1851 Census

Wanless-like names

Many thanks to Colin & Ken Wanless, John Gordon, Claire Wandless, Kay Stevens, Luke Still, and others for the data on this page. Northumberland is believed to be complete.

Fields: Name, relationship to head of household, marital status, age, occupation, birthplace (town & country). Place of residence (where the census was taken) is on the first line of each entry with the folio information.
Codes used:

NP = nephew
SV or Ser=servant
 SL or SOLW=son in law (which might mean stepson or something other than the modern usage of in-law)

If there is a number first in an entry (1, 2, 3, etc.), it is a control number used by the contributors; pay no heed to it, as it is not part of the original census data.
Standard English county abbreviations are used: NBL = Northumberland, DUR = Durham, CUL = Cumberland, YKS = Yorkshire


Flimby (HO107/2435 folio 690 )
Robert Wanless, hd, md, 38, Colliery Viewer, DUR Lower(?) Mount
Jane, wife, 26, DUR Houghton le Spring
Robert, son, 12, scholar, DUR Cockfield
William, son, 10, scholar, DUR Cockfield
Thomas S., son, 8, scholar, DUR Whitworth
Mark, son, 5, DUR Trimdon
Mary Jane, dau, 11 mos, DUR Shildon
Thomas Lowes [Laws], lodger, 18, agricultural labourer, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Dorothy Lowes [Laws], visitor, married, 50, DUR Painshaw [Penshaw]
Mary A. McBride, servant, 18, Antrim, Ireland

Folio 65, page 2, schedule 5. Skelgill Plains, Alston.
Jackson WANLESS Head Married 27 Lead Ore Miner CUL Alston
Sarah    WANLESS Wife Married 24 —————– CUL Alston
Mary    WANLESS Dau. ——- 2 —————- CUL Alston
Isabella WANLESS Visitor Unmarried 32 Dressmaker  CUL Alston

Folio 92, page 23, schedule 65. Raise, Alston.
Thomas   HALDON Head Married 37 Butcher & Farmer of 20 acres. CUL Alston
Rachel    HALDON Wife Married 34 ——————- CUL Alston
Margaret WANLASS Servant Unmarried 20 House & Farm Servant CUL Alston

Folio 105, page 9, schedule 28. White House, Alston.
Jackson WANLASS Head Married 61 Lead Miner CUL Alston
Ann       WANLASS Wife Married 56 ————— CUL Alston
Luke      WANLASS Son Unmarried 17 Lead Miner CUL Alston
Fenwick WANLASS Son —— 12 Lead Miner CUL Alston
Ralph      WANLASS Son —— 8 Scholar CUL Alston
***Note: Isabella (age 32) could be the daughter of Jackson & Mary. Margaret (age 20) could be
the daughter of Jackson & Ann.

Bransty Gardens, Preston Quarter, Whitehaven, Cumberland – note: this is the only Wan(d)less in Whitehaven in the 1851 census
William WANDLESS 38 born Newcastle Upon Tyne, gardener of 11 acres, employing 4 men
wife Jane WANDLESS 32 born Penrith, CUL
dau Mary WANDLESS 2 Whitehaven, CUL
son Thomas Todd WANDLESS 1 Whitehaven, CUL
sister in law Mary Todd 28 Whitehaven, CUL
servant Ellen Watson 18 born Lamplugh, CUL


Monkwearmouth Shore – North Quay (HO107/2398 folio 366 )
Dorothy Usher, hd, widow, 62, innkeeper, DUR Monkwearmouth Shore
John Rae, son-in-law, married, 32, paper maker, Newhills(?), Aberdeenshire
Jane Elizabeth Rae, wife, married, 25, DUR Monkwearmouth Shore
William Wanless, son, single, 21, labourer, DUR Monkwearmouth Shore

Bishopwearmouth (St. Michael’s) – 9 Crow Tree Rd (HO 107/2396 folio 454 page 3)
Robert Kirby, hd, md, 56, letter carrier, YKS Pickering
Frances, wife, 57, DUR Seaton
Mark, son, 20, DUR Burdon
Frances Smith, niece, 21, dressmaker, DUR Seaton
James Wanless, hd, md, 55, pensioner, DUR Sunderland
Jane, wife, 44, DUR South Shields

