Marriages from parish registers

Wan(d)less marriages extracted from parish registers & indexes to parish registers

Source: parish register microfilm
This page contains all the entries in the Joiner Marriage Index (1996), most entries in the IGI that are extracted from parish registers, and many complete entries from the parish registers.


  • bhw = by his wife
  • botp = both of this parish
  • otp = of this parish
  • opo = of the parish of



  • Christ Church
  • St. Michael and All Angels
  • St. Thomas
  • Christ Church, New Seaham
  • St. John’s, Seaham Harbour
  • St. Mary the Virgin, Old Seaham


Middlesex: London area


Other English Counties

  • Counties with only a few Wanless marriages: Cambridge, Cheshire, Devon, Hampshire, Hereford, Kent, Nottingham, Sussex, Wiltshire




Alston (St. Augustine’s)

Source: parish register, transcribed by Ken & Colin Wanless

24 Feb 1770 John WANLASS & Elizabeth HUNT both of this parish were
married in this church (his x mark & her x mark) in the presence of
Henry HUNT & Hugh PATTINSON. Banns.

25th day of Nov 1771. George WANLASS & Elizabeth BATEMAN both of this parish
were married in this church (George Wanless & Elizabeth Wanless her
x mark) in the presence of Thomas BATEMAN & Hugh PATTINSON. Banns.

21 May 1775. Luke WANLESS & Ann JACKSON, both of this parish, Witness John CARRICK.

Source: parish register typescript by John Robson Walton (FHL 0090549 )

Dec 1774: Banns betw George Thompson & Elizabeth Wanless botp, banns 11 Dec, 18 Dec, 25 Dec 1774

8 Feb 1776 John Wanlass married Ann Bails, botp, wit Thomas Walton, banns 21 Jan, 28 Jan, 4 Feb 1776

15 Jan 1784 George Errington & Ann Jackson both of this parish, wit Luke Wanlass, banns

8 Mar 1792 William Walton & Nancy Wanliss both of this parish, wit John Horsley, banns

15 Dec 1798 Aaron Hardy of Nenthead & Elisabeth Wanlass of Nenthead, botp, wit Thos Wharton, George Armstrong, John Pattinson, by banns
— married the same day as Robert Armstrong of Nenthead & Hannah Bell of Green Ends

12 May 1812 Jackson Wanlass & Mary Russell, by banns, both of this parish, wit: Jos. Pearson [a frequent witness]

12 May 1812 Ralph Wanlass & Mary Walton, by banns, both of this parish, wit: Jos. Pearson [a frequent witness]

Source: Bishop’s Transcript of the parish register

17 AUG 1820 Thomas Wanlass & Isabella Pearson, both of this parish, by banns, witnessed by John Pattinson, Joseph Lancaster

13 JAN 1827 Jackson Wanlass (widower) & Ann White (spinster), both of this parish, by licence, witnessed by Thomas Bell & Fenwick White

7 Jun 1827 Matthew Pickering (bachelor) & Ann Stephenson (spinster), both of this parish, by banns, witnessed by Jackson Wanlass
& Adam Bell

7 Jun 1827 Thomas Millican (bachelor) & Catherine White (spinster), both of this parish, by banns, witnessed by Jackson Wanlass & Adam

10 JUN 1854 Margaret Wanlass & William Hudspith

Garrigill (St. John’s)

8 Oct 1774 Ralph Pickering & Ann Winlass both of this parish were married.

3 Jul 1775 Joseph Wanlass & Rachel Walton both of this parish were married.

London area (Middlesex, Surrey)

Knightsbridge – Registers of Chapel of The Holy Trinity, 1658-1681

11 Sep 1677 Joshua Farnham and Jeyne Wanless

Source: Boyd’s Marriage Index vol 36 (FHL fiche 6026759)

supplemented with dates from IGI or full data from London Marriage Transcripts at

1702 Wanless, Wm & Els Gardner, Bp London

03 DEC 1704 Michael Wanless & Elizabeth Cressrey, Vic Gen, Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster

30 MAR 1708 Wanless, Wm, widower, of St Martin in ye Fields & Mary Peirson, spinster of St Ann’s Westminster, at Saint James, Dukes Place, Aldgate, London

1711 Wanless, Wm & Mary Burn, Fac Off

29 JUL 1711 Wanless, Thomas & Mary Rock, both of Greenwich, Co Kent, by Mr Ramsay, by licence, at Saint Michael Cornhill, London

Source: IGI supplemented with London Marriage Transcripts at

27 JUN 1576 Jone Wanles, widow & Davye Proudye, Saint Michael Cornhill, London

17 NOV 1605 Jane Wanles & Raphe [Ralph] Deane, St Botolph, Aldgate

03 JUL 1609 Anne Wenles & Roger Evance, Saint Thomas The Apostle , London

28 SEP 1615 Margery Wanles & William Spery, Saint Katherine By The Tower, London

08 AUG 1661 Katherine Wanlesse & William Downing, Temple Church Of England, London

21 FEB 1730 Mary Wanless & William Merrick, Fleet Prison And Rules Of The Fleet, London*
*from “Clandestine baptisms and marriages performed by suspended
ministers in the Fleet Prison Chapel in the city of London “, FHL

25 JAN 1778 William Wonless & Elizabeth Thompson, Saint Giles Cripplegate, London

Pallot’s Marriage Index of London 1780 – 1837

(marriages for which details have been obtained have been removed from the table and entered below in the appropriate parish)

Bride Groom Year Church
John Henry Wanless, bach. Elizabeth Osborn, spinst. 1794 Christchurch Newgate
Elizabeth Wanlass William Glashier of Ripley, Surrey, by lic. 1795 Westminster St James

St. Dunstan, Stepney

4 November 1663 Edward Wanleys of Whitehorse street, bruer, and Judith Wilson, M.

11 JUN 1821 Jane Wanless, spinster, & James Howarth, bachelor, both of M.E.O.T. [Mile End Old Town], banns called 27 May, 3 Jun, 10
Jun. Witnesses: Robert Jennings, Sarah Howarth.

16 Sep 1822 Robert Wandles, bach, and Mary Field, spinst, both of this parish, by banns. Witn: Richard Field, E. Field

22 Aug 1858 James Wanless, 34, widower, merchant clerk, 2 Arbour St, father William Wanless, schoolmaster, to Elizabeth Baggs, 35, spinster, 2 Arbour St, father John Baggs, laborer, witnessed by John Baggs & Ithiel Price

St. George, Hanover Square

20 March 1762 Roger Wanlass, bachelor & Ann Priest, spinster

31 May 1777 John Wandlass of Uxbridge & Rachel Budgen of this parish, by licence.

3 April 1789 John Wanless of St Giles Cripplegate & Mary Good of this parish, by licence.

27 June 1803 William Wandlass, bachelor & Elizabeth Smith, spinster, by licence.

St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey

16 Dec 1784 Roger Wanless of this parish, widower, and Jane Parker of the parish of Croydon, Surrey, widow, married by licence . He marked, she signed. Witnesses: James Hilt, Charlotte Grouch [or Crouch].

St James Clerkenwell

02 FEB 1640 Timothye Wenlas & Elizabeth Browne

4 Apr 1780 Henry Newton & Elizabeth Wanless, both of this parish, by banns. Witnesses: T. Newton, John Garth [he witnesses most

15 July 1782 William Wanless of this parish and Jane Bray Stevens of the parish of St. Luke’s, Middlesex, a minor, married by licence with
consent of Ann Stevens her lawfull mother, in the presence of Thomas Hunter & Ann Stevens.

St Mary Newington, Southwark, Surrey

15 May 1787 George Wanless bachelor & Margaret Palmer spinster, both of this parish, married by banns. Witnesses: John Lighton, Thomas White. George signed, Margaret marked.

St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey

19 June 1774 John Bayley, bach, & Elizabeth Wanless, spinst, both of this parish, by banns. He signed, she marked. Witnesses: Richard Kerr, Mary —- Lings.
— witness Mary has a middle name that is somewhat illegible – looks like Woors, Toons, Loors. On the same day at this church, an Elizabeth Bayley married William Smith by licence – possible sister of John Bayley?

St George in the East, Mdx

18 Oct 1749 John Newby, bach, to Eliz’th Wanless, sp’r, both of this parish

10 June 1815 William Rogers of Dundee, North Britain, bachelor, & Susan Wanless of this parish, spinster, by licence, both signed. Witn:
James Scott jun’r, Margaret Kidd

St Luke Old Street, Islington

1819 William Henry Wanless, bach, & Mary Ann Hicks, spinster, both of this parish, by banns. Witn:[illegible] Williamson, Ann Margaret Wanless

St Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex

9 Aug 1762 John Wanless & Elizabeth Lewis, both of this parish, married by banns, in the presence of Thomas Priestley, Wm. Garner

7 June 1807 Edward Dewick & Elizabeth Wanless, both of this parish, married by banns by Charles Pryce, curate, in the presence of
Joseph Gray, Maria Gray.
[bride signed her own name]

29 Sep 1827 William Haynes of the parish of St Mary Newington, Surrey, bachelor, and Mary Wanless of this parish, spinster, by licence. Both signed. Witnessed by John Bishop Haynes & Ann Wanless.

Hanwell (St. Mary), Middlesex – source: parish register

14 Apr 1828 William Nash (bach) and Elizabeth Wandless (widow) both of this parish by banns, witnessed by Francis & Margaret Weaver, bride signed E. Wandless.

St. Pancras, Camden – source: parish register

27 Feb 1827 John James Broad (bach) & Jane Wandless (spinster), both of this parish, by banns, witnessed by Thomas & Elizabeth Broad,
both signed.

14 Mar 1858 Edward Crome, full age, bachelor, joiner, lives Brill Row, father William Crome a company’s beadle and Isabella Wandlass, full age, spinster, lives Burton Crscent, father George Wandlass, dead. Married by banns, both signed, witnesses G. Scarborough, Caroline Jones

St Giles Camberwell, Southwark, Surrey

27 May 1839 Thomas Thorpe, full age, bach, coachman, Old Kent Rd, father Thomas Thorpe a farmer, to Ann Wanless, minor, spinster, servant, Old Kent Rd, father Thomas Wanless a currier, banns, witn: George Smith, Mary Jane Wanless

St Leonard, Shoreditch, Hackney – source: parish register

27 Dec 1849 James Wanless, full age, bachelor, merchant’s clerk, of George Street, father William Wanless a schoolmaster, to Mary Ann Baggs, full age, spinster, of George Street, father John Baggs, laborer, witnesses Henry Wilton, Wm Jno Bins Yarrow

St Marylebone, Westminster – source: parish register

3 Jul 1823 Thomas Wandless, bachelor, and Jane Hannah Ware, spinster, both of this parish, by banns, witnessed by Frances Rosser &
William George Pace, both signed.

11 July 1830 John Wanless of St. Mary, St Marylebone, bachelor, and Jane Stephenson of the same place, spinster, married by banns in the
presence of Henry Montague, Mary Montague. [the Montagues witnessed lots of marriages]

6 Sep 1851 John Wandless, bachelor, full age, gardener, of St Marylebone, father John Wandless a gardener, and Emily Agger, full age, spinster, of St Marylebone, father Samuel Agger a carpenter, by banns, witn: Benjamin Row & Maughton(?) Green(?)

St Mark, Kennington

28 Sep 1850 James Cook, full age, bach, mercantile clerk, Battersea, father James Cook dec’d, to Ann Wanless, full age, spinster,
Kennington, father John Wanless dec’d, witn: John York, Mary Haynes

St Jude, Mildmay Grove, Islington

13 Feb 1872 Johnson Wanless, full age, widower, agent, of Osterley Rd, father Henry Wanless, agent, to Susannah Hackfath, full age, widow, of Osterley Rd, father Abraham Andrews, baker, by licence, witn: George & Harriett Andrews, both signed

St Peter, London Docks

28 Sep 1874 William James Wanless, 24, bach, commercial traveller, Stepney, father James Wanless, commercial clerk, to Elizabeth Cuthbert, 24, spinster, Stepney, father James Cuthbert, boatbuilder dec’d, wit Henry Appleyard, Anna Appleyard

St Anne, Limehouse

18 Aug 1898 Johnson Wanless, 25, bach, shipwright, 213 Solmoria Lane, father Johnson Wanless a shipwright, to Elizabeth Louisa Cook, 24, spinster, of 49 Northey Street, father William Cook, shipwright, by banns, witn: William Stephen Cook, Caroline Hart

St Saviour’s, South Hampstead, London

8 May 1904 Everard Wandless, 34, bachelor, commercial traveller, of 3 Beardell Street, Upper Norwood, father Maurice M. Wandless, engineer, to Edith Waring Howell, age 45, spinster, of 82 Parkhill Road NW, father Samuel Howell dec’d colonial broker, married by licence, witnessed by Fred Elham(?) Howell, W.E. Francis, Emmeline W. Colpiteacus(?)

St Matthew, Fulham

23 Jun 1903 William Twigg, 31, bach, servant, 80 Hazlebury Rd, father William Twigg a farmer, to Minnie Wandless, 32, spinster, same address, father William Wandless a dec’d engineer, by banns, witn: Thomas & Alice Twigg

Source: IGI

15 FEB 1868 Mary Ann Wanless & James Corbett, Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London


Durham Diocese marriage bonds not yet associated with a subsequent marriage

23 Jun 1671 Robert Wanless of Fatclose House, [Shadforth] (yeoman) & Dorothy Hodghon, obtained a marriage licence
Sur: Robert Arrowsmith, Thornelaws [Thornley?], yeoman

30 Apr 1714 Richard WANLESS, Wingate Grange, [Kelloe], yeoman & Margaret FORSTER [Trimdon]
Sur: David PURDY, Durham [City?], yeoman. Directed to Trimdon.

11 Aug 1739 Richard WANLESS, 24, gentleman farmer, of Chester-le-Street & Margaret SHIPHERD, 23, of Houghton-le-Spring
Sur: Thomas HOLMES, yeoman, of Great Lumley. Directed to Witton Gilbert or Lanchester.

27 Jan 1759 SHAFTO Thomas, Whickham 30 esquire & COMPTON Mary, Carham, [Northumberland] 21
Surety: WANLESS William, Carham, yeoman.
Married 30 Jan at Carham – Thomas SHAFTO esq, of Whickham & Miss Mary COMPTON of this parish by lic.
Witness: John WOOD, Elonce WAKE

5 Apr 1770 James SLOW, Sunderland, 21 & Ann ALLON, Sunderland, 21 wdw
sur: Thomas WANLESS, Sunderland
5 Apr 1770 James SLOW married at Sunderland Ann ALLON both otp
wit:: Thomas WANLESS, W. COLLINS

4 Oct 1786 Joseph NICHOLSON 40 of Longhorsley, [Northumberland] & Mary WANLASS 30 of Longhorsley
Sur: John SMALES of Longhorsley

Auckland St. Andrew

Source: IGI (needs to be checked in parish register for any details)

05 OCT 1671 Anna Wanlasse & Matthaeus Corner
(Corresponding marriage bond from the Durham Diocese: 4 Oct 1671
Matthew Corner of Framwellgate, (joiner) & Ann Wanlass, obtained a
marriage licence. Witnesses: Robert Hestgate, Framwellgate, tailor)

30 APR 1713 Elizabeth Wanlass & John Wilkinson

17 AUG 1728 Luke Wanlass & Frances Wall

06 JUL 1732 Anne Wanlass & Robert Rutledge

28 OCT 1736 Ralph Wanlass & Elizabeth Hutchinson

Source: parish register (Bishop’s Transcripts)

02 DEC 1776 John Wanlasse & Eleanor Hodgson, both of this parish

27 MAY 1801 John Wandlass & Jane Beatson, both of this parish

05 NOV 1806 John Wandlass & Ann Littlefair, both of this parish

06 JUN 1813 William Wanlass & Ann Towers, both of this parish, with consent of parents

07 JUL 1827 Eleanor Wanless, spinster, & William Bainbridge, bachelor, both of this parish, with consent of parents, witnesses
Bartholomew Bainbridge & James Hutchinson [a frequent witness]

22 SEP 1833 Ann Wanless & Robert Taylor, both of this parish, witnesses Margaret Wanless & John Ruecroft

16 MAY 1835 Eleanor Wanless, spinster, & John Walton, widower, both of this parish, witnesses John Cooke & Elizabeth Robinson

Source: parish register

12 Aug 1867 (# 77): Groom: John Hale [or Hall] Wandless, full age, bachelor, Joiner, lives Bp Auckland, father Luke Wandless, Engineer,
married to Mary Raines, full age, spinster, lives Stanhope, father George Raines, Farmer

5 Sep 1874 (# 401) Charles Aylsbury, age 28, bachelor, Miner, lives Bp Auckland, father George Aylsbury, a Miner, married to Mary Jane Wanless, age 25, spinster, lives Blue Row, father Robert Wanless, a Miner

Auckland St. Helen

Source: parish register 1593-1902 (per George Bell index 1593-1837 and 1837-1902 index on FHL 1867309)

6 Feb 1837 Thomas Dobson = Elizabeth Wandless, both of this parish, witn: Thomas Dunn, Eliza Taylor

31st May 1858 James Wanless (Bachelor)[24], Pitman = Hannah Hunter (Spinster) [19], both of St.Helen’s, Auckland
Fathers names: James Wanless [Pitman] & James Hunter [Pitman]
Witnesses: James Hunter & James Scott

20th December 1858 Edward Wanless (Bachelor)[20], Pitman = Sarah Hunter (Spinster) [17] Residence: both of St.Helen’s, Auckland
Fathers names: James Wanless [Pitman] & James Hunter [Pitman]
Witnesses: Edward Davison & James Scott

28th May 1860 Edward Wandless (Widower)[22], Pitman = Ann Carter (Spinster) [22]
Residence: St.Helen’s, Auckland & West Auckland
Fathers names: James Wandless [Pitman] & Samuel Carter [Blacksmith]
Witnesses: Edward Davison & W.T.Summerson

26th May 1861 William Barritt Shuttleworth (Bachelor)[23], Labourer = Mary Wanless (Spinster) [19]
Residence: both of St.Helen’s, Auckland
Fathers names: Wade Shuttleworth [Labourer] & George Wanless [Labourer]
Witnesses: Wilkinson Lamb & Ann Walker

2nd January 1870 Luke Wandless (Widower)[36], Engineman = Hannah Watson (widow) [36]
Residence: Bishop Auckland & West Auckland
Fathers names: Luke Wandless [Engineman] & George Williamson [Blacksmith]
Witnesses: Edward Davison & George Williamson

13th June 1875
William Smith (Widower)[44], Engine Driver = Hannah Wandless (widow) [43]
Residence: New Shildon & Penshaw
Fathers names: Thomas Smith (deceased) [Engineman] & George Williamson (deceased) [Blacksmith]
Witnesses: John Atkinson & John Oates

Barnard Castle (St. Mary)

Source: IGI

29 APR 1696 John Wanless & Elizabeth Dowthwaite

30 NOV 1723 Aliss [Alice] Wanless & Ralph Dent

03 MAY 1727 Thomas Wanless & Mary Hogget

12 NOV 1737 Anne Wanles & James Wharton

15 MAY 1756 Thomas Wandless & Elizabeth Atkinson

20 MAY 1767 George Wanless & Jane Lonsdale

24 NOV 1785 George Wandless & Alice Walker

15 NOV 1789 Thomas Wandless & Elizabeth Hall

07 OCT 1790 Jane Wandless & James Barker [from a patron sheet; not in PR? also in Joiner Marriage Index]

15 AUG 1802 Elizabeth Wandless & William Benson

Source: parish register

May 1790 Thomas Dowfott and Alice Wandless, both of this Chapelry were married by Banns by John Harriman [Curate]; (both made their mark X) in
the presence of John Firbank and Tillem Audd (both signed Register).
— Banns for 1790 did not survive

6th June 1811 Richard Lee & Elizabeth Benson, both of this Chapelry, in the presence of William Johnson & George Gibbon.

