Marriages of Wanlesses (any spelling) from the Romeril file

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Dundee, Co Forfar Marriages 1782-1821
4 Dec. 1787 Wanless, Andrew of Mains & Majory Young T-par 16 Nov
31 Aug. 1791 Anderson, Thomas a weaver & Jean Wanless, dtr of Wm
Wanless both this par
16 Dec. 1791 Runciman, Patarick a carpenter & Mary Wanless dtr of
John Wanless B-T par married in Jan.

20 Jan 1792, Wanless, Robert a flaxdresser T-par & Anne Dockers, at
Panbridge married at Panbride
19 Oct. 1793 Wanles, William a weaver & Anne Johnstone, daughter
of John Johnstone B-T par 4 Nov.
5 Sep 1795 Low, James a wright & Elisabeth Wanless dtr of the
deceased John Wanless, B. T. par 25 Sep
5 May 1798 Low, William a weaver Tpar & Ann Wanlass of Stratmartin
25 May

20 Aug. 1803 Wanless, Thomas a soldier in the Army of Reserve &
Jean Soutar Tpar 24 Aug
21 Dec. 1806 Laing, James, a merchant & Jean Wanlass BTPar 30 Dec.
10 Jan 1807 Wanless, James a weaver & Jean White B-TPar 26 Jan.
20 Mar 1807 Farquharson, James a flaxdresseer & Margaret Wanlass 30
28 Nov. 1807 Addison, James a baker & Mary Wanlass dtr of James
Wanless a weaver BT Par. 12 Dec. 1807
29 July 1808 Lamb, Andrew, a sailor & Isabel Wanles dtr of Wm
Wanless a shoemaker BTPar 31 Jul 1808

Dundee Co Forfar Marriages 1782-1821 page 2
27 May 1809 Lyal Peter a baker & Euphemia Wanless dtr of Wm a
shoemaker BTPar 31 May
3 Feb. 1810 Proven, John in L Militia & Margaret Wanless dtr of James
Wanless a weaver T Par 5 Feb. 1810
19 May 1810 Wanless David in L. Militia & Agnes Finlay dtr of James
Finlay a sailor BTPar 22 May
21 Jul 1810 Wanless James a manufacturer & Agnes Sime BTPar 23 Jul
26 Oct. 1811 Ferguson, Robert a ploughman of Fowlis & Isabel
Wanless dtr of the late William Wanless, a weaver in this parish 13
Nov. 1811
16 Jan 1813 McAndrew, John a flaxdresser & Margaret Wanless dtr of
the late Andrew Wanless, a weaver BTPar. 1 Feb.
10 Dec. 1814 Wanless, George, a weaver Tpar & Mary Robertson, dtr
of Alexander Robertson a smith in Kilmany, 26 Dec.
6 Jan 1816 Crawford, Wm, weaver & Jean Wanles, dtr of the late Wm
Wanlis BTPar 23 Jan
12 Jun 1819 Wanles, John a baker & Margaret dtr of Thomas Ramsay a
weaver BTPar 28 Jun
25 Nov. 1820 Wanles, William sailor & Ann Gray (dtr of John Gray
a miller, par of Mains) BTPar 14 Dec.
25 Nov 1820 Stewart, Andrew, a teacher & Mary Wanles( dtr of James
Wanles a manufacturer) BTPar 8 Dec.
2 Nov 1821 Duncan, Robert, a gardener & Ann Wanles (Dtr of Wm Wanles
a shoemaker) BTPar 23 Nov 1821
….searched to the end of December 1821 [Note from Holly: this is part of the document,
probably a note from the researcher “HMW” regarding her work at New Register House. Note
this means this file does not contain births from 1822 through early 1856.]

Montrose, Forfar
19 Mar 1856 Wanless, Robert 33 yrs, seaman mate merchant service, bach., law son of Robert a tailor (master) and Ann Cramb, to Agnes Ormond, 24 yrs, spinster, law dtr of Robert Ormond a shipmaster dec’d and Jane Jamie. Both parties of 39 Wharf St, Montrose. Wit: David Fluckart, Isabella Ramsay

Dundee 1st District, Forfar
1 Jun 1858 Wanless, James, 28 yrs of West Binns Blackness-Perth Road, Dundee, carter, widower, son of William Wanless a seaman; mothers name not stated, to Alison Sturrock, 26, same address, spinster, domestic servant, law dtr of Alexander Sturrock a pilot [at] Broughty Ferry, and Isabella Logan. Wit: Thos. Halley and Helen Halley.

Hawick, Roxburgh
28 Sep 1858 Turnbull, John, 23 yrs, of 1 Brougham Place, Hawick, bachelor, banker’s clerk, law son of John Turnbull mason (journeyman) dec’d & Helen Turnbull also her maiden surname, to Isabella Wanless, 23, of Kirkton Manse, spinster, dom. serv’t, law dtr of Hugh Wanless a groom & Janet Dobson. Wit: John Lee & Wm Anderson.

Castle & Portsburgh, Edinburgh
5 Jan 1858 Ritchie, Peter, 36 yrs, 4 Vennel, Edinburgh, bach., railway porter, law son of Charles Ritchie a farm servt dec’d & Margaret Hill dec. to Jane Wanless or Thomson, 38 yrs, of 5 Brown Square, Edinburgh, widow, dom. servt, law dtr of David Wanless a shoemkr dec. & Agnes Finlay. Wit: Ann & John Symington

Westruther, Berwick
2 Nov 1860 Cockburn, James H., 31 yrs, Westruther, bach., lab., nat. son of Henry Cockburn a forester & Isabella Graham, unmarried, to Robina Wanless, 28 yrs, Westruther, dressmaker, spinster, law dtr of Richard Wanless a carrier & Janet Stobbs. Wit: H. Cockburn & James Allan

Orwell, Kinross
22 Feb 1861 Smith, Thomas, 24 yrs, farm servant of Craigow, law son of Thomas Smith a labourer & Helen Black, to Grace Wanlas, 21 yrs, spinster, house servant (x her mark) of Craigow Mill, law dtr of James Wanlas a weaver & Isabella Messer. Wit: Alexander Ramsay & John Young.

Monifieth, Forfar
5 Dec 1862 Wanless, J.S., 32 yrs, bach., tailor, law son of James a shoemaker dec’d & Margaret Mackay dec’d of Broughty ferry, to Helen Will, 35 yrs, spinster, housekeeper of Broughty Ferry, law dtr of Wm Will a mas[?] dec’d & Helen Rennet dec’d. Wit: James Cameron, Jane Watson, Agnes Kinnear.

Findo Gask, Perth
24 June 1864 Wanless, James, 19 yrs, ploughman, bach. of Muirhead t-par, law son of James – weaver & Isabella Mercer, to Mary Ann Campbell, 21 yrs, spinster, same address, law dtr to Alex? Campbell ploughman & Emily Ferguson. Wit: James Ogilvie, William Campbell.

Bedrule, Roxburgh
28 Dec 1865 Oliver, David, 25 yrs, single, joiner of Denholm, law son of William a tailor & Margaret Bell, to Isabella Wanless, 22 yrs, of Bedrule, spinster, nursery maid, law dtr of Robert Wanless a gardener & Isabella Nairn. Wit: Thomas Oliver, Alexander Furness.

St. George, Edinburgh
27 Dec 1866 Wanless, James, 28 yrs, bach., silk mercer’s warehousman of 89 Elderslie St, Glasgow, law son of Robert a farmer & Isabella Nairne, to Elizabeth Anderson, 27 yrs, spinster, of 40 Bucclench St, Glasgow, law dtr of Robert Anderson a retired confectioner & Agnes Cowie. Wit: John Wilson, Maggie Anderson

Dundee 1st district, Forfar (supplement)
29 Nov 1865 Wanless, James Kinnison, 24 yrs, bach, wood turner, of 93 Overgate, Dundee, law son of Robert a baker journ. & Margaret Kinnison, to Margaret Duncan Fox, 24 yrs, her mark, spinster, millworker, 28 Mid Street, Dundee, law dtr of Charles Fox a weaver dec’d & Agnes Air dec. Wit: Robert Wanless & Annie Adam. Episcopal church rites.

9 Nov 1866 Wanless, John , 32 yrs, bach, carter, his mark, of Rattray’s Close, Bell St, Dundee, law son of John a hawker & Mary McKay dec’d, to Grace Burns, 30 yrs, spinster, millworker, her mark, of same address, law dtr of John Burns a weaver dec’d & Betsy Carce dec’d. Wit: John Scott, Margaret Gilfillan.

Kelso, Roxburgh
30 Jul 1866 Robertson, Peter, 46 yrs, bach, pork curer labourer of Kelso, law son of James Robertson a cattle drover dec & Grace Cranment dec’d, to Jane Wanless, 35 yrs, spinster, dressmaker, Kelso, law dtr of Ewen Wanless a hostler dec’d & Jane Dobson dec’d. Wit: Edward Ballantyne, A. Campbell.

Perth, Perth
9 Oct 1866 Bell, Wm, 37 yrs, bach, factor of Rockdale Cottage, Kinfauns, law son of James Bell a factor dec’d & Helen Donaldson, to M.A.D. Wanliss, 25 yrs, spinster, of St Magdalenes Perth, law dtr of John Wanliss a farmer & Janet Drummond. Wit: Jas. Hay Bell, Elizabeth Wanliss.

St. Peter, Dundee
31 Dec 1868 Small, Isaac, 23 yrs, bach, journ. blacksmith of 17 Blackness Rd, Dundee, law son of Andrew a joiner journey. dec’d & Lilias Robertson, to Mary Wanless, 22 yrs, her mark, spinner in jute mill, spinster, of 22 Smalls Wynd, Dundee, law dtr of James Wanless a seaman mercht service & Jane Anderson. Wit: John Davidson, Margaret Macondolie.

Galashiels, Selkirk
20 Nov 1869 Allan, Thomas, 32 yrs, bach, labourer of Shepherd’s Place, Galashiels, law son of John Allan a gardener & Ann Hunter, to Mary Wanless, 33 yrs, spinster, dom. servt, law dtr of Richard Wanless a labourer & Janet Stobs. Wit: Janet Wood, Simon Grieve.