Bishopwearmouth (St. Michael’s) – 27 Derwent Street (HO107/2396 folio 497)
Ellen Niel, hd, wid, 68, mistress of day school, Bolton, Lancs.
Mary Niel, dau, single, 45, teacher, YKS Halifax
Sarah Hannah Wanlas, dau, wid, 29, DUR Barnard Castle
Ralph Wanlas, son, 5, scholar, DUR Seaham
Sarah Helen Wanles, dau, 2, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Allan Cameron, grandson, 12, scholar, DUR Seaham
George H. Adshead, visitor, single, 27, journeyman draper, Scotland

Sunderland – 7 Ropery Lane (HO107/2397 folio 106 )
Johnson Wanless, hd, md, 48, joiner, DUR Darlington
Jane, wife, 45, Coventry
Johnson, son, 17, shipwright, DUR Sunderland
John, son, 15, bootmaker, Sunderland
Ann, dau, 11, Sunderland
Sarah, dau, 10, Sunderland
William, son, 4, Sunderland
Jane, dau, 2, Sunderland

Sunderland – 6 Mariner’s Lane (HO 107/2397 folio 58)
John Page, head, single, 70, mariner, pauper, East Indies
Margaret Ridley, head, single, 22, DUR Monkwearmouth
Oswald Wanless, lodger, single, 22, mariner, DUR Stockton upon Tees

Sunderland – 15 Mariner’s Lane (HO107/2397 folio 59)
John Wanless, head, married, 46, mariner, DUR Darlington
Elizabeth, wife, 32, YKS Whitby
John, son, single, 17, mason, DUR Stockton
John HESLON(?) [or Heslor?], stepson, 11, scholar, DUR Sunderland
Ann Wanless, dau, 5, scholar, Sunderland
Jane Wanless, dau, 3, Sunderland
Martin HALL, father-in-law, 54, mariner, YKS Whitby

Monkwearmouth Shore, Railway Cottages (St. Peter’s eccl. dist.) (HO107/2398 folio 265)
William Wallace, hd, md, 33, shipwright, DUR Monk Shore
Ann, wife, 36, DUR E. Rainton
William, son, 11, scholar, Bishopwearmouth
Johnson, son, 6, scholar, Bishopwearmouth
Janet [or Jane A.?], dau, 3, Bishopwearmouth
Mary Wandless, sister-in-law, single, 38, DUR E. Rainton

Durham City 1851 Census, 51 Crossgate
William Wandless or Wanless, Head, married, 27, Carpet Weaver, Barnard Castle
Phyllis W, wife, married, ditto
Rachel W, daughter, 5, Scholar, ditto
James Crampton, Head, married, 49, Carpet Weaver, Barnard Castle
Eleanor C, wife, married, 65, ditto
James Wandless or Wanless, grandson, 2, Hailfax, Yks

Norton, Front Street (HO 107/2383/folio 843 page 15)
Margaret Chapman, hd, wid, 72, landed proprietor, DUR Wolviston
John Chapman, son, single, 49, farmer of 7 acres, 1 lab, DUR Norton
Henry Wilkinson, servant, 17, farm servant, YKS Marsk
Ann Wanless, servant, 40, house servant, YKS Stokesley
William Chapman, visitor, 15, scholar, DUR Norton

Norton (HO 107/2383/folio 823 page 18)
George Venus Jr., hd, md, 34, joiner (journeyman), YKS Seamer
Eleanor Venus, dau, 8, scholar, DUR Norton
Richard Wanless Venus, son, 5, scholar, DUR Norton
John George Venus, son, 1, DUR Norton
Elizabeth Wanless, mother, married, 71, annuitant, DUR Wolviston

South Shields, Westoe (St. Stephen’s), Mason’s Lane ( (HO 107/2399; f 340 sch. 76)
Thomas Wanlass, hd, md, 59, baker(?) parish(?) relief(?), Byker Hole or Hill, Northumberland
Isabella Wanlass, wife, 58, Gateshead, Durham
George Hall, lodger, single, 29, seaman, Scotland

Waterloo Street, Southwick (HO107 2398/folio 497)
George Wandlass, hd, md, 44, shipwright, DUR Fulwell
Isabella, wife, 38, DUR Southwick
Mary, dau, 13, do
Thomas, son, 11, do
Isabella, dau, 8, do
Bessy, dau, 6, do
Joseph, son, 4, do