12 Nov 1814 William Wandless, weaver, & Rachel Alderson, widow.

9 Sep 1818 James Wandless & Mary Allison. Witnesses were Joseph Stephenson and William Blaymire.

28 Nov 1835 Robert Wandless, weaver, married Ann Hill.Witnesses were Robert Hodgson and Elizabeth Wandless.

Source: IGI

07 MAR 1820 George Wandless & Elizabeth Kipling


05 MAR 1805 John Wanless & Elizabeth Crosby

15 FEB 1820 James Wanless & Margaret Stainthorpe

Bishop Middleham

Source: George Bell index 1593-1837

18 May 1773 Robert Oswald = Jane Wanlass

Source: parish register, marriages 1813-1910 (FHL 1894208 )

24 Sep 1838 in the parish church: William Urwin, a minor, bachelor, sinker living Garmondsway Moor Colliery, Co Durham, father Thomas Urwin a
blacksmith, to Eleanor Wanless, a minor, spinster, living Garmondsway Moor, father William Wanless a husbandman. Witnesses were Thomas Stoker
and Dorothy Best. Eleanor Wanless made her mark, William Urwin seems to have signed.

15 Apr 1843 in the parish church, James Gregson, 27, bachelor, coal miner, father James Gregson a husbandman, to Mary Wanless, 22, widow, father John Rountree a husbandman, both live Bp Middleham; both signed; witnesses John Smett, John Hudson, Esther Morrell(?)

18 Sep 1845 William Wanless, 56, widower, labourer, lives Garmonsway, father John Wanless, labourer, to Mary Raws, 33, Bp Middleham, father John Raws, farmer, in the parish church after banns, both made their marks, witnesses John Wilson and William Wilson


Source: IGI

30 APR 1681 Jane Wanlasse & Thomas Marley

08 MAY 1708 Trothea [Dorothea?] Wanlass & William Potts

Source: parish register

15 May 1817 John Wanless & Isabella Howe, both of this Parish, in the presence of William Howe, Mary Howe & George Hills.


04 JUN 1791 Luke Windlass [per Joiner index] or Windtap [per IGI] married Dinah Kope [probably Ross, per daughter’s later death at Gosforth] –
Bishop’s Transcript has gap from July 1788 to July 1791

Source: parish register

1 Oct 1803 John Wanless marr to Ann Hartley botp at St Cuthbert Darlington, by banns, he signed his name, occupation sailor

Source: parish register via Joiner Marriage Index

14 Oct 1833 John Walker, bachelor of this parish, & Eleanor Wanless of [Stockton?], spinster. She signed Eleanor Wandless. Witn: Wm &
Martin Carter

Egglescliffe (St. John the Baptist)

Source: George Bell index (1540-1837)

4 Jul 1758 Thomas Smith = Rachel Wanless

Source: parish register microfilm

09 Apr 1855 Richard Wanless [23] Bachelor, Iron Moulder = Jane Jefferson [25] Spinster
Residence: Shildon & Egglescliffe
Father’s names: James Wanless [Gardener] & Joseph Jefferson [Gardener]
Witnesses: Joseph & Mary Jefferson

Eighton Banks

Source: index

Wanless, William married Hannah Nicholl, 5 October 1889.

Wanless, John married Mary Jane Sanderson, 1 August 1892.

Wanless, Edward married Jessie Pallister, 25 April 1907.


Source: IGI

02 FEB 1625 Elizabeth Wanles & Martin Harper [spelled Martyne]

09 MAY 1619 Janet Wanles & Ralfe Hewsone


Source: parish register film (these are all the Wanless mrgs in the George Bell index 1720-1837)

May 1756, #50: THOMAS WANDLESS, Widower, and Elizabeth Atkinson, Spinster, both of the Chapelry, by William Dunn Curate. In the presence of John Ewbank? and Peter Fairbank.
Note: “Chapelry” probably means Barnard Castle Parochial Chapelry, as all the other things in this section were from there.

3 Dec 1801 William Wanless of the parish of Richmond in the county of York, bachelor, & Elizabeth Fisher of this parish, spinster. Witn:
Elizabeth Potts, Richard Firbank

2 Aug 1835 George Green of Darlington & Susanna Wandless of this parish and of the chapelry of Barnard Castle, witnesses Richard Oxley & Thomas Lamb [a frequent witness]

Heighington (St. Michael’s)

14 May 1839 George Wanless [full age] Bachelor, Servant = Isabella Robson [full age] Spinster, Servant
Residence: Eldon & School Aycliffe
Father’s names: John Wanless [Countryman] & Simon Robson [Countryman]
Witnesses: Robert Croft & James Butlin

Heworth (St. Mary)

Source: IGI

06 MAR 1697 Elizabeth Wandless & Thomas Taylor

Source: parish register (George Bell index says these are all the marriages 1775-1837)

28 Nov 1818 John Wandless = Anne Robson, both of this Parish, Witnesses: Stephen Southern & William Davison

13 Nov 1831 Ralph Wanless = Margaret Crody, both of this Parish, Witnesses: William Clifford & Henry Wilson

13 Sep 1834 George Wandless Thompson = Ann Robinson, both of this Parish, Witnesses: William Clifford & John Thompson

Banns called at Heworth (FHL 1885533)

1823 William Tomlinson and Mary Wanless both of this chapelry, 8 June, 15 June, 22 June – on presenting themselves to be married on 23 June, this party were found not to belong to the chapelry and on that account refused marriage. The shilling paid for banns was returned to them.

Source: parish register, per Lizzie Kavanagh

14 Mar 1847 Margaret Thompson, widow, full age, lives Felling Shore, father John Wanless a foundryman, to Alexander Miller, full age, labourer, widower, lives Felling Shore, father Robert Miller a labourer. Witnesses William Robson & William Anth(?) (page 213)


Source: George Bell index 1693-1837

4 Mar 1701* Edward Wanlass = Troth Shepherd

Source: film of parish register, transcribed by Lizzie Kavanagh, & Durham Diocese Marriage Bonds

bond 12 Jul 1734 Richard Wanless, Quarrington, Kelloe, yeoman, & Margaret Bellass, Kelloe
Sur: Richard Cornforth, Quarrington, yeoman
directed to Kelloe
married 14 Jul 1734 at Kelloe – Richard Wanlass & Margaret Bellass

Source: film of parish register, transcribed by George Turns

19th January 1839: John Horden [of full age], Bachelor, Pitman of Coxhoe Square, father Robert Wales [Mason], married Elizabeth Wanless [minor], Spinster of Coxhoe Square, father John Wanless [Labourer]
In the Presence of William (his mark) Wanless and Cuthbert Allison. Vicar – Robert Birkett
John Horden signed Register. Elizabeth Wanless made her mark X

Kirk Merrington

Source: George Bell index 1579-1837

22 Nov 1762 Ralph Wanliss = Ann Gray

19 Feb 1798 George Smith = Isable Wanlass, both of this parish, were married by banns. This marriage was solemnized by us Geo. Smith &
Isable Wanless in the presence of George Hope & Thomas Robson

14 May 1799 John Wallace = Ann Wanlass

Source: parish register; this is the only Wan(d)less marriage 1813 – 1839 per a fiche index, per Kay Stevens

03 June 1839 John Garnett [full age] Bachelor, Engineman, lives Sedgefield, father George Garnett [Farmer], to Elizabeth Wanless [full
age] Spinster, Straw Hat Maker, lives Ferryhill, father Robert Wanless [Road Inspector]. Witnesses: George Rudd & Dinah Hudson


Source: parish register

15 Feb 1820 John Stothard, of Peth House married Eleanor Wanlis, of Peth House. Witn: John Thompson, Timothy Wheatley [a frequent witness]

14 Nov 1846 John Maddison of Leadgate, age: 20 (bachelor, ironstone miner), son of John Maddison (miner) married Mary Ann Wanlass of Leadgate, age: 19 (spinster), daughter of John Wanlass (sawyer)

14 Aug 1847 Robert Wanlace of Castleside, age: full (bachelor, shoemaker), son of Robert Wanlace (teacher) married Jane Bowman of Castleside, age:
20 (spinster), daughter of John Bowman (miner)

25th November 1861 WANLESS. Henry James. [24] Bachelor. Miner. Leadgate. Father Henry Wanless.
Jackson, Mary. [21] spinster. Leadgate. Father, Robert Jackson.
Witness: Jane Wanless

Great Lumley

31 May 1891 Sarah Ellen Wanless, 20, spinster, servant, living Lumley, dad Richard Wanless, shoemaker marr Great Lumley Parish Church to Charles Teasdale, 24, bachelor, farm lab, living Lumley, dad Joseph Teasdale, gunsmith
witnesses John Shields, Ralph (Williamson)?

5 Aug 1893 Henry Wanless, 24, bachelor, miner, abode Great Lumley, dad John Wanless, miner marr at Great Lumley church to Betsey Morton, 23, spinster, Lumley, dad Joseph Morton, miner
Witnesses: Robert Fenwick, Sarah Dodds

Monk Hesleden

Source: IGI

23 NOV 1585 Henrie [Henry] Wanless & Isbel Ranarr

01 JUL 1617 Marye Wandlesse* & Thomas Glover
*IGI says Bandlesse; Joiner index says Wandlesse

25 JUN 1618 James Wanlesse & Margaret Pattison

21 APR 1640 Mary Wanlasse & James Dobson

Newbottle (St.Matthew)

Source: parish register

December 12th 1857 Robert Wanless [22], bachelor, Colliery Overman = Catherine Laws [20] Spinster
Residence: New Shildon & Middle Herrington
Fathers: Robert Wanless [Colliery Viewer] & Robert Laws [Gardener]
Witnesses: John Laws & Robert Wanless [senior]

December 31st 1866 Mark Wanlass [22] Bachelor, Miner = Eliza Pritchard [25] Spinster
Residence: both of New Herrington
Fathers: Robert Wanlass [Miner] & Thomas Pritchard [Miner]
Witnesses: Catherine Magee & Henry King

December 25th 1895 George Munro Wanless [21] Bachelor, Mason = Mary Glasscock [24] Spinster
Residence: both of Newbottle
Fathers: James Wanlass [Miner] & Walter Glasscock [Coachman]
Witnesses: Charles Urquhart Wanless & Helen Gunn McKay


Source: parish register per Luke Still

11th November 1744 William Wanless of this parish married Isabel Shafto of Stockton on Tees
Witnesses James Shafto & Sarah Wilson.
(Bond: 10 Nov 1744 William WANLESS, 25, yeoman, of Norton & Isabell SHAFTOE, 29, of Kelloe
Surety: John CARLETON, yeoman, of St.Oswald, [Durham City] )

24th December 1791 Isabella Wanless of this parish married Robert Anderson of Chester Le Street
Witnesses James Wanless & Lewis Anderson.

28th June 1813 Jane Wanless of Chester Le Street married Cuthbert Beckwith of this parish, by special licence
No Witnesses.
(The Bishop’s Transcript says Cuthbert & Jane are both of this parish, married by banns.)

13 FEB 1826 Ann Wanless & William Weldon, both of this parish, witnessed by William Adamsons & George Anderson

27th November 1826 John Wanless of this parish married Mary Hewster of the parish of Sedgefield
Witnesses Mary Hewster & John Simons. (the Bishop’s
transcript says witnesses Robert Hutchinson, George Anderson.)

Source: parish register per Luke Still

22nd June 1829 Isabella Wanless of this parish married William Race no fixed abode at present
Witnesses James Towers & Annie Towers.

8th November 1840 Harriet Wanless of this parish married Joseph Jones of Gateshead
Witnesses Joseph Wanless & Margaret Wanless.

7th May 1842 Jane Wanless of this parish married George Venus of the parish of St, Margaret’s
Witnesses Lucy Venus & John Edows.
It is unclear from what document the above entries come. The parish
register at Durham Record Office shows for the above marriage:

7th May 1842 George Venus [full age] Bachelor, Cabinet Maker = Jane Wanless [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of Norton
Fathers: George Venus [Labourer] & John Wanless [Joiner]
Witnesses: John Chapman & Ann Wanless

19th October 1867 Margaret Wanless of this parish married John Main of Middlesbrough
Witnesses John Main & Sarah Stent.

6th December 1872 Sarah Wanless of this parish married James Pybus of this parish
Witnesses Mary Ann Wanless of Blakestone Old Hall & Henry Pybus

Source: parish register, per George Turns

21 Apr 1891 William Potter [29] Bachelor, Boilermaker = Maria Jane Wanless [29] Spinster
Residence: both of Blakiston
Fathers: William Potter [Stonemason] & Joseph Wanless [Gardener]
Witnesses: John Henry Elliott & Harriet Wanless

Penshaw All Saints

Source: George Bell indexes (1754-1837)

25 Jan 1779 William Wanless & Mary Natteras both of this chapelry by banns

19 Apr 1817 Robert Greavson = Elizabeth Wandless

21 May 1817 Thomas Wandless = Margaret Walker

1 Oct 1820 Thomas Turnbell = Ann Wandless

Source: parish register (1837-1906 index on FHL 1867309)

6th May 1838 Jonathan Wilkinson (Widower)[of full age], Pitman = Jane Wandless (Spinster) [of full age]
Residence: both of Wapping
Fathers names: Jonathan Wilkinson [Pitman] & Thomas Wandless [Labourer]
Witnesses: Emelton William Wanless & Mark Curry

29th December 1856 George Wanless (Bachelor)[22], Labourer = Jane Ann Hunter (Spinster) [19]
Residence: both of Penshaw Station
Fathers names: John Wanless [Blacksmith] & Joseph Hunter [Labourer]
Witnesses: Joseph Hunter, P.H.Hunter, Ann Wanless & Robert Mitchin

28th February 1875 Robert William Wanless (Bachelor)[22], Grocer = Elizabeth Ann Dixon (Spinster) [21]
Residence: both of Penshaw
Fathers names: [Blank] & Edward Dixon [Mason]
Witnesses: John Plews & John Wanless


Source: IGI

NOV 1583 Grace Wandles & Thomas Headlye [Hedley]

26 NOV 1599 Alexander Wandles & Jane Jopline

30 AUG 1607 Anthony Wanlas & Anne Whilick

14 AUG 1614 Edward Wanlles & Elisabeth [surname not shown]

04 FEB 1626 Steven Wandles & Jane Newton

Source: Joiner Marriage Index (not in IGI)

1670 Elizabeth Wanlas

Source: George Bell indexes (1700-1749)

22 May 1729 Thomas Cole = Barbary Wanlass


Source: marriage index, Sadberge St Andrew 1837-1959 (FHL 1867309)

Wandles, James William 5 Oct 1907


Source: IGI

25 NOV 1807 Richard Wanley & Jane Grundon


Source: IGI

31 AUG 1811 Ann Wandlass & Matthew Lawes

Source: parish register film

22nd May 1848: Mark Halliday [of age], Bachelor/Collier of Shield Row, father William Halliday [Collier], married Alice Wanless [of age],
Spinster of Shield Row, father Robert Wanless [occupation blank] in the presence of Mark Wanless and Robert Wanless (both signed Register) by
Vicar William Simpson. Bride & Groom both signed Register.

Source: civil marriage record per Barry Donaldson

Richard Wanless married Lily Rounsley 26 May 1917, Tanfield Parish Church, County Durham. Father of Richard Wanless is Edward Wanless. Father of
Lily Rounsley is Eli Rounsley.

Thornley (St. Bartholomew)

19 Jan 1851 Bateman Wanless [full age] = Elizabeth Arrowsmith [full age], fathers Bateman & John

01 June 1852 William Hall [20] = Jane Wanless [24], fathers George & William

05 May 1867 Thomas Wanless [31] = Jane Hannah Harrison [26], fathers Bateman & Matthew

18 Dec 1879 Walter Jowett [20] = Caroline Margaret Eleanor Forster Wandless [19], fathers Benjamin & Bateman

16 Jan 1881 Harry Johnson [21] = Caroline Margaret Eleanor Forster Wandless [20], fathers John & Bateman

Whickham (St. Mary)

Source: George Bell indexes (1534-1654)

15 Jul 1626 Jonn Wanlessle = Anna Hutchison

15 May 1646 Henry Newby = Margrett Wanlass

Source: IGI

29 OCT 1655 Eleanor Windlas & Thomas Rigg

30 JUN 1707 Cathrine Wannlas & Anthony Daglish

Source: parish register

13th May 1838 Walter Scott [41] Bachelor/Mason = Elizabeth Wandless [30] Spinster
Residence: both of Team
Fathers: Robert Scott [Mason] & John Wandless [Collier]
Witnesses: Jacob Bell & William Watson


Source: marriage index, Willington St Stephen 1889-1914 (FHL 1867309)

Wanless, Ada 14 May 1902

Wanless, Harriett 11 Dec 1901

Wanless, Robert Henry 25 Nov 1901

Jarrow (St. Paul)

Source: IGI

13 JUN 1619 Thomas Wandlesse & Tommasine Whitfield

18 MAY 1676 William Wanles & Barbry Hall

29 JUN 1686 William Wanles & Elizabeth Richeson

25 JUN 1786 Jane Wanles & Charles Brown

Source: parish register

19th March 1794 John Lazonby & Mary Wanles, both of this Parish, in the presence of Charles Brown & John Mitchinson

7th September 1807 Robert Wanlass & Elizabeth Sharp, both of this Parish, in the presence of James Varey & Mary Shutt

Source: parish register

November 1821: Thomas Wandless of this Parish (made his mark X) & Margret Halliwell of this Parish (signed Register) were married in this
Church by Banns In the Presence of Thomas Sheldon and Jane Dodds (both signed) by Curate:John Honsby
Banns taken 28th October, 4th
November and 11th November 1821: Thomas Wandless and Margaret Harland [not Halliwell], both of this Parish.
— Thomas Sheldon and Jane Dodds signed other marriages in this time frame, so were probably not personal friends of the couple.

22nd May 1824: William Emelton [b crossed out of Embleton] Wanless of this Parish – signed register [using Emelton] & Ann Richardson of this Parish (signed register) were married in this Church by Banns In the Presence of Thomas Sheldon and Jane Dodds (both signed) by Curate John Carr. Banns
taken 25th April, 2nd May and 9th May 1824 for William Embleton Wanless and Ann Richardson – both of this Parish.

