Durham 1861 census

Crossgate, Durham City (RG9/3737 folio 23)
William Wanlass, hd, md, 36, cordwainer, DUR Durham
Ann, wife, 33, DUR Ferryhill
Thomas C., son, 13, papermaker, DUR Durham
James C., son, 11, errand boy, DUR Durham
Mary A., dau, 8, scholar, DUR Trimdon
Robert W., son, 6, scholar, DUR Durham
Jane, dau, 3, DUR Durham

Conside – 5 Staffordshire Row (RG9/3732 folio 85)
–in the house of Henry & Margaret Smiles/Smailes/Smales
Sarah Wanles, servant, single, 19, born York City

Houghall Colliery, Elvet (RG9/3738 folio 11)
William Wanless, hd, md, 60, trimmer, DUR Hetton
Ann, wife, 58, DUR Pelton
Thomas, son, single, 19, trimmer, DUR Belmont

Houghall Colliery, Elvet (RG9/3738 folio 11)
Christopher Wanless, hd, md, 30, DUR Heberon [Hebburn]
Mary A, wife, md, 29, DUR Birtley
William, son, 2, DUR Belmont
Hannah, dau, 7 mos, DUR St. Oswald
William Snaith, visitor, 23, blacksmith, DUR Washington
Hannah Robinson, visitor, 14, DUR Rainton

Cockfield (RG9/3717 folio 25)
Mary Wandless, hd, wid, 72, employed in household duties, DUR Lynesack
Maria, dau, 27, formerly house servant, DUR Cockfield
Jane, dau, 25, DUR Cockfield
Mary Jane, granddaughter, 5, DUR Cockfield
Joseph Bromley or Bramley, lodger, 22, railway excavator, Staffordshire, Stone
Thomas Moses, lodger, single, 52, coal miner, DUR Cockfield

Cleatlam Village
Margaret Wandless, widow, 54, agricultural labourer, DUR Cleatlam
Jane Clark, sister, 52, ag. lab., DUR Cleatlam

Cockfield (RG9/3717/folio 34)
Margaret Wandless, hd, wid, 58, employed in household duties, DUR Langley Mills
Mary Wandless, granddaughter, 12, scholar, DUR Seaham Harbour
James Bowes, boarder, 25, colliery screenman, DUR Cockfield
Thomas Bigging, boarder, 24, stonemason, YKS Middlesbro

Spennymoor, New Whitworth (or Spennymoor) Village, Dunscombe Street
Thomas Wanless, Head, married, 44, Ironworks Labourer, born Fouglestone, Wiltshire
Caroline Wanless, Wife, married, 42, born Chester-le-Street, Durham
Robert Wanless, son, 19, Engineman, born Lumley, Durham
Jane Wanless, daughter, 16, Female Servant, born Castle Eden, Durham
John Wanless, son, 14, Apprentice Engineer, born Castle Eden, Durham
Sophia Wanless, daughter, 3, born West Hartlepool, Durham
Thomas Taylor, lodger, 22, Grocer, born Lumley, Durham

Stockton on Tees – 15 Victoria(?) Yard, near Ramsgate Street (RG9/3693 folio 42 )
Elizabeth Ward, hd, 73, lodging house keeper, Stockton
William Wanless, lodger, 35, basket maker, NBL Highgate

Monkwearmouth Shore – a lodging house,Williamson Street (RG9/3783 folio 67)
William Wanless, lodger, unmarried, 39, labourer in iron ship yard, NBL Alnwick

Medomsley 1861, 43 Derwent Cottages (RG9/3735/folio 50)
Henry Wanless [Wandless], Head, Married, 52, Saddler, born Gateshead, Durham
Grace Wanless [Wandless], Wife, Married, 51, born North Shields, Northumberland
Henry J. Wanless [Wandless], Son, 23, Coal Miner, born Newburn, Northumberland
James Wanless [Wandless], Son, 15, Coal Miner, born Winlaton, Durham
Catherine A. Wanless [Wandless], Daughter, 21, born Newburn, Northumberland
Jane Wanless [Wandless], Daughter, 18, born Newburn, Northumberland
Grace Wanless [Wandless], Daughter, 11, Scholar, born Winlaton, Durham

Train’s Houses, Felling, Heworth (RG9/3797/folio 99)
Elizabeth Wandless, widow, 56, NBL Morpeth
Joseph, son, un, 32, anchor smith, NBL Morpeth

Carrville, Durham St. Giles
Andrew Maddison, hd, md, 39, joiner, DUR Durham
Rebecca, wife, 43, DUR Chester le Street
Mary Ann Johnson, niece, 10, scholar, DUR Gateshead
Alfred Wandless, boarder, single, 33, tailor, YKS Kirkleatham

William Hett, hd, un, 80, retired farmer, DUR Wolviston

John Wandless, hd, md, 57, all age(?) schoolmaster, DUR Houghton le Spring
Ann, wife, 55, all age(?) schoolmistress, DUR Stainton-le-Street

