Durham 1871 census

Wanless-like names

Durham City, St. Nicholas – 15 Market Place (RG10/4968 folio 131)
in the house of William Singlehurst, spirit dealer
Mary Wandless, servant, single, 23, DUR Seaham Harbour

Southwick – 3(?) Bow Street (RG10/5019 folio 63)
George Wandlass, hd, md, 62, ship carpenter & beerhouse keeper, DUR Sunderland
Isabel, wife, 57, Sunderland
Thomas, son, 30, ship carpenter, Sunderland
Mary J., granddaughter, 11, scholar, Sunderland

Southwick – 20 Bow Street (RG10/5019 folio 65)
Joseph Wandlass, hd, md, 39, coal miner, DUR Southwick
Hannah, wife, 28, Newcastle on Tyne
George W., son, 5, DUR Southwick
Joseph, son, 3, DUR Monkwearmouth
John R., son, 10 months, DUR Southwick

Gateshead – 24 Chichester St (RG10/5052 folio 81)
John Wanless, hd, md, 25, railway stoker, DUR Darlington
Susan, wife, 23, DUR Darlington

Gateshead – 27 Suffield(?) Street (RG10/5053/folio 13)
Thomas Wanless, hd, md, 59, augur driver, DUR Durham
Margaret, wife, 55, YKS Scrunton or Scrouton(?)
Thomas, son, md, 28, engine fitter, DUR Darlington
Mary E., son’s wife, 35, YKS Wakefield
Rose, granddaughter, 9, scholar, YKS York
Annie E., granddau, 4 mos, DUR Gateshead

Bishopwearmouth – 1 Surtees Street – eccl. dist. St. Paul’s (Hendon) (RG10/5008/folio 78)
John Wandless, hd, 33, trimmer, Co. Durham
Frances, wife, 30, Co. Durham

Monkwearmouth Shore – 117 Church Street (RG10/5023/folio 11 page 15)
George Wanless, 63, joiner, DUR Durham
Margaret, wife, 64, NBL Stamfordham
George, son, 30, joiner, DUR Sunderland
Margaret Harbottle, dau, wid, 36, dressmaker, Sunderland
George Harbottle, son, 15, joiner, Sunderland
William Harbottle, son, 11, scholar, Sunderland
Charles H. Harbottle, son, 9, scholar, Sunderland
Jane Redford, head, wid, 81, housekeeper, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Samuel Lungley, hd, md, 25, mariner out of employment, Keely, Essex
Elizabeth, wife, 28, DUR Sunderland
Florence E., dau, 2, Sunderland
Margaret E., dau, 4 mos, Sunderland

Sunderland, Ayres Quay, Bottle Works
William Wandless Lee, hd, md, 20, apprentice to bottle trade, DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Wandless Lee, wife, 21, DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Jane Lee, dau, 1, DUR Sunderland

South Hylton, Ford, Durham (RG10/5003/folio 43)
2 Cambria Terrace

Blyth Jolly, hd, md, 27, 2nd Class Clerk in HM Customs, DUR Ford
Mary H. or W.(?) Jolly, wife, 20, DUR Rainton
Edith Mary Jolly, dau, 1, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Eleanor Collins, servant, 14, DUR Hylton
4 Cambria Terrace (Cambria House)
Matthew Bell, hd, md, 29, innkeeper, DUR Gateshead
Ann Bell, wife, 47, DUR Redworth(?)
Robert Wm Wanless, stepson, 16, cartman, DUR Chilton Green
John George Wanless, stepson, 14, rivet maker, DUR Chilton Green
Ann Holtby, servant, 23, YKS York
Mary Jane Lynn, servant, 12, DUR Ford
— Mary Jolly was the daughter of Ann (Dobson) Bell formerly Wanless, so I included her here.

Egglescliffe, Durham
William T. Wanless, hd, md, 25, certificated schoolmaster, DUR Pensher
Isabella, wife, 23, DUR Sherburn
Annie, dau, 1, Egglescliffe

South Garesfield, Tanfield (RG10/4955/folio 120)
Robert Wandless Head 44 Platelayer Bamburgh Northumberland
Mary Beeston Sister Widowed 50 Housekeeper Bamburgh Northumberland

6 Colpitt Terrace, Crossgate, Durham City (eccl. dist. of St. Margaret’s) (RG10/4962 folio 89 pg 2)
William Wanless, hd, md, 46, shoe maker, Durham
Ann, wife, 43, Ferryhill DUR
Robert William W son, 16, printer’s apprentice, Durham
Jane, dau, 13, scholar, Durham
John, son, 5, scholar, Durham

11 Freeman’s Place, Darlington (St John) (RG10/4881/folio 45)
–boarding with the family of Thomas & Jane Ann Renwick from Darlington
James Cathron Wanless, lodger, single, 21, engine fitter, DUR Durham

South Pontop Cottages, Greencroft (RG10/4959/folio page 10)
William Thompson, hd, md, 41, coal miner, NBL Jarrow [Durham?]
Elizabeth T, wife, 42, DUR Stanhope
Wandless T, son, 14, coal miner, DUR Houghton le Spring
Jane T, dau, 10, DUR Houghton le Spring
William, son, 8, coal miner, DUR Houghton le Spring
Ann, dau, 6, DUR Houghton le Spring
John Gray, visitor, single, 29, coal miner, Haswell Easington [Durham]

16 Hill St, Bishopwearmouth (St. Paul) (RG10/5009/folio 75 page 85)
–boarding with Francis (25) and Julia (22) Barker
Thomas Wandlass, boarder, md, 37, shipwright, DUR Sunderland
Jane Wandlass, boarder, md, 38, MDX London

7 Water St, Bishopwearmouth (St. Mark) (RG10/4998/folio 79)
Thomas Wanless, hd, md, 54, engine fitter, Wilts.
Elizabeth, wife, 49, DUR Lumley
Jane Walton, widow, 92, Yorkshire

