Northumberland 1881 census

Wanless-like names

Census Day: Night of 3rd April
Fields: Name, relationship to head of household, marital status, age, occupation, birthplace (town & country). Place of residence (where the census was taken) is on the first line of each entry with the folio information.
Codes used:

NP = nephew
SV or Ser=servant
 SL or SOLW=son in law (which might mean stepson or something other than the modern usage of in-law)

If there is a number first in an entry (1, 2, 3, etc.), it is a control number used by the contributors; pay no heed to it, as it is not part of the original census data.
Standard English county abbreviations are used: NBL = Northumberland, DUR = Durham, CUL = Cumberland, YKS = Yorkshire

125 RG11/5088, f 31, p 1 5 Church St., Backworth, NBL

Joseph WANLESS Hd W 60 Coal Miner NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
Barbara CLINT MoLw W 88 NBL Newcastle on Tyne
Ann Barbara WANLESS Da 23 NBL Seghill
Isabella WANLESS Da 18 NBL Seghill


126 RG11/5116, f 36, p 63 New Double Row, Barrington, Bedlington, NBL

Luke WANLESS Hd M 36 Coal Miner NBL Holywell
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 34 NFK Lynn
John WANLESS So 15 NBL Hartley
Edward WANLESS So 9 NBL Bedlington
Thomas WANLESS So 7 Scholar NBL Bedlington
William WANLESS So 4 Scholar NBL Bedlington
Luke WANLESS So 1wk NBL Barrington
Hannah MASON Ser U 18 Gen. Serv. NBL Bedlington
George MASON Vis U 9mo NBL Bedlington

127 RG11/5067, f 51, p 1 45 Shields Road, Byker, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 33 Grocer Employ+ NBL Blackpool
Frances WANLESS Wi M 38 NBL Newcastle on Tyne
John W. WANLESS So 2 NBL Newcastle on Tyne
Margaret MORDUE Vis U 41 NBL Lilburn
Annie SALMON Ser U 19 Domestic Serv. Newcastle on Tyne

128 RG11/5068, f 19, p 31 228 Shields Road, Bywell Terr., Byker, NBL

John WANLESS Hd W 47 Fruiterer NBL Newcastle on Tyne

129 RG11/5067, f 80, p 14 78 Cook St., Byker, NBL

Robert BRYSON Hd M 40 Domk Ship Stower DUR Bowden
Nicholas WANLESS Lg U 17 Farmer’s Son NBL Blackpool

RG11/5067, f 84, p 21 26 Cook St., Byker, NBL
Thomas S. WANLESS Lodger, Widr, 68, Formerly Grocer, NBL Wallsend
Matthew Turnbull, hd, 60, tailor, Durham
Hannah Turnbull, wife, 63(?), general domestic servant, Durham
Robert Wallace, lodger, single, 16, draper, Ryton NBL

131 RG11/5094, f 118, p 12 6 Public House Row, Cramlington, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 67 Coal Miner NBL Newcastle
Mary WANLESS Wi M 69 NBL North Shields
Thos. W. BRUCE GrSo U 19 Draper’s Shopman NBL Cramlington
Eliz. A. WANLESS Gd U 16 NBL Cramlington
Isabel GREGORY Sis W 68 NBL Newcastle

132 RG11/5116, f 70, p 53 18 Sinkers Row, Cambois, Bedlington, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 41 Coal Miner NBL Benton
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 51 NBL Benton
John WANLESS So 15 Coal Miner NBL Seaton Delaval
Christopher WANLESS So 12 Colliery Lab. DUR Chester le Street
Henry WANLESS So 9 Scholar NBL Cambois
Ann I WANLESS Da 7 Scholar NBL Cambois
William WANLESS So 5 Scholar NBL Cambois
Thomas WANLESS So 2 NBL Cambois

133 RG11/5087, f 108, p 77 Seaton Burn Low Villas,Longbenton, NBL

William LENNOX Hd M 56 Blacksmith NBL Rothbury
Elizabeth LENNOX Wi M 53 NBL Coxlodge
Jane E. WANLACE Da M 24 NBL Longbenton
Laura A. LENNOX Da U 18 NBL Longbenton
Lancelot WANLACE Sl M 24 Blacksmith NBL Hexham