Westoe, South Shields – 48 Raglan or Boglan St (RG9/3789/folio 36 pg 18)
Anthony Wandless, hd, md, 50, sinker for coal pits, NBL Kenton
Jane Wandless, wife, 50, DUR Low Lampton
Johnson Fenwick, stepson, 20, certificated schoolmaster, DUR Ryhope

Westoe, South Shields (RG9/3787 folio 73)
John Lamb, hd, md, 43, farmer of 89 acres employing 13(?) men, 1 boy, 1 woman, NBL Slaley
Mary, wife, 38, NBL Bellion
Rachael, dau, 10, scholar, NBL Shelley
Mary, dau, 4, DUR Westoe
Jane Ann, dau, 3, DUR Westoe
Rachael Wanless, mother-in-law, wid, 70, YKS Egglescliff
…servants Ann Turnbull, Thomas Brown, Robert Thompson, John Bell…
next house:

Jane Lamb, hd, wid, 81, retired from farming, NBL Adenshiels(?)

Bishopwearmouth – 35 Zion St (RG9/3775/folio 66 pg 65) eccl. dist. St Thomas
John Wandlass, hd, md, 27, mason, DUR Stockton on Tees [this is written on the next line, which is blank, with a line drawn up to John’s occupation to indicate that this birthplace belongs to him]
Elizabeth, wife, 26, DUR Sunderland
Isabella, dau, 6, scholar, Sunderland
John O., son, 4, scholar, Sunderland
Elizabeth, dau, 2, Sunderland
Mary Ann, dau, 2 weeks, Sunderland

Bishopwearmouth (St. Paul’s) – 29 Clarke Terrace (RG9/3773/folio 64 pg 59)
John Wandless, hd, md, 25, coal trimmer, DUR Durham
Frances, wife, 26, DUR Durham
John Davison, visitor, 4, DUR Durham

Bishopwearmouth – 16 Derwent St (RG9/3772/folio 26 pg 8)
Sarah Wanlass, hd, wid, 39, annuitant, DUR Barnard Castle
Ellen Niel, mother, wid, 78, LAN Bolton
Ralph Wanless, son, 15, coal & timber merchant’s apprentice, DUR Seaham
Sarah Wanless, dau, 12, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Thomas F. Brockie, lodger, 30, printer / compositor, Scotland

Bishopwearmouth – 6 Bottle Bank (RG9/3769/folio 82 pg 53)
Ralph Blackburn, hd, md, 70, engineman, DUR Fatfield
Jane Blackburn, wife, 71, DUR Fatfield
Jane Wanless, granddaughter, 20, servant, DUR Fatfield

Bishopwearmouth – 23 East Cross St. (RG9/3765/folio 33 pg 54 )
Catherine Naylor, hd, wid, 85, independent lady, YKS Battes(?)
Samuel Wanless, hd, md, 65, Navy Pensioner, YKS Tadcaster
Jane Wanless, wife, 54, DUR South Shields

Bishopwearmouth – 20 Northumberland Street (RG9/3771/folio 54 pg 20)
William Wanless, hd, md, 49, master mariner (m.s.) [merchant service], DUR Sunderland
Ann, wife, 48, DUR Sunderland
— shared house with John & Catherine Harrison of Sunderland, mid-30s

Stockton on Tees – 15 Albion St (RG9/3693/folio pg 52)
Joseph Wanless, hd, md, 30, blast furnace labourer, DUR Stockton
Jane, wife, 28, YKS Stokesley
Robert, son, 7, scholar, YKS Middlesbro
Stephen, son, 5, scholar, YKS Middlesbro
Mary Ann, dau, 2, YKS Middlesbro

Greencroft 1861, South Moor (RG9/3733/folio 59)
Robert Wanless, Head, Married, 62, Coalminer, born Black Fell, Durham
Ruth Wanless, Daughter, 17, born Methley, Yorkshire
George Wanless, Son, 13, born Methley, Yorkshire
William Wanless, Son, 11, born Holtes (?), Yorkshire
Hannah Wanless, Daughter, 4, born Leasingthorne, Durham

Linthorpe, Middlesbrough – #29 Barracks [or Commercial St?] (RG9/3689/folio 13 page 19)
William Wanless, hd, md, 40, engine fitter, Salisbury, Wilts.
Margaret, wife, 42, NBL Bedlington
Robert, son, 22, do
John, son, 11, scholar, do
Anne M., dau, 9, DUR Stockton
Sarah J., dau, 7, KENT Ashford
William, son, 5, DUR Stockton
Margaret A. or G., dau, 2, do
Robert Waterson, boarder, married, 22 or 32, blacksmith, NBL Bedlington

Stockton, 13 James Street, St. Thomas district (RG9/3692/folio 6)
John Wanless, hd, md, 85, joiner, YKS Ayton (blind)
Elizabeth, wife, 84, DUR Wolviston

Bridgegate, Barnard Castle, civil parish of Gainford (RG10/3719/folio about 97 (folio #s obscured; all of Barnard Castle has been checked)
George Wandless, hd, widr, 66, ag. labourer, DUR Barnard Castle
— lives alone amid Bradwell, Evans, Harding, and Hogbin families