2 Picton St, Bishopwearmouth (St. Andrew) (RG10/5000/folio 52 page 1)
George Lauder, hd, md, 28, glass bottle finisher, Berwickshire
Jane Ann, wife, 30, Sunderland
George, son, 5, Sunderland
Jane Ann, dau, 4, Sunderland
Edmund, son, 2, Sunderland
Elizabeth, dau, 7 weeks, Sunderland
Mary Wanless, visitor, 17, Sunderland

40 Peacock St, Bishopwearmouth (RG10/5002/folio 34 page 61)
Robert Wanless, hd, md, 28, engine fitter, DUR Lumley
Elizabeth, wife, 26, DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth, dau, 5 mos, DUR Sunderland
John Wanless, head, md, 24, engine fitter, NBL Bedlington
Mary(?), wife, 21, DUR Cockfield
Thomas, son, 1, DUR Darlington

Back Dock Street, Westoe, South Shields, DUR (RG10/5034/folio 65 page 57)
John Wandles, hd, md, 38, coal trimmer, NBL Byker Hill
Jane, wife, 31, ditto
Mary, dau, 7, ditto
Thomas, son, 3, DUR So. Shields
Alice, dau, 1, ditto

9 Edward Street,Westoe, South Shields (eccl. parish Holy Trinity – RG10/5034/folio 22 page 37)
John Wandless, hd, md, 37, laborer at glass works, Newcastle on Tyne
Elizabeth, wife, 38, Newcastle
Mary, mother, widow, 57, Newcastle
John G., son, 15, bricklayer, Newcastle
Richard, son, 10, scholar, Newcastle
George R., son, 3, Newcastle
Margaret, dau, 1, DUR So. Shields

22 East Street, Bishopwearmouth (eccl. dist. Hendon St Paul’s)(RG10/5007/folio 65 page 53)
William Lee, hd, md, 31, seaman, birthplace unknown
Elizabeth Lee, wife, 35, DUR Sunderland
Isabella Wanless, wife’s daughter, 16, DUR Sunderland
John O. Wanless, wife’s son, 13, DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Wanless, wife’s dau, 12, DUR Sunderland
Jane Wanless, wife’s dau, 7, DUR Sunderland
Ellen Wanless, wife’s dau, 5, DUR Sunderland

16 John Street, Bishopwearmouth
John A. Hamskirk/Humskirk, hd, 59, merchant, Holland, British Subject
Mary, wife, 61, DUR Sunderland
Ann Wanless, servant, widow, 55, housekeeper, DUR City
Isabella Adie, servant, unm, 39, cook, DUR Sunderland
Mary Hollingshead, servant, unm, 27, housemaid, DUR Sunderland

Muggleswick 1871, Waskerley Park (RG10/4960/folio 118)
John Hopper, Head, Married, 50, Labourer, born Bishopley, Durham
Ann Hopper, Wife, Married, 46, born Pit Houses (?), Northumberland
John Hopper, Son, 23, Stoker, born Consett, Durham
Robert Hopper, Son, 20, Mineral Guard, born Consett, Durham
William Hopper, Son, 13, Scholar, born Dipton, Durham
Elizabeth Hopper, Daughter, 10, Scholar, born Muggleswick, Durham
Isaac Hopper, Son, 7, Scholar, born Muggleswick, Durham
Henry Hopper, Son, 4, Scholar, born Muggleswick, Durham
John Wanles or Haules(?), Lodger, 47, Joiner, born Waterston(?)/Wollaston(?), Cambridgeshire

Barnard Castle – Bank Street (RG10/4945/folio ) (indexed Wanders at ancestry.com)
Robert Wandlass, hd, md, 64, grocer & small farmer of 10 (or 16?) acres, DUR Barnard Castle
Ann W, wife, 58, DUR St. John’s Chapel
Elizabeth Ann W, dau, 30, grocer’s assistant in shop, DUR Barnard Castle
Robert W, son, 28, clog maker, DUR Barnard Castle
James W, son, 21, joiner, DUR Barnard Castle

43 Berkley Street, Jarrow (eccl. parish Jarrow Grange Christ Church (RG10/5043/folio 13 & 14)
William Wandless, hd, md, 37, blacksmith, Heaton, Northumberland
Margaret W, wife, 35, Brains Haugh(?), Northumberland
Mary Ellen W, dau, 11, scholar, New York, Northumberland
Hannah W, dau, 8, scholar, Wittington, NBL
Elizabeth W, dau, 3, Jarrow DUR
[illegible; maybe Ellinor; written over William] daughter, 2, Jarrow DUR
William W, son, 3 mos, Jarrow DUR
(next door, 41 Berkley Street)
George Wandless, head, md, 44, boiler smith at iron works, NBL Wallsend
Mary W, wife, 41, NBL Benton
John W, son, 8, scholar, DUR Jarrow
Ann W, dau, 6, scholar, DUR Jarrow

Esh, Quebec Cottages (RG10/4958/folio 166)
Jane Wanlas, Head, Widowed, 29, Cornwall
Ann W, Daughter, 7, Scholar, County Durham
William W, Son, 4, Scholar, County Durham
Robert Hindmarch, Lodger, 49, Cokeyard Labourer, County Durham

23 Cousin Street, Bishopwearmouth (RG10/5006/folio 45 page 7)
Ralph Wanless, hd, md, 25, co-operative store clerk & cashier, DUR Seaham
Sarah A. Wanless, wife, 27, DUR Sunderland
John G. Hughes, hd, md, 57, retired engineer, NBL Farm House
Sarah H. Hughes, wife, 49, DUR Barnard Castle

29 Cousin Street, Bishopwearmouth (RG10/5006/folio 46 page 9)
Isabella Wanless, hd, wid, 46, DUR Sunderland
Sarah Hodgson, dau, married, 19, DUR Sunderland
Eliza Wanless, dau, 16, DUR Sunderland
Emily M. Wanless, dau, 8, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Margaret A. Wanless, dau, 6, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Robert Wilkie, son-in-law, married, 23, clerk in N.E. Ry. Comp’y., NBL Beal
Maria Wilkie, daughter, married, 22, DUR Sunderland
Isabella J. Wanless, daughter, 23, DUR Sunderland

