Northumberland 1861 census

Wanless-like names

Tynemouth – Northumberland Terrace (RG9/3842 folio 88)
George Bailey, 37, contractor for public works, DUR Heworth
Ann, wife, 37, DUR Rainton
George, son, 15, apprentice contractor, DUR Rainton
Sarah, dau, 13, scholar, DUR Gateshead
Henry, son, 10, scholar, NBL Knaresdale
Alfred, son, 9, scholar, NBL Knaresdale
Gustavius, son, 7, scholar, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Elizabeth A., dau, 5, scholar, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Susan, dau, 3, NBL Tynemouth
Sydney, son, 2, NBL Tynemouth
Elleanor HONLASS [Wanless], sister-in-law, 19, DUR Pensher [Penshaw]

Union Workhouse, Elswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ( RG9/3817 folio 82)
Lionel Wanless, inmate, single, 55, manservant, NBL Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Alnwick, 26 Narrowgate St (RG9/3878 folio 9)
…in the Adam Patrick household…
Rossina [Rosina] Wanless, servant, 17, house servant, NBL Amble

Cowpen, Bedlington Iron Works
John Scott, 27, coal miner, NBL Longbenton
Mary, wife, 25, NBL Bedlington
Ann Wandlas, servant, 12, NBL Bedlington

Newcastle on Tyne (St. John), Westgate, 20 Westmoreland Terrace (RG9/3812 folio 89
William Wanlass, hd, md, 55, attorney at law, DUR Chester-le-Stree
Elizabeth, wife, 51, DUR Sunderland
Esther Mitchell, servant, 22, NBL

Walker, Longbenton (RG9/3844/folio 101 pg 16)
Robert Burn, hd, md, 44, iron heater, NBL Rothbury
Mary Burn, wife, 42, DUR St. Gate
John Wandlass, father, widr, 76, iron works labourer, DUR Thorp

Byron Street, Scotswood Road, Elswick St. Paul’s, Newcastle on Tyne (RG9/3817 folio 60)
Thomas Wanles, hd, md, 36, plate glass polisher, CUM Alston
Elinor, wife, 38, Duraham [Durham]
Thomas, son, 13, school, Newcastle on Tyne
Joseph, son, 7, school, Newcastle
George, son, 4, Newcastle

West Cramlington Colliery, Cramlington
Thomas Wandless, hd, md, 47, coal miner & Primitive local preacher, NBL Newcastle
Mary, wife, 49, NBL Shields
Alice, dau, 17, house servant, NBL Cramlington
Mary, dau, 12, scholar, Cramlington
Isabella, dau, 9, scholar, Cramlington

Newcastle (All Saints) – 2 Pandon Bank
John Wanless, hd, md, 27, plate glass packer, NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth, wife, 29, Newcastle
John James W, son, 5, Newcastle
Richard W, son, 3 mos, Newcastle

17 Blandford, Westgate, Newcastle (RG9/3814 folio 45)
Ann Wanless, hd, un, 41, monthly nurse, NBL Wallsend

Whalton (RG9/3853 folio 102)
Mark Wanlace, hd, wid, 70, retired farmer, NBL Hartburn
Jane Wanlace, granddaughter, 17, farmer’s daughter, NBL Bolam

Morpeth – Northumberland County Lunatic Asylum (RG9/3871 folio 114)
William Wandless, unmarried, 60, enginesmith, NBL North Shields

Morpeth – Dogger Bank
John Wanlace, 44, master cartwright employing 1 apprentice, b. Hartburn NBL
Annabella, wife, 44, b.Morpeth
Anna Elizabeth, dau, 14, scholar, b. Bolam
John William, son, 12, scholar, b. Morpeth
Barbara, dau, 7, b. Morpeth
Mary, dau, 5, b. Morpeth
Margaret Y., dau, 3, b. Morpeth
Elizabeth Grahamsley, head, widowed, 68, b. Morpeth

Hartburn – Saugh House Farm, Wallington Demesne
George Wanlace, widower, 78, farmer of 195 acres employing 2 men, b. Hartburn NBL
Ann, dau, single, 37, b. Heworth, DUR
Hannah, dau, single, 31, b. Hartburn
Isabella Mary, dau, single, 23, b. Hartburn

