Wanless, Wanliss etc. in Scotland’s Newspapers

American Data from the Aberdeen Journal, 1748-1783 (

Alexander Wanless, from Fife, guilty of theft from a bleachfield,
petitioned for and was granted banishment to America, at Perth 9.1758

The Edinburgh Advertiser, Edinburgh, Scotland (

27 Aug 1811 Intelligence from Lloyds of London – “The Woodman, Wanless,
from Southampton to Newcastle, was taken off Dover on Monday night by a
French privateer, retaken by the Echo sloop of war, and arrived at
Ramsgate on Thursday.”

Source: 19th Century British Newspapers and The Times Digital Archive

Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), November 10, 1848

Married at Irvine, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. Andrew Brown, George
Wanless, Esq., merchant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, second daughter of
the late Wm. Gillies, Esq., banker there.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Saturday, December 29, 1866

Married at 28 West Morrison Street, Edinburgh, on the 27th inst, by the
Rev. Robert Keith Dick Home, Corstorphine, Mr. James Wanless, Glasgow,
to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Mr Robert Anderson, late of Woodbine,

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Wednesday, December 25, 1867

Birth at 35 Steven Street, New City Road, on the 22d instant, Mrs James Wanless, a daughter

Manchester Times (Manchester, England), Saturday, August 6, 1870

There was a railway accident on Tuesday night at Newmill near Cupar
Fife on the North British Railway. The train was a special one which
was run for the convenience of farm servants and others who had been
attending St. James’s market in Cupar. Further investigation proved
there was a bundle of yarn (which had fallen off a goods train) on the
tracks which caused the engine to jump the bridge to the road below,
and 2 carriages were wrecked. Among the passengers were a party of
ploughman from Longforgan who, having got a holiday, had visited the
market on pleasure. Of them, only one was injured – James Wanliss of
Mains of Huntley, Longforgan. He is about 30 and married. He was
seriously hurt in the back and breast and was advised to remain in
Cupar overnight.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Monday, August 8 1870

Born at 22 St Vincent Crescent on the 6 inst, son of Mrs James Wanless.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Wednesday, August 24, 1870

Died at 22 St Vincent Crescent on the 23 inst, the infant son of James Wanless.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Monday, Sept 25, 1871

Born at 22 St Vincent Crescent on the 22 inst, son of Mrs James Wanless.

The Times, Tuesday, May 21, 1872; pg. 7

Mormon Conference in Glasgow – James Wanless, President of the Armadale branch

Liverpool Mercury etc (Liverpool, England), Wednesday, January 7, 1874

Married Dec 31 at the Baptist Chapel, Lower Abbey street, Dublin, by
the Rev. D.E. Evans, William Hunter, Blackburn, Lancashire, to Agnes
Wanless second daughter of John W. McDougald, Edinburgh

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Wednesday, November 15, 1876

Scotch Bankrupts – from yesterday’s Edinburgh Gazette – applied for
Cessio Bonorum – John Wanliss, lately farmer at Mains of Cargill,
presently prisoner in the Prison at Perth

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Tuesday, June 1, 1880

Arrived at Aberdeen May 31 – the Blanch, [captain] Wandless, from Saffa, with bones.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Saturday, June 5, 1880

J. Wandless on cricket team for Cotherstone in a match against Woodland.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Friday, July 29, 1881

Sailed, the Tom Henry, master Wandless, at Sunderland from Aberdeen, on the 26th

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, August 17, 1881

Creditors of John Wanliss, farmer, Mains of Cargill, Perthshire, will
receive a dividend at the writing chamgers of James C. Pinkerton,
Perth, 1st Oct

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Monday, November 13, 1882

Wanliss was a forward on the football team of King’s College, in a game
at Annfield vs. Marischal College. Also mentioned in Aberdeen Weekly
Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Monday, February 12, 1883

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Tuesday, January 16, 1883

S. Wanliss on the Aberdeen University football team as a forward.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Monday, January 29, 1883

Wanliss was a forward for the Second Fifteen University football team in a match at Stonehaven. during a snowstorm.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Wednesday, February 7, 1883

Arrived Gravesend, Feb 6, the Miss Wandless, from Calais.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Friday, February 16, 1883

S.D. Wanliss an officer in the cricket club, Bajan class, at King’s College. [Probably David Sydney Wanliss.]

