Northumberland 1891 census

Wanless-like names

Byker (St. Silas), Newcastle – 77 South View (RG12/4217 folio 82)
Nicholas Wanless, hd, md, 27, grocer’s assistant, NBL Blackpool
Eleanor, wife, 27, Newcastle
Thomas, son, 1, Newcastle

Jesmond, Newcastle – North Jesmond, Major Sloan’s Old House (RG12/4218 folio 148)
…in the house of George B. Forster, a mining engineer…
Charlotte L. Wanless, servant, single, 28, cook, NBL Amble

Mercantile Chambers, Quayside, All Saints, Newcastle (RG12/4209/folio page 46) – indexed Wabrless at
James Wanless, hd, md, 73, Retired farmer. Born NBL Bambrough
Elizabeth W, wife, 74, NBL Chatton
Frances Pace, dau, single, 41, housekeeper, NBL Bambrough
John Price, grandson, 10, scholar, NBL Newcastle
— James’s surname looks like the censustaker wrote “Wal” and then changed it to “Wanl”, so it looks like Walnless now

RG12/4227; f 19; p 31; sc 192 74 Widdrington Tce., North Shields, NBL.

John Ellis DIXON Hd M 47 Grocer NBL North Shields
Sarah A. DIXON Wi M 33 ——— DUR Sunderland
Emily M. WANDLESS Nc S 18 Grocer’s Assist. DUR Sunderland

2 RG12/4229; f 51; p 17; sc 106 17 Park Crescent, North Shields, NBL.

Sarah Ann BROWN Hd
Susan WANLESS Ser S 16? Gen. Dom. Serv. NBL E. Holywell

3 RG12/4230; f 43; p 17; sc 106 16 Hudleston St., Cullercoats, NBL.

Mary A. WANLESS Hd M 39 ———– CUL Carlisle
Catherine E. WANLESS Da 9 Scholar NBL Newcastle
John J. H. WANLESS So 8 Scholar NBL Newcastle
Mary E. S. WANLESS Da 4 ———- DUR Sunderland
Mary A. WANLESS Da 2 ———- DUR Sunderland
Jane WANLESS Da 1 ——— NBL Whitley

4 RG12/4230; f 76; p 24; sc 163 6 Whitley Road, Whitley, NBL.

William LITTLE Hd
Jane WANLESS Ser S 19 Gen. Serv. Dom. DUR Tustone ?

5 RG12/4230; f 125; sc Workhouse Tynemouth Union Workhouse, North Shields, NBL.

Matthew WANLESS Inm S 28 Shoemaker NBL Wallsend

6 RG/4224; f 102; p 23; sc 126 7 Pit Yard, Chirton, Tynemouth, NBL.

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 46 Coal Miner NBL Alotment
Ann WANLESS Wi M 40 ———- NBL West Holywell
Joseph WANLESS So S 12 Scholar NBL East Holywell
Thomas WANLESS So S 9 Scholar NBL East Holywell
Barbary WANLESS Da S 5 Scholar NBL Murton House
George W. WANLESS So S 1 ———- NBL Simpson St.,Chirton

7 RG12/4225; f 67; p 3; sc 15 14 High Row, Chirton, Tynemouth, NBL.

Margaret BACKHOUSE Hd W 69 ———- DFS Canobie
Annie BACKHOUSE Da S 37 ———- DFS Canobie
John Henry BACKHOUSE So S 14 Scholar NBL Percy Main
Joseph STOTT Bdr S 36 Railway Guard NBL Stannington
Alexander WANDLESS Bdr S 10 Scholar NBL Newsham

8 RG12/4225; f 110; p 36; sc 229 2 Alma Place, Preston, Tynemouth, NBL.

Edward WAUGH Hd M 48 Ship Broker NBL Newcastle
Isabella WAUGH Wi M 47 ——— NBL North Shields
Margaret WANLESS Nc 14 Scholar DUR Sunderland
Mary C. SHARP Ser S 23 Gen. Serv. Dom. WLS Bagillt

9 RG12/4247; f 109; p 23; sc 11 Newbiggin, Hexham Low Qu., Hexham, NBL.

Jane WANLACE Hd W 67 Living on own means NBL Newcastle on Tyne
Anne WANLACE Da S 39 House Maid NBL Newcastle on Tyne