134 RG11/5114, f 87, p 7 Newgate Street, Morpeth, NBL

John WANLACE Hd M 64 Grocer & Confectioner NBL Saugh House
Annabella WANLACE Wi M 62 NBL Morpeth
Anna Elizabeth WANLACE Da U 37 NBL Bolam
Barbara WANLACE Da U 27 NBL Morpeth
Mary WANLACE Da U 25 NBL Morpeth
Margaret Young WANLACE Da U 23 NBL Morpeth
Ann WILSON Aunt U 83 NBL Morpeth
Jane SMITH Ser U 16 Dom. NBL Chatton

135 RG11/5113, f 50, p 13 Netherwitton, NBL

Isabella DUNN Hd W 68 Dressmaker NBL Longframlington
Robert WANLACE Bro U 73 Ag. Lab. NBL Longframlington

136 RG11/5113, f 8, p 10 Saugh House High, Wallington Demesne &Deanham, NBL

Ann WANLACE Hd U 57 Annuitant DUR Heworth
Cuthbert HENDERSON BrLw M 53 Tailor NBL Hartburn
Isabella Mary HENDERSON Sis M 43 Tailor’s Wife NBL Cambo
Hannah Isa. HENDERSON Nc 14 Scholar NBL Cambo
Mark Wanlace HENDERSON Np 12 Scholar NBL Cambo
Mary Annie HENDERSON Nc 10 Scholar NBL Cambo
Georgina Elizabeth HENDERSON Nc 8 Scholar NBL Cambo
George Robert HENDERSON Np 6 NBL Cambo
William Joseph HENDERSON Np 3 NBL Cambo
Isabella JOBSON Vis U 60 Annuitant NBL Newcastle Elswick

137 RG11/5123, f 31, p 1 Clayport St., Alnwick, NBL

Ann WANLASS Hd W 51 NBL Rothbury
Thomas H. WANLASS So U 23 Corn Miller NBL Rothbury
William WANLASS So U 21 Cabinet Maker NBL Rothbury
Archibald WANLASS So U 16 Ironmonger NBL Rothbury
Mary A. WANLASS Bord U 27 NBL Alnwick

138 RG11/5123, f 40, p 19 Clayport St., Alnwick, NBL

Thomas WANLASS Hd M 71 Husbandman(Ag.Lab.) NBL Newham
Margaret WANLASS Wi M 70 Husbandman’s Wife NBL Alnwick
Mary J. HARDY Nc U 16 Dressmaker Newcastle on Tyne

139 RG11/5048, f 85, p 15 46 Edward St., Westgate, NBL

Edward WANDLESS Hd M 42 Insurance Agent DUR Easington Lane ?
Annie WANDLESS Wi M 40 DUR Thornley

140 RG11/5094, f 79, p 35 Damdykes, Cramlington, NBL

Mark WANLACE Hd M 55 Farmer 298acres NBL Bolam
Catherine WANLACE Wi M 49 NBL Kirkwhelpington
Hannah WANLACE Da U 27 NBL Kirkwhelpington
Elizabeth WANLACE Da U 25 NBL Mitford
George Thos. WANLACE So U 22 Farmer’s Son NBL Mitford
Mark WANLACE So U 18 Farmer’s Son NBL Ponteland
Catherine WANLACE Da U 16 NBL Ponteland
Robert WANLACE So U 12 Scholar NBL Ponteland
John WANLACE So U 10 Scholar NBL Stamfordham
Catherine COSGROVE Ser U 24 General Serv. NBL Benwell

141 RG11/5104, f 68, p 13 Newbeggin, Hexham, NBL

Joseph WANLACE Hd M 59 Retired Coachman NBL Longhorsley
Jane WANLACE Wi M 57 NBL Newcastle on Tyne
John WANLACE So U 22 Joiner NBL Hexham

142 RG11/5103, f 71, p 15 Railway Station, Hexham, NBL

Robert WILKIE Hd M 31 Station Master NBL Beal
Emily WANLACE Vis U 18 Draper’s Ass. DUR Sunderland

143 RG11/5104, f 68, p 14 Newbeggin, Hexham, NBL

Leonard WATKINSON Hd U 44 Late Capt. Army &J.P. Newcastle on Tyne
Annie WANLACE Ser U 29 Housemaid Newcastle on Tyne
Ruth ditto jSer U 22 Cook Guyzance Acklington, Northumberland

— Guyzance is between Amble & Felton. We can’t find Ruth in the 1871/1861 census, so her name might not be Wanlace. There is a Ruth Wardman who fits the birth place/year in prior censuses.