Amble (RG9/3877 folio 14)
John Wandless, hd, md, 40, shipwright, NBL Alnmouth
Charlotte, wife, 42, Somerset, Bath
John, son, 17, seaman merch. serv., Amble
Matthew, son, 13, shipwright, Amble
Elizabeth, dau, 10, scholar, Amble
Thomas, son, 8, scholar, Amble
Isabella, dau, 6, scholar, Amble
Joseph, son, 1, Amble
William French, adopted son, 16, stoker [crossed out], Amble

Amble (RG9/3877 folio 19)
William Wandless, hd, md, 50, ag. lab., NBL Brick Head
Sarah, wife, 44, NBL Warkworth

New York, Murton, Tynemouth
Joseph Duffell, hd, md, 66, grocer & flour dealer, DUR Washington
Hannah, wife, 54, NBL West Moor
Mary Mason, dau, md, 32, NBL Percy Main
Joseph Duffell, son, 30, engine driver, Percy Main
Isabella D, dau, 10, NBL New York
Sarah C. Mason, granddau, 9, do
Joseph Mason, grandson, 6, do
William Wanless, son-in-law, 27, blacksmith, NBL Heaton
Hannah Wanless, dau, 22, Percy Main
Mary E. Wanless, granddau, 1, NBL New York

John Wanless, hd, md, 59, iron works labourer, NBL Long Benton
Hannah, wife, 57, NBL North Shields

Seghill – 41 Blaketown
Thomas Wandless, hd, md, 31, coal miner, NBL Ingoe
Mary, wife, 28, DUR Houghton

Crooks, Thirlwall, Haltwhistle
Joseph Wandles, hd, md, 33, agr. lab., NBL Woodburn
Ann, wife, 38, agr. lab., CUM Walton

Rosebank, Tweedmouth (RG9/3887/folio 80 pg 11)
Thomas Wanless, hd, md, 69, master gardener, Surrey
Frances, wife, 60, Scotland
Isabella, dau, 22, NBL Tweedmouth
Thomas, son, 18, ag. lab., Tweedmouth

Benwell Old House, Benwell (RG9/3813 folio 99)
Joseph Straker, hd, wid, 77, colliery & land owner, J.P. for county, NBL Newcastle
Henry Straker, son-in-law, married, 38, Dublin, Ireland
Isabella Johnson, servant, 24, Newcastle
Alice Wandless, servant, 30, cook, NBL Heaton

Newcastle-upon-Tyne – 24 Pudding Chare
Adam Wanlass head Mar 25 Plate Glass polisher Newcastle upon tyne
Agnes ” Wife 22 ”
Thomas ” Son 2 ”

Newcastle-upon-Tyne – 60 Cow Gate
James Sinclare Head Mar 56 Coppersmith Scotland
Mary Wanlass Wid 46 House Keeper Newcastle upon Tyne
Aleaxander Sinclare Grandson 13 Errend Boy ”

Wallsend, Shields Road – Grocers Shop
Thomas Wanless Head Mar 48 Grocer employing 1 man Wallsend
Ellen ” Wife 44 Fawdon
Jane ” dau un 22 Wallsend
George ” Son un 19 Grocer’s assistant ”
John ” son 16 ” ”
Thomas ” son 14 scholar ”
Margret ” dau 9 ” ”
Elizabeth ” ” 6 ” ”
Matthew ” son 1 ”

Low Angerton, Hartburn
Robert Wanlass Boarder Un 53 Ag.Lab Felton
— s/o Lancelot & Sarah below

Netherwitton Village, No 21
Lancelot Wanlace Head Mar 79 Ag Lab Hartburn
Sarah ” Wife 75 Housewife Mitford

