Northumberland 1871 census

Hawthorn Terrace (RG10/5076 folio 25; indexed Harless but clearly Wanless)
George Halliday, 45, grocer, Newcastle
Sarah, wife, 47, Newcastle
Isabella Wanless, servant, 20, domestic servant, NBL Cramlington

Amble, Queen Street (RG10/5170 folio 42) (indexed Wandlep at
Elizabeth E. Wandless, hd, married, 30, master mariner’s wife, NBL  Morpeth
John R., son, 1 mos, NBL Amble
Margaret Burn, sister, 25, servant, NBL Morpeth

RG10 5159 F62 Enum. No. 15 Steel Ridge, Little Bavington
John Fenwick Head, Mar, 80, Farmer NBL North Thockrington
Mary Fenwick, Wife, Mar, 66 NBL North Thockrington
…son Matthew and his wife Margaret and their 3 children, plus…
William WANLESS Serv, Un, 31, Farm Serv. NBL Kirkheaton

RG10 5160 F23 Enum No. 26 Shield Hill, Kirkharle
Edward Hall Head, Mar, 45, Farmer 184 acres, NBL Bellingham
Isabella Hall Wife, Mar, 39 NBL Stamfordham
Mary Hall Daur, 8, Scholar NBL Kirkharle
Edward Hall Son, 7, Scholar NBL Kirkharle
Isabella Hall Daur, 2, NBL Kirkharle
Elizabeth Hall, Daur, 5, NBL Kirkharle
Elizabeth WANLESS, Serv, Un, 36, Gen. Serv. NBL Stamfordham

RG10 5125 F43 P19 Stables, Longbenton, Bigges Main (Enum. Ref.94)
John Wandless Head, Mar, 69, Labourer Colliery Waggon Way, NBL Longbenton
Hannah Wandless Wife, Mar, 67, DUR , Sunderland

RG10 5126 F50 P15 High Row, Killingworth,West Moor (Enum. Ref. 84)
George Brown Head, Mar, 52, Coal Miner NBL
Dorothy Brown Wife, Mar, 60, DUR
George Elliot Relative, Un. 23, Miner , Gateshead, DUR
William Wanles Relative, Un. 16, Miner, NBL

RG10 5129 F20 P33 Double Row, East Holywell, Earsdon District (Enum #168)
George Wanelys Head, Mar, 22, Coal Miner, NBL Earsdon
Jane Wanelys Wife, Mar, 24, NBL Earsdon
Joseph Wanelys Son, 6mths, NBL Earsdon

RG10/5129 F33 P11 Enum. #53 8 Bates Cottages, Holywell, Seaton Delaval, Earsdon District, NBL.

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 58 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 54 Coal Miner’s Wife DUR Hebburn

RG10/ 6 Seaton Tce., Holywell, Seaton Delaval, NBL.

Peter WANLESS Hd M 33 Coal Miner
Ellen WANLESS Wi M 35 Coal Miner’s Wife
George WANLESS So 1 ———-

RG10/ 5 Dairy Houses, Hartley, Earsdon, NBL (or .

Laetitia O’Connor Head Wid 65 Ireland
Batman WANLESS Son-in-law M 19 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Bridget WANLESS Wife M 23 Coal Miner’s Wife NBL Earsdon

RG1O/5168; f 48; p 7; sc 34 First Row, North Seaton Colliery,NBL.

George WANLESS Hd M 31 NBL Walker
Mary J. WANLESS Wi M 24 NBL Howdon
Margaret J. WANLESS Da 4 NBL North Seaton

RG10/5168 North Seaton Colliery, NBL

George WANLESS 60 NBL Wallsend
Thomas WANLESS 34 NBL Cramlington
George WANLESS 3 NBL North Seaton
Mary YOUNG Sis 71 NBL Byker Hill
Alice CARR Sv 17 Servant NBL Newcastle

RG10/5163; f 65; p 39; sc 213 West End, Bedlington, Morpeth, NBL.