144 RG11/5114, f 24, p 41 4 Collingwood St., Morpeth, NBL

Ann E. WANDLESS Hd M 31 Master Mariner’s Wife NBL Morpeth
Alice S. WANDLESS Da 5 NBL Morpeth
John WANDLESS So 3 NBL Morpeth
Matthew Y. WANDLESS So 7mo NBL Morpeth
Minnie DRYDEN Ser U 14 Domestic Serv. NBL Morpeth

145 RG11/5114, f 28, p 49 1 Oldgate St., Grey Bull Inn, Morpeth, NBL

Thomas LATIMER Hd M 32 Innkeeper NBL Bothal
Minnie WANDLESS Vis U 12 Scholar NBL ! Jarrow

146 RG11/5114, f 70, p 19 Bridge Street, Morpeth, NBL

John WANDLESS Hd M 38 Ship Captain NBL Amble
Elizabeth A. WANDLESS Wi M 40 Wife of a Sailor NBL Morpeth
John Robert WANDLESS So 10 NBL Amble
Margaret WANDLESS Da 8 NBL Amble
James WANDLESS So 5 NBL Morpeth
William O. WANDLESS So 3 NBL Morpeth
Margaret BARN SiLw U 37 Haberdasher NBL Morpeth

147 RG11/5100, f 67, p 12 The Riding Lea Villa, Riding, NBL

George H. DOUGLAS Hd M 59 Civil Engineer MDX Poplar
Dora WANDLESS Ser U 25 Writing Maid Dom. DUR Durham

148 RG11/5073, f 28, p 47 19 & 20 Palmer’s Terr., Wallsend, NBL

Thomas WANDLESS Hd M 29 Ship Blacksmith NBL Amble
Barbara WANDLESS Wi M 33 CUL Huly Hill
John William WANDLESS So 5 NBL Willington
Joseph F. WANDLESS So 2 NBL Willington Quay
Barbara WANDLESS Da 4mo NBL Willington Quay

149 RG11/5073, f 33, p 57 51 Palmer’s Terrace, Wallsend, NBL

Rosina SHORT Hd W 35 NBL Amble
John SHORT So 13 DUR Sunderland
Charlotte SHORT Da 11 Scholar NBL Amble
Elizabeth SHORT Da 9 Scholar NBL Amble
Isabella SHORT Da 6 Scholar NBL Blyth
Matthew SHORT So 4 NBL Blyth
Joseph WANDLESS Bro U 21 BlacksmithinShipYard NBL Amble
Daniel MCAULEY Bdr 38 Boiler Maker IRE ——–
John HORN Bdr 30 Boiler Maker LAN Liverpool
Thomas METCALFE Bdr 19 Laborer in Ship Yard NBL Willington

150 RG11/5089, f 62, p 24 Dairy House, Hartley, NBL

Bateman WANLESS Hd M 29 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Bridget WANLESS Wi M 33 NBL Newcastle
Christopher WANLESS So U 8 Scholar NBL Earsdon
Isabella WANLESS Da U 11mo NBL Earsdon
Lititia O’CONNOR MoLw W 76 Annuitant IRE

151 RG11/5089, f 57, p 14 Hartley, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 68 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 64 DUR Hebron

152 RG11/5089, f 8, p 9 4 Bates Cottages, Holywell,NBL

George WANLESS Hd M 32 Coal Miner NBL Seaton Delaval
Jane WANLESS Wi M 31 NBL West Cramlington
Joseph WANLESS So 10 Scholar NBL East Hollywell

153 RG11/5089, f 26, p 45 162 Bates Cottages, Holywell, NBL

Peter WANLESS Hd M 43 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Ellen WANLESS Wi M 44 NBL Earsdon
George WANLESS So U 11 Scholar NBL Earsdon
Isabella WANLESS Da 7 Scholar NBL Earsdon
Thomas WANLESS So 4 NBL Earsdon

154 RG11/5089, f 5, p 4 11 Seaton Terr., Holywell, NBL

Jane WANLESS Hd W 65 Charwoman NBL North Shields

155 RG11/5088, f 136, p 30 12 Burn Row, Holywell, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 36 Coal Miner NBL Shields
Ann WANLESS Wi M 29 NBL Earsdon
Mary E. WANLESS Da 12 Scholar NBL Earsdon
Susanna WANLESS Da 5 Scholar NBL Earsdon
Joseph WANLESS So 2 NBL Earsdon