Gascoigne Place, Southwick (HO 107/2398/folio 499(?)
Thomas Wandless, hd, single, 22, grocer, DUR Sunderland
— near Wandlass Place

Wandlass Place, Southwick ((HO 107/2398/folio shortly after 499 )
John Wandlass, hd, md, 60, landholder, DUR Fulwell

Leadgate, Iveston (piece 2389 folio 427 pg 74)
Thomas Smith, hd, md, 53 or 58, miner, NBL Byker Hill
Ann S, wife, md, 56, DUR Milkwell Burn or Born
John WANLASS, wife’s son, single, 27, gardener, DUR Bishopwearmouth
Henderson Smith, son of T. Smith, single, 23, labourer, Bishopwearmouth
James Smith, son, 19, blacksmith, Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Ann Smith, dau, 17, at home, Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Smith, dau, 11, Bishopwearmouth

37 Mill Street, Sunderland (piece 2397 folio 77 pg 57)
George Wanless hd, md, 77, house & ship joiner, DUR Church Merrington
Jane Wanless, wife, 74, DUR Sunderland

126 Milburngate, Crossgate, Durham City (piece 2390, folio 115)
Thomas Wandless Hd 35 carpet weaver born Dur Barnard Castle
Ann Wandless wife 30 carpet weavers wife born Dur Darlington
Rachael Wandless d 11 scholar born Darlington
Alice Wandless d 10 scholar born Darlington
Elizabeth Wandless d 8 scholar born Darlington
Thomas Wandless s 4 scholar born Darlington
Mary Wandless d 2 born Darlington
John Wandless s 1mth born Darlington
Alice Nicholson, visitor,married, 57, washer women, b. Darlington

Lanchester Village, Union Workhouse (HO 107 2389, folio 535/536)
John Wanless/Wandless, Inmate, Widowed, 64, Pauper & Retired Agricultural Labourer, Durham City, County Durham
Isabella Wanless/Wandless, Inmate, 17, Pauper & Former Female Servant, Girsby, Yorkshire

86 Low Street, Sunderland (piece 2397, folio 523 pg 61)
Thomas Wanless hd, md, 41, mariner, DUR Darlington
Ann W, wife, md, 38, DUR Sunderland
Thomas W, son, 14, boatbuilder, DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth W, dau, 10, scholar, do
George W, son, 8, scholar, do
John W, son, 6(?), do
William W, son, 6 months, do
George MARSHALL, father-in-law, widr, 62, occupation illegible (looks like neferrer or nefoun), do
Elizabeth PEARSON, aunt, single, 62, resident, do
John PEARSON, cousin, single, 33 or 38, resident, do

22 Woodbine St., Bishopwearmouth (HO 107/2396/folio 124 page 28) — Hendon area
James Maxwell, hd, 41, mariner, Stranby, Orkney
Eliza M, wife, 41, NBL Alnwick
James M, son, 8, scholar, Bishopwth
Charles W. M, son, 4, do
Simon Wanless, hd, 36, house & ship joiner, Sunderland
Isabella W, wife, 31, Sunderland
Edward D. W, son, 7, scholar, Bishopwearmouth
Isabella J. W, dau, 6, scholar, Bishopwearmouth
Maria W, dau, 3, scholar, Bishopwearmouth
Sarah W, dau, 1, Bishopwearmouth

Middlestone 1851 Census, Middlestone Village
Elizabeth Dunn, Head, widow, 71, Pauper, Lanchester
Margaret D (Blind), Daughter, 46, Pauper, Middlestone
Elizabeth D, Granddaughter, 16, Scholar, do
Margaret D, Granddaughter, 10, Scholar, Washington
Michael Wanless(?)/Wandless/Douglass(?), lodger, 17, Coalminer, St. Andrew Auckland

Willington, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Willington Old Hall
William Richardson, Head of Household, Married, 54, Farmer of 130 acres, Yorkshire
Ann R, Wife, Married, 49, Elvet, Durham City
Ann R, Daughter, 18, Female Servant, Ryton
William R, Son, 16, Agricultural Labourer, do
Robert R, Son, 15, Agricultural Labourer, do
Mary Jane R, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Brancepeth
Isabela Wanless [or Rinbers; very blotted], Visitor, 7, Scholar, Sunderland
J.B. Dixon, Visitor, 19, Farmer, Ovingham

