1871 Census

Wanless-like names

Many thanks to Colin & Ken Wanless for the data on this page, and to Claire Wandless & Kay Stevens for follow-up data. May not be complete except for Northumberland. Includes Wan(d)less/Wanlace as a given name too.

Census Day: Night of 2nd April
Fields: Name, relationship to head of household, marital status, age, occupation, birthplace (town & country). Place of residence (where the census was taken) is on the first line of each entry with the folio information.
Codes used:

NP = nephew
SV or Ser=servant
 SL or SOLW=son in law (which might mean stepson or something other than the modern usage of in-law)

If there is a number first in an entry (1, 2, 3, etc.), it is a control number used by the contributors; pay no heed to it, as it is not part of the original census data.
Standard English county abbreviations are used: NBL = Northumberland, DUR = Durham, CUL = Cumberland, YKS = Yorkshire


Brampton – Front Street (RG10/5209 folio 5 )
…in the house of Jemima Armstrong, widow, with other boarders…
Anthony Wandless, boarder, single, 28, Primitive Methodist Minister, Seaton Delavel, Durham


Given Surname Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Birth County
H.M.S. Indus, docked at Devonport (RG10/2140/folio 77 pg 18)
list of officers & men NOT on board on census night
William Wandless 44 married A.B. (able-bodied seaman) London Middlesex
29 Clowance Street, Devonport, Stoke Damerel (RG10/2131/folio 50 pg 14 & folio 51 pg 15)
William Wanless 43 Head Naval Pensioner Bermondsey London
Mary A. Wanless 36 Wife Devonport Devon
William Wanless 7 Son Scholar Devonport Devon
Richard Wanless 4 Son Scholar Devonport Devon
Henry Wanless 2 Son Devonport Devon


Lancashire (complete index)

Given Surname Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Birth County Found Where County PRO Ref #
188 Scotland Rd, Liverpool (eccl. dist. All Saints) (RG10/3755/folio 145 page 8)
William Henry Cole 31 Head, married Outfitter’s Manager & Cutter York Yorkshire
Jane Cole 33 Wife, married Houghton-le-Spring Durham
Amy Beatrice Cole 6 mos. Daughter Liverpool Lancashire
Jane Wanless 61 Mother-in-law, married Housekeeper Penarshaw [Penshaw] Durham
Anne Wanless 37 Wife Wigan Lancashire England Pemberton Lancashire
Robert Wanless 32 Head Bishop Auckland Durham England Pemberton Lancashire
Alfred B Wanless 8 Son Pemberton Lancashire England Pemberton Lancashire
Ada C A Wanless 7 Daughter Pemberton Lancashire England Pemberton Lancashire
Clara Wanless 5 Daughter Pemberton Lancashire England Pemberton Lancashire
William Wanless 30 Head Cockfield Durham England Sutton Lancashire
Mary A Wanless 27 Wife St Helens Lancashire England Sutton Lancashire
Annie Wanless 7 Daughter St Helens Lancashire England Sutton Lancashire
Elizabeth Wanless 6 Daughter St Lancashire England Sutton Lancashire

Southport, North Meols – 2 East Bank Street
William T. Turner, hd, md, 33, photographer, DUR South Shields
Susannah, wife, 27, DUR South Shields
John W., son, 7, DUR South Shields
Dora J., dau, 1, LAN Southport
Margaret E., dau, 5, LAN Southport
Mary Ann WANLESS, servant, 18, general servant, DUR Trinlaton
— her birthplace a cross between Trimdon and Winlaton?