Yester, Haddington
27 Dec 1871 Jeffrey, Peter, 71 yrs, merchant, widower, law son of John a farmer dec’d & Elizabeth Balmer dec’d, of Gifford in Yester parish, to Jane Robertson, 40 yrs, widow, of Gifford, Yester parish, law dtr of Ewen Wanlass a groom dec’d & Janet Dobson dec’d. Wit: William Ogilvie, Margaret Wanless.

Greenlaw, Berwick
8 Dec 1871 Coltherd, William, 26 yrs, a bach, ploughman of Thorney Dykes, Westruther, law son of Wm Coltherd ploughman dec’d & Alison Melrose, to Margaret Wanless, 23 yrs, spinster, domestic servant., same address, law son [sic] of Richard Wanless & Jessie Weatherstone. Wit: George Mercer, Jessie S. Wanless

St. Andrew, Dundee
3 Aug 1872 Wanless, Robert, 21 yrs, bach, French polisher, 22 Ness St,Dundee, law son of Robert a seaman m.s. & Jane Lindsay dec’d, to Elizabeth Taylor, 20 yrs, spinster, French polisher, same address, law dtr of William Taylor a stone mason (journey) & Margaret Williamson. Wit: Robert Smart, Robina Alexander.

Aberlady, Haddington
16 Aug 1872 Nisbet, Alexander, 24 yrs, bach, shoemaker journeyman, of Haddington, law son of Wm a labourer & Isabella Robertson, to Barbara Wanless, 19 yrs, spinster, dom servt, of Aberlady, law dtr of Neil Wanless a mariner & Barbara Liston dec’d. Wit: Donald Campbell, Helen Johnston.

Wilton, Roxburgh
12 Sep 1873 Wanless, John Ross, 23 yrs, bach, joiner journeyman of Kent St, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, law son of Robert a gardener dec’d & Isabella Nairn, to Jemima C. Leithead, 23 yrs, spinster, wool factory worker of Langlands cottage, Wilton, law dtr of William Leithead a finisher of woollen hosiery & Elizabeth Ferguson. Wit: David Oliver, Maggie Leithead.

Gordon, Berwick
18 Apr 1873 Kinghorn, James, 24 yrs, bach, miller of Midmill of Gordon, law son of Robert an agr. lab. & Mary Rae, to Alison Wanless, 23 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Gordon East Mains, law dtr of John Wanless a byreman & Alison Ramage. Wit: John Kinghorn, Alex. Allan

Newington, Edinburgh
13 June 1873 Angus, And., 32 yrs, widower, mill worker of Selkirk, law son of John a mill worker & Margaret Mercer dec’d, to Mary Wanless, 27 yrs, spinster, dom servt, same place, law dtr of Ewen Wanless a groom dec’d & Janet Dobson dec’d. Wit: David Orr, John Steedman.

St. Mary, Dundee
31 Dec 1873 Wanless, John, 22 yrs, bach, tobacco spinner journ of 93 Overgate, Dundee, law son of Robert a baker journ & Margaret Kinnison, to Jessie Grant, 22 yrs, fact. hand spinner, spinster, of 39 Murroygate, Dundee, law dtr of William Grant a shoemaker & Janet Wallace. Wit: James Rutherford, Jessie Wanless. Episcopal Church rites.

Armadale, Linlithgow
31 Dec. 1873, Stark, James 23, yrs, bach, pipe layer, of No 11 Vernal
Edinburgh, law son of Mathew a farm steward & Janet Dowie to:
Wanless, Margaret, 22 yrs, Armadale, her mark X spinster, dom servt, law
dtr James Wanless, a miner & Margaret Nelson, wit Matthey Stark &
Mary Lee, married at Buttery’s Row, Armadale.

Marriages, Page 9
Armadale, Linlithgow
31 Dec. 1873, Wilson, William, 23 yrs. bach, miner, Muirkirk, law son
of David Wilson a miner & Christina Pellans, dec., To:
Wanless, Elizabeth, 25 yrs, spinster, dom Servt, law dtr of James Wanless
a miner & Margaret Nelson, married at Buttery’s Row, Armadale.

Oxnam, Roxburgh
4 Jun 1875 Wanless, Richard, 23 yrs, bach, agr. lab. of Rumbletonlaw in Gordon parish, law son of John a byreman & Alison Ramage, to Mary Drinnan, 23 yrs, spinster, agr lab of Rumbleton in Gordon parish, law dtr of William Drinnan a agr. lab. dec’d & Helen Muir[?]. Wit: Thomas Wanless, Jane Drinnan.

Collace, Perth
3 Dec 1875 Wanless, William, 20 yrs, bach, ploughman of Tibbermuir, Perthshire, law son of James a hand loom weaver dec’d & Isabella Messer, to Isabella Cuthbert, 26 yrs, spinster, servt, law dtr of George Cuthbert a farmer & Catherine Caunt dec’d. Wit: John Harrow, James Wanless.

St. George, Edinburgh
30 Jul 1875 Wanless, John, 28 yrs, bach, slater & chimney sweeper of 35 Brunswick St, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, law son of James a baker & Christina Parkinson dec’d, to Jane Lightbody, 20 yrs, her mark, domestic servt, spinster, of same address, law dtr of William Lightbody a street porter dec’d & Cecilia McCaner dec’d. Wit: Eliza Robertson, W. Riddle.

30 July 1875 (same as above) Wanless, William, 21 yrs, of 33 Brunswick St, Edinburgh, law son of James a baker & Christina Parkinson dec’d, to Mary Nicol, her mark, 17 yrs, spinster, dom servt of same address, law dtr of John Nicol a type founder & Agnes Ross

Kelso, Roxburgh
27 May 1875 Young, George, 34 yrs, bach, shepherd of Sourhope Morebattle, law son of Richard a shepherd dec’d & Helen Weatherhead dec’d, to Eleanor Wanless, 28 yrs, spin. of Biddleston Alwinton, England, law dtr of Archibald Wanless a farmer dec’d & Margaret Brown. Wit: James Young, M.N. Nicholson??.

Lochee, Dundee
4 Jun 1875 Coombes, George, 23 yrs, bach, lab. jute mill, of 98 South Road, Lochee, law son of George a brickmaker dec’d & Maria Millmore, to Grace Winless, 19 yrs, her mark, reeler in jute factory, spinster, of 4 Annfield St, Dundee, law dtr of John Wanliss a fish dealer & Grace Burns. Wit: Alex’r Batchelor & Elsie McIntosh.

Newington, Edinburgh
29 Jun 1877 Cochrane, William, 18 yrs, bach., type founder of 140 Pleasance, Edinburgh, law son of Moses a pipe maker & Mary Stewart, to Isabella Wanless, 19 yrs, spinster, type foundress of 2 Heriot Mount, Edinburgh, law dtr of James Wanlass a baker dec’d & Christina Parkinson. Wit: William Wallace & Helen Nichol.

St. George, Edinburgh
21 Jun 1878 Wanless, Thomas, 25 yrs, joiner journey., bach, of 2 Lauriston Terrace, Edin’h, law son of John a farm servant & Alison Ramage, to Agnes Wanless, 28 yrs, spinster, dom servt (cousins German) of Pentland Villa, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, dtr of Robina Wanless a dom. servt now married to James Cockburn a gamekeeper. Wit: Robert Oliver, Mary Robertson.

Wilton, Roxburgh
12 Apr 1878 Sommers, John, 28 yrs, Earlston parish, law son of Wm a cabinet maker journey dec’d & Grace Barclay, to Jane Wanless, 25 yrs, spinster, dressmaker of Kirkhouse, Wilton, law dtr of Richard Wanless a railway servant & Janet Weatherston. Wit: David Clark, Jessie Wanless.

Brechin, Forfar
27 Jun 1879 Stewart, James, 29 yrs, general lab., widower, of 1 Damacre Rd, law son of David Stewart a gen. lab. & Mary Johnstone, to Jane Ann Ormond Wanless, 19 yrs, same abode, mill worker, spinster, law dtr of Robert Wanless a merchant seaman & Agnes Ormond. Wit: John McGee, Margaret Dakers.

Caputh, Perth
23 Sep 1879 Wanliss, John, 40 yrs, bach., potato merchant of Perth, law son of John a farmer dec’d & Janet Drummond dec’d, to Jane Freer Duff, 39 yrs, spinster, farmer’s dtr of 39 Tay farm, t-par, law dtr of Robert Duff a farmer dec’d & Amelia Mary Coupar. Wit: Robert Easson, Emma Duff.

Galashiels, Selkirk
6 Jan 1880 Chambers, John, 46 yrs, lab., bach., of Westruther, law son of Peter a lab. dec’d & Catherine Malay dec’d, to Mary Wanless or Allan, 45 yrs, widow, dressmaker, law dtr of Richard Wanless an agr. lab. dec’d & Janet Stobbs dec’d. Wit: John Wood & Isabella Wood.

Hawick, Roxburgh
30 Apr 1880 Wanless, John Ross, 30 yrs, widower, joiner master of 3 Newton St, Edinburgh, law son of Robert a farmer dec’d & Isabella Nairn dec’d, to Mary Bell, 36 yrs, spinster, wool power loom weaver of Railway Cottage, Hawick, the dtr of Thomas Bell wool frame work __getter, adopted father & Betsy Turnbull afterwards the wife of Taylor. Wit: Agnes Bell, Wm Ross Oliver.

Canongate, Edinburgh
31 Dec 1879 Wanless, Alexander, 24 yrs, bach., type founder of 11 St. Leonard Hill, Edinburgh, law son of James a baker dec’d & Christina Parkinson dec’d, to Elizabeth Hunter, 24 yrs, spinster, printer’s machinist of 3 East Richmond St, Edinburgh, law dtr of John Hunter a tailor dec’d & Margaret Bower. Wit: John McNaughton, Margaret Trench.

