messenger

Mary E. Wandless wife 43 b. Vermont, parents b. Vermont, keeps house

Charles Stockwell stepson 21 b. Illinois, father b. IL, mother b. VT, clerk in express office

Eveline Towner mother in law 60 b. Vermont, parents b. VT

Jackson city, Jackson co – 5th Ward – ED 121, page 362b, line 46

STOUF__[could be Stoufser, Stoulson, Stoeef__], Henry C. 39, carpenter, b. NY, father b. Canada, mother Vermont

Mary J. 31, wife, b. MI, father b. NY, mother OH

Lizzie S. 10, dau., b. MI, father NY, mother MI

UNDERSKORCHER, George 24, boarder, coppersmith, b. MI, parents b. Germany

WANDLESS, James 20, single, carpenter, boarder, b. England, parents b. England

Owasso Twp, Shiawassee co, p.445D

Filkins, Edmond w, m, 59, married, farmer, self & parents b. New York

Filkins, Charlotte w, f, 59, married, wife, self & parents b. New York

Wanless, Mary w, f, 51 [57?], married, boarder, b. Ireland, father b. England, mother b. Ireland

Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co – ED 246, 4th ward Ypsilanti City, page 443b

Wandless, John w, m, 52, laborer, b. England, parents b. England

Thomas w, m, 56, brother, blind, b. England, parents b. England

MINNESOTA – none found

NEW JERSEY – complete

Paterson, Passaic Co – ED 151, p. 27C – 2nd Ward, 69 Paterson Ave (not in 1880 NJ Soundex)

Wanless, Alex w, m, 56, married, twinemaker, b. Scotland, parents b. Scotland
Wanless, Lexy w, f, 57, married, keeps house, b. Scotland, parents b. Scotland
Gall, Marian w, f, 25, s-in law, schoolteacher, b. Scotland, parents b. Scotland

OREGON – complete — see database 1 for all of these

Polk Co, Bridgeport Precinct (ED 106, sh.33)

Wanless, Albion 31 b. VA works in sawmill, parents b. VA
Ladora 25 b. IA dad b.VA, mom b.OH
Emmett V. 6 b. IA
Ardus V. 4 b. OR
Elvirena 2 b. OR
Jay 6/12 b. OR in Nov

Marion Co, North Salem District (ED 81)

(page 53A, family 88)
Wanless, S.W. 37 farmer, b. VA, parents b. VA
F.E. 33 wife, b.IL, father b. IN, mother b. VA
Ella M. 16 dau. b. IA
Jennie V. 12 dau. b. OR
Paul C. 8 son ” ”
Albert D. 6 son ” ”
Dennis 4 son ” ”

(page 53B, family 93)
Wanless, Fr. A. hd, wh, m, 37, md, farmer, b.VA, parents b.VA
H.A. 31 b.IL, wife, b. Illinois, parents b. New York
Filetus 12 b.OR, son
Parintha 8 b.OR, dau.
Lutisha 6 b.OR, dau.
Swarts, Alan 15 b.OR, boarder

(page 54D, family 114)
Wanless, Gillmer wh, m, 33, single, millworker b.VA, parents birthplace not given
— boards with William R. Munkres family

(page 55A, family 124)
Wanless, James 40 [47? 49? unclear; should be abt 49] b.VA, parents bp blank, works in sawmill
Mary E. 36 b.VA, wife, parents b. VA
Daisy 12 b. Calif, dau., parents b. VA
Allice 7 b. Calif, dau., parents b. VA

Amity Precinct, Yamhill County (ED 137, sheet 7, page 461C, house 52)

Wanless, Charles wh, m, 22, brother-in-law, laborer, b. Iowa, parents b. W. Vir.
— in house of Albert & Buena Vista Snell (Charles’s sister)

Amity Precinct, Yamhill County (ED 137, sheet 7, page 461C, house 54)

Wanless, Thomas 70 b. WV, parents b. England, blacksmith
Wanless, Julia 69 b. WV, parents b. Germany, wife

SOUTH DAKOTA – complete

Deadwood, Lawrence Co, South Dakota

George Wanless, age 40, miner, born in England.