7 Ropery Lane, Sunderland, East Ward (Trinity parish) (RG10/5014/folio 4)
John Dinsdale, head, wid, 71, keelman, DUR Sunderland
Jane Wanless, head, wid, 64, Borrowby, Cumberland
William Wanless, son, single, 24, labourer, DUR Sunderland
Ann Cliff, dau, single, 30, DUR Sunderland
Joseph Cliff, grandson, 12, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Sarah Cliff, granddau, 9, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Ann Cliff, granddau, 7, scholar, DUR Sunderland
William Cliff, grandson, 4, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Isabella Cliff, granddau, 1, DUR Sunderland

7 Minorca, Sunderland, East Ward (Trinity parish) (RG10/5013/folio 13)
Eleanor Wanless, wife, married, 24, joiner’s wife, DUR Sunderland
Ann, dau, 5, DUR Sunderland
Isabella, dau, 14 months, DUR Sunderland
— house shared with Henry & Ellen Bell, Christopher & Mary Miller

Church Walk, Sunderland, East Ward (Trinity parish) (RG10/5013/folio 34)
Ann Walton, hd, wid, 57, DUR Sunderland
Annie, dau, single, 18, DUR Sunderland
James Wanless, boarder, single, 23, DUR Sunderland

20 Vine St, Sunderland, East Ward (Trinity parish) (RG10/5014/folio 48)
— shared with Gardiners and Wardroppers
Elizabeth Nulty, hd, md, 49, fish dealer, Whitby, YKS
William Wandless, son, single, 17, bricklayer’s labourer, DUR Sunderland

4 Trafalgar Square, Sunderland, East Ward (Trinity parish, RG10/5013 folio 52)
Jane Wanless head widow 64 annuitant b Dur South Shields

Hall’s Yard, Darlington (RG10/4883 folio 65, schedule 141)
Rachel Wandless head unmarr 28 needlewoman b Dur Darlington
Alice Wandless dau 7 scholar b Dur Darlington
Thomas Wandless son 5 scholar b Dur Darlington
William Wandless son 2mths b Dur Darlington

Broomside village (RG10 4967 folio 115)
William E Wanless head marr 70 retired colliery lab born Dur Houghton
Ann Wanless wife 68 born Dur Pelton

74 Earnest Place, Belmont, (RG10 4967 folio 77)
Isabella Wanless mother widow 25 born Dur Witton Gilbert
Sarah E Wanless dau unm 1 mth born Dur Earnest Place

Wolviston (RG10 4899 page 9)
William Hett hd unmar 94 retired farmer born Dur Wolviston
John P Wandless lodger marr 69 retired schoolmaster born Dur Houghton le Spring
Ann Wandless wife 68 born Dur Great Stainton

Captains House, Greencroft, Collierley (RG 10 4959 folio 28)
Henry James Wanlas hd marr 33 coal miner born Northumb Walbottle
Mary Wanlas wife 31 born Dur Hett
Robert Wanlas son unm 7 born Dur Leadgate
Grace Wanlas dau unm 6 born Dur Leadgate
Edward Wanlas son unm 5 born Dur Leadgate
Margaret Jane Wanlas unm 1 born Dur Leadgate

Happyland, Greencroft, Collierley (RG 10 4959 folio 26)
Henry Wanlas hd marr 64 sadler born Dur Gateshead
Grace Wanlas wife 64 born Northumb Newcastle
James Wanlas son unm 25 miner born Dur Winlaton

Waterson Building, Dipton, Collierley (RG 10 4956)
Da(s?)on Johnson hd marr (8?)0 coalminer born Northumb Benton
Rebecca Johnson wife 32 born Northumb Soney Burn
Elijah Johnson son 13 coal miner born Dur Southmoor
Matthew Johnson son 11 putter born Dur Southmoor
William Johnson son 7 scholar born Shield Row
Joseph Wanless Johnson son 5 scholar born Dur Shield Row
Mary Ann Johnson dau 3 born Dur Shield Row
Danlassme ????? Adelaide Johnson dau 2 born Dur Dipton
Robert Johnson son 4 mths biorn Dur Dipton
George Waigh bro in law unm (6?)6 born Northumb Slayle

Eastcastle Cottages, Eastcastle (RG 10 4956 folio 151)
Grace Wornlass general domestic servant unm 21 born Dur Winlaton
(in household comprising of 2 unmarried brothers, Harrison Armstrong 23 and Thomas Armstrong 21 years)

23 Crossgate Rd, Durham City (piece 4963 folio 81)
Thomas C. Wanless hd marr 23 paper maker b Durham
Mary A. Wanless wife 21 b Dur Hett

1 Oswald’s Court, Elvet, Durham City (piece 4963 folio 16)
Thomas Wandless, hd, md, 55, master (or worster?) weaver, Barnard Castle
Ann, wife, 52, Darlington
Thomas, son, single, 23, grocer’s porter, Darlington
William, son, 15, plumber, Darlington
Ann, dau, 13, DUR Durham
Ann, granddau, 6, Darlington

251 High St, Bishopwearmouth (piece 5004 folio 45 page 2)
William Wandlass hd, md, 49, master fruiterer, DUR Chaterhaugh
Charlotte wife, 57, YKS Leeds
William John W, son, 24, fruiterer, DUR Sunderland
Thomas John W, son, 20, butcher, DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Cape or Cope, single, 22, servant, DUR Shotton

Mill House, Middleton St. George (RG10/4885/folio 44)
Henry W. Graham, head, widowed, 38, miller employing 1 man, DUR Middleton St. George
Elizabeth G, dau, 11, scholar, DUR Middleton St. George
George M. G, son, 8, scholar, DUR Middleton St. George
Hannah(?) L. G, dau, 6, DUR Middleton St. George
Ann Wandless, servant, unmarried, 41, general servant, Bishop Auckland, DUR