St. Giles, Edinburgh
5 Mar 1880 Wanless, John, 24 yrs, bach, cattle drover of 8 Maxwell St, Morningside, Edinburgh, law son of Robert a gardener & Margaret Dick, to Alice Kirkwood Munro, 22 yrs, spinster, millworker of 4 Semple St, Edinburgh, law dtr of Peter Munro a pipe layer & Agnes Smith dec’d. Wit: Jessie Wanless, John Anderson.

30 Jul 1880 Wanless, John ,30 yrs, wid., chimney sweeper of 18 Potterrow, Edinburgh, law son of James a baker dec’d and Christina Parkinson dec’d, to Janet Scott, 29 yrs, spinster, dom servt, same abode, law dtr of David Scott a mason dec’d & Mary Small. Wit: Wm McLachlan & Mary McGregor, her mark, John Kirk Junior.

Anderston, Glasgow
27 Dec 1882 Wanless, George, 25 yrs, bach, wood planer journeyman of 91 Kinning St, Glasgow, law son of James a steam ship fireman dec’d & Eliza Duncan formerly Wanless her maiden surname McIlroy, to Maggie Duncan, 19 yrs, spinster, power loom weaver of 10 Kinning St, Glasgow, law dtr of Robert Duncan a mason journeyman & Jane Baxter. Wit: Annie Muldoon, George Andrews.

Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark
15 Aug 1882 Wanless, John, 26 yrs, bach, railway clerk of 4 Princes St, Wilton, Hawick, law son of Richard a railway waggon inspector & Jessie Weatherstone, to Jane Fleming, 25 yrs, spin. of 11 Green Terrace, Hawick, law dtr of Thomas Fleming a cowfeeder & Mary Stoddart. Wit: Alex’r Scott Wanless & Maggie Kennedy.

Southdean, Roxburgh
2 Jun 1882 Wanless, Richard, 27 yrs, bach, railway guard, of 4 Princes St, Wilton, law son of Richard a railway waggon disinfector & Jessie Weatherstone, to Margaret Hawkins, 25 yrs, spinster, dom servt general at Burnkinford, Southdean, law dtr of George Hawkins a farm servt dec’d & Annie Reid dec’d. Wit: John Wanless & Jane Ingles.

St. Peter, Dundee
11 Dec 1882 Wanless, Robert, 27 yrs, bach, stoker jute work of 5 Smalls lane, Dundee, law son of James a seaman & Jane Anderson, to Elizabeth Nelson Auld, 22 yrs, spinster, jute weaver of 48 Lochee Rd, Dundee, law dtr of James Auld a saddler & Margaret Keiller.

Leuchars, Fife
29 Nov 1883 Finlayson, James, 30 yrs, widower, railway station master of Church St, Newtyle, law son of Robert a land stewart & Jane McLaren, to Mary Ann Wanless, 30 yrs, spinster, housekeeper of 310 Perth Rd, Dundee, law dtr of James Wanless an engine fitter (steam vessel) dec’d & Mary Thornton dec’d. Wit: John W. Drummond, Jane H. Wanless.

Lauder, Berwick
28 Dec 1883 Purves, Thomas, 30 yrs, bach, surfaceman of Gordon, law son of John a surfaceman & Margaret Chrystal dec’d, to Margaret Wanless, 25 yrs, spinster, housemaid of Gordon, law dtr of John Wanless an agr. lab. & Alison Ramage. Wit: Agnes Wanless, Alex’r Purves.

St. Clement, Dundee
7 Mar 1884 Stewart, Robert Tullis, 19 yrs, bach, yarn bundler of 210 Hilltown, Dundee, law son of David a factory stoker & Mary Johnston dec’d, to Alexina Jamie Wanless, 20 yrs, spinster, jute reeler of same abode, law dtr of Robert Wanless dec’d (mercht. seaman) & Agnes Ormond dec’d. Wit: Elizabeth Wanless, Daniel Watson.

St. Andrew, Dundee
28 Nov 1884 Crichton, John, 29 yrs, bach, ploughman of West Mains of Inchture, law son of Alexander a linen weaver dec’d & Agnes Heggie, to Amelia Wanless, 20 yrs, spinster, dom servt mill of Gask Trinity Gask, law dtr of James Wanless a ploughman & Mary Ann Campbell

St. Peter, Dundee
4 Nov 1885 Drummond, John Wardrope, 28 yrs, bach, fruit merchant of 338 Perth Rd, Dundee, law son of David a gardener dec’d & Wilhelmina Wardrope, to Jane Halley Wanless, 26 yrs, spinster, 310 Perth Rd, Dundee, law dtr of James Wanless a seaman dec’d & Alison Sturrock. Wit: Wm Drummond, Margaret Wanless.

Newington, Edinburgh
22 Aug 1884 Wanless,David, 26 yrs, bach, coachman of 3 St.David’s Place, Edinburgh, law son of Peter a seaman merchant service & Elizabeth Barclay dec’d, to Margaret Martin Young, 21 yrs, spinster, dom servt of 15 Rotland Square, Edin., law dtr of Alexander Young a gas work lab. & Ann Scott. Wit: Alexander Young, Margaret R. Scott.

12 Jun 1885 Horn, Alex., 25 yrs, bach, vanman of 40 North Richmond St, Edin., law son of William a farm servant & Isabella Perrie, to Jane Wanless, 25 yrs, spinster, dom servt of 7 Sciennes, Edinburgh, law dtr of John Wanless a gardener & Ann Adams. Wit: John Maclean, Annie Wanless

16 Apr 1886 Tullis, John, 35 yrs, bach, blacksmith, 68 Nicholson St, Edinburgh, law son of Robert a housepainter dec’d & Jane Crawford dec’d, to Elizabeth Hunter or Wanless, 31 yrs, widow, same abode, law dtr of John Hunter a tailor dec’d & Margaret Bower. Wit: Donald McGregor & Margaret Farquhar.

1 Oct 1886 McDougall, Daniel, 20 yrs, bach, cabman of 111 Causewayside, Edinburgh, law son of James a cabman & Jane McLaren, to Maggie Wanless, 20 yrs, spin. of 7 Sciennes, Edinburgh, law dtr of John Wanless a gardener & Annie Boyd. Wit: James Cormack, Grace Colquhoun.

Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanark
2 Mar 1886 Meikle, John Paul, 43 yrs, widower, venetian blind maker master, 46 Elderslie St, Glasgow, law son of Thomas a farmer dec’d & Agnes Paul dec, to [first name omitted, but should be Elizabeth] Taylor or Wanless, 31 yrs, wid, bookfolder of 466 St Vincent St, Glasgow, law dtr of Wm Taylor a mason (master) & Margaret Williamson. Wit: Andrew Shearer, Elisabeth Battison.

St. Andrews, Edinburgh
12 Dec 1888 Wanless, John Stewart, 33 yrs, bach, photographer of 10 Sth Elgin St, Edinburgh, law son of John a pattern maker dec’d & Susan Henderson, to Antionette Cobb, 29 yrs, spinster, of 64 Broughton St, Edinburgh, law dtr of Anthony Cobb a master baker & Ann Fraser. Wit: Allan R. Drummond & Bertha Bomontsie.

18 Sep 1888 Anderson, George, 46 yrs, bach, carrier, of Gifford, law son of James a mason dec’d & Marion Mitchelson dec, to Marget Wanless, 50 yrs, spinster, of Gifford, law dtr of Ewen Wanless a coachman dec’d & Janet Dobson dec’d. Wit: John Leishman, Janet Turnbull.

Newington, Edinburgh
6 Sep 1889 Brown, A.M., 33 yrs, writer to the Segnet, bach of 18 Morningside Place, Edinburgh, law son of Hugh McBryde Brown a minister of the Free Church dec’d & Elizabeth Carruthers dec’d, to Jessie Wanless, 31 yrs, spinster, of 4 Maxwell St Edinburgh, law dtr of Robert Wanless a gardener & Margaret Dick. Wit: Robert Wanless, Jane Wanless

St. Peter, Dundee
26 Dec 1890 Wanless, George, 26 yrs, bach, housepainter journeyman at 17 Annfield Rd, Dundee, law son of James a tailor dec’d & Helen Will, to Davina McDowell, jute winder, spinster, 20 yrs, of 42 Millers Wynd, Dundee, law dtr of Samuel McDowell a yarn beamer & Eliz’th Barr, married 9 Airlie Place, Dundee. Wit: David Grieve, Mary Ann Barr.

St. Mary, Dundee
31 Dec 1891 Senior, Andrew, 47 yrs, Calender worker, bach, 10 North Tay St, Dundee, law son of Joseph Senior a shore dues clerk & Elizabeth Scott dec’d, to Ann Wanliss, 37 yrs, her mark, jute spinner, spinster, of 13 Mid St, Dundee, Scottish Episcopal, law dtr of Robert Wanless baker journey dec’d & Margaret Kinnison dec’d. Wit: James Hood, Jessie Wanless. Scottish Episcopal rites.

St. Andrew, Dundee
30 Dec 1892 Wanless, James, 25, jute mill overseer, bach, 29 Hilltown, Dundee, law son of John Wanless a fish dealer & Grace Burns, to Isabella McDonald, her mark, a jute preparer, spinster, 21 yrs, 57 Foundry Lane, Dundee, law dtr of John McDonald a wood carter & Jessie McDonald previously Elliot her maiden surname McDonald. Wit: Agnes Leslie, William Wanless.

St. Clement, Dundee
7 Jul 1893 Craighead, Peter, 43 yrs, widower, mill overseer of 22 Carmichael St, Dundee, law son of Peter Craighead a mason journ. & Jessie Cathro, to Jessie Wanless, 43 yrs, spinster, flaxdresser, her mark (witnessed by A. Craighead Jr & Isabella Jackson), of 60 Bell St, Dundee, law dtr of Robert Wanless a journ. baker dec’d & Margaret Kinnison dec’d. Wit: Andrew Senior, Janet Adams.

Falkirk, Stirling
1 Dec 1893 Robertson, William, 21 yrs, slater journ., bach, of Howgate-Falkirk, law son of Michael Robertson a chimney sweeper & Jean Tarbert dec’d, to Mary Ann Wanless, 21 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Howgate-Falkirk, law dtr of James Wanless a farm servant & Mary Ann Campbell. Wit: Agnes Snedden, Robert Brown.

