From 1790 through 1840, the US census showed only the name of the head of household and counts of how many people in each age grouping lived in the household, e.g. 4 males under 10, 3 females between 16 and 20, and the like. Starting in 1850, everybody in the household is listed by name, with their age, birth place, occupation, and usually some information about whether their parents were born in the USA or not. Starting in 1880, the relationship to the head of household is stated, and the birthplaces of the parents of each person are shown. The 1890 census was almost entirely destroyed by a fire and there are no Wan(d)lesses in the remaining fragments, but there was an 1890 census of Civil War veterans who fought on the Union side, which is helpful. From 1900 onward, the census got more detailed and asked different questions in each decade. The following pages have either full census extracts or an index to all the Wanless-like names we could find.