Shildon 1871, New Shildon, Soho Street RG10/4929/folio 50
Isabella Wanless/Wandless Head Widowed 55 Marton or Morton Yorkshire
John W Son 25 Engineman Shildon County Durham
Robert W Son 21 Boilermaker Shildon County Durham
James R. W Son 17 Waggon Shunter Shildon County Durham

Shildon 1871, Old Shildon, Garden Street (RG10/4928/folio 42)
John Wandless, Head, Married 35 Coalminer, Swillington or Stillington, Yorkshire
Charlotte W, Wife, Married 35 Bishop Auckland, Durham
Ann W, Daughter 12 Byers Green, Durham
Margaret W, Daughter 10 Shotton(?), Durham
James W, Son 8 Ferryhill ,Durham
Elizabeth W, Daughter 6 Wetherby, Yorkshire
Thomas W, Son 4 Wetherby, Yorkshire
Sarah W, Daughter 2 Wetherby, Yorkshire
William W, Son 3 months, Shildon, Durham

Saint Helen Auckland 1871, Saint Helen Auckland, Square (RG10/4927/folio 31)
James Wanless, Head, Married 64 Coalminer, Evenwood, Durham
Jane W, Wife, Married 78 Alnwick, Northumberland
Mary Curry, Granddaughter 14 Female Servant, Saint Helen Auckland, Durham

Crook & Billy Row 1871 Census, Woodifield, Woodifield Row
Henry Wanless, Head, married, 44, Coalminer, Wallsend, Northumberland
Jane Wanless, Wife, married, 44, Ouston, County Durham

Crook & Billy Row 1871 Census, Crook Village, High Hope Street
Joseph Close Head, widowed 48 Coalminer, Crosby Garrett, Westmoreland
William Close son 12 Coalminer, Crook
John George Close son 10 Scholar, Crook
Margaret Wanless Servant 20 Housekeeper, Houghton-le-Spring

Crook & Billy Row 1871 Census, Sunniside RG10/4939/folio 30 page 2
Joseph Wanless Head, married 36 Coalminer, Bishopwearmouth, County Durham
Dorothy Wanless Wife, married 29 Seaton Delaval, Northumberland
John Wanless son 7 Scholar Carrville, County Durham
Mary Ann Wanless daughter 5 Scholar South Church, County Durham
Amos Wanless son 3 Bishop Auckland, County Durham
Margaret Jane Wanless daughter 6 months Sunniside, County Durham
Mary Ann Tuck(?)/Tock/Sack Relative 16 Servant, Bull Cragg, County Durham

Coundon Grange & Eldon 1871 Census, Eldon, Eldon Old Pit
James Wandless Head, married 37 Coalminer, Easington Lane, County Durham
Hannah Wandless Wife, married 32 Bradford, Yorkshire
Sarah Wandless daughter 10 Scholar, Saint Helen Auckland, County Durham
James Wandless son 8 Scholar, Saint Helen Auckland, County Durham
Hannah Wandless daughter 6 Scholar, Saint Helen Auckland, County Durham
Jane Wandless daughter 3 Close House, County Durham
Harry Wandless son 1 Eldon, County Durham

Coundon Grange & Eldon 1871 Census, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, South Durham Colliery
George Wanless, Head, married 45 Coalminer, Wallsend, Northumberland
Isabella Wanless, Wife, married 47 Horton, Northumberland
Mary Anderson, Servant 16 Sedgefield, County Durham

Evenwood 1871, Swan Row
George Williamson, Head, Married 45 Cokeyard Labourer, Houghton-le-Side, DUR
Jane Williamson, Wife, Married 43 Cockfield, DUR
Samuel Wanless, Lodger 7 Scholar Barnard Castle, DUR

Evenwood 1871, Toft Hill Edge
Thomas Gills/Gill/Gillis, Head 30 Coalminer Toft Hill, DUR
Hannah G, Mother, Widowed 64 Cockfield, DUR
Hannah G, Sister 33 Toft Hill , DUR
John G, Brother 27 Coalminer Toft Hill , DUR
Hannah Vickers, Niece 5 Toft Hill , DUR
Joseph Wandless, Lodger 10 Bishop Auckland , DUR

Helmington Row 1871 Census, High Bowden
Henry Wanless, Head of Household, Married 78, Retired Colliery Agent, Houghton-le-Spring County Durham
Sarah Wanless, Wife, Married, 71, Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham
Margaret Wanless, Daughter, 36, Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham
Henry Wanless, Son 34, Railway Labourer, Penshaw, County Durham
Ann Wanless, Granddaughter, 8 Scholar, Motherpathe(?), Surrey

Lynesack & Softley 1871, Copley (RG10 4940 folio 60)
John Welsh, Head, Widowed, 66, Stoker, Evenwood Durham
John Welsh, Son, 27, Coalminer Lynesack Durham
Jane Wanless, Female Servant, single, 35, Cockfield, Durham

12 Alderson Street, Bishopwearmouth (RG10 5000 folio 56)
Robert Wanless hd marr 57 joiner b Dur Houg??on [probably Houghton]
Jane Wanless wife 50 b Dur Houg??on
William Wanless son un 19 brass moulder b Dur Houg??on
Ralph Wanless son un 12 errand boy b Dur Sunderland
Ralph Blackburn widower 82 engine man b Dur Biddick
Jane Ann Lauder visitor 3 b Dur Sunderland
— Jane Ann Lauder is also listed with her parents

27, Burnhope, Holmside, Co Durham (ecclesiastical parish of Holmside, RG10/4960)
Robert Wandless head 70 coalminer born Dur Lamesley
William Wandless son un 18 born Yorks Normanton
Hannah Wandless dau un 14 born Dur Easingthorne**
**should be Leasingthorne

207 Gilesgate, Durham City (RG10 4967 folio 21)
Joseph Wanless head marr 39 no profession or business born Yorkshire York
Elizabeth Wanless marr wife 27 born Dur St Nicholas
Thomas Wanless son 4 born Dur St Giles
–Living in house of 86 year old widow Ann Robinson & her daughter- seems to be a shared house with Wanless and Palmer families, 3 separate households.