Given Surname Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Birth County
1 Andrew Street, Tower Hamlets, Bromley St Leonard, London (RG10/573/folio 59 pg 1)
William Varty 51 Head stone mason Newcastle on Tyne Northumberland
Mary Varty 51 Wife Durham City Durham
William Varty 9 Son Scholar Bromley Middlesex
Mary Wandless 15 Visitor Scholar County Durham
4 Grosvenor Crescent(?), St George Hanover Square, London (RG10/103/folio 24 pg 2) (one of many servants in this house)
Mary C. Grafton 75 head, wid Duchess Dowager Grafton St. George Middlesex
Mary J Wandless 18 Servant housemaid Thornley Durham
29 Albert Bldgs, London, Lambeth St. Mary, Surrey (RG10/662/folio 28 pg 49)
Thomas Wanless 47 Head Carman Bermondsey Surrey
Emily Wanless 38 Wife Putney Surrey
Emily Wanless 14 Daughter Domestic out of place Bermondsey Surrey
Eleaner Wanless 12 Daughter Scholar Bermondsey Surrey
Ada A Wanless 10 Daughter Scholar Bermondsey Surrey
Thomas Wanless 8 Son Scholar Bermondsey Surrey
Charlotte Wanless 6 Daughter Scholar Bermondsey Surrey
Elizabeth Wanless 4 Daughter Scholar Lambeth Surrey
Frederick W. Wanless 1 Son Lambeth Surrey
4 Ratt Square, Ratcliff, Stepney (St. James), London (RG10/546/folio 118 pg 25)
Elizabeth Cuthbert 48 Head, wid dressmaker Watham Herts
Elizabeth Cuthbert 21 daughter milliner Stepney London
Mary Stevens 70 mother, wid Watham Herts
Samuel Stevens 38 brother, md servant Endfield Middlesex
William J Wanlass 20 Lodger, single clerk Finsbury Middlesex
19 City of London Almshouses, Brixton, Lambeth St. Mary, Surrey (RG10/681 folio 47 pg 41)
Mary A Wanless 85 Head, widow Retired Stationer, Pensioner East Bergholt Suffolk
Kate Truman 24 Niece, single Needlewoman St. Pancras Middlesex

18 Greek Street, Hearts of Oak Benefit Society, St. Anne Soho, London (RG10/143/folio 21 pg 36)
James Corbett, hd, md, 39, Treasurer of Hearts of Oak Benefit Society, Swinbridge(?), Glos.
Mary A. Corbett, wife, 32, Heddon on the Wall, NBL
Jane Corbett, dau, 8 mos., St. Anne Soho, MDX
William Wanless, boarder, single, 27, Clerk of Benefit Society, Heddon on the Wall, NBL
Sarah A. Lewis, servant, 20, domestic servant, Strand, Glos.

91 Sydney St., Poplar, London,(RG10/582/folio 31 & 32)
Johnson Wanless, hd, md, 28, shipwright, Durham
Annie, wife, 35, Durham
Sarah, dau, 11, scholar, birthplace has just a line in it
Elizabeth, dau, 9, MIDD Limehouse
Annie, dau, 4, do
Jane, dau, 18 months, MIDD Poplar


Private House, St. Margaret’s, Isleworth, Middlesex (RG10/1312/folio 48 pg 39)
John HAY, hd, md, 63 or 68, Landowner (J.P.), DUR Sunderland
John HAY, son, 19, DUR Sunderland
Maria MATHER, dau, widowed, 25, DUR Sunderland
Ann MATHER, granddaughter, 1, MDX Notting Hill
Mary I. or J. WANLESS 47, Niece, MDX London
Bridget B. BENNEWITH, servant, 39, Essex
Ann COOPER, servant, 40, YKS Hull

Staffordshire (complete)

47 High Street, Stoke-upon-Trent (RG10/2875/folio 12 page 18)
James Grant, hd, single, 29 or 25, general practitioner (M.D., Univ. of Aberdeen), Scotland
Mary Grant, sister, single, 24 or 26, housekeeper, Scotland
Thos. Simpson Wanless, assistant, 24, medical assistant Univ. of Durham, NBL Wallsend on Tyne
Betsy Brown, servant, 14, domestic serv’t, Fenton, Staffs

Great Western Railway Station, Handsworth (RG10/2968/folio 23 page 39)
Geo. Hamond Wanless, hd, married, 29, station master, Lambeth, Surrey
Eliz. Hill, servant, single, 22, domestic serv’t, W. Bromwich, Staffordshire
Joshua Paul Wanless, father, widower, 81, out of business, Cripplegate, London