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Monday, May 21, 1883

Wanliss on the King’s College, Aberdeen cricket team in match against Stonehaven, scoring 10.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Friday, June 1, 1883

D.S. Wanliss to represent Marischal College (Aberdeen University) in
the cricket game against Forfarshire. The June 4 paper reported that he
had been “run out” in the first inning.

There are more mentions of Wanliss in cricket and football at Aberdeen in 1883-1884.

The Scotsman


Some articles have been omitted here if they were repeats of others.
I also skipped some of the military promotions and lots of dog racing
& other gambling/racing results because often just the surname was
given, which doesn’t tell us much. Some articles not present here are
filed in their respective trees.

PublicationYear Date Article Comments
1832 25 Apr The
parish school at Galashiels, taught by Mr. Fyshe and his two
assistants, Mr. Wanless and Mr. Murray…the examiners were very
pleased with the performance of the academy students.
1833 4 May Galashiels
Academy, the parochial school of Galashiels, taught by Mr. Fyshe and
his assistant Mr. Wanless…pupils passed exams, are a great credit to
their teachers.
1836 20 Apr Edinburgh
– Letter to Councillor Russell, Calton Jail, Edinburgh, apparently a
dissenting minister incarcerated, sympathising with and decrying his
plight, signed among others by John Wanless.
1843 2 Sep Perth – Harvest news – Mr. Wanless of St. Magdalene’s has commenced harvesting.
1851 21 May Scots
Bankrupts: Sequestration of William Wanless, grocer and dealer in
grocery and other goods, Market Stairs, North Bridge, Edinburgh –
Creditors meet in Dowell’s Rooms, 18 George St, Edinburgh on 26th May
and 18 June at 12 o’clock.
1863 28 Apr The
body of a Newcastle ship captain named Wandless, who had gone amissing
some time ago, was found on Saturday in the South Dock, and from the
fact that the throat had been cut, it is conjectured that he committed
1869 14 Dec In
a case of letter tampering against a postman at Galashiels, a reference
was made to Mary Wanless, cook for the Rev. Mr. Russell at The Manse,
1872 20 May Glasgow
– Annual Conference of the Latter-Day Saints or Mormons was held in the
City Hall Saloon. Local elders attending were…James Wanless,
president of the Armadale branch. The Glasgow conference, which
embraces the whole of Scotland, counts 767 members.
1873 14 Oct Coursing – Longhurst puppy stakes results, Morpeth, Northumberland – Mr. T. Wanliss’s Buckfoot
1874 27 July Shocking Murder in Edinburgh….Shortly after midnight a young man named William Wanless, residing
in East Crosscauseway, saw the woman Ritchie , together with Robert
Crichton, and another man…
1875 26 Mar Glasgow
Small Debt Court: Margaret Muirhead, domestic servant, against her late
employer, James Wanless, claimed £12 as wages, board wages, and the
value of a chest with contents which she claimed the defendant had
illegally withheld from her. Apparently there had been a series of
petty disagreements between mistress and maid which resulted in the
latter leaving the house without due warning. At the time, she refused
to open the chest, which was said to contain some stolen articles,
saying that “she knew the law as well as her master”. A few days later
she called with a policeman and again declined to hand over the key,
boasting of her superior legal knowledge. His Lordship stated that it
was far from clear that under ordinary circumstances a master was
entitled to retain the goods of his servant, but in the present case,
when there were suspicions against the pursuer which she might have
dispelled by opening the chest, so he dismissed the case with expenses.
He remarked that the master should not have detained her belongings but
instead have laid a criminal charge against her as the right course of
1876 25 Oct Perth Bankruptcy Court: John Wanliss, farmer, Cargill, was examined
yesterday at Perth. He had failed to appear on 2 former occations and
was apprehended last week. On Saturday, when part of the examination
took place, he was committed to prison for refusing to reveal the name
of the person who was keeping £50 for him, with which he said he
intended to go to America. Yesterday he gave a more explicit statement
and delivered the £50. The bankrupt’s liabilities are £2807 and the
assets £2503, leaving a deficiency of £504.
1878 24 Jul Ad: Houdans (pure), several pairs cocks and hens, 3-1/2 months.Robert Wanless, Maxwell Street, Morningside
1879 22 Nov Edinburgh
Burgh Court yesterday: John Wanless, drover, 8 Maxwell St, Morningside,
was fined 21s. for having, on the 5th at the Edinburgh cattle market,
cruelly stabbed 8 or 10 stirks or bullocks on the hips with a
sharp-pointed piece of iron fixed to the end of an ash stick.
1882 23 Mar Edinburgh
Police Court – John Bertram and Robert Wanless, the 2 men who were
apprehended in connection with a disturbance at Causewayside on Tuesday
evening, were brought to court. Bertram was charged with presenting a
pistol at the head of a cabman and threatening to “do for” him, and
also with assaulting Constable M’Caffery by striking him with a leather
bag containing shot and knocking him down. Bertram denied having a
pistol but pleaded guilty to the assault. He was fined 7s 6d. with the
alternative of 5 days imprisonment. Wanless was charged with assaulting
M’Caffery and with having attempted to rescue Bertram from his custody.
He pled guilty and was ordered to pay a fine of 5s. or go to jail for 3
1885 2 Sep A
petition has been presented to the Sheriff of the Lothians &
Peebles, at Edinburgh, by Mrs. Mary Jane Elizabeth Wanlass Smith or
Nixon, widow of the late Joseph Nixon, Railway Clerk, 8 Shandon Place,
Edinburgh, executrix dative qua and relict of the said deceased Joseph
Nixon, praying that Caution to be found by her in the Confirmation be
restricted to £100. Objections must be lodged with the Commissary Clerk
within 10 days.
1885 14 Sep Ad: Ferrets, splendid lot to dispose of, capital workers, for 5s each.A. Wanless, Duke Street, Alnwick, Northumberland