Bank, Barnard Castle (RG10/3719/folio 64)
Robert Wandless, hd, md, 54, grocer & earthenware dealer, Barnard Castle DUR
Ann W, wife, 48, Barnard Castle DUR
Elizabeth Ann W, dau, 20, Barnard Castle DUR
Robert W, son, 18, clog maker, Barnard Castle DUR
James W, son, 11, scholar, Barnard Castle DUR
William W, son, 8, scholar, Barnard Castle DUR
Elizabeth ALDERSON, lodger, widow, 78, retired grocer, Barnard Castle DUR

Galgate St., Barnard Castle (RG10/3719/folio 15)
Ralph Coulthard, hd, md, 51, attorney solicitor, DUR Middleton-in-Teesdale
Margaret  C, wife, 31, Barnard Castle
Margaret M. C, dau, 5, Barnard Castle
Ralph C. C, son, 1, Barnard Castle
Mary Wandless, servant, widowed, 61, nurse, DUR Durham
Margaret Tinkler, servant, 30, house servant, YKS Brignal
Mary A. Thompson, servant, 20, DUR Egglestone
Ann Herold, charwoman, md, 56, Warcup, Westmorland

Holmside 1861, South Moor RG9/3735/folio 13
Thomas Wandless, Head, Married, 34, Coalminer, Norton, County Durham
Margaret, Wife, Married, 29, Thornaby, Yorkshire
Mary Ann, Daughter, 2, Kelloe, County Durham

Millburngate, Crossgate, Durham City (piece 3736 folio 95 pg 2)
Thomas Wandless hd, md, 46, carpet weaver, Barnard Castle
Ann W, wife, md, 42, Darlington
Thomas W, son, 14, apprentice iron moulder, DUR Durham
John W, son, 10, scholar, do
William W, son, 6, scholar, do
Anne W, dau, 3, do

12 Woodbine St, Bishopwearmouth (piece 3773 folio 15 pg 24)
Simon Wanless hd, md, 46, joiner, DUR Sunderland
Isabella W, wife, hd, 39, do
Edward Duglass W, son, 17, joiner apprentice, do
Isabella Jane W, dau, 16, do
Maria W, dau, 13, do
Sarah W, dau, 11, do
Eliza W, dau, 6, do

251 High St., Bishopwearmouth (piece 3771, folio 76, pg 61)
William Wanless hd, md, 40, gardener & fruiterer, Chester le St, DUR
Charlotte W, wife, md, 46, Leeds YKS
William J. W, son, 14, scholar, Sunderland DUR
Thomas J. W, son, 10, scholard, Sunderland DUR
Ann Robson, servant, unmd, 20, general servant, So. Shields, DUR

1861 Bishop Auckland RG9/3706 Folio 29
John Sagar, Head, M, Aged 42, Occupation: Coalminer, Born Lancashire, Rochdale
Elizabeth Ann Sagar, Wife, M, Aged 47, Born Lancashire, Rochdale
Thomas Sagar, Son, U, Aged 4, Born Lancashire, Rochdale
Mary Ann Wanless, Boarder, U, Aged 5, Born Durham, Barnard Castle

Saint Helen Auckland 1861, Saint Helen Auckland
Elizabeth Storey(?), Head 44 Ponteland, NBL
Hannah A. Flintoff, Sister, Married 36 , Wales(?)
Alice Storey, Sister 34 Wigley , Shropshire
Mary Harrison, Great Aunt, Widowed 84 Chirton , NBL
Eliza Flintoff, Niece 16 , Australia
Charles E. Flintoff, Nephew 14 Scholar , Australia
Mary Wanless, Female Servant 19 Heighington , DUR

Saint Helen Auckland 1861, Saint Helen Auckland, Square
Edward Wanless, Head, Married 22 Coal Miner Hetton-le-Hole
Ann W, Wife, Married 21 Thornley

Saint Helen Auckland 1861, Saint Helen Auckland, Square
James Wanless, Head, Married 27 Coal Miner Easington Lane, Durham
Hannah W, Wife, Married 22 Bradford, Yorkshire
Sarah W, Daughter 10 months Saint Helen Auckland, Durham

Saint Helen Auckland 1861, Saint Helen Auckland, Square
James Wanless, Head, Married 56 Coal Miner, Evenwood, Durham
Jane W, Wife, Married 63 Alnwick, Northu

Helmington Row 1861 Census, Wheat Bottom Lane
William Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 40, Blacksmith, Colliery Row
Margaret W, Wife, married, 40, County Durham
Margaret W, Daughter, 14, Scholar, Colliery Row
Robert W, Son, 10, Scholar, Bishop Auckland

Helmington Row 1861 Census, Helmington Row, Helmington Cottage
Henry Wanless, Head of Household, Married 68 Colliery Agent, Houghton-le-Spring
Sarah Wanless, Wife, Married 61 Houghton-le-Spring
Margaret Wanless, Daughter 26 Houghton-le-Spring