10 RG12/4251; f 36; p 19; sc 119 Main St., Haltwhistle, NBL.

Isabella WANLESS Hd W 83 ———– NBL Haltwhistle
William WANLESS So S 45 Coal Miner NBL Haltwhistle
Edward FIDLER GrSo S 27 Butcher NBL Haltwhistle
Margery MADDISON Ser S 22 Gen. Serv. Dom. NBL Haltwhistle

11 RG12/4251; f 46; p 39; sc 250 Westerley Ter., Haltwhistle, NBL.

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 31 Shoemaker NBL Haltwhistle
Mary WANLESS Wi M 27 ——— NBL Haltwhistle
Isabella WANLESS Da 1 ——— NBL Haltwhistle

12 RG12/4251; f 52a; p 53; sc 332 Fair Hill, Craig’s Cottages, Haltwhistle, NBL.

George WANLESS Hd M 46 Coke Drawer NBL Haltwhistle
Sarah A. WANLESS Wi M 44 ——— NBL Haltwhistle
William TEASDALE So S 23 Tailor NBL Haltwhistle
John WANLESS So S 20 Coal Miner NBL Haltwhistle
Elizabeth WANLESS Da S 16 ——— NBL Haltwhistle
Isabella WANLESS Da 13 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
George WANLESS So 11 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Alexander WANLESS So 9 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Joseph WANLESS So 7 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Jane WANLESS Da 7 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Matthew WANLESS So 5 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Sarah A. WANLESS Da 2 ———– NBL Haltwhistle

13 RG12/4220; f 80; p 39; sc 212 “Shop”, 40 Hadrian Road, Wallsend, NBL.

Geo. WANLESS Hd M 49 Grocer NBL Wallsend
Grace WANLESS Wi M 43 ——– SCT ———
Eleanor WANLESS Da S 15 ——– NBL Wallsend
Geo. WANLESS So S 14 Scholar NBL Wallsend
Alice WANLESS Da S 10 Scholar NBL Wallsend
Grace WANLESS Da S 5 ? ——— NBL Wallsend
Wm. WANLESS So S 2 ——— NBL Wallsend
Jas. WANLESS So S 1 ——— NBL Wallsend
Alice WILKINSON Vis M 39 ——— NBL Newcastle
Sar. [Sarah?] MADDISON Ser S 13 Dom. Serv. SSX Newhaven

14 RG12/4221; f 26; p 46; sc 260 6 Hedley St., Wallsend, NBL.

Sarah HERRON Hd Wid 67 NBL Stamfordham
Ann Wilkinson visitir married 46 DUR Jarrow
Sarah McAllister Boarder wid 60 NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne, Coxlodge
Mary H. or F. WANLESS Boarder S 7 Scholar NBL Prudhoe

15 RG12/4221; f 32; p 57; sc 336 8 Elton St., Wallsend, NBL.

John W. O. WANLESS Hd M 31 Cooper DUR Washington
Jane WANLESS Wi M 27 ——— NBL Wooler
John W. WANLESS So S 5 ——— NBL Wallsend
Daniel WANLESS So S 3 ——— NBL Wallsend
Eliza J. WANLESS Da S 1 ——— NBL Wallsend

16 RG12/4222; f 90a; p 61; sc 382 16 Palmers Terr., Wallsend, NBL.

Joseph F. WANDLESS Hd M 31 Blacksmith NBL Amble
Georgina WANDLESS Wi M 30 ——– NBL Willington Quay
William WANDLESS So 9 Scholar NBL Willington Quay
John T. WANDLESS So 7 ——– NBL Willington Quay
Matthew WANDLESS So 3 ——– NBL Willington Quay
Mary W. WANDLESS Da 6mo ——– NBL Willington Quay
John W. WARDROPPER BrLw S 32 Holder Up NBL Willington Quay
Christopher ATKINSON Np S 17 Labourer NBL Willington Quay
Magdelina ATKINSON Nc S 14 Servant Dom. NBL Willington Quay