Source: George Bell index 1813-1837

23 Oct 1824 George Wanless Thompson = Elizabeth Marlow

Source: parish register

5th March 1826 Thomas Wandless & Isabella Custard, both of this Parish in the presence of John Ogle & Sarah Anderson

8th March 1829: Thomas Wandless of this Parish (made his mark X) & Jane Harrison of this Parish (made her mark X) were married in this Church
by Banns in the Presence of William Naisby [made mark X] and Jane Dodds (signed name) by Curate John Carr. Banns taken 15th February, 22nd
February and 1st March 1829 for Thomas Wandless and Jane Harrison, both of this Parish.

Jarrow Grange Christ Church

Source: parish register, indexed by George Bell 1869-1900

18th April 1892 Thomas Taylor [25] Bachelor, Blacksmith = Ann Wandless [28] Spinster
Residence: both of 35 Hill Street
Fathers: John Taylor [Engineman] & George Wandless [Blacksmith]
Witnesses: John Wandless, Arabella Mary Robinson, Matthew Taylor and William John Anderson

23rd April 1892 John Wandless [29] Bachelor, Blacksmith= Sarah Isabella Bell [31] Spinster
Residence: 35 Hill Street & Ernest Street
Fathers: George Wandless [Blacksmith] & Thomas Bell [Farmer]
Witnesses: Thomas Taylor, Walter Henry Pye, William Johnson Anderson & Mary Bell

Gateshead (St. Mary)

Source: George Bell Index 1558-1837

?? Aug 1562 William Wandlace = Jenete Edon

7 Dec 1657 William Tanner = Ann Wanlas

24 Jun 1664 Robert Flook = Elizabeth Wanlas

1 Oct 1695 Thomas Wanlas = Anne Ellerbie

31 Oct 1730 William Naisbit = Rebeccah Wanlis

19 Jan 1737* Robert Bullman = Mary Wanlas?

18 Oct 1743 Richard Wanlas = Mary Fryar

14 Apr 1750 John Train = Jane Wanlas

20 Mar 1769 Thomas Wanless = Thomasine Barker

1 Jan 1780 William Wandlass = Margaret Bull

24 Dec 1780 Richard Wankley** = Margaret Walker **maybe Wandless?

6 Sep 1784 Thomas Wanless = Isabella Harper

31 Oct 1797 John Rickaby = Margaret Wanlas
(bond: 31 Oct 1797 John RICKABY,25, coal worker, of Houghton-le-Spring, & Margaret WANLAS, 23, of Gateshead
Sur: Thomas WOODHOUSE parish clerk, of Gateshead )

25 Jan 1822 Joshua Wanlace = Rachel Hindmarch

Source: parish register

5th March 1845 George Pick (Bachelor)[of full age], Groom= Ann Wanless (Spinster) [of full age]
Residence: both of Church Street
Fathers names: William Pick [Groom] & Henry Wanless [Sawyer]
Witnesses: Crenny Wanless & Barbara Reed

9th November 1861 Thomas Young Wanless (Bachelor)[22], Miner = Mary Robinson (Spinster) [22]
Residence: High Street & Sunderland Street
Fathers names: George Wanless [Miner] & William Robinson [Cordwainer]
Witnesses: Thomas Scott & Anthony Robinson

28th October 1867
Thomas Bailey (Bachelor)[19], Miner = Dorothy Wandless (Spinster) [20]
Residence: both of Cannon Street
Fathers names: William Bailey [Miner] & Thomas Wandless [Miner]
Witnesses: Edward Liddle & Isabella Liddell

Source: civil marriage certificate (which should reflect the parish register)

April 21, 1919: Married at the parish church of St. Helen’s, Gateshead
Groom: Oliver Laidler Lumsden, age 22, Bachelor, Mechanic, resides 9 Millrigg Terrace, Low Fell, father George Lumsden, shepherd.
Bride: Eva Wanless,age 19, spinster, resides Millrigg Terrace, Low Fell, father John Wanless, Miner.
Witnesses: William S. Lumsden & Cissie Stephenson Lumsden

Hendon (St. Paul)

07 May 1873 Watson Harvey [22] Bachelor, Slater = Isabella Wanless [20] Spinster
Residences: 35 Newton Street & 26 Hendon Street
Fathers: James Harvey [Sailor] & John Wanless [Mason, deceased]
Witnesses: Joseph Walker & Sarah Jane Gibson

Hetton le Hole (St. Nicholas)

Source: Marriage Register at Record Office – EP/HH 6

James Trotter Wanless of this Chapelry, Bachelor, and Jane Curry of the same Chapelry, Widow, were married in this Chapel by Banns this 2nd day of
March 1833 by me J.S. Nichol, Curate. This marriage was solemnised between us: James Trotter Wanless, Jane Curry’s mark X
In the presence of : John Stockdale’s mark X, George Wilkie, Clerk

— No other Wanlesses found in HH 6 or HH 7, including banns registers.


Source: parish register and George Bell’s index (1603-1837) at GenUKI

28 Dec 1731 Robert Gardiner = Jane Wandless

26 Jun 1736 John Gardener = Elizabeth Wanlas

21 Jan 1759 George Wandless = Mary Smith

14 Dec 1761 Robert Wandless = Ann Forest

26 Dec 1792 Thomas Wandless = Margaret Towers

24 Nov 1794 Robert Watson & Eleanor Wandless, both of this parish, by banns.

Source: parish register

June 10th 1855 Robert Wilson [full age], bachelor, engineman = Mary Wandless [full age], Spinster
Residence: both of North Biddick
Fathers: Thomas Wilson [Corver] & Luke Wandless [Engineer]
Witnesses: C.R.Woodward & John Dobbinson

April 29th 1889 Gustive Rampen [35], Bachelor, Engineer = Isabella Wanless [24], Spinster
Residence: both of Washington
Fathers: Hubert Rampen [Engineer] & Thomas Wanless [Miner]
Witnesses: Thomas Wanless & James Murray


Source: George Bell’s indexes 1689-1837 (GenUKI); details from register of Bishop’s Transcripts at Durham University

The early marriages had no witnesses or other details.

20 Dec 1786 George Lowrey & Sarah Wanlass – in Bell’s index but not in the Bishop’s Transcript

15 Mar 1788 Robert Wandless & Mary Parkin

27 May 1794 John Atkinson & Ann Wandless

6 Dec 1800 Luke Wandlass & Ann Hall, by banns

14 Dec 1817 Robert Smailes & Ann Wandlass, both of this parish, with consent of parents, by banns. Witnesses: Thomas Wandlass (x), Henry Moralee (x)

20 Feb 1819 John Sanders & Isabella Wandlass, both of this parish chapelry, by banns, with consent of parents. Both marked (her name
spelled Wandless). Witnesses: John Harley, Thomas Harley [a frequent witness]


Source: George Bell index (1563-1837)

27 NOV 1720 Margery Winless & Thomas Cooper

11 Jun 1747 Simon Fenwick = Elizabeth Wanless

23 Aug 1748 George Oliver = Mary Wanless

25 Dec 1753 George Wanlass = Anne Sigsworth

Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register (extracted per Bell index)

3 Mar 1778 John Wanlass = Ann Hewitson, both of this parish, by banns

27 Nov 1794 Robert Wanless = Elizabeth Pickering, both of this parish, by banns

28 Jul 1798 John Wanless = Eleanor Carr, both of this parish, by banns

21 April 1800 William Wandless = Elizabeth Smurfitt, both of this parish, by banns

12 July 1800 Robert Wandless = Elizabeth Burnip, both of this parish, by banns

19 March 1803 George Holmes = Elizabeth Wandless [not in Bishop’s Transcript]

9 November 1806 John Wouldhave = Elizabeth Wandless, both of this parish, by banns

6 Dec 1806 George Clark = Elizabeth Wandless, both of this parish, by banns

2 May 1812 George Wandless = Ann Lax, both of this parish, by banns

18 April 1819 Thomas White = Mary Wandless, both of this parish, by banns. Both marked. Witn: William Davison, Ann Watson [both frequent

17 April 1820 William Wanlass & Susan Armstrong, both of this parish, by banns. Both marked. Witn: Robert Wandlass, George Wilson

16 May 1824 Johnson Wanless & Dorothy Mills, both of this parish, by banns. Both signed. Witn: George Wilson, Joseph Winship

3 April 1828 George Wandless = Mary Errington, both of this parish, by banns. Both signed. Witn: George Wilson, William Steel

6 April 1828 Whitfield Burnet = Ann Wandless, both of this parish, by banns. Both signed. Witn: George Wilson, Ann Watson

Source: parish register

5 November 1837 William Wandless, widower, Pitman, son of Robert, Pitman & Ann Bell, widow, dau of George Chamers, Weaver

26th April 1840 Edward Tate [full age] Bachelor, Countryman, lives Herrington, father William Tate [Gamekeeper] = Ann Wandles [full age] Spinster , lives Herrington, father George Wandles [Pitman]
Witnesses: John Gibson & George Wilson

23rd May 1847 Thomas Wanless [full age] Bachelor, Blacksmith, lives Stockton, John Wanless [Blacksmith] = Eleanor Balmer [full age] Spinster, lives Houghton, father Ralph Balmer [Mason].
Witnesses: Charles Gill & Robert Makepeace

Source: Marriage Index 1837-1907 (FHL film# 1894789 item 1)

Wandlass, Harriet 26 Jan 1846 Greenwell, Michael

Wanless, Joseph age 23 25 Mar 1899 Griffin, Mary Jane age 19

Bishopwearmouth (St. Michael and All Angel’s)

Source: parish register

1 June 1624 Willia. Wanles = Alse Skurfield born at Silkesworth

7 August 1649 James Peeke = Ann Wanlasse, b.o.t.p.

Source: Volume DU/R9 – Society of Genealogists, from Kay Stevens

23 September 1684 Thomas Wandlasse = Dorothy Atkinson

19 JUL 1725 Thomas Wanless & Elizabeth Pearson

Source: parish register

28 November 1763. William Wouldhave = Mary Wandless, both of this parish. After Banns. Wits: Robert Chisment/Joseph Garthwaite.

Banns called but not married here: Ridgway Foster and Isabel Wandless, both of this parish – last date of calling 22 June 1788.

2 July 1804. Thomas Nesbit = Mary Wandlass both of this parish. After Banns. Wits: Thos. Wilkinson, Thos.Proctor

5 Dec 1804 John Wanlass = Frances Story, both of this Parish. In the presence of Thomas Wilkinson & T. Proctor

21 Nov 1806 Thomas Williamson of this parish married Frances Proudlock of the Parish of Tynemouth, by Licence. Witnesses: Frances Wandlass, Joseph Pearson

November 7th 1824 Martin Wandless = Isabella Robson, both of this Parish. In the presence of Mary Almer & William Embleton

June 6th 1831 William Wanless = Elizabeth Stirling Taylor, both of this Parish. In the presence of M. Taylor & Adam Younger

Source: parish register (witnesses not transcribed at Durham Records Online)

6 Jul 1818 Thomas Burn of this parish married Elizabeth Wanless of this parish

3 Apr 1821 Philip Atkins Williams of this parish married Ellafendy Wandlass of this parish

12 Mar 1821 James Walker of this parish married Mary Wanless of this parish

8 Mar 1823 John Spraggon of Seaham married Eleanor Wandless of this parish

16 Feb 1824 Ralph Hutchinson of this parish married Mary Wanless of this parish

24 Jun 1826 George Young of this parish married Margaret Wandless of this parish

9 Sep 1826 Thomas Smith of this parish married Ann Wanless of this parish

18 Nov 1827 John Blackbird of this parish married Mary Wandlass of this parish

14 Jan 1828 Robert Hornsby of this parish married Margaret Wanless of this parish

27 Feb 1831 Thomas Bainbridge of this parish married Elizabeth Wanless of this parish

28 Apr 1833 George Wanless of this parish married Isabella McPherson of this parish

Source: parish register

6th August 1836 Archibald Dixon of this Parish and Mary Ann Wandless of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns by me Alfred Sandilands, Curate
This marriage was solemnised by us: Archibald Dixon, Mary Ann Wandless her mark X
In the presence of John Wilkinson, Rob. Renney
(Note: Rob. Renney had witnessed a lot of the marriages and appears to be a Clerk)

Source: parish register (only looked for entries listed in Sunderland district in GRO index)

1st October 1838 Benjamin Robson Craggs [full age] Bachelor, Cordwainer = Ann Frances Wanless [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of New Town
Fathers: Stephen Craggs [Cordwainer] & Henry Wanless [Colliery Agent]
Witnesses: Robert Renney & William Hunter

January 28th 1839 Thomas Douglas [full age] Widower/Mariner = Charlotte Wandless [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of Walton Place
Fathers names: John Douglas [Pilot] & Ralph Wanless [Weihman/Weighman? unclear]
Witnesses: Anne Dunce? & Robert Renney

18 May 1839, Joseph Wanlace, full age, bachelor, tailor, Sunderland, father Joseph Wanlace a mariner, to Martha Stevens, full age, spinster,
Green St, father William Stevens a mariner; Joseph signed, she made her mark.
Witnesses: Rob. Renney, Wm. Hunter

23rd July 1839 John Thurlaway [full age] Bachelor, Pitman= Sarah Wanless [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of Pemberton Row
Fathers: Peter Thurlaway [Pitman] & Robert Wanless [Millwright]
Witnesses: Thomas Wanless & Robert Renney

9th February 1840 Robert Wanless [full age] Bachelor, Cabinet Maker = Jane Blackburn [full age] Spinster
Residence: Green & Bedford Street
Fathers: Johnson Wanless [Running Fitter] & Ralph Blackburn [Engineman]
Witnesses: Robert Renney & Ralph Blackburn

June 5th 1841 John Wandlass [full age] Bachelor/Mariner = Elizabeth Taylor [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of Deptford
Fathers names: John Wandless [Shipwright] & Luke Taylor [Potter]
Witnesses: Robert Renney & William Hunter

3rd May 1842 Simon Wanless [full age] Bachelor, Joiner = Isabella Douglas [full age] Spinster
Residence: Sunderland & Woodbine Street
Fathers: George Wanless [Joiner] & Edward Douglas [Mason]
Witnesses: Ellen Ripley & Phoebe? Douglas

Source: parish register 6 Dec 1849-11 May 1856 (FHL 1514549 )

19 Mar 1850 Thomas Wandless, 25, bachelor, fruiterer, 24 Coronation street, father
William Wandless a gardener, to Everil Sinclair, 23, spinster, Queen street, father John Sinclair a mariner. Both signed. Witnesses John Wandless, Sarah Bradley. Married by banns.

30 Dec 1851 George Potts, 40, widower, master mariner, Wear street, father George Potts, running fitter, to Charlotte Douglas, age 34, widow, Wear street, father Ralph Wanless a coach proprietor. By licence. Both signed. Witnesses Robert Watson, Jane Watson.

24 Oct 1852 John Simpson, 23, bachelor, shipwright, 12 Northumberland street, father Alexander Simpson a mariner, to Jane Wandlass, 22, spinster, 7 Queen street, father George Wandlass a shipwright, by banns. John made his mark, Jane signed. Witnesses Thomas Dixon, Elizabeth Green.

11 Sept 1853 George Clark, 32, bachelor, labourer, Ryhope, father George Clark a labourer, to Jane Bland, 38, widow, William street, father John Wanless dec’d a butcher. By banns, she signed, he marked. Witn: Henrietta Clark, Jonathan Dunn.

10 Jan 1855 by licence, Richard Downs, 54, bachelor, waterman, Castle street, father Richard Downs dec’d, mariner, to Mary Wanlass, 41, spinster, Dunning street, father Johnson Wanlass dec’d an off putter. He signed, she made her mark. Witn: William Wallace, Jonathan Dunn.
(Jonathan Dunn signed many marriages.)

Source: parish register 12 May 1856 – 25 Oct 1863 (FHL 1514677 )

31 Dec 1857 married by Superintendant Registrar’s certificate, William Wanless, 45, widower, master mariner, 9 Barclay Street, Monkwearmouth Shore, father John Wanless a butcher, to Ann Robinson, 39, spinster, 11 Union St, Bishopwearmouth, father Ralph Robinson a forrester. Both signed. Witn: George Mason, Jonathan Dunn [a regular witness].
–Holly has a photocopy of this one.

3 March 1863 Thomas Johnson, 21, bach, pitman, Low Row, father Robert Johnson, pitman, to Elizabeth Wandless, 20, spinster, 9 Low Row, father George Wandless, shipwright. Both marked. Witn: Jane Simpson, mark of George Johnson.