West Auckland 1861, West Auckland Village
Thomas Longstaff, Head, Married 53 Shoemaker, West Auckland
Mary L, Wife, Married 59, Hamsterley
Michael L, Son 30 Butcher, West Auckland
Ann Husthwaite/Hurthwaite, Female Servant 16, Bishop Auckland
Robert Parker, Male Servant 15 Apprentice Shoemaker, Wolsingham
John Kitchen/Kitching/Kithen, Male Servant 18 Apprentice Shoemaker, Old Shildon
Joseph Wandless, Male Servant 14 Apprentice Shoemaker, Hamsterley

West Auckland 1861, Greenfield
John Jackson, Head, Widowed 52 Farmer 43 acres Escomb, Woodside, Durham
Ann Jackson, Daughter 26 Housekeeper Escomb, Woodside, Durham
Richard Jackson, Visitor 50 Farmer Escomb, Woodside, Durham
Mary Jane Wanless, Female Servant 14 Yorkshire

RG09/3777 f52 p13 s86 7 & 8 Mariners Lane Sunderland
John Wanless Head Mar 55 Seaman Merchant Serv. Durham Sunderland
Elizabeth Do Wife Mar 43 Yorkshire Whitby
Ann Do Daur 15 Durham Sunderland
William Do Son 7 Do Do

RG09/3777 f85 p8 s17 7 Ropery Lane, Sunderland
Johnson Wanless Head Mar 59 House Joiner Durham Darlington
Jane Do Wife Mar 55 Yorkshire Borrowby [or Borrowbridge(?)]
William Do Son 14 Bread Baker Durham Sunderland
Joseph Cliff Son in Law Mar 22 Seaman Mercht. Service Do Stockton
Jane A Do Do Wife Mar 21 Do Sunderland
Isabella Do Do Daur 2 Do Do

RG09/3781 f68 p40 s207 Back Street Southwick
George Wandlass Head Mar 50 Shipwright Durham Fulwell
Isabella Do Wife Mar 47 Do Southwick
Isabella Do Daur Un 19 Do Do
Mary J Do Daur 1 Do Do
Joseph Do Son Un 14 Laborour Glass House Do Do
Edward Wylam Lodger Widower 27 Coal Miner Northumbld Byker Hill
George Do Son 8 Scholar Durham So Shields
John Do Son 4 Do Southwick

East Thickley 1861 Census, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Limekiln Cottages
Richard Wanless, Head, Married, 41, Agricultural Labourer, Thirsk, Yorkshire
Ellen W, Wife, Married, 41, Ouston, County Durham
Elizabeth W, Daughter, 9, Scholar, do
Richard W, Son, 7, Scholar, do
Charles H. W, Son, 4, Scholar, do
Margaret A. W, Daughter, 1, Sherburn House

Hamsterley 1861 Census, Hamsterley
Robert Wandless/Wanless, Head, married, 38, Cokeyard Lab, Ingleton, County Durham
Mary W, Wife, married, 42, Hamsterley
Nelly W, Daughter, 9, Scholar, do
Nancy W, Daughter, 8, Scholar, do
Robert W, Son, 5, Scholar, do

Crook & Billy Row, White Lee Square
Edward Nicholson, Head, married, 30, Coalminer, County Durham
Jane N, Wife, married, 28, County Durham
Mary Ann N, Daughter, 2, Hole House(?), County Durham
Robert Wanless, lr, 30, coal miner, West Pelton, County Durham
William Brown, lr, m, 22, coal miner, Sherburn Hill
Margaret Brown, lr, m, 22, Stanhope

Tudhoe, Tudhoe Ironworks, 12 High Row
Joseph Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 27, Ironworks Stocktaker, Chester-le-Street
Mary W, Wife, Married, 23, Hylton
Joseph W. W, Son, 4, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Elizabeth A. W, Daughter, 1, Spennymoor
Ann Robbins or Robins or Dobbins (?), Sister-in-law, 20, Hylton
John Dunn, Lodger, 24, Ironworks Labourer, Houghton-le-Spring
Patrick Reed, Lodger, 19, Ironworks Labourer, Carlisle, Cumberland

Ferryhill, Ferryhill Village
John Rudd, Head, 28, Ironworks lab, Ferryhill
Margaret R, Sister, 30, do
Ann R, Sister, 25, Dressmaker, do
Robert Wandless or Wanless, Grandfather, Widowed, 83, Road Labourer,
Thomas Cheetham, Lodger, 27, Ironworks lab, Wolsingham
Henry Thompson, Lodger, 36, Retired Farmer, West Auckland

Darlington, Holy Trinity parish, folio 18
Thomas Wandless hd m 36 slater & agent born Dur Bishopwearmouth
Everil Wandless wife m 34 born Dur Bishopwearmouth
John Wandless son 3 born Dur Bishopwearmouth
Everil Wandless daug 1 born Dur Darlington