156 RG11/5071, f 64, p 2 29 High St. West, Wallsend, NBL

George WANLESS Hd M 39 Grocer NBL Wallsend
Grace WANLESS Wi M 28 Grocer’s Wife SCT
Eleanor WANLESS Da U 5 Scholar NBL Wallsend
George Alexander WANLESS So U 4 Grocer’s Son NBL Wallsend
Alice Isabella WANLESS Da U 7mo Grocer’s Dau. NBL Wallsend
Helen LIDDLE Ser U 18 General Servant NBL Wallsend

157 RG11/5120, f 117a, p 51 Sandersons Bldgs., Amble, NBL

Sarah WANDLESS Hd W 63 NBL No. Shields

158 RG11/5093, f 5, p 4 19 Phoenix St., Cowpen, NBL

Alexander WANDLESS Hd M 63 Coal Miner NBL Ford
Margaret WANDLESS Wi M 61 NBL Percy Main
Elizabeth WANDLESS GrDa 5 Scholar NBL Seaton Burn

159 RG11/5093, f 5, p 4 16 Phoenix St., Cowpen, NBL

Joseph WANDLESS Hd M 29 Coal Miner DUR Gameside Kelloe

160 RG11/5093, f 9, p 11 26 Phoenix Back St., Cowpen, NBL

Eleanor RICHARDSON Hd W 25 Seamstress DUR Jarrow
Alexander WANDLESS Bord 1mo NBL Newsham


161 RG11/5093, f 91, p 70 19 Double Row, Horton, NBL

William DUFFELL Hd M 50 Coal Miner DUR Gateshead
Dorothy A. DUFFELL Wi M 48 DUR Houghton le Spring
William DUFFELL So M 27 Coal Miner NBL Benton
James DUFFELL So U 20 Coal Miner DUR Seaham
Thomas DUFFELL So 16 Coal Miner DUR
George DUFFELL So 8 Scholar NBL Horton
Isabella DUFFELL DaLw M 26 ——— DUR Birtley
Elizabeth WANDLESS Sis U 19 General Serv. DUR Eaton Banks
James DUFFELL GrSo 1 NBL Horton

162 RG11/5086, f 116, p 12 102 Lane Row, Longbenton, NBL

Benjamin ROBINSON Hd M 53 Fireman in Coal Mine NBL Benton
Jane ROBINSON Wi M 48 NBL Wallsend
Benjamin ROBINSON So U 14 Driver in Coal Mine NBL West Moor
Benjamin WANDLESS Rel 7 Scholar NBL West Moor

163 RG11/5086, f 121, p 22 90 Crank Row, Longbenton, NBL

William WANDLESS Hd M 26 General Labourer NBL West Moor
Margery WANDLESS Wi M 25 NBL West Moor
Benjamin WANDLESS So 7 Scholar NBL West Moor
Thomas WANLESS So 5 Scholar NBL West Moor
John WANDLESS So 2 NBL Hebron
Alice WANDLESS Da 2mo NBL West Moor

164 RG11/5098, f 100, p 17 Heddon on Wall, NBL

Jane WANLESS Hd W 75 NBL Monkbridge Hall
Jane WANLESS Da U 40 NBL Heddon on Wall

165 RG11/5112, f 57, p 12 Homilton Farm, Little Bavington, NBL

William WANLESS Hd U 40 Farmer of 150 acres NBL Ingoe
John WANLESS Fa M 86 No Occ. NBL Thockrington
Mary WANLESS Mo M 79 NBL Thockrington
Isabella WANLESS Nc U 19 Dom. Serv. NBL Ingoe

166 RG11/5086, f 68, p 20 Waggon Row Beer House, Longbenton, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 51 Beer House Keeper NBL Stamfordham
Mary WANLESS Wi M 48 DUR Houghton le Spring
Ann MAKEPEACE Nc U 15 General Serv. YKS Claycross

167 RG11/5065, f 94, p 16 55 St.Ann St., Newcastle on Tyne All Saints, NBL

William CHAMBERS Hd M 50 Coachman Cab Driver NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth CHAMBERS Wi M 47 NBL Shilbottle
Isabella CHAMBERS Da U 30 NBL Charlton
Eleanor CHAMBERS Da U 22 NBL Newcastle
Isabella WANLESS Nc U 13 Scholar DUR Jarrow
Margaret WANLESS Nc 7 Scholar DUR Jarrow

168 RG11/5057, f 56, p 35 St.Mary Magdelene Hospital, Newcastle on Tyne St.Andrews, NBL

John WANLESS Hd M 75 Late Tailor Newcastle on Tyne
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 75 NBL Ilderton

169 RG11/5061, f 70, p 20 Neville Arcade, Newcastle on Tyne St.John, NBL

William TURNBULL Hd M 56 Labourer (Iron Works) Newcastle on Tyne
Elizabeth TURNBULL Wi M 50 Bottle Washer DUR Gateshead
Isabella WANLESS Nc U 18 Shop Girl Newcastle on Tyne *Isabella is transcribed as Elsabella at the LDS and sites.

