Wanless-like deaths in Scotland

OPR (old parish register) burial index, before civil registration (1855)

Records can be viewed at ScotlandsPeople site for a fee.

YearDateSurnameForenameOther Name/Frame NoSexParishCity/CountyGROS DataDetails from burial register or death cert
169527 NovWandlessJamesMGlamis/Angus289/00 0375
170825 DecWanliesJanetFLundie And Fowlis/Angus306/00 0240
171429 OctWanlessAgnesWatson / Alexr WanlessFKettins/Angus294/00 019329 Oct Agnes Watson spouse to Alex'r Wanless in Hill of Pitcur was buried
171613 OctWandlesAgnesWardroper / And WardroperFAbernyte/Perth327/00 006613 Oct 1716 buried Agnes Wandles spouse to And. Wardroper, sub tenant in Abernyte
172425 OctWandlesJoJo WandlesFAbernyte/Perth327/00 0087
172725 JuneWandlesJohnMAbernyte/Perth327/00 0095
175013 DecWanlessRichardMKettins/Angus294/00 0199buried 13 Dec 1750 Richard Wanless in Newtown, age 54, of pleurisy
175213 NovWandlessWilliamRobert WandlessMKettins/Angus294/00 0202buried 13 Nov 1752, William son to Robert Wandless in North Banderran, age 1-1/2, of chincough
175723 JanWanlesAgnesWalker / Patrick WalkerFFowlis Easter/Angus356/00 020323 Jan 1757 Said day died Agnes Wanles spouse to Patrick Walker, weaver in Fowlis, and was buried in this church yard Jan 24th
175918 AprWanlessRichardMKettins/Angus294/00 0213buried 18 Apr 1759 Richard Wanless in Ley of Hallyburton, age 22, of scrofula
176130 AugWanlessIsabelAlexrFCanongateEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/03 025630 Aug 1761 Isabel Wanless, daughter to Alex'r, buried in the area, aged 1 month ["the area" describes a part of the cemetery]
17627 OctWanlessJanetJackson / Richd WanlessFKettins/Angus294/00 021726 Oct 1762 Janet Jackson spouse to Richard Wanless in Newtown, age 54, of cholic
17626 FebWanlessJamesMRattray/Perth389/00 0325
17634 JulWandlessJanetBaxter / Pat BaxterFKettins/Angus294/00 0218buried 4 July, Janet Wandless spouse to Pat. Baxter in Cowtward [Coltward], age 33, of fever
176624 DecWandlessAgnesFKettins/Angus294/00 0221
176920 JulWanlesAlexanderMLeith SouthEdinburgh City/Midlothian692/02 0185Alex'r Wanles, brewer servant in Leith, aged about 87 years, died 20th July 1769, buried 21st July
177227 AprWandless-----Kettins/Angus294/00 0227
177216 DecWandlessJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 001616 Dec 1772 James Wandless
177221 MayWanlesJohnJohn WanlesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 00101772 John Wanles son to John Wanels, saller, died 21 May, bur 22 May
17757 MarWandlasJannitFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 00387 Mar 1775 Jannet Wandlas, dues 4
177726 FebWanlesMargaretWebster / William WanlesFLundie And Fowlis/Angus306/00 028126 Feb 1777 Said day died Margaret Webster spouse to William Wanles, weaver in Lundie, and was buried in this church yard Feb 28, recieved for mort cloth
177930 SepWanlassJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 008130 Sep 1779 James Wanlass, dues 4
178028 MayWanless-----Jas WanlessKinnaird/Perth368/00 002728 May 1780 [fees] rec'd for the mort cloth for Jas. Wanless's child, 1/
178025 SepWandlassMargaretFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0092
178316 SepWandlessJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0125
178330 NovWanlessJanetFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0127
17849 AugWandlasIsobelFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0136
178628 SepWanlessElisabethFMains And Strathmartine/Angus307/00 0129
178628 FebWanlassRobertMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0155
17877 FebWandlessMargaretFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0167
178815 DecWandlesJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0191
17896 JulWanless-----David WanlessMAbernethy (Perth)/Perth326/00 0097
179019 DecWanlessAgnesFCollace/Perth340/00 023619 Dec 1790 to the mortcloth on the body of Agnes Wanless late in the Salchar
17909 MayWanlessWilliamMRoxburgh/Roxburgh803/00 0293
179222 JulWandlassJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0251
179319 NovWanlessJeanRobert WanlessFKilspindie/Perth363/00 0408Jean Wanless, a child daughter to Robert Wanless, tennant in Balmire, having died of a fever was buried at Kilspindie the 19th of November 1793
179316 MarWandlessWilliamMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0260
179312 DecWanlassHelenFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0269
179313 DecWanlassSusanFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0269
17946 OctWanlassJamesFAberdour (Fife)/Fife401/00 0367
179520 MayWandlesRobertMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0284
179620 MayWanlessAgnesRobert WanlessFKilspindie/Perth363/00 0416Agnes Wanless, a child daughter to the late deceast Robert Wanless, tennant at Balmire, having died of a fever was buried at Kilspindie the 20th of May 1796
17969 MarWanlessRobertMKilspindie/Perth363/00 0414Robert Wanless, tennant in Balmire, having died of a fever, was buried at Kilspindie the 9th of March 1796
179626 JanWandlessWilliamMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0290
179728 JanWandlesWilliamMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0299
179911 MayWandlesWilliamMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0319
18017 JanWandlasElizabethFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0335
18014 MarWandlesJeanFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0337
180110 AprWanlassJohnMLeith SouthEdinburgh City/Midlothian692/02 0166John Wanlass, sailor in Leith aged 66 years, died the 10th, buried the 12th April 1801 in the Wrights ground 2 paces north from the north west corner of William Sibbald's table stone
180527 JuneWandlessIsabelFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0032
18064 MayWanlassElisthFLiff, Benvie And Invergowrie/Angus301/00 0275
18064 JulWanlessJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0040
181331 JulWanlassMarjoryYoung / Andrew WanlassFLiff, Benvie And Invergowrie/Angus301/00 0334Register of parish business & payments: 31 July 1813 Mort to Marjory Young widow of Andrew Wanlass from Butter-burn
181311 JanWanlesJanetFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 009224 Sep 1815 morthcloth on the body of Betty Wanless a child late in Saucher, 1
181323 JanWanlesJanetFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0092
181524 SepWanlessBettyFCollace/Perth340/00 033324 Sep 1815 morthcloth on the body of Betty Wanless a child late in Saucher, 1
18154 JuneWanlessRobertMCollace/Perth340/00 03324 Jun 1815 mortcloth on the bodies of Rob't Wanless Sen'r & Eliz. Watson late in Saucher
181520 FebWanlassJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0109
181531 JanWanlisIsabelFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0109
181626 AugWanlessJeanFMelrose/Roxburgh799/00 0235
181615 MayWandlessWilliamMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0118
18175 MarWandlessAdamDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 01235 Mar 1817 Adam Wandless, dues 2
182021 MarWanlessJeanFAlyth/Perth328/00 0418buried 21 Mar 1820 Jean Wanless, in Alyth
182021 MarWanlessJeanFAlyth/Perth328/00 0227[probably another version of the entry above]
18206 DecWanlessRobertMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 01576 Dec 1820 Robt. Wanless, age 56, dues 4
182116 OctWanlassElspetFCreich/Fife418/00 009916 Oct 1821 Elspet Wanlass, servant Creich Manoe [Manor?] died there 16th Oct and was interred in Criech Church yard 17th Oct 1821
182123 JanWandlesJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 01583 Jan 1821 James Wandles, age 50, dues 4
182230 MayWanlessJohnMKinnaird/Perth368/00 001430th June 1822 M.C. [mort cloth] to John Wanless, 4/
18229 OctWanlessJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 01929 Oct 1822 James Wanless, age 62, manufacturer, born Lundie, cause not listed, dues 4
182313 JulWanlessAndrewMKinnaird/Perth368/00 0017
182415 AprWanless-----John WanlessAberdeenAberdeen City/Aberdeen168/A0 0102
182417 OctWanlesJanetDouglas / Geo WanlesFEccles/Berwick737/00 0110buried 17 Oct 1824, Janet Douglas, wife of Geo. Wanless, abode Springwell, age 59
182621 AprWanlasJohnMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 026521 Apr 1826 John Wanlas, 12 days, nervous, dues 1
182612 NovWanlessCatharineFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 027812 Nov 1826 Catharine Wanless, 5 mos, b. Dundee, teething, dues 1
18274 OctWanlessMagt [Margaret]FDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 02994 Oct 1827 Mag't Wanless, 60, b. Dundee, dues 2
182730 SepWanlessChristianJames WanlessFCanongateEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/03 0364buried 2 Oct 1827 Christian Wanless, daughter of James Wanless, tailor, Head of Canongate, died 30th ult, interred in the New North ground 7 row and 36 feet from tombs, age 28, died of decline
182730 SepWanlessChristopherJames WanlessMCanongateEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/03 0305this is an error pointing to another (but identical) version of the burial of Christian above
18289 NovWanlessJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 03229 Nov 1828 James Wanless, 2, b. Dundee, smallpox, 1
182816 JanWanlessAndrewMSt Cuthbert'sEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/02 029616 Jan 1828 buried Andrew Wanless, age 1, of 4 Wellington St
18286 JanWanlessHelenFSt Cuthbert'sEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/02 02956 Jan 1828 buried Helen Wanless, age 1, of 4 Wellington St[Helen & Andrew are listed in a section of unpaid internments, where cause of death is not listed; cause resumes in the section for paid burials]
18328 JanWanlessMargaretFKinnaird/Perth368/00 00418 Jan 1832 mort cloth to Margaret Wanless, 3/
183213 OctWanlesElizabethFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 011913 Oct 1832 Elizabeth Wanles, wife of James Low of Mill [illegible], age 63. bornDundee, worn out constitution, 2
183229 NovWanlesJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 012629 Oct 1832 James Wanless, 24, plane maker of Seagate, born Dundee, fever & [crossedout], 4-6
183324 NovWanlessJohnMFerry Port On Craig/Fife429/00 022024 Nov 1833 buried John Wanless, sailor, found drowned in Dundee Harbour, aged 54 years
183315 NovWanlasJanetMitchell / WanlasFKilspindie/Perth363/00 0187Died at Stanley, Janet Mitchell, relict of Wanlas, and was buried at Kilspindie 15 Nov 1833
183525 FebWanlesRachelJames WanlesFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 022925 Feb 1835 Rachel Wanles, 43, dau of James Wanless, shoe m., b. Meigle, asthma, 5,stone 68
183615 AprWanlesBarbaraJohn WanlesFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0045buried 16 Apr, Barbara Wanles, daughter of John Wanles, fish seller, died Apr 15, age 3 mos, born Dundee, died of a bowel complaint, #28 in a common grave, plot 275, dues 3-3
183610 DecWanlesJohn McdonaldJohn WanlesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0074buried 14 Dec 1836, John McDonald Wanless, son of John Wanless, surgeon, died 10 Dec 1836, age 9 mos, b. Dundee, died of scarlet fever, buried in section 382-A, dues 8-6
183913 JanWandelsIsobelFKeith/Banff159/00 0656
18406 AprWanlessJeanWhyte / James WanlessFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0221Jean Whyte, buried 9 Apr 1840, age 55 yr, born Strathmartine, cause of death Asthma, wife of James Wanless, weaver, buried in New Howff
184115 OctWanlessIsabelLamb / Andw LambFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0270
184124 FebWanlessJeanRobt WanlessFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0250buried 24 Feb 1841 Jean Wanless, daughter of Robert Wanless, baker, died 24 Feb, 8 months old, b. Dundee, of chin cough, buried New Howff 1137-C, dues 3-3
184329 JanWanlesGeorgeMEccles/Berwick737/00 0123
184410 MarWanlessRobertMLongformacus/Berwick750/00 004210 Mar 1844 Robert Wanless aged 3 years
184417 DecWanlessMargaretKeiller / James WanlessFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0053
184510 AugWandlesElizabethFKinnaird/Perth368/00 0060
184631 AugWanlessJamesJames WanlessMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0112
18477 NovWanless-----WanlessFLongformacus/Berwick750/00 00427 Nov 1847 Mrs. Wanless interred, aged 44
18478 MarWanlesJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 01428 March 1847 James Wanles a shoemaker, aged 65, born Meigle, abode Seagate, died of asthma, buried 11th March 1847
184724 MarWanlessJamesMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 014524th March 1847 James Wanless a light porter , address Perth Road , aged 73 , born Dundee, buried 27th , cause of death 'carriage running him over'
184710 DecWanlessMaryFSt Cuthbert'sEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/02 0042died 10 Dec 1847 Mary Wanless, age 7 months, of 60 St. Mary's Wynd, of consumption
18487 DecWanlessAnnDakers / James WanlessFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0241buried 9 Dec 1848, Ann Dakers, widow of James Wanless, heckler, died Dec 7th, age 82, born Arbroath, died of old age, lived at Seagate, buried at New [Howff] #1026-C, dues 2-6
184914 AugWanlasDavidWilliam WanlasMDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0051buried 15 August 1849, David Wanlas, son of William Wanlas, born Dundee, lived 296 Perth Road, buried in Compt V #92a, pri, depth 7ft6in, died Aug 14, age 24, of cholera
184924 JulWanlessCatharineNailer / Timothy NailerFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0269buried 25 July 1849, Catherine Wanless, wife of Timothy Nailer, weaver, died 24 July, age 48, born parish of Inchture, died of cholera, lived at Union Street, Maxwelltown, buried New Howff #918-A, dues 4-6
184927 MarWanlessAgnesMc Dougal / John W Mc DougalFSt Cuthbert'sEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/02 0190
185121 AprWanlessIsabellaFDunfermline/Fife424/00 0377
185111 SepWanlasMaryThornton / James WanlasFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0059buried 13 Sep 1851, Mary Thornton, wife of James Wanlas, born Leuchars, Fife, lived at 296 Perth Road, buried in Compt V #92a, p[rivate], 5ft6in deep, died 11 Sep, age 17, of inflamation
185118 NovWanlessAnnFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0368
185121 MayWanlessJohnJohn Wanless[Error: Father Is James In Register]MDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 035124 May 1851 John Wanless, son of James Wanless, sailor, died 21 May, age 9 mos, b. Dundee, died of Bowel Hive, lived Park Wynd, plot 1137-C, dues 2-6
185213 OctWanlesMaryRobertson / George WanlesFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 040716 Oct 1852 Mary Robertson, widow of George Wanles, weaver, died 13 Oct, age 78, born parish of Kilmany, died of old age, lived at Hean's Lane, Small's Wynd, buried in New Howff plot 482-A, dues 5-0
185314 MayWanlasMaryFDundeeDundee City/Angus282/00 0068
185416 MarWanlass-----Peter WanlassMTranent/East Lothian722/00 0306
185430 MarWanlessJamesJames WanlessMCanongateEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/03 0403[probably a different version of the following entry]
185430 MarWanlessJamesJames WanlessMCanongateEdinburgh City/Midlothian685/03 0728buried 30 March 1854, James Wanless, son of James Wanless, baker, age 2, of 3 Bells Wynd, of mesales [measles]