RG09/3753; f 18; p 29; sc 15 Principal Street; Newbottle, DUR.
John WANLESS Hd M 58 Blacksmith (journ.) Bredford Balmburgh
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 56 ———— NBL Swarlen
James WANLESS So 13 Labourer Colliery DUR Newbottle
George WANLESS GrSo 12 Labourer Brickyard DUR Norton
RG09/3753; f 33; p 2; sc 8 Short Row, Philadelphia, Newbottle, DUR
John WANLESS Hd M 28 Waggon Builder Newcastle on Tyne
Ellen WANLESS Wi M 29 ———- Newcastle on Tyne
Willm. WANLESS So 5 Scholar DUR Gilesgate
Dorothy R. WANLESS Da 4 Scholar DUR Rainton
RG09/; f; p; sc 15 Bownden Row, Seaham Colliery, DUR.
George WANLESS Hd M 25 Coal Miner DUR Broomhill
Jane Ann WANLESS Wi M 24 ———- DUR West Rainton
Joseph WANLESS So 2 ———- DUR Newbottle
Matilda Ann WANLESS Da 5mo ———- DUR Seaham
RG09/; f; p; sc East Rainton, DUR.
Henry WANLESS Hd M 33 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Jane WANLESS Wi M 33 ———- DUR Ouston

Great Lumley, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Lumley Shop Houses
James Punton, Head of Household, Widowed, 49, Colliery Horsekeeper, Scremerston, Northumberland
Ann Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, Widowed, 60, Housekeeper, Edmundbyers
John Punton, Son, 9, Scholar, Wapping
James Punton, Son, 5, Scholar, Shop Houses
Mary J. Punton, Daughter, 3, do

Pittington & Littletown, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Bees Bank
John Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 31, Coalminer, Bennington (?)
Jane W, Wife, Married, 28, Lambton Boundary (?)
Jane W, Daughter, 5, Shiney Row
John W, Son, 1, Bees Bank

Shincliffe, Shincliffe Colliery Village, Colliery Houses
Edward Tate or Tait, Head of Household, Married, 46, Colliery Horsekeeper, Northumberland
Ann T, Wife, Married, 46, Hetton-le-Hole
William T, Son, 18, Coalminer, Silksworth
Robert T, Son, 15, Coalminer, Urpeth
Ann T, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Shincliffe
William Turnbull, Brother-in-law, 38, Coalminer, Penshaw
Ann Wanless or Wandless, Niece, 20, Herrington

Sherburn House, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Railway Cottages
Robert Raffle, Head of Household, Married, 41, Signalman, Carr Row, County Durham
Mary R, Wife, Married, 38, Chilton Moor
William Wanless or Wandless, Stepson, 15, Pupil Teacher, Shiney Row
Robert Raffle, Son, 6, Scholar, Gateshead
Ann Raffle, Daughter, 2, Sherburn House
Joseph Raffle, Son, 3 months, do

Quarrington, Quarrington Hill Village
William Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 36, Coalminer, Brancepeth
Jane W, Wife, Married, 26, Byers Green
John W, Son, 5, Scholar, Leadgate
Margaret W, Daughter, 3, Scholar, Trimdon Grange
George W, Son, 1, Cornforth

Coxhoe & East Hetton, Coxhoe, Commercial Row
Ann Robinson, Head of Household, Widowed, 33, Grocer & Draper, Newbottle
George W. R, Son, 10, Scholar, Chaters Haugh
Michael Wanless or Wandless, Brother (Brother-in-law ?), 19, Grocer, Shildon
Thomas Davidson, Assistant Grocer, 26, Cornforth
Jane A. Lightfoot, Assistant Milliner, 23, Alston Moor, Cumberland
Elizabeth Ramshaw, Female Servant, 17, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
**Chaters Haugh should be Charters Haugh, near Fatfield

Garmondsway Moor, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Lime Kiln Cottage
James Lockey, Head of Household, Married, 44, Quarryman & Occupier of 17 acres, Bp Middleham
Jane L, Wife, Married, 42, Garmondsway Moor
William L, Son, 21, do
James L, Son, 16, do
Sarah L, Daughter, 10, do
Joseph L, Son, 5, do
Thomas L, Son, 2, do
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 15, Fishburn