Forgandenny, Perth
1 Dec 1893 Stewart, Alexander, 23 yrs, bach, ploughman, of Linlea-Forgandenny, law son of Alexander Stewart a ploughman dec’d & Catherine Campbell previously Stewart – maiden surname Morrison, to Elizabeth Wanliss, 20 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Lochend, Forgandenny, law dtr of James Wanliss a ploughman & Marianne Campbell.Wit: James Campbell, Minnie Wanliss.

South Leith, Edinburgh
10 Jun 1893 Wanless, R., 38 yrs, widower, railway servt of 155 Duke St, Leith, law son of Richard Wanless a farm servt dec’d & Jessie Weatherston, to Margaret Purves, 37 yrs, spins., of 144 Duke St, Leith, law dtr of John Purves a railway servt dec’d & Margaret Crystal dec’d. Wit: Agnes Purves, Robert Wanless.

St. Andrew, Edinburgh
31 Mar 1893 Wanless, William, 41 yrs, widower, house painter of 91 Albert St, Edinburgh, law son of William [should be James] Wanless a baker dec’d & Christina Parkinson dec’d, to Isabella Randella, 36 yrs, laundress, widow of Robert Sanderson a mariner, same address, law dtr of John Randell a shoemaker dec’d & Robina Randell (her maiden surname) dec’d. Wit: John Wanless, Maggie Williams.

Perth, Perth
28 Apr 1893 Wanliss, John, 21 yrs, bach, farmer of Lochelbank, Arngask, law son of John Wanless a seedsman & Mary Ann Stewart, to Annie Steele, 22 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Craigie Place, Perth, law dtr of Alexander Steele a farm grieve & Elizabeth Buist[?]. Wit: Andrew Duff Gourdie, Jeanie Brand.

South Leith, Edinburgh
26 Oct 1894 Wanless, Neil, 32 yrs, bach, coachman of Wemyss Arms, Port Seton, law son of Peter Wanless a seaman dec’d & Elizabeth Barclay dec’d, to Alison McCabe, 30 yrs, spinster, dom servt, 60 Yardheads, Leith, law dtr of Patrick McCabe a lab. in iron store & Margaret Reid dec’d. Wit: John Wanless, Maggie Lindsay.

Dunfermline, Fife
22 Aug 1894 Wanless, Andrew, 29 yrs, bach, schoolmaster of Roselea Beveridgewell, Dunfermline, law son of Richard Wanless a farm servt dec’d & Jessie Weatherstone, to Lizzie Simpson Wilkie, 25 yrs, spinster, schoolmistress of same address, law dtr of Robert Wilkie a dairyman dec’d & Elizabeth Simpson. Wit: Robert Wanless, Nellie Arthur Wilkie

Kirkcaldy, Fife
17 Jul 1894 Wanless, Robert, 34 yrs, bach, watchmaker, 40 Elm Row, Edinburgh, law son of Richard Wanless a railway employee dec’d & Jessie Weatherstone, to Elizabeth Thomson Paton, 31 yrs, spinster, clerkess of 12 John St, Kirkcaldy, law dtr of Frederick Paton a watchmaker dec’d & Amelia Daily. Wit: Andrew Wanless, Aggie B. Melville.

Forgandenny, Perth
22 Jun 1894 Melvin, Archibald, 25 yrs, bach, shepherd of Dollerie-Maderty, law son of Archibald Melvin a shepherd dec’d & Ellen Baron, to Jane Wanliss, 24 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Woodend, Forgandenny, law dtr of James Wanless a ploughman & Mary Ann Campbell. Wit: Thomas Robertson, Julia Wanless.

12 Jun 1896 Bruce, Finlay, 25 yrs, single, ploughman of Clathymore Gask, law son of Thomas Bruce a shepherd & Jane McMartin, to Wilhelmina Wanliss, 21 yrs, single, dom servt of Ardargie Mains, Forgandenny, law dtr of James Wanless a cattleman & Mary Ann Campbell. Wit: William Bruce, Julia Wanliss

Calton, Glasgow, Lanark
9 Jun 1897 Greenshields, John Sommerville, 22 yrs, bach, spirit salesman of 101 Fisher St, Glasgow, law son of William Greenshields a carter dec’d & Mary Hannah prev. Greenshields, maiden surname Maxwell, to Margaret Wanless, 18 yrs, spinster, sewing machinist, 95 Fisher St, Glasgow, law dtr of John Wanless a cattle drover & Allison Munro. Wit: Catherine Mason, Richard Holloway.

South Leith, Edinburgh
18 Nov 1897 Hunter, Alexander M., 21 yrs, bach, grocer’s assistant, 41 Buchanen St, Leith, law son of Wm Hunter, agent Prudential Assurance Co & Eleanor Wells, to Mary Wanless, 21 yrs, spinster, laundry maid of 21 Scotland St Lane, Edinburgh, law dtr of Wm Wanless glazier & Mary Nicol dec’d. Wit: R. Hunter, A. Christie.

North Leith, Edinburgh
24 Jun 1898 Murray, Thomas, 42 yrs, wid, fisherman of 12 Annfield, Newhaven, Leith, law son of Alexander Murray a fisherman & Janet Parstan[?], to Barbara Nisbet, 46 yrs, widow of same abode, law dtr of Neil Wanless a seaman mercht service dec’d & Barbara Liston. Wit: Alexander Watson, Annie Nisbet

St. Andrew, Edinburgh
24 Jun 1898 Braid, Will, 40 yrs, bach, commercial agent of 70 Comiston Rd,Edinburgh, law son of George Braid a yarn agent & Margaret Gourlay, to Jessie McBryde Brown, widow, 40 yrs, of 12 Wilton Rd, Edinburgh, law dtr of Robert Wanless a gardener retired & Margaret Dick. Wit: Jane Wanless, Jas. McConnochie.

Scone, Perth
1 Jul 1898 Shepherd, John, 25 yrs, bach, butcher of 266 High St, Perth, law son of Edward Shepherd a basketmaker & Margaret Shaw dec’d, to Jessie Ann Wanliss, 20 yrs, spin. of Bonchard, Scone, law dtr of Wm Wanliss a car driver & Isabella Cuthbert. Wit: Charles Robertson, Janet Peddie.

St. Andrew, Dundee
14 Jul 1899 Hall, Harry S., 28 yrs, bach, joiner journ of 345 Springburn Rd, Glasgow, law son of Alexander Hall a joiner journ. & Mary Stark, to Margaret Wanless, 23 yrs, spinster, jute weaver of 15 Mid St, Dundee, law dtr of James Wanless a jute mill lab. & Margaret Fox. Wit: Wm Wanless, Mary Ann Hall.

St Clement, Dundee
7 Dec 1894 Wanless, Robert, 26 yrs, yarn bundler of 15 Mid St, Dundee, law son of James Wanless an iron turner & Margaret Fox, to Margaret Blyth Burns, 26 yrs, spinster, jute spinner of 36 St. Mary St, Dundee, dtr of Margaret Jack Burns a housekeeper. Wit: Alexander Wanless, Elizabeth Donald.

St. Nicholas, Aberdeen
28 Dec 1894 Wanless, Peter, 35 yrs, bach, trawl fisherman of 4 Seaview Place, Aberdeen, law son of Neil Wanless a shipmaster dec’d & Barbara Liston dec’d, to Elizabeth Strachan, 28 yrs, spinster, a fish curer of 15 Causeway end, Aberdeen, law dtr of David Strachan a weaver & Elizabeth Smith. Wit: Jas. Wm. Davidson & Sidney Strachan.

St. Giles, Edinburgh
10 Sep 1896 Wanless, John, 40 yrs, bach, cab driver of 96 Potterrow, Edinburgh, law son of John Wanless a gardener & Ann Adams dec’d, to Violet Dallas, 43 yrs, widow, of same address, dtr of Alfred Severn a coachman dec’d & Elizabeth Boyd dec’d. Warrant of Sheriff Substitute of the Lothians & Peebles dated 10 Sept 1896. By declaration in presence of Thomas Kilpatrick a law clerk & Mary McDonald or Kilpatrick his wife.

Arngask, Perth
11 Nov 1896 Wanliss, John, 57 yrs, wid., ag. produce merchant of Camphill [Campbell?], Broughty Ferry, law son of John Wanliss a farmer dec’d & Janet Drummond dec’d, to Mary Ann Norrie [Morrie?], 48 yrs, wid, farmer of Lochelbank Par. of Arngask, law dtr of Charles Stewart a tailor dec’d & Ann Johnson dec’d. Wit: George Morton & D. MacGregor.

St. Andrews, Edinburgh
20 Jan 1899 Wanless, James, 25 yrs, bach, glazier, of 22 Scotland St Lane, Edinburgh, law son of William Wanless a glazier & Mary Nichol dec’d, to Eleanor Collister, 25 yrs, spinster, dom servt of 15 Dublin St,Edinburgh, law dtr of Thomas Edward Collister a mercht service seaman dec’d & Helen Gale. dec’d. Wit: John Wanless, Annie Christie

St. Clement, Dundee
18 Jul 1900 Wanless, Alexander Tulloch, 28 yrs, bach, spinning overseer of 15 Mid St, Dundee, law son of James Kinnison Wanless a jute mill labourer & Margaret Fox, to Alice Sturrock Wanless, 27 yrs, spinster, shop assistant of 10 Exchange St, Dundee, law dtr of James Wanless a mercht seaman dec’d & Alice Sturrock dec’d. Wit: Mary Wanless, Wm Wanless.

St Mary, Dundee, Forfar
26 Mar 1901 Wanless, William, 30 yrs, bach, fish salesman of 10 exchange St, Dundee, law son of James Wanless a marine stoker dec’d & Alison Sturrock dec’d, to Mary McLeod, 21 yrs, spinster, dairykeeper’s assistant of 7 Victoria St, Dundee, law dtr of Roderick McLeod a police constable dec’d & Eliza McNaughton. Wit: Caroline East, Robert Adam.