17 RG12/4257; f 31; p 55; sc 332 21 Store Row, Cambois, NBL.

Thomas WANLESS Hd W 51 Coal Miner NBL Burradon
John WANLESS So S 25 Coal Miner NBL Delaval
Christopher WANLESS So S 22 Coal Miner DUR Pelton Fell
Henry WANLESS So S 19 Coal Miner NBL Cambois
Ann I. WANLESS Da S 17 ——— NBL Cambois
William B. WANLESS So 15 Coal Miner NBL Cambois
Thomas WANLESS So 12 Scholar NBL Cambois
Mary A. SHAW Ser S 24 Gen. Serv. Dom. DUR Pelton Fell

18 RG12/4232; f 102; p 29; sc 168 Gosforth Row, Longbenton, NBL.

Robert WANLESS Hd M 37 Coal Miner DUR Edmonsly
Mary A. WANLESS Wi M 36 ———- YKS ———
Grace WANLESS Da S 17 Gen Serv. Dom. DUR Edmonsly
Thomas WANLESS So 15 Coal Miner DUR Edmonsly

19 RG12/4233; f 6; p 4; sc 27 Killingworth Village, NBL.

John WANDLESS Hd M 25 Coal Miner NBL Hartley
Jane A. WANDLESS Wi M 25 ———- NBL Bedlington

20 RG12/4233; f 38; p 31; sc 213 Fryer’s Terrace, Hazelrig, [Camperdown], NBL.

Benjamin ROBINSON Hd M 63 Retd. Engine Driver NBL Benton
Jane ROBINSON Wi M 59 lady(?) NBL Wallsend
Benjamin WANDLESS GrSo S 17 Blacksmith NBL Benton
Alfred BUNN Bdr S 27 Fireman NBL Newcastle
Owen KELLY Bdr S 40 Coal Miner IRE ———-
William STEWART Bdr M 26 Coal Miner NBL Newcastle

21 RG12/4233; f 132; p 56; sc 351 Seaton Burn Dairy Farm, Longbenton, NBL.

Lancelot WANLACE Hd M 34 Land Agent Assistant NBL Hexham
Jane E. WANLACE Wi M 35 ——— NBL Longbenton
Joseph W. J. WANLACE So S 9 Scholar NBL Longbenton
Charles L. WANLACE So S 7 Scholar NBL Longbenton
John H. WANLACE So 3 ——— NBL Longbenton
Lilian L. WANLACE Da 2 ——— NBL Longbenton
Frank S. LEGGE Bdr 22 Land Agent Clerk SCT ———-
Helen NELSON Ser 20 Gen. Serv. Dom. Newcastle on Tyne

22 RG12/4234; f 22; p 36; sc 117 Post Office Row, Burradon Colliery, NBL.

William WANDLESS Hd M 37 Blacksmith NBL West Moor
Marjery WANDLESS Wi M 36 ——— NBL West Moor
Thomas WANDLESS So 14 Coal Miner NBL West Moor
John WANDLESS So 12 Scholar DUR Hebburn
Alice WANDLESS Da 10 Scholar NBL West Moor
Dorothy WANDLESS Da 8 Scholar NBL Burradon
Elizabeth J. WANDLESS Da 5 ———- NBL Burradon
Frank WANDLESS So 2 ———- NBL Burradon
Hannah WANDLESS Da 8mo ———– NBL Burradon

23 RG12/4234; f 37; p 20; sc 85 24 Percy Street, Backworth, NBL.

Luke WANDLESS Hd M 46 Coal Miner NBL West Holywell
Eliz. WANDLESS Wi M 44 ———- NFK Lynne
Edward WANDLESS So S 19 Coal Miner NBL Bedlington
Thomas WANDLESS So S 17 Coal Miner NBL Bedlington
William WANDLESS So S 14 Coal Miner NBL Bedlington
Luke WANDLESS So 10 Scholar NBL Bedlington
Christopher WANDLESS So 7 Scholar NBL Barrington

24 RG12/4234; f 86; p 23; sc 117 Earsdon Square, Earsdon, NBL.

Joseph WANLASS Hd W 71 Retired Coal Miner Newcastle on Tyne
Annie WANLASS Da S 30 Dom. NBL Seghill
Isabella WANLASS Da S 27 Dressmaker NBL Seghill