Luke WANLESS Hd M 26 Coal Miner NBL Holywell
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 25 ———– NFK ———
John WANLESS So 5 ———– NBL Hartley
Mary WANLESS Da 3 ———– NBL Bedlington

RG10/5165 Folio 115 Page 9 Black Mill Inn, Bedlington, Morpeth
Margaret Wanless Serv , Un, 21, Gen. Serv., DUR , ….worth?

RG10/5163; f 10; p 13; sc 53 18 Sinkers Row, Cambois, NBL.

Thomas WANDLESS Hd M 31 Coal Miner NBL Longbenton
Isabella WANDLESS Wi M 30 ——— NBL Longbenton
John WANDLESS So U 5 ——— NBL Seghill
Christopher WANDLESS So U 2 ——— DUR ———

RG10/5196; f 49; p 3; sc 8 Rose & Thistle Inn, Alwinton, NBL.

Margaret BURN Hd U 62 Inn Keeper NBL Elsdon
Thomas MATHER Np M 25 Farm Labourer NBL Alwinton
Isabella MATHER Nc M 25 Farm Labourer’s Wife NBL Alwinton
William James MATHER GrNp U 7mo ———— NBL Alwinton
Jane MATHER Ser U 24 Dom. Serv. NBL Holystone Chapelry
Mary DODDS Vis M 23 Miller’s Wife NBL Alwinton
Margaret WANLESS Vis W 57 Farmer’s Widow SCT ——–
Thomas ADDISON Lgr M 27 Hawker on tramp Not Known
William CAMERON Lgr M 25 Hawker on tramp NBL Alnwick
Mary CAMERON Lgr M 22 Hawker on tramp NBL Alnwick
Margaret BAILEY Lgr M 48 Hawker on tramp NBL Alnwick
John BAILEY Lgr U 28 Hawker on tramp NBL Alnwick
Andrew BAILEY Lgr U 17 Hawker on tramp NBL Alnwick

RG10/5196; f 59; p 10; sc Parkhouse, Peels, NBL.

William WANLASS Hd M 66 Shepherd SCT ———
Ann WANLASS Wi M 58 Shepherd’s Wife NBL Whittingham
Ann SCOTT GrDa 13 Scholar NBL Alwinton

RG10/5196; f 74; p 2; sc Biddlestone Townfoot, NBL.

Margaret WANLASS Hd W 57 Farmer of 1000 acres SCT ———-
Eleanor WANLASS Da U 22 ——— NBL Alwinton
Jane FINN? Ser U 20 Dom. Serv. NBL Belford
James BROWN Ser U 23 Shepherd SCT ———-
Ralph ROBINSON Ser U 24 Ag. Lab. NBL Rothbury

RG10/5168; f 49; p 9; sc 48 First Row, North Seaton Colliery, NBL.

Alexander WANLESS Hd M 53 Sinker NBL Slatford
Margaret WANLESS Wi M 52 ———- NBL Percy Main
Joseph WANLESS So 19 Coal Miner DUR Greenside
Harriet Wanless Dau 13 scholar NBL Bebside

RG10 5127 F55 P53 Seaton Burn Cottages, Seaton Burn, North Gosforth (Enum. Ref. 270)
Edward Ord Head, Mar, 22, Groom, NBL Belford
Elizabeth Ord Wife, Mar, 23, NBL Yetholm?
Grace Lindors Relation 3, Scotland
Lancelot Wanless Boarder 14, Clerk, NBL Hexham

RG10/; f; p; sc 5 Church Row, Backworth, NBL.

Joseph WANLESS Hd 50 Miner NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi 49 NBL Newcastle
Ann E. WANLESS Da 13 NBL Seghill
Barbara WANLESS Da 12 NBL Seghill
Isabella WANLESS Da 8 NBL Seghill
Barbara CLINT MoLw 77 CUL Brampton

RG10/5128/folio 62 pg 21 Earsdon Square, Earsdon, NBL.

Thomas WANLASS Hd M 25 Coal Miner NBL North Shields
Elizabeth WANLASS Wi M 22 ———- NBL Earsdon Square
Mary E. WANLASS Da 3 ———- NBL Earsdon Square
Ann WANLASS Da 11mo ———- NBL Earsdon Square

RG10/5070/folio 70, 9 Oak Place, Westgate (St. Philip), Newcastle, NBL.

