Commercial, Trade, and Personal Directories in the UK
with Wan(d)less names in them

1479: Hexhamshire

Source: History of Northumberland, volume III

p. 148, Hexham Borough: Extracted from The Black Book of Hexham (priory records), dated 1479

Priestpoffle ward: Jn. Wanless (in list of tenement holders)

1608: Hexhamshire

Source: History of Northumberland, volume III

p. 93, Hexhamshire: Survey of freeholders of Hexham Towne, Hexham Manor, Hexhamshire

Thomas Wanless & Edithe his wife, a certaine tenement and the
appurtenances, yearly rent 2 shillings 6 pence, yearly value above rent
13 shillings 4 pence


The history and antiquities of the county palatine, of Durham; by William Hutchinson … Newcastle, 1785-94

Curates at South Shields: Tho. Wandles, A.M. 15 Nov 1637, p.m. Carre (Carre was the previous curate)

vol 3 – vicars of Hesleden:

  • Hen. Wandles, cl. 1578, p. ref. Stephenson (the previous vicar)
  • Mark Leonards A.B. 1628, p.m. Wandles

1795-96: Sunderland

(Universal British Directory, vol IV, at

Monk Wearmouth and Monk Wearmouth-shore

Wandless Thomas, (F.) Baker
— “F” denotes that the person was a freeman of the borough as an owner of freehold property there.

1801 directory (FHL 1040404 Item 6)

Newcastle, p. 40: Wanless Tho. Linen-draper, Side

1811 Newcastle (Film 1040404 Item 7) – no Wan(d)less

1820: The Commercial directory of Scotland, Ireland, and the four most northern counties of England, for 1820-21 & 22

Wanless, John – Stock-bridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Timber Measurers

1822: History, Directory & Gazetteer of Yorkshire, Vol. I: West Riding

Wanless, Wm., Vine st, Hunslet ln, Leeds

1823-4: Pigot and Co.’s London & provincial new commercial
directory for 1823-4 : containing a classification of the merchants,
manufacturers and traders of London, the County of Middlesex, and all
the towns and villages within twelve miles of the metropolis : with
seperate alphabetical references. London, [1823].

Stationers, Retail – Wanless, Wm., 28 Watling st.

The names and descriptions of the proprietors of unclaimed
dividends on Bank stock and on all government funds and securities,
transferable at the Bank of England… : with the dates when the first
dividends respectively became payable, and the number of dividends due
thereon. London, 1823 [Gale Group, The Making of the Modern World]

Margaret Wanless, Calico buildings, Bermondsey, Wid. dec. – July 1801 – 1

1824 directory (1040404 Item 8)

Newcastle. Wanless John, joiner and house carpenter, Stockbridge

1825: The Post-Office London directory [Gale Group, The Making of the Modern World]

Wanless, W., stationer, 28 Watling st.

1827: Directory of Newcastle and Gateshead

Wanless John, joiner & cabinet maker, Stockbridge

1827: White’s History, Directory & Gazetteer of Durham & Northumberland

Jane Wandless, eating house, High st, Stockton-upon-Tees

Joseph Wanlace, pawnbroker, 43 North st, North Shields

Martin Wanlass, gardener, Chester-le-Street

Robert Wandlass, Aberdeen Arms, Wear st, Monkwearmouth Shore, Sunderland


1828-29: Pigot’s Directory of Durham

Chester le Street town

Martin Wandless, gardener and seedsman


Wanless George, joiner and carpenter, Northumberland place

1828-29: Pigot’s Commercial Directory of Northumberland

Newcastle – Joiners & Builders

Wanless John, Stockbridge


Wanlass, Thomas, Warkworth

1829: White’s History, Directory & Gazetteer of Cumberland & Westmorland

Jackson Wanlass, Leath ward, Alston, Cumberland

1830: The Post-Office London directory [Gale Group, The Making of the Modern World]

Wanless, W., stationer, 28 Watling st.

The Post-Office London directory for 1832

Wanless, W., stationer, 28 Watling st.

1833: Newcastle/Gateshead directory by Alexander Ihler

Wanless John, joiner and cabinetmaker, Stockbridge
–he is also listed under auctioneers & appraisers, as a building appraiser only


1833-34: Robson’s London directory, street key…for 1834- 14th ed.

29 Harcourt st, New Road, Marylebone – Wanless, John, grocer
28 Watling st – Wanless, Wm., stationer

The Post-Office London directory for 1834

Wanless, W., stationer, 28 Watling st.

1834: Pigot’s Trade Directory for Durham & Northumberland

–this directory is sorted alphabetically by town name


Chester-le-Street (town)

Wandless, Martin – gardener & seedsman


Wanless, James, Gainford – gardener & seedsman


Wanless, William – attorney of Bedford Street, Bishopwearmouth

Wanless, George – joiner/carpenter of 33 Northumberland Place, Bishopwearmouth

Wanless, William – grocer/fruiterer of 7 Silver Street, Sunderland



Elizabeth Wanless, straw hat maker, Silver st.