25 RG12/4234; f 127; p 28; sc 156 12 Office Row, Holywell, NBL.

George WANLESS Hd M 42 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Jane WANLESS Wi M 41 ———- NBL Earsdon
Joseph WANLESS So S 20 Colliery Labourer NBL Earsdon

26 RG12/4259; f 72; p 6; sc 24 Earsdon Moor, Earsdon, Morpeth, NBL.

John WANLESS Hd M 45 Farmer NBL Black Pool
Mary Ann WANLESS Wi M 24 ———- CUL Branton
Jane Ellen WANLESS Da S 13 ———- NBL Earsdon Mill
Thomas WANLESS So S 11 ———- NBL Earsdon Mill
Beatrice A. HANKING Nc S 5 ———- NBL Morpeth
George C. ANDERSON Ser S 18 Labourer NBL EarsdonWest Forest
Margaret J. SIMM Ser S 17 Dom. Serv. NBL Sleekburn

27 RG12/4259; f 72; p 7; sc 27 Earsdon Forest, Morpeth, NBL.

George HALL Hd M 40 Farmer NBL Rothbury
Mary Eliz. HALL Wi M 37 ———- NBL Longhorseley
Thomas Wanless HALL So S 9 Scholar NBL Longhorseley
John George HALL So S 7 Scholar NBL Longhorseley
Ursula Margt. HALL Da S 4 ———- NBL Longhorseley
Mary Eliz. HALL Da S 1 ———- NBL Bothal
John HALL Fa W 77 ———- NBL Rothbury
Mary Jane BROWELL Ser S 18 Dom. Serv. NBL Bedlington
George EDGAR Ser S 25 Gen. Serv. Ag. NBL Willington

28 RG12/4264; f 89; p 9; sc 1 Bridge Street, Alnwick, NBL.

Maria WANLASS Hd W 33 Dressmaker NBL Woodhorn
Lily WANLASS Da 3 ——— NBL Alnwick
Thomas TAIT Fa W 62 Ag. Lab. NBL Eglingham

29 RG12/4242; f 85; p 6; sc 36 Heddon on the Wall, NBL.

Stephen WANLESS Hd M 45 Quarryman (Stone) NBL Heddon on the Wall
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 42 ———– NBL Newham
Stephen WANLESS So 13 Scholar NBL Heddon on the Wall
Dora J. WANLESS Da 10 Scholar NBL Heddon on the Wall
Elizabeth A. WANLESS Da 8 Scholar NBL Heddon on the Wall
William T. WANLESS So 6 Scholar NBL Heddon on the Wall
John B. WANLESS So 1? ———– NBL Heddon on the Wall

30 RG12/4242; f 86; p 7; sc 37 Heddon on the Wall, NBL.

Jane WANLESS Hd S 50 ———- NBL Heddon on the Wall
William GRIERSON BrLw M 57 Coachman (Groom) NBL Fairshaw
Elizabeth GRIERSON Si M 57 ———- NBL StamfordhamHeugh
Jane WANLESS Nc 14 ———- NBL Heddon on the Wall

31 RG12/4236; f 4; p 1; sc 6 Old Hartley, Earsdon, NBL.

Thomas WANLESS Hd W 78 Retired Coal Miner NBL Wallsend

32 RG12/4236; f 4; p 1; sc 7 Old Hartley, Earsdon, NBL.

Bateman WANLESS Hd M 39 Cartman NBL Earsdon
Bridget WANLESS Wi M 43 ———– NBL Newcastle
Christopher WANLESS So S 18 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Isabella WANLESS Da 10 Scholar NBL Earsdon
Letitia WANLESS Da 8 Scholar NBL Earsdon

33 RG12/4236; f 87; p 37; sc 217 43 Wheatridge Row, Seaton Delaval, NBL.

Edward SLATER Hd M 44? Coal Miner NBL Seghill
Margaret SLATER Wi M 46 ———- NBL Benton
William EDGAR So S 24 Coal Miner NBL Seghill
John T. SLATER So 12 Scholar NBL West Cramlington
Christopher SLATER So 11 Scholar NBL West Cramlington
Robert SLATER So 10 Scholar NBL Seghill
Andrew SLATER So 6 Scholar NBL Seghill
Jane WANLESS MoL W 75 ———- NBL North Shields

34 RG12/4236; f 142; p 4; sc 24 Mare Close, Seghill, NBL.

Peter WANLESS Hd M 53 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Ellen WANLESS Wi M 54 ———- NBL Earsdon
George WANLESS So S 21 Boiler Fireman NBL Bates Cotts.
Isabella WANLESS Da S 17 Dressmaker NBL Bates Cotts.
Thomas WANLESS So 14 Mason’s Labourer NBL Bates Cotts.