[this ad was repeated several times in 2-3 years]

1885 21 Dec A Warwickshire Story: The Life of Thomas Wanless, Peasant 

“Surely the talk about Bishops is very foolish” – Spectator“Told with much power” – Athenaeum

“A remarkable as well as an able book” – Morning Post

“Deeply touching and spirit-stirring” – Scotsman

” ‘A bitter cry of outcast London’ re-echoed in a Warwickshire village” – Manchester Guardian

“A book well worth reading” – Weekly Dispatch

“The author has no ordinary skill in giving his work the magic touch of intense living realism” – Glasgow Herald

Manchester: Johnd Dale & Abel Heywood & Son/

London: Simpkin, Marshall, & Co; and all booksellers

1891 5 Aug Edinburgh
City Police Court yesterday: John Wanless, George M’Cluskey, John
Murray, Robert Imrie, and Charles Jenkinson were each fined £1, with
the alternative of 5 days imprisonment, for having, in the Prince of
Wales hotel, West Register street, on Sunday July 26th, obtained each a
pint of beer by falsely representing that they had come from Gorebridge.
1899 28 Dec A.
Phyllis Wanless O’Gowan will be glad to receive and forward socks and
flannel shirts for the soldiers of the 2nd Scottish Rifles
(Cameronians) in South Africa from any kind friends or those who have
relatives in the regiment. Address to Mrs. R. Wanless O’Gowan, 5 Upper
Fitzwilliam St, Dublin.
1901 26 Jan A fatal accident at Davy Pit, Glenbuck, Muirkirk, befell William Wilson, miner, resident of Wanlass Place, Muirkirk.
1901 28 Mar Married:
At Young’s Rooms, Nethergate, Dundee on the 26th, by Rev. Alexander
Alexander, William Wanless, fish salesman, to Mary, only daughter of
Mrs. M’Leod, 7 Victoria St, Dundee
1904 19 Aug Golden
Wedding: Wanless-Dick – At Leith on 18th Aug 1854, by Rev. Wm.
Stevenson, Robert Wanless to Margaret Dick. Resident at “Mountquhanie”,
29 Montpelier, Edinburgh.
1904 22 Oct Notice
to Debtors & Creditors: Mrs. Wanliss, Restaurateur, Dundee Arms,
High Street, Dundee, having retired from business, all persons having
claims against her are requested to lodge same by 24th Oct and all
persons indebted to her are requested to make payment within the like
period. By James Urquhart & Walker, 10 Reform St, Dundee.
1904 30 Nov Death:
At her daughter’s house (Mrs. Muirhead, 19 Fowler terrace), on the
28th, Isabella, widow of Charles Wilson, mason, and eldest daughter of
the late William Wanless, parish schoolmaster of Longformacus, in her
85th year.
1905 19 Apr Half-yearly
licensing courts held to consider applications for certificates from
Whitsunday 1905 to Whitsunday 1906. An application was made by Mrs.
Mary Wanliss, Dundee, a new tenant, for the Cross Keys Hotel,
Milnathort, Kinross-shire, and a license was granted.
1906 3 Feb All-England Pigeon ShootPlough Hotel, Alnwick