Wanless, John, joiner

Carriers to Ingoe – John Wanless from the Lord Cornwallis, Bigg Market, every Saturday

1837: Pigot’s Trade Directory for Scotland and northern England

Joiners – Newcastle

Wanless, John (& appraiser), Stockbridge

1838: Richardson’s directory of Newcastle and Gateshead

Wanless, Hannah, shopkeeper, Gallowgate
Wanless, John, house carpenter, Stock-bridge (also listed under joiners & builders and auctioneers & appraisers)

1838: A List of the country banks of England and Wales, private
and proprietary : also of the names of all the shareholders of
joint-stock banks as registered at the Stamp-Office in March 1838

Swaledale & Wensleydale Banking Co

Wanless, William, Richmond

Wanless, Thomas, Richmond

1839: Pigot’s Commercial Directory of London

Wanless Jno. Shopkeeper, 29 Harcourt st, Bryanstone sq

Wanless William Henry, tobacconist, 15 Queen st. City


Wanless George, furniture broker, 36, Grange walk, Bermdsy.

1841: London Post Office Directory

Wanlace, Joseph, solicitor, 15 Colet pl, Commercial rd east

Wanlace, William, porkman, 19 Marchmont st, Brunswick squ.

Wanless, Wm Hen., snuff & cigar dealer, Queen st, 69 Cheapside

1841: Pigot & Co.’s Directory of Yorks, Leics, etc.

Earle & Wandless, stone & marble masons, Osborne st, Hull

1842: Directory of Leeds (Yorkshire) and the Clothing District

pg 116 Gilbert Wanless, trussmkr., 38 Somers st.

1844: Newcastle & Sunderland, South Shields (FHL 1040405 Item 7)


Wandless, J. High Southwick

Wandless, J., Duncow, 30 N. Hopperstreet, BW

Wandless, L., engraver, Derwent St. BW

Wandless, R., Aberdeen Arms, Wearstreet MW

Wandless, T., shop kpr., H Southwick

Wandless, W., gardener, Coronation St.

Wanless, W., shop kpr, 7 Silver st.

Wanless, Wm. Solicitor, and in the Insolvent Debtors Court, consumer
for taking affidavits in the Queen’s Bench, London, and Court of Common
Pleas, Durham 2 Sandhill; h. 2 Elswick Lane.

1844: Williams’ Newcastle and Gateshead

Wanless, Wm, solicitor, 19 Dean street, res. 11 Carliol St

–The first section of this directory is alphabetical by street
name – like a census of people on each street – but I didn’t look at
this long enough to determine whether it lists everybody or just
commercial establishments. The 2nd section just lists commercial
establishments, which is where William’s listing came from, and he was
the only Wan(d)less listed.

1846: London Post Office Directory

Wanlace, Eliz. (Mrs.), porkbut[cher], 19 Marchmont st, Brunswick squ.

Wanlace, Joseph, solicitor, 15 Colet pl, Commercial rd east
Wanless, Wm Hen., snuff & cigar dealer, 15 Queen st, Cheapside

1850: Ward’s Northumberland & Durham Directory


Wanless, Thos. grocer & flour dlr., Carville

Wanless, Wm. solr. 30 Mosley, r 2 Elswick ln.

North Shields

Wanless, Jane, Reform tavern, North st

Sunderland (“B” at end of line means “Bishopwearmouth”)

Wandless, Ann, 54 Frederick st, B

— J. & T. gardeners & seedsmen, 24 Coronation st, B

— John, gardener, Plough, Tunstall Lane

— John [J. & T.W.], r Tunstall gardens

— John, shipowner, High Southwick

— R., Aberdeen Arms inn, Wear st., M S [Monk Seaton?]

— Thomas, grocer, High Southwick

— Thomas [J. & T.W.]; r 1 Walton pl

— Wm., gardener & seedsman, 251 High St, B

Wanless, Simon, joiner & undertaker, 22 Woodbine st, B

1851: General Directory of Kingston-upon-Hull, and York

Wandless buildings, Osborne st, Hull

1851: Hagar’s Directory of Co. Durham

Surname Given Occupation Address Town Holly’s Notes
Wanless Thomas Master Mariners 86 Low Street Sunderland
Wanless William Master Mariners 18 William Street Bishopwearmouth
Wandless George Joiner / Carpenter 32 Charles St. Bishopwearmouth
Wanless Thomas Nursery & Seedman 24 Coronation Street Bishopwearmouth not at this address in 1851 census
Wanless Simon Joiner 22 Woodbine Street Bishopwearmouth
Wanless William Nursery & Seedman 251 High Street Bishopwearmouth
Wandless John Ship owner Southwick High Durham
Wandless Thomas Grocer Southwick High Durham
Wanless Thomas Trimmer at Church Street Durham
Wandless William Grocer Easington Lane
Wanless Bately Butcher New Thornley
Wandless James Boot & Shoe Maker King Street Barnard Castle
Wandless William Coal Dealer Thorn Gate Barnard Castle
Wandless Robert Cow Keeper Thorn Gate Barnard Castle