35 RG12/4238; f 35; p 65; sc 370 2 Turner St., Waterloo, Cowpen, NBL.

William WANDLESS Hd M 49? Tailor & Draper NBL Amble
Annie WANDLESS Wi M 43 ———- NBL Seaton Sluice
Mary ROBSON Nc S 14 Scholar NBL Newsham
Mary BELL Ser S 18 General Serv. (Dom.) NBL Norham

36 RG12/4239; f 11; p 16; sc 122 13a Phoenix St., Newsham Freeholds, Cowpen, NBL.

George WANLESS Hd M 51 Coal Miner NBL Walker
Mary J. WANLESS Wi M 44 ——— NBL Howdon
George WANLESS Np S 23 Coal Miner NBL Woodhorn
Margaret J. W. HUNTER Nc 13 ——— NBL Earsdon

37 RG12/4239; f 13; p 20; sc 158 20 Front St., Newsham Freeholds, Cowpen, NBL.

Margaret WANLESS Hd W 71 ——— NBL Percy Main
Harriott WANLESS Da S 31 ———- NBL Percy Main

38 RG12/4239; f 65; p 1; sc 12 12 South Row, Horton, NBL.

Richard BROWN Hd
Eliz. Mary WANDLESS Rel S 15 ———– NBL Benton

40 RG12/4256; f 43; p 4; sc 29 Glebe Row, Bedlington, NBL.

John WANLESS Hd M 37 Coal Miner NBL Bedlington
Margaret A. WANLESS Wi M 32 ———- NBL Bedlington
John H? WANLESS So 6 Scholar NBL Bedlington
Richard WANLESS So 4 ———- NBL Bedlington

41 RG12/4241; f 84; p 1; sc 5 Woolsington Hall, Ponteland, NBL.

Charles L. BELL Hd
Margaret Ann WANDLESS Ser S 18 Laundrymaid DUR Jarrow

42 RG12/4242; f 89; p 14; sc 74 The Swan Beer House, Heddon on the Wall, NBL.

Robert THOMPSON Hd W 68 Publican/FarmBailiff NBL Hedley Wood Stead
Elizabeth THOMPSON Da S 35 ———- NBL Clifton
Robert THOMPSON So S 27 Farm Lab. NBL Heddon on the Wall
Maggie THOMPSON Da S 22 ———- NBL Heddon on the Wall
Annie THOMPSON Da S 20 ———- NBL Heddon on the Wall
Robert WANLESS GrSo S 17 Farm Lab. NBL Heddon on the Wall
Gertrude THOMPSON GrDa 19mo ———- NBL Heddon on the Wall

Byker, All Saints, Newcastle, Eccl. Parish of Christ Church (RG12/4213/104/16 )
32 Bermondsey Street
John G. Wandless hd, md, 41, glasscutter, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary E. wife, 39, DUR North Shields
Sarah A. dau, single, 17, glass worker, DUR Bishopwearmouth
John G. son, single, 13, scholar, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mowbray W. son, 11, scholar, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Richard W. son, 9, scholar, DUR Bishopwearmouth
William K. son, 5, scholar, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ann dau, 3, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane E. dau, single, 15, glass worker, DUR Bishopwearmouth

Byker, All Saints, Newcastle, Eccl. Parish of St. Michael’s (RG12/4216/15/23 )
148 Shipley Street
John DIXON head, md, 26, grocer’s assistant, NBL Alnwick
Mary J. -do- wife, md, 26, Newcastle on Tyne
Lozie(?) M. -do- dau, 2, Newcastle on Tyne
John -do- son, 1, Newcastle on Tyne
Margaret WANLERS aunt, widow, 79, Newcastle on Tyne