Worcestershire (index)

Given Surname Age Birthplace Birth County Relationship Found Where County PRO Ref #
John Harrison Wanless 41 Bexley, Durham, England Head St Clement Worcestershire
Martha Wanless 32 St Clement, Worcestershire, England Wife St Clement Worcestershire
Jane Wanless 5 months St Clement, Worcestershire, England Daughter St Clement Worcestershire


Scarborough – 12 Aberdeen Walk (RG10/4816 folio 67)
…in the house of George & Sarah Scales…
Johnson Wanless, boarder, single, 26, painter, DUR Sunderland
…several other boarders…

Thornaby – Denmark St.
Robert Richardson, 30, rollsman (iron works), DUR Sunderland
Mary, wife, 30, DUR Hylton
Joseph Wanles, son-in-law [stepson], 14, labourer, NBL Newcastle
Robert W, ditto, 8, school, DUR Spennymoor
Albert Henry W, ditto, 6, NBL Bedlington
Charles Henry W, ditto, 4, ditto
Henry Richardson, son, 6 mos, YKS Thornaby

#62 Town Street, Guiseley (RG 10/4306, RD Wharfedale, Sub-Dist: Yeadon, ED 9, Folio 54, Page 12)
William Keighley Head Mar 37 Calf Dealer Born: Yorkshire, Guiseley
Hannah Keighley Wife Mar 30
Benjamin Keighley son 10 Scholar
MaryAnne Keighley daur 6 Scholar
William Keighley son 3 Scholar
John Keighley son 6 mos.
James Wanless Boarder Unm 46 Fruit Dealer Born: Yorkshire, Hunslet

Brayton – #74 Farm House (RG 10/4734, RD Selby, ED 6, Folio 62, Page 17)
James Wanless Head 60 Farmer of 20 acres/labourer Born: Fifeshire, Scotland
Harriet Wanless Wife 61 Farmer’s wife Born: Brayton, Yorkshire, England
George Wanless Son 19 Farmer’ son Born: Brayton, Yorkshire
George Whitehead Farm Servant 16 Born: Brayton
Jane Garlton(?) Domestic Servant 17 Born: Wiston, Yorkshire

Richmond (St Mary parish) – Market Road (RG10 4874 folio 11)
Thomas Wanless hd. marr 62 painter b Yorkshire Richmond
Unetta Wanless wife marr 57 painter’s wife b Gloucestershire Alveston
Thomas Wanless unmarr 7 painter’s son b Yorkshire Richmond
Isabell Flower unmarr 20 general servant b Yorkshire Scorton

Linthorpe, Middlesbrough – 61 Arthur St (RG10/4896/folio 99 pg 24)
Joseph Wanless, hd, md, 40, laborer, Stockton-on-Tees
Jane, wife, 38, Stockley
Robert, son, 17, underhand puddler, YKS Middlesbro
Stephen, son, 15, underhand puddler, YKS Middlesbro
Mary A., dau, 13, YKS Middlesbro
Amelia BOLT, niece, 3, DUR Norton

Kingston-upon-Hull – 81 Osborne St, Holy Trinity (RG10/4793/folio 45 page 6)
George Wandless, hd, md, 55, stone mason, YKS Richmond
Mary, wife, 57, YKS Hull
Mary, widow, wid, 78, mariner(?), Durham
— next address is Wandless Buildings. Presumably Mary’s occupation of mariner is an error. It looks like it has been partially X’ed out.

York City – 32 Bishopthorpe Rd, St. Mary Bishophill (RG10/4748/folio 57, pg 55)
Thomas Wanlass, head, married, 66, engine fitter, DUR Beal

Yokefleet (RG10/4974/folio 61, pg 20)
Lewis Wanlass or Waalass, head, md, 22, ag. lab., YKS Reedness
Elizabeth W, wife, md, 19, ag. lab.’s wife., YKS Reedness