Perth, Perth
2 Jun 1899 McBain, Alexander, 20 yrs, bach, quarryman of 135 High St, Rothesay, law son of Alexander McBain a quarry manager & Annabella Conachie, to Julia Wanliss, 20 yrs, spinster, dom servt, law dtr of James Wanlis a shepherd & Mary Ann Campbell. By declaration in presence of Alexander Stewart a ploughman, Windyedge Farm, Aberdelgie Par. & Martha Wanliss – the Cotton. same parish Aberdalgie. Warrant 2 June 1899.

10 Jul 1899 Craig, D., 34 yrs, bach, postman of 1 Atholl St, Perth, law son of Alexander Craig a tailor dec’d & Maggie Gorrin, to B. Wanliss, 30 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Ruthven Park in Tibbermore parish, law dtr of James Wanliss a shepherd & Mary Ann Campbell. By declaration etc. George M. Vicar Wylie, postman, 224 High St, Perth, and Martha Wanliss, Windyedge, Aberdalgie. Warrant 10 Jul 1899.

Aberdalgie, Perth
1 Aug 1902 Craig, John Douglas, 24 yrs, bach, ploughman of Mirrines[?], Tibbermore, law son of Peter Craig a road surfaceman & Jane Douglas, to Martha Rollo Wanliss, 19 yrs, spinster, dom servt, Cotton Aberdalgie, law dtr of James Wanliss a cattleman & Mary Ann Campbell. Wit: Angus Smith, Bessie Wanless.

Anderston, Glasgow
14 Apr 1905 Ritchie, Archibald, 26 yrs, bach, cabinet maker journeyman of 14 Lumsden St, Glasgow, law son of Archibald Ritchie an iron moulder journ. & Sophia Low Williamson, to Elizabeth MacInroy Wanless, 20 yrs, spinster, 71 North St, Glasgow, law dtr of George Wanless an engine pattern maker journ. & Margaret Duncan. Wit: James Macleod, Janet Biggan Rae.

St. Mary, Dundee
10 Oct 1902 Wanless, George Grant, 24 yrs, bach, brass finisher journ., 151 Hawkhill, Dundee, law son of John Wanless tobacco spinner & Jessie Grant, to Mary Harvey, 25 yrs, jute weaver, spinster, 51 Yeoman Shore, Dundee. Wit: Edward Harvey, Annie Wanless.

South Leith, Edinburgh
22 Aug 1902 Wanless,William, 47 yrs, widower, housepainter, 67 Tennent St, Leith, law son of Farquharson Wanless baker dec’d & Christina Paterson dec’d, to Elizabeth McCullock, 33 yrs, same address, spinster, law dtr of John McCullock a shipmaster dec’d & Isabella McCullock her maiden surname dec’d, dom servt. Wit: Ebenezer Fowler, Ellen Fowler.

Galashiels, Selkirk
24 Apr 1903 Wanless, John, 24 yrs, farm servt, bach, of Thornilee in parish of Caddonfoot, law son of Richard Wanless a farm servant & Mary Drinnan, to Christina Dodds, 20 yrs, spinster, dom servt of Thornilee in parish of Caddonfoot, law dtr of James Dodds a farm servant & Jessie Aitken dec’d. Wit: Robert Drinnan, Lizzie Dodds.

St. Giles, Edinburgh
21 Jul 1903 Wanless, John, 23 yrs, bach, glazier of 9 Westmost Close, Newhaven, law son of William Wanless a glazier & Mary Nicol dec’d, to Jessie Cook McPhail, 21 yrs, spinster, same abode, law dtr of Hugh McPhail a lorryman & Elizabeth Cook. By declaration in presence of Jams Wanless glazier & Wallace Bain a general dealer. Warrant dated 4 [7?] July 1903.

Newington, Edinburgh
21 Mar 1905 Wanless, John, 40 yrs, bach, joiners lab. of 8 Summerhall Sq., Edinburgh, law son of Peter Wanless a shipmaster & Lizzie Wishart Barclay dec’d, to Jane Smith, 36 yrs, spinster, domj servt of 12 Middleby St, Edinburgh, law dtr of William Smith an iron founder & Ann Fleming dec’d. Wit: James Penman, Janet Hunter.

St. George, Edinburgh
13 Jul 1900 Wanless, James, 27 yrs, bach, cab driver, cousin, of 33 Dean Path, Edinburgh, law son of John Wanless a gardener dec’d & Ann Adams dec’d, to Elizabeth Christie, 27 yrs, spinster, dom servt, cousin, of 3 Comely Bank Terrace, Edinburgh, law dtr of William Christie a mason & Margaret Adams. Wit: Thomas Brown, M. Turner.

Shettleston, Lanark
30 Oct 1901 Scott, William S., 23 yrs, bach, jeweller of 3 Park View Gardens, Tollcross, law son of William Scott a jeweller dec’d & Christina Stewart, to Maria Wanless, 22 yrs, spinster, same address, law dtr of Edward Douglas Wanless a joiner & Helena Walton. Wit: Wm Gunn, Mary Allan.

Cathcart, Renfrew
4 Aug 1902 Thackray, Herbert George, 26 yrs, bach, lithographic artist of Hayton, Cumberland, England, law son of George Thackray, lithographic artist dec’d & Jane Francis Tighe, to Margaret Graham Wanless, 26 yrs, spin of 5 Battlefield Crescent, Glasgow, law dtr of George Wanless a tea agent dec’d & Mary Gibson. Wit: Eleanor Wanless, W. Colquhoun.

Blythswood, Glasgow
21 Sep 1903 Wanless, William A., 29 yrs, bach, tearoom assistant manager of 5 Battlefield Crescent, Langside, Glasgow, law son of George Graham Wanless a tea agent dec’d & Mary Gibson dec’d, to Agnes M. Russell, 29 yrs, spin. of 3 Battlefield Crescent, Langside, Glasgow, law dtr of Edward Pitt Russell, clerk at Clyde Trust & Jeanie Young. Wit: Margaret Dick, Edward B. Wanless.

St Clement, Dundee
1 Jan 1906 Wanless, Wm Whitelaw, 31 yrs, bach, yarn dresser, 15 Mid St, Dundee, law son of James Wanlss jute mill lab. & Margaret Fox, to Annie Bennet Henderson, 29 yrs, spinster, yarn winder of 233 Halltown, Dundee, law dtr of William Henderon, yarn dresser, & Annie Bennet. Wit: James Robertson, Mary Tullock Wanless.

Perth, Perth
19 Dec 1909 Wanliss, Alexander, 29 yrs, bach, Sergeant of the Black Watch, Inchture, law son of James Wanliss a shepherd dec’d & Mary Ann Campbell, to Mary C. Greig, 25 yrs, spinster, dressmaker of 32 West Mill St, Perth, law dtr of James Storrer Greig, railway station master dec’d, & Amelia Sprunt McLean dec’d. Wit: J. Campbell, Mary J. Bayne.

Inchture, Perth
8 Dec 1905 Smart, Andrew, 31 yrs, bach, ploughman, Rows Longforgan, law son of Andrew Smart and engine driver & Margaret Campbell dec’d, to Cecilia Wanliss, 23 yrs, spinster, agr. lab. at Little Powgavie[?], Inchture, law dtr of James Wanliss a ploughman dec’d & Mary Ann Campbell. Wit: George Smart, Bessie Wanliss

14 Dec 1906 Brown, Charles, 22 ytr, bach, of Maggotland, Inchture, law son of David Brown, ploughman dec’d & Helen Lamond, to Betsy Wanliss, 22 yrs, spinster, agr. lab. of Mains, Inchture, law dtr of James Wanliss a ploughman dec’d & Mary Ann Campbell. Wit: Andrew S. Jackson, Mary C. Greig

Scone, Perth
5 July 1907 McAinsh, William, 24 yrs, bach, joiner of Lovers Lane, Scone, law son of William McAinsh a joiner & Bella Hendry, to Bella Jane Wanless, 24 yrs, spinster, dom servt, of Lovers Lane, Scone, law dtr of William Wanless a car driver & Isabella Cuthbert. Wit: Janet Baldie, Peter McAinsh.

Morningside, Edinburgh
8 Jul 1908 McBain, James, 21 yrs, railway platelayer, bach, 3 Castle Wynd, Edinburgh, law son of James McBain a gen. lab. & Jessie Griston dec’d, to Agnes N. Wanless, 23 yrs, spinster, same address, law dtr of William wanless a housepainter and Mary Nicol dec’d. Wit: William Swan, Christina Wanless. [Note on side says: divorced in 1935.]

St. Clement, Dundee
17 Jul 1908 Beaumont, Robert, 26 yrs, bach, box mkr jour of 103 Overgate, Dundee, law son of Robert Beaumont a leather finisher dec’d & Elizabeth Lockey, to Mary Jane Grant Wanless, 26 yrs, spinster, jute weaver of 1 Mount Pleasant, Hawkhill, Dundee, law dtr of John Wanless a tobacco spinner & Jessie Grant. Wit: Wm Grant Wanless, Olive Ann Beaumont

Minimized abstracts from here on down:

Calton, Glasgow, Lanark
20 Jun 1908 Jessie Thomson Munro Wanless, 25 yrs, spinster, 135 Hill St, Glasgow, law dtr of John Wanless cattle drover & Alice Kirkwood Munro dec’d, to James Burness, 24 yrs, ironmonger, s/o George Woolley & Elizabeth Stephen prev Woolley maiden surname Carmack. Wit: Robert Munro Niven, Isabella Smith Brass

Carmlee, Fife
3 Dec 1909 Sarah Wanless, 21, cook in restaurant, St Catherine St, Cypar[?], d/o Jane Wanless a dom servt, to Archibald Bruce, 23, ploughman at Rumgalley in Kemback parish.

South Leith, Edinburgh
29 Apr 1910 Golightly, William, 30, to Mary Margaret Reid, 20, nat dtr of Alice Reid a dom servt now married to Neil Wanless a groom. Wit: John Nicholson, Lizzie Wanless.