From an index:

12/06/1864 Jane Ann Wanless [21] = George Lauder [20]

Source: parish register

25 June 1870 Robert Walton Wanless [27], Bachelor, Engine Fitter = Elizabeth Gardner [24], Spinster
Residences: 7 South Johnson Street & 2 South Johnson Street
Fathers: Thomas Wanless [Engine Fitter] & William Gardner [Coal Trimmer, deceased]
Witnesses: John Wanless & George Stephenson Dunn

March 17th 1872 William Wanless [22] Bachelor/Engine Fitter = Margaret Jane Tinmouth [22] Spinster
Residence: 8 Walworth Street & 26 Northumberland Street
Fathers names: Thomas Wanless [Master Mariner, deceased] & Robert Tinmouth [River Policeman]
Witnesses: George Stephenson Dunn & Isabella Anderson

October 19th 1875 James Robson Wanless [21], Bachelor, Engine Fireman, lives New Shildon to
Jane Wearmouth [21], Spinster, lives Canal Farm
Fathers names: George Wanless [Signalman, deceased] & William Wearmouth [Furnaceman]
Witnesses: George Adamson & Mary Taylor

November 27th 1883 Thomas John Wandless [33] Bachelor/Fruiterer = Susanna Shepherd [32] Spinster
Residence: 251 High Street West & 14 Garden Place
Fathers names: William Wanless [Fruiterer] & John Shepherd [Farmer, deceased]
Witnesses: William Shepherd, John S. Murray & John Wandless

Bishopwearmouth (St. Thomas)

Source: parish register (indexed) 1862-1871

21st May 1864 George Wanless (Bachelor)[24], Draper = Mary Jane Dobbing (Spinster) [25]
Residence: 79 Lawrence Street (St.Paul’s) & 17 Nile Street
Fathers names: Thomas Wanless (deceased) [Master Mariner] & John Dobbing [Canvas Manufacturer]
Witnesses: John Dobbing & Elizabeth Dobbing

6th March 1870 Robert Wilkie (Bachelor)[21], Clerk at Railway = Maria Wanless (Spinster) [21]
Residence: Railway Station, Monkwearmouth & 4 Sunderland Street, Bishopwearmouth
Fathers names: William Wilkie [Foreman at Railway Station] & Simon Wanless [Master Joiner]
Witnesses: John Curry Cartwright & Isabella Wanless

Bishopwearmouth (Christ Church)

Source: parish register (no other Wanless variants in index 1876-1901)

13th October 1880 John Wanless, 21, Bachelor, Fireman = Isabella Aungle, 23, Spinster
Residence: Strawberry Cottage, Tunstall Road & Ward Street, Hendon
Fathers: John Wanless [Engineman] & William Aungle [Farmer, deceased]
Witnesses: Henry Aungle & Kumble Minchell


Source: Volume 1 – Part 1 DU/R1 – S. of G., transcribed by Kay Stevens

14 June 1790 Joseph Robson = Ann Wanless; witnesses: Thos. Hornsby and Wm. Davison


Source: George Bell index 1765-1837

24 Aug 1828 Thomas Vasey = Eleanor Wandless

14 May 1836 John Wandless = Margaret Clark

Stockton-on-Tees (St. Thomas)

Source: parish register, marriages 1754-1836 (FHL 1894162)

16 Sep 1784 Thomas Wanlass & Mary Page b.o.t.p. by licence
(Bond: 15 Sep 1784 Thomas WANLASS 21 shipwright of Stockton-upon-Tees & Mary PAGE 21 of Stockton-upon-Tees
Sur: William CARR yeoman of Stockton-upon-Tees )

4 October 1797 Thomas Wanless & Mary Hedley, b.o.t.p. After Banns

25 June 1808 John Chapman of Thirsk, Yks & Jane Wanless o.t.p. by licence, witnesses Thomas Page, Catherine Elgy.

Banns 1808 10 Dec, 25 Dec, 1 Jan 1809 for Robert Armstrong and Jane Wanless, botp
7 Feb 1809 Robert Armstrong & Jane Wanless, both otp, by banns, he signed, she marked,
wit Charlton Williamson, John Rumbert, Amelia Windross

6 Apr 1813 George Marlbrough, widower, and Elizabeth Wanless, spinster, both otp, by banns, wit William Clark p. clerk, Sam’l Chipchase

10 Feb 1815 Edward Wanless, widower, and Thomasin Sharpe, widow, botp, by licence, he signed neatly, she made her mark, wit Will’m Clarke, George Gardner

16 June 1815 Ralph Wanlass, bachelor, and Mary Spelling, spinster, botp, by banns, both made marks, wit Robert Dume, Ann Bulmer, John Snonson(?), Charlotte Dale

26 June 1819 Thomas Wanless, bachelor, of the parish of St. Ann, Middlesex, and Eleanor Jackson, spinster otp, by licence, both signed, wit John Chapman, Richard Jackson

13 Dec 1824, George Robinson, bach, otp, and Hannah Wanlass, spinster, otp, by banns, he signed, she marked, wit Thomas Appleby (seems to be a clerk), Thos. Watt (? big sprawly signature, hard to read)

23 Oct 1828, John Varley, bach, otp, and Jane Hannah Wanlass, widow, otp, banns, both signed (she signed Wandlass), wit Thomas Appleby (clerk) and Hannah Chapman

21 Dec 1828 John Wanless, bachelor, & Mary Ann Haggison, spinster, botp, by banns, he signed, she marked, wit Robt. Bates, Frances Godfrey her mark

28 Oct 1834 Edward Wanless, bachelor, & Sarah Willis, spinster, botp, by banns, he signed, she marked, wit Robert Armstrong, Hannah Armstrong

Source: parish register, FHL 1894163 Stockton St Thomas marriages 1831-1863

28 Oct 1834 Edward Wanless, bachelor, and Sarah Willis, widow, by banns, both marked, wit Robert Armstrong, Hannah Armstrong

25 Nov 1837 Ralph Wanless, full age, widower, seaman, lives Stockton, father Edward Wanless, labourer, to Mary Bennett, full age, spinster, Stockton, father George Bennett, sail cloth weaver, by banns, both marked, wit John Bennett, Thomas Appleby [a regular witness, so prob. a cleric]

19 Mar 1839 Joseph Wanless, full age, bachelor, gardener, lives Norton, father Joseph Wanless, gardener, to Mary Anne Robinson, full age, spinster, lives Stockton, father William Robinson, shoemaker. Both signed. Witnesses: Ann Maria Wanless, Mary Moss, John Hudson, John Robinson.

16 Feb 1845 George Fowler, full age, bachelor, grocer, lives Durham, father Matthew Fowler a farmer [labourer crossed out], to Diana Wanless, full age, spinster, lives Stockton, father John Wanless, joiner, by banns, both signed, witnesses Richard Wanless, John Fowler, Elizabeth Wanless, John Wanless

Source: parish register; all entries, per FHL 1867308 (marriage index 1837-1943)

14th November 1871 John Edward Wanless [21] Bachelor, Fitter = Mary Ann Stobbs [22] Spinster
Residence: both of Stockton
Fathers: William Wanless [Foreman Fitter] & Daniel Stobbs [Fitter]
Witnesses: Robert Smith & Sarah Jane Wanless

11th November 1873 Thomas Dean [23] Bachelor, Engineman = Sarah Jane Wanless [17] Spinster
Residence: both of Stockton
Fathers: Joseph Dean [Mariner] & William Wanless [Engineer]
Witnesses: Jane Ann Wanless & John Edward Wanless

No Wan(d)less marriages in Stockton St. James 1868-1910, per index by M. Johnson at GenUKI.


Source: film of parish register at Society of Gen., transcribed by Kay Stevens.

20 November 1717 Mathew Wanlas = Catherine Tomson of Brancepeth

Monkwearmouth (St. Peter’s)

Source: parish registers, transcribed by Kay Stevens

22 Oct 1769 Peter Wanless and Jane Dunning, both of this parish

Source: Marriage Index by Bill Rounce (source is marriage bonds shown; the marriages have not been found)

Marriage bond: 7 Feb 1771 George WANLESS, Fulwell, Monkwearmouth, 25, yeoman & Isabel SELBY, Monkwearmouth, 22
sur: Thomas HARRISON, Durham, innkeeper
— marriage not found at Monkwearmouth or anywhere else; may have been destroyed in register fire

Marriage Bond: 9 Feb 1777 George WAMAN, 22, mariner, Monkwearmouth & Ann WANLASS, 21, Monkwearmouth
Sur:- Henry JOHNSON, schoolmaster, Monkwearmouth
— marriage not found at Monkwearmouth or anywhere else; may have been destroyed in register fire

Marriage Bond: 23 Oct 1777 Timothy GILDROY, 20, widower, keelman, Monkwearmouth & Margaret WANLASS, 22, Monkwearmouth
Sur:- Thomas POTTS, shopkeeper, Monkwearmouth
— Timothy is 30 according to the Bill Rounce index; the bond may need another look

Marriage Bond: 18 Dec 1779 John CRAWFORD, 23, mariner, Monkwearmouth, & Isabella WANDLASS, 22, Monkwearmouth
Sur:- Timothy GILDROY, keelman, Monkwearmouth

Source: parish registers

16 Aug 1787 Matthew Lavrick, of Monkwearmouth married Ann Oliver, of this parish, by banns
Witnesses: George Wandless, John Roxby

17 Dec 1787 William Landers, of Monkwearmouth married Jane Brown, of this parish, by banns
Witnesses: Thomas Wandless

27 Feb 1788 George Powderall, of Monkwearmouth married Jane Wandless, of this parish, by banns
Witnesses: John Roxby
Note: George Bell transcribed the groom as Ponderall; we have also seen Powdrill

14 Nov 1790 Thomas Graydon, of Monkwearmouth married Elizabeth Wandlass, of this parish, by licence
Witnesses: Thomas Wandlass
(bond: 11 Nov 1790 Thomas GRAYDON 21 Southwick Monkwearmouth miller & Elizabeth WANDLASS 21 Monkwearmouth
Sur: Thomas WANDLASS Monkwearmouth Shore baker )

08 Dec 1790 John Wandlass, of Monkwearmouth married Jane Brown, of this parish, by banns
Witnesses: Christopher Lamb, Joseph Tulip

25 Jan 1795 John Hunter, of Monkwearmouth married Jane Wandlass, of this parish, by banns

12 Jul 1795 Edward Rowell, of Monkwearmouth married Ann Wandlass, of this parish, by licence
(bond: 10 Jul 1795 Edward ROWELL 21 Monkwearmouth Shore agen & Ann WANDLASS 21 Monkwearmouth
Sur: Thomas WANDLASS Monkwearmouth Shore bread-maker )

Source: Marriage Index by George Bell (1583-1837)
21 October 1806 William Matthew Thompson = Mary Wandlass

22 October 1812 Joseph McClelland = Jane Wandless

18 February 1822 Robert Makepeace = Catharine Wandlass

Source: parish registers, transcribed by Kay Stevens

6 May 1827 John Emerson, wdr = Elizth. Wandlass, sp. b.o.t.p. After Banns
Wits: A. Robson and G. Davison

3 February 1827 Luke Wandlass, Bachelor, of this Parish, and Mary Bell, Spinster, of this Parish, After Banns (Luke signed, Mary made her mark); Witnesses: A Robson and J Davison

10 December 1827 John Wandless, bch = Jane Wiseman sp, b.o.t.p. After Banns. Wits: John Swainston and James Robinson

13 November 1832 William Wanless bch = Sarah Worthey, wid. B.o.t.p. After Banns, Wits: A. Robson and Johnson Wanless

7 July 1834 Joseph Bland x = Jane Wanless x sp. B.o.t.p. After Banns, Wits: John Hurst and Jane Stonely

20 November 1839 William Usher x . of full age, wdr, Engineman of Monkwearmouth. Father Saml. Usher, labourer
Dorothy Wanless . of full age,, wid —– of Monkwearmouth Shore. Father William Mills, shoemaker.
Wits A. Robson and Ann Mewburn

9 August 1846 Robert Wandless . of full age,, bch. Pitman. Colliery. Father Thomas Wandless, pitman =
Mary Gibbon . of full age, wid, —– —– Father John Chapman, joiner. After Banns, Wits: A. Robson and James Dawson

16 August 1846 Robert Wilkinson . of full age, bch. Labourer. Ferry Hill. Father Robert Wilkinson, teacher =
Mary Wanles . of full age, sp., ——– Monkwearmouth Shore. Father Ralph Wanles, coachman. After Banns. Wits: Robert Robson and Euphemia Thompson

19 May 1849 James Wandlass, of full age, bch. Trimmer of Monkwearmouth, Father William Wandlass, labourer
Isabella Wheatley, of full age, sp, of Monkwearmouth Shore, Father John Wheatley, labourer. After Banns. Witnesses: A. Robson and Jane Wandless

16 March 1850 Robert Raffle of full age, bch, platelayer of All Saints, Monkwearmouth, Father William Raffle, labourer = Mary Wanless, of full age, wid, of Monkwearmouth Shore, Father William Tinkle, agent. By Licence. Witnesses: A. Robson and M. Wheatley

14 May 1851 Robert Davison, 22, bch, husbandman of Fulwell. Father James Davison, husbandman = Margaret Wandless, 21, sp, Father George Wandless, pitman.
After Banns. Witnesses: Robert Ferry and M. Wheatley

18 September 1854 Richard Render, 21, bch, tailor of Hardwick Street, Father William Render, farmer = Jane Wanless, 22, sp, of Hardwick Street, Father George Wanless, joiner. After Banns from Register Office. Witnesses: Isabella Watson and John Robinson Harwood

18 September 1854 David Wilson Hardbottle, 24, bch, Shipwright of Union Street, Bishopwearmouth. Father George Hardbottle, mariner = Margaret Wanless, 19, sp, of Hardwick Street. Father George Wanless, joiner. After Banns from Register Office.
Witnesses: John R. Hardbottle and William Reydene

23 October 1854 John Wanless, 20, bch, mason of George Street. Father John Wanless, mariner = Elizabeth Gray, 20, sp of George Street. Father Thomas Gray, mariner. After Banns. Witnesses: George Clarke and Simon Sidney.

13 March 1870 John Wandless 20 bch Glassmaker Dock Street East. Father John Wandless a breaksman =
Mary Elizabeth Darling 18 sp – Dundas Street, Father Mowbray Darling, a butcher. After Banns. Wits: Mowbray Darling and Anne Darling

16 June 1900 William Peacock, 26, bch, Clerk..31 Barclay Street. Father John Peacock, seaman
Martha Ann Wanless, 23, sp — 76 Dock Street East. Father Thomas Wanless, foreman joiner. After Banns. Wits: Thomas Wanless, Robert Savage, and Eleanor Elizabeth Wanless.

Monkwearmouth (All Saints)

Source: index at Durham Record Office, 1849-1901

26 May 1861 Jane Ann Wandless = John Hudson

01 Dec 1861 Eleanor Wandless = Emmerson Davison

23 Jan 1865 Isabella Wandless = William Clasper

26 Nov 1881 Louisa Wanless = Thomas Armstrong

Monkwearmouth (Venerable Bede)

Source: index at Durham Record Office, 1882-1891 & 1892-1901

17/04/1887 Hannah Wanless = Luke Thursby

31/12/1890 William Wanless = Mary Orton

20/08/1891 Ann Isabella Wanless = Matthew Laing

19/06/1899 James Robert Wanlass = Elizabeth Laing

Southwick (Holy Trinity)

Source: index at Durham Record Office, 1846-1901

06/05/1873 John Wandlass = Hannah Scarth

…plus the 2 marriages below…

Source: parish register, transcribed by Kay Stevens

4 February 1855 Joseph Wanless 21 bch Grocer’s asst. Living Southwick. Father W. Forsyth a shipbuilder =
Mary Davison 18 sp ——— Living Southwick. Father John Cook a draper. After Banns. Wits: Thomas Graham and Titus Long

30 March 1858 John Newman 21 bch. Joiner. Southwick. Father John Newman a Master Mariner =
Jane Wandless 20 sp. — Southwick. Father John Wandless a labourer. Wits: James (?) Wandless and George Harper


Source: parish register

7 June 1778 Peter Wandles of Monkwearmouth & Isabel Brown of this [parish], by licence
(Bond: 4 Jun 1778 Peter WANDLESS, 60, widower, yeoman, Monkwearmouth & Elizabeth BROWN, 60, widow, Ebchester
Sur:- Timothy GILDROY, keelman, Monkwearmouth)

South Shields (St. Hilda’s)

Source: Bell’s Marriage Index, St Hilda’s, 1653-1901

(corrections in brackets, details filled in if looked up in parish register)

14 Mar 1770 Pearson Wanless = Jane Shaftoe

7 June 1786 Thomas Wandlass = Jane Jobson

19 Feb 1789 William BENNET & Ann WANDLESS both otp, Wit: Frances YOUNG, William TATE
( bond: 18 Feb 1789 William BENNET, 28, St.Hild South Shields, shipwright & Ann WANDLESS, 23, St.Hild
Sur: George STEPHENS, St.Hild, joiner )

15 May 1803 Thomas Brown = Jane Wanless

3 Dec 1809 Robert Green [Graydon] = Isabella Wandlass

13 Feb 1819 Robert Wandlass of this parish married Margery Dodds of this parish. Witn: William Wouldhave, William Preston [both frequent

23 Feb 1824 Robert Wade of this parish (bachelor) married Jane Wanless of this parish. Witn: William Wanless, William Jameson

Source: parish register (only looked for entries in Bell’s index)

8th December 1835 Thomas Portus & Mary Wandlis, both of this Parish. Witnesses: William Preston & W.Jameson

19 April 1836 Alexander Wandless = Margaret Dobinson, both of this Parish. Witnesses: Mary Wandless & W.Jameson

(next one may not be a Wandless after all)
15th November 1846 Charles Robert Limstrong [full age] Bachelor, Mariner= Elizabeth Windas [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of South Shields
Fathers: Charles Limstrong [Shop Owner] & William Windas [Tin Plate Worker]
Witnesses: Ann Hair & William Windas

9th August 1856 William Wanless [full age] Bachelor, Mariner = Agnes Parkins [full age] Spinster
Residence: Parish of St.Hilda & South Shields
Fathers: Thomas Wanless [Gardener] & Benjamin Parkins [Steamboat Man]
Witnesses: Eleanor Stansfield & John Dunn

JOHN GEORGE WANDLESS/ age 20/Bachelor/ Labourer /lives South Shields / father JOHN WANDLESS, Labourer
to ANNE SLAVEN/ age 19/ Spinster/ South Shields/ Father JAMES SLAVEN/ Labourer
signed John WANLESS (his mark) and Anne Slaven (her mark)

Source: Bell’s Marriage Index, St Hilda’s, 1653-1901

29 Mar 1889 Samuel Slater = Margret Wanless

South Shields (St. Jude)

Source: Bell’s Marriage Index 1886-1914

23 Dec 1897 William Stein = Ann Elizabeth Wandless

18 Mar 1903 Joseph Kimberley Gill = Margaret Jane Wandless

1 Dec 1903 William James Carlson = Isabella Wandless

South Shields, Westoe (St. Michael)

Source: Bell’s Marriage Index 1882-1899

14 Feb 1898 John Wandless = Margaret Ann Adams

South Shields (St. Stephen’s)

June 1883 by Banns: Richard Wanless, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, 9 Edward St, father John Wanless, Labourer to Alice Parker 19, Spinster, 22
Derby St, father William Parker, Lab. He signed, she marked. Witnesses: Martin White, J. Wanless, Ellen Coulthard

South Shields (St. Mark’s)

November 10th 1894 Robert Cuthbertson [24], Bachelor, Master Weighman = Isabella Wanless [28] Spinster
Residence: Earsdon Square, Backworth & 83 Taylor Street
Fathers: George Cuthbertson [Shoemaker] & Joseph Wanless [Miner]
Witnesses: Thomas Ramsay & Barbara Wanless

Durham Cathedral

Source: Durham Diocese marriage bonds, parish register, & George Bell index (1609-1837)

bond 8 May 1714 William WANLESS, Wingate Grange, [Kelloe], yeoman & Jane BELL [Kelloe]
Sur: John WHITFIELD, Wingate Grange, yeoman
directed to Durham Cathedral
married 8 May 1714 at Durham Cathedral – William WANLESS & Jane BELL, both of Kelloe

bond 21(?) Nov 1719 Thomas WATSON, Wingate Grange, [Kelloe], yeoman & Jane WANLESS, widow, [Kelloe]
Sur: George ADAMSON, Wingate, yeoman
directed to Durham Cathedral
married 20 Nov 1719 at Durham Cathedral – Thomas WATSON & Jane WANLESS, both of Kelloe

Durham St. Giles

Source: IGI

12 JAN 1597 Edward Wanless & Margrett Wright

20 NOV 1604 Rychard Wanless & Elizabeth Nycholl

18 MAY 1679 Mary Wanles & John Parkin

Source: Joiner Marriage Index

1826 Mary Wandless

Durham St. Margaret’s

Source: IGI and Pallot’s marriage index at

13 AUG 1749 Thomas Wanless & Mary Magnell

12 NOV 1753 Jane Wanless & Robert Hodgson

25 FEB 1764 Thomas Wanless & Jane Hotchen [from a patron sheet; not in PR or missed by IGI transcribers? Also in Joiner Marriage Index.]