James WANLESS Bdr U 26 Mason NBL Hexham

–boarding in house of Thomas & Jane Patterson from Wooler

Heddon on the Wall, NBL (RG10/5139 folio 36 pg 5)
Stephen WANLESS Head M 70 Ag. Lab. Northd. Kirkharle
Jane WANLESS Wife M 63 ” Elsdon
Jane WANLESS Daur Un 30 ” Heddon
Stephen WANLESS Son Un 25 Quarryman ” Heddon
Hester Ann WANLESS Gdaur 8 London

Given Surname Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Birth County Comments
41 Wesley Street, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5098 folio 17 pg 29)
William Waugh 38 Head, married Railway Porter Bamburgh Northumberland
Mary Waugh 38 Wife Longhorsley Northumberland
John Waugh 13 Son Scholar Newcastle Northumberland
Thomas Wanless 23 Boarder Grocer’s Shopman Longhorsley Northumberland s/o Thomas W & Ursula Moore of Longhorsley
William Bell 16 Boarder Grocer’s Clerk Longhorsley Northumberland
Queens Arms, 1 Simpson Terrace, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5098 folio 61 pg 23)
at the inn of Joseph & Jemima Smith
Margaret Ann Wandless 18 Servant domestic servant Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland
Blyth’s Yard, Alnwick (RG10/5174/folio 12 pg 17)
Thomas Wanless 61 Head Agricultural Labourer Bamburgh Northumberland s/o James W & Isabella Willis
Margaret Wanless 59 Wife Alnwick Northumberland
Mark’s Row, Amble (RG10/5170/folio 53 pg 32)
Willian [William] Wandless 60 Head Cartman Buckhead or Brickhead Northumberland William Wanless & Sarah Marshall
Sarah Wandless 50 Wife N, Shields Northumberland
Queen Street, Amble (RG10/5170/folio 38 pg 1)
Jno Wandless 50 Head Shipwright Alnmouth Northumberland John Wanless & Charlotte Turner
Charlotte Wandless 51 Wife Midwife Bath Somerset
Thomas Wandless 18 Son Blacksmith Amble Northumberland
Jos Ferguson Wandless 11 Son Brickmaker Amble Northumberland
Charlotte Louisa Wandless 8 Daughter Scholar Amble Northumberland
Castlegate, Berwick (RG10/5181/folio 56 pg 14)
James Baillie Landreth 60(?) Head Grocer & Wine Merchant Berwick Northumberland
Caroline Landreth 41 Wife Longridge Northumberland
Oliver Landreth 5 Son Scholar Berwick Northumberland
Thomas Landreth 3 Son Berwick Northumberland
Isabella Wanlass 31 Sister-in-law, single Housekeeper Longridge Northumberland
Vicarage Farm, Bolam (RG10/5136/folio 44 pg 3)
Robert Wanlass 75 Head Farmer of 128 acres Hartburn Northumberland
Isabella Ann Wanlass 66 Wife Kirkharle Northumberland
Isabella Ann Wanlass 25 Daughter Bolam Northumberland
Ann Rowell 22 Servant Domestic Servant
John Wilkinson 18 Servant Indoor Farm Servant
Bolton Mill, Bolton, Alnwick (eccl. district of Edlingham) (RG10/5175/folio 38 pg 5)
Robert Wanless 54 Head Miller employing 2 labourers & farmer of 50 acres ENG Northumberland Robert Wanless & Ann Hedley
Ann Wanless 41 Wife ENG Northumberland
Jane Ann Wanless 21 Daughter ENG Northumberland
Thomas H Wanless 13 Son ENG Northumberland
William Wanless 11 Son scholar ENG Northumberland
Archbold Wanless 6 Son ENG Northumberland
Thomas Hedley 74 Father-in-law, unmarried formerly farmer ENG Northumberland
Allen  F. Dods 30 Head, married miller’s servant ENG Northumberland separate house, but son-in-law to Robert above
7 Pottery Bank, Byker St.Anthony’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5107/folio 45 pg 30)