Thomas Wanless, Proprietor

1907 16 Mar Glasgow
Police Court – Two brokers, Mrs. Margaret Wanless and William Mullan,
were each fined £5, in default 30 days imprisonment, for purchasing
from young lads brass and copper in a less quantity than prescribed by
the Prevention of Crimes act.
1909 19 Nov Mr.
T.D. Wanliss raised a question at the meeting of the Royal Scottish
Geographical Society, objecting to the use of “England” where “Britain”
is meant. [A number of other letters were received in the same vein. On
17th Nov, he is referred to as “late member of the Australian
1910 13 Apr The
Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) – Supernumerary
Major C. Wanliss is restored to the Establishment, vice D.G.
Prendergast, promoted.
Cecil Wanliss
1910 30 July For
sale – Darnick, near Melrose – 2 storied dwelling houses and cottage i
the village of Darnick belonging to the late Thomas Nichol, tenanted by
William Simpson, Richard Wanless, Mrs M’Telfer, etc. Total rental: £33.
Fen-duty nominal. Upset price: £300
1912 14 Aug Arrived at Granton August 12th, the Brentwood, s. 731, Wanless, from London, ballast.Sailed August 14th, the Brentwood, s. 731, Wanless, for London, coal.
1912 14 Mar Maryhill
Police Court yesterday – Jane Wanless, dealer, Hinshaw Street, Glasgow,
was fined £5 or 30 days imprisonment for having on the 4th in her
premises at 74 Main Street, Maryhill, Glasgow, resetted 40 lb. of
sterotype metal which was stolen from a printer’s establishment in
1914 12 Dec Wounded – Scottish Regiments, Gordon Highlanders – J. Wanless, 1355
1914 23 Dec Wounded – Scottish Regiments, the Black Watch – J. Wanliss, 2613
1915 25 Mar Death – killed – S. Wanless, 11857, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Expeditionary Force, reported 7th March
1915 25 May Death
– Private James Robertson, ‘A’ Company, 7th Royal Scots, age 17, son of
William Robertson, Meadow Cottage, Carronshore, near Falkirk. He was
one of the soldier victims in a train disaster near Gretna. His uncle,
Lieutenant Wanless of the Black Watch, was recently killed. [details
1915 27 Feb Death – previously reported wounded, now reported killed – J. Wanless, Gordons, 9747, Scottish regiments, reported 13 Jan
1915 25 Mar Killed – Kings Own Scottish Borderers – Wanless, S., 11857
1915 29 Oct Wounded – Coldstream Guards, 3rd Battalion, C. Wanlass, 13379, reported 19th Oct
1915 3 June Wounded – James Hill Wanless, Sto. 1st Class, Nelson Battalion, reported 29 May, Royal Naval Division
1915 3 May Wounded – J.W. Wanless, A.B., Royal Naval Division, in the Dardanelles 25th-30th April
1915 30 Oct Married
– at South Leith parish church on the 28th, Q.M. Sgt. Richard Wanless,
B.E.F., eldest son of Richard Wanless, 8 Hermitage Terrace, to
Elizabeth Liddle (Liz) Cockburn, eldest surviving daughter of the late
William Cockburn, N.B.R. and of Mrs. Cockburn, 25 Halmyre Street, Leith
1915 31 Aug The
King invested Major-General R. Wanless with the insignia of the
Companion of the Orders for Most Honourable Order of the Bath, at
Buckingham Palace.
1916 13 Mar Wounded Soldiers Arrive in Perth at the V.A.D. Hospital – Dvr. J. Wandless, 57164, R.F.A., 37th How. Batty., 8th Brig.
1916 21 July Ivan
Wanless Dickson, M.B. Toronto University, M.C.P. & S. Ontario,
M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond., was admitted as a Fellow to the Royal
College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.
1917 10 Jul Award
for gallantry – 5454, Lance Corporal (A.Q.M.S.) R. Wanless, D. Gds. –
For continuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He has consistently done
good work throughout and has at all times set a splendid example to his