Elswick St. Stephen’s, Newcastle (RG12/4195/ 60/ 2 and 3)
455 Scotswood Rd

George Wanlass hd, md, 34, marine engine fitter, Newcastle on Tyne
Ada wife, 33, Newcastle on Tyne
George T. son, 9, Newcastle on Tyne
John F. son, 7, Newcastle on Tyne
Edward J. son, 5(?), Newcastle on Tyne
Ada M. dau, 3, Newcastle on Tyne

Elswick St. Stephen’s, Newcastle (RG12/4195/ 71/ 24 & 25)
18 Byron Terrace
Thomas Wanlass hd, md, 67, fruiterer & newsagent, Alston Cumberland
Eleanor wife, 68, Bedlington NBL

Benwell St. James, Newcastle (ED 54 piece 4201 folio 132 page 34)
6 & 8 Elm St.,
Wanless, William Morgan Head 40 Md, grocer, b. DUR, Pelton
Wanless, Mary Wife 37 F Somerset, Bradford
Wanless, Frederick A Son 10 M DUR, Gateshead, scholar
Wanless, Bertram Castle Son 6 M NBL, Benwell, scholar
Nixon, Maryan serv, 33, general servant domestic, CUL —am

Benwell St. James, Newcastle (ED 59 piece 4203 folio 38 pg 3)
Fishery House

Thomas Wanless hd, 62, salmon fisherman, Bonny** Farm, NBL
Mary wife, 58, Houghton le Spring, DUR
William Forster single (under relationship, crossed out), single, 53, salmon fisherman, birthplace not known
** could be Bourey, Bomey, Borrey

Westgate St. Philip’s, Newcastle (ED 52, RG12/4201/f59/p8)
211 Hamilton St.
Michl. BROWN hd, md, 42, butcher, DUR Bishop Auckland (Etherly)
Mary A. wife, 30, NBL
Charles brother, 14, butcher, DUR
Adam MASON boarder, single, 40, engineman, NBL
Robert WANLESS visitor, single, 39, grocer, NBL
Mary RICHETON or RICKETON niece, single, 18, servant, NBL

Byker St Michael, piece 4215 folio 60 page 1
129 Headlam St.
Wanless, William Head 30 blacksmith, DUR East Rainton
Wanless, Hannah Wife 24, DUR Gateshead
Nichol, Arthur lodger, single, 20, driller, DUR Gateshead
Nichol, Mary lodger, single, 16, dressmaker, DUR Gateshead
Wanless, Lilly Daughter 8 mos, NBL Byker

Byker, St. Michael’s parish, Newcastle (RG12/4216/F67/P31)
2 Raby St
John Wanless hd, widower, 57, fruiterer, Newcastle

Byker, St. Michael’s parish, Newcastle (RG12/4216/F65/P27)
162 Raby St.

William Wanless hd, md, 39, brass founder, DUR Houghton le Spring
Elizabeth wife, 35, Staffordshire, Tunstall
Lillian dau, 11, scholar, DUR Southwick
Isabella Marian dau, 9, scholar, DUR Bishopwearmouth
James William son, 5, Surrey, Peckham

Tweedmouth (RG12 / 4268 / 87 / 31 )
5 Tower Rd.
Thomas Wanless hd, single, 48, gardener, b. Tweedmouth NBL

Rothbury (RG12/4272/f 72/p 20)
High St.

Robert Matthews 50, boot shoe maker & dealer, NBL Newcastle on Tyne
Eleanor wife, 44, do
Alice dau, single, 20, NBL Rothbury
Fanny dau, 15, scholar,do
John Wm. Wanlass nephew, 12, scholar, NBL Newcastle on Tyne

Northumberland Index

This table is sorted by piece, folio, page number, and age to try to show household members together in descending age order.