Longhorsley – Blackpool Farm
Thomas Wanless Head Mar 73 Farmer of 297 acres employing 2 men Bothal
Elizabeth ” Wife 80 Farmers Wife Brinkburn
Thomas ” Son Mar 39 Farmers Son Longhorsley
Ursula ” 38 Farmers Son’s wife ”
John ” Grandson 15 Ag Lab. ”
Thomas ” ” 13 Scholar ”
William ” ” 11 ” ”
Robert ” ” 9 ” ”
Mary. E. ” Grand Dau 7 ” ”
George ” Grand Son 4 ”
Ursula ” Grand Dau 2 ”
Jane Ellen ” ” 2 months ”

Elswick, Newcastle – House 19, Hind St. West (RG 9/3816/folios 90, 94-95 Film #543191, page 128)
Isabella Wanless Head wid 63, from Northumbd Ncastle
John Wanless son un 27 fruiterer, from Northumbd Ncastle

Elswick, Newcastle (RG 9/3815/folio17 page 18, FHL #543191)
House 147 Wansbeet Villa (sp?), Elswick Lane:
Joseph Robson Head mar 58 Farmer of 630 acres employ ? shepherd and his family, born Northumbd Hartburn.
Margaret Robson wife mar 62, born Northumb Stamfordham
Ann M. Davidson visitor mar 32 Housekeeper, born Northumbd Harburn
Elizabeth Wanless serv un 28 general serv, born Northumbd Stamfordham

RG9/3842 folio 92, p.22 – Marine Terrace in the Township of Tynemouth
William E Franklin Head M 38 Bookseller & Newsagent, Northampton, Brackley
Ann E Franklin Wife M 32 Newcastle upon Tyne
Eleanor Burns Serv U 22 House serv. Berwick upon Tweed
James Wandless Head M 43 Examining Officer of HM Customs, DUR, Grindon
Isabella Wandless Wife M 46 DUR, Trimdon
William J -do- Son U 10 Scholar DUR, Sunderland
Thomas -do- Son U 5 Scholar -do-, -do-
Isabella B. Forster Head M 39 Seaman wife N’land, Willington
Hannah M. Gibson Head M 22 Seaman wife N’land, Preston
James Gibson Son 3 wks N’land, Tynemouth

RG09/3851; folio 15; page 11; schedule 52. New Delaval Colliery, Horton
Christopher WANLESS Hd M 54 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend.
Jane WANLESS Wi M 47 ————– NBL Tynemouth.
Thomas WANLESS So U 21 Coal Miner NBL Benton.
Margaret WANLESS Da U 14 ————— NBL Benton.
Elizabeth WANLESS Da – 6 ————— NBL Benton.
Peter GRAHAM Bdr U 27 Coal Miner NBL Bedlington.

RG9 3864 Enum. No. 38 Gunnerton Village
Mark WANLESS Head, Un, 33, Farmer of 500 acres, NBL, Gallohill
Robt. WANLESS Brother, Un, 31, Farmer of 500 acres, NBL, Gallohill
Mary Ann WANLESS Serv. Un, 24, Housekeeper, NBL, Stamfordham

RG9 3852 F52 P3 Enum. No. 14 Bolam Vicarage Farm; Gallowhill, Bolam Vicarage & Bolam
Robert WANLACE Head, Mar, 65, Farmer of 128 Acres of land , NBL, Hartburn
Isabella Ann WANLACE Wife, Mar, 56, NBL, Kirkharle
Isabella Ann WANLACE Daur, 15, NBL, Bolam
John WANLACE Servant, Un, 17, Farm Servant, NBL, Stamfordham
Elizabeth Bainbridge Servant, Un, 21, Dairy Maid, NK

RG09/3847; f ; p ; 11 North West Row, Holywell, NBL.

Thos. WANLASS Hd M 48 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Isabella WANLASS Wi M 44 ——— DUR Jarrow
Peter WANLASS So U 23 Coal Miner NBL Tynemouth
Christopher WANLASS So U 19 Coal Miner NBL Earsdon
Thomas WANLASS So U 18 Putter in coal mine NBL Earsdon
Luke WANLASS So U 16 Putter in coal mine NBL Earsdon
John WANLASS So U 13 Driver in coal mine NBL Earsdon
Bateman WANLASS So U 10 Scholar NBL Earsdon

RG09/3847; f ; p 43 The Square, Holywell, NBL.