Sedgefield, Sedgefield Village (Union Workhouse)
John Newton, Head of Household, Married, 52, Master, Sedgefield
Mary N, Wife, Married, 50, Matron, Beverley, Yorkshire
Dorothy N, Daughter, 9, Bishopwearmouth
Robert Cunningham, Inmate, Married, 80, Tinman, Tanfield
Thomas Bell, Inmate, Widowed, 80, Agricultural Labourer, Whitworth
Robert Weir or Wear, Inmate, 77, Schoolmaster, South Shields
Edward Greenwell, Inmate, Widowed, 33, Coalminer, Houghton-le-Spring
William Vasey, Inmate, 27, Cripple, Ferryhill
John Atkinson, Inmate, 41, Coalminer, Wallsend
William Greenwell, Inmate, 11, Scholar, Shincliffe
John James Palmer, Inmate, 6, Scholar, North Shields
John Nixon, Inmate, 5, Scholar, Sedgefield
Margaret Coleman, Inmate, Married, 30, Former Agricultural Labourer, Lofthouse, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Palmer, Inmate, 26, Former Agricultural Labourer, Bp Middleham
Elizabeth Carter, Inmate, Widowed, 66, Former Agricultural Labourer, Dalton, County Durham
Isabel(la) Greenwell, Inmate, 9, Scholar, Shincliffe
Elizabeth Gibson, Inmate, 7, Scholar, Sedgefield
Rachel Greenwell, Inmate, 4, Scholar, Sunderland
Mary Hardy, Inmate, 6, Scholar, Trimdon
Bridget May, Inmate, Married, 26, Agricultural Labourer, Ireland
Ann May, Inmate, 4, Scholar, Bradford, Yorkshire
Ann Reed or Reid, Inmate, 35, Lunatic, Bishop Auckland
Hannah Hind, Inmate, 74, Agricultural Labourer, Lumley
Mary Palmer, Inmate, 4, Scholar, North Shields
Robert M. Palmer, Inmate, 4 months, Ferryhill
George Coltman or Coleman, Inmate, 64, Lunatic, Sedgefield
Eleanor Middleton, Inmate, 30, Agricultural Labourer, Embleton
John Middleton, Inmate, 1, do
Ann Humble, Inmate, 46, Agricultural Labourer, Crathorne, Yorkshire
Jonathan Nixon, Inmate, 1, Sedgefield
Mary Wandless or Wanless, Inmate, Widowed, 55, Agricultural Labourer, Norton

Sedgefield, Sedgefield Village
John Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 35, Groom, Brancepeth
Alice W, Wife, Married, 30, Hurworth
Ann W, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Darlington
Joseph W, Son, 6, Scholar, do

Coxhoe & East Hetton, Coxhoe, Quarrington Hill
Thomas Hutchinson, Head of Household, Married, 52, Coalminer, Ireland
Elizabeth H, Wife, Married, 41, Ouston, County Durham
Elizabeth H, Daughter, 17, Framwellgate
Thomas H, Son, 15, Coalminer, Sacriston
William H, Son, 13, Coalminer, do
Edward H, Son, 12, Coalminer, Castle Eden
Joseph H, Son, 5, Scholar, do
David H, Son, 2, Quarrington
Jane Stephenson, Mother-in-law, Widowed, 79, Retired Female Servant, Brass Castle (?), County Durham
Margaret Wanless or Wandless, Visitor, 11, Scholar, Moorsley

21 California Row, Seaham Colliery
Bateman Wandless h, m, 31 Engine worker, Wallsend
Ellen Ann, w, m, 30 , Benton, Northumberland
Mary Jane, d, 9,scholar, Thornley
Thomas M, s, 4, scholar, Seaton Colliery
George, s, 3, Seaton Colliery
Emmerson, s, 1, Seaton Colliery
Caroline Foster, sister in law, 24, dressmaker, Offerton

South Hetton
William Wandless, Hd, m, 64,coalminer, Lamesley
Ann Postle daughter or daughter in law, married,39, Wylam
Mary H Postle, grandaughter, 13, Wolsingham
Elizabeth Postle, grandaughter, 9 Easington
William Postle grandson 7, Wolsingham

Norton – Blakiston Hall
Joseph Wanless 61 Market Gardener Colchester
Mary Ann Wanless 42 Wife , York
Margaret Wanless 17 Daughter Norton
William Wanless 15 Son Norton
James Wanless 10 Son Norton
Mary A Wanless 8 Daughter Norton
Joseph Wanless 5 Son Norton

Norton – Norton Road (RG9/3695/folio 11 page 19) NEW May 2006
John Chapman, head, single, 60, farmer of 53 acres, DUR Norton
Ann Wanless, cousin, single, 50, house servant, YKS Stokesley
William Chapman, nephew, 24, farmer, Norton
Rebecca Wilson, servant, 20, farm servant, YKS Broughton

Overmens’ Row, Houghton-le-Spring
Ann Wanless, Head, Widowed, 37, Houghton-le-Spring
Mary, Daughter, 10, Scholar, do
Robert W., Son, 5, Scholar, do
John G., Son, 4, do
William Blenkinsop, Lodger, 13, Telegraph Clerk, do
Margaret Cowey or Cowie, Female Servant, 19, Kelloe
Alice Halliday, Visitor, Married, 38, Houghton-le-Spring
Mary A. Halliday, Visitor, 10 months, Kyo, Durham
Jane Blenkinsop, Visitor, Married, 33, Shoemaker’s wife, Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham

Soho Road, Shildon, DUR (RG9 / 3708 FOLIO 89 PG 34)
George Wanless Hd marr 49 Railway labourer b Barnard Castle, Durham
Isabella .. wife 45 b. Northallerton, Yorkshire
John .. son 15 Railway lab b. New Shildon,Durham
Robert .. .. 11 Scholar b New Shildon
James R .. .. 7 .. Scholar b New Shildon.. ..