SurnameGivenRelationshipAgeSexBirthplaceTownCivil ParishEccl. ParishEDPieceFolioPage
WanlessThaneServant19FDUR, CrookSouth BenwellBenwellBenwell St James5942035435
WandlessElizabethInmate85FNBL, RoudhamForeign TradeAll SaintsAll Saints3420912479
WanlessFrancesWife48FNBL, Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneBykerSt Silas104214283
WanlessThomasHead43MNBL, HorsleyNewcastle upon TyneBykerSt Silas104214283
WanlessThomasSon15MNBL, Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneBykerSt Silas104214283
WanlessEleanorWife27FNBL, Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneBykerSt Silas364217825
WanlessNicholasHead27MNBL, BlackpoolNewcastle upon TyneBykerSt Silas364217825
WanlessThomasSon1MNBL, , Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneBykerSt Silas364217825
WanlessCharlotte LServant28FNBL, AmbleNewcastleJesmondSt Georges4942181481
WanlessBarbaraServant32FNBL, SeghillNewcastleJesmondSt George5342195820
WanlaceJaneWife35FNBL, LongbentonLongbentonNorth Gosforth St MaryWideopen17423313156
WanlaceBristolHead34MNBL, HexhamLongbentonNorth Gosforth St MaryWideopen17423313156
WanlaceJoseph W JSon9MNBL, LongbentonLongbentonNorth Gosforth St MaryWideopen17423313156
WanlaceCharles LSon7MNBL, LongbentonLongbentonNorth Gosforth St MaryWideopen17423313156
WanlaceJohn HSon3MNBL, LongbentonLongbentonNorth Gosforth St MaryWideopen17423313157
WanlaceLilian LDau2FNBL, LongbentonLongbentonNorth Gosforth St MaryWideopen17423313157
WanlessRobertAb25MNBL, NewcastleBlythVesselsFalcon4239106
WanlassElizabethHead46FNBL, FeltonCocklawHallingtonSt Oswald in Lee and St Mary Bingfield44249425
WanlessWilliamHead50MBirtleyLittle BavingtonThockrington44253336
WanlessThomasHead69MNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyFreeholders QuarterLonghorsley7425455a13
WanlessUrsulaWife60FNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyFreeholders QuarterLonghorsley7425455a13
WanlessGeorgeSon34MNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyFreeholders QuarterLonghorsley7425455a13
WanlessUrsulaDaughter32FNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyFreeholders QuarterLonghorsley7425455a13
WanlessAlice MGrandaughter8FNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyFreeholders QuarterLonghorsley7425455a13
WanlassAnnHead67FDUR, HedworthWallington DemesneCambo1425477
WanlessWilliamHead41MNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyRiddells QuarterLonghorsley742545717
WanlessAnnWife38FNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyRiddells QuarterLonghorsley742545717
WanlessUrsula ADaughter2FNBL, LonghorsleyLonghorsleyRiddells QuarterLonghorsley742545717
WanlaceAnnabellaHead72FNBL, MorpethMorpethMorpethMorpeth154255533
WanlaceBarbaraDau37FNBL, MorpethMorpethMorpethMorpeth154255533
WanlaceMaryDau35FNBL, MorpethMorpethMorpethMorpeth154255533
WanlaceMargaret YDau33FNBL, MorpethMorpethMorpethMorpeth154255533
WanlessThomasHead51MNBL, BanadonCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WanlessJohnSon25MNBL, DelavalCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WanlessChristopherSon22MDUR, Pelton fellCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WanlessHenrySon19MNBL, CamboisCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WanlessAnn JDaughter17FNBL, CamboisCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WanlessWilliam BSon15MNBL, CamboisCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WanlessThomasSon12MNBL, CamboisCamboisBedlingtonSt Peter842573155
WandelesMariaServant46FNBL, StanhopeNewbigginNewbigginNewbiggin St Bartholomew254260792
WandlessSarahSister74FNBL, North shieldsWarkworthWarkworthWarkworth742616610
WanlessRobertHead34MNBL, BamburghAmbleAmbleAmble742623869
WanlessLizzie MarieWife26FNorfolk, MiddletonAmbleAmbleAmble742623869
WanlessFrances MaryDaughter3FNBL, AmbleAmbleAmbleAmble742623869
WanlessMary AnnWife37FNBL, ShilbottleAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul164264875
WanlessThomas HHead33MNBL, AlwintonAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul164264875
WanlessRobert MSon9MNBL, AlnwickAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul164264875
WanlessThomas HSon7MNBL, AlnwickAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul164264875
WanlessMary ADaughter3FNBL, AlnwickAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul164264875
WanlessWilliamHead31MNBL, AlwintonAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul1642649012
WanlessEleanor WWife21FNBL, AlwintonAlnwickAlnwickSt Paul1642649012