20 NOV 1768 William Wanless & Isabel Summers

09 MAY 1772 Isabel Wanless & Hugh Dick

17 DEC 1777 Margaret Wanless & William Fenton

10 MAR 1783 Isabella Wanless & Joseph Bateman

Source: bishop’s transcript of parish register

Dec 1791 Isabella Wanless & Robert Anderson, both of this chapelry, by banns. Witn: Robert Wheatley, Cuthbert Wilson [a frequent witness]

31 DEC 1794 Margaret Wanless & Robert Wightman, both of this chapelry, by banns. Witn: Robert Wheatley, Charles Stanley [a frequent witness]

21 AUG 1811 Elizabeth Wandless of this chapelry & Charles Shaw of the parish of Deaton, by banns, witn: James Bland, Elizabeth Bland

Source: an index

24 Jan 1857 Wandless Margaret [age 24] to Thomas Morton [age 25]

10 Sept 1865 Wandless Alice [age 22] to Anthony Longley [age 21]

Durham St. Mary South Bailey

Source: George Bell Index 1559-1837

7 Jan 1707/08 Thomas Bulman = Ann Wanless
(Bond: 26 Dec 1706 Thomas BULMAN, [St.Nicholas], Newcastle-upon-Tyne, yeoman & Ann WANLESS, [South Bailey, Durham City]
Bondsman – Thomas MILBOURN, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, slater)

Durham St. Mary Le Bow

Source: George Bell index (1571-1837

12 Nov 1747 Richard Coulson = Elizabeth Wanless [Joiner Index says this was at St. Mary the Less]

Durham St. Nicholas

Source: IGI

27 NOV 1571 Edward Wanlesse & Anne [surname not shown]

Source: parish register per George Bell index (1720-1837)

11 Apr 1789 Joseph Wanless = Mary Young [not in IGI; year not in bishop’s transcript]

8 Oct 1810 Johnstone Wanlass & Ann Gray, both of this parish, by banns. Signed “Johnson” Wanlass. Witnesses: Robert Curry (his mark), John Friend.

15 Aug 1831 Thomas Wandlas Anderson & Jane Burn, both of this parish, by banns with consent of parents. Both marked.
Witnesses: Thomas Norman (his mark), Charles Brown (officiating clerk)

Durham St. Oswald

Source: IGI

09 MAY 1713 Thomas Wanlesse & Ann Hugill

Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register, per George Bell index (1735-1837)

30 Apr 1792 John Alison & Elizabeth Wanless both of Shincliff in this parish

6 Oct 1817 Henry Wanless, bachelor, & Sarah Spoors, spinster, both of this parish, by banns, witnessed by Thomas Atkinson & Thomas Clampe [a frequent witness]

Source: an index transcribed by Lizzie Kavanagh from an LDS film

Wandless, Mary married George Kirtley, 26 September 1869.

Wanless, Jane married Thomas Cooper, 11 November 1876.

Wandless, Thomas married Jane Hannah Ainsley, 23 April 1889.

Wandless, Maria married John Peart, 22 June 1896.

Wandless, Elizabeth married Thomas Cuthbert Elsdon, 23 October 1899.

Wandless, William{wdr] married Margaret Eleanor Judson[w], 27 october 1901.

Wandless, Mary Elizabeth married Arthur William Thew, 23 June 1907.


Source: parish registers, per Tony Whitehead

St. Mary the Virgin, Old Seaham

21st December 1846 Thomas Portus [full age] Widower/Sinker = Ann Wandless [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of Seaham Colliery
Fathers: William Portus [Engineman] & Alexander Wandless [Pitman]
Witnesses: William Field & Adam Armstrong

St. John’s, Seaham Harbour

17 May 1874 William John Wandless, s/o James, & Matilda Martin, d/o Samuel

Christ Church, New Seaham

17th August 1867 John Hughes [full age] Widower/Engineer = Sarah Hannah Wanless [full age] Widow
Residence: Bishopwearmouth & New Seaham
Fathers: Richard Hughes [Farmer] & Robert Niel [Presbyterian Minister]
Witnesses: William & Mary Brockin/Brockie and Jane Cameron

27 Mar 1870 George Wanless, s/o Thomas, & Sarah Balmer, d/o John

28 Mar 1876 Charles Wright, s/o Samuel, & Elizabeth Jane Wanless, d/o George

31 Dec 1881 Joseph William Wanless, s/o George, & Isabella Mary Ford, d/o George

23 Jun 1884 John Matthew Summerbell = Mathilda Ann Wanless, fathers John & George

21 Oct 1893 John William Wilkinson = Christiana Wanless, fathers Thomas & George

01 Aug 1904 James Ford Wanless = Gertrude Elizabeth Brown, fathers Joseph William W. & Michael

28 Jul 1909 George Harrison Wanless = Mary Ellen Turnbull, fathers Joseph William W & Stephen

Easington (St. Mary the Virgin)

Source: parish registers (1570-1837)

3 Jul 1711 Richard Wanless = Elizabeth Story* [no witnesses or other info]
*incorrectly transcribed in the IGI as Stay

September 1839 Ralph Pedelty [full age] bachelor, sinker, lives Haswell, father John Pedelty [Pitman] = Margaret Armstrong [full age]
Spinster, lives Haswell, father William Wandless [Pitman]. Witnesses: John Pedelty & Em. [Emma ?] Halison(?)

9th April 1844 John Watson [full age] widower, Pitman, South Hetton, father William Watson (labourer) = Mary Wanless [full age] spinster, South
Hetton, father William Wanless (pitman). Witnesses: William Wanless & Edmond Hobson

Parish register abstracts (we can get full details if needed)

21 Feb 1848 John Thompson [full age][Haswell] = Elizabeth Blake [full age][South Hetton], fathers Wanless & George

25 Mar 1848 Richard Hall [full age] = Ann Thompson [full age], fathers [blank] & Wanless [Haswell]

17 Nov 1860 Matthew Reveley [20] = Elizabeth Wandless Dixon [full age], fathers Matthew & Archibald [Haswell]

08 Aug 1870 Ralph Wanless, full age, bachelor, blacksmith, lives Easington, father Robert Wanless a cinder burner, & Anne Isabella Crossgrove, full age, spinster, lives Easington, father James Crossgrove a grocer, married by banns by T. Emmerson, Rector of Allendale, witnessed by Eleanor Heckler and William Sowler. Signed “Ann Isabella”.

Shotton (St. Saviours)

Source: parish registers, per Tony Whitehead & Claire Wandless

19 Sep 1908 George Wandless [26] = Mary Ann Waddle [29], fathers George & Thomas

21 Apr 1919 Sarah Annie Wanless, 21, spinster, resided at Shotton, dad John Wanless, miner, married John Robert Clarke, 28, bachelor, miner,
dad Thomas Clarke (dec) blacksmith

21 Apr 1919 Elizabeth Jane Wanless, 28, spinster, resided Shotton, dad John Wanless, miner, married Walter Scott, 27, bachelor, coal miner, dad
William Scott, miner

28 Dec 1924 Thomas Bowser, 25, bachelor, miner, 2 New Post Office Street, Shotton Colliery, dad Thomas Bowser, miner
married at Shotton Parish Church to Lily Wanless, 21, spinster, Favells? Buildings, Shotton Colliery, dad Walter Wanless, miner.
–I didn’t note the witnesses

Castle Eden (St. James)

Source: parish registers, per Tony Whitehead

15 May 1864 Thomas Eggleston [full age] = Sarah Wandless [full age][High Worsall], fathers Thomas & Robert

Gateshead Fell

Source: George Bell indexes online, 1825-1837

24 Oct 1831 John Wanless = Dorothy Preston

02 May 1835 John Cliff = Jane Wandless

Source: parish register

June 30th 1838 Thomas Stevenson [full age], Bachelor, Labourer = Margaret Wanlass [full age], Spinster
Residence: both of Gateshead Fell
Fathers: Thomas Stevenson [Labourer] & Robert Wanlass [Labourer]
Witnesses: Robert Hetherington & Cuthbert Young

December 28th 1844 William Thompson [full age], bachelor, quarryman = Hannah Wandless [full age], Spinster
Residence: both of Gateshead Fell
Fathers: Thomas Thompson [Quarryman] & Robert Wandless [Collier]
Witnesses: Robert Hetherington & Cuthbert Young


Source: parish register

21 Jun 1584 Johannis Lowson & Allisina Wanlesse

1 Oct 1614 Percivell Wanlesse & Grace Tomson

26 Aug 1629 Robart Wanles & Alice Cole

2 Feb 1634/5 William Wanles of Lumley Park & Margaret Hamilton

30 Jun 1639 George Hedlam & Alice Wanlass

2 Feb 1657/58 Thomas Wanlis & Tomison Grinwell

Gap in marriage register from June 1678 to Apr 1708.

7 May 1709 Ralph Wanles & Eliner Welsh of Lumley

1 May 1712 Luke Wanles & Elizabeth Punshon of Ouston

9 Nov 1712 William Dickinson & Margett Wanles of Lumley

27 Nov 1714 Robert Wanles & Elizabeth Shorte, both of Ouston

11 Feb 1720/21 John Wanless & Ann Watson

5 Nov 1721 Thomas Fatkins & Elizabeth Wanliss of Ouston

9 Jul 1728 Robert Wanlas & Elizabeth Low of Chester-le-Street

3 Jun 1732 William Wanlass & Mary Fenton, both of Lumley

14 Jun 1736 William Wanlas & Mary Pearson, both of Lumley

21 Jan 1737/38 Thomas Gardiner & Margaret Wanlass of Lumley

24 Sep 1738 Robert Wanlass & Frances Aughton of Lumley

26 Nov 1739 Robert Wanlass & Mary Walker of Ouston

8 Feb 1743/44 Thomas Grey & Dorothy Wanlass of Lumley Park

20 Jul 1746 John Wanlass & Elizabeth Newton of Ouston

16 Dec 1758 Valentine Curry & Mary Wanlass, witnessed by John Dixon(?) & George Greenbank

Source: marriage index, transcribed by Jane Wanless

Day/Mo/Yr Given Surname Age/Abode Given Surname Age/Abode Witness
18/4/1761 John Wanlass Ann Phillips Christopher Ather, George Greenbank
22/11/1766 Thomas Wanlass Isabella Hinde John Pratt, Leonard Hinde
4/4/1768 John Wanlass this parish Mary Hunt the chapelry of Penshaw John Pratt, Ann Lewan
4/8/1770 Thomas Wanlass otp Mary Dobson otp John Robson, W. Bentham
28/11/1791 Thomas Wanlass both of Plawsworth in this parish Jane Embleton Thomas Embleton, William Pybus
10/4/1798 Ralph Wanless both of Chester in this parish Elizabeth Simpson Ann Linsley, William Pybus
20/2/1799 Martin Wanlass both of Chester in this parish Margaret Potts William Pybus jun’r, William Lewins
24/2/1805 Thomas Wanlas otp Ann Elliot otp William Lynn, William Pybus
24/11/1808 John Wanlass both
of the extra parochial place of Kimblesworth (but I’m suspicious
because this phrase was used for another marriage on the page that was
then crossed out, so I wonder if it is correct here?)
Mary Swinburn Eliz’th Swinburn, William Pybus
4/5/1811 Robert Wanlass Washington Alice Mould otp Margaret Mould, William Pybus; Robt signed
1/8/1814 Robert Wanlass 21, otp Hannah Mallams 23, otp George Mallams, William Pybus
14/5/1817 William Wanless Houghton-le-Spring Ann English otp clerks
2/2/1823 Thomas Wandless of the parish of Seaham Margaret Smales otp the clerks
6/2/1830 George Wanlas or Wandlass Isabella Young Thomas Young

Source: FHL 1894224, Chester le St marriages 1754- early May 1847 (checked all 1837-early May 1847)

26 Dec 1778 Jeremiah Hedley = Elizabeth Wanlass, both otp, wit Mary Hedley, Robert Hedley

26 Mar 1796 John Younger = Dinah Wanless, wit Jane Harland

29 Jan 1797 Thomas Crosby = Mary Wanlass, wit Mary Wolfe

William Newton & Dorothy Wanlass, both otp, by banns, 3 Feb 1833. He signed, she made her mark. Witnesses: Elizabeth Lewens her mark, John Bland Jr. (he signed all the mrgs; she signed many)

3 June 1838 Robert Hobson, full age, bachelor, countryman, lives Fatfield, father Robert Hobson, green grocer, to Isabella Wanless, full age, spinster, lives Fatfield, father Robert Wanless, pitman. Both made their marks, married in the parish church by banns. Witnesses: Elizabeth Lewins and Joseph Bland (they signed all the marriages).

18 Apr 1842 Thomas Wanless, full age, bach, engineer, lives Lumley, father Robert Wanless, millwright, to Caroline Amelia Elizabeth Walton, full age, spinster, Lumley, father John Walton, mason. He signed with a distinctive scrawl, she made her mark.
Witnesses Anthony Walton (mark), Margaret Meek (mark). Parish church, after banns.

Wm Wanlass & Margaret Hann – see their tree

13 Mar 1847 Henry Wanless, minor, bach, collier, Chester le Street, father Bateman Wanless, collier, to Hannah Richardson, minor, spinster, Chester le Street, father Henry Richardson, husbandman. Both made marks. Witnesses: Peter Knowles, John Burnip parish clerk

Source: parish register May 1847 – Jan 1900 (FHL 1894221)

24 June 1849 in the parish church by licence, William Wanless, full age, bachelor, enginewright, lives Lumley, father Robert Wanless a mill wright, and Margaret Smith, full age, widow, Bedlington, father John Waterston a mason; both made their mark; witnesses Robert Wanless (signed), John Burnip (parish clerk)

7 Jan 1850 (parish church by licence) William Robinson, full age, bachelor, agent, Chartershaugh, father George Robinson a farmer, and Ann Wandless, full age, spinster, Chartershaugh, father Luke Wandless an engineer; both signed; witnesses Luke Wandless, John Burnip (parish clerk)

18 Feb 1850 (parish church after banns) John Stephenson, full age, bachelor, collier, Fatfield, father John Stephenson a collier, and Hannah Wandless, minor, spinster, Fatfield, father Robert Hopson a waggonman; both made marks; wit. John Bell (a frequent witness) and John Burnip, parish clerk.

11 Feb 1858 (parish church after banns) Thomas Wanless, 21, bach, joiner, Lumley Thicks, father Bateman Wanless a collier, to Elizabeth Cowell, 22, spinster, Lumley Thicks, father Edward Cowell a collier; both signed; wit. Henry Wanless, John Burnip (parish clerk)

–after this, just checked for marriages in the GRO index

4 Feb 1860 (after banns) George Wanless, 24, bachelor, collier, Portobello, father George Wanless a collier, to Elizabeth Porter, 20, spinster, Birtley, father Thomas Porter a furnace keeper; both signed; wit. Thomas Young Wanless, John Burnip (parish clerk)

29 Jan 1870 (after banns) Alexander Storey Lindores, 40, widower, miner, Pelton Fell, father John Lindores, labourer, to Mary Jane Wandless, 22, spinster, Pelton Fell, father Robert Wandless a miner; he signed, she made her mark; witn. William Wandless (mark), John Burnip (parish clerk)

25 May 1872 (after banns) John Dodds, 32, bach, miner, Pelton Fell, father Benjamin Dodds a miner, to Martha Wanless, 22, spinster, [residence blank], father Richard Wanless a miner; both signed; witn. Matthew Cook, John Arthur(?)

9 Sep 1878 (after banns) John Williamson, 31, widower, miner, Fatfield, father John Williamson a miner, to Isabella Wanless, 32, spinster, Fatfield, father George Wanless a miner; he made his mark, she signed; witn. John Canless, Joseph Nicholson


Source: George Bell index to Croxdale Registers (1732-1837)

6 Aug 1780 Joseph Bartram = Mary Wanless

27 May 1805 Robert Wanless = Ann Lonsdale

15 Jun 1823 William Tayler = Mary Wandless


Source: parish registers (1834-1837)

21st May 1836 John Wanless & Ann Alderson both of this Parish
In the Presence of: William Bainbridge & Storey Pickering

Source: marriage banns 1837-1862 (FHL 1894694)

While banns were called in Shildon, they may have married elsewhere.

1838 Robert Wanless & Ann Spedding both otp, 13th May, 20th May, 27th May

1839 George Wandless otp and Isabella Robson of the parish of Heighington, 28 Apr, 5th May, 12th May

1852 William Wanless otp and Mary Ann Dixon in the parish of Catterick, 4th Jan, 11th Jan, 18th Jan

1855 Richard Wanless otp & Jane Jefferson in the parish of Egglescliffe, Durham, 18th Mar, 25th Mar, 1 Apr

1857 George Dunn and Jane Wanlass both otp, 24th May, 31st May, 7th June

1859 William Howe & Jane Wanless both otp, 5th June, 12 June, 19 June


Source: parish register transcripts 1671 – 1812, per Kay Stevens

21 December 1800 Thomas Wandlass of Monkwearmouth = Elizabeth Bell of this parish by licence
Witnesses: John Story and Julia Bell.
(bond: 17 Dec 1800 Thomas WANDLASS 21 yeoman, of South Shore, Monkwearmouth & Elizabeth BELL 21, of Boldon
Sur: John HOLMES yeoman, of Monkwearmouth )

Sunderland (Holy Trinity)

Source: Bell’s Marriage Index 1719-1837

11 Nov 1735 John Smith = Elizabeth Wanlas

7 Feb 1768 Robert Graham = Jane Wandless

Source: parish register (per Bell’s marriage index, these are all the Wan*l*s marriages up to 1838)

23 Sep 1778 Robert WANLAS & Ann McPHERSON, both of this parish, witnessed by John BIRD, Thomas ATKINSON
(bond: 22 Sep 1778 Robert WANLASS, 40, mariner, Sunderland & Ann McPHERSON, 26, Sunderland
Sur:- Thomas ATKINSON, clerk, Sunderland)

21 Mar 1813 John Wandlass & Jane Baron, of this parish, married by banns, he signed, she marked. Witn: Anthony Bambrough, Elizabeth Bambrough

18 Feb 1815 Matthew Chrisp Young & Ann Wanless, of this parish, married by banns, he signed, she marked. Witn: Alexander Patterson, John Brankston

15 May 1826 Johnson Wanless = Jane Gamble

1 Feb 1829 George Rudd = Sarah Wanless

8 Mar 1830 George Wanless = Margaret Surtees

23 Nov 1830 Joseph Wanless (bachelor) & Isabella Hunter (spinster) both of this Parish. In the Presence of: George Lord & Mary Fenwick.