1917 22 Oct Capt.
Harold Boyd Wanless, D.S.O., Australians, killed in action, is the only
son of Mr. Newton Wanless, Melbourne, and grand-nephew of Mrs. Bell,
Tedlanet, Perth. Capt. Wanless, who was born in 1891, was mentioned in
dispatches and received the D.S.O. for services in the present war.
1917 31 Aug Death – killed in action in the Black Watch – R.A. Wanless, Auchterarder, 290837
1918 31 Oct Rank and file Scottish losses – killed from the Royal Scots – Wanless, J. (Longniddry), 44312
1919 24 Jan Death attributed to enemy action reported during the month ending June 20, 1917 – A.Wanless, steward, Glasgow or “A. Steward Wanless” ?
1919 28 Aug Cumberland Lawn Tennis tournament, Carlisle, Cumberland – F. Ritson beat A.M. Wandless
1919 4 June Marriage
– St. Ninian’s parish church, Aberdeen, 2nd June, Alexander Wanless to
Sophie, 2nd daughter of John Young, R.N.R., 10 Forest Rd, Aberdeen
1920 14 Aug Perth – Auction of valuable antique furniture from, among other sources, the Misses Wanliss in Perth.
1924 11 Aug Death
– Mrs. Mary Ann Wanliss, late of the Cross Keys Hotel, aged 79, at
Westerloan, Milnathort on the 9th. Burial in Orwell churchyard.
1925 1 Aug British
Commonwealth Labour Conference – Mr. W. Wanless of South Africa says
immigrants must have employment guaranteed on arrival or possess £100
when they enter the country.
1925 10 June The
Duke & Duchess of York again visited the Wembley Exhibition
yesterday. During their tour of the South African Pavilion. Mr. William
Wanless, a Scotsman, who represents Durban, told the Duchess that he
had known her from infancy. He recalled an incident which occurred when
he was playing cricket with her father. The Duchess said she did not
recall the incident, but was charmed to hear Mr. Wanless speaking Scots.
don’t know which Wm Wanless was in Durban politics. In 1925, the
Duchess of York was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, daughter of the 14th Earl of
Strathmore & Kinghorne, who later became the mother of Queen
Elizabeth II. She was born in 1900.
1925 11 Mar Death – at 4 Marshall Place, Perth, of Jessie Moon Wanliss in her 92nd year, on the 9th. Burial in Abernethy Churchyard.
1925 17 Apr Severe
northwesterly gale blowing 46 mpg on the English channel at Dover. A
gale tragedy resulted in the death of Joseph William Wanless (45),
Council lamp repairer, at Clousden Hill, Northumberland. Wanless was
cycling along the highway and as he was rounding a corner, a severe
gust of wind forced him into collision with the side of a motor bus. He
was carried some distance and eventually crushed to death by the heavy
bus against a stone wall.
born abt 1880 – I’m not sure who this is
1925 7 Oct Death – Agnes Wanless, widow of Thomas Wanless, at 15 Cathcart Place, Edinburgh on the 6th
1926 25 Aug Death
– at a nursing home in Edinburgh, on the 23rd, Jessie Wanless wife of
William Wilson Braid, 20 Esslemont rd, Edinburgh. Liberton Cemetery.
1926 29 Dec Marriage
– at Windsor House, Edinburgh, on the 25th, John Wanless to Margaret
Ramage, younger daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Ramage,
1927 15 Nov Death
– at Isla House, Bridge of Earn, on 13 Nov, in his 89th year, John
Wanliss, fifth son of the late John Wanliss, farmer, Jamesfield,
1927 25 Mar Death
– 11 Church St, Alloa, on the 24th, James Finlayson, late goods agent,
L.M.S. Balway, Alloa), aged 73, beloved husband of Mary Ann Wanless.
1928 14 Mar Sir William James Wanless knighted on 5th Mar
1928 6 Nov Durban, South Africa – Mr. Wanless, general secretary of the Labour party
1928 9 June Ernest Wanless, waiter, Royal Hotel, Galashiels
1928 5 Jul Running Races: 100 yards (under 15)1. J Hassan, Holy Cross;