Deaths 1855-1900 from the civil registration index of Scotland

Records can be viewed at ScotlandsPeople site for a fee. Some maiden names are filled in from certificates by people who have copies.

YearSurnameForenameMother's Maiden SurnameOther SurnamesSexAgeDistrictCityCountyGRO Ref.Entry
(may be maiden or married name)
1855WanlessElizabethCramF34Montrose (Burgh)Angus312/184
1855WanlessIsabelLeishCouttsF54Arbroath (Burgh)Angus272/1322
1855WanlessJeanDove [Dow]LaingF72Dundee (Second)DundeeAngus282/2719
1855WanlessWilliamStewart HendersonMDundee (Landward, First)DundeeAngus282/1903
1856WanlessDavidKinlochM62Arbroath (Burgh)Angus272/145
1856WanlissDavidDrummondM27Perth LandwardPerth387/27
1856WanlasMargaretDowProvenF72Dundee Second DistrictDundeeDundee282/295
1856WanlessRobertRossM86Montrose (Burgh)Angus312/1320
1857WanlassAndrewNelsonM0BathgateWest Lothian662/053
1857WanlessMaryMckayF25Dundee (Second)DundeeAngus282/2531
1858WanlessEuphemiaBoydLyallF78Newington & GrangeMidlothian685/241
1858WanlasSusanMckayF25Dundee Second DistrictDundeeDundee282/2230
1859WanlassRobinaFUBathgateWest Lothian662/0035
1860WanlessAlexanderAndersonM14Dundee (Second)DundeeAngus282/2419
1861WanlessBetsyBurnsFDundee (First)DundeeAngus282/1116
1862WanlassAndrewMUBathgateWest Lothian662/0087
1862WanlessJaneDoughtyFUPrestonkirkEast Lothian717/0020
1862WanlessGeorge RossHendersonMDundee (First)DundeeAngus282/1772
1862WanlessPeterMTranentEast Lothian722/72
1862WanlassRobinaFUBathgateWest Lothian662/0088
1863WanlessWilliamSturrockM2Dundee (Second)DundeeAngus282/21071
1863WanlessWilliamJohnstonM63Dundee (Second)DundeeAngus282/2702
1864WanlessJames SharpMUMonifiethAngus310/00104
1864WanlessJohnMSt GeorgeMidlothian685/1302
1864WanlessMary AnnFDundee (First)DundeeAngus282/11034
1864WanlessMaryMckayFUDundee Second DistrictDundeeDundee282/02606
1865WanlessAnnGrayFDundee (Second)DundeeAngus282/2269
1865WanlessJames HendersonMSt GeorgeMidlothian6851134
1866WanlessElizabethBarclayF38TranentEast Lothian722/123
1866WanlessJohnMDundee (First)DundeeAngus282/1307
1866WanlessPeterMTranentEast Lothian722/124
1868WanlessAnnDuncanF84Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282/1256
1869WanlessMaryF53St PeterDundeeAngus282/0193
1870WanlessJamesM2Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282185
1871WanlissAgnes SomervillF21PerthPerth387/00281
1871WanlessEliza JaneF2Dundee (St Clement)DundeeAngus282/3614
1871WanlessElizabethFSt GilesMidlothian685/467
1871WanlessThomasM5Dundee (St Clement)DundeeAngus282/3566
1873WanlessJohnM51Dundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/4487
1875WanlessJaneJeffrey RobertsonF44Yester or GiffordEast Lothian725/006
1876WanlessJamesM46Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282179
1877WanlessJamesM50St GeorgeMidlothian6851528
1877WanlessRobertM69Dundee (St Mary)DundeeAngus282/224
1878WanlessJemima CochraneLeitheadF28St GeorgeMidlothian685/1718
1879WanlessCatherine ScottF2Dundee (St Clement)DundeeAngus282/3240
1879WanlessMargaret MackayF12Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282/1366
1880WanlessElizabeth RFDundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/41121
1880WanlessJohnM2Dundee (St Clement)DundeeAngus282/3109
1880WanlissMargaret McewanF0St MartinsPerth393/a012
1881WanlessRobertMSt GeorgeMidlothian685/11123
1882WanlessJanetF27St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/041070
1884WanlessMargaretFDundee (St Mary)DundeeAngus282/2253
1884WanlessRobertMSt GeorgeMidlothian685/1708
1885WanlessHelenMckayF69Ferry Port On CraigFife429/30
1886Wanless----FDuddingston (Portobello)Midlothian684/1107
1886WanlessRobert McleanMNewingtonMidlothian685/5784
1887WanlessAlexander ScottM29WiltonRoxburgh810/118
1887WanlessAndrewM42Dundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/4896
1887WanlessWilliam TurnerMBlythswoodLanark644/7107
1888WanlessBetsy AuldFDundee (St Mary)DundeeAngus282/2456
1889WanlessMargaretKinnisonF72Dundee (St Clement)DundeeAngus282/3338
1890WanlessMaggie JaneF15MiltonLanark644/8279
1890WanlessMaryNicholF33St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/041167
1891WanlessAgnesDonaldsonF80Dundee (St Mary)DundeeAngus282/2250
1891WanlessHelenWillF67Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282/1544
1892WanlessAnn(Adams)F66St GeorgeMidlothian685/17
1892WanlessJamesM73Dundee (St Peter)DundeeDundee2821196
1893WanlessAlisonSturrockF59Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282/1237
1893WanlessHenry HayM6St GilesMidlothian685/4493
1893WanlessJaneHay McdonaldF66St ClementDundeeAngus282/03144
1893WanlessMaryF0St GeorgeEdinburghMidlothian685/011200
1894WanlessJaneThomson RitchieF77St GeorgeEdinburghMidlothian685/01227
1894WanlessMary StodhartFSt AndrewMidlothian685/2363
1895WanlessJohn PurvesMLeith (South)Midlothian692/2148
1896WanlessAnnie MccombsFDundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282/1432
1896WanlessHelenF84St GilesMidlothian685/4962
1896WanlessIsabella ThomsoF10Dundee (St Mary)DundeeAngus2822168
1896WanlessJamesM70Dundee (St Clement)DundeeAngus2823455
1896WanlessJohnM60Dundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/4323
1896WanlessWilliamM26Dundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/4314
1897WanlessWilliamM75Dundee (St Peter)DundeeAngus282/1211
1898WanlessAlexander ScottM3CanongateMidlothian685/3484
1898WanlessPatrickM2PencaitlandEast Lothian716/10
1898WanlessSusanF74Dundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/41134
1898WanlessWilliam CarseMDundee (St Andrew)DundeeAngus282/4283
1899WanlessJanetF48St GilesMidlothian685/4590
1899WanlessJohnM71Colinton [or Hailes]Midlothian677/251
1900WanlessMargaret KinnisF19St PeterDundeeAngus282/012
1901WanlessIsabellaSandersonF42Leith NorthEdinburghMidlothian692/01190
1901WanlessJessie WeathersWeatherstoneF79WiltonRoxburgh789/023
1901WanlessMargaret PeatF2St PeterDundeeAngus282/01188
1901WanlessMaryBellF57St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/04550
1901WanlessMaryMccaskellF88Leith NorthEdinburghMidlothian692/01119
1902WanlessAgnes S FairweaF2AnderstonGlasgowLanark644/10361
1902WanlessJamesM0St PeterDundeeAngus282/01285
1902WanlessJaneAndersonF76St PeterDundeeAngus282/01466
1903WanlessMarySibson GibsonF59CathcartLanark/Renfrew560/00304
1904WanlessIsabellaWilsonF85St GeorgeEdinburghMidlothian685/01694
1904WanlessWilliam WhitelaM3St MaryDundeeAngus282/02604
1905WanlessJamesM5Inveresk & MusselburghMidlothian689/00109
1905WanlessThomas WilliamM3Inveresk & MusselburghMidlothian689/00108
1906WanlassIsabellaCochraneF48St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/04212
1906WanlessJane KelsoSmithF37St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/04437
1906WanlessWilliaminaF2St PeterDundeeAngus282/01354
1907WanlessCyril AlexanderM3DumfriesDumfries821/0064
1908WanlessAlison KirkwoodMunroF51CaltonGlasgowLanark644/03528
1908WanlissGraceBurnsF71St AndrewDundeeAngus282/04987
1908WanlessRobertM51St MaryDundeeAngus282/02369
1909WanlessDavid StrachanM0St NicholasAberdeenAberdeen168/01128
1909WanlessJames KinnisonM2St PeterDundeeAngus282/0162
1909WanlessMarySmallF61St AndrewDundeeAngus282/04806
1909WanlessViolet MaryDallas SevernF60St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/041495
1911WanlessElizabethF70St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/04139
1912WanlessJohnM53St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/04179
1913WanlessMargaret FoxF1St PeterDundeeAngus282/01225
1914WanlessJamesM46St AndrewDundeeAngus282/0424
1914WanlessJohnM33Service And War ReturnsMinor Records117/Af64
1915WanlessIsabellaMcdonaldF44St MaryDundeeAngus282/0258
1915WanlessJohn BarclayM52ColintonEdinburghMidlothian677/00300
1915WanlessMargaret DuncanFoxF73St ClementDundeeAngus282/03100
1916WanlessAlexanderM2St ClementDundeeAngus282/03359
1916WanlassJanetF72St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/029
1916WandlessMary AnnieF68GalashielsSelkirk775/0040
1916WanlessPeterM22Marine RegisterMinor Records146/Mr442
1916WanlissRobert MclellanM17BurntislandFife411/0019
1917WanlessElizabethF73St AndrewDundeeAngus282/04819
1917WanlessElizabethGilliesF88Row Or RhuDunbarton503/0091
1917WanlessElizabeth AnnKennedyF30PerthPerth387/00131
1917WanlessGeorgeM52St PeterDundeeAngus282/01181
1917WanlessIsabella EwenTurnbullF82GalashielsSelkirk775/00121
1918WanlessJamesM19Service And War ReturnsMinor Records125/Af498
1918WanlessThomasM65St GeorgeEdinburghMidlothian685/0111
1919WanlessJames KinnisonM77St ClementDundeeAngus282/02883
1919WanlessWilliam WightM0MiltonGlasgowLanark644/09150
1920WanlissMary AnnCampbellF78InchturePerth359/002
1921WanlessAlice SturrockF16LocheeDundeeAngus282/04101
1921WanlessJessieCraigheadF71St ClementDundeeAngus282/02134
1921WanlessJohnM65Greenock WestRenfrew564/02407
1921WanlessMargaretHunter Mather AndersonF82St AndrewDundeeAngus282/03210
1921WanlessRichardM66Leith SouthEdinburghMidlothian685/11251
1922WanlessEmma BarrowsStoneF43George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/05553
1922WanlessJohn RossM72George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/05722
1922WanlissMargaret PenmanThomF28LochgellyFife405/0287
1922WanlessMaryHarveyF46St AndrewDundeeAngus282/03821
1923WanlessElizabeth SWilkieF54Findo GaskPerth352/003
1923WanlessMargaret YoungF60Marine RegisterMinor Records029/Mr384
1923WanlissThomas DM92St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/02164
1924WanlessBetsyChristieF51Leith NorthEdinburghMidlothian685/1031
1924WanlissMary AnnStewartF79OrwellKinross463/0024
1925WanlessAgnesCockburnF74Dalry & GorgieEdinburghMidlothian685/08225
1925WanlissJessie MoonF91PerthPerth387/00121
1925WanlessMaggieF13George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/0578
1926WanlessJessieGrantF73Broughty FerryDundeeAngus282/052
1926WanlessJessie T DickBrown Broun BraidF68St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/02284
1927WanlessJamesM22St ClementDundeeAngus282/02956
1928WanlessAgnesCoyle FairleyF47St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/04158
1928WanlessJohnM76Broughty FerryDundeeAngus282/05124
1928WanlessJohnM0St RolloxGlasgowLanark644/08128
1929WanlessChristinaF0St Mary And St PeterDundeeAngus282/01257
1929WanlessHelenF20Leith NorthEdinburghMidlothian685/1030
1929WanlessJaneHorneF69Dalry & GorgieEdinburghMidlothian685/08163
1929WanlessMargaretPurvesF76Leith SouthEdinburghMidlothian685/11562
1929WanlessRobertM68George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/05458
1929WanlessWilliam McdonalM3MorningsideEdinburghMidlothian685/07657
1930WanlessCecilia DeansSmartF47St ClementDundeeAngus282/0299
1930WanlessElizabethStrachanF64Leith NorthEdinburghMidlothian685/09102
1930WanlessMary FlorenceLittle Brown McardleF46ShettlestonGlasgowLanark644/19228
1931WanlessJane Ann OStewartF70St ClementDundeeAngus282/02283
1931WanlessJohn WilliamM52MorningsideEdinburghMidlothian685/0727
1931WanlissMary Ann DBellF90DronPerth345/002
1932WanlessAllison MccabeMccabeF67Newton MearnsGlasgowRenfrew571/0229
1932WanlessJessie CookMcphailF49NewingtonEdinburghMidlothian685/06252
1933WanlessAntoinetteF29George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/05664
1933WanlessBarbaraNisbet MurrayF81PortobelloEdinburghMidlothian685/08110
1933WanlessMargaret WalkerF0MorningsideEdinburghMidlothian685/0759
1934WanlessAnn Milne SSeniorF80St AndrewDundeeAngus282/03614
1934WanlessMary Ann TFinlaysonF81AlloaClackmannan465/A0136
1934WanlessWilliam RamsayM80NewingtonEdinburghMidlothian685/06420
1935WanlessEuphemia MurrayCarnieF34Leith NorthEdinburghMidlothian685/0946
1936WanlessCatherineF74St AndrewDundeeAngus282/03293
1936WanlessDavinaMcdowellF65St ClementDundeeAngus282/02722
1936WanlessJean BaxterGrieveF48MiltonGlasgowLanark644/10259
1936WanlessJohn StewartM79CanongateEdinburghMidlothian685/03189
1936WanlessMary JaneElderF30St GilesEdinburghMidlothian685/0457
1936WanlessWilliam AlexandM62PollokGlasgowLanark644/18534
1937WanlessJamesM36George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/051281
1939WanlessAgnes AndersonF75Monkton And PrestwickAyr606/00114
1939WanlessHelen CollisterF33UphallWest Lothian672/00124
1939WanlessJane HalleyDrummondF80St Mary And St PeterDundeeAngus282/01114
1939WanlessMargaret BlythBurnsF71LocheeDundeeAngus282/04179
1940WanlessAlexander TM68Mains And StrathmartineAngus307/0034
1941WanlessAnn BennetHendersonF64St AndrewDundeeAngus282/03510
1941WanlessElizabeth LiddlCockburnF56MorningsideEdinburghMidlothian685/07679
1941WanlessHerbert HarveyM32Mains And StrathmartineAngus307/004
1941WanlessJimmyM0St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/02540
1941WanlessJohnM0St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/02541
1941WanlessMargaretMcdougallF74George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/05319
1942WanlissAnne MackieSteeleF72MuckhartPerth385/003
1943WanlissJohn Alexr SM72MuckhartPerth385/004
1943WanlessMargaret DuncanF0MaryhillGlasgowLanark644/12410
1943WanlessThomas SibsonM61CathcartGlasgowLanark/Renfrew644/19602
1944WanlessElizabeth SMccullochF69NewingtonEdinburghMidlothian685/06290
1944WanlessRichardM59St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/02111
1945WanlessEleanor BowmanF73MiltonGlasgowLanark644/10481
1945WanlessJohnM65George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/051294
1945WanlessJohn BaxterM0MaryhillGlasgowLanark644/12309
1946WanlessJaneF80George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/05989
1946WanlissWilliam MilerM91Scone And KinnoullPerth394/A031
1947WanlessMary MargaretGolightlyF57HaddingtonEast Lothian709/0054
1947WanlessMary MaudF65St AndrewDundeeAngus282/03297
1948WandlessChristine AnneWilliams HenryF0NewingtonEdinburghMidlothian685/0638
1948WanlessHelen JaneRobertsonF67CathcartGlasgowLanark/Renfrew644/191092
1948WanlessMargaret GrayF86St AndrewDundeeAngus282/0358
1949Wandless-----HenryF0George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/0539
1949WanlessGeorge HawkinsM62St AndrewEdinburghMidlothian685/02292
1950WanlessDerekM0George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/051308
1951WanlessElizabeth TPatonF88Canongate & PortobelloEdinburghMidlothian685/03752
1952WanlessAlexanderM63Dunblane And LecroptPerth348/0043
1952WanlessErnest CobbM52George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/051171
1952WanlissNorman HamiltonM0KelvingroveGlasgowLanark644/09219
1953WanlissPatricia StuartF0CollessieFife416/006
1953WanlessRichard StotharM69FalkirkStirling479/00200
1953WanlessWilliam WhitelaM79Dundee EastDundeeDundee282/01699
1954WanlessJeanieHoodF77George SquareEdinburghMidlothian685/051465