UTAH – complete

5th Ward, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co (page 77, ED 44, sh 32, ln 19)

Wanless, Harry 31 milkman, b. England, all parents b. England
Eliza 56 mother, keeping house, b. England
Jane 25 sister, b. ENG
Fredrick 13 brother, b. ENG

8th Ward, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co (page 34, ED 42 , sh 20, ln 45)

Wanless, Mary A. 36, servant, b. England, father b. Scotland, mother b. England
— listed in the household of Harry T. Duke (30) and wife Nellie

Lehi, Utah Co (ED 87 sh 5 (p.262), #31-31)

Wanlass, Annie J. 21 b. Utah, parents b. England, servant
— she is listed in the household of William (45) and Sarah A. (52) Ball or Bell

Lehi, Utah Co (ED 87 sheet 5 line 12 (p.262)

Wanlass, Jackson age 26, male, white, born England, sheep herder
Julia S. wife, 25, b. England
Jackson C. son, 4, b. Utah
Eliza J. dau., 3, b. Utah
George son, 9/12, b. Utah, b. Aug
Philips, George C. brother in law, 20, b. England, laborer

Lehi City, Utah County, Utah, page 271 (ED 87, sh 23)

Wanlass, Samuel 21, hired man, laborer, born England, parents b. England
— in household of Byron W. (40) Brown and his wife Josephine (24) and kids

Lehi, Utah Co (ED 87 sheet 4 line 19 (p.261 printed #s, per AIS index)

Wanlass, William 59 b. England, male, white (everybody white), clerking in store
Mary 40, b. Missouri, wife
Sarah E. 20, dau., b. MO
Elizabeth 19, dau., b. Utah (rest of kids born Utah)
William P. 16, son
Susanah 14, dau.
James C. 11, son
Emily M. 9, dau.
Samuel R. 7, son
Fredrick 1, son
plus 1 servant and one non-relative


Utica, Winnebago co – ED 214, page 236b, line 22, 12 June

Wanless, Edward A. 43, married, minister of the gospel, b. Canada, father b. Scotland, mother b. Canada
Sarah wife, 36, keeping house, b. WI, father b. VT, mother b. NY
Laura dau, 9, b. Turkey, father b. Canada, mother b. WI

 Marshall, Richland co, WI РED , page 107b, line 2, dwelling 12-12

Wanless, Archibald 57, farmer, b. West VA, parents b. Scotland
Ruth A. 45 wife, b. OH, father b. PA, mother b. VA
George 23 son, farmer, b. WI (all children born WI with parents b. WV & OH)
William 22 son, farm labourer
John 20 son, works on farm
Jonathan 18 son, works on farm
James 13 son, works on farm, school
Archibald Jr. 12 son, works on farm, school
Lona B. 10 dau, school
Nora M. 8 dau, school
Christina M. 6 dau, school
Winnie K. 3 dau
Oliver 1 son
Sommers[?], Oliver 21 nephew, farmer, b. WI, parents b. Ohio

dwelling 13-13 (next house)
Smith, Elisabeth 76 widowed, keeping house, b. Scotland, parents b. Scotland
Alexander 38 son, farmer, b. Ohio, parents b. Scotland
Wanless, Margaret 41 dau, widowed, b.OH, parents b. SCT
James A. 16 grandson, works on farm, b.WI, father b. WV, mother b.OH


WYOMING – complete

Albany Co, Laramie City, 403 Fifth Street (ED 20, page 5b, line 30)

Maria Wanless 44 b. Canada, white, female, head of family, keeping house, parents b. Ohio
Frank 16 b. Colorado, son, stock tender [all kids have parents b Canada]
John C. 10 b. Wyo. Terr., son, school
Mark W. 6 b. Colorado, son, school
Dunn, Genoa wh, female, 22, boarder, married [occupation erased], b. Missouri, parents b. England