1881 Census

Wanless-like names

Census Day: Night of 3rd April
Fields: Name, relationship to head of household, marital status, age, occupation, birthplace (town & country). Place of residence (where the census was taken) is on the first line of each entry with the folio information.
Codes used:

NP = nephew
SV or Ser=servant
 SL or SOLW=son in law (which might mean stepson or something other than the modern usage of in-law)

If there is a number first in an entry (1, 2, 3, etc.), it is a control number used by the contributors; pay no heed to it, as it is not part of the original census data.
Standard English county abbreviations are used.

All Other Counties

First, not in England, but in Wales, a ship named “Miss Wandless” (probably built in England), inserted here for entertainment value:

Vessel: “Miss Wandless” Census Place: Llanbeblig, Caernarvon, Wales
Source: FHL Film 1342337 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5570 Folio 98
Robert THOMAS head 40 M Mate, Nevin, Caernarvon, Wales
Cathrine THOMAS wife 34 F Mate’s Wife, Nevin, Caernarvon, Wales
Hugh THOMAS son 4 M Nevin, Caernarvon, Wales
Margaret THOMAS dau. 6 F Nevin, Caernarvon, Wales


226 RG11/1669, f 55, p 38 9 New Square, St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge, CAM

Newton WANLISS Lg/Hd U 19 Law Student —- On board ship W/SLEY


239 RG11/3590, f 70, p 16 Belgrave St., Liscard, CHS

Thomas HEAPS Hd M 67 Retired Builder + YKS Halton West
Jane HEAPS Wi M 64 ——– LAN Barron Ford
Kate E. HEAPS Gd 2 – ——- LAN Gorton
Annie MAUTIN Ser U 24 General Serv. LAN High Waay
William WANDLESS Vis U 28 Student (Theo.) + DUR Barnard Castle


193 RG11/5179, f 72, p 13 Oughterside & Allerby, CUL

Luke WANLASS Hd M 47 Fireman Stoker at Colliery. CUL Alston
Margaret WANLASS Wi M 46 ——– CUL Wreay
Frances LITTLE Rel U 41 Boarder CUL Wreay
Anne FAWKES Nc U 20 Boarder CUL Raughtonhead
Margaret LITTLE Nc U 10 Scholar CUL Blackwell

194 RG11/ 5184, f 74, p 2 4 Moresby Terrace, Moresby, CUL

Anthony M. WANDLESS Hd M 38 Congregational Minist. NBL Seaton Delaval
Isabella WANDLESS Wi M 32 ———- CUL Carlisle
William Hood WANDLESS So U 8 Scholar CUL Moresby
Margaret WANDLESS Da U 4 Scholar CUL Moresby
Alex. Johnston WANDLESS So U 1 Scholar CUL Moresby
Isabella ASKEW Ser U 14 Dom. Serv. CUL Parton


240 RG11/2208, f 42, p 2 9 St. Stephens Street, Stoke Dameral, DEV

Mary WANLESS Hd W 46 ———– DEV Devonport
William WANLESS So U 17 Joiner Apprentice DEV Devonport
Richard WANLESS So 14 Errand Boy DEV Devonport
Henry WANLESS So 12 Scholar DEV Devonport
Alfred WANLESS So 7 Scholar DEV Devonport
Frederick WANLESS So 4 Scholar DEV Devonport
William CLATWORTHY Lgr U 16 Errand Boy CON Saltash (Devonport)


235 RG11/1210, f 103, p 24 14 Brighton Ter., Southampton St. Mary, HAM

Isabella WANLESS Hd M 23 Dressmaker DUR Taw Law
Ethel WANLESS Da 2 ——— HAM Woolston


217 RG11/3740, f 67, p 9 Green End House, Green End, Sutton, LAN

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 43 Mechanical Engineer DUR East Runtars [Rainton]
Jane HARRISON Wi M 38 Housewife DUR East Runtars [Rainton]
George WANLESS So M* 18 Fitter DUR Moorsley
Mary Jane WANLESS Da U 16 Dressmaker DUR Moorsley
Matthew WANLESS So U 12 Scholar DUR Thornley
Elizabeth WANLESS Da 10 Scholar DUR Shotten
Thomas WANLESS So 5 Scholar LAN St. Helens
Henry WANLESS So 3 Scholar LAN St. Helens
Edward WANLESS So 2mo Child LAN Sutton
Mary KELLY Ser 22 Dom. Serv. IRE Dublin