Burial register of Dundee, Scotland 1772-1835

FHL 0993405, transcribed by Holly Cochran
Notes: Women seem to be listed by their maiden surname. Most entries have a 4 or 2 after them – it seems to be the cost of the burial, possibly in shillings.

The 1801-1829 register says “Burials in Howff (Old) Burial Ground and Constitution Rd (New) Cemetery.”

— all the detail stopped in Nov 1772

26 Dec 1774 James Wandls, 0
15 Feb 1778 Richard Wanless, 2
25 Aug 1780 Margaret Wandlass, 2
16 Sep 1783 James Wandless, 2
30 Nov 1783 Janet Wanless, 2
9 Aug 1784 Isobel Wandlas, poor, 4
10 Oct 1784 Robert Wandles, 2
28 Feb 1786 Robert Wanlass, 4
7 Feb 1787 Margaret Wandless, 4
15 Dec 1788 James Wandles, 2
16 Aug 1790 William Wandles, 4
22 July 1792 James Wandlass, 2
16 Mar 1793 William Wandless, 2d
12 Dec 1793 Helen Wanlass, 4d
13 Dec 1793 Susan Wanlass, 4
20 May 1795 Robert Wandles, 4
26 Jan 1796 William Wandless,2
28 Jan 1797 William Wandles, 4
11 May 1799 William Wandles, 4
7 Jan 1801 Eliz’th Wandles, 0
4 Mar 1801 Jean Wandles, 2
27 June 1805 Isabel Wandless, 2
8 Nov 1805 Marg’t Wanles, 2
4 July 1806 James Wanless, 4
7 Oct 1808 James Wanlace, 4

–searched all of 1772-1810
–skipped 1810 through 1817, which looked like the above in terms of little detail
–Age shown sporadically mid-1818 to Jan 1820 (some addresses and occupations too, but mostly not). Age shown fairly consistently from Jan 1820 from to Jan 1821.
–More detail starts in Feb 1821

20 Mar 1822 Will. Wandless, age 67, shoemaker, b. Dundee, d. of palsy, dues 2

28 Jan 1823 Catharine Wanlas, 3 mos, b. Dundee, bowel, 1

5 Aug 1824 Alexander Wanlass, 24, smith, b. Dundee, consumption, 2

–in Aug 1832, they started adding “son of, wife of, widow of”, etc. (but not the parents of adults, only of children)

29 Sept 1832 George Wanles, 58, weaver of Smalls Wynd (can only see Wy…lost in

binding), b. Meigle, cholera (there was an epidemic)

8 Dec 1833 Margaret Lennie, 58, widow of David Wenlas(?) – might be Wailes or Worles

– b. Perth, consumption

5 Feby 1834 Marg’t Mackay, 37, wife of Jas. Wanless, b. Dundee, monument #10, stone

496 location D or E, consumption, 11-6

4 Apr 1834 David Low, 81, barber of Hawkhill, b. Dundee, old age

7 July 1834 Helen Low, 15, dau. of widow Low, b. Dundee, dropsy

searched thru end of film (13 May 1835)

Deaths of Wanlesses (any spelling) from the Romeril file

These are civil death records (post-1855). See the Births page for info on how this file was created.

page 53-2
Bathgate, Linlithgow
21 Apr. 1857, Wanlass, Andrew, 9 days, died at North Street this par,
lawful son of James an iron stone miner & Margaret Nelson, the father

page 53-3
Bathgate, Linlithgow
29 Mar 1859, Wanlass, Robina, 13 mths, died at Armadale, lawful dtr
of James an ironstone miner & Margaret Neilson, The father informed.

page 53-4
Bathgate, Linlithgow
20 Apr. 1862, Wanlass, Andrew, 7 hrs at Bathville Row, this parish,
lawful son of James an iron stone miner & Margaret Neilson. The
father informed.

pg 53-9
Bathgate, Linlithgow, Deaths
20 Apr. 1862, Wanlass, Robina, 7 hrs, died at Bathville Row this
parish, lawful dau. of James, an ironstone miner & Margaret Neilson.
The father informed.

pg 53-15
Muirkirk, Ayr
16 Apr. 1881 Wanlass, James, 13 mts illeg son of Janet Wanless a
domestic servant – died at Garronhill, Muirkirk – Wm Wilson, the
occupier infd.

pg 53-16
St. Giles, Edinburgh
1 Dec. 1882 Wanless, Janet 27 yrs, single, dom servt, died of 41
Bristo Steet, Edinburgh, lawful dau. of James Wanless a coal miner &
Margaret Neilson. Margaret Stark her sister infob.

Pg 53-31
Newington, Edinburgh Deaths

15 Dec. 1907 Stark, Margaret, 54 yrs, mar to James Stark a pipe
layer – 32 Arthur Street, Edinburgh, lawful dau. of James Wanlass a coal
miner & Margaret Nelson. The husband infd.

St. Peter, Dundee,
20 Jun 1917 Wanless, George, 53 yrs, house painter, journ, marr to
Davina McDowell, 22 Annfield, Rd., Dundee, law. son of James Sharp
Wanless – a tailor, dec’d & Helen Will dec’d, Marjory Wanless – a dtr

31 May 1921 Wilson, Elizabeth, 72 yrs, widow of William Wilson, a
coal miner, 5 Main St., Muirkirk, law. dau. of James Wanlass, coal
miner, dec’d, & Margaret Nelson, dec’d. David Wilson a son informed.