1861 Old Shildon RG9/3708 Folio 30
Ann Wanless, Head, Widow, Aged 87, Housekeeper, Born Durham, Darlington
Thomas Tindale/Tindall, Lodger, M, Aged 23, Painter, Born Durham, Darlington
Jane Tindale/Tindall, Wife, M, Aged 25 , Born Durham, Darlington
James Tindale/Tindall, Son, U, Aged 2, Born Durham, Darlington
John Tindale/Tindall, Son, M, Aged 8 months, Born Durham, Darlington

East Rainton, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Rainton Mill Cottages
William Stanley (or Wanless ??) , Head, married, 33, Groom, Newcastle
Ann S, Wife, married, 32, Wideopen, Northumberland
William S, son, 2, Whickham
James S, son, 7 months, Haltwhistle, Northumberland

Moorsley, Low Moorsley
Thomas Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 23, Coalminer, East Rainton
Elizabeth W, Wife, married, 25, Littletown
Bateman W, son, 2, Moorsley
Margaret W, daughter, 1, do

Ryhope, Ryhope Colliery Village, 13 Burdon Street
Mary Wandless or Wanless, Head, Widowed, 56, Birthplace not known
John W, son, 31, Coalminer, Sedgefield
Joseph W, son, 26, Coalminer, Norton
Robert W, son, 24, Coalminer, Wingate
James W, son, 19, Coalminer, Framwellgate
William W, son, 15, Coalminer, Leadgate

Houghton-le-Spring, Club Row
James Foster, Head of Household, Married, 27, Coalminer, Kirby Lonsdale, Westmoreland
Ann F, Wife, Married, 21, Hetton-le-Hole
Elizabeth J. Wanless or Wandless, Niece, 4, Newbottle

Houghton-le-Spring, 38 Quarry Row
William Thompson, Head of Household, Married, 31, Coalminer, Jarrow
Elizabeth T, Wife, Married, 32, Stanhope
Elizabeth T, Daughter, 6, Lanchester
Wanless or Wandless T, Son, 4, Houghton-le-Spring
Jane T, Daughter, 1, do

Hetton-le-Hole with Easington Lane, Easington Lane
William Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 60, Grocer, Hetton-le-Hole
Sarah W, Wife, Married, 56, Ravensworth (?), County Durham

Harton , Harton Colliery
William Bailey, Head of Household, Married, 45, Coalminer, Birtley
Hannah B, Wife, Married, 48, County Durham
Christopher B, Son, 17, Coalminer, Harton, County Durham
George B, Son, 15, Coalminer, do
Margaret B, Daughter, 13, do
Joseph B, Son, 10, do
Wandless B, Son, 10, do
William B, Grandson, 3, do

Harton, Harton Colliery
Christopher Bailey, Head of Household, Married, 42, Coalminer, Birtley
Hannah B, Wife, Married, 41, Hetton-le-Hole or Harton (?)
Joseph B, Son, 17, Coalminer, do
John B, Son, 14, Coalminer, Elemore
Rosenna B, Daughter, 13, Scholar, Harton
William B, Son, 11, Coalminer, do
Elizabeth B, Daughter, 8, Scholar, do
Margaret B, Daughter, 6, Scholar, do
Wandless B, Son, 4, Scholar, do
Simpson B, Son, 2, do
Elizabeth Young, Female Servant, 20, North Shields

Harraton & Fatfield, Fatfield Village, Long Row
Robert Ferrins or Ferens, Head, Widowed, 77, Farmer of 12 acres, Chester-le-Street
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 50, Housekeeper, do

Harraton & Fatfield, Harraton, ‘East Part of Portobello’
George Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 26, Coalminer, Chester-le-Street
Elizabeth W, Wife, Married, 21, Birtley
Thomas E. W, Son, 1 month, Chester-le-Street
Jane W, Sister, 23, Female Servant, Birtley

Harraton & Fatfield, Harraton, ‘East Part of Portobello’
George Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 60, Coalminer, Shildon, DUR
Isabel(la) W, Wife, Married, 59, Fatfield
Jane W, Daughter, 24, Harraton
Thomas Y. W, Son, 22, Coalminer, do
John W, Son, 18, Coalminer, do
Isabel(la) W, Daughter, 15, Scholar, do
Joseph W, Son, 13, Scholar, do

Pelton, Pelton Fell, Burnt Houses
James Turner, Head of Household, Married, 56, Coalminer, Scotland
Mary T, Wife, Married, 50, Corbridge, Northumberland
John Wanless or Wandless, Lodger, 34, Coalminer, Salisbury, Wilts

Pelton, Pelton Fell, Burnt Houses
Robert Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 40, Colliery Agent, Salisbury, Wilts
Elizabeth W, Wife, Married, 35, Houghton-le-Spring
William W, Son, 10, Scholar, Chester-le-Street
Sophia W, Daughter, 8, Scholar, do
Paulina W, Daughter, 2, do
Mary Morgan, Female Servant, 17, Easington (?), County Durham
Elizabeth Carr, Female Servant, Widowed, 50, Nurse, Gateshead