218 RG11/3822, f 33, p 22 232 Church St., Westhoughton, LAN

William WANLESS Hd M 40 Mining Engineer DUR Cockfield
Mary Ann WANLESS Wi M 37 ———- LAN St. Helens
Annie WANLESS Da U 17 ———- LAN St. Helens
Elizabeth WANLESS Da 16 ——— LAN St. Helens
Isabella FENWICK Bdr U 27 Milliner DUR Danfield
James Dowey WANLESS AdSo 5 Scholar LAN Wigan


219 RG11/3821, f 92, p 31 65 Church St., Westhoughton, LAN

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 38 Coal Miner ENG ————–
Ellen WANLESS Wi M 32 ——– LAN St. Helens
Margt. WANLESS Da U 13 Scholar LAN Thatta Heath
William WANLESS So 9 Scholar LAN St. Helens
Walter WANLESS So 5 Scholar LAN Rainford
Alfred WANLESS So 3 ——– LAN Rainford
John Thos. WANLESS So 4mo ——— LAN Whiston
George Wesley JONES Bdr U 30 Coal Miner WLS Llandudna

220 RG11/3920, f 38, p 21 4 Humphrey St., Chorlton on Medlock, LAN

Ed. D. WANLESS Hd M 37 Joiner DUR Sunderland
Eleanor WANLESS Wi M 34 ——– DUR Sunderland
Ann WANLESS Da 15 Box Maker (Pin) DUR Sunderland
George E. WANLESS So 9 Scholar YKS Hull
Henry WANLESS So 7 Scholar LAN Manchester
Emily WANLESS Da 3 ——– LAN Manchester
Maria WANLESS Da 1 ———- LAN Manchester

221 RG11/3836, f 162, p 59 25 St., John Street, Little Bolton, LAN

John WANDLESS Hd M 30 Joiner ENG Durham
Mary J. WANDLESS Wi M 24 Dressmaker ENG Durham
Rachel WANDLESS Da 2 ——- LAN Bolton
Thomas H. WANDLESS So 9mo ——– LAN Bolton

222 RG11/4000, f 49, p 8 257 Oldham Rd., Manchester, LAN

Richard H. WILLIAMS So/Hd U 27 Chemist Manchester
Fredk. WANLESS Bdr U 19 Chemists Apprentice Gateshead

223 RG11/3782, f 90, p 20 The Lawns Private House, Upholland, LAN

Thomas Hardman BARLOW Hd M 49 Draper LAN Wigan
Emily BARLOW Wi M 36 ——– LAN Liverpool
Lydia Alice BARLOW Da 5 ——— LAN Walton Lpool
Hugh Molyneux BARLOW So 4 ——– LAN Eccles Lpool
Edith Maud BARLOW Da 2 ——- LAN Upholland
John BARLOW Fa M 80 Farmer Bootmaker LAN Pemberton
Alice BARLOW Mo M 85 ——– LAN Wigan
Alfed Barlow WANLESS Np U 18 Unemployed LAN Pemberton
Ada Cath. Annie WANLESS Nc U 17 Unemployed LAN Pemberton
Clara WANLESS Nc U 15 Drapers Assistant LAN Pemberton


224 RG11/3273, f 35, p 18 223 Charles St., Clee with Weelsby, LIN

Samuel THOMPSON Hd M 48 Ag. Lab. LIN Horncastle
Mary A. THOMPSON Wi M 38 ——- IRE St. Cairns
William THOMPSON So 11 Scholar LIN Marshchapel
John THOMPSON So 6 Scholar LIN Fulstow
Mary SULLIVAN Bdr U 27 Cook Dom.Ser.Un. HEF Hereford
Mary A. WANLESS Bdr 26 Fishermans Wife YKS Hull
Kate WANLESS Bdr 8 Scholar YKS Hull

225 RG11/3277, f 21, p x Vessel – ” I JOYCE “, Great Grimsby, LIN

Peter WANLESS M 24 Master SCT Leith

Middlesex (includes London)