Montrose, Forfar
2 Mar 1853 Wanless, Elizabeth, 34, b. Dundee, d/o Robert a tailor & Ann Cram. Her father inf’d.

Arbroath, Forfar
18 Dec 1855 Wanless, Isabel, 54, b. Murroes, Forfar, lived 40 yrs in Arbroath, d/o Alex. Coutts a corn miller dec’d & Isabel Leish dec’d. She married David Wanless a flaxdresser and had issue: Margaret, 36; Agnes, 34; Alexander, 32. She died at Colville Place, Arbroath; her husband inf’d.

17 Oct 1856 Wanless, David, 62, flaxdresser, widower, d. Colville Place, Arbroath, law. son of Robert a master tailor and Margaret Kinlock dec’d. Son-in- law. Peter Lawson of Colville Place informed.

Perth (landward), Perth
21 Sep 1856 Wanliss, David, 27, single, farmer, d. at St Magdalene’s farm house nr Perth, law. son of John a farmer and Janet Drummond. Father inf’d.

Montrose, Forfar
14 Dec 1856 Wanless, Robert, 86, master tailor, married. Died at 29 Wharf St, this parish, law. son of John a seaman in the merchant service dec’d & Ann Ross dec’d. Agnes Wanless a dau in law. of 39 Wharf St inf’d.

Westruther, Berwick
21 Aug 1857 Wanless, Susan, 20, single, domestic servant, law. dau. of Richard a carrier & Janet Stobs, the father inf’d

Hume, Berwick
30 Dec 1857 Wanless, Susan, 23 weeks, died at Hume hall, illeg. dau. of Susan Wanless a dom servt; Thomas Paxton an uncle inf’d.

Abernethy, Perth
24 Jan 1857 Wanless, James, 49, married, law. son of James an overseer, West Indies, dec’d, and Jean Hutcheson. David Wanless a son inf’d.

Dundee, Forfar
20 Jun 1857 Wanless, Mary, 25, fish dealer, at Crichton Close, Dundee, law. dau. of John a fish dealer & Mary McKay. Charles Wilkie a cousin inf’d.

Glenisle, Forfar
16 Nov 1858 Wanless, John, 76, single, road contractor, d. at Auchinleish, this parish, law. son of Alexander a farmer dec’d & Janet Cargill dec’d. David Dick a nephew informed.

Kelso, Roxburgh
5 Jun 1859 Wanlas, (Lillie crossed out) Mary, 54, wife of a [“gardener” crossed out] gelder. Died at Walker’s Close, Horse Market, Kelso. law. dau. of George a farm servant dec’d & Janet Douglas dec’d. William Lillie the widower inf’d.

Burgh of Dundee, Forfar
12 Apr 1860 Wanless, Alex’r., 14, law. son of James a seaman merchant service & Jean Anderson; died at Small’s Lane, Smalls Wynd; the mother inf’d.

23 Apr 1860 Stewart, Mary, 71, wife of Andrew Stewart a teacher, died at Easson’s Land, Milnbank, Dundee, law. dau. of James Wanless a manufacturer dec’d & Jean Dow dec’d. Husband inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
21 May 1861 Wanlass, Christina, 7 wks, at Lambs Close, E. Cross Causeway, Edinburgh, law. dau. of James a travelling baker & Christina Parkinson. Mother inf’d.

Dundee 1st district
26 Jan 1861 Wanless, Betsy, 8 mos, illeg. dau. of John Wanliss a fish dealer & Grace Burns a yarn winder. Died at Chapelshade, Dundee; the father inf’d.

Kelso, Roxburgh
22 Aug 1862 Wanless, Janet, 57, wife of Hugh Wanless a hostler. She died at 5 Oven wynd, this parish. law. dau. of George Dobson a weaver dec’d & Jane Jamieson dec’d. Husband inf’d.

Westruther, Berwick
2 Apr 1862 Wanless, Janet, 4 yrs, law. dau. of John an agr. lab. & Alison Ramage; father inf’d.

Tranent, Haddington
23 Oct 1862 Wanless, Peter, 6, at Cockenzie, law. s/o Peter a master mariner & Elizabeth Barclay; father inf’d.

Prestonkirk, Haddington
24 Apr 1862 Doughty, Jane, 39, wife of David Doughty a farm servant, law. dau. of Richard Wanless a ploughman & Janet Gairdner; husband inf’d.

Dundee, Forfar
8 Jul 1862 Wanless, George Ross, 3 yrs 9 mos, law. son of John a patternmaker & Susan Stewart Henderson; father inf’d.

Dundee 2nd district, Forfar
10 Aug 1863 Wanless, William, 63, cowfeeder, married to Ann Gray, died at Perth Rd, Dundee. law. son of William a weaver dec’d & Ann Johnston dec’d. Wm Wanless a son inf’d.

9 Nov 1863 Wanless, William, 2-3/4 yrs, law. s/o James a seaman in merchant service & Alison Sturrock; Wm Wanless an uncle inf’d.

16 May 1864 Mary, 62, wife of John Wanless a seaman merchant service, died at Nethergate, Dundee; law. dau. of Hugh McKay a soldier dec’d & Catherine Smith dec’d; John the widower inf’d.

Dundee 1st district
5 Sep 1864 Mary Ann, 1-1/2 yrs, at Rattray’s Close, Bell St, this parish, illeg. dau. of James Wanless a fish dealer and Grace Burns a fish dealer; the father inf’d. [Same record also filed under John Wanless, father, which is correct.]

St George, Edinburgh
14 Mar 1864 Wanless, John, 76, widower, d. at St Cuthberts Poor House, Edinburgh; parentage not stated.
[Note from Holly: I don’t know who this is, b. abt 1788 – does anybody?]

Monifieth, Forfar
31 Jul 1864 Wanless, James Sharp, 1 yr 4 mos, d. at Fort St, Broughty Ferry, law. son of James Sharp Wanless a tailor and Helen Will; father inf’d

Kelso, Roxburgh
6 Jan 1864 Wanless, Ewen, 58, a hostler, widower of Janet Dobson, 5 Oven Wynd, Kelso. law. son of John a farm servant dec’d & Isabella Ewen dec’d. Jane Wanless a dau. inf’d.

Dundee 2nd district
19 Feb 1865 Wanless, Ann, 68, widow of William Wanless a seaman, 296 Perth Rd, Dundee, law. dau. of John Gray miller dec’d & Helen Gibon dec’d. Wm Wanless a son inf’d.

St George, Edinburgh
6 Feb 1865 Wanless, James Henderson, 14 mos, law. son of Robert Wanless a jobbing gardener and Margaret Dick; father inf’d

Perth, Perth
18 Dec 1866 Wanliss, John, 77, farmer, married to Janet Drummond, died at Croft House, Craigie, Perth; law. son of David Wanliss a farmer dec’d & Janet Moon. John Wanless a son inf’d.

Longformacus, Berwick
25 May 1866 Wanless, William, 68, schoolmaster, widower of Margaret Graham, died at the school house, Longformacus; law. son of George a farm servant dec’d & Janet Douglas dec’d. Jessie Wanless a dau. inf’d.

Tranent, Haddington
23 Nov 1866 Elizabeth, 38, wife of Peter Wanless a mariner, did at Cockenzie, law. dau. of David Barclay a fisherman and Margaret Wishart; husband inf’d

21 Nov 1866 Peter, 10 minutes, at Cockenzie, law. son of Peter a mariner and Elizabeth Barclay; father inf’d

Dundee 1st dist
20 Mar 1866 John, 6 mos, at Rattray’s Close, Bell St, illeg son of John a fish dealer and Grace Burns a fish dealer; father inf’d

none in 1867

St Peter, Dundee
23 Jul 1868 Duncan, Ann, 84, widow of Robert Duncan a market gardener, d. at Nicolls Land, Wilkies Lane, Dundee, law. dau. of Wm Wanless a master shoemaker dec’d and Euphemia Boyd dec’d. Ann Millar a dau. present.

Collace, Perth
10 Nov 1869 Wanless, Robert (a lab.), 60 yrs, married to Isabella Nairn dec’d, at Saucher, this parish, law. son of Robert a farmer dec’d & Elizabeth Watson dec’d. David Oliver a son in law. a joiner of Linton by Kelso inf’d.

Anderston, Glasgow
23 Aug 1870 Robert, 16 days, law. son of James a draper (master) & Eliza Anderson; father inf’d

St Peter, Dundee
29 Feb 1870 James, 22 mos, law. son of James a stoker at jute mill & Alison Sturrock; father inf’d

Hamilton, Lanark
3 May 1870 Wanless, David, 35, single, Private in 13th Hussars, d. at Cavalry Barracks, Hamilton, s/o James Wanless & not stated. Wm Booth of 13th Hussars inf’d.
[Note from Holly: I don’t know who this is, b. abt 1835 – does anybody? Could be the son of James Wanless & Isabella Mercer/Messer or the son of James who died in 1857 in Abernethy, Perth]

St Clement, Dundee
26 Nov 1871 Thomas, 5, law. son of James Wanless a tanner journ. and Margaret Fox; father inf’d.

Bridgeton, Glasgow, Lanark
17 May 1871 Fyfe, Abigail, 54, married to John Fyfe a gardener, d. at 27 Springfield Rd, Glasgow, law. dau. of John Wanless gardener dec’d & Agnes Lidster dec’d; husband inf’d.

Cupar, Fife
1 Mar 1871 Wannless, John, 87, gardener & widower of Agnes Lister, d. at South Toll, Cupar, parents not stated; Helen Anderson a dau. present.

St Giles, Edinburgh
28 Jan 1871 Elizabeth, 8 mos, law. dau. of John a gardener & Ann Adams; father inf’d

Perth, Perth
4 Jul 1871 Wanless, Agnes Somerville, 21, single, law. dau. of John a farmer dec’d & Janet Drummond; John Wanless a brother of Cargill inf’d.

St Clement, Dundee
14 Dec 1871 Eliza Jane, 19 mos, law. dau. of James a stoker at a factory & Margaret Fox; father inf’d

Ladhope, Roxburgh
31 Jan 1872 Wood, Janet, 57, married to Andrew Wood a wool factory worker, d. at Magdala Terrace, Ladhope, law. dau. of Richard Wanlas a labourer & Janet Stobbs; husband inf’d

Montrose, Forfar
22 Sep 1872 Wanless, Ann, 77, widow of Robert Wanless a seaman in mer’t service, d. at Poor’s House, Railway Place, Montrose, law. dau. of Wm Cramb, farm servt dec’d, & Jane Gardiner dec’d; Robert Wanless a son of 2 Panmure Row, Montrose, inf’d.

St Andrew, Dundee
26 May 1873 Wanless, John, 51, a foundry pattern maker married to Susan Stewart Henderson, 1 Crescent Lane, Dundee, law. son of Andrew a handloom weaver dec’d & Betsy Powrie dec’d. John S. Wanless a son informed.

Redgorton, Perth
24 Dec 1873 Sim, Ann, 84, widow of George Sim a builder, d. at Stanley, Redgorton, law. dau. of John Wanless a farmer dec’d & Elizabeth Mitchell dec’d; Wm Duncan a son in law. of Stanley inf’d.

Canongate, Edinburgh
27 Mar 1873 Wanless, Christina, 46, married to James a baker, of 62 East Cross Causeway, law. dau. of John Parkinson a butcher dec’d & Christina Braidwood dec’d

Eccles, Berwick
16 Feb 1873 Cockburn, Elizabeth, 77, married to Robert Cockburn a farm steward, d. at Springwells, this parish, law. dau. of George Wanless a farm servt dec’d & Janet Douglas dec’d; husband inf’d

Westruther, Berwick
21 Jul 1873 Wanless, Janet, 81, wife of Richard Wanless a ploughman, d. this par, law. dau. of Richard Stobbs a ploughman dec’d & Jeannie Kennedy dec’d. Mary Allan a dau. inf’d.

Arbroath, Forfar
27 Nov 1874 Paterson, Fanny, 57, a pauper widow of James Paterson a powerloom weaver, d. 11 Rossie St, St. Vigeans parish, law. dau. of Robert Wanless a tailor[?] dec’d & Margaret Kinlock dec’d. Alexander Stirling a son in law. & flaxdresser of 7 Union St East inf’d.

Canongate, Edinburgh
26 Dec 1874 Wanless, Isabella, 65, widow of Robert Wanless a farmer, d. at 9 Prospect St, Edinburgh, parents not stated. John R. Wanless a son of 36 Bermondsey St, Newcastle, inf’d.