1852: List of directory subscribers (FHL 1040407 Item 3)

Newcastle, p. 70 “List of Annual Subscribers”

Wanless William, solicitor, 30 Mosley st; r. 28 Westmorland ter

1852: Poll book of contested southern division election of July 1852

Newcastle polling district, Westgate township

Wanless, John – lives Simpson street – qualification: freehold house on Mansfield street
Wanless, William – lives Elswick lane – qualification: freehold house on Westmorland terrace

Wallington Demesne township

Wanlace, George – lives Saugh House – qualification: land as occupier of Saugh House

1852: Post Office directory of London (small edition)

Wanless, Wm. Hen., snuff & cigar dealer, 15 Queen st, Cheapside

1852-53: Slater’s Directory of Berks, Corn, Devon, Hampshire etc.

Wanlace, Miss Mary, London rd, Odiham, Hampshire [under Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy]

1853: Gore’s Directory of Liverpool & its Environs

Robert Wanless Kelley, merchant (Graham, Kelley & Co.), 12 Hamilton square, Birkenhead

1855: Whellan’s Directory of Northumberland plus Gateshead, Durham

Amble (Warkworth parish)

Gair and Wandless, joiners, cartwrights, and shipwrights

Blackpool, Longhorsley

Walmsley, Thomas (actually Wanless; makes you wonder how many others I missed!)


Old Bay Horse Inn, W. Wanless


Wanless John, architect, 3, Mansfield st

Wanless Wm, solicitor, 41, Collingwood st, ho. 28 Westmoreland terrace

Newham (Bamburgh Ward)

James Wanless, shopkeeper & carrier to Alnwick on Saturdays

Sandyford (Bolam parish)

Mr. Mark Wanless

Wallington, Hartburn

George Wanlace, farmer

1855: Slater’s Royal National Commercial Directory of the Northern Counties

(Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire)


Wanless, James – coal dealer, King St, Barnard Castle

Wanless, Jane & Margaret, milliners & dressmakers, 22 Sunderland St, Bishopwearmouth

Wandless, John – master of Parochial School, Wolviston (and Ann Wandless, mistress)

Wanless, Simon – joiner & carpenter, 22 Woodbine St, Bishopwearmouth

Wandless, William – gardener & seedsman, 251 High St, Bishopwearmouth, and Tunstall Lane


Wanless, John – joiner, Dogger bank, Morpeth

Wanless, Thomas – grocer, Wallsend

Wanless, William – attorney, 41 Collingwood St., Newcastle (also an agent for London Mutual (life) and Guarantee Society)

Wanless, William – Bay Horse Inn, Haltswhistle


Wandless, George – stone & marble masons, Osborne st, Hull

Wanless, Mr. Richard – nobility, gentry, & clergy, East end, Stokesley

Wanless, Thomas – painters (house, sign, etc.), Frenchgate, Richmond

Wanless, William & Thomas – painters (house, sign, etc.), Frenchgate, Richmond

1855: Post Office Directory of Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorsetshire

Mrs. Wanlace, Church st, Basingstoke, Hampshire

1856: Whellan’s Directory of Durham

Wandless, Thomas – master mariner of 86 Low Street, Easington, Sunderland

Wandless, William – fruiterer of 251 High Street, Bishopwearmouth

Wanless, Simon – cabinet maker of 12 Woodbine Street, Easington, Sunderland

Wm. WANLESS Waterloo Vale, South Shields Solicitor

Luke WANDLESS Chatershaugh, Chester-le-Street Farmer & Engineer

1856: Kelly’s Court Directory of London

Joshua Paul Wanless, 93 Up Stamford St, Blackfriars

1856: Kelly’s Commercial Directory of London

Wm Henry Wanless, cigar and snuff dealer, 15 Queen St, Cheapside

1858: Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Northumberland & Durham



Robert Wanless, shopkeeper


Mrs. Margaret Wanless, farmer, Netherton is the nearest post office


Robert Wanlace, farmer, Glebe farm, letters through Newcastle


Mark Wanless, farmer


William Wanless, Old Bay Horse Inn


Thomas Wanless, farmer, Blackpool

Mitford, Morpeth

John Wanlace, farmer, Newton Underwood


John Wanlace, joiner, wheelwright, and grocer, Newgate st.