John Wanless 40 Head Northd Newcastle John W & Sarah Bewick
Sarah Wanless 33 Wife Northd Newcastle
Mary Wanless 11 Daughter Northd Newcastle
Sarah Wanless 5 Daughter Northd Newcastle
Emile [Emily] Wanless 3 Daughter Northd Newcastle
John Wanless 2 Son Haworth Durham
Thomas Wanless 1 Son Haworth Durham
Gunnerton Village, Chollerton (RG10/5152/folio 37 pg 18)
Mark Wanlace 44 Head, single Farmer of 480 acres employing 3 men Northnd Bolam
John Carr 33 servant Farm Servant Indoor Chollerton
William Wilkinson 21 servant Hexham
James Dodds 15 servant Chollerton
Mary Fuddleston 25 servant Chollerton
West Cramlington Colliery, Cramlington (RG10/5134/folio 94 pg 29)
Thomas Wanless 57 Head coal miner Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland
Mary Wanless 59 Wife South Shields Durham
Elizabeth Bruce 32 Daughter, married Longbenton Northumberland
Alice Wanless 26 Daughter, single Cramlington Northumberland
Mary Bruce 11 Granddaughter scholar Cramlington Northumberland
Thomas Bruce 9 Grandson scholar Cramlington Northumberland
Elizabeth Bruce 8 Granddaughter scholar Cramlington Northumberland
Elizabeth A Wanless 6 Granddaughter scholar Cramlington Northumberland
West Cramlington Colliery, Cramlington (RG10/5134/folio 93 pg 28)
Charles Gibson 71 Head, widowed coal miner Monkseaton Northumberland
Mary Wanless 22 Servant general servant Cramlington Northumberland
Private house just before Harlow Hill Farm, Denwick, Northumberland (RG10/5173/folio 28 pg 6)
James Wanlass 53 Head Farmer of 37 acres Bambro Northumberland
Elizabeth Wanlass 54 Wife Chatton Northumberland
James Wanlass 25 Son farmer’s son Bambro Northumberland
Mary Ann Wanlass 20 Daughter Bambro Northumberland
Robert Wanlass 14 Son Bambro Northumberland
95 Gloucester Road, Elswick St. Paul’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5076/folio 44 pg 19)
John Wanless 74 Head Architectural Draughtsman Scotland s/o John W & Isabella Ewen of Scotland; wife Eleanor Carlisle
Eleanor Wanless 51 Wife Heworth Durham
18 Byron Terrace, Elswick St. Stephen’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5080/folio 26 pg 46)
Thomas Wanless 47 Head News Agent Alston Cumberland
Eleanor Wanless 48 Wife Bedlington Northumberland
Joseph Wanless 20 Son Engine Fitter Newcastle Upon Tyne
George Wanless 14 Son Scholar Newcastle Upon Tyne
17 Gloucester Street, Elswick St. Stephen’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5078/folio 69 pg 47)
Elonor [Eleanor] Wanless 29 Head, single Dressmaker Wallsend Northumberland daughters of Thomas Wanless & Ellen Scott of Wallsend
Margaret Wanless 18 Sister Scholar Wallsend Northumberland
Elizabeth Wanless 14 Sister Scholar Wallsend Northumberland
1 Crown Street, Elswick St. Paul’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5076/folio 60 pg 1)
John Airey 34 Head, married Silversmith & Jeweller Picktree Durham
Jane Airey 33 Wife Newcastle on Tyne Northumberland
Frances Wanless 21 Cousin Newham Bamburgh [Northumberland]
38 Pine Street, Elswick St. Stephen’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5078/folio 42 pg 24)
in the house of James & Sarah Lomax from Rochdale, Lincs
Dorothy A Wanless 14 Servant domestic servant Durham England
Blackpool Farm, Freeholder’s Quarter, Longhorsley RG10/5162/folio 6 pg 5)