25 Jul 1832 George Hewison, bachelor of this parish, & Isabella Wanless, widow of this parish. Both marked. Witn: Mary Potter, George Lord

17 Feb 1834 Thomas Wanless, bachelor of this parish & Ann Marshall, spinster of this parish. Witn: George Lord, John Stephenson, Sarah Burn

17 Oct 1836 William Reed Watson, bachelor of this parish & Jane Wandless, spinster of this parish. Witn: George Lord, George Watson

16 May 1837 William Wanless (bachelor) & Jane Bolton (spinster) both of this Parish. In the Presence of: Mary Greyson/Gregson, George Lord, Jane Bolton, William Anderson & Thomas Bolton

5th September 1838 William Thompson (Bachelor)[of full age], Mariner = Ann Wanless (Spinster) [minor]
Residence: Bell Street & Mariner’s Lane
Fathers names: Storing or Storey Thompson [Pilot] & John Wanless [Butcher]
Witnesses: William Belles & George Lord

28th October 1844 Abraham Harris [full age] Bachelor, Iron Puddler = Mary Ann Wandless [minor] Spinster
Residence: Water Lane & High Street
Fathers: John Harris [Blacksmith] & John Wandless [Trimmer]
Witnesses: Thomas Scott & George Lord

28th January 1845 John Wanless [full age] Widower, Mariner = Elizabeth Hall [full age] Spinster
Residence: both of 15 Mariners Lane
Fathers: John Wanless [Labourer] & Martin Hall [Mariner]
Witnesses: George Lord & Page Smith

29th December 1845 John Rae [full age] Bachelor, Paper Maker = Jane Wanless [full age] Spinster
Residence: Bishopwearmouth & Monkwearmouth Shore
Fathers: William Rae [Farmer] & Johnson Wanless [Innkeeper]
Witnesses: A.Robson & M.Wheatley

2nd May 1850 James Wanless (Widower)[of full age] Mariner = Jane Hilliard (Widow) [of full age]
Residence: Mill Street & Old Grey Street
Fathers names: George Wanless [Joiner] & Alexander Ogilvie [Gardener]
Witnesses: George Wanless (junior) & Margaret Wanless

14th July 1851 Ralph Herron (Widower)[29] Coal Miner = Jane Wanless (Spinster) [19]
Residence: both of Baines Lane
Fathers names: Ralph Herron [Coal Miner] & Joseph Wanless [Sawyer]
Witnesses: Walton Corner & Thomas Eastham

8th December 1861 Robert Wanless (Bachelor)[25], Labourer = Mary Cartledge (Spinster) [29]
Residence: Vine Street & New Grey Street
Fathers names: Robert Wanless (deceased) [Labourer] & William Cartledge [Joiner]
Witnesses: William Ireland & George Lord

10th September 1865 Patrick Nulty (Bachelor)[35], Labourer = Elizabeth Wanless (Widow) [41]
Residence: both of 2 Mariner’s Lane
Fathers names: Patrick Nulty [Joiner] & Matthew Hall [Mariner]
Witnesses: Watson Corner & Page Smith

13th April 1870 William Lee (Bachelor)[29], Mariner = Elizabeth Wandless (Widow) [32]
Residence: Moor Gate Street & Vine Street
Fathers names: William Lee [Shipbuilder] & Thomas Gray [Mariner]
Witnesses: Alfred McKinley & Victoria Robinson

Source: extract of parish register, FHL 1867308 item 2 (marriages 1846-1908; full marriages removed and stored above)

23 Dec 1855 Wanless, Johnson, 22, to Ann McGurk

14 Jan 1856 Wandless, Jane, age 33, to Edward Cready Reed, age 33

12 Mar 1860 Wanless, Jane Ann, 20, to Joseph Cliff, 22

5 Jul 1875 Wandless, Mary Jane, age 23, to William Henry Groom, age 23

5 Feb 1902 Wanless, Annie, 32, to William Simpson Reed, 29


Source: Hamsterley BDM 1745-1812, transcribed by John Holliday, 1910, per Edythe Natttrass

4 Apr 1796 Isobel Wandless & John Anderson. Witnesses: John Spouton & Wm. Hardy

Source: parish register (1580-1837)

18th May 1809 John Sidgwick & Mary Wandless both of this Parish.
In the Presence of: Joseph Vasey & Cuthbert Snaith

8th December 1816 Thomas Wandlass & Mary Watson both of this Parish.
In the Presence of: John Sidgwick, John Lambert, Robert Bell & Mary Allason

6th July 1817 Henry Emerson & Hannah Wandlass both of this Parish
In the Presence of: Cuthbert Vasey & John Dixon

23rd November 1822 Robert Howe of St.Helen’s, Auckland & Jane Wandlass of this Parish
In the Presence of: Cuthbert Vasey & John Dixon

Source: FHL 1867308 (marriage index 1837-1957) & civil marriage certificate

Aug 3, 1846, Robert Wanless, full age, batchelor, labourer, lives Hamsterley, father John Wanless a labourer, to Mary Coates, full age, spinster, lives Hamsterley, father Joseph Coates a Sexton. Robert made his mark, Mary looks to have signed, witnesses were Richard Boddye and ??? (not a Wanless, but can’t read it).

Darlington (St. Cuthbert)

(marriage index 1837-1912 on FHL 1867308 shows only these)

Source: parish register, marriages 1833-1861 (FHL 1514537)

25 Feb 1839 in the parish church by banns, Thomas Wandless, of full age, bachelor, carpet weaver, lives North Gate, father William Wandless, carpet weaver, to Ann Nicholson, minor, spinster, lives Bond Gate, father John Nicholson, wool comber; both made their marks; witnesses James Waistell, Elizabeth (her mark) Atkinson

19 Aug 1852, parish church by banns, John Wanless, 26, bach, groom, Darlington, father James Wanless a gardener, to Alice Adamson, 22, spinster, dressmaker, Darlington, George Adamson a laborer, both signed, witnesses Thomas Adamson, Jane Fox

Source: parish register

1st August 1864 William Hall [26] Bachelor/Grocer = Jane Wanless [20] Spinster
Residence: both of Havelock Street
Fathers: Edward Hall [Miller] & Thomas Wanless [Engineer]
Witnesses: Thomas Wanless & Margaret Smith


Source: parish register, IGI, & George Bell/Bill Rounce index 1575-1837 (all from this index shown here)

23 MAY 1727 Dorothy Wanlas & Thomas Blackbird

Source: parish register

25th September 1773 Johnson Wanless = Ann Wright, both of this Parish
In the presence of Martha Wanless & Richard Whitfield

9th April 1804 Robert Wanless & Mary Smith, both of this Parish
In the presence of John Smith & Richard Whitfield

The Joiner Marriage index also shows a Robert in 1803, but there is not one in the register, so this is probably an error.

December 27th 1847 Robert Wanless [full age], bachelor, blacksmith = Elizabeth Lawson, spinster [full age]
Residence: both of Elemore Vale
Fathers: William Wanless [Labourer] & John Lawson [Banksman]
Witnesses: George Green & Edward Bell

December 25th 1853 John Wanless [24], bachelor, pitman = Jane Walker [21], Spinster
Residence: both of Pittington
Fathers: John Wanless [Blacksmith] & William Walker [Pitman]
Witnesses: James Nicholson & Edward Bell

Great Stainton (Stainton-le-Street)

Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register, per George Bell Index 1561-1837

8 Apr 1820 John Wandless of this parish, teacher of music, bachelor, aged 21 and upwards, and Ann Boazman, of this parish, spinster, aged 21 and upwards, were married by licence by Daniel Mitford Peacock, Rector.
Witnesses: William Boazman, Elizabeth Boazman, Stephen Robinson.


Source: IGI

26 May 1670 Thomas Heighington = Jane Wanles

South Hylton (St. Mary’s)

Source: parish register

20 Feb 1869 Blythe Jolly [25] Bachelor, Clerk in the Custom House= Mary Wanless [18] Spinster
Residence: both of South Hylton
Father’s names: Matthew Jolly [Tailor] & Mark Wanless [Colliery Agent]
Witnesses: Elizabeth Blenkinsopp, Matthew Bell & Thomas Jolly


Source: parish register

March 10th 1849 William Brewis [81], Widower, no occupation = Mary Wandlass [41] Spinster, Servant
Residence: both of Usworth
Fathers: William Brewis [Husbandman] & Thomas Wandlass [Pitman]
Witnesses: John Gill & John Harrison



Source: parish register 1813-1866 (FHL 1068613 )

25 May 1818 George Wanlass & Esther Amos, otp by license with consent of parents.
Looks like both signed. Witn: Andrew Hall, John Amos, Violet Amos

3 Jul 1818 Andrew Hall & Isabel Wanless, both otp by banns with consent of parents.
Both signed. Witnesses: Margraet Wanless, Isabella Wanless, Matthew Anderson, Thomas _ammon

9 Apr 1825 Robert Cranston of the parish of Elsdon and Elizabeth Wanlass otp by banns with consent of parents. Witn: Susanna Wanless, Andrew Cranston, William Wanless, Jane Herbert

6 Nov 1825 Violet Amos married Wm Rutherford

30 May 1828 William Burn & Margaret Wanlass, both otp, by banns, with consent of parents. Witn: Susana Wanless, William Wanless, James Wright, Isabell Herbert, John Wanless

26 Mar 1857 Robert Wanless, 40, widower, shopkeeper & farmer & flour dealer, Alwinton, father William Wanless a farmer, to Ann Hedley Brown, 28, spinster, Barrow Mill, father Thomas Hedley a miller. Witn: John(?) Pringle, Ellen Barm(?) or Burn(?)

20 May 1845 Robert Wanless, full age, bach, shepherd, Biddleston, father William Wanless a farmer, to Elizabeth Burn, full age, spinster, Alwinton, father Thomas Burn a shepherd. Witn: Isabella Brown, William Robinson

16 Nov 1838 Archibald Wanless, 28, bach, farmer, Biddlestone, father William Wanless a farmer, to Margaret Brown, 24, spinster, Biddleston, father Andrew Brown a shepherd.
Witnesses: Robert Wanless, William Wanless


Source: film of parish register

4 May 1830 John Pringle, bachelor of the parish of Bamburgh, married Ann Wanless, spinster of this parish, by banns, by John James, Curate. Witnesses: James Pringle and Jane Donaldson.


St. Cuthbert’s

12 Sep 1921 Thomas William Wanless, 26, bachelor, gate-man, 1 Plessey Avenue, father William Wanless dec’d miner, to Elizabeth Ann Raffell,
26, spinster, 1 Plessey Ave, father John Raffell, foreman shipwright, by banns. Witn: James Miller, Florance Raffell


25 Mar 1848 Samuel Ditchburn, 25, bach, farmer, Riplington(?), father Robert Ditchburn, farmer, to Elizabeth Wanlace, 25, spinster, Gallowhill, father Mark Wanlace, farmer. By license. Witn: Joseph Wanlace & Elizabeth Sarah Hunter.

3 Jun 1871 John Wanlace, 27, bach, labourer, Gateshead, father John Wanlace, labourer, to Isabella Davison, 25, spinster, Bolam
Vicarage, father John Hunter, smith. Signed “John Wanless”. By license. Witnesses: Robert Davison, William Wanless


Source: Boyd’s Marriage Index

1784 Wanlas Tho & Jane Hall Bothal

Bywell St. Peter

Source: George Bell indexes, 1663-1837

8 Jun 1740 Henry Potts = Jane Wandless


Source: IGI

21 MAY 1856 Georgina Elizabeth Wanlace & William Marshall

07 MAY 1859 Isabella Wanless & Edward Hall

14 MAY 1863 Isabella Mary Wanlass & Cuthbert Henderson

21 JUL 1869 Harriet Wanlace & John Brown

Cambois (St. Peter)

Source: parish register

7 Feb 1894 Robert Connell, 21, bach, miner, Cambois, father Hugh Connell, deputy overman, to Ann Isabel Wanless, 21, spinster, Cambois, father
Thomas Wanless, miner, by banns. Witnesses: John Connell & Lizey Gleghorn.

13 Jul 1895 Henry Wanless, 24, bach, miner, Cambois, father Thomas Wanless, miner, to Sarah Hannah Fellows, 21, spinster, Cambois, father Benjamin Fellows, miner, by banns. Witnesses: Ann Isabella Connell & Robert Connell.

18 Sep 1829 John Keeling, 24, bach, coal miner, Chapel Row, Cambois, father Samson Keeling, coal miner, to Mary Forest Wanless, 23 spinster, Bridge St,
Cambois, father William Wanless, coal miner, by banns. Witnesses: Harry Shackelton and Elizabeth Shackelton.

22 Dec 1934 Jackson Wanless Hudspeth Gales, 30, bach, coal miner, 51 East Terrace, Stakeford, father Thomas Gales dec’d, coal miner, to Mary Lizzie
Ferguson, 25, spinster, 51 East Terrace, Stakeford, father James Ferguson, coal miner, by banns. Witn: Charles Gales and Annie Coe.


Source: Pallot’s Marriage Index

1799 Ann Wanlers & Nathan Jewett


(IGI – need actual entry) 25 May 1794, Archbold Wanless & Mary Thompson

18 Jan 1758, Mary Wanless & William Tate, steward, both of this chapelry.


Source: parish register on fiche, from Kay Stevens

11 April 1778 John Hepple = Isabella Wanlass, both of this parish by W. Warkman, C. Witnesses were John Elstob and Robert Wardale

22 February 1784 James Raffy = Isabella Wanlass both of this parish by J. Parkin, C. Witnesses were John Elstob and Ephrates Grant

7 March 1784 George Wanlass = Ephrates Grant both of this parish by J. Parkin, C. Witnesses were John Elstob and James Raffy. By licence. Bishop’s Transcript has “1783” written in tiny print next to this.

Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register & George Bell index 1813-1837

8 Oct 1814 William Robson & Ann Wanlass, both of this parish, by licence. He signed, she marked. Witn: Thomas Brown, Mary Wanlass


Source: parish register & Durham Diocese marriage bonds

1679 Aprill ye 2nd – Edward Wilson of Ashtrees and Ann Wanlas of Rochester was Maryed banes published &c.
1691 June 16th Anthony Hall of Elsdon and Isabell Wanlas of Heppell in ye p’sh of Rothbury was maryed
1691 July ye 9th/ William Wanlas and Ann Hall of ye paunchford was maryed
1699 Sept 29 – Guilbert Bewhinny & An Wanlas was maryed
1712 June between the 1st and the 6th, undated – John Pott & Catherine Wanlass of Girslees, married

bond 13 May 1725 Allen Wanlless, Girsley, Elsdon, Northumberland, yeoman, & Eleanor Hangshaw, Holystone, [Alwinton, Northumberland]
Surety: Arthur Strickett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, yeoman
married 15 May 1725 at Elsdon – Allen Wanlass, otp & Eleanor Handaside, of Holystone, married by lic.

1725 Dec 22 – Thomas Watson of the Parish of Morpeth & Eliz: Wanlass of this pish
1740 June 19th – John Thompson A Mary Wanlass Both of The Parish
13 JUN 1765 Margaret Wanles & Thomas Bollam, Both of The Parish


Source: bishop’s transcripts of parish register (Durham University)

9 May 1827 Robert Donaldson of the parish of Bamburgh and Eleanor Wanless of this parish were married by banns with consent of friends. He signed, she marked. Witnesses: William Wanless, Michael Donaldson


Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register & IGI (1684-1877)

Lots of Paxton, Chrystal, Rutherford, Cockburn, Turnbull, Fairbairn – names that married into tree 3. Also lists “children of dissenters said
to be born”.

29 Jun 1762 John Wanlas & Ann Wilson, of this parish.


Source: parish register (FHL 0991806 )

15 May 1756 Richard Wanlas & Isable Gibson both of this parish were married in this church by banns by me Thos. Turner, vicar. Both marked. Witnesses: Robert Curry, Matthew Hesselton

Banns published between William Wanlis of the chapelry of All Sts Newcastle upon Tyne and Ann Mills of this parish 31 Oct 1762, 14 Nov, 28 Nov by Geo Stephenson, curate.


Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register

09 APR 1806 Mary Wanless & Thomas Armstrong, both of this parish, by licence

04 AUG 1821 Joseph Leighton, bachelor, of this parish, & Ann Wanless, spinster of this parish, by banns. Witnesses: Joseph Tweddell, Edward Shipley

18 MAY 1834 Robert Wanlace of Bolam, Northumberland, bachelor & Isabella Ann Wanless, spinster, of this parish, by licence. Witnesses:William Wanless, Margaret Patrick

16 MAY 1836 William Wanless, widower, of this parish, & Isabella Gilpatrick, spinster of this parish, by licence. Witnesses: William Blenkinsopp, Margaret Gilpatrick. Bride signed Isabella Gilpatricks.