65 Marley Hill, Whickham (RG10/5063 folio 13)
William Wanless hd marr 59, coal miner, b. Cumberland, Penrith
Isabella Wanless wife marr 60, b. Northumberland, Alnwick(?)
Isabella Wanless grandau 10, b. Durham,Whickham

Newton Cap 1871 Census, 35 Toronto
William Wanless/Wandless, Head, married, 45, Coalminer, Brancepeth
Jane W, Wife, married, 36, Byers Green
John W, Son, 15, Coalminer, Lanchester or Binchester (?)
Margaret W, Daughter, 13, Scholar, Bishop Middleham
George W, Son, 12, Scholar, do
Joseph W, Son, 8, Scholar, Quarrington Hill
Frederick W, Son, 6, do
Robert W, Son, 2, Newton Cap
George Senior, Father-in-law, widowed, 56, Coalminer, Lanchall (?), YKS

Crook & Billy Row 1871 Census, Sunniside
Robert Wanless, Head, 33, Coalminer, Wingate Lane
Mary Ann W, wife, 29, Witton Gilbert
Mary Ann W, daughter, 11, Sleetburn

Spennymoor, Whitworth & Old Park, Whitworth Village, 45 George Street
Edward Wanless, Head, married, 32, Grocer, Easington Lane
Ann W, wife, married, 31, Thornley
Sarah Bell, niece, 12, Leadgate

East Thickley, New Shildon, Redworth Road (RG10/4929/folio 94)
John Wanless, Head, married, 30, Stoker, Aulston, Yorkshire
Elizabeth W, Wife, married, 25, Aycliffe, County Durham
— John was. b. Oulston YKS

South Bedburn 1871 Census, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Low Shipley
Isabella Blackett, Head, wid, 81, Annuitant, Wolsingham
Ann B, Daughter, 48, do
John B, Son, 45, Farmer, do
Mary B, Daughter, 42, South Bedburn
Robert Wanless, Male Servant, 15, Agricultural Labourer, Hamsterley
Mary Clennell/Crennell, Female Servant, 16, Helmsley, Yorkshire

Hamsterley 1871 Census, Hamsterley
Robert Wandless/Wanless, Head, married, 49, Cokeyard Lab, Ingleton, County Durham
Mary W, Wife, married, 52, Hamsterley
Christopher Lodge, Head, married, 19, Cokeyard Lab, Catterick, YKS
Nelly L, Wife, married, 19, Hamsterley

Bishop Auckland (RG10/4923/F37/P15)
3 North Bondgate (Crown Inn)

John Wanless hd, md, 40, licensed victualler, Brancepeth
Alice wife, 40, Hurworth
Annie dau, 18, Darlington
George ADAMSON father-in-law, md, 69, former farmer, Billingham
Ann ADAMSON mother-in-law, 66, YKS Ovington
Mary A. MOWBRAY visitor, single, 18, Darlington

Brandon & Byshottles, North Brancepeth Colliery, Back Row
John Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 36, Coalminer, Norton
Mary A. W, Wife, Married, 27, Thornley
Thomas W, Son, 4, Cassop
James W, Son, 1, Oakenshaw

Brandon & Byshottles, Sleetburn Colliery, Unthank Terrace
Robert Young, Head of Household, Married, 54, Coalminer, Howden, County Durham
Mary Ann Y, Wife, Married, 51, Rainton
John Y, Son, 30, Kelloe
Edward Y, Son, 28, Coalminer, Chester-le-Street
Taylor R. Y, Son, 18, Coalminer, Witton Gilbert
Robert Y, Son, 15, Coalminer, do
Margaret Y, Daughter, 13, do
John Y, Son, 10, do
Joseph Y, Son, 9, Brancepeth
Edward C. Y, Son, 6, do
Edward G. Beswick or Bewick, Lodger, 29, Coalminer, Manchester, Lancs
George Wanless or Wandless, Lodger, 20, Coalminer, Yorkshire
James Robinson, Lodger, 29, Coalminer, York City, Yorkshire

Chester-le-Street, Swinburn Place
William M. Wanless or Wandless, Head, 20, Engine Fitter, Pelton Fell
Sophia W, Sister, 18, Housekeeper, do
Paulina W, Sister, 12, Scholar, do
Frederick W, Brother, 9, Scholar, Gateshead
Robert W, Brother, 6, Scholar, Burnopfield

Chester-le-Street, Front Street, Charles Place
John Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 44, Coalminer, Quidhampton, Wilts
Ann W, Wife, Married, 42, Dressmaker, Chester-le-Street
Mary Middleton, Mother-in-law, Widowed, 66, County Durham

Lamesley, Eighton Banks
Margaret Hall, Head, Widower, 56, Farmer of 30 acres, Ulgham (??), NBL
Hannah T. (or J. ?) Lambert, Daughter, Widower, 26, Lamesley
Jane Hall, Sister, Widower, 73, Grocer, Ulgham, Northumberland
Edward Hall, Lodger, 55, Engineman, Lanchester
John T. Milburn, Nephew, 17, Agricultural Labourer, Eighton Banks
Margaret J. Milburn, Niece, 20, do
William Watson, Visitor, 62, Agricultural Labourer, Hedley Fell
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Lodger, 56, Eighton Banks

Lamesley, Eighton Banks
John Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 38, Waggonwright, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Ellen W, Wife, Married, 39, do
William W, Son, 8, East Rainton, County Durham
John W, Son, 4, Eighton Banks
Elizabeth W, Daughter, 1, do