Blythswood, Glasgow
17 Mar 1911 Wanless, Alexander John, 29, bach, journ. letterpress printer, 110 Holm St, Glasgow, law son of John Wanless a slater dec’d & Janet Scott dec’d, to Jeanie Murdock Miller, 22, spinster, upholsterer’s sewer, same address, law dtr of Oswald Miller a stereotyper dec’d & Helen Kerr Speirs prev Miller, maiden surname Bovill. Wit: Joseph Williamson, Elizabeth Miller.

Milton, Glasgow
14 Jun 1909 Wanless, T.G., 27, tea commission agent, bach, 74 Dundrennan Rd, Glasgow, law son of George Wanless a tea commission agent dec’d & Mary Gibson dec’d, to H.J. Robertson, 27, spinster, of 72 Cartvale Rd, Glagow, law dtr of Thomas Robertson mercantile bookkeeper & Helen Learmouth Greig. Wit: B. Wanless, Emily C. Robertson

2 Aug 1909 Wanless, Edw. B., bach, 28, commercial traveller, 96 Homlea Rd, Langside, Glasgow, law son of George Wanless commercial traveller dec’d & Mary Gibson dec’d, to Mary C. McCallum, 23, spinster, 8 Thomson St, Kilmarnock, law dtr of Neil McCallum master mariner dec’d & Catherine Macniven. Wit: Edward P. Russell, Jeanie Wilson

St Giles, Edinburgh
8 Jul 1911 Wanless, W.A., 29, porter, law son of William a housepainter & Mary Nicol dec’d, to Agnes Coyles, 32, charwoman, d/o John Coyles & Mary Fairley

29 Sep 1911 Wanless, Christina Parkinson, 23, spinster, sugar boiler’s assistant, law dtr of William Wanless a glazier & Mary Nicoll dec’d, to John Hume, 26, sugar boiler, s/o John Hume a typefounder & Mary Hume prev Sweeney maiden surname Thurston.

26 Dec 1911 Wanless, George Hawkins, 25, tailor journ., 8 Hermitage Terrace, Leith, law son of Richard Wanless railway shunter & Margaret Polson Hawkins dec’d, to Christina Thorburn Niven, 30, spinster, tailoress, law dr of Peter Taylor Niven plumber dec’d & Christina Thorburn. Wit: Alexander Wanless, Chrissie T. Cairns

Blythswood, Glasgow
7 Feb 1911 Wanles, Georgina R., 22, of Maryhill, Glasgow, law d/o George Wanless patternmaker & Maggie Duncan, to James Craig, 31, butcher master of Glasgow, by declaration in presence of Thomas Pearson Griev a silversmith & Jane Baxter Wanless, warrant 7 Feb 1911.

St George, Edinburgh
21 Jun 1912 Wanless, John, 33, ironmongers assistant, law s/o Thomas Wanless joiner & Agnes Wanless her maiden surname, to Emma Stone, 33, knitting machinist, d/o John Stone butler dec’d & Emma Barrows.

St Peter, Dundee
14 Mar 1913 Wanless, George, 20, baker appren. of 22 Annfield Rd, Dundee, law s/o George Wanless house painter & Davina McDowell, to Margaret Ferrie, 19, jute spinner, d/o Michael Ferrie & Helen Doig. [Divorce.]

South Leith, Edinburgh
28 Jan 1914 Wanless, John Fraser, 24, auctioneer & valuator, s/o John Wanless photographer & Antoinette Cobb, to Elizabeth Ann Kennedy, 27, dom servt

Morningside, Edinburgh
4 Sep 1915 Wanless, John Ross, 65 yrs, widower, joiner, s/o Robert Wanless crofter dec’d & Isabella Nairn dec’d, to Jeanie Spence Hood, 39, dressmaker

South Leith, Edinburgh
28 Oct 1915 Wanless, Richard, 31, quartermaster sergeant 1st Kings Dragoon Guards on active service, law s/o Richard Wanless railway shunter retired & Margaret Hawkins dec’d, to Elizabeth Liddle Cockburn, 31, clerkess, d/o William Cockburn railway marshall dec’d & Ann Barclay Liddle. Wit: Alexander Wanless, Ellen Lowe Cockburn.

St Giles,Edinburgh
12 Aug 1915 Wanliss, Robert, 20, driver motor transport, Indian Army, Indian expeditionary Force, s/o John Wanless cabman dec’d & Violet Mary Wanless previously Dallas maiden surname Severn dec’d, to Rose Mochan, 21, rubber worker, d/o James Mochan & Elizabeth Sneddon

Camlachie, Glasgow
30 Aug 1913 Wanless, Robert, 25, iron moulder, s/o John cattle drover & Alison Kirkwood Munro dec’d, to Jane McDevitt, 28, confectionery worker, by declaration in front of John Greenshields & Margt Wanless his wife

Canongate, Edinburgh
26 Apr 1916 Wanless, Violet S., 24, d/o John Stewart Wanless photographer & Antoinette Cobb, to John Davidson, 29, spirit merchant’s assistant now Private 3/4 [314th?] Royal Scots of Loanhead, Midlothian. Wit: Catherine Wanless, John Ward.

Hillhead, Glasgow, Lanark
21 Jul 1941 Wanless, James Hill, 20, appren. metal turner, s/o George a baker journ. & Isabella Torrie Wight, to Mary Ann McVey, 17

Morningside, Edinburgh
29 apr 1941 Wanless or McBain, Agnes Nicol, 54, formerly married to James Alxander McBain whom she divorced, d/o William Wanless housepainter & Mary Nicol dec’d, to Robert Gordon Howatson, 53, widower, railway surfaceman

Canongate & Portobello, Edinburgh
27 Mar 1942 Wanless, John Barrows, 25, printers machineman & sergeant Royal Artillery, engaged in war service, s/o John Wanless ironmonger retired & Margaret Ramage, to Margaret Young Robinson, 26

Maryhill, Glasgow
8 Oct 1943 Wanless, John Baxter, 40, coachbuilder master, s/o George wood planer dec’d & Margaret Duncan dec’d, to Mary McMillan, 36

St Mary & St Peter, Dundee
26 Jan 1942 Wanless, Bella, 25, d/o William Whitelaw Wanless & Annie Bennet Henderson, to Douglas Anderson Soutar, 30.

There are more 1940s-1950s marriages on this film; I quit copying all of them here. Selected mrgs follow:

Haymarket, Edinburgh
7 Sep 1944 Wanless, Ann Elizabeth, 22, d/o Richard a higher clerical office at dept of health dec’d & Elizabeth Liddle Cockburn, to Donald Wm Simmons, 26

Tradeston, Glasgow
27 Sep 1946 Wanless, Helen McPhail, 28, d/o John glazier dec’d & Jessie McPhail dec’d, to Arthur Francis, 28

Leith, Edinburgh
11 Oct 1949 Wanless, Begg Carnie, 21. s/o Andrew & Euphemia dec’d, to Charlotte McVicar, 22

St Giles, Edinburgh
2 Mar 1945 Wanless, Elizabeth McCullock, 30, d/o Wm dec’d & Elizabeth McCullock dec’d, to Wm Kenneth Churchill, 30, motor mechanic from Goodwater, Sask., Canada, engaged in war service

Shettleston, Glasgow
12 Feb 1947 Wanliss, Henry Burt Butchart, 24, s/o Henry Burt Butchart Wanliss railway waggon shunter & Margaret Chalmers, to Emily Smith Gibson, 22.

St Mary, Dundee, Forfar
27 Nov 1948 Wanless, George, 22, s/o George baker & Christina Butters, to Stella Lockhead, 22

Springburn, Glasgow
31 Mar 1948 Wanless, Georgina Craig, 21, d/o James Hill Wanless & Janet Dodds Martin, to William Archibald Currie Darris, 30

Canongate & Portobello, Edinburgh
25 Oct 1949 Wanless, George, 25, physicist, s/o George Hawkins Wanless a tailor dec’d & Christina Thornburn Niven, to Margaret Deans Bradley, 24, post office telephonist, d/o Edward Bradley locomotive driver & Elizabeth McBride. Wit:Richard Wanless, 21 Marsh Rd, Blackhall, Edinburgh.

Leith, Edinburgh
25 Jul 1949 Wanless, Peter 23, s/o Andrew a fisherman & Euphemia Carnie, to Isabella Campbel Randall, 19

Galashiels, Selkirk
7 Feb 1949 Wanless, Isobel Leslie McPhail, 17, d/o John electrical wireless engineer & Janet Brown Woodburn, to Frederick James Pearce, 26

Haymarket, Edinburgh
30 Dec 1950 Wanless, Andrew, 21, trawl fisherman of 3 West Pilton Place, Edinburgh, s/o Andrew Wanless trawl skipper & Euphemia Carnie dec’d, to Catherine Wilson Wood, 22, chocolate packer

6 Aug 1957 Wanless, Mary Margaret, 21, d/o William Coyle Wanless boot repairer & Mary Marshall, to John Anderson Rodden, 26, gas fitter

Stirling, Stirling
16 Jan 1951 Wanless, Roy Graham, 36, s/o Edward Bowman Wanless retired commercial traveller & Mary Catherine McCallum, to Florence Margaret Phillips, 29

Leith, Edinburgh
14 Jul 1951 Elizabeth Fergie Wanless, 31, widow, to Robert Hope Amos

Falkirk, Stirling
1 Jul 1952 Wanless, Grace Darling, 31, school meals organizer, d/o Richard Stodart Wanless railway goods agent retired & Grace Darling Turnbull, to Hamish Hugh McColl, 26

Got some older dates here:
Cadder, Lanark
27 Oct 1917 Wanless, Richard Stothart, 34, bach, railway clerk, Bishopbriggs, s/o John Wanless railway stationmaster & Jane Fleming, to Grace Darling Turnbull, 34, d/o Gideon Turnbull joiner master & Grace Turnbull maiden name Darling dec’d. Also recorded in West Cadder with mother’s name as Grace Darling dec’d.

Kelvin, Glasgow
14 Feb 1917 Wanless, George, 25, baker, s/o George patternmaker & Margaret Brown, to Isabella Torrie Wight, 21, by declaration.