Wanless, John, 6 Mansfield st, 2 Bailey street
Wanless, William , solicitor, 3 Collingwood st, Groat market (agent London Mutual Life & Guarantee)

Wanless, William Esq., 20 Westmoreland terrace

James Wanless, shopkeeper & carrier, letters through Chat Hill; carrier to Alnwick on Saturday from the Four Horseshoes

Northumberland Court Dir

W Wanless Esq, 20 Westmorland Terrace, Newcastle


Thomas Wandless, market gardener, Rose bank

Wallington, Cambo

George Wanlace, farmer, Saugh house


Thomas Wanless, grocer & provision dlr

Wingates, Longhorsley

George Wanlass, shoemaker


Barnard Castle

Robert Wandless, grocer, Bank

Easington Lane

William Wanlass, grocer


Luke Wandless, farmer (letters through Chester-le-Street)


Robert Wanless, colliery agent, Pelton Fell

— also listed under Pelton Colliery: overmen Robert Wanless & William Morgan

Sunderland Court Dir

Mr John Wandless 41 Southwick

Sunderland Commercial Dir

Robert Wandlass, Aberdeen Arms, 85 Wear St, Bishopwearmouth

John Wandless, Beer Retailer 28 Silksworth Row, Bishopwearmouth

Wm Wandless, fruiterer, 251 High St, Bishopwearmouth

George Wandless, joiner, 27 Hardwick St, Monkwearmouth

Simon Wandless, joiner, 12 Woodbine Row, Hendon, Bishopwearmouth

Mr. John Wandless, High Southwick, Monkwearmouth

Luke Wandlass, Hedworth, Jarrow, Gateshead

1858: Post Office Directory of Cumberland

Wanless, George, commercial traveller, 6 Burlington place, Carlisle

1859: Directory of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Mrs. Wanlace, Church st, Basingstoke, Hampshire

1859-1860: North of England

(includes Bishop Auckland, Chester-le-Street, Darlington, Durham,
Gateshead, Newcastle, North Shields, South Shields, Sunderland) (FHL
1040408 Item 3)

Darlington, p. 51 Wandless, Thomas, slater, 25 Archer St.

South Shields, p. 156. Wanless, Luke, farmer, Hedworth

Sunderland p. 265.

Wandlass, Robert, Aberdeen Arms inn, 85 Wear st. MS

Wandless, John, beer rtlr. 27 Silksworth row, B

Wanless, John, gentleman, High Southwick

Wanless, Wm., fruiterer, 251 High St. B

Wanless, Thos. m. mar, Back S. Durham st. B

Newcastle, p. 436

Wandless, Thomas, agent, 8 Myrth tar

Wanlass, John, 6 Mansfield St.

Wanless, Thomas, grocer, Carville

Wanless, Wm. Solicitor, 3 Collingwood st; r 20 Westmoreland ter

1862: Directory & Topography of Sheffield (Yorkshire) & towns within 20 miles

Brampton Moor, Derbyshire (near Chesterfield)

Robert Wanless, town missionary

1864-1865: Whellan’s directory – Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland, N. Yks


John Wanless, fruiterer, 54 Hinde st

Thomas Wanless, grocer, & c., Wallsend


Mark Wanlace, farmer, Eland green

1865 Directory of Durham & Newcastle

Margaret Wanless, shopkeeper, Gainford

1865 unknown directory – Medomsley, Durham

Hy. J. Winless, vict., Commercial Inn, Leadgate

1865-66: Ward’s Newcastle & Gateshead

Newcastle area

John Wanless, fruiterer, 89 Hinde st; Maiden st

Thomas Wanless, agent, Byron terrace

Thomas Wanless, merchant, Wallsend

Mrs. Sarah Wanlass, teacher, Sunderland st

South Shields, p. 75

Wanless Mary (Mrs) farmer, Hedworth

1867: Post Office Directory of Birmingham, Warwickshire

George Wanless, station master of railway station

1868: Mercer & Crocker’s Northumberland, Durham, & Newcastle


Robert Wandless, grocer, Bank, Barnard Castle

William Wanless, boot & shoemaker, Crossgate, Durham city

Bateman Wanless, grocer, Carville & Gilesgate moor

William Wanless, grocer, Easington Lane

Luke Wanderless, Queens Head Inn, Stanhope

Robert Wanless, brewer, Burnopfield

William Wardless, fruiterer, 251 High St West, Bishopwearmouth


Henry Wanless, Commerial [sic] Inn, Leadgate


Henry Winless, Commercial Inn


John Wanless, fruiterer & potatoe merchant, 89 Hinde st


Isabella Wanless, grocer, Haltwhistle

William Wanless, Bay Horse Inn, Haltwhistle

1869-70: Ward’s Dir of Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland

film (FHL 1040410) only contained Gateshead and vicinity, with no
Wan(d)lesses. It looks like 40+ pages were skipped in the filming.