Town Head, Bishop Auckland, DUR (RG10 4923 folio 78)
Robert Wanless 59 coal miner hd Dur Mount *
Jane Wanless 46 wife Dur West Herrington
Dorothy Wanless 19 dau Cul Flimby
Luke Wanless 17 son coal miner Cul Flimby
John Wanless 14 son coal miner Cul Flimby
Louisa Wanless 10 dau Cul (Padstow?)
Reuben Wanless 9 son Cul Hensingham
Maria Wanless 7 dau Cul Whitehaven
Jessie Wanless 1 gdau Dur West Auckland
*believed to be Mount, Washington

86 Stockton Street, Middlesbrough, DUR (RG10/4889 F15 P22, Enumeration No 97)
William Wanlass, Head, Mar, 50, Foreman Engineer B. Furnaces, Wilton Wilts.
Margaret Wanlass, Wife, Mar, 52, Bedlington Northumberland
John Wanlass, Son, Un, 21, Engine Fitter, Bedlington Northumberland
Sarah Ann Wanlass, Daur, Un, 16, Dress Maker, Ashford W. Renton(?)
William Wanlass, Son, Un, 14, Engine Man, Stockton Durham
Margaret Ann Wanlass, Daur, Un, 12, Scholar, Stockton Durham
John W. Newcomb, G.Son, Un, 3, Middlesborough

1871 Middlesbrough (RG10/4889 Folio 60) – 39 Budge Street
John Wanlass, Head, M, Aged 47, Occupation: Dock Labourer, Born Stockton, Durham
Mary Wanlass, Wife, M, Aged 41, Occupation: Laundress, Born Yorks, Knaresbro
William Gibson, Boarder, U, Aged 31, Occupation: Dock Labourer, Born Derby
Morris Teavis, Boarder, M, Aged 36, Occupation: Musician, Born Yorks, Beverley
Hans Watson, Boarder, Widower, Aged 64, Occupation: Labourer, Born Ireland, Dublin
John Watson, Boarder, Son, Aged 31, Occupation: Dock Labourer, Born Sheffield
John Walker, Boarder, U, Aged 20, Occupation: Dock Labourer, Born Durham, Stockton
George Hardy, Boarder, M, Aged 30, Occupation: Dock Labourer, Born Durham, Stockton
John King, Boarder, U, Aged 45, Occupation: Dock Labourer, Born Yorks, Halifax
George Lester, Boarder, M, Aged 34, Occupation: Excavator, Born Yorks, Doncaster
Robert Ayre, Boarder, M, Aged 52, Occupation: Joiner, Born Durham, Sedgefield
James Angleshew, Boarder, Widower, Aged 37, Occupation: Weaver, Born Yorks, Hutton Budby
George Bennet, Boarder, Widower, Aged 47, Occupation: Bricklayer, Born Lancashire, Bolton

1871 Middlesbrough (RG10/4892 Folio 14) – Alma Street
John Main, Head, M, Aged 34, Occupation: Moulder, Born Sedgefield, Durham
Margaret Main, Wife, M, Aged 27, Occupation: Moulder’s Wife, Born Stockton, Durham
William Wanlas, Lodger, U, Aged 25, Occupation: Fireman, Born Stockton, Durham

RG10/4980; f 42; p 38; sc 221 Front Street, Newbottle, DUR.

John WANLESS Hd M 69 Blacksmith NBL Bradford [Belford?]
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 66 ———- NBL Felton
Ann FOSTER Da M 31 ———- DUR Houghton-le-Spring
James WANLESS So U 23 Coal Miner DUR Newbottle
Frederick STOKOE Lgr U 19 Coal Miner DUR Wreckenton

RG10/; f; p; sc 40 Australia Row, Seaham Colliery, DUR.

George WANLESS Hd M 35 Coal Miner DUR Broomhill
Jane Ann WANLESS Wi M 34 ———- DUR Rainton
Elizabeth WANLESS Da 14 ———- DUR Newbottle
Joseph WANLESS So 12 Labourer DUR Seaham
Matilda WANLESS Da 10 Scholar DUR Seaham
Mary Eleanor WANLESS Da 6 Scholar DUR Seaham
Emma Hunter WANLESS Da 3 ———- DUR Seaham
Catherine Isabella WANLESS Da 1 ———- DUR Ryhope

14 RG10/; f 16; p 26; sc 121 First High Row, Shotton Colliery, DUR.

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 33 Colliery Enginewright DUR East Rainton
Jane WANLESS Wi M 29 ———- DUR East Rainton
Bateman WANLESS So U 12 Letter Carrier at Coll. DUR Moorsley
Margaret WANLESS Da U 11 ———- DUR Moorsley
Edward WANLESS So 8 ———- DUR Moorsley
George WANLESS So 8 Scholar DUR Moorsley
Mary J. WANLESS Da 6 Scholar DUR Moorsley
Matthew WANLESS So 3 ———- DUR Thornley
Elizabeth WANLESS Da 2mo ———- DUR Shotton

15 RG10/4985; f; p 54; sc 88 New Buildings, Rainton, DUR.

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 50 Coal Miner DUR Lamesley
Jane WANLESS Wi M 45 ———- DUR Washington
Hannah WANLESS Da U 26 ———- DUR Lamesley
Joseph R. WANDLESS So U 25 Coal Miner DUR Washington
Robert WANDLESS So U 18 Coal Miner DUR Chester-le-Street
Margaret WANDLESS Da U 14 ———- DUR Lamesley
Thomas WANDLESS So U 12 Coal Miner DUR Lamesley
Elizabeth A. WANDLESS Da U 9 Scholar DUR Fatfield
Catherine WANDLESS Da U 5 ———- DUR Washington
Esther WANDLESS Da U 3 ———- DUR Washington
John WANDLESS So 10mo ———- DUR West Rainton
Luke WANDLESS GrSo 1 ———- DUR Shadforth