227 RG11/0508, f 73, p 39 67 Park St.,Poplar, London, MDX

Johnson WANLESS Hd M 47 Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ann WANLESS Wi M 45 ———– DUR Sunderland
Annie WANLESS Da 14 ———– MDX Limehouse
Johnson WANLESS So 10 Scholar MDX Poplar
Emily WANLESS Da 7 Scholar MDX Poplar
Robert WANLESS So 5 Scholar MDX Poplar
Mary WANLESS Da 3 Scholar MDX Poplar
Joseph CLIFF Bro M 42 Mariner —- At Sea
Ann CLIFF Sl M 41 ——— DUR Sunderland
Mary CLIFF Nc 2 ———- DUR Sunderland

228 RG11/0185, f 42, p 13 15 Charlotte St., St. Pancras, London, MDX

Mary A. CORBETT Hd W 42 Housekeeper to B—— ENG Northumberland
William WANLESS Bro U 37 Treasurer ENG Northumberland
Jane CORBETT Da 10 Scholar MDX Soho
Esther CORBETT StDa U 18 Scholar* MDX Soho

229 RG11/0474, f 99, p 35 102 Charles St., Mile End Old Town, London, MDX

Elizabeth WANLISS Lg/Hd W 31 Miliner Dressmaker MDX Mile End Old Town
Annie E. WANLISS Da U 5 Scholar NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne

230 RG11/0105, f 20, p 33 21 Cambridge Ter., St. George Hanover Square, London, MDX

Arthur JOHNSON Lg/Hd W 29 French Polisher WAR Folshill
Robert WANLESS Lgr M 30 French Polisher SCT ———

231 RG11/0022, f 12, p 17 9 Queens Gate Terrace, Kensington, London, MDX

Ellen HALL Sv/Hd U 24 Waiting Maid NBL Cresswell
Charlotte WANDLESS Ser U 26 Kitchenmaid NBL Amble
Eleanor MORLEY Ser U 35 Nurse (dom. ser.) YKS York
Jane HEURTLEY Ser U 34 Ladys Maid NBL Stamfordham

232 RG11/0469, f 7, p 7 East India Dock Rd., Limehouse, London, MDX

Joseph T. SKINNER Hd M 31 Timber Merchant MDX Limehouse
Margt. M. SKINNER Wi M 27 ——— MDX Limehouse
Elizh. WANLESS Ser U 19 Domestis Serv. MDX Limehouse


233 RG11/0597, f 75, p 21 20 Orsett St., Lambeth, SRY

Thomas WANDLESS Hd W 52 Porter SRY Bermondsey
Ada A. WANDLESS Da U 21 IndiaRubberBandmker. SRY Bermondsey
Thomas WANDLESS So U 19 Carman SRY Bermondsey
Elizabeth WANDLESS Da U 14 Scholar SRY Lambeth
Frederick WANDLESS So U 12 Scholar SRY Lambeth
Albert E. WANDLESS So U 9 Scholar SRY Lambeth

RG11/0796, f 52, p 13 South Street, Dorking, SRY

Octavia HIBBAT Hd U 77 ———– SRY Clapham
Anne CISE Ser U 60 Housekeeper MDX London Marylebone
Mary DEAN Ser U 63 Cook SAL Brockton
Harriet BUSH Ser U 35 Housemaid HRT Puckeridge
Thos. WANLESS Ser U 51 Butler NBL Felling


236 RG11/1040, f 149, p x Vessel – “S S ROWENA”, Seaford, SSX

Richard WANDLESS U 23 Fireman M.S. YKS Middlesburgh

— Middlesburgh is probably Middlesbrough


237 RG11/2914, f 6, p 6 7 Church Walk, Worcester St. Clement, WOR

John H. WANLESS Hd M 51 Engine Fitter DUR Birtley
Martha WANLESS Wi M 42 ——– ENG Worcester
Jane WANLESS Da 10 ——– ENG Worcester
Elizabeth L. WANLESS Da 8 ——- ENG Worcester
Thomas R. W. WANLESS So 7 ——– ENG Worcester
Ellen M. WANLESS Da 4 ——— ENG Worcester

238 RG11/2947, f 102, p 44 Kingswood Rd., Silverdale, Kings Norton, WOR

Joshua Chas. WANLESS Hd M 36 Merchants Clerk SRY Lambeth
May Ann WANLESS Wi M 37 ——- WAR Bham.
Geo. H. WANLESS Bro W 38 Clerk SRY Lambeth
Sarah CLIFF Ser U 16 General Serv. Dom. STS Gt. Bridge