1870-71: Ward’s Newcastle and Gateshead

In this directory, there is an alphabetical listing by surname, and also a
street-by-street listing (ordered alphabetically by street), like a


Tarelli, Anthony Matthew (Wanless & co), r 49 Eldon st

Wanless & co, tea, wine, and brandy merchants, 119 Northumberland st

Wanless, John (Wanless & Co), r 19 Day st

Wanless, John, fruiterer & potato dealer, 89 Hinde st

Wanless, John, agent, 95 Gloucester Rd, Elswick

Wanless, Thomas & Son, provision dealers, Wallsend

Wanless, George (T. Wanless & Son), r Wallsend

Wanless, Thomas (T. Wanless & Son), r Wallsend

Wanless, Thomas, fruiterer, 54 Armstrong st

Wanlass, John, tailor, 10 Friars Green, Newcastle

Wanless, T., greengrocer, 18 Byron Terrace, Newcastle

1870: White’s Directory of Leeds & the West Riding (Yorkshire)

George Wanless, coal dealer, Derby crescent, Dewsbury rd, Leeds

1873: Post Office Directory of Cumberland & Westmorland

Mrs. Isabella Wandless, milliner, Front st, Brampton, Cumberland

1882: Post Office London Directory (Trades & Professions)

William Wanless, treasurer, Hearts of Oak Benefit Society, 17 Charlotte st, Fitzroy sq west (society’s address)

1882: Kelly’s Directory of Essex

John Wanliss, dairyman, Snake’s Lane, Woodford Green

1882: White’s Directory of Hull

Wandless buildings, Osborne st, Hull [this is in the listing of “smaller streets”]

George Wandless, flour dealer, 81 Osborn st [followed by Wandless buildings]

1883: Bulmer’s History & Directory of West Cumberland

Rev. Anthony Muncaster Wandless, Congregational minister, Moresby terrace, Parton

1886: Slater’s Directory of Manchester & Salford

Edward D. Wanless, joiner, 59 Cambridge st lower

1886: Kelly’s Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne & Suburbs

Forster & Wanless, salmon fishermen, Scotswood [later listing identifies Joseph Forster as “of Forster & Wanless”]

John Wanless, greengrocer, 228 Shields Rd, Byker

Joseph Hugh Wanless, joiner, 49 Cambridge street, between Charlotte & Suffolk streets

Thomas Wanless, grocer, 17 & 19 Byker bank just past Engine st;
grocer & provision dealer, 30 Buxton st; also 66 New Road (between
Wood’s Entry and Soap House Ln) and 45 and 47 Shields rd (between Byker
bank and Tower st)

Thomas Wanless, provision merchant, Library Place, Westgate rd

Thomas Wanless, of firm of Forster & Wanless, Scotswood

Thomas Wanlass, news agent, 470 & 472 Scotswood rd; residence 18 Byron terrace

Robert Wanless, grocer, 424 Scotswood Rd. (between Tulloch and Hawes
st), residence 136 Hamilton st (between Church and Darnell sts); #136
also has Mrs. Eleanor Kinghorn, grocer

William Morgan Wanless, grocer & beer retailer, 6 & 8 Elm st, New Benwell (between Adelaide and Gill streets)

William Wanless, butcher, 75 Shields rd, Byker (between Tower st and Cook st)

Wanless & Co, family grocers & wine merchants., 157 Northumberland street (just past Prudhoe st)

1887: Kelly’s Directory

John Edward Wanless , beer retailer 39 Richmond St, Middlesbrough

1890: Kelly’s Directory of Durham

James Wandless, cabinet maker, Bank, Barnard Castle

Robert Wandless, boot & shoe warehouse, Bank, Barnard Castle

Michael Wandless, hatter, Coxhoe

John Wandless, slate merchant, Kinross st, Darlington

Wandless Bailey, shopkeeper, Easington Lane

Mat. Wandless, master mariner, 15 Bellerby terrace, Hart rd, West Hartlepool

Wm .Wandless, fruiterer, 251 High st west, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland

Joseph Hugh Wanlass, Wheat Sheaf P.H., 6 & 7 Sans st east, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland

1890: Ward’s Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne

T. Wanlass, fruiterer, 470 Scotswood rd, residence 18 Byron terrace

Anthony Matthew Tarelli (Wanlass & co), r 28 Eldon st

Wanless & Co, wine merchants., 157 Northumberland street

J. Wanless, greengrocer, 2 Raby st.

Robert Wanless, provision dealer, 424 Scotswood Rd., residence 136 Hamilton st

Thomas Wanless, grocer, 30 Buxton st, 9 Shields rd, & 46 Potts st.; res. Shields rd

1891: Kelly’s Directory of Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Thomas Wanless, 18 Howard rd, Dorking, Surrey

1893: Kelly’s Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire (Trades & Places sections)

Johnson Wanless, painter & house decorator, 31 Westboro’, Scarborough

John Wanless, 26 Kimberley st, Hull

Miss Florence Wanless, dressmaker & milliner, 16 Kimberley st, Hull

John Edward Wanless , beer retailer 23 Richmond St, Middlesbrough

Court Directory

Rev. William Wandless, Bedale [also listed in the Places section as “Wesleyan”]