Westruther, Berwick
26 May 1875 Wanless, Richard, 79, ploughman, widower of Janet Stobbs, d. this par, law. son of John a ploughman dec’d & Isabel Ewen dec’d. Mary Allan a dau. inf’d.

Yester, Haddington
16 Mar 1875 Jeffrey, Jane, 44, previously Robertson, married to Peter Jeffrey a merchant, d. this par, law. dau. of Ewen Wanless a groom & Janet Dobson; husband dec’d.

St Peter, Dundee
7 Feb 1876 Wanless, James, 46, journeyman tailor, md. to Helen Will, law. son of James a master shoemaker dec’d & Margaret MacKay dec’d. Mary Ann Melvin a neighbour inf’d. D. at 10 Heen’s Lane, Dundee.

Perth, Perth
14 Aug 1876 Wanliss, Janet, 74 yrs, widow of John Wanliss a farmer, d. at Moncrieffe Terrace, Perth, law. dau. of Thomas Drummond a farmer dec’d & Agnes Cunningham dec’d. John Wanliss a son of Mains of Cargill, Cargill inf’d.

St George, Edinburgh
9 May 1877 Wanless, James, 50, a baker widower of Christina Parkison, d. Poor House (St Cuthbert’s), law. son of John Wanless a baker dec’d & [blank]

St Mary, Dundee
9 Jan 1877 Wanless, Robert, 69, pastry baker journeyman, md. to Margaret Kinnison of 93 Overgate, Dundee, law. son of James a coal dealer dec’d & Jane White dec’d; James Wanless a son of 15 Mid St, Dundee, inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
16 Mar 1877 Wanless, Margaret, 18 mos, d. 3 Richmon Court, Edinburgh, law. dau. of James a journ. baker & Jane Gordon; mother inf’d.

St Clement, Dundee
2 Mar 1880 John, 1 yr 9 mos, 15 Mid St, Dundee, law. son of James a wood turner & Margaret Fox. father inf’d.

St Andrew, Dundee
22 Nov 1880 Wanless, Elizabeth Robertson, 4 mos., at 9 Middle St, Dundee, illeg. dau. of Catherine Wanless a sewing machinist; mother inf’d

St Martins, Perth, Perth
5 Dec 1880 Wanliss, Margaret McEwan, 3 wks, d. Rashyhall, St Martins, law. dau. of James a farm servant & Mary Ann Campbell; father inf’d.

Muirkirk, Ayr
16 Apr 1881 James, 13 mos, illeg. son of Janet Wanless a domestic servant, d. at Garronhill, Muirkirk; Wm Wilson the occupier inf’d.

St George, Edinburgh
20 Oct 1881 Robert, 7 wks, law. s/o John a cattle drover & Alice Kirkwood Munro; mother inf’d

Canongate, Edinburgh
10 Mar 1882 Wanless, Alexander, 25, a type founder, md. to Elizabeth Hunter of 44 South Bridge, Edinburgh, law. son of James Wanless a baker dec’d & Christina Parkinson dec’d; E. Wanless the widow inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
27 Nov 1878 Wanless, Jane, 23, wife of John Wanless a chimney sweeper, law. dau. of Wm Lighbody a city porter dec’d & Cecilia McCan dec’d; John the widower of 129 St Leonards St inf’d.

26 Jun 1878 Margaret, 24, single, d. Esplin Cottage, Morningside, Edinburgh, law. dau. of Robert Wanless a gardener & Margaret Dick; father inf’d.

St George, Edinburgh
23 Jun 1878 Wanless, Jemima Cochrane, 28, md. to John Ross Wanless, journ. joiner, law. dau. of Wm Leithead a stocking maker & Eliz’th Ferguson dec’d; J.R. Wanless widower inf’d.

Brechin, Forfar
19 Sep 1879 Wanless, Robert, 57, merchant seaman, md. to Agnes Ormond, d. 135 Montrose St, Brechin, law. son of Robert a tailor (master) dec’d & Ann Cramb dec’d. Jane Ann Stewart a dau. of 25 Bridge St inf’d.

St Peter, Dundee
27 Jul 1879 Wanless, Margaret Mackey, 12, d. 10 Heens Lane, Dundee, law. dau. of James Sharp Wanless operative tailor dec’d & Helen Will. mother inf’d

St Clement, Dundee
13 May 1879 Wanless, Catherine Scott, 1 yr 10 mos, l3 Mid St, Dundee, illeg dau. of Jessie Wanless a jute spinner; mother inf’d.

Brechin, Forfar
10 Jun 1882 Agnes, 50, wid of Robert Wanless a seaman, law. dau. of Robert Ormond a seaman dec’d & Jane Jamie dec’d. Alexinia Wanless a dau. of 139 Montrose St, Brechin, inf’d.

none in 1883

Newington, Edinburgh
30 Aug 1884 Peter, 9 hrs, law. son of David Wanless a coachman & Margaret Martin Young
30 Oct 1884 Robert, 23 yrs, single coachman, d. 1 Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh, law. son of John a gardener & Ann Adams; father inf’d.

Scone, Perth
8 Dec 1884 Wanliss, James, 9, law. son of Wm a ploughman & Isabella Cuthbert; father inf’d.

St Mary, Dundee
20 May 1884 Margaret, 13 hrs, law. dau. of Robert a hammerman striker & Elizabeth Neilson Auld; father inf’d.

Cathcart, Renfrew
9 Aug 1884 Blackie, Agnes, 58, md. to James Blackie a coachman, dom servt, d. Woodend, this par, law. dau. of John Wanless a gardener dec’d & Agnes Lister dec’d. Agnes Blackie a dau. inf’d.

Wilton, Roxburgh
20 Feb 1885 Wanless, Richard, 61, railway waggon disinfector, md. to Jessie Weatherstone, d. 4 Princes St, this par, law. son of Richard a farm servant dec’d & Janet Stobbs dec’d; Robert Wanless a son inf’d

Ferry-Port-on-Craig, Fife
3 Jun 1885 McKay, Helen, 69, md. to John McKay a seaman in merchant service, d. Dalgleish St, this par, law. dau. of John Wanless a seaman in merchant service dec’d & Isabella Wood dec’d; husband inf’d.

Eccles, Berwick
4 Jan 1885 Paxton, Isabella, 65, wife of Thomas Paxton formerly a farm servant, d. Springwells, this par, law. dau. of Richard Wanless a farm servant dec’d & Janet Stobbs dec’d. William White a cousin inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
26 Oct 1886 Wanless, Robert McLean, 6 mos, illeg. dau. [sic] of Annie Wanless china saleswoman, d. 7 Sciennes, Edinburgh; mother inf’d.

Portobello, Edinburgh
23 Aug 1886 Wanless, __, 2 hrs, law. dau. of John railway guard & Jane Fleming; father inf’d.

Wilton, Roxburgh
5 Nov 1887 Wanless, Alexander Scott, 29, tweed warehouseman, d. 4 Princes St, law. son of Richard Wanless a railway waggon disinfector dec’d & Jessie Weatherston. Robert Wanless a brother inf’d.

St. Andrew, Dundee
9 Oct 1887 Wanless, Andrew, 42, single, portrait painter, d. 1 Crescent Lane, this par, law. son of Andrew a machine pattern maker dec’d & Susan Henderson; John S. Wanless a brother present.

Blythswood, Glasgow
27 Feb 1887 Wanless, Wm Turner, 6 mos, law. son of George a tea merchant & Mary Gibson; mother inf’d.

Polmont, Stirling
23 Sep 1887 Wanliss, Irvine, 16 mos, law. son of James a farm servt & Mary Ann Campbell, d. Abbots Grange Cottages, t-par; father inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
9 Mar 1888 Wanless, Ann, 23, china merchant’s assistant, d. 7 Sciennes, Edinburgh, law. dau. of John a gardener & Ann Adams; father inf’d.

St Mary, Dundee
3 Sep 1888 Wanless, Betsy Auld, 9 mos, law. dau. of Robert stoker in jute factory & Eliz’th Neilson Auld

St Clement, Dundee
14 Sep 1889 Wanless, Margaret, 72, widow of Robert Wanless a journ. baker at 15 Mid St, Dundee, law. dau. of James Kinnison a master tailor dec’d & Elizabeth Martin dec’d; John Wanless a son of 36 Cotton Rd inf’d

Polmont, Stirling
1 Oct 1889 Wanless, __, 17 days, Abbots Grange Cottages, Polmont, illeg. dau. of Isabella Wanliss a farm servant; James Wanliss, grandfather, inf’d.

Milton, Glasgow
10 Apr 1890 Maggie Jane, 15, message girl, law. dau. of Robert a french polisher journ dec’d & Elizabeth Meikle previously Wanless maiden surname Taylor; John F.? Meikle stepfather inf’d.

Selkirk, Selkirk
21 Jul 1890 Angus, Mary, md. to Andrew Angus a woollen factory worker, d. 25 Chapel St, Selkirk, law. dau. of Ewen Wanless a groom dec’d & Janet Dobson dec’d; widower inf’d.

St Giles, Edinburgh
25 Oct 1890 Mary, 33, md. to Wm Wanless a glazier, 32 Greenside Row, law. dau. of Wm Nichol a type founder dec’d & Agnes Dunlap previously Nichol maiden surname Ross. Wm Wanless, widower, inf’d.

Galashiels, Selkirk
29 Nov 1890 Chambers, Mary, 58, wife of John Chambers a labourer, 53 Kirkbrae, this par, law. dau. of Richard Wanless carrier dec’d & Janet Stobbs dec’d. Alex’r Galbraith, son, inf’d.

Kelvin, Glasgow
28 Jul 1891 James, 19, single, insurance cashier, 3 Gray st, Glasgow, law. son of James a draper’s salesman and Eliz’th Anderson; father inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
25 Apr 1891 Wanless, John, 4 hrs, s/o David a warehouseman & Margaret Martin Young

St Mary, Dundee
29 Apr 1891 Donaldson, Agnes, 80, 12 Parker St, Dundee, widow of Alexander Donaldson a shoemaker, law. dau. of James Wanless a coal agent dec’d & Jane White dec’d. Ann Donaldson a dau. in law. inf’d.

Lauder, Berwick
5 Apr 1891 Alison, 68, wife of John Wanless a general labourer, at Therlstane, law. dau. of Thomas Ramage a shepherd dec’d & Margaret Wilson dec’d; James Kinghorn, son in law. of St Leonards, inf’d.

St Peter, Dundee
25 Nov 1891 Helen, 67, widow of James Wanless a tailor journeyman, 17 Annfield Rd, Dundee, law. dau. of Wm Will a mason dec’d & Helen Rennet dec’d. George Wanless a son & inmate inf’d.

16 Apr 1892 James, 73, a hand bill deliverer, md. to Jane Anderson, d. 5 Smalls Lane, Dundee, law. son of James a labourer dec’d & Jane Whyte dec’d. Robert Wanless a son of 13 Baxter St, Dundee, inf’d.

St George, Edinburgh
3 Jan 1892 Ann, 66, wife of John Wanless a gardener, 46 Earl Grey St, law. dau. of John Adams a dairyman dec’d & Barbara [blank] dec’d. Widower inf’d. [Note from compiler: “probably too distressed to remember – she was evidently found dead from heart failure”]

Hawick, Roxburgh
16 Feb 1892 Margaret, 33, wife of Richard Wanless a railway goods guard, at Poor House, Hawick, law. dau. of George Hawkins hind dec’d & Ann Reid dec’d.

St Giles, Edinburgh
24 May 1893 Wanless, Henry Hay, 5 yrs 5 mos, law. son of John a chimney sweep & Janet Scott

St Peter, Dundee
7 May 1893 Alison, 59, widow of James Wanless a stoker on stam boat, 310 Perth Rd, Dundee, law. dau. of Alex’r Sturrock a pilot dec’d & Isabella Logan dec’d; Wm Wanless a son and inmate inf’d.

Kinglassie, Fife
16 Nov 1893 Smith, Grace, 54, widow of Thomas Smith a ploughman, village of Kinglassie, law. dau. of James Wanless a ploughman dec’d & Isabella Messer dec’d. Thomas Smith, son, inf’d.

St Clement, Dundee
9 Mar 1893 Hay, Jane, 66, widow of 1st of John Macdonald a merchant seaman & 2nd of John Hay a rope spinner, at 15 Vault, Dundee, law. dau. of James Wanless a coal dealer dec’d & Jane Whyte dec’d. Jane Easson a dau. & occupier inf’d.