** Tony Whitehead’s transcription of this entry lists the dwelling as Moorsley, Low Moorsley.

21 RG10/; f; p; sc Hartlepool Street, Thornley Colliery, DUR.

Bateman WANLESS Hd M 42 Engineman NBL Wallsend
Eleanor WANLESS Wi M 41 Engineman’s Wife NBL Earsdon
Thomas WANLESS So 14 Fruiterer DUR Seaham
George WANLESS So 13 Scholar DUR Seaham
Emmerson WANLESS So 11 Scholar DUR Seaham
Caroline WANLESS Da 9 Scholar DUR Seaham

Hartlepool Street, Thornley Colliery, DUR
Margaret Cosgrove or Cosgrave, Head of Household, Widowed, 60, Confectioner, Hexham
Ralph Wanless, Son-in-law, Married, 24, Blacksmith, Shildon
Annie J. Wanless, Daughter, Married, 22, Dressmaker, Thornley

Blakiston Hall, Norton, DUR

Mary Ann Wanless hd 48 Wid Market gardener YKS York
Sarah Wanless dau 20 U assistant gardener DUR Norton
James Wanless son 20 U assistant gardener DUR Norton
Mary Ann Wanless dau 18 U assistant gardener DUR Norton
Joseph Wanless son 15 U scholar DUR Norton
Harriet Wanless dau 11 U scholar DUR Norton
Maria Jane dau 8 U scholar DUR Norton

45 California Row, Seaham Colliery, DUR

John WANLESS hd md 41 engineman NBL Rennington
Jane WANLESS wi md 38 DUR Boundary Houses
Jane WANLESS dau 15 DUR Shiney Row
John WANLESS son 11 DUR Bees Banks
Elizabeth WANLESS dau 7 school DUR Newbottle
Mary WANLESS dau 5 school DUR Newbottle
Ann WANLESS dau 1 mo. DUR Seaton Colliery

17 Church Row, Seaham  Colliery, DUR

George WANLESS HD MD 22 engineman DUR Murton
Sarah WANLESS wi md 24 NBL Newcastle
George WANLESS son 2 mo. DUR Seaham

RG10 5023 f4 p2 s14. 74&75 Church Street, Monkwearmouth Shore, DUR

John WANDLASS Hd Md 50 sawer DUR Sunderland
Mary WANDLASS Wi Md 58 DUR Sunderland

South Church Lane, Bishop Auckland, DUR (RG10/4924 folio 9)
John Hall Wandless hd 30 shoemaker born Dur Bishop Auckland
Mary Wandless wife 29 .. .. Stanhope
Mary Hannah Wandless dau 2 .. .. Bishop Auckland
Luke Wandless son 8mths .. .. Bishop Auckland
Mary Wandless mother, widowed 67 .. .. Washington
Thomas Wandless unmarried brother, 34, [occupation blank] .. .. Shildon

Railway Terrace, Bishop Auckland, DUR (folio 7)

Samuel B Wandless Hd Widower 39 shoe and key maker DUR Hetton
Mary A Wandless dau 10 DUR Hedworth
Elizabeth Wandless dau 7 DUR Hedworth
Isabella Wandless dau 6 DUR Hedworth
Mary Applegarth serv Unmarr. 51 servant DUR Redworth
William Burnes boarder Widower 48 nailmaker DUR

Railway Terrace, Bishop Auckland, DUR (folio 8)
Robert Wilson head 44 married, employer at iron and steel forge employing 36 men and 16 boys, b. DUR Bourn Moor
Mary wife 37 married, b. DUR Hetton-le-Hole
William son, 14, scholar, DUR Washington
Mary Wandless Wilson dau 13 scholar born DUR Washington
Robert Wilson son, 11, scholar, Hedworth DUR
Luke Wandless Wilson son 6 scholar born DUR St Andrews
Thomas Wilson son, 4, DUR St. Andrews
Stephen Wilson son, 2, do
Catherine Moore servant, 18, Hamsterley

Red Row, Cornforth Village, DUR
Michael Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, 30, Grocer, Shildon

Red Row, Cornforth Village, DUR
Andrew Maddison, Head of Household, Married, 46, Joiner, County Durham
Rebecca M, Wife, Married, 50, Chester-le-Street
Mary A. Clay, Niece, Married, 20, Gateshead
William H. Clay, (Great}Nephew, 1 month, Coxhoe
John Wandless or Wanless, Lodger, 40, Tailor, Coatham, Yorkshire

Cornforth, West Cornforth, Main Street
Thomas Y. Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 32, Coalminer, Chester-le-Street
Mary W, Wife, married, 32, Washington
Margaret W, daughter, 8, Scholar, Chester-le-Street
Mary Jane W, daughter, 7, Scholar, Spennymoor
Isabel(la) W, daughter, 4, Fatfield
Elizabeth W, daughter, 2, do
George W. W, son, 7 months, West Cornforth

Shotton, 5th. High Row
James Fisher, Head, Widowed, 40, Coalminer, Potts Shirgley (?), Cheshire
Samuel F, son, 16, Coalminer, Wrexham, Denbighs
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 32, Housekeeper, Holywell, Flints
Elijah Wanless, above’s son, 7, Scholar, Guisborough

Pittington & Littletown, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Elemore Hall
Isabel(la) B. Baker, Head, Widowed, 40, Lady, Landowner, Simonburn, Northumberland
Isabel(la) C. B, daughter, 19, do
Eva Conyers B, daughter, 17, Pittington
George Conyers B, son, 13, Torquay, Devon
Ferdinand B, son, 12, Pittington
John Francis B, son, 10, do
Ada Elizabeth B, daughter, 6, do
Elizabeth Martha Eyre (?) or Ayre, Sister, married, 49, Lady, Landowner, Simonburn
Ann Jane Allgood, Sister, 42, Lady, Landowner, do
Maria M. Martrand (?), Visitor, 31, Governess, France (B.S.)
Susan(nah) Southgate, Female Servant, 70, Nurse, Essex
Elizabeth Phillipson, Female Servant, 60, Housekeeper, Simonburn
Ellen Mers, Female Servant, 32, Lady’s Maid, Cheshire
Alice Woodward, Female Servant, 25, Lady’s Maid, do
Hannah Todd, Female Servant, 27, Cook, Birthplace unclear, Northumberland
Thomasina Hood, Female Servant, 24, Corbridge, Northumberland
Mary Ann March or Marsh, Female Servant, 23, do
Hannah Myers, Female Servant, 26, Cheshire
Elizabeth Elliott, Female Servant, 15, Northumberland
Jane Batey, Female Servant, 18, do
Ann Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 19, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Mary Ann Hall, Female Servant, 19, Corbridge
Mary Bell, Female Servant, 26, do
Jane Allen, Female Servant, 30, Lady’s Maid, Barham, Kent
Alexander Crossman, Male Servant, 39, Butler, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alfred Perkins, Male Servant, 26, Footman, Branshaw (?), Wilts
Henry Brown, Male Servant, 21, Groom, Malton, Yorkshire
James Hill, Male Servant, 17, Groom, Lancs