Wandless buildings, Hull

1894: Whellan’s Directory Co Durham

page  name

0664 WANDLASS M master mariner, Bellerby Terr, Hartlepool

1059 WANDLESS George under manager, Boldon

0552 WANDLESS James grocer & joiner, The Bank*, Barnard Castle

1085 WANDLESS Jno. assistant school master, Jarrow

0495 WANDLESS John slate merchant, Kinross St & 2 High Terr Darlington

0506 WANDLESS John slate merchant, Kinross St & 2 High Terr Darlington

0263 WANDLESS Michael draper, Coxhoe

0552 WANDLESS Robert clogger & boot dealer, The Bank*, Barnard Castle

0942 WANDLESS Thomas foreman joiner, 76 Dock St, Sunderland, E

0955 WANDLESS William fruiterer, 251 High St, Sunderland

0942 WANDLESS William fruiterer, 251 High St, Sunderland

0707 WANLESS Mrs market gardener, Blakiston Hall, Norton

1197 WANLESS Ann Mrs lodging house keeper, Front St, Chester Le St

1044 WANLESS E Mrs shopkeeper & beer retailer, 1 Colville St, Gateshead

1032 WANLESS E Mrs        shopkeeper & beer retailer, 1 Colville St, Gateshead

0200 WANLESS Edward mayor Durham City 1603

0200 WANLESS Henry mayor Durham City 1667

1147 WANLESS Fredk. assist chemist, Berkeley St, South Shields

0942 WANLESS George wine merchant, 8 Sussex St,

0200 WANLESS Henry mayor Durham City 1667

0709 WANLESS Mary Ann market gardener, Blakiston Hall, Norton

0836 WANLESS Matthew victualler, Ship Inn, Ryhope

1032 WANLESS Thomas shopkeeper, 7 Chichester St, Gateshead

0836 WANLESS Thomas colliery engineer, Ryhope

0429 WANLESS Wm.Tinkler master of Board school, Witton le Wear

* The Bank is an address, NOT a financial bank.


1894: Kelly’s Directory of Northumberland

Joseph Wanless, marine engineer, 72 Princess St North Shields
Wm Wandless, Tailor, Turner St, Waterloo, Blyth
Mrs. Isabella Wandless, 64 Lowther st, Whitehaven

1896: General & Commercial Directory of Burnley, Nelson , etc. (Lancashire)

James Joseph Wandless Pearcy, L.R.C.P, L.R.C.S., physician & surgeon, Thorn Hill, Burnley

1897: Kelly’s Directory of Cumberland

Mrs. Isabella Wandless, milliner, 64 Lowther st, Whitehaven

1898 Directory of Durham and Northumberland

(searched only Northumberland, alphabetically from Bolam to Simonburn, p. 618)

Bolam parish – farmers

Wanlace George, Hetchester law – resides Belsay

Wanlace Mark – resides Gallowhill

Hartburn parish

Wanlace T. & J. at Newbegan, Wallington demesne

Longhorsley parish, Freeholders Quarter

Wanlace Thomas, Blackpool – farmer


Wanlace Joshua – farmer at Shelly

Warkworth – academies

Wanless Thomas – National, at Warkworth

1898: Ward’s Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne

J.G. Wandless, glass cutter, 32 Bermondsey st, St. Jude’s parish & All Saints north ward

1899: Kelly’s Directory of Hull (Yorkshire)

John Wanless, 26 Kimberley st

Miss Florence Wanless, dressmaker, 26 Kimberley st
William John Wandless, custom house officer, 37 Mayfield st

Wandless buildings, Osborn st

1899: Kelly’s Directory of Derbyshire

Rev. William Wandless (Wesleyan), Bradwell, Sheffield [Yorkshire]

1901: Bulmer’s History, Topography & Directory of Cumberland


Wandless, Mrs. Isabella, King st

Wandless, Wm. H., chemist, 83 Duke st

1902: Kelly’s Durham Dir

West Hartlepool

Matthew Wandless, Master Mariner, 15 Bellerby Terrace, Hart lane


Andrew Wanless, Master Mariner, 99 Cleveland Rd

Thomas Wanless, foreman, 70 Dock St East

Wm Tinkler Wanless, clerk of Parish Church, 4 Eden St

Wm Wanless, gun and rifle maker, 20 Norfolk St

Durham Trades Dir

Boot & Shoemakers

Rbt Wandless 38 Bank, Barnard Castle

Joiner & Carpenter

James Wandless, 36 Bank, Barnard Castle

Gun makers

Wanless Bros, Russell St , S Shields

Wm Wanless 20 Norfolk St, Sunderland

Northumberland Court Dir

L Wanlace, Seaton Burn Dudley RSO

1902: Kelly’s Directory of Essex

John Robert Wandless, Northumbria, Hockley, Essex

1909: Slater’s Manchester, Salford & Suburban Directory (Lancashire)