St George, Edinburgh
1 Dec 1893 Mary, 3 mos, illeg dau. of Mary Wanless a dom servt, at St Cuthberts poor house

7 Mar 1894 Ritchie, Jane, 77, widow of 1st Alexander Thomson a seaman mer. ser. & 2nd Peter Ritchie, lorryman, law. dau. of Peter Wanless a shoemaker dec’d & Agnes Finlay dec’d. Wm Thomson a son inf’d.

St Andrew, Edinburgh
1 Jul 1894 Wanless, Mary Stodhard, 14 wks, law. dau. of John railway guard & Jane Fleming; father inf’d.

South Leith, Edinburgh
22 Feb 1895 Wanless, John Purves, 6 mos, law. son of Richard railway servant & Margaret Purves

Newington, Edinburgh
31 Aug 1895 Wanless, Robert Bell, 6, Semple Court, Semple St, s/o David warehouseman and Margaret Martin Young

St Clement, Dundee
4 Dec 1896 James, 70, shipping porter md. to Mary Baxter Ramsy, 3 Coupar’s Alley, Dundee, law. son of John a merchant seaman dec’d & Mary McKay de’d. Lizzie Adam a niece present.

St Andrew, Dundee
7 Apr 1896 William, 26, jute mill overseer, law. s/o John a fish dealer & Grace Burns. George Coombes, bro in law, inf’d, of same address.

8 Apr 1896 John, 60, pauper, formerly fish dealer, md. to Grace Burns, law. s/o John a mer. ser. seaman dec’d & Mary McKay. James Wanless, son, inf’d.

St Peter, Dundee
30 Oct 1896 Wanless, Annie McCombs, 22 days, law. dau. of George Wanless house painter journ. & Davina McDowell

Maryhill, Glasgow
30 Jul 1896 Meikle, Elizabeth, 41, wife of 1st Robert Wanless a french polisher & 2nd John Paul Meikle a venetian blind maker, law. dau. of Wm Taylor a mason dec’d & Margaret Williamson dec’d; widower inf’d.

St Giles, Edinburgh
11 May 1896 Wanless, James Robert, 12, s/o John Wanless & Janet Scott
9 Nov 1896 Anderson, Helen, 84, wife of Thomas Anderson a contractor, law. dau. of John Wanless a gardener dec’d & Agnes Litster dec’d. John Anderson, son, infd.

St Mary, Dundee
18 Mar 1896 Wanless, Isabella Thomson, 10, d/o Robert Wanless & Eliz. Neilson Auld

Portobello, Edinburgh
20 Sep 1896 Black or Wanless, Mary, 10 mos, illeg dau. of Mary Wanless a dom servt, 5 Maryfield, Portobello; Mary Ann Gilmore, occupier, inf’d.
[Note from Holly: I don’t know who this mother is…]

Monifieth, Forfar
4 Feb 1896 Wanliss, Jane Freer, 54, wife of John Wanless a produce merchant, Broughty Ferry, law. dau. of Robert Duff a farmer dec’d & Amelia Mary Cowpar. C.N. Sutcliffe a sister inf’d.

Cathcart, Renfrew
11 Aug 1897 Wanless, George, 75, tea merchant, md. to Mary Gibson, 5 Battlefield Crescent, Langside, Glasgow, law. son of Wm Wanless schoolmstr dec’d & Margaret Graham dec’d. W.A. Wanless, son, infd.

St Peter, Dundee
19 May 1897 Wanless, Wm, 75, dairyman, 310 Perth Rd, Dundee, law. son of Wm a dairyman dec’d & Ann Gray dec’d. Margaret Gray Wanless a niece & inmate inf’d.

Canongate, Edinburgh
17 Jul 1898 Wanless, Alex’r Scott, 2 yrs 11 mos, s/o Robert a watchmaker & Eliz’th Thomson Paton

Lauder, Berwick
24 Jan 1898 Wanless, John, 76, agr. lab., widower of Alice Ramage, at Lauder, law. son of Richard a gen. lab. dec’d & Janet Stobbs dec’d. Thomas Wanless a son of 15 Cathcard Pl, Edinburgh, inf’d.

Pencaitland, Haddington
31 Aug 1898 Patrick, 20 mos, Little Kinchie, this par, s/o Neil coachman & Alice McCabe

St Andrew, Dundee
1 Apr 1898 Wanless, Wm Carse, 4 wks, s/o James a scavenger & Isabella McDonald

6 Jul 1898 Wanliss, Jessie McDonald, 4, d/o James a scavenger & Isabella McDonald

27 Nov 1898 Wanless, Susan, 74, wid of John Wanless a pattern maker journ., 19 Middle St, Dundee, law. dau. of Finlay Henderson a farm lab. dec’d & Elizabeth Robertson dec’d. John S. Wanless, son, inf’d, of 23 Rossie Pl, Edinburgh.

Falkirk, Stirling
19 Jun 1898 Wanliss, Wm Norval, 4 mos, illeg. son of Julia Wanliss dom servt, Laurieston, Falkirk; mother inf’d

Anderston, Glasgow
7 Nov 1898 Margaret, 2 mos, d/o George & Margaret Duncan

Calinton, Edinburgh
13 Nov 1899 Wanless, John, 71, gardener, widower of Annie Adamson, poor house, Craiglockhart, this par, parentage not stated. Violet Wanless, dau in law, inf’d.

St Giles, Edinburgh
12 Jun 1899 Wanless, Janet, 48, wife of John a chimney sweeper, 2 Scotland St Lane, law. dau. of David Scott a mason dec’d & Mary Small dec’d; widower inf’d.

Newington, Edinburgh
7 Jan 1899 Jardine, Mary, 68, widow of Wm Jardine, weaver of 3 Richmond Ln, Edinburgh, law. dau. of John Wanless farm servt dec’d & Mary [blank] dec’d; John Jardine, son, inf’d.

Abernethy, Perth
7 Aug 1899 Jean, 55, hand loom weaver, this par, law. dau. of James Wanless hand loom weaver dec’d & Isabella Messer dec’d. Annie Shepherd a neighbor inf’d.

St Peter, Dundee
31 Dec 1899 Wanless, Margaret Kinnison, 19, yarn reeler, single, law. son [sic] of John Wanless tobacco spinner & Jane Grant. George Wanless a brother & inmate inf’d.

North Leith, Edinburgh
19 Mar 1901 McCaskell, Mary, 88, wid of Norman McCaskell a shipmaster, 35 Ferry Rd, Leith, law. dau. of David Wanless a shoemaker dec’d & Agnes Finlay dec’d; Peter McCaskill a son inf’d.

6 May 1901 Wanless, Isabella, 42, md. 1st to Robert Sanderson, seaman mer. serv. & 2ndly Wm Wanless a house painter at 13 Johnstone St, Leith, parents not stated, widower inf’d.

Wilton, Roxburgh
16 Jan 1901 Wanless, Jessie Watherstone, 79, wid of Richard Wanless railway servant, 1 Noble Place, Wilton, law. dau. of John Watherstone shepherd dec’d & Margaret Craise dec’d. Robert Wanless, son of 39 Lochend Rd, Edinburgh inf’d.

[Note from Holly: Due to time constraints, abstracts from here on may be minimal, especially
if I already had data such as parentage from a marriage record or other source. There
is more information, such as occupations & addresses, on the film and/or original parish
records for most of the following records.]

St Peter, Dundee
3 May 1901 Wanless, Margaret Peat, 14 mos, d/o George Wanless & Davina McDowell

20 Jul 1902 James, 4 mos, s/o George & Davina McDowell

25 Dec 1902 Jane, 76, wid of James Wanless a mercht seaman, 1 Smalls Wynd, Dundee, law. dau. of John Anderson a gardener dec’d & Annie Leckie dec’d; Elizabeth Wanless dau in law. at Fallows Terrace, Rosemill Strathmartine, inf’d.

St Giles, Edinburgh
23 May 1901 Mary, 57, md. to John Ross Wanless a joiner, law. dau. of Thomas Bell a stocking maker dec’d & Beatrice Hogg dec’d; widower infd.

Auchterderran, Fife
9 Jan 1901 Wanliss,(girl), 2 days, d/o John Alex’r Stewart Wanliss & Anne Steel

St George, Edinburgh
23 Jul 1884 Robert, 3 mos, s/o John Ross Wanless joiner journeyman & Mary Bell

Perth, Perth
22 Sep 1902 Wanliss, James, 62, shepherd, md. to Mary Ann Campbell, The Cotton in Aberdalgie Par, law. son of James hand loom weaver dec’d & Isabella Messer dec’d. Alex’r Wanliss son of Queens Barracks, Perth, infd.

Anderston, Glasgow
27 May 1902 Wanless, Agnes Sutherland Fairweather, 2, d/o George Wanless & Maggie duncan

Kelvin, Glasgow
19 Nov 1903 James, 65, draper & clothier, md. to Elizabeth Anderson, 3 Gray St, Glasgow, law. son of Robert a farmer dec’d & Isabel Nairne dec’d. Agnes Wanless, dau. inf’d.

Cathcart, Renfrew
3 July 1903 Wanless, Mary, 57, widow of George Wanless a tea agent, 5 Battlefield Crescent, Langside, law. dau. of Wm Gibson a wine & spirit merchant dec’d & Mary Eleanor Bowman dec’d. Wm. A. Wanless, son, inf’d.

St Mary, Dundee
7 Sep 1904 Wanless, Wm Whitelaw, 2 yrs 4 mos, s/o Robert Wanless & Maggie Blyth Burns

St George, Edinburgh
28 Nov 1904 Wilson, Isabella, 85, widow of Charles Wilson mason, law. dau. of [blank] Wanless, schoolmaster dec’d & [blank]. D. Muirhead, grandson, infd.

Arbroath, Forfar
24 Mar 1904 Lowson, Margaret, 85, widow of Peter Lowson mill manager at 12 Colville Pl, Arbroath, law. dau. of David Wanless a flaxdresser dec’d & Eliz’th Coutts dec’d. David Lowson, son, infd.

Morningside, Edinburgh
8 Dec 1904 Margaret, 75, wife of Robert Wanless a gardener, law. dau. of Wm Dick a shepherd dec’d & Janet Thomson dec’d. Jessie Wilson Braid, dtr, infd.

Musselburgh, Inveresk, Edinburgh
4 Jun 1905 Wanless, Thomas William, 3, and James, of 47 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, law. sons of James a glazier & Eleanor Collister; father inf’d; both children drowned in Fisherrow Harbour, Musselburgh.

Selkirk, Selkirk
7 Apr 1906 Scott, Margaret, 79, wid of Thomas Scott a shephert, 2 Taits Hill, Selkirk, law. dau. of Richard Wanless ploughman dec’d & Janet Stobs dec’d. R. Scott, son, infd.

St Peter, Dundee
22 Sep 1906 Williamina, 13 mos, d/o George & Davina McDowell

20 Aug 1913 Wanless, Margaret Fox, 17 mos, d/o Wm Whitelaw & Annie Henderson

Dumfries, Dumfries
30 Jan 1907 Wanless, Cyril Alex’r Gilbertson, 3, s/o George Alex’r a draper & Isabella Rea.

Newington, Edinburgh
16 Mar 1907 George, 11 days, s/o Wm a glazier & Elizabeth McCullock; 4 Prospect Place, Edinburgh

10 Oct 1912 Alexander, 11 days, s/o Wm & Eliz. McCullock

St Giles, Edinburgh
10 Feb 1906 Cochrane, Isabella, 48, wife of William Cochrane a licenses broker, law. dau. of James Wanless a baker dec’d and [blank]. Son Wm Cochrane infd.

30 Mar 1906 Wanless, Jane Kelso, 37, wife of John a domestic coachman, at 31 Bucklench Pl, usual residence 138 Nicholson St, law. dau. of Wm Smith a chemist’s labourer & Ann Fleming; widower inf’d.

St Andrew, Dundee
3 Dec 1908 Wanliss, Grace, 71, 23 Hallston, Dundee, wid of John Wanliss a fish dealer, law. dau. of John Burns a carpet weaver dec’d & Betsy Carse dec’d; James Wanliss a son of 51 Foundry Ln infd.

Canongate, Edinburgh
19 Apr 1908 Peat, Ann, 88, widow of John Peat stone quarryman, 19 Holyrood Sq, Edinburgh, law. dau. of John Wanless baker & confectioner dec’d & Margaret Ramsay dec’d. Maggie Peat, dau, infd.