Source: IGI

05 JUN 1860 Joseph English Wanless (father William) & Ann Mitchelson (father John)

14 DEC 1862 Elizabeth Wanless (father William) & Thomas Fidler (father Edward)

08 MAY 1870 George Wanless, age 25, father William, & Sarah Ann Teasdale, age 24, father William

Haydon Bridge

Source: George Bell indexes, 1813-1837

21 Feb 1824 William Wanlass = Ursula English


Source: IGI

27 JUN 1786 Ann Wanless & Robert Armstrong

08 MAY 1794 Jane Wanless & John Scott


Source: IGI

11 MAY 1758 Isabel Wanlas & William Gibson

05 JUL 1784 Stephen Wanless & Margaret Johnson

19 NOV 1787 Thomas Wanlas & Elizabeth Watson

02 JUL 1808 Dorothy Wanlace & Cuthbert Pattison


Banns of marriage were published in this church between Thomas Wandless and Isabella Farguson both of this parish on Sunday April 3, 8th, & 10th 1803. Thomas Wandless & Isabella Farguson were married by banns in this church on Tuesday April 26,1803 by me Percival Stockdale. This marriage was solemnized between us Thomas Wanless (his signature) and Isabella Ferguson’s now Windlew’s mark in the presence of John Dixon and Joseph Moore.
(a later burial entry identifies John Dixon as the parish clerk)

15 Feb 1823 Married in the parish church, George Duncan of this parish, bachelor, and Isabella Wanlass of this parish, spinster, married by banns with consent of parents, by Isaac Housby, curate. George signed, Isabella made her mark. Witnesses: Thos. Wanless, John Johnson, Jane Wanless


Source: Bishop’s Transcript of parish register & George Bell indexes, 1659-1837

1 Sep 1799 John Wandless, bachelor, & Mary Turnbull, spinster, both of this parish, banns.

25 May 1806 Thomas Gallon, bachelor, & Dorothy WANDLESS, spinster, both of this parish

Newcastle (St. John)

Source: IGI & Bishop’s Transcripts of parish register – original register may have more info

06 JAN 1656 Margery Wanlas & Hugh Collingwood

13 OCT 1733 Hannah Wanlass & Thomas Watson

12 SEP 1763 Elizabeth Wanlas or Wandlas & Robert Mitchel

16 SEP 1767 Mary Wanles & William Wilson

13 NOV 1775 John Wanless & Rosamund Hunter

09 SEP 1798 Isabella Wanlass & Thomas Robb

20 NOV 1806 Eleanor Wandles & Edward Wood

05 SEP 1807 Jane Wanlass & John Thompson

Source: Boyd’s Marriage Index

1787 Rob Wanlas & Mary Hughes – banns

Source: parish register

22 Nov 1806 John WANLESS & Jane Simpson. Both of this c. by Banns. Witnesses William Burn and Mary Cockburn

Source: Bishop’s Transcripts of parish register (this is all the Wanless mrgs 1813-1837, per the George Bell indexes)

3 Mar 1821 Thomas Wanlass = Elizabeth Richardson, Witness: Thomas Hanley and Henry Cockburn

12 Aug 1822 John Thompson = Jane Wanlass, both of this parish. Witness: John Forster, Henry Cockburn

5 Mar 1827 Andrew Scott = Mary Wandlass, both of this parish, Witness: John McIntosh and Henry Cockburn

9 Feb 1833 John Sanders = Mary Wandless, both of this parish. Witnesses: Henry Cockburn, John Thompson

16 May 1835 Charles Dixon Walker = Mary Wanless, both of this parish. Witnesses: Samuel Tweddell, William Findley

1 Oct 1836 Thomas Kay = Ann Wanless, both of this parish. Witnesses: John Johnson, Mary Johnson

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (St. Andrews)

Source: George Bell’s indexes (1600-1837)

27 Aug 1621 Arthur Browell = Barbary Wanlis

16 Jun 1632 Robert Wilson = Ales Wanles

7 Nov 1641 Joseph Mylburn = Ellsebeth Wanless

22 May 1673 John Bartram = Isabell Wanlis

29 May 1687 William Wanlass = Elizabeth Reaveley?

24 Aug 1718 Allard Reed = Ann Wandlis

18 Nov 1744 Robert Wanlas = Hannah Crawford

10 Jan 1747/48 Richard Herman = Elizabeth Wanless

4 Jun 1749 Ralph Wanlass = Margaret Wylam

20 May 1751 Robert Hall = Elizabeth Wanless

21 Sep 1751 Benjamin Wanless = Elizabeth Mason

25 Feb 1754 William Harbottle = Mary Wanlass

8 Aug 1770 Robert Wandless = Ann Brotherstone

6 Nov 1775 Thomas Harper = Elizabeth Wanless

2 Oct 1779 John Wanless = Susanna Johnson

28 Nov 1785 Mark Harper = Isabell Wanless

28 Dec 1785 Robert Stephenson = Hannah Wanlass

4 Mar 1786 John Wandlass = Ann Maddison

1786 Wanlas Wm & Judith Anderson [source: Boyd’s index]

19 Sep 1797 Samuel Hall = Anne Wandliss

Source: Boyd’s Marriage Index – record of banns

1779 Wanlas Jn & Mary Halowel

1779 Wanlas Jn & Sus Jonson

1780 Wanlas Jn & Mgt Dun

Source: FHL 0847923 (marriages 1803-1812, banns 1803-Oct 1823)

18 May 1811 – John Macintosh & Elizabeth Wandless both of this parish; he signed, she made her mark. Witnesses Wm Campbell, Ann Hunter

16 Feb 1813 Eleanor Wanless & David Phillips – both of this parish, banns pub. 10 Jan, 17 Jan, 24 Jan

21 Nov 1819 – Margaret Wandlas & Robert Jackson married; both of this parish, banns pub. 7 Nov, 14 Nov, 21 Nov

Source: parish register FHL 1564885 (1837-1847) – none found from 1841-1847

Source: parish register 1847-1855 (FHL 1564886), per Sharon Wilbur’s daughter

April 6 1850 Robert Wanless, bachelor, servant, & Elizabeth Morgan, spinster, of age, his father is Robert Wanless, millwright, her father is William Morgan, pitman. Their residence was Spital Tongues

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (All Saints)

Source: parish register

2 April 1720 Luke Wanles, waterman = Margaret Tickle

5 February 1763 Luke Wanles, x, = Mary Scott, x. Wits: Thomas Scott and Gil Doeds(?)

10 Nov 1747 George JOHNSON, cordwainer & Margaret WANLAS
(Bond: 9 Nov 1747 George JOHNSON, 41, widower, cordwainer, of St.Nicholas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne & Margaret WANLESS, 34, of All Saints
Surety: James HUME, victualer, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne )

Source: IGI – these need to be looked up in the parish register for any details

20 JAN 1600 Elsabeth Wanles & Thomas Williamson [spelled Willmson]

03 NOV 1611 Katrine Wanless & Roger Dixon

18 AUG 1612 Margret Wanles & Xpo [Christopher] Bullock

20 JUN 1615 Ellinor Wanles & William Plumer [Plummer?]

19 MAY 1642 Elizabeth Wanles & Cuthbert Charleton

12 JUN 1660 Cuthbert Wandles & Jane Cooke

22 SEP 1663 John Wanles & Margret Waugh

23 FEB 1670 George Wanles & Margret Lumley

27 MAY 1683 John Wanlas & Margt Tompson

10 JUN 1690 Isable Wanliss & William Urwin [spelled Wm Vrwan]

19 MAY 1711 John Wanles & Eliz. Pinkney

03 DEC 1717 Elizab. Wanles & William Spoor

09 JUN 1745 John Wanlas & Elisabeth Young

17 MAY 1772 Elizabeth Wanlass & Peter McPhun

25 FEB 1773 John Wanliss, cordwainer, and Eleanor Cobb, widow

28 JUL 1773 Thos. Wandlass & Ann Nisbett

Source: parish register (FHL 95009 All Sts Newcastle mrgs 1777-1812 )

31 Aug 1778 Thomas Wanless (his mark) and Ann Wanlass, by license, witnesses William Davidson, Robert Longstaffe [he was a frequent witness]
(Bond: 29 Aug 1778 Thomas WANLASS, 26, pitman, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne & Ann WANLASS, 17, All Saints
Sur:- Ralph WANLASS, yeoman, All Saints (is her father & consents))

3 Jul 1781 William Bailie (his mark) & Elizabeth Wanlas (her mark), witnesses Robt Longstaff, Henry Proud (mark)

11 Nov 1782 Robert Mitchell (x) & Jane Shaw (x), witn: Thomas Wandless, Robt Longstaff

25 Apr 1785 William Bailes (x) & Isabella Johnson (x), witn: Thos Wandliss, Elizabeth Arthur

7 Aug 1785 Henry Whitaker & Mary (x) Wilkinson, witn: Hanah Wandles, John Lister (a frequent witness)

21 Oct 1787 George Hackson (x) & Rosamond Calsey (x), witn: John Wandliss, Robert Bishoprick

31 Oct 1791 John Richardson (x) of this chapelry & Mary Wandless (x) of St. Andrew’s, witn: Robert Moore, John Westgarth (a frequent witness)

28 Sep 1795 Isaac Henzell (x) & Margaret Bailes (x), witn: Thos Wandles, Robert Moore (a frequent witness)

18 Apr 1796 William Norton (x) & Isabella Newton (x), witn: Robt Wilson, Thos Wandless

27 Oct 1796 John Wanless and Isabella English both of this parish were married in this Chapel by banns by me George Emerson, Minister. Wit: Magdalene Wright and Ann Kell [or Hall?]

12 Nov 1796 Robert Spoor (x) & Ann Wanless, witn: R. Moore (a frequent witness), Wm Bell

10 Jan 1798 William Beatly Longhorn & Elizabeth Bailes (x), witn: [no first name] Wandliss, R. Moore (a frequent witness)

11 Feb 1798 Wm Sword & Mary Lawson (x), witn: Jacob Atkinson, William Wanless

5 Aug 1798 William Wanless & Elizabeth Renwick, witn: John Wanless, John Henderson

15 DEC 1804 John Wanless & Ann Miller, banns [Source: Bishop’s Transcript; original might have witnesses or other details]

11 SEP 1805, Joseph Wanlace of this chapelry & Jane Pinder of the parish of Tynemouth.

12 Oct 1807 Alexander Wanlass (x) & Mary Monckaster (x), witn: Jona’n Scott, John Westgarth

12 Jun 1808 Thomas Urwin & Elizabeth Austin, witn: John Urwin, Jona’n Scott (frequent witness)

18 Jun 1808 William Athey (x) & Mary Wandless, witn: Jona’n Scott, John Westgarth (both frequent)

27 Nov 1808 Thomas Spouart & Isabella Cunningham (x), witn: John Wanless, John Lowes

17 SEP 1809 Thomas Wanless of this parish & Jane Cook of this parish. Witness: Oliver Johnson & Dinah Matthew.

19 Aug 1810 Robert Forster & Jane Douglas, witn: John Wanless, Jona’n Scott

Source: parish register

27 NOV 1813 Ralph Wanlass & Mary Ann Hall, both of this parish. Witn: Isabella Hall, Jona’n Scott

27 Jan 1818 Joseph Burlison & Eleanor Wanless, both of this parish, both made their marks, witn: Jona’n Scott and John Thompson.

15 Sep 1821 Mary Wanless & John Watson, both of this parish. Both marked. Witnesses: Thomas Wanless, Mary Forrest

8 Jun 1822 George Wanlace & Hannah Powell , both of this parish. Witn: Joseph Blanckley, Jona’n Scott

14 OCT 1822 Hannah Wanless & Henry Robson, both of this parish. Witn: Edward Scott, John Thompson [frequent witnesses]

14 Nov 1824 John Wandless & Mary Ann Roxbey, both of this parish. He marked, she signed. Witn: George (x) Roxbey, Edward Scott.

18 MAR 1826 Ann Wanless, spinster of Gosforth parish, & Adam Ambrose Younger, bachelor of this parish, by licence. Witn: Edward Scott, William Dixon

12 NOV 1832 Richard Wanless & Mary Kirk, both of this parish. Both marked. Witn: Mary Wanless, Jos. Pearson [a frequent witness]

20 DEC 1832 Mary Wanless & Thomas Laws, both of this parish. Witn: Jos. Pearson [frequent witness], Jane Gunn

12 Sep 1846 Married in the parish church after banns by Robt. Green(?): George Gallon, of full age, bachelor, mariner, lives South Shields, son of George Gallon a husbandman, and Ellen Wandless, of full age, spinster, lives Adelaide Terrace, dau. of Thomas Wandless dec’d, a smith. Both signed. Witnesses John Vest, Jos. Pearson (he witnessed the next marriage too).

22 July 1860 John Wandless, 58 years, Widower, Profession: Trimmer Residence: Ouseburn, Father John Wandless, Pitman, married by Banns to Hannah Grant, 56 years, Widow, Residence: Ouseburn, Father Thomas Steel, Shipwright. Witnesses: George Hoversty and William Wilson

Newcastle (St. Nicholas)

Source: Boyd’s Marriage Index

1779 Wanlas, William & Jane Pearson – banns called here

Source: Pallot’s Marriage Index (

1801 Anne Wanlers & Wm Hutton

1806 Bateman Wanlers & Eleanor Brown

Source: index at

24 June 1837 Mary Wanless, widow, & John Emmerson, bachelor, both of this parish, witnesses John Henderson (mark), Edward Elliott [a frequent witness]

Oct-Dec 1860 Jane Wandless or Rose to Wm Robinson


Source: parish register

Jan 3 1756 Marriage by banns of Thomas Wanless (opo Hedon on The Wall) and Isabel Clarke (otp) witnesses John Johnson and Joseph Scott.

Source: parish register (only one there per George Bell’s indexes 1770-1837)

23 May 1818 Robert Wanlace & Mary Dawson, both of this parish, with consent of parents,witnesses William Nesbit, John Dawson

Shilbottle (St. James)

Source: IGI

09 JUN 1746 Eliz. Wandlass & Nicholas Forster

Source: Bishop’s Transcripts of parish register

06 MAY 1821 Ann Wanlass of the parish of Stockton-upon-Tees in ye county of Durham & George Middlemass of this parish, by banns with consent of parents, witn: George Middlemas, James Middlemas, [illegible – looks like H.N. lurp]


Source: George Bell’s indexes (1670-1837)

4 Jul 1811 John Angus = Elizabeth Wanlace

Tynemouth (Christ Church)

Source: George Bell’s indexes (1720-1754)

03 Nov 1725 James WILSON = Mary WANLASS

Source: Bishop’s Transcript, per IGI (1754 – 1817), parish register, Durham Diocese marriage bonds

13 NOV 1792 Richard Yousley & Elisabeth Wanless, banns

04 JUN 1797 William Little & Mary Wanlass, both otp by licence. Wit: James COOPER, Thomas WANLASS
(Bond: 6 May 1797 William LITTLE 30 wdr linen-draper, of Tynemouth, [Northumberland] & Mary WANLASS 18, of Tynemouth
Sur: Joseph WANLASS yeoman, of Garrigill, [Cumberland] (who is her father & consents) )

25 APR 1803 John Kelley & Margaret Wanlass, licence

Source: parish register

12 FEB 1805 Henry Wanless & Catherine Duncan, by banns

8 June 1807 Isabella Wanless & Isaac Pearson, Witnesses: Thomas Miller & Jane Smart or Smith.

2 Sep 1826 Richard Gibson, bachelor of this parish, and Ann Wanless, spinster of this parish, by banns. Both marked. Witnessed by Thomas
Wanless, James Pye.

8 March 1829 Thomas Wanless, widower of this parish, and Margaret Roxby, spinster of this parish. He signed Thomas Wandless, she marked. Witn: Thomas Oxley, James Pye

10 May 1834 Isabella Wanless spinster of this parish and Christopher Gregory bachelor of this parish. Both marked. Witn: Thomas Oxley, James Pye

27 May 1837 Thomas Wanless, bachelor, and Mary Gregory, spinster, both of this parish. Witness: Thomas Oxley, Henry John Reed

Source: FHL 1068931 Christ Church, Tynemouth marriages Nov 1839-1853

25 Jan 1840 Married in the parish church after banns Christopher Stoddard, full age, bach, collier, this parish, father Joseph Stoddart, husbandman, to
Ellen Wanless, full age, spinster, this parish, father Thomas Wanless, miner. He signed, she made her mark.
Witnesses: Thos. Wanless, Alice Gregory (her mark)

25 Oct 1840, parish church by banns, John Shield, full age, widower, mariner, this parish, father Mungo Shield, husbandman, to Mary Wanless, full age, spinster, otp, father Ralph Wanless, mariner. Both made marks.Witnesses: Ralph Wanless (his mark), Thomas Oxley.

9 Apr 1842, parish church, after banns, William Wanlace, full age, bachelor, husbandman, otp, father George Wanlace, husbandman, to Sarah Marshall, full age, spinster, otp, father Andrew Marshall, maltman. Both signed – Wm Wanlace with little loops on the final upsweep of the Ws, Sarah “Marhll”. Witnesses: Matthew Lambert (his mark), Thomas Oxley.
–note Thomas Oxley witnesses several mrgs so was probably a cleric

24 Dec 1846, parish church, by banns, Thomas Wanlass, full age, bach, plate glass manufacturer, otp, father Thomas Wanlass, plate glass manufacturer, to Eleanor Wardle, full age, spinster, otp, father Thomas Wardle, husbandman


Source: parish register, transcribed by Tony Palmer, fall 2001.

Date Year Groom Bride Groom’s Abode Bride’s Abode (Note)
Nov. 18 1690 John Marshal Elce Wanles Ro[th]le[y]?
May 6 1702 Steven Wanles Isball Robson Walin[ton]? IGI says May 14th
June 13 1709 Robert Wanless Mary Cockson Newbign New House
June 15 1710 William Stephenson Mary Wanless Newbigin New House
June 9 1712 Joseph Himers Elizth. Wanles Rothley
June 15 1718 George Wanles Ann Simson East Thornton
Nov. 26 1725 John Thorntone Mary Wanless Rothly
Nov. 27 1729 Joseph Wanless Elizabeth Ley Newbigin
Dec. 16 1736 Joseph Wanles Mary Thompson Pharnelaws
June 14 1739 Robert Wanles Jane Nicholson Farnelaws
May 26 1742 Adam Blaikston Mary Wanles Newbigin Bond: 15 May 1742Adam BLACKSTON, 30, gentleman, of Newbiggin & Mary WANDLES, 21, of HartburnSurety: Peter WANDLES, yeoman, of Newbiggin

Dec. 30, 1742 Peter Wanles & Isabell Liddel, Corridge, Hartburn
Bond: 29 Dec 1742
Peter WANLES, 26, yeoman, of Hartburn, & Isable LYDDLE, 20, of Hartburn
Surety: Isaac JOHNSON, cleric, of HartburnMay 111743John ReedAnne WanlesWhelpington ParishThis Parish

June 1, 1743 John Ladley & Anne Wanles, Old Denham

April –1751 Robert Wanless& Elizabeth Hepple, Newbegin, KirkhillDon’t know why no day-of-month

Nov 30, 1752 John Snowball & Ann Wanles, both of this parish

Feb 15, 1763 Peter Wanlass & Isabel Harle, Camboe, New Deanham
Banns Jan 30th., Feb 6th. and Feb 13th. state Groom and Bride’s abodes. Marriage entry signed – Peter Wanless, Isabel Harle x her mark.
Witnesses – Jonathan Harle, John Snowball.

Jan. 18, 1769Lancelot Wandless & Isabel Wandless, both of this parish
By Licence signed – Lancelot Wandless, Isabel Wandless x her mark. Witnesses – Richd. Witton (Willon?), Jos. Reed
Bond: 11 Jan 1769 Lancelot WANDLESS, Hartburn, 21, wdr & Mary HENDERSON, Hartburn, 21
sur: Henry PERRY, Newbiggin
— “Mary Henderson” appears to be a clerical error

Transcribed by Kay Stevens from parish registers

22 May 1757 Christopher Wilkinson = Elizabeth Wanless. both of Newbiggin in the Parish. After Banns. Witness Lanc. Wanless and Thomas Wanless

26 May 1757 Michael Chicken of the parish of Kirkwhelpington = Mary Wanless o.t.p. After Banns. Witnesses: Lancelott Wanless and Joseph Reed
Perhaps Mary died because I noted that a Michael Chicken married a Dorothy Sanderson on 9 August 1761. How many Michael Chickens could there be in Hartburn?

13 February 1776 Luke Thornton = Mary Wanless B.o.t.p. After Banns. Witnesses: J. Reed and J. Thornton

10 June 1781 Lancelot Wanless = Isabel Tulip. b.o.t.p. After Banns. Witnesses: J. Reed and John Scombler

30 January 1800 Lancelot Wanlace = Dorothy Guy b.o.t.p. After Banns. Witness: Jos. Hepple

13 May 1811 – William Todd of Netherwitton & Mary Hartley otp, witnessed by Eliz. Spragon, Jo. Wanlace

11 Oct 1813 George Wanlace & Anne Millar, both of this parish. Witnesses: Dorothy Wanlace, Eleanor [illegible…Ridley?]

29 Nov 1813 Thomas Allison & Anne Thompson, botp, witnessed by Dorothy Wanlace & John Rogers.

–Dorothy is either the d/o Lancelot W & Isabel Tulip, b. 1785, md Matthew Lambert in 1819, or she may be Dorothy Guy Wanlace.