Wandless, Thomas, householder, 26 Ormuz st, Cheetham

1910: Kelly’s Directory of Cumberland

William Hood Wandless, 84 Scotch st, Whitehaven – member of Cumberland County Council for St. James Division

William H. Wandless, chemist, 6 Main st, Arlecdon; also listed at 83 Duke st, Whitehaven

1910: Wards directory of Durham

Wanless Bros gunmakers 7 Bridge Rd Stockton

-Thomas, Wanless Bros, residence Sunderland

-William, Wanless Bros, residence Otterburn, West Villas

Chas Wanless engine driver, 99 Cheetam St , Grange Town, Middlesbrough

1910: Ward’s Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Wandless, Wm., brassmoulder, 20 Burnaby st, St. Silas parish & Byker ward

Wanless, N., 30 Buxton st

Wanless, R., 424 Scotswood rd.

Wanless’ Stores, Handysides’ buildings, Percy st

Wanless, T. & Sons, 11 Shields rd

1914: Kelly’s Directory of Northumberland

Thomas Wanless, Plough Inn, Bondgate without, Alnwick; also on the Alnwick Urban District Council

John Wanless, Long Horsley

G. Wanless, farmer, Blackpool, Long Horsley

John Wanless, farmer, West Forest, Earsdon Forest, Morpeth

H. Wandless, preventive officer, Custom House, New Quay, North Shields

“Thomas Wanless esq. is a principal landowner in Stannington” [but is not listed in the directory of residents there]

Lancelot Wanlace, Seaton Burn, Dudley, land agent to Lord Hastings, Seaton Delaval estate; see also Snowball & Wanlace

Snowball & Wanlace, Seaton Burn,
land agents to J.C.J. Fenwick Esq, M.D., George Foyle Fawcett esq.,
J.S. Trevelyan esq., Sir Lambton Loraine bart. & the trustees of
the late T. Eustace Smith esq. Estate office, Seaton Burn House

Miss Barbara Wanlace, confectioner, 50 & 52 Newgate st, Morpeth


Matthew Young Wandless, 43 Devonshire pl

Robert Wanless, grocer, 424 Scotswood rd, res. 5 Normanton ter.

Thomas Wanless & Sons, provision dealers, 9 & 11 Shields rd, Byker

Nicholas M. Wanless, provision dealer, 231 Shields rd, Byker; res. 3 Tosson Terrace, Heaton

William Wanless, sec. to Co-operative Smith’s Society (10 branch), Blue
Bell P.H., Shields Rd (between 290 and 296, south side)

William Morgan Wanless, grocer, Westerhope

1914: Kelly’s Directory of Durham

Wandless, John, 5 Bracken rd, Darlington

Wandless, John, 144 Bede Burn rd, Jarrow; master of Higher Grade Elementary School, Oak st, Jarrrow

Wandless, Mrs., 22 King st, Barnard Castle

Wanless, Charles Thompson, 4 Osborne rd, Spennymoor

Fisk, Wanless, hairdresser, Annfield Plain

Wanless, John, blacksmith, Redworth, Heighington

Wanless, G. (hon. sec. of New Seaham Church Institute, Station rd, Seaham)

Wanless, Miss Jane, milliner, 32 High st, Tow Law


Rev. John B. Wanless (Primitive Methodist), Aynsley terrace

Jackson Wanless, beer retailer, 13 Middle st


Wanless, T. & Sons, provision dealers, 238 Askew rd west

Wanless, Annie (Miss), shopkeeper, 78 Park lane

Wanless, Henry, greengrocer, 110 Prince Consort rd

Wanless, Robert D., plumber, 379 High st

South Shields

Wanless, Frederick Adolphus & co, chemists & druggists, Coronation st

Wanless & Co, athletic outfitters, 26 Ocean rd


Wanless Brothers, gun & rifle makers, 7 Bridge road

Wanless, Wm., Otterburn, Oxbridge ln


Wanless Brothers, gunmakers, 12 Waterloo Place, Sunderland

Wanless, Thomas, 14 Azalea terrace south

1916: Ward’s Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Wandless, J.T. , blacksmith, 81 Claverington st, Willington Quay

Wandless, Matthew Y., commercial traveller, 43 Devonshire place, St. George’s parish & Jesmond ward

Wandless, W., brassmoulder, 20 Burnaby st, St. Silas parish & Byker ward

Wanless, George T. (T.W. & Sons), res. 9 Shields rd

Wanless, John W. (T.W. & Sons), res. 9 Shields rd

Wanless, Nichol, grocer, 231 Shields rd, res. 3 Tosson ter.

Wanless, Robert, provision dealer, 424 Scotswood rd, res. 5 Normanton ter.

Wanless, Thomas, engineer, Berry st.