Calton, Glasgow
15 Jun 1908 Wanless, Alison Kirkwood, 51, wife of John Wanless a cattle drover, law. dau. of Peter Munro gas pipe layer dec’d & Agnes Smith dec’.

Ayton, Berwick
27 Mar 1908 Kinghorn, Alison, 57, wife of James Kinghorn mail contractor, law. dau. of John Wanless farm lab. dec’d & Alison Ramage dec’d. Widower infd.

St Mary, Dundee
12 May 1908 Robert, 51, jute mill night watchman, md. to Eliz’th Nelson Auld of 11 Elders Lane, Lochee, law. son of James a seaman merchant service dec’d & Jane Anderson dec’d; widow infd

Calinton, Edinburgh
20 Oct 1908 John, 59, chimney sweep, widower of 1st Jane Lightbody & 2nd Janet Scott, law. son of James a baker dec’d & Christina Parkinson dec’d.

9 Nov 1915 Wanless, John Barclay, 52, gen. lab. widower of Jane Smith, s/o Peter mercantile seaman dec’d & Elizabeth Barclay dec’d. David Wanless, brother, infd.

St Giles, Edinburgh
27 Dec 1909 Wanless, Violet Mary, 60, wife of 1st Wm Dallas cab driver and 2nd John Wanless cab driver, law. dau. of Alfred Severn coachman dec’d & Elizabeth Severn (her maiden surname) dec’d. Alfred Dallas, son, infd.

29 Jan 1911 Wanless, Elizabeth, 70, dom servt retired, single, of 3 Hollyfield St, law. dau. of Robert a farmer dec’d & Isabella Nairn dec’d. John R. Wanless, brother, infd.

9 Feb 1912 John, 53, cab driver, widower of Violet Severn, s/o John a gardener dec & Ann Adams dec. Jane Horn, sister, infd.

St Andrew, Dundee
21 Sep 1909 Small, Mary, 61, wid of Isaac Small blacksmith journ., law. dau. of James Wanless seaman merchant service dec’d & Jane Anderson dec’d; James Small, son, infd.

Melrose, Roxburgh
12 Dec 1909 Anderson, Margaret, 71, widow of George Anderson a carrier of “The View”, Selkirk, law. dau. of Ewen Wanless groom dec’d & Janet Young Watson dec’d; William Turnbull, nephew, of Scott Crescent, Galashiels, infd.

5 Dec 1911 Wanless, Richard, 57, general farmer md. to Mary Drinnen of Darnick, Melrose, law. son of John a gen. lab. dec’d & Elsie Ramage dec’d. John Wanless a son infd.

Morningside, Edinburgh
28 Sep 1909 Wanless, Robert, 89, gardener, widower of Margaret Thomson Dick, 29 Montpelier, Edinburgh, law. son of John a gardener dec’d & Agnes Lister dec’d. J. Wanless, dtr, infd.

6 Mar 1911 Robert, 6, s/o Rober watchmaker & Eliz. Thompson Paton

St Peter, Dundee
8 Feb 1909 Wanless, James Kinnison, 2, s/o Wm Whitelaw Wanless yarn dresser & Annie Bennet Henderson

St Nicholas, Aberdeen
31 Jan 1909 Wanless, David Strachan, 7 mos, s/o Peter & Elizabeth Strachan

8 Apr 1910 Wanless, Annie Strachan, 7, d/o Peter trawlmaster & Elizabeth Strachan; David Strachan, grandfather, infd.

Forgan, Fife
29 Jul 1910 Wanless, Mary Baxter, 84, wid of James Wanless shipping reporter, Meldrum Square, East Newport, law. dau. of James Ramsay sailmaker dec’d & Catherine Clark dec’d; George Croll, nephew, of 119 Blackscroft, Dundee, infd.

Camlachie, Glasgow
28 Jul 1913 Jeanie, 7 hrs, illeg. dau. of Robert Wanless an iron moulder & Jane McDevitt a confectionery worker

Moulin, Perth
7 Jan 1914 Helen, 11 mos, d/o George & Margaret Ferrie

St Andrew, Dundee
6 Jan 1914 James, 46, scavenger, md to Isabella McDonald, s/o John a general dealer dec’d & Grace Burns dec’d

St Clement, Dundee
22 Feb 1915 Wanless, Margaret Duncan, 73, wife of John Wanles wood turner journ, d/o Charles Fox hand loom weaver dec’d & Agnes Air dec’d. Robert a son infd.

10 Oct 1916 Alexander, 2, s/o Wm & Annie Henderson

St Mary, Dundee
19 Jan 1915 Isabella, 44, wid of James a lab. cleansing dept., law. dau. of John McDonald a carter dec’d & Jessie McDonald her maiden surname. John McDonald, nephew, infd.

Burntisland, Fife
26 Jun 1916 Wanless, Robert McLellan, 17, s/o John & Ann Steel

Morningside, Edinburgh
25 Oct 1916 Eleanor, 42, wife of James Wanless glazier, d/o Thomas Collister farm servt dec’d & Mary Gale dec’. John Wanless bro in law. infd.

St Andrew, Edinburgh
4 Jan 1916 Wanless, Janet, 72, single, law. dau. of Ewan ostler dec’d & Janet Dobson dec’d. Wm Turnbull, nephew of Galashiels infd.

Gordon, Berwick
10 Feb 1917 Purves, Margaret, 60, wife of Thomas Purves, d/o John Wanless & Alice Ramage, both dec’d

Galashiels, Selkirk
13 Jul 1917 Turnbull, Isabella Ewen, 82, wid of John Turnbull, d/o Hugh Wanless ostler & Janet Dobson, both dec’d

Perth, Perth
24 Feb 1917 Elizabeth Ann, 30, wife of John Henderson Frazer Wanless, d/o Joseph Kennedy & Ann Egan

Row, Dumbarton
28 May 1917 Elizabeth, 88, wid of George Wanless tea merchant, Annieslea, Helmsburgh, d/o Wm Gillies & Catherine Davidson, both dec’d. Eliz’th A. Fraser a niece infd.

Partick, Glasgow
29 Dec 1916 Elizabeth, 80, widow of James draper, dau. of Robert Anderson house proprietor & Agnes Cowie, both dec’d; Agnes A. Wanless dau infd.

St Peter, Dundee
30 Jun 1917 George, 52, h/o Davina McDowell, s/o James Sharp Wanless & Helen Will; dau Marjory infd

St Andrew Dundee
24 Nov 1917 Elizabeth, 73, single, jute spinner, East Poorhouse, Dundee, law. dau. of Robert Wanless baker journ. dec’d & Margaret Kinnison dec’d; John Wanless brother of Broughty Ferry infd.

Canongate, Edinburgh
17 Feb 1918 Antoinette, 58, wife of John Stewart Wanless, d/o Anthony Cobb & Ann Brown Fraser both dec’d

St George, Edinburgh
8 Jan 1918 Wanless, Thomas, 65, joiner retired, md. to Agnes Wanless, 15 Cathcart Pl, Edinburgh, law. son of John a farm servt dec’d & Alison Ramage dec’d; John a son infd. of Edinburgh

Milton, Glasgow
21 Feb 1919 Wanless, Wm Wight, 8 mos, s/o George & Isabella Torrie Wight

St Clement Dundee
18 Dec 1919 Wanless, James Kinnison, 77, jute mill lab., widower of Margaret Fox, s/o Robert a baker & Margaret Kinnison both dec’d; son A. Wanless infd.

17 Feb 1921 Craighead, Jessie, 71, wid of Peter Craighead, d/o Robert Wanless pastry baker & Margaret Kinnison; stepson Peter Craighead infd

Inchture, Perth
21 Sep 1920 Wanliss, Mary Ann, 78, wid of James ploughman, d/o Alexander Campbell & Amelia Ferguson both dec’d; Amelia Crichton, dau of Inchture, infd.

St Andrew, Dundee
4 Mar 1921 Margaret, 82, widow of 1st James Mather a machine fitter journ. and 2nd Robert Hunter a marine engineer, d/o James Anderson a tanner journ. & Frances Kinlock Rankine Wanless afterwards Paterson dec’d. Jessie Wallace niece infd.

Lochee, Dundee
27 Apr 1921 Alice Sturrock Wanless, 16, d/o Alex’r Tullock Wanless & Alice Sturrock Wanless maiden surname

Pollokshields, Glasgow
20 Jun 1921 Daniel, 47, md to Jessie McKenzie or Gerrard, s/o Wm Wanliss tram car conductor & Isabella Wilson

Camlachie, Glasgow
22 Feb 1921 Robert, 1 day, s/o Robert & Jane McDevitt

South Leith, Edinburgh
18 Apr 1921 Wanless, Richard, 66, railway guard retired, md. to 1st Margaret Hawkins and 2nd Margaret Purves, 16 Noble Pl, Leith, law. son of Richard farm worker dec’d & Jessie Weatherstone dec’d. Agnes Campbell, niece, infd.

West district of Greenook, Renfrew
11 Sep 1921 John, 65, cattle drover, wid of Alison Munro, s/o Robert & Margaret Dick

St Andrew, Dundee – 19 Dec 1922 – Mary (Harvey) Wanless, 46

Buckhanen, Fife
13 Dec 1922 Coltherd, Margaret, 74, widow of Wm Coltherd ploughman, d/o Richard Wanless ploughman & Jessie Weatherstone both dec’d; Alison Scott, dau, of Edinburgh infd.

Hawick, Roxburgh
8 Mar 1922 Jessie, 72, single, wool power loom weaver retired, 1 Noble Place, Hawick, d/o Richard Wanless & Jessie Watherston both dec’d; bro John infd of Hawick

Westruther, Berwick
12 Jan 1923 Cockburn, Robina, 92, widow of James Cockburn, d/o Richard Wanless & Janet Stobbs; son Henry Cockburn infd

George Sq, Edinburgh
10 May 1922 – Emma Barrows Wanless, 43
24 Jun 1922 – John Ross Wanless, 72, md. 1st to Jemima Leithead and 2nd Mary Bell and 3rd Jeanie Spence Hood, s/o Robert a crofter & Isabella Nairn both dec’d; dau Isabella infd.

Findo Gask, Perth
9 Aug 1923 Elizabeth Simpson Wanless, 54, wife of Andrew schoolmaster, d/o Robert Wilkie & Elizabeth Simpson

St Andrew, Edinburgh
18 Apr 1923 Wanliss, Thomas Drummond, 92, journalist retired, wid of Eliza Henderson, s/o John a farmer & Janet Drummond

Orwell, Kinross
9 Aug 1924 Mary Ann, 79, wife of John hay & potato merchant, d/o Charles Stewart & [blank]; son John infd.

North Leith, Edinburgh
20 Jan 1924 Betsy, 51, wife of James a brass moulder’s dresser, d/o Wm Christie & Margaret Adam

Perth, Perth
9 Mar 1925 Wanliss, Jessie Moon, 91, single, d/o John Wanless farmer dec’d & Janet Drummond dec’d; bro John infd.

George Sq, Edinburgh
21 Jan 1925 – Maggie, 13, d/o Wm & Eliz McCullock

Dalry & Gorgie, Edinburgh
5 Oct 1925 Agnes, 74, wid of Thomas joiner, 15 Cathcart Pl, Edinburgh, d/o Robina Wanless a domestic servant subsequently married to James Cockburn a gamekeeper dec’d; dau Robina H. Wanless infd.

Kelvin, Glasgow
24 Mar 1925 George, 66, h/o Maggie Duncan, s/o George a marine engineer & Elizabeth McInroy now Smith

Broughty Ferry, Dundee
1 jan 1926 Jessie, 73, w/o John tobacco cutter, Broughty Ferry, d/o William Grant & Janet Wallace

St Andrew, Edinburgh
23 Aug 1926 Braid, Jessie Thomson Dick, 68, md to Alexander McBryde Brown writer and then to Wm Wilson Braid commercial agent retired, d/o Robert Wanless gardener & Margaret Thomson Dick both dec’d.

Melrose, Roxburgh
8 Sep 1906 Mary, 72, widow of Richard a farm steward of Darnick, Melrose, d/o Robert Drinnan coachman dec’d & Helen Muir dec’d; son John infd.

Dunbarney, Perth
13 Nov 1927 John, 88, farmer retired, widower of Mary Ann Stewart, s/o John a farmer & Janet Drummond

Perth, Perth
25 Mar 1927 Drummond, 84, mining engineer retired, s/o John a farmer & Janet Drummond

Scone, Perth
5 Jan 1927 Wanliss, Isabella, 79, md. to Wm Miller Wanliss a car depot man, of Lovers Lane, Scone, law. dau. of George Cuthbert crofter dec’d & Catherine Cant[?] dec’d. Widower infd.