Pelton, Pelton Fell, Howlet Hall
Michael Greenwell, Head of Household, Married, 40, Coalminer, Lumley
Harriet G, Wife, Married, 38, Salisbury, Wilts
Elizabeth G, Daughter, 15, Scholar, Lumley, County Durham
Harriet G, Daughter, 12, Scholar, do
Robert G, Son, 10, Scholar, do
Sophia G, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Pelton
Mary Wanless G, Daughter, 6, Scholar, do
Martha G, Daughter, 4, Scholar, do
Agnes G, Daughter, 2, do

Birtley, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, 7 Vale Pit
John Laverick, Head of Household, Married, 32, Coalminer, Elswick, Northumberland
Dorothy L, Wife, Married, 30, Chester-le-Street
Isabel(la) L, Daughter, 6, Lamesley
Jacob L, Son, 4, Chester-le-Street
Dorothy Wandless or Wanless, Niece, 13, Washington

Lamesley, Eighton Banks, Eastern Boundary Road
Robert Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 68, Retired
Coalminer, Washington (Blind)
Jane W, Wife, Married, 66, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Jane Wilson, Granddaughter, 10, Scholar, Chester-le-Street
Elizabeth Wilson, Granddaughter, 7, Scholar, Leeds, Yorkshire
George Wilson, Grandson, 5, Scholar, do

Lamesley, Eighton Banks, Eastern Boundary Road
Thomas Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 41, Coalminer, Chester-le-Street
Jane W, Wife, Married, 35, Backworth, Northumberland
Hannah W, Daughter, 16, Washington
Joseph W, Son, 15, Coalminer, do
Mary J. W, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Ludworth
Robert W, Son, 8, Scholar, Chester-le-Street
Isabel(la) W, Daughter, 6, Scholar, Washington
Margaret W, Daughter, 4, Chester-le-Street
Thomas W, Son, 2, do

Lamesley, Eighton Banks, ‘Intermediate Houses’
Thomas Stephenson or Stevenson, Head of Household, Married, 43, Coalminer, Lamesley
Margaret S, Wife, Married, 42, Chester-le-Street
Robert S, Son, 22, Coalminer, do
Hannah S, Daughter, 21, Bellingham, Northumberland
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Sister-in-law, 43, Lamesley
Thomas Craggs or Craig, Lodger, 19, Coalminer, Northumberland

Palmer’s Hill, Monkwearmouth Shore (Piece No. RG9/3784, Folio No. 84)
WANLASS John, Head, Married, 40, Sawyer, Durham – Southwick
Mary, Wife, Married, 48, Durham – Monkwearmouth
Eleanor, Daur, U, 20, Durham – Monkwearmouth
Jane, Daur, U, 18, Durham – Monkwearmouth
Henry WILSON, lodger, 20, mariner, London
George Y. or G. BLACKBIRD(?), lodger, 28, mariner, NBL [illegible town]

RG09/3784 f59 p51 s306 27 Hardwick St., Monkwearmouth Shore
George Wanless Head Mar 53 Joiner Durham Durham
Margaret Do Wife Mar 54 Northumberland Stamfordham
George Do Son Un 20 Ap. Joiner Durham Sunderland
Elizabeth Do Daur Un 18 Do Do

RG09/3784 f75 p10 s50 Aberdeen Arms Wear Street Monkwearmouth Shore
Robert Wanlass Head Mar 64 Inn Keeper Durham Fullwell
Margery Do Wife Mar 70 Do Monkwearmouth
John Noble Nephew Mar 18 Forgeman Do Do
Margery Do Niece Un 14 Do Do

RG09/3781 f120 p17 s67 42 Southwick Row Monkwearmouth
George Glasper Head Mar 46 Coal Trimmer Durham Jarrow
Isabella Do Wife Mar 50 Do Monk Wth
Joseph Do Son Un 26 Coal Miner Do Southwick
William Do Son Un 20 Do Do Do Do
Forrest Pringle Boarder Un 21 Do Do Do Monk Wth
Sarah Overington Serv. 17 General Servant Do Do
William Do Boarder 15 Coal Miner Do Do
Ralph Do Do 12 Do Do Do Do
–included here because Joseph was a Wandless in 1851 (his mother was the widow of a Wandless)

Chester-le-Street, ‘Chester-le-Street
George Estelle, Head of Household, Married, 39, Clerk & Watchmaker, Newbottle
Sarah E, Wife, Married, 34, Chester-le-Street
Margaret E, Daughter, 16, Scholar, Houghton-le-Spring
Elizabeth E, Daughter, 13, Scholar, Chester-le-Street
Jane A. E, Daughter, 8, Scholar, do
Isabel(la) E, Daughter, 11 months, do
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 20, Portobello

Framwellgate (Rural), 18 Western Hill
Ann Goodall or Goodhall, Head of Household, Married, 44, North Shields
Jane Ogilvie, Visitor, 52, Boarding School Keeper, do
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 19, Darlington