George WANLASS Hd M 35 Colliery Blacksmith NBL Heaton
Mary WANLASS Wi M 35 ———- NBL Holystone
Mary WANLASS Da 9 mo ———- NBL West Holywell

RG09/3847; f 9; p 205 Flat Top Row, Seghill, NBL.

Joseph WANLESS 40 NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth WANLESS 37 NBL Newcastle
Thomas WANLESS 16 NBL Earsdon
George WANLESS 12 NBL Delaval
Ellen WANLESS 10 NBL Delaval
Mary Jane WANLESS 8 NBL Blyth
Ann E. WANLESS 3 NBL Seghill
Barbara WANLESS 2 NBL Seghill
 Aaron PYE  stepson 11 scholar  NBL Seghill

RG09/3845/folio 84 page 4/ 16 Sawmill Houses (just past West Moor), Longbenton, NBL

Elizabeth THIRLWELL Hd Wid 41 Beerhouse Keeper NBL Fawdon
–her kids not transcribed–
George GREGORY Boarder U 39 colliery labourer NBL North Shields
Jane A. WANLESS Ser U 19 Dom. Serv. NBL West Cramlington

— at the top of this page is West Moor, a single farm, with no Wandlesses, even though Wandless claim to have been born there before and after this (and it appears later to be a village, so I don’t understand where the rest of West Moor is in this census)

RG09/ 45 Low Row, (Bigges Main?), Little? Benton, NBL.

John VEST/WEST Hd Md 50 Coal Miner NBL Long Benton
Alice VEST/WEST Wife Md 42 NBL Newcastle
John WANLESS Np U 30 Coal Trimmer NBL Newcastle
Mary A. WANLESS Nc U 24 Dom. Serv. NBL Newcastle

RG09/3847 43 Seaton Tce., Holywell, NBL.

John RITCHIE Hd Publican
Alice WANDLESS Ser U 19 General Servant NBL ———-

RG09/3847 Blaketown, Seghill, NBL.

Thomas WANDLESS Hd M 31 Coal Miner DUR Houghton
Mary WANDLESS Wi M 28 ——— NBL Ingoe?

RG09/; f 29; p 9 North Seaton Colliery, NBL.

Alexander WANDLESS Hd M 44 Pumpwright NBL Wallsend
Margaret WANDLESS Wi M 42 ———- NBL North Shields
Mary A. WANDLESS Da U 23 ———- NBL North Shields
Margaret WANDLESS Da U 20 ———- NBL Earsdon
Anthony WANDLESS So U 18 ———- NBL Earsdon
Eleanor WANDLESS Da 13 Scholar NBL? Old Seaham
Joseph WANDLESS So 9 Scholar NBL? Kelhoe
Jane WANDLESS Da 6 Scholar NBL Horton
Harriet WANDLESS Da 3 ———- NBL Horton
James WILSON Lgr U 23 Coal Lab. CUL Talantire

RG09/; f ; p North Seaton Colliery, NBL.

George WANLESS Hd W 50 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Thomas WANLESS So U 24 Coal Miner NBL Cramlington
George WANLESS So U 21 Coal Miner NBL Walker
Christopher WANLESS So U 19 Coal Miner NBL West Moor
Alice WANLESS Ser W 83 House Keeper DUR Lamesley
Mary YOUNG Ser W 62 House Servant NBL Byker Hill

RG09/; f 36; p 2; sc 8 Glanton Village, NBL.

Thomas WANLESS Hd M 51 Shepherd NBL Newham
Margaret WANLESS Wi M 49 ———- NBL Alnwick
RG09/3896; f 55; p 1; sc 1 Park House, Peels, Alwinton, NBL.
William WANLESS Hd M 56 Farmer of 196 acres SCT ———-
Ann WANLESS Wi M 48 ———– NBL Whittingham
Robert WANLESS So U 25 Farmer’s Son NBL Alwinton
Margaret WANLESS Da U 19 Farmer’s Dau. NBL Alwinton
Margaret BURN Vis M 61 Shepherd’s Wife SCT ———
Robert MORTON Ser U 14 Carter NBL Alnwick
RG09/3896; f 48; p 1; sc 4 Alwinton, NBL.
Robt. WANLESS Hd M 45 Farmer of 9 acres NBL Alwinton
Ann WANLESS Wi M 31 ———- NBL Elsdon
Mary WANLESS Da 13 Scholar NBL Alwinton
Jane Ann WANLESS Da 11 Scholar NBL Alwinton
Thos. H. WANLESS So 3 ———- NBL Alwinton
William WANLESS So 1 ———- NBL Alwinton
John ORMSTON Ser U 25 Servant SCT ———-
Mary A. NICHOL Vis U 24 Farm Servant NBL Alwinton