Thomas Wanlass 84 Head Farmer of 400 acres employing 4 men Bothal Northumberland
Elizabeth Wanlass 89 Wife Felton Northumberland
Thomas Wanlass 50 Son Farmer’s Son Longhorsley Northumberland
Ursella Wanlass 49 Daughter-in-law Longhorsley Northumberland
John Wanlass 25 Grandson Ag. Lab. Longhorsley Northumberland
William Wanlass 21 Grandson Ag. Lab. Longhorsley Northumberland
Robert Wanlass 19 Grandson Ag. Lab. Longhorsley Northumberland
Mary E Wanlass 17 Granddaughter Longhorsley Northumberland
George Wanlass 14 Grandson Longhorsley Northumberland
Ursula Wanlass 12 Granddaughter Longhorsley Northumberland
Nicholas M Wanlass 7 Grandson Longhorsley Northumberland
Given Surname Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Birth County Comments
Bay Horse Inn, Haltwhistle (RG10/5154 folio 21 pg 35)
William Wanless 70 Head Innkeeper Northd Hawick William Wanless & Isabella Gilpatrick or Kilpatrick
Isabella Wanless 54 Wife Northd Haltwhistle
William Wanless 24 Son, single Groom Northd, Haltwhistle
Edward Lidler [Fidler] 8 Grandson Scholar Northd Haltwhistle
Robert Rountree 91(?) Lelation [Relation?], single Retired Shepherd Lanercost Cumberland
Arthur Redford Lodger Nevey [navvy?] Hertfordshire
Thomas Smith Lodger Nevey [navvy?] Columby Kent
James Wilson Lodger Nevey [navvy?] Gloucester
Market Place, Haltwhistle (RG10/5154 folio 17 pg 28)
Isabella Wanless 53 Head, single Grocer, Glass & China Dealer Alston Cumberland
Fair Hill, Haltwhistle (RG10/5154 folio 11 pg 15)
George Wanless 25 Head Coke Drawer Northd Haltwhistle s/o William Wanless & Isabella Gilpatrick or Kilpatrick
Sarah Ann Wanless 24 Wife Northd Haltwhistle
William Teasdale 3 Stepson Northd Haltwhistle
John Wanless 5 months Son Northd Haltwhistle
27 Bowes Street, Waterloo, Horton (RG10/5133 folio 17)
William Wandless 29 Head, widower Sailor Northd, Amble
Isabella Wandless 17 Sister Servant Northd, Amble
Ingoe village, NBL (RG10/5138 folio 27)
John Wanless 76 Head Ag. Lab. Kirkharle, Northumberland, John W & Mary Robson
Mary Wanless 69 Wife Thockrington, Northumberland,
Mary Wanless 13 Granddaughter Scholar Ingoe, Northumberland,
Isabella Wanless 9 Granddaughter Scholar Ingoe, Northumberland,
Netherwitton, Netherwitton, NBL (RG10/5161 folio 45)
Robert Wandless 63 Head, single Ag. Lab. Longframlington, Northumberland,
Isabella Dunn 50 or 58 Sister, widow Housekeeper Longframlington Northumberland
Sarah Jane Dunn 17 Niece Netherwitton Northumberland
The Bellion Farm, Netherwitton, NBL (RG10/5161 folio 48)
Charles Scott 40 Head Shepherd Roxburghshire Scotland
Ann Scott 31 Wife Alwinton Northumberland
Jennet C. or G. Scott 6 mos. Daughter Netherwitton Northumberland
Margaret Wanless 28 Visitor, single domestic servant Alwinton, Northumberland,
19 Day Street, St Andrew, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, eccl. parish Jesmond (RG10/5085 folio 14)
John Wanless 26 Head Wine Merchant Wallsend, Northumberland, s/o Thomas W & Ellen Scott
Elizabeth Wanless 24 Wife Newcastle, Northumberland,
Elizabeth Scott 17 Servant St. Anthony’s Northumberland
Tailors Hall, 10 Friar’s Green, St. John’s, Newcastle on Tyne (RG10/5091 folio 53)
John Wanless 65 Head Tailor Newcastle, Northumberland, John W & Elizabeth Easton
Elizabeth Wanless 65 Wife Ilderton, Northumberland,