William Bulman, 26, boiler maker, b. Newcastle
Jane Bulman, wife, 26, boiler maker, b. Newcastle
John J., son, 5, scholar, Newcastle
Thomas, son, 1, Newcastle

Elizabeth Orton, head, single, 84, formerly plate glass smoother, b. Wark NBL

170 RG11/5119, f 60, p 71 North Seaton Colliery, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd W 44 Coal Miner NBL Cramlington
George WANLESS So 13 Coal Miner NBL North Seaton
Mary YOUNG Ser W 81 Housekeeper NBL Byker
Isabella McCORMACK Vis 9 NBL Newcastle

171 RG11/5078, f 9, p —- “V – Wellesley”, North Shields, NBL

Chas. G. NICHOLS Hd M 39 Chief Officer, Seaman MDX London
James WANLESS 13 DUR Sunderland

172 RG11/5051, f 109, p 27 41 Gloucester Road, Elswick, NBL

Mary Ann WANLESS Hd M 29 Wife of Seagoing Eng. Carlisle

RG11/5052 f 24, p 41. 172 Mill Lane, Elswick, Northumberland.
William GRIERSON Head Mar 48 Coachman NBL Newburn
Elizabeth GRIERSON Wife Mar 48 ——– NBL Stamfordham
[Note from Holly: Per the 1891 census, Elizabeth was a Wanless before her marriage.]

173 RG11/5109, f 15, p 22 Fair Hill, Haltwhistle, NBL

George P. WANLESS Hd M 36 Labourer NBL Haltwhistle
Sarah A. WANLESS Wi M 34 NBL Haltwhistle
William TEASDALE StSo U 13 (Scholar) NBL Haltwhistle
John P. WANLESS So 10 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Elizabeth WANLESS Da 6 Scholar NBL Haltwhistle
Isabella WANLESS Da 3 NBL Haltwhistle
George P. WANLESS So 1 NBL Haltwhistle

174 RG11/5109, f 23, p 38 Bay Horse Inn, Haltwhistle, NBL

William WANLESS Hd M 80 Inn Keeper SCT
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 73 NBL Haltwhistle
Wm. WANLESS So U 34 Coal Miner NBL Haltwhistle
Thomas WANLESS GrSo U 21 Shoemaker NBL Haltwhistle
Edward FIDLER GrSo U 18 NBL Haltwhistle
Orsular WANLESS GrDa U 15 Domestic Serv. NBL Haltwhistle

RG11/5070, f 137, p 7 90 Addison Road, Heaton, NBL
Henry DIXON Head Md 62, Tailor & Draper, Willington, NBL, England
Eleanor DIXON Wife Md 40 Wallsend, NBL, England
Henrietta L. DIXON Dau 7 Newcastle On Tyne, NBL, England, Scholar
John G.A. DIXON Son 4 Newcastle On Tyne, NBL, England
Eleanor DIXON Dau 2 Newcastle On Tyne, NBL, England
Elizabeth WANLESS Servant, single, 23 Wallsend, NBL, England, General Servant (Domestic)
Henry WEBB Lodger, married 6 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, Arts Undergraduate Of Trinity College Dublin Classical Master
Annie WEBB Lodger, married 18 Newcastle On Tyne, NBL, England, School Masters Wife

RG11/5118, f 68, p 6 Cockle Park, Earsdon Moor, Hebron, NBL

John WANLESS Hd M 35 Farmer of 330 acres NBL Longhorsley
Elenor WANLESS Wi M 32 NBL Longhorsley
Jane WANLESS Da 3 NBL Hebron
Thomas WANLESS So 1 NBL Hebron
Margaret BREWIS Ser U 18 General Serv. NBL Broomhill
Bridget WILKINSON Vis W 58 Hawker NBL Warkworth

177 RG11/5098, f 100, p 17 Heddon on Wall, NBL

Stephen WANLESS Hd M 35 Quarryman NBL Heddon on Wall
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 31 NBL Newsham
Robert WANLESS So 7 Scholar NBL Heddon on Wall
Jane WANLESS Da 4 NBL Heddon on Wall
Stephen WANLESS So 3 NBL Heddon on Wall
Dorothy J. WANLESS Da 8mo NBL Heddon on Wall