Perth, Perth
27 Mar 1918 Wanless, John Henderson Fraser, 28, auctioneer & lance corporal Army Pay Corps, widower, s/o John Stewart Wanless photographer & Antoinette Cobb dec’d, to Elizabeth Clements, 25, by declaration.

Rubislaw, Aberdeen
2 Jun 1919 Wanless, Alexander, 30, bach, journalist of 78 Clifford St, Ibrox, Glasgow, s/o Richard a farmer retired & Janet Hawkins dec’d, to Sophie Agnes Young, 28, custom house clerkess, d/o John Young & Agnes Sophia Young maiden surname Walker

St Clement, Dundee
12 Dec 1919 Wanliss, J., 27, ploughman of Ethie Beaton, Kingennie, s/o James Wanliss ploughman & Mary Ann Campbell, to Davina Brown, 24, d/o David Brown & Helen Lamond

Dennistoun, Glasgow
20 Aug 1919 Wanless, Agnes Jane Munro, 24, d/o John Wanless cattle drover & Alison Kirkwood Munro dec’d, to Daniel Steel Wallace, 27

South Leith, Edinburgh
5 Sep 1919 Wanless, Catherine Annie, 21, shop assistant at tobacconists, d/o John Stewart Wanless & Antoinette Cobb, to Alexander Richard Sandison, 23

Maryhill, Lanark
15 Aug 1919 Wanless, Jean, 32, d/o George & Margaret Duncan, to Thomas Pearson Grieve, 39

Anderston, Glasgow
26 May 1922 Wanless, Henry Burt Butchart, signed Harry, 21, s/o James a road surfaceman dec’d & Elizabeth McDonald dec’d, to Maggie Chalmers, 28

North Leith, Edinburgh
11 Jul 1924 Wanless,Andrew, 24, 15 Annfield Rd, Newhaven, Leith, trawl fisherman, s/o Peter a trawl fisherman & Elizabeth Strachan, to Euphemia Murray Carnie, 23

Lochee, Dundee
3 Jul 1925 Wanless, Alexander Tullock, 24, machine fitter, s/o Alexander Tullock Wanless a jute mill manager retired & Alice Sturrock Wanless her maiden surname, to Agnes Fleming Millar, 26

Maryhill, Lanark
27 Nov 1925 Wanless, Donald MacInroy, 29, s/o George & Margaret Duncan, to Annie Weir Black

Stow, Edinburgh
20 Feb 1925 Wanless, James, 51, widower, brass finisher, s/o John gardener dec’d & Anne Adams dec’d, to Helen Tait Fairgrieve, 42

Blythswood, Glasgow
26 Sep 1925 Wanless, James Hill, 35, s/o George a sawyer dec’d & Margaret Duncan, to Janet Dodds Martin, 26, by declaration in presence of John Baxter Wanless and Isabella Wight or Wanless also residing there (8 Bonhill St, Glasgow).

Morningside, Edinburgh
9 Mar 1925 Wanless, Margaret Adams, 22, d/o James brass finisher & Elizabeth Christie dec’d, to Robert Taylor, 26, by declaration.

Hawick, Roxburgh
1 Jan 1925 Wanless, George Grant, 47, widower, s/o John & Jessie Grant, to Agnes Bathgate Patterson, 38, by declaration.

Canongate, Edinburgh
25 Dec 1926 Wanless, John, 47, ironmonger, d/o Thomas a joiner dec’d & Agnes Wanless her maiden name dec’d, to Margaret Ramage, 41, d/o Thomas Peacock Ramage dec’d & Ann Scott Stewart dec’d

St Giles, Edinburgh
27 Jan 1926 Wanless, Jenny, 17, d/o Wm glazier & Elizabeth McCullock, to Norman Ross Lamont, 19, tramway pointsman

5 Feb 1926 Wanless, Wm Coyle, 22, shoemaker, 211 Cowgate, Edinburgh, s/o Wm Alexander Wanless a town porter & Agnes Coyle, to Mary Traynor, 20, shop cleaner, 4 Scotts Close, Cowgate, Edinburgh, d/o Christie Traynor a hawker & Margaret Walker. Episcopal rites.

Buckhanen, Fife
14 Oct 1927 Wanliss, Stewart Alexander Steele, 30, s/o John Stewart Wanleess retired police constable & Ann Steele, to Maria Dickson, 23

St Giles, Edinburgh
30 Sept 1927 Wanless, Isabella, 24, d/o Wm & Elizabeth McCullock, to James Sutherland McRae, 26; wit Wm Coyle Wanless of 32 Bedford Crescent, Edinburgh & Nellie Wanless of 33 Richmond Pl., Edinburgh

St Mary, Dundee
26 Apr 1928 Wanless, George, 35, s/o George & Davina McDowell, to C.B. Butters, 29

St Mary & St Peter, Dundee
14 Aug 1928 Wanless, David, 25, s/o George & Davina McDowell, to Elizabeth Smith, 23

Melrose, Roxburgh
16 Mar 1928 Wanless, Richard, 22, gardener journ. of Darnick, Melrose, s/o John Wanless a general labourer & Christina Dodds, to Margaret Harley Noble, 20, kitchenmaid at Lowood, Melrose

11 Jul 1930 Wanless, John, 25, house painter of 36 Caledonian Crescent, Edinburgh, s/o John a glazier & Jessie Cook McPhail, to Janet Brown Woodburn, 24, boot finisher, d/o Robert Brown Woodburn a bricklayer & Jessie Crawford.

Melrose, Roxburgh
8 Oct 1931 Wanless, Jessie Arthur, 28, tailoress in Darnick, d/o John a garden labourer & Christina Dodds, to James Riddell, 30, engineers pattern maker of Briarbank, Selkirk; wit Mary Drinnen McMillan Wanless of Darnick

Leith, Edinburgh
24 Dec 1936 Wanless, Henry, 21, trawl fisherman of 15 Annfield, Newhaven, Leith, s/o Peter Wanless trawl fisherman retired & Elizabeth Strachan dec’d, to Elizabeth Fergie, 16

St Giles, Edinburgh
27 Jun 1936 Wanless, Henry Lindsay, 31, housepainter, s/o William Ramsay Wanless housepainter dec’d & Eliz’th McCullock, to Kathryn Winifred Curtis, 29. By declaration before Helen Collister Wanless, 33 Richmond Pl, Edinburgh, and Norman Ross Lamont, 21 East Crosscauseway.

St Andrew, Dundee
15 Jul 1936 Wanless, William Henderson, 28, insurance inspector, s/o Wm Whitelaw Wanless yarn dresser & Annie Bennet Henderson, to Ellen Doig Steele, 25

18 Dec 1936 Wanliss, William, 23, s/o Daniel a barman dec’d & Jessie Stuart-Wanless previously Gerrard maiden surname Mackenzie, to Greta Smith Sharp Oswald, 24

St Mary & St Peter, Dundee
15 Jul 1937 Wanless, Herbert Harvey, 28, s/o George Grant & Mary Harvey dec’d, to Freda Jane Kennedy, 25

Inveresk, Midlothian
14 Sep 1934 Wanless, John, 53, widower, glazier, s/o William Ramsay Wanless, glazier dec’d & Mary Nicol dec’d, to Elizabeth Watson or Emond, 42, d/o Samuel Watson [there was a complex record involving her remarriage earlier in this file]

St Giles, Edinburgh
23 Jul 1937 Wanless, Jessie McPhail, 18, d/o Wm & Eliz. McCullock, to John Holgate, 18

Auchterarder, Perth
24 Jun 1938 Younger, William Blair, 23, chauffeur of Largs, Ayrshire, s/o Georgina Younger a domestic servant afterwards married to William Wanless a farmer, to Evelyn Kilgore Gibb [surname illegible]

Forfar, Angus
23 Jul 1938 Wanless, James Grant, s/o George Grant & Mary Harvey, to Bessie Robertson Stephen, 18

Camlachie, Glasgow
30 Apr 1937 Wanless, Alison Kirkwood Munro, 25, d/o Robert & Jane McDevitt, to James Scott

St Giles, Edinburgh
6 May 1938 Wanless, John, 21, bach., general lab., of 1 Castle Wynd, Edinburgh, s/o William Wanless a gen lab & Agnes Coyle dec’d, to Muriel Amy Etty, 22, spinster, biscuit factory worker of 100 Tron Sq, Edinburgh, dtr of James Hay Etty a chromium plater & Amy Agnes Bannatyne. Wit: Harry Robertson, Andrewina Greig

10 Jan 1939 Wanless, Andrew, 38, widower, trawler skipper, s/o Peter Wanless trawler skipper dec’d & Elizabeth Strachan, to Alexandrina McLeod Murray Thomson, 24

George Square, Edinburgh
20 May 1939 Wanless, William Alexander, 57, widower, carter, s/o Wm Wanless painter dec’d & Mary Nicol dec’d, to Agnes Trotter or Myles, 56, widow, d/o Richard Trotter

Hillhead, Glasgow
6 Sep 1939 Wanless, Elizabeth, 44, d/o Neil a groom/gardener retired & Allison McCabe dec’d, to William Simson Kerr, 23

Marriages page 25
St. Mary & St Peter, Dundee, Forfar, Scotland Marriages
7 Jan. 1950, Wanless, William 22 yrs, back general labourer of 22
Annfield Rd, Dundee, son of George Wanless a baker & Christina
Buttars to
Hunter: Henrietta, 23 yrs, spinster, jute weaver of 17 Annfield, Row,
Dundee, dtr of Wm Hunter a motor lorry loader & Mary Helen Burke,
wit: Stanley Ferguson, 1 ablock heath place & Helen Hughes, 127
Helmsdale Area.