2. R. Wanless, Tyncastle, Edinburgh. 5/7/1928.

1929 26 Feb Death – John Wanliss Bell, aged 58, at Dalroch, Strathbraun on 23rd Feb. Burial in Kinfauns Churchyard.
1932 17(?) Oct Death
– Winton. – At Deaconess Hospital, Edinburgh, on the 16th October 1932,
Janet Wanless Allan, dearly beloved wife of Daniel Winton, Malleny
Mills, Balerno. Funeral from the house to Currie Churchyard, 19th
1933 19 May A
woman, later identified as Nettie Wanless (29), 14 Edina Place, was
found lying unconscious on the Radical Road, King’s Park, Edinburgh,
yesterday afternoon. She was taken to the Royal Infirmary, where she
Antoinette d/o John Stewart Wanless
1935 23 Mar Death
– Crawford. – At 28 Forrest Road, Edinburgh. on 21st. March, Horace
Wanless Crawford, M.A..eldest son of the late John Dawson Crawford.
1936 1 May Swimming – Honour Certificates for School Pupils.Leith AcademySecondary — Ann Elizabeth Wanless.
1936 15 May At
the annual meeting of the Berwick-on-Tweed Conservative & Unionist
Association, Mr. L. Wanless proposed a resolution to institute some
form of compulsory military service in this country. The Army is
getting insufficient recruits and many got were physically unfit. Men
should be trained for a period of, say, 12 months. Regular training
& discipline, he is sure, would improve the physical condition of
the young men of the country. Later, he withdrew his motion, saying
that all present seemed to be more or less in favour, but to advocate
compulsory service would be a bad thing from an electioneering point of
1938 5 Jul Broughton Secondary School.The Principal prizewinners were: Dux.

George Wanless; proxime accessit.

3 Mar 1939 RacesStar of Love — E. Wanless.

Coffee Cup —- J. Wanless.

Are these the jockeys or the owners?
1939 21 Jul Mr.
R.W. Wanless, president of the Falkirk Rotary Club, spoke of the
relation between Rotary and the Scout movement, quoting the Chief Scout
Lord Baden-Powell, who had described the Scout movement as the “Junior
1944 24 June Faculty of Arts.Alexander Darling Scholarship to Mary Wanless Young
1947 13 Sep Birth
– At hospital, Adelaide, S. Australia, on 23rd August 1947, to Don and
Betty Simmons (nee Wanless, 21 March Road, Edinburgh.4 ) a son ( Bruce
Richard ).
1949 17 Sep At
Adelaide, South Australia.on 8th Sept. 1949, to Don and Betty Simmons,
( nee Wanless, 21 March Road, Edinburgh, 4) a daughter (Jennifer
1949 1 Jul Degrees Conferred :B.L.- Alexander M. Wanless, Dundee.
1950 5 Jan Granton
– The fishing trawler Margaret Paton is six days overdue and was last
heard from 8 days ago, when they were fishing in the Coral Bank area of
the North Sea. An RAF bomber searched a very large of ocean at first
light yesterday and will be resumed today. The Leith Trawlermen’s
Association decided to delay normal sailing until Monday of next week
if there is no news today (about a dozen trawlers in the Granton fleet
go out from Leith). The 13-man crew of the Margaret Paton includes
Henry Wanless (age 34), 6 Wilkie Place, Leith, second fisherman.
Henry s/o Peter Wanless & Elizabeth Strachan
1950 17(?) Jan Death
– Masterton. – At 82 Stevenson Avenue, Edinburgh,11. (the home of her
niece, Miss Niven).on 16th January 1950. Helen Thorburn Niven. beloved
wife of the late Andrew Masterton, Tailor and Clothier, Windygates and
Leven, Fife. and sister of Mrs C.T. Wanless. 21 March Road, Edinburgh.
4. Service Warriston Crematorium