178 RG11/5113, f 64, p 7 Freeholders Quarter, Blackpool, Morpeth, NBL

Thomas WANLASS Hd M 59 Farmer of 370 acres NBL Longhorsley
Ursular WANLASS Wi M 58 Farmer’s Wife NBL Longhorsley
William WANLAS So U 31 Farmer’s Son NBL Longhorsley
George WANLASS So U 24 Farmer’s Son NBL Longhorsley
Ursular WANLASS Da U 22 Farmer’s Dau. NBL Longhorsley
George Thomas WANLASS GrSo 5 Scholar NBL Byker


179 RG11/5109, f 9, p 10 West Gates, Haltwhistle, NBL

Isabella WANLASS Hd U 63 Grocer CUL Alston


180 RG11/5123, f 59, p 22 Stoney Hills Farm, Alnwick, NBL

James WANLESS Hd M 65 Farmer of 178 acres NBL Newham
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 64 NBL Newham
Robert WANLESS So U 24 Farmer NBL Newham
John HUNTER GrSo 2 NBL Alnwick
Ellen BLACK Ser U 20 General Serv. NBL Eglingham

181 RG11/5139, f 70, p 3 Biddlestone Townfoot,Biddlestone, NBL

Margaret WANLESS Hd W 66 (—-) Farmer SCT
Ann ROGERSON Ser U 18 General Servt. NBL
Nicholas DODDS Ser U 28 Shepherd SCT
John ANDERSON Ser U 23 Farm Servant NBL

182 RG11/5091, f 145, p 52 131 Bowes St., Cowpen, NBL

William WANLESS Hd W 39 Merchant Sailor NBL Amble

183 RG11/5093, f 7, p 8 16 Phoenix Back St., Cowpen, NBL

George WANLESS Hd M 40 Coal Miner NBL Walker
Mary J. WANLESS Wi M 34 NBL Howden
Elizabeth E. HUNTER SiLw W 25 NBL Horton
Robt. W. HUNTER Np 5 NBL Newsham
Margt. J. HUNTER Nc 3 NBL Newsham

184 RG11/5053, f 139, p 9 472 Scotswood Rd., Elswick, NBL

George WANLESS Hd M 24 Engine Fitter Newcastle on Tyne
Ada WANLESS Wi M 23 Newcastle on Tyne
Eleanor WANLESS Da 2 Newcastle on Tyne

185 RG11/5054, f 10, p 13 18 Lord Byron Terrace, Elswick, NBL

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 59 Stationer CUL

186 RG11/5131, f 48, p 25 16 Well Square, Tweedmouth, NBL

Elizabeth SINTON Hd U 43 Housekeeper NBL Tweedmouth
George SINTON So U 16 Labourer NBL Tweedmouth
Thomas WANLESS Bdr U 38 Labourer NBL Tweedmouth

187 RG11/5083, f 45, p 20 6 Sea View Terrace, Tynemouth, NBL

William SMITH Hd M 26 Dentist MDX St. James
Mary Jane WANLESS Ser U 75 General Servant NBL West Holywell

188 RG11/5047, f 20, p 34 136 Hamilton St., Westgate, NBL

Eleanor KINGHORN Hd W 37 Grocer NBL Ellingham
Robert WANLESS Ldgr U 29 Clerk NBL Longhorsley

189 RG11/5137, f 55, p 4 Mount Hooley, Whittingham, NBL

William WANLESS Hd M 77 Shepherd NBL Ackup
Ann WANLESS Wi M 68 NBL Eslington
Ann SCOTT Da M 42 NBL Singmore

190 RG11/5051, f 118, p 46 120 Gloucester Road, Elswick, NBL

Eleanor WANLISS Hd W 62 Shares in Railway DUR Heworth
Margt. NORRIS Servr U 17 General serv. NBL Newcastle

191 RG11/5122, f 99, p 9 Heckley Grange, Alnwick, NBL

Allen F. DODDS Hd W 40 Gamekeeper NBL Rochester
Jane A. WANLESS* SiLw U 31 Housekeeper NBL Alwinton

* Wrongly transcribed as WANTERS in 1881 census index.

192 RG11/5122, f 99, p 9 Heckley Grange, Alnwick, NBL

Ralph CUTHBERT Hd M 42 Shepherd NBL Rothbury
Robert WANLESS* Bdr M 66 Shepherd NBL Alwinton

* Wrongly transcribed as WANTERS in 1881 census index.