Sherburn, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, West Sherburn
Thomas Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 45, Coalminer, Stockton
Margaret W, Wife, married, 42, West Cowton, Yorkshire
Mary Ann W, daughter, 11, cassop
Isabel(la) W, daughter, 9, Coxhoe
Catherine W, daughter, 3, do
John W, son, 2, Sherburn

Shadforth & Ludworth, 160 Ludworth Colliery Village
Christopher Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 40, Coalminer, Hebburn
Mary A. W, Wife, married, 39, Birtley
William W, son, 12, Scholar, Belmont
Hannah W, daughter, 10, Scholar, Houghall
Ann J. W, daughter, 3, Scholar, Shincliffe

Quarrington, Heugh Hall Row
John Hedley, Head, married, 61, Coalminer, Ouston
Elizabeth H, Wife, married, 58, Eighton Banks
Margaret H, daughter, 31, do
Robert Wanless H, son, 19, Coalminer, Coxhoe
Frederick William H, Grandson, 4, do

Coxhoe & East Hetton, West Hetton, Sandgate
Thomas Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 41, Coalminer, Bournley (?) House, Northumberland
Mary W, Wife, married, 37, Houghton-le-Spring
Joseph Makepeace, Father-in-law, married, 70, do
George Young, Relationship blank (lodger ?), 29, Coalminer, Jarrow

Moorsley, High Moorsley (Crown Inn PH)
Joseph Todd, Head, married, 29, Innkeeper & Agricultural Labourer, Hexham
Isabel(la) T, Wife, married, 38, Elemore Grange
Thomas Smiles or Smailes, stepson, 19, Coalminer, Moorsley
William Smiles, stepson, 17, Coalminer, do
Margaret Smiles, stepdaughter, 10, Scholar, Dragonville
John Todd, son, 3, Moorsley
Joseph Todd, son, 3 months, do
Isabel(la) Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 16, Cosher or Cosha (?), County Durham

(Old) Silksworth, Hetton Colliery Railway, 4th. Incline (?)
Robert Wandless or Wanless, Head, married, 35, Labourer, Fatfield
Mary W, Wife, married, 40, Bishopwearmouth
Jane W, daughter, 8, Silksworth
Isabel(la) W, daughter, 5, Bishopwearmouth

Houghton-le-Spring, Newbottle Lane
Benjamin R. Craggs, Head of Household, Married, 53, Shoemaker, Fatfield
Frances C, Wife, Married, 52, Hetton-le-Hole
Septimus C, Son, 18, Joiner & Waggon Buildert, Houghton-le-Spring
Alfred Sidney Wanless C, Son, 6, Scholar, do

Houghton-le-Spring, Newbottle Lane
Henry Thompson, Head of Household, Married, 39, Coalminer, Jarrow
Ann T, Wife, Married, 36, Bournmoor
Wandless T, Son, 9, Scholar, Houghton-le-Spring
Ann T, Daughter, 12, do
Isabella T, Daughter, 5, Scholar, do
James T, Son, 2, do

Hetton-le-Hole with Easington Lane, Lyons, ‘Lyons’
Wanless or Wandless Bailey, Head of Household, Married, 35, Coalminer, Hetton-le-Hole
Isabel(la) B, Wife, Married, 36, Longbenton, Northumberland
George D. B, Son, 14, Painter, Hetton-le-Hole, County Durham

Hetton-le-Hole with Easington Lane, Easington Lane, ‘Easington Lane
William Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 70, Hetton-le-Hole
Sarah W, Wife, Married, 66, Ravensworth
Jane Robson, Relative, Married, 65, Hawker, Birthplace blank
Mary Johnson, Relative, Married, 41, Ireland

Usworth & North Biddick, Usworth Colliery Village, Turnbull Terrace
William Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 74, Coalminer, County Durham
Martha W, Wife, Married, 75, North Sunderland, Northumberland
Elizabeth Miller, Female Servant, 9, County Durham

Harraton & Fatfield, Fatfield Village, Fatfield Square
Jeremiah Watson, Head, Widowed, 75, Retired Coalminer, Ayton Banks
Jeremiah W, Son, Widowed, 34, Coalminer, South Hetton
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 60, Fatfield

Harraton & Fatfield, Harraton, 7 Portobello
John Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 28, Coalminer, Harraton
Elizabeth W, Wife, Married, 21, Wrekenton
Margaret W, Daughter, 2, Harraton
Isabel(la) W, Daughter, 10 months, do

Birtley, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Vale Pit
John Laverick, Head of Household, Married, 43, Coalminer, Elswick, Northumberland
Dorothy L, Wife, Married, 40, Chirton, Northumberland
Isabel(la) L, Daughter, 16, Eighton Banks
Jacob L, Son, 14, Vale Pit
Dorothy L, Daughter, 8, do
Margaret J. L, Daughter, 6, do
Jane Wandless or Wanless, Sister-in-law, Married, 44, Backworth, Northumberland
Catherine Wandless, Niece, 5, Fatfield
John Wandless, Nephew, 9 months, Moorsley