Wanless, Thomas & Sons, grocers, 11 Shields rd

1935: Wards Directory


Wandless, Richard – shopkeeper of 17 Church Street West, Monkwearmouth

Wanless, Robert T. – ticket-writer of 24 Bridge Street, residence at 20 Weldon Avenue

1936-37: Wards directory

James Wanless, clerk to insurance company, 79 Grange Rd, residence 107 Roecliffe Rd (probably Middlesbrough)

1936 Kelly’s Leeds Dir

Anthony Wandless, civil servant, 1 Moor GrangeRise, Far Headingley, Leeds

1938 Kelly’s Durham & Northumberland


Shotton Colliery

G Wandless, hairdresser

Durham City

John Jsp Wanless, china and glass dlr, 26 Elvet Bridge


Mrs Jane Wandless, shopkeeper ,42 Cartmel Terrace


Mrs Caroline Wandless, shopkeeper, Gladsone Street

Mrs Isabella Wandless, green gro 17 Church Street West, Deptford

Rbt W Wanless, poster writer, 46 Crow Tree Rd



Chas Thompson Wanless, Lealholme, Whitworth Terrace, Spennymoor


Matthew Young Wandless, 43 Devonshire Place Newcastle

George Lee Wanless JP, Glenburn Haydon Bridge, Hexham

Jsp Wanless, 65 Forest Hall Rd, Forest Hall, Benton

Luke Wanless, Bankhouse (Martins) Front St, Rothbury

Mrs JE Wanless 7a Osbaldeston Gdns, Gosforth Newcastle

Thos Wanless, 15 The Drive, Gosforth

1941 & 1947 Leeds Dir

A M Wandless, 30 St Chads Av, Leeds 6

1948-1949: North East Dir

E Wanless builder, Morris House, Birtley, Co Durham

1949 Electoral Rolls for Shotton Colliery, Co. Durham (FHL 2081308)

# Name Address
192 Joseph Wanless 7 Crossfield Crescent
193 Frances Wanless 7 Crossfield Crescent
1142 George Wandless 2 Dene Crescent
1143 Annie Wandless 2 Dene Crescent
1548 John Wanless 12 East Street
1549 Josephine Wanless 12 East Street
3362 John Wandless 18 The Bungalows
3363 Annie Wandless 18 The Bungalows

Leeds & Bradford Post Office (PO) Area Telephone Dir,


Arthur Wanless, 49 Ravenshouse Rd, Dewsbury, Tel Dewsbury 440,
E Wanless, 1 Kings Croft Gardens, Leeds 17,


Arthur Wanless, 49 Ravenshouse Rd, Dewsbury, Tel Dewsbury 440,
E Wanless, 1 Kings Croft Gardens, Leeds 17,


Arthur Wanless, 49 Ravenshouse Rd, Dewsbury, Tel Dewsbury 440,
E Wanless, 1 Kings Croft Gardens, Leeds 17,

1956 Leeds

A Wanless, Field Croft, New Tanhouse, Mirfield, Tel Mirfield 2216,
E Wanless, 1 Kings Croft Gardens, Leeds 17, Tel Leeds 68 – 6197,

1956 Bradford

E Wanless, 61 Leeds Rd, Eccleshill, Bradford 2,

Leeds 1962 PO Directory

A Wanless, Field Croft, New Tanhouse, Mirfield
E Wanless 1 Kings Croft Gardens, Leeds 17
H Wanless 37 Kingsley Ave, Leeds 16

1953 Darlington, Durham


Harold Wandless, 9 The Leas
Harry Wandless 41 Glebe Rd
Jn Wandless 109 Salutation Rd
Jsph 104 Eldon St
Mrs Ivy Wandless 130 Eldon St
Wm Wandless H 17 Wesley St
Ernest Wanless 31 Mowden Terr
Jas R Wanless, 20 Harcourt St
Mrs Lily Wanless 53 Wales St
Wm Wanless A 5 Aysgarth Rd


Mrs Mary L Wandless costiere, 17 Coatham Cresc tel 4614

1960s?: Kelly’s Directory of the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne*

Wandless, Matthew Young, 43 Devonshire, pl. 2

Wanless, A. W. and Co. Ltd., iron mers. & dlrs. 53/55 Westmorland
Rd.l  T A “Wanmetal, N/Tyne 1”

Wanless, Mrs. E.            117 Kenton Rd. 3, Gosforth 51812

Wanless, Edwd.  B.       35 Woodlands 3, Gosforth 51625

Wanless, John, architect     3 Mansfield St.

Wanless, Mrs. M.E.        Groat ho. Collingwood St. 1

Wanless, Norman H.       19 Wingrove av 4

Wanless & Pallister, turf commssn. agts, 19 Saville row 1 (GPO Box 110)

Wanless, Thos.               15 The Drive, Gosforth 3, TN Gosforth 51265

Wanless, Wm., solicitor    41 Collingwood St.

* (the year of this directory was not shown in my (Holly’s) copy…Gloria, who
copied it, thought it was 1960s; if you know what year this was, please
contact me. I removed (only) some telephone numbers for formatting purposes.)