Marriage Index 1848-1854 (old parish registers)

Source: ScotlandsPeople

MGeorgeWANLESSElizabethGILLIES6Nov1848St CuthbertMidlothian68524619
MNeilWANLESSBarbaraLISTON17Aug1849Leith (South)Midlothian69222519
MJamesWANLESSMaryTHORNTON14Jun1851Liff, Benvie & InvergowrieAngus30142
FMargaretWANLESSThomasSCOTT2Jan1851Whittingehame [Or Whittinghame]East Lothian724312
MPeterWANLESSElizabethBARCLAY2Jun1853TranentEast Lothian722812
MRobertWANLESSMargaretDICK18Aug1854Leith (South)Midlothian69222619

Marriage Index 1855-1902 (civil registration)

Source: ScotlandsPeople

YearForename (M)SURNAME (M)Forename (F)SURNAME (F)DistrictCity/County/MrGROS Data
1856RobertWANLESSAgnesORMONDMontrose Burgh/Angus312/01 0020
1858JamesWANLESSAlisonSTURROCKDundee First DistrictDundee/Angus282/01 0126
1858JohnTURNBULLIsabellaWANLESSHawick/Roxburgh789/00 0037
1858PeterRITCHIEJaneWANLESSCastle And PortsburghEdinburgh/Midlothian685/03 0027
1860James HCOCKBURNRobinaWANLESSWestruther/Berwick756/00 0004
1861ThomasSMITHGraceWANLASSOrwell/Kinross463/00 0004
1862J SWANLESSHelenWILLMonifieth/Angus310/00 0029
1864JamesWANLESSMary AnnCAMPBELLFindo Gask/Perth352/00 0001
1865DavidOLIVERIsabellaWANLESSBedrule/Roxburgh782/00 0003
1865James KinnisonWANLESSMargaret DuncanFOXDundee Burgh First DistrictDundee/Angus282/1X 0021
1866JamesWANLESSElizabethANDERSONSt GeorgeEdinburgh/Midlothian685/01 0342
1866JohnWANLESSGraceBURNSDundee First DistrictDundee/Angus282/01 0470
1866PeterROBERTSONJaneWANLESSKelso/Roxburgh793/00 0014
1866WilliamBELLM A DWANLISSPerth/Perth387/00 0192
1869IsaacSMALLMaryWANLESSSt PeterDundee/Angus282/01 0014
1869ThomasALLANMaryWANLESSGalashiels/Selkirk775/00 0036
1871PeterJEFFREYJaneWANLASSYester Or Gifford/East Lothian725/00 0004
1871WilliamCOLTHERDMargaretWANLESSGreenlaw/Berwick743/00 0005
1872AlexanderNISBETBarbaraWANLESSAberlady/East Lothian702/00 0001
1872RobertWANLESSElizabethTAYLORSt Andrew (Dundee)Dundee/Angus282/04 0212
1873AndrewANGUSMaryWANLESSNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0228
1873JamesKINGHORNAlisonWANLESSGordon/Berwick742/00 0002
1873JamesSTARKMargaretWANLESSArmadale/West Lothian662/02 0032
1873John RossWANLESSJemima CLEITHEADWilton/Roxburgh810/00 0028
1873WilliamWILSONElizabethWANLESSArmadale/West Lothian662/02 0031
1874JohnWANLESSJessieGRANTSt MaryDundee/Angus282/02 0023
1875GeorgeYOUNGEleanorWANLESSKelso/Roxburgh793/00 0012
1875GeorgeCOOMBESGraceWANLESSLocheeDundee/Angus282/05 0042
1875JohnWANLESSJaneLIGHTBODYSt GeorgeEdinburgh/Midlothian685/01 0257
1875RichardWANLESSMaryDRINNANOxnam/Roxburgh802/00 0001
1875WilliamWANLESSIsabellaCUTHBERTCollace/Perth340/00 0003
1875WilliamWANLESSMaryNICOLSt GeorgeEdinburgh/Midlothian685/01 0264
1877WilliamCOCHRANEIsabellaWANLESSNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0296
1878JohnSOMMERSJaneWANLESSWilton/Roxburgh810/00 0008
1878ThomasWANLESSAgnesWANLESSSt GeorgeEdinburgh/Midlothian685/01 0205
1879JamesSTEWARTJane AnnWANLESSBrechin/Angus275/00 0038
1879JohnWANLISSJane FreerDUFFCaputh/Perth337/00 0003
1880AlexanderWANLESSElizabethHUNTERCanongateEdinburgh/Midlothian685/03 0028
1880JohnCHAMBERSMaryWANLESSGalashiels/Selkirk775/00 0005
1880JohnWANLESSAlice KirkwoodMUNROSt GilesEdinburgh/Midlothian685/04 0052
1880JohnWANLESSJanetSCOTTSt GilesEdinburgh/Midlothian685/04 0211
1880John RossWANLESSMaryBELLHawick/Roxburgh789/00 0023
1882GeorgeWANLESSMaggieDUNCANAnderstonGlasgow/Lanark644/10 0350
1882JohnWANLESSJaneFLEMINGBlythswoodGlasgow/Lanark644/07 0294
1882RichardWANLESSMargaretHAWKINSSouthdean/Roxburgh806/00 0001
1882RobertWANLESSElizabeth NelsoAULDSt PeterDundee/Angus282/01 0204
1883JamesFINLAYSONMary Ann TWANLESSLeuchars/Fife445/00 0017
1883ThomasPURVESMargaretWANLESSLauder/Berwick748/00 0004
1884DavidWANLESSMargaret MartanYOUNGNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0293
1884JohnCRICHTONAmeliaWANLESSSt Andrew (Dundee)Dundee/Angus282/04 0340
1884Robert TullisSTEWARTAlexina JamieWANLESSSt ClementDundee/Angus282/03 0059
1885AlexanderHORNJaneWANLESSNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0215
1885John WardropeDRUMMONDJane HaleyWANLESSSt PeterDundee/Angus282/01 0175
1886DanielMCDOUGALLMaggieWANLESSNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0394
1886JohnTULLISElizabethWANLESSNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0139
1886John PaulMEIKLEElizabethWANLESSKelvinGlasgow/Lanark644/09 0100
1888GeorgeANDERSONMargaretWANLESSSt Andrew (Edinburgh)Edinburgh/Midlothian685/02 0388
1888John StewartWANLESSAntoinetteCOBBSt Andrew (Edinburgh)Edinburgh/Midlothian685/02 0508
1889Alexander McbryBROUNJessieWANLESSNewingtonEdinburgh/Midlothian685/05 0425
1890GeorgeWANLESSDavinaMCDOWALLSt PeterDundee/Angus282/01 0173
1892AndrewSENIORAnnWANLESSSt MaryDundee/Angus282/02 0010
1892JamesWANLISSIsabellaMCDONALDSt Andrew (Dundee)Dundee/Angus282/04 0441
1893AlexanderSTEWARTElizabethWANLISSForgandenny/Perth353/00 0002
1893JohnWANLISSAnnieSTEELEPerth/Perth387/00 0083
1893PeterCRAIGHEADJessieWANLESSSt ClementDundee/Angus282/03 0127
1893RichardWANLESSMargaretPURVESLeith SouthEdinburgh/Midlothian692/02 0146
1893WilliamROBERTSONMary AnnWANLESSFalkirk/Stirling479/00 0197
1893WilliamWANLESSIsabellaRANDELLSt Andrew (Edinburgh)Edinburgh/Midlothian685/02 0107
1893WilliamWANLESSIsabellaSANDERSONSt Andrew (Edinburgh)Edinburgh/Midlothian685/02 0107
1894AndrewWANLESSLizzie SimpsonWILKIEDunfermline/Fife424/00 0151
1894ArchibaldMELVINJaneWANLISSForgandenny/Perth353/00 0001
1894NeilWANLESSAlisonMCCABELeith SouthEdinburgh/Midlothian692/02 0341
1894NeilWANLESSAlisonMCCABELeith SouthEdinburgh/Midlothian692/02 0341
1894RobertWANLESSMargaret BlythBURNSSt ClementDundee/Angus282/03 0202
1894RobertWANLESSElizabeth ThomsPATONKirkcaldy And Abbotshall/Fife442/00 0076
1895PeterWANLESSElizabethSTRACHANSt NicholasAberdeen/Aberdeen168/01 0018
1896FinlayBRUCEWilhelminaWANLISSForgandenny/Perth353/00 0001
1896JohnWANLESSVioletDALLAS OR SEVERNSt GilesEdinburgh/Midlothian685/04 0313
1896JohnWANLISSMary AnnNORRIEArngask (Perth)/Perth328/C0 0006
1896JohnWANLISSMary AnnSTEWARTArngask (Perth)/Perth328/C0 0006
1897Alexander MHUNTERMaryWANLESSLeith SouthEdinburgh/Midlothian692/02 0375
1897John SommervillGREENSHIELDSMargaretWANLESSCalton (Glasgow)Glasgow/Lanark644/04 0253
1898George PeartBELLBarbaraWANLESSLeith NorthEdinburgh/Midlothian692/01 0078
1898JohnSHEPHERDJessie AnnWANLISSScone (Perth)/Perth394/A0 0007
1898WilliamBRAIDJessie McbrydeWANLESSSt Andrew (Edinburgh)Edinburgh/Midlothian685/02 0278
1899AlexanderMCBAINJuliaWANLISSPerth/Perth387/00 0106
1899DavidCRAIGBellaWANLISSPerth/Perth387/00 0168
1899Harry SHALLMargaretWANLESSSt Andrew (Dundee)Dundee/Angus282/04 0249
1899JamesWANLESSEleanorCOLLISTERSt Andrew (Edinburgh)Edinburgh/Midlothian685/02 0049
1900Alexander TulloWANLESSAlice SturrockWANLESSSt ClementDundee/Angus282/03 0153
1900JamesWANLESSElizabethCHRISTIESt GeorgeEdinburgh/Midlothian685/01 0366
1901WilliamWANLESSMaryMCLEODSt MaryDundee/Angus282/02 0063
1901William SSCOTTMariaWANLESSShettlestonGlasgow/Lanark622/02 0079
1902George GrantWANLESSMaryHARVEYSt MaryDundee/Angus282/02 0271
1902Herbert GeorgeTHACKRAYMargaret GrahamWANLESSCathcart (Lanark)Glasgow/Lanark560/00 0085
1902John DouglasCRAIGMartha RolloWANLESSAberdalgie/Perth323/00 0003
1902WilliamWANLESSElizabethMCCULLOCHLeith SouthEdinburgh/Midlothian692/02 0216