Hawick, Roxburgh
24 Oct 1928 Jane, 72, wife of John railway yard master retired, d/o Thomas Fleming, tenant farmer dec’d & Mary Fleming, previously Kennedy maiden surname Stothart dec’d; husband infd.

Perth, Perth
8 Sep 1928 Elizabeth, 35, w/o John Henderson Fraser Wanless, d/o Patrick Clements & Martha Docherty

St Giles Edinburgh
11 Nov 1928 Agnes, 47, w/o Wm Alex’r Wanless carter, d/o Mary Jane Coyle subsequently md to Charles Fairley dec’d

Broughty Ferry, Dundee
19 Oct 1928 John, 76, tobacco spinner, wid of Jessie Grant, s/o Robert a baker & Margaret Kinnison

Auchterderran, Perth
12 Aug 1929 Craig, Isabella, 63, wid of David, d/o James Wanless & Mary Ann Campbell

Perth, Perth
1 Jun 1929 Elizabeth, 85, single, 4 Marshall Pl, Perth, d/o John a farmer & Janet Drummond

South Leith, Edinburgh
23 Oct 1929 Margaret, 76, wid of Richard railway guard, d/o John Purves & Margaret Chrystal; niece Agnes Campbell infd.

Dalry & Gorgie, Edinburgh
28 Apr 1929 Horne, Jane, 69, wid of Alexander Horne, d/o John Wanless & Ann Adams

North Leith, Edinburgh
27 Jan 1929 Helen, 20, d/o Wm Alexander & Agnes Coyle

Kinghorn, Fife
28 Feb 1929 Stewart, Alexina, 66, wid of Robert Stewart, d/o Robert Wanliss sailor & Agnes Ormond both dec’d

Morningside, Edinburgh
19 Sep 1929 Wanless, Wm McDonald, 3, s/o Wm Coyle & Mary Traynor

George Sq, Edinburgh
17 Mar 1929 Robert, 68, md to Eliz’th Thompson Paton, s/o Richard & Jessie Weatherstone; dau Millie infd.

Kingfanns, Perth
19 Feb 1930 Bruce, Wilhamina, 55, md. to Finlay Bruce, d/o James & Mary Campbell

North Leith, Edinburgh
11 Apr 1930 Elizabeth Strachan Wanless w/o Peter d/o David Strachan & Elizabeth Pettsfort

Holly only extracted selected records from this point on…

Morningside, Edinburgh
31 Dec 1930 Wanless, John Wm, 52, master grocer retired, md. to Elizabeth Hill, of Clifton, Mitchell Ave, Jesmond, Newcastle on Tyne, s/o Thomas a master grocer dec’d & Frances Edminson dec’d. Brother Geo. T. Wanless of Osbaldeston Gardens, Gosforth, Newcastle on Tyne, infd.

Earlston, Berwick
11 Jun 1931 Summers, Jane, 78, wid of John, d/o Richard Wanless & Jessie Weatherson; son in law. Thomas L. Turnbull infd.

Dron, Perth
28 Jul 1931 Bell, Mary Ann Drummond, 90, wid of Wm Bell, d/o John Wanless & Janet Drummond

St Clement, Dundee
22 Mar 1931 Stewart, Jane Ann Ormond, 70, wid of James, d/o Robert Wanless & Agnes Ormond

Newington, Edinburgh
23 Apr 1932 Wanless,Jessie Cook, 49, wife of John, d/o Hugh McPhail & Elizabeth Craik Cook

Newton Mearns, Renfrew
7 Sep 1932 Wanless, Alison McCabe, 67, wife of Neil a domestic gardener, d/o Patrick McCabe & Margaret Reid

Morningside, Edinburgh
15 Jan 1933 Wanless, Margaret Walker, 9 mos, d/o Wm Coyle & Mary Traynor

Portobello, Edinburgh
19 Jul 1935 Murray, Barbara, 81, widow of 1st Alexander Nisbet, 2nd Thomas Murray, d/o Neil Wanless & Barbara Liston; Jane Gordon dau. infd.

Hawick, Roxburgh
11 May 1935 John, 77, railway station master retired, wid of Jane Fleming, s/o Richard & Jessie Weatherson; son R.S. Wanless of Falkirk infd.

Newington, Edinburgh
22 Jul 1934 Wanless, Wm. Ramsay, 80, house painter, md to: 1) Mary Nicol, 2) Isabella Randall or Sanderson, and 3) Elizabeth McCullock, of 33 Richmond Place, Edinburgh, s/o Wm Wanless a baker dec’d & Christina Parkinson dec’d; son Henry L. Wanless present.

Swinton, Berwick
22 Aug 1934 Agnes, 74, single, retired housekeeper, d/o John & Alison Ramage; niece Agnes Kinghorn of Cairniehill, Duns. infd.

St Andrew, Dundee
12 Nov 1934 Senior, Ann Milne Smith wid of Andrew Senior, 80, d/o Robert Wanless & Margaret Kinnison; nephew Alexander Wanless infd.

Dennistoun, Glasgow – 21 Jan 1934 – Jane McDevitt Wanless, 48

Alloa, Clackmannan
5 Sep 1934 Finlayson, Mary Ann Thornton, 81, wid of James, d/o James Wanless marine engineer dec’d & Mary Thornton dec’d.

North Leith, Edinburgh
30 Jan 1935 Euphemia Murray Wanless, 34, d/o Begg Carnie & Euph. Paterson; sister Margaret Wilson infd.

St Giles Edinburgh
11 May 1936 Elder, Mary Jane, 30. d/o Wm Alex’r Wanless & Agnes Coyle

Milton, Glasgow
4 Apr 1936 Grieve, Jean Baxter, 48, d/o George & Maggie Duncan

St Clement, Dundee
21 Aug 1936 Davina, 65, wid of George, d/o Samuel McDowell

St Andrew, Dundee
26 Apr 1936 Catherine, 74, retired tailoress, single, 1 Princes St, d/o John Wanless & Susan Henderson

Canongate, Edinburgh
4 Jan 1936 Wanless, John Stewart, 79, s/o John & Susan Stewart Henderson; son Ernest infd.

Pollock, Glasgow
24 Jun 1936 Wanless, Wm Alexander, 62, tea & confectionery buyer, md to Agnes Mary Russell, of Clarkston, Renfrewshire, s/o George a tea agent & Mary Gibson both dec’d; brother T.S. Wanless infd.

Camlachie, Glasgow
4 Dec 1937 Robert, 50, wid of Jane McDevitt, s/o John & Alice Kirkwood Munro

Leith, Edinburgh
8 Oct 1937 Peter, 84, trawler skipper retired, wid of Eliz. Strachan, s/o Neil & Barbara Liston

Monkton-Prestwick, Ayr
25 Nov 1939 Wanless, Agnes Anderson, 75, single, 9 Whinfield Ave, Prestwick, d/o Walter hosier dec’d & Agnes Cowie dec’d; Robert M. Gardiner an intimate friend of 12 Whinfield Rd infd.

Lochee, Dundee
20 Jan 1939 Coombes, Grace, 82, wid of George, d/o John Wanless & Grace Burns

Jephall [first letter illegible], West Lothian
2 Aug 1939 Wanless, Helen Collister, 33, single, dom servt of 33 Richmond Pl, Edinburgh, d/o Wm Wanless house painter & Elizabeth McCullock; sister Isabella McRae infd.

St Mary & St Peter, Dundee
9 May 1939 Drummond, Jane Halley, 80, wid of John, d/o James Wanless & Alison Sturrock

Lochee, Dundee
17 Jul 1939 Wanless, Margaret Blyth, 71, md. to Robert, d/o Margaret Jack Burns; son James of Monifieth infd.

Mains & Strathmartine, Angus
21 Apr 1940 Alexander Tullock Wanless, 68, s/o James Kinnison Wanless & Margaret Fox

St Andrew Edinburgh 14 Aug 1941 Jimmy, 17 hrs, s/o George & Muriel Etty; same record for son John, 3 hrs

Melrose, Roxburgh
22 Jan 1941 John, 62, gardener & dom servt, md to Christina Dodds, s/o Richard & Mary Drinnan; son R. Wanless of Pavilion, Melrose infd.

Morningside, Edinburgh
15 Mar 1941 William, 59, md. to Agnes Coyle and Agnes Trotter, s/o Wm & Mary Nicol; stepsister Isa. McRae infd.

12 May 1941 Wanless, Elizabeth Liddle, w/o Richard Wanless

19 May 1943 John, 64, ironmonger retired, md to Emma Barrows Stone and 2nd Margaret Ramage, s/o Thomas Wanless joiner dec’d & Ann Wanless her maiden surname; sister Robina H. Wanless infd.

Cathcart, Glasgow
18 Jul 1943 Wanless, Thomas Gibson, 61, s/o George & Mary Gibson

Raymond s/o Wm Coyle d. 6 Nov 1944

St Andrew, Edinburgh
19 Feb 1944 Richard, 59, higher clerical office Dept of Health for Scotland, widower of Elizabeth Liddle Cockburn, s/o Richard Wanless a railway engine driver dec’d & Margaret Polson Hawkins dec’d; dau A.E.[??] Wanless infd.

Newington, Edinburgh
16 Apr 1944 Wanless, Elizabeth Shortreid, 69, wid of Wm Wanless housepainter, 33 Richmond Pl, Edinburgh, d/o Isabella McCullock a cook & dom servt; dau Isabella McRae infd.

Perth, Perth
4 Apr 1945 Andrew, 80, retired schoolmaster, wid of Elizabeth Wilkie, s/o Richard & Jessie Weatherstone; dau. N.A. Wanless infd.

George Sq, Edinburgh
4 Sep 1945 John, 65, md to 1) Jessie McPhail and 2) Elizabeth Watson, s/o Wm & Mary Nicoll; son John infd of 15 Yeoman Pl., Edinburgh

Milton, Glasgow
6 Sep 1945 Wanless, Eleanor Bowman, 73, single, tea room manager, d/o George tea merchant & Mary Gibson; brother Edward B. infd.

Scone & Kinnoull, Perth
28 Dec 1946 Wanliss, Wm Miller, 91, electric train driver retired, wid of Isabella Cuthbert of Douglas Home, Scone, usual residence Lovers Lane, Scone, s/o James Wanliss a salmon fisher dec’d & Isabella Mercer dec’d; niece Elizabeth Stewart infd.

Edinburgh Square, Edinburgh
16 Jan 1946 Jane, 80, single, fundholder, d/o Robert & Margaret Dick

Stow, Midlothian
19 Apr 1947 James, 74, brass finisher retired, md 1) Elizabeth Christie and 2) Helen Fairgrieve of Millbank Stow, s/o John & Ann Adams

Haddington, East Lothian
11 Sep 1947 Golightly, Mary Margaret, 57, wife of Wm, d/o Neil Wanless estate gardener & Alison McCabe

St Andrew, Dundee
1 Apr 1947 Mary Maud, 65, single, preserves worker, d/o James & Margaret Fox; sister Margaret Hall infd.

23 Jan 1948 Wanless, Margaret Gray, 86, single, retired preserves factory worker, d/o James a carter & Alison Sturrock; nephew A.T. Wanless infd.

St Andrew, Edinburgh
10 May 1949 Wanless, George Hawkins, 62, tailor, md to Christina Thorburn Niven, 21 Marsh Rd, Edinburgh, s/o Richard railway guard dec’d & Margaret Hawkins dec’d; son Richard of same address infd.

George Sq, Edinburgh
21 Sep 1950 Derek, 1 day, s/o George & Margaret Deans Bradley

Dunblane, Perth
12 Nov 1952 Alexander, 63, journalist, md to Sophie Agnes Young of Fordholm, Dunblane, s/o Richard & Margaret Hawkins

Falkirk, Stirling
26 Apr 1953 Wanless, Richard Stothard, 69, railway goods agent retired, md to Grace Darling Turnbull, 18 Moncks Rd, Falkirk, s/o John Wanless & Jane Fleming both dec’d; son in law. H.McColl of Boghall House, Linlithgow, infd.

Dundee East, Angus
7 Nov 1953 Wanless, Wm Whitelaw, 79, wid of Annie Henderson

…searched to end of indices of deaths at New Register House – HMW.

[Note from Holly: This is the end of this document. I only skipped some infant deaths and several pages of deaths in the 1940s and 50s.]