Wilson’s Court, 39 Groat Market, St. John’s, Newcastle on Tyne (RG10/5092 folio 7 and repeated on folio 13)
William Turnbull 46 Head Sledge Hammer Man in Ironworks Newcastle Northumberland
Elizabeth Turnbull 40 Wife Bottle Washer Gateshead Durham
Isabella Wanless 8 Niece Scholar Newcastle, Northumberland,
Church Rd, St. Nicholas, Newcastle on Tyne (RG10/5090 folio 37)
in the house of Margaret Ruthertem(?), widow, with other lodgers
Adam Wanless 35 Lodger Labourer Newcastle
Crooks, Thirlwall, NBL (RG10/5156 folio 7)
Joseph Wanless 43 Head, widower Quarryman Northd, Woodburn
Rose Bank Cottage, Etal Road, Tweedmouth, NBL (RG10/5184 folio 61)
Frances Wanless 75 Head, widow Landowner Sunwick Berwickshire, Scotland
Thomas Wanless 38 or 28 Son, single Gardener Tweedmouth, Northumberland,
John Lauder 78 Brother, single Formerly Farm C—-er Sunwick Berwickshire, Scotland
29 & 31 High Street West (Grocer’s Shop & House), Wallsend (RG10/5109/folio 68 pg 38)
Thomas Wanless 58 Head Provision Dealer Northd Wallsend Thomas W &  Ellen Scott
Eleanor Wanless 54 Wife Northd Wideopen
Jane S. McNaughton 32 Dau, Married Northd Wallsend
George Wanless 29 Son, single Provision Dealer Northd Wallsend
Matthew Wanless 11 Son Scholar Northd Wallsend
John W. McNaughton 4 Grandson Yorkshire Guisborough
George Wilkinson 22(?) Servant Apprentice Grocer Northd Bellingham
William R. Hay 18 Servant Apprentice Grocer Durham St. Helen’s Auckland
Charles W. Milne 36 Boarder Attorney’s Clerk Scotland
17 Sunderland Street, Westgate (St. John’s), Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5074/folio 18 pg 29)
Ann Wanless 51 Head, Single Maker of “John Peacock Oil” (chemical manufacturer) Wallsend Northumberland,
Jessie Henderson 26 Lodger Ladies Companion, out of employ Houghton le Spring Durham Henry Brougham 29 Lodger, widower Professional Pianist & Concert Manager Scotland
5 Summerhill Street, Westgate (St. Paul’s), Newcastle-upon-Tyne (RG10/5072/folio 77 pg 20)
in house of Thomas & Annabella Stewart
Mary Jane Wanless 16 Servant domestic servant Delavel [Northumberland]
Given Surname Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Birth County Comments
Saugh House Farm, Wallington Demesne, eccl. parish of Cambo (RG10/5161/folio 7 pg 8)
Cuthbert Henderson 42 Head Tailor Hartburn Northumberland
Isabella Mary Henderson 33 Wife Hartburn Northumberland
Hannah Henderson 4 Daughter Cambo Northumberland
Mark W. Henderson 2 Son Cambo Northumberland
Mary Annie Henderson 2 mo. Daughter Cambo Northumberland
Ann Wanlace 48 Sister-in-law. single Annuitant Durham Durham
Esther Pattinson 20 Servant domestic servant Wallsend Northumberland
Newcastle Terrace, Tynemouth Village, Tynemouth (Holy Saviour) (RG10/5121/folio 52 pg 18)
in house of John & Margaret McAllum or McAllison
Anna Wanlace 24 servant domestic servant Morpeth Northd.
Silver Hill, Dalton, eccl. parish of Newburn (RG10/5139/folio 15 pg 4)
Mark Wanlace 45 Head Farmer out(?) of a farm Bolam Northd next house is likely mother-in-law Catherine Henderson
Catherine Wanlace 39 Kirkwhelpington Northd
Hannah Wanlace 17 Kirkwhelpington Northd
Elizabeth Wanlace 15 Mitford Northd
George T. Wanlace 12 scholar Mitford Northd
Mark Wanlace 8 scholar Ponteland Northd
Catherine Wanlace 6 Ponteland Northd
Robert Wanlace 2 Ponteland Northd
John Wanlace 1 mo. Newburn Northd