Tombstone inscriptions of Wanlesses in Scotland

Source: Borders Family History Society Monumental Inscriptions books at LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah



The Howff Cemetery

No. 382.
by James Wanles, Wiver (weaver?) in Ryehill, in memory of s. Jas. 24/Jul/1792, 2 yrs.

No 1137.
1822 by Jas. Wanless and Jean Whyte in memory of their children
John 23/Feb/1817, 2 yrs.
Adam 3/Mar/1818, 1yr.8mths.


John Wanless of Auchenleish, mother Janet Cargill 2.1826 61, uncle John Cargill 9.1827 67, aunt Isabell 3.1817 51; (other side) 1828; text


#54 FS Richard Wandless late indweller in Newtoun 10.3.1678 age 70, wife Lyllas Hay 13.3.1678 age 62; Richard Wandless indweller in the Newtoun 14.5.1732 age 76, wife Elspeth Whittit 20.5..1704 age 40; R.W., L.H.; R.W., E.W. (see F. Davidson, “Inventory…”; Jervise “Epitaphs…” ii 95.




Call #941.455/A2 V3a Ayton, Berwickshire (1998)

671. In loving memory of James Kinghorn died 26.5.1926 aged 77 years
also his wife ALISON WANLESS died 27.3.1908 aged 57 years
also their family
Thomas died 27.11.1914 aged 33 years
Robert died 26.10 1941 aged 66 years
Janet died 16.9.1965 aged 78 years.


Call #941.455/B1 V3e Eccles (Leitholm & Birgham) Berwickshire (1998)

Eccles churchyard:

204. In remembrance of GEORGE WANLESS who died 27.6.1843 aged 80 years
also his wife JANNET DOUGLAS who died 15.10.1821 aged 58 years
also ELIZABETH WANLESS daughter of the above and wife of ROBERT COCKBURN who died 16.2.1878 aged 77 years.
Also the above ROBERT COCKBURN who died 28.5.1883 aged 82 years.

[see Tree 2 at Wanless Web]

Birgham (Eccles) churchyard:

261. Erected by THOMAS PAXTON in loving memory of ISABELLA WANLESS his wife who died 4.1.1885 aged 65 years. The above THOMAS PAXTON who died at Cowrigg (?) 2.12.1886 aged 65 years.

Gordon Churchyard, Gordon

Call #941.455/G2 V3g Gordon, Nenthorn & Westruther, Berwickshire (1999)

Erected in loving memory of JOHN PURVES who died at Gordon 22.1.1887 aged 70 years
also MARGARET CHRYSTAL his wife who died at Gordon 6.12.1871 aged 44 years
also MARGARET C.T. WOOD his [grand]daughter who died in infancy
also MARGARET WANLESS wife of THOMAS PURVES who died at Gordon 10.2.1917 aged 60(?) years
also the above THOMAS PURVES died 25.4.1926? aged 74 years
also AGNES WANLESS PURVES daughter of the above THOMAS PURVES died 14.?.1941 aged 42 years
also his daughter MARGART PURVES died 1.3.1948 aged 49 years.

Longformacus Churchyard, Longformacus, BER

Contributed by Alona Perkes; call# 941.455 V22b “Pre-1855 tombstone inscriptions of Berwickshire”

By William Wanless, schoolmaster of Longformacus 45 yrs
Wife Margaret Graham 2 Nov 1847 44 yrs.
4 children died in infancy.

William Wanless 25 May 1866 69 yrs.

Westruther Churchyard, Westruther

Call #941.455/G2 V3g Gordon, Nenthorn & Westruther, Berwickshire (1999)

675. Inside fence: Erected by JAMES COCKBURN Wedderlie Place in memory of ROBINA STOBS his daughter who died 19.1.1865 aged 6 months
RICHARD his son who died 6.8.1870 aged 1 year 7 months
also the above JAMES COCKBURN who died at Westruther 12.1.1909 aged 82 years
also his wife ROBINA STOBS WANLESS who died at Westruther 12.1.1923 aged 92 years
ISABELLA GRAHAM his mother died 31.5.1862 aged 65 years.

690. Erected by JOHN WANLESS in memory of JANET WANLESS his daughter who died 18.4.1861 aged 4 years
JANET STOBS his mother died 21.7.1873 aged 83 years
RICHARD WANLESS his father died 26.5.1875 aged 81 years
ALISON RAMAGE his wife died 5.4.1891 aged 68 years
also the above JOHN WANLESS who died at Lauder 24.1.1898 aged 76 years
also their daugher AGNES who died at Swinton 22.8.1934 aged 74 years.




Newington Cemetery, Newington,

Contributed by Margaret Wanless of Edinburgh 22 Aug 2001

In loving memory of Isobella Wanless
Wife of William Cochrane who died 10 Feb 1906 aged 49 yrs.
Also the above William Cochrane died 11 Feb 1918 aged 59 yrs.
Their grandson Willie aged 3 yrs.
Janet youngest daughter 31 July 1921 aged 28 yrs.

–Isobella was the d/o James Wanless & Christina Parkinson of Edinburgh

Rosebank Cemetery, Leith

Contributed by Margaret Wanless of Edinburgh 22 Aug 2001

This cemetery is on Pilrig Street; the nearest main road is Leith Walk and Bonnington Road.

Treasured memories
of a dearly loved husband and father Andrew Wanless
who died 14 Sept. 1993.
In memory of Norman McCaskell Shipmaster, Leith. died 1852 aged 37 yrs.
also Mary Wanless his wife died 19-Mar-1901 aged 88 yrs.
James 1st Aug. 1857 aged 17yrs.
Margaret died 24th April 1892 aged 42 yrs.
William Drowned at the Wreck of the S.S.Skulda. 9-10-1906 54 yrs.
Peter shipmaster died 3 Feb. 1908 aged 72 yrs.
Mary died 23-11-1930 aged 87 yrs.
Erected by daughter Mary.

–Mary the wife was a d/o David Wanless & Agnes Finlay of Dundee.




Call #947.47/m2 V3m, (1991) Morebattle, Roxburghshire

123. Broken stone: reverse side: Here lyse Thomas Young tennant in Felterchaw who died June 20th day 1751 his age 84 also his spouse AGNES WANLAS who died May 20th day 1744 her age 65 also______March_______.

141. In memory of William Young weaver in Yetholm who died 16.7.1814 aged 64 years and MARGARET WANLESS his wife died 6.4.1834 aged 82.


Call #941.47/r1 V3r Roxburgh, Roxburghshire (1993) – no Wanlesses listed


Call #941.47/y1 V3y (1992) Yetholm, Roxburghshire (1992)

58. To the memory of JOHN WANLESS Saddler in Yetholm who departed this lyfe 12.3.1827 aged 67 years
also two of his children GEORGE and FRANCES and John Lindsay his grand-child
also FRANCES WANLESS daughter of the above JOHN WANLESS and spouse to Adam Lindsay who died 13(?).5.1822 aged 56 (?) years.

60. In memory of the persons undermentioned viz. GEORGE WANLES tenant in Auchope died 10.11.1807 aged 89 years
ISABEL DOUGLAS his wife died 25.12.1796 aged 72 years
MARGARET their daughter wife to JOHN HENDERSON died at Hairlaw 28.9.1788 aged 30 years.
A child of WILLIAM WANLES their son
JOAN WANLES his daughter died 17.5.1809 aged 10 weeks
also MARY COWENS his wife died at Bittlestone Hill 6.6.1815 aged 83 years.

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