Banns called but nor married here – the last date of publication shown:

27 November 1757 Lancelott Wanless of this side of the parish and Anne Anderson of Netherwitton

19 May 1771 Thomas Thompson o.t.p. and Esther Wanles of Kirkharle

Source: Boyd’s marriage index

1779 Wanlas Mark & An Stevenson banns


May 13th. 1779 Mark Wanlace & Ann Stephenson

Souce: Boyd’s Marriage Index

1787 Wanlas Tho & Eliz Watson – banns


Nov. 14th. 1706 Lanclot Wanlas & Mary Winship

May 9th. 1732 George Wanles of Ritton & Catheren Tindell of Benkbarn

Dec. 8th. 1757 Lancelot Wandless of Hartburn Parish & Anne Anderson of This Chapelry.

  • Banns Nov. 13th. Lancelot Wanless of Hartburn Parish, Anne Anderson of this Chapelry.Witnesses George Hall, Thomas Henderson
  • Banns Nov. 20th. Lancelot Wanless of the other side of this parish, Anne Anderson of this Chapelry.Witnesses George Hall, Elizabeth Johnson x her mark
  • Banns Nov. 27th. Lancelot Wanless of the other side of this parish, Anne Anderson of this Chapelry.Witnesses George Hall, Ganren? Titchburn x his mark
  • Marriage Dec. 8th. Lancelot Wandless (the “d” added later) of the other side of this parish and Anne Andersonof this chapelry were married ……signed – Lancelot Wandless, Anne Andersn (now Wandless) x her mark.Witnesses – John Ladler, William Ladler

Source: IGI

18 FEB 1762 Sarah Wanless & John Potts

Source: parish register

26 Feb 1767 Wm – William Wanless of this chapelry, Elizabeth Ilderton of the parish of Longhorsley, banns, wit John Clennell, William Winship

26 May 1767 – Luke Thornton of Ewsley & Mary Wanless of Colt Park, both of this chapelry, both signed, wit John Thornton, Luke Hindmarsh

Source: IGI

01 JUN 1769 Isabel Wanless & John Buddels [Buddles]

11 JUL 1776 Elizabeth Wandless & Nicholas Nicholson

Source: parish register

18 Aug 1776 Lancelot Wandloss & Ann Hyndmarsh, both otc (also spelled Hindmarsh and Hindmarch in banns), Lance signed, wit Nicholas Nicholson, Wm. Hindmarsh

19 Jan 1777 (3rd banns date) Luke Thornton otc and Mary Wandless of the parish of Hartburn

24 Jan 1777 Luke Thornton otc and Mary Wandless of parish of Hartburn (entire entry is crossed out and “error all the above” is written in)

19 Mar 1777 William Snowball & Ann Wanless, both otc, both signed, wit George Wanless (looks like the churchwarden signature), Jane Burn her mark

3 Jul 1777 Lionel Wanless & Mary Hindmarsh, both otc, he signed, wit Joshua Hindmarch, Lancelot Wanles (strong distinctive signature)

Source: IGI

04 MAY 1794 Margaret Wanless & William Weddel

13 MAY 1799 Elizabeth Wanless & Robert Caisley

Source: parish register

9 Nov 1803 Isabella Wanlace & James Orange, both otp, by licence, wit Joshua Wanlass, William Todd

Source: IGI

17 NOV 1811 Elizabeth Wanless & George Snaith

Source: parish register

5 Dec 1842 David Dunn, full age, bach, stonemason, Netherwitton, father Matthew Dunn, stonemason, to Isabella Wanlace, full age, spins., Neth., father Lancelot Wanlace, countryman, both signed, banns, wit Ellen Shaw(?) , Thomas Dunn

27 Nov 1866 Ralph Lambton Hedley, 21, bach, shepherd, Hartburn, father John Hedley, shoemaker, to Jane Wanlace, 21, spinster, Hartburn, father blank. Both signed. Witnesses: Samuel Ditchburn, Joseph Fenwick. Married by license.


Source: parish register 1768-1812 (FHL 1068648)

3 May 1773 Wm Wanlass & Jane Gleadstone, by banns


June 3rd. 1662 Rob Wanless of Tossin & Margtt Deemster of Tossin

May 31st. 1664 Robert Wanless of Heppell & Isbell Snawdon
Note: The modern village of Hepple is a few miles west of Rothbury towards Elsdon. Great Tosson is in the same area but nearer Rothbury.


2 July 1727 George Wanliss = Mary Richardson in ye Hurst

Banns called but not married here: 6 June 1784 Thomas Wanlas o.t.p. and Jane Hall of Bothal, last date shown


20 May 1792 Thomas Wanlas of Ancroft = Margaret Allen, x, of Ancroft.
Witnesses: Anthony Lambert and David Allen


Source: George Bell indexes, 1653-1837; parish register if witnesses are listed

22 May 1757 Ralph Wanlis = Ann Robson

6 Jun 1757 Ralph Wanlis = Ann Robson

24 Dec 1783 Henry Jowey* = Ann Wanless. Witnesses – Thomas Rutter and Sarah Gaskin
*indexed by George Bell as Jowsey, but clearly Jowey in parish register
(bond: 19 Dec 1783 Henry JOWEY 27 carpenter of Walker, Longbenton, [Northumberland] & Ann WANLESS 27 of Walker
Sur: William GRAY of Gateshead )

9 Feb 1799 Mattw Johnson = Mary Wanlass. Both otp, he signed, she marked. Witnesses – Edward Elliot and Matthew Barnes

9 Feb 1799 Thomas Wanless = Alice Turnbull, both otp, he signed. Witnesses – Jno Johnson and Matthew Barnes

30 Dec 1799 John Wanless = Barbara Greenwell. Witnesses – Richard Greenwell and R. T.
— no explanation about whose initials these were

6 Sep 1818 John Anderson = Ann Wanless. Both otp, with consent of parents, both signed, witnesses George Orn, Thos. Rutter
*Ann’s W looks very similar signature on the Sam’l Baird mrg

5 Oct 1823 Henderson Smith = Elizabeth Wanless. Both otp, married with consent of parents, both marked, witn James Rutter, Rob. Mager

11 Jun 1825 Samuel Baird = Margaret Wanless. Both otp, both signed. Witnesses: John Wanless, Elizabeth James (both signed)
*Her W looks like the W signed by Wm who married Mary Ann Gibson

14 Oct 1827 Edward Wanless = Sarah Hall. Both otp, he signed, witn Isabell Hall, James Rutter (a frequent witness)

14 Sep 1833 William Wanless = Mary Ann Gibson. Both otp, he signed, witn Richard Gibson, George Manor.

28 Mar 1835 Christopher Wanless = Jane Carr. Both otp, witn Henry Carr, Joseph Smith (a frequent witness)

13 Jun 1835 George Wanless = Margaret Carr. Both otp, both marked, witnesses Henry Carr, Joseph Smith

20 Jun 1835 Thomas Wanless = Isabell Robson. Both otp, both marked, witnesses Peter Robson, Joseph Smith

Source: parish register 1837-1874

20 Aug 1837 Ralph Farrow, 20, bach, pitman, Wapping, father Ralph Farrow a banksman, to Alice Wanless, 18, spinster, servant, Allotment, father
Thomas Wanless a hewer. Witness: Geoge Mann and John Scott.

13 Oct 1839 Robert Burn, 22, bach, mill furnaceman, Walker, father Robert Burn a shoemaker, to Mary Wanless, 21, spinster, Walker, father John Wanless a husbandman; both signed; witnesses John Wanless, Ann Lyle (or Sykes?) Affleck; John’s sig very scrawly

8 June 1850 Thomas Cuthbertson, 27, widower, pitman, Killingworth Colliery, father Jacob Cuthbertson a pitman, to Jane Wandless, 27, spinster, Hezzlerigge, father Joseph Wandless a pitman; he signed, she marked; witnesses John Hebron, Thomas Shaw

17 Jun 1859 Thomas Bruce, 24, bach, pitman, Dudley Pit, father Matthew NEWTON, pitman, to Elizabeth Wanless, 20, spinster, Dudley Pit, father Thomas Wanless, pitman; Witness Henry Turnbull and Walter Lawson

12 Aug 1861 Thomas Raine, 25, widower, pitman, lives Hazzlerigge, father William Rain, husbandman, to Isabella Thompson, 24, widow, Hazzlerigge, father William Wanless, pitman. He signed, she marked. Witn: Thomas Shaw, mark of William Wanless

17 Feb 1867 John Wandless, 35, bach, trimmer, Bigges Main, father Thomas Wandless a blacksmith, to Jane Brown, 26, spinster, Little Benton, father Thomas Brown a waggoner; both signed; witnesses Thomas Brown, Thomas Shaw (a frequent witness)

25 Jan 1873 Christopher Storey, 30, bach, miner, lives Dudley, father Robert Storey, miner, to Alice Wanless, 28, spinster, lives Dudley, father Thomas Wanless, miner. He signed, she marked. Witn: George Gregory, Elisabett Bruce

Wallsend (St. Peter’s)

Source: parish register (FHL 993567 Wallsend marriages 1754-1824)

20 Nov 1784 Alexander Menzies & Margaret Wanless botc [chapelry], banns, he signed, she marked, witn: Ralph Armstrong, Mary or Marg. Armstrong (both marked)

21 NOV 1790 Hannah Wanles = Cuthbert Skipsey, both of this chapelry. Witnesses: William Skipsey and John Wanless

12 July 1794 John Wanlas & Eleanor Fenwick, botc, both marked, witn: Cuthbert Skipsey & Wm Wardell or Wandless or Mordue [names trails off page; can’t read]

8 Oct 1804 John Wanlass & Mary Linsdale botc, witn: Joseph Elliot, Jos. Mordue [a frequent witness]

4 Feb 1818 Zachariah Miller & Sarah Wanlas, botp, banns with consent of parents, witn: Joseph Mordue Jr & James Jameson [a frequent witness]

1 Mar 1818 Richard Cook & Isabella Wanlass, botp, by banns, with consent of parents, witn: Joseph Mordue Jr and James Jameson

13 May 1819 Thomas Wanlass & Ann Dag botp by banns with consent of parents, witn Joseph Mordue & James Jameson

25 Jan 1823 Joseph Wanless = Isabella Reay, both of this parish, by banns.Witness: Joseph Mordue and James Jameson

13 Nov 1824 John Craster = Elizabeth Wanlas, botp, by banns. Witn Matthew Hutton & James Jameson.

13 Nov 1824 Bateman Wanlass = Margaret Smith, Witness: Mathew Hutton and James Jameson

Source: George Bell index, 1813-1837 (and parish register if there are more details shown)

13 Aug 1830 Joseph Wanless = Elizabeth Brown


Source: George Bell Index 1813-1837

5 Feb 1825 John Wanless = Mary Robson


Source: George Bell Index 1750-1799

4 Oct 1779 Robert Wanless = Harriet Cummins


Dec 1859 married at Horton in the parish of Woodhorn: John Scott, full age, bach, miner, Bebside Colliery, father William Scott, miner, to Mary Wanless, full age, spinster, Delaval New Colliery, father Christopher Wanless, sinker, by banns. Witn: Christopher Wanless, Thos. Wanless


Source: parish register, FHL 2193520 Warkworth marriages & baptisms

18 May 1834 Matthew Young, bachelor, otp, to Elizabeth Wanless, spinster, otp, by banns with consent of parents, he signed, she marked, wit Jas. Elliott, Mary Waggatt, Ar’tr(?) Gear

16 Nov 1840 John Wanless, under age, bachelor, ship wright, lives Amble, father Thomas Wanless, ship wright, to Charlotte Turner, full age, spinster, Amble, father Graham(?) Turner, banker(or butcher?), both signed, wit Wm Castles, C. Charlton.
–Charlotte’s father’s given name and occupation are pretty unreadable – dad’s name could be Garbinson, first letter could be anything


FHL 0991797 Wooler parish register

12 May 1782 Married by banns John English and Margaret Wandless both otp. John signed, Margaret made her mark. Witnesses: Richard Jobson, John Richardson


Liverpool St. Nicholas – source: parish register (FHL 0093855)

9 Dec 1866 Oswald Wanless, full age, widower, fireman, lives Rotunda Place, father John Wanless a mariner, married Eliza Edwards, full age, widow, Rotunda Place, father Ellis Wynne a miner. Signed: Oswald Wanless, Eliza’s mark
Witnesses: Henry Bradshaw & Mary Jane Burns
(Note the next marriage on the same day was that of the witnesses, with Oswald & Eliza Wanless as witnesses – lots of marriages on this day, with other couples witnessing each others’ marriages.)”


Aston near Birmingham

Source: IGI

10 MAY 1866 George Hamand Wanless & Mary Boakes


Source: parish register (FHL 0554756)

28 Oct 1837 in the parish church: William Wandles, bachelor, above 21, labourer, lives Rugby, father William Wandles, labourer, to Sarah Wheley, above 21, spinster, lives Rugby, father Isaac Wheley a labourer, signed Wm Wandlas, Sarah’s mark. Witn: Wm Chamberlain, Richard Clarke.


West Acklam

Source: Joiner Marriage Index

1761 Margaret Wanlass

Source: IGI

08 MAY 1813 William Wanley & Ann Beadnall


Source: parish register

17 AUG 1755 Thomas Wandless & Susannah Cook. Witnesses to marriage were Phillip Breaks and William Cook, by banns. Banns said Susannah was “of Barningham”.


08 APR 1837 Mary Wanlass & William Whitfield Wood [IGI]


Richard Warnless (sic), of full age, bachelor, labourer, abode Oulston, illegitimate married by banns 23 November 1840 at Coxwold Parish Church, to
Ellen Slater, of full age, spinster, no occupation given, abode Oulston, dad Robert Slater a carpenter
witnesses were Thomas ??sworth (might be Sigsworth) and Mary Smith.

Easington, North Riding

Source: Joiner Marriage Index

1707 Henry Winlass

Gilling by Richmond

Source: IGI

06 DEC 1761 John Wanlass & Isabel Tate [St Agatha, Gilling]

Great Ayton

12 May 1765 William Wanless of Ayton, manservant married Dinah Fishwick of Ayton, spinster Witnesses Rich Dixon, Thomas Weatheril

Hilton, North Riding

Source: Joiner Marriage Index

1770 Mary Wanlass

Kirkby Moorside [Kirbymoorside]

Source: IGI

09 APR 1804 Mary Wanlass & William Clarke

12 MAR 1836 Elizabeth Wanlass & John Sample [patron sheet]


22 NOV 1788 George Wanlass & Mary Buttery [IGI]


06 APR 1779 Robert Wanless & Mary Hoggarth [IGI]

25 FEB 1783 Mary Wanless & William Pinkney [IGI]


09 JUL 1827 William Wanless & Sarah Eteson [Edson] [IGI]

Leeds (St. Peter)

Source: IGI

13 DEC 1802 Margaret Wanless & John Holroyd

09 JUL 1817 William Wanless & Ann Hattersley

02 JUL 1835 Gilbert Wanless & Jane Wright

Long Marston

05 APR 1796 George Wanless & Jane Tyrens [IGI]


Source: IGI

15 APR 1846 (Saint Leonard, New Malton) Margaret Wanlys or Wanless & William Botterill

Marske in Cleveland

16 NOV 1741 Robert Wanley & Elisabeth Wilson


Source: IGI

05 SEP 1852 Joseph Wandless, age 20, father Ralph Wandless, to Jane Bolt, age 19, father James Bolt

31 OCT 1858 Mary Emma Wanless, father James Wanless, to William Dixon, James Dixon

16 FEB 1859 Joseph Wanless, father Joseph Wanless, to Mary Ann Roper, father John Roper

14 OCT 1876 Joseph Wanless, father Joseph Wanless, to Annie Dodds, father John Dodds

Monk Frystone

22 JUN 1880 George Skene Wanless, age 28, father James Wanless, to Mary Ann Turner, age 25, father James Turner [IGI]

Redcar (St Peter’s)

John Edward Wanless 31 & Louise Britten 24 of Middlesbrough 27/Oct/1913

George Edward Wanless 22 of Stockton & Elizabeth Davies 23 18/Apr/1942

John Edward Wanless 26 & Lily Killeen 21 24/Apr/1946

Richmond (near Leyburn)

Source: IGI

12 FEB 1829 William Wanless & Alice Barnaby


20 Nov 1727 John Thwaites of this parish & Elizabeth Wanlas of Barnard Castle, with banns, certified by Mr. Swinton, married by curates


Source: IGI

09 AUG 1786 Elizabeth Wanley& John McIntyre

Source: parish register

17 Jan 1800 Hannah Wanley to James Castle, by licence, botp, witnesses Jno Longtoft, Jas Barthram

27 Jan 1808 Dinah Wanley to Joseph Watkins by banns, botp, witnesses John Watkin, Robt Cross, Wm Watkins

No Wan(d)less marriages 1837-1948 in Stokesley.

Thornaby on Tees

16 JUN 1884 Mary Ann Wanless & Henry Walter Robinson [IGI]


Source: Joiner Marriage Index

1688 Elizabeth Wandles

Source: IGI

23 NOV 1793 Joseph Wanless & Margaret Brotton


Source: Joiner Marriage Index

1734 John Wanlass

Other Counties in England


Source: IGI

15 OCT 1584 (Cardington ) Elizabeth Wyndilis & William Wyns [Winns]


Source: IGI

19 JUN 1587 (Cheveley) Joane Wanles & Robert Bostocke


Source: IGI

26 FEB 1775 (Saint John The Baptist, Chester ) Elizabeth Wanless & Joseph Bennett

29 NOV 1798 (St. Mary’s, Stockport) William Wanles & Ann Swindells

16 MAR 1837 (Gawsworth) Joshua Paul Wanless & Martha Moorhouse


Source: IGI

30 JAN 1725 (Saint George, Exeter) 30 JAN 1725 Luke Wanless & Elizabeth Luscombe

Hampshire (Southampton)

Source: IGI

15 JAN 1768 (Alverstoke) William Wanless & Elizabeth Hollis

13 JUN 1781 (Saint Marys, Portsea) Elizabeth Wanless & James Beezley

24 SEP 1835 (Basingstoke) Mary Anne Wanlace & David Stephen White


Source: IGI

06 JAN 1734 (Donnington) Richard Wonless & Ruth Walker


Source: IGI + parish registers at

09 MAR 1760 (Chatham) Henry Wenless & Ann Smith

27 APR 1815 (Saint Alphage, Greenwich) Mary Wanless, spinst, &
Robert Charlton, bach, both of this parish, by licence. Witn: Jane
Trishey, James Smith

22 APR 1855 (Cheriton) Johnson Wanless, father Henry Wanless, to Eliza Wincles, father Richard Wincles

Source: IGI

11 JUN 1797 (Beddington) Jane Wanless & William Butler


Source: IGI (St. Mary, Nottingham)

01 JUN 1602 Mary Wanlles & Thomas Yowle

15 FEB 1780 Hannah Wandless & Joseph Sims


Source: parish register

8 Nov 1852, St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, Sussex, Thomas Wanless, 27, widower, blacksmith, 22 Over(?) Street, father John Wanless a blacksmith, to Matilda Mary Cathrine Weeks, 22, spinster, 31 Carlson Row, father James Weeks a gentleman, witn: James Weeks, Caroline Wilson.


Source: IGI

10 AUG 1813 (Fugglestone St. Peter) Robert Wanless & Sophiah Sutton