RG09/3896; f 48; p 2; sc 13 Alwinton, NBL.
William ROBINSON Hd M 52 Inn Keeper NBL Alwinton
Jane ROBINSON Wi M 55 ———- NBL Elsdon
Isabella ROBINSON Da U 21 Dress Maker NBL Alwinton
Margaret BURN SiLw U 52 Inn Keeper NBL Elsdon
Isabella WANLESS Nc U 15 ——— NBL Alwinton
Thos. ANDERSON Unc W 77 Joiner NBL Elsdon
Trevril? Lambton BURN Lgr U 25 Fundholder DUR Bishopwearmouth
RG09/3896; f 75; p 5; sc 23 Biddleston Townfoot, NBL.
Margaet WANLESS Hd W 46 Farmer of 150 acres SCT ——–
William WANLESS So U 21 Farmer’s Son NBL Alwinton
Mary WANLESS Da U 18 Farmer’s Dau. NBL Alwinton
Margaret WANLESS Da U 17 Farmer’s Dau. NBL Alwinton
Eleanor WANLESS Da 13 Scholar NBL Alwinton
James YOUNG Ser U 24 Shepherd SCT ——–
John AMOS Ser U 21 Carter NBL Alwinton
RG09/3854; f 7; p Mount Hooly*, Kirkheaton, Stamfordham, NBL.
+ son, dau, & bro.
CHARLTON Hd Wid 69 Farmer of 200 acres
William WANLESS Serv U 20 Ploughman NBL
* This place seems to be spelled “Mount Huly” on modern maps.
RG09/3854; f 24; p Ingoe, Stamfordham, NBL. (Enum #2, Ingoe Village)
John WANLESS Hd M 66 Laborer NBL Kirkharle
Mary WANLESS Wi M 59 NBL Thockrington
Mary WANLESS Grand-daur U 3 NBL Matfen
RG09/3854; f 26; p Ingoe Village, Ingoe, Stamfordham, NBL. (Enum. #25)
Margaret DAWSON Hd Wid 66 NBL Slaly
Robert WANLESS Lodger U 36 Drainer – Pipelayer NBL Bamburgh
RG09/3855; f 28; p Heddon on the Wall, Stamfordham, NBL.
Stephen WANLESS Hd M 60 Ag Lab NBL Kirkharle
Jane WANLESS Wi M 55 NBL Elsdon
Jane WANLESS Dau U 20 NBL Heddon
William WANLESS Son U 17 Pupil Teacher NBL Heddon
Stephen WANLESS Son U 15 NBL Heddon
RG09/3855; f 30; p Heddon on the Wall, Stamfordham, NBL.
George ARMSTRONG Hd M 70 Farmer
…and 4 servants plus…
Elizabeth WANLESS Serv U 28 Housemaid NBL Heugh


RG09/3860; f 68; p Newbiggin, Hexham Low Quarter, Hexham, NBL.
Joseph WANLACE Hd M 39 Coachman (Domestic Servant) NBL Longhorsley
Jane WANLACE Wi M 37 NBL Newcastle On Tyne
Anne WANLACE Dau U 9 Scholar NBL Newcastle On Tyne
Lancelot WANLACE Son U 4 NBL Hexham
John WANLACE Son U 2 NBL Hexham
RG09/; f; p; sc 7 Wellington St., Westgate, Newcastle, NBL.
Andrew HOLMES Hd M 62 NBL Berwick
Margaret HOLMES Wi M 40 NBL Berwick
Catherine WANLESS StDa 9 NBL Newcastle