1790-1860 US Census

Index to Wanless-like names

Source: www.ancestry.com

The table below is just an index; all of these full census entries have been extracted and put into the relevant trees at this site.

Year/SurnameGivenFound inPageImage#Comments


WanlessWilliamPA, Dauphin, Harrisburgh86346


WanlessWilliamPennsylvania, Dauphin, Swatara4898
WanlessCatharineVirginia, Fauquier,241462
WarlessStephenVirginia, Bath,445439


WandlissWilliamVirginia, Bath6573
WandlessJamesVirginia, Bath6775
WandlessRalphVirginia, Bath6775
WandlessStephenVirginia, Bath6876
WanlissWilliamVirginia, Morgan517


WanlessStephenIndiana, Tippecanoe, Perry124240
WanlessRalph Jr.Virginia, Pocahontas93183
WanlessWilliamVirginia, Pocahontas93183
WanlessJamesVirginia, Pocahontas94185
WanlessJohnVirginia, Pocahontas94185
WanlessRalph Sr.Virginia, Pocahontas94185
WandlesRichardVirginia, Wood404790


WarlissHiramAlabama, Jackson69139
WanlessGeorgeOhio, Carroll, Fox22085
WanlessStephenVirginia, Bath128265
WanlessThomasVirginia, Bath128265
WanlessJohnVirginia, Jackson231181
WanlogsMary P.Virginia, Pocahontas111226
WanlogsJamesVirginia, Pocahontas112228
WauleysRalph Jr.Virginia, Pocahontas110224
WarelessStephenVirginia, Bath128265
WarelessThomasVirginia, Bath128265


WanlessThomasIllinois, Mc Henry, Center37098
WanlessMrs.Michigan, Washtenaw, Ypsilanti837484
WandlessCatharineMichigan, Washtenaw, Ypsilanti863510
WanlassAnnMissouri, Ray269
WanlassAnnMissouri, Ray, 75Th District302
WanlissIsaacMissouri, St. Louis, 82Nd District505484
WandalsHenryMissouri, St. Louis, St Louis 6Th Ward460288
WandelsGeorgeMissouri, St. Louis, St Louis S Half Twp338150
WanlesPhillippMississippi, Adams, Natchez, South1428
WanlessAlexanderNew York, New York, New York City Ward 1689180
WanielsWilliamOhio, Hamilton, Cincinnati 2Nd Ward131264
WanlessArchibaldOhio, Harrison, Shortcreek Twp445461
WandlessGeorgePennsylvania, Allegheny, Pittsburgh Ward 6450382
WanlessAndrewVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4728142
WanlessJamesVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4728142
WanlessWilliamVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4728142
WanlessJamesVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4728958
WanlessLevenVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4728958
WanlessRalphVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4729468
WanlessJohnVirginia, Pocahontas, District 4729672
WanlassWilliamVirginia, Dinwiddie (Mortality Schedule)0Age: 22 Birth: SL Month: AUG Cause of Death: SUDDEN


SurnameGivenFound inPageComments
WanlassJosephConnecticut, Hartford, Township: West Hartford516
WanlessEdward A.Illinois, La Salle County, Northville Town81
WanlessWilsonIllinois, McHenry County, Dorr552
WannelsCharlesIndiana, Marion County, Franklin Township871
WanlesLevenIowa, Winneshiek County, Bluffton Township.928
WanlessJamesIowa, Winneshiek County, Bluffton Township.933
WanlessLauraIowa, Winneshiek County, Bluffton Township.933
WanlessCharlesIowa, Winneshiek County, Orleans Township.917
WanlessThomasIowa, Winneshiek County, Orleans Township.916
WanlesJohnKansas, Shawnee County, Soldier Township87
WanlessHughKentucky, Jefferson County, 3 W Louisville706
WandlessAnnMichigan, Washtenaw County, 4 W. Ypsilanti841
WandlessGeorgeMichigan, Washtenaw County, 5 W. Ypsilanti865
WandlassAndrewMichigan, Wayne County, 2 W. Detroit125
WanlassJackMissouri, Ray County, Richmond Township279
WaudlessRobertMissouri, St. Louis County, Central Township748
WanalusWilliamMissouri, St. Louis County, Corandelet Township702
WandlessGeorgeMissouri, St. Louis County, St.Louis Township950
WandlsJesseNew Jersey, Hudson County, Hudson City565
WanlessAlexanderNew Jersey, Passaic County, East W. Paterson403
WandlesWilliamNew York, Kings County, 14 W.Brooklyn273
WandlessDavidVirginia, Bath County, Green Valley P.O.266
WandlessStephenVirginia, Bath County, Green Valley P.O.266
WarlassElizabethWashington, Thurston County206
WarlassM. C.Washington, Thurston County206
WarlassW. G.Washington, Thurston County206looks like Warlap; b. New Jersey
WanlessNelsonWest Virginia, Pocahontas County, Dunmore P.O.733
WanlessWilliamWest Virginia, Pocahontas County, Dunmore P.O.733
WanlessAndrewWest Virginia, Pocahontas County, Green Bank P.O.734
WanlessGeorge P.West Virginia, Pocahontas County, Huntersville P.O.769
WanlessRalphWest Virginia, Pocahontas County, Huntersville P.O.769
WanlessRalph W.West Virginia, Pocahontas County, Huntersville P.O.769
WanlessStephen H.West Virginia, Pocahontas County, Huntersville P.O.769
WanlessJamesWest Virginia, Pocahontas County, Thorny Creek P.O.755
WanlessMargaretWest Virginia, Pocahontas County, Travelers Repose P.O.749
WanlessRichardWest Virginia, Ritchie County, Ritchie S. H. P.O.416
WanlessJohnWisconsin, Richland County, Marshall148