Barnard CastleHO 107/2387 Folio 397 Page 18 (FHL 87065)

William Wandless Head Widower 60 Collier Durham Barnard Castle

Barnard CastleHO 107/2387 Folio 397 Page 18 (FHL 87065)

Robert Wandless Head Married 44 Warper of Carpets Durham Barnard Castle
Anne Wandless Wife Married 38 Durham Barnard Castle
Elizabeth Wandless Daughter Unmarried 10 at home Durham Barnard Castle
Robert Wandless Son Unmarried 8 Scholar Durham Barnard Castle
James Wandless Son Unmarried 1 at home Durham Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle, Hackler’s(?) Row (piece 2387 folio 343)
James Wandless, hd, md, 55, dealer in coals, Barnard Castle
Mary, wife, 60, Barnard Castle

Church Street, Seaham Harbour.
John Watson, Head, married, 23, Grocer, Gilling, Yorkshire.
Mary W, Wife, married, 21, Ebchester
William Thomas W, son, 1m, Seaham Harbour
Mary Nicholson, mother-in-law, widow, 64, Proprietor of Houses, Stanhope
Thomas Wanless or Wandless, Apprentice, 17, Apprentice Grocer, Chester-le-Street

Church Street, Seaham Harbour.
Robert Wandless, Head, married, 28, Coal Trimmer, Lumley
Mary W, Wife, married, 38, Aycliffe
Mary W, daughter, 2, Seaham Harbour

Monk Hesleden, Castle Eden Colliery
James Gray, Head, married, 45, Coalminer, Jarrow
Sarah G, Wife, married, 47, Ramsgate
Jane G, daughter, 18, South Shields
William G, son, 14, Coalminer, do
Thomas G, son, 11, Coalminer, do
James Wanless, lodger, 19, Coalminer, Northumberland

Wingate, Wingate Colliery
Alexander Thompson, Head, 22, Coalminer, Scotland
Thomas Wandless, lodger, 26, Coalminer, Durham
Robert Mason, lodger, 21, Coalminer, do
John Williamson, lodger, 32, married, Coalminer, do
Ellen Williamson, Above’s wife, married, 33, Scotland

Coxhoe & East Hetton, 49 Coxhoe Oxclose
George Armstrong, Head, married, 24, Coalminer, Hebron, Cumberland (?)
Mary A, Wife, married, 24, Colliery Dykes, County Durham
Thomas A, son, 2, Westerton
Isabel(la) A, daughter, 3 months, Coxhoe
Jane Wanless or Wandless, Visitor, 18, Kelloe

Penshaw, Penshaw Bore Hole
Ralph Jackson, Head, married, 46, Farmer of 86 acres, Lumley Thicks
Mary Ann J, Wife, married, 48, Sunderland
Margaret Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 21, Portobello
Robert Davison, Male Servant, 22, Agricultural Labourer, Ryhope

Penshaw, Shiney Row
Mary Ann Tinkler, Head, Widowed, 56, Dipton
Hannah T, daughter, 30, Houghton-le-Spring
Joseph T, son, 24, Blacksmith, do
William T, son, 20, Engineman, do
William Wanless or Wandless, grandson, 5, Scholar, Penshaw

Hetton-le-Hole – West Side
John Bayley or Bailey, Head, married, 62, Coal Miner, Eighton Banks
Barbara B, Wife, married, 65, St.Andrews, Northumberland
Robert B, son, 21, Coal Miner, Easington Lane
Wanless B, son, 16, Coal Miner, Four Lane Ends

Hetton-le-Hole with Easington Lane, Easington Lane
William Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 50, Coalminer, Hetton-le-Hole
Sarah W, Wife, Married, 48, Ravensworth
John Brennan, Lodger, 15, Apprentice Joiner, Kirby Moorside, Yorkshire
Sarah Brennan, Visitor, 10, Lynn, Norfolk
Thomas McDermott, Visitor, 16, Labourer, Lisburn or Longford, Ireland
Ann Kendall or Hendall, Visitor, 65, Down, Ireland
Francis Hughes, Lodger, 72, Labourer, Tyrone, Ireland
John Kelly, Lodger, Married, 35, Labourer, Roscommon, Ireland
Mary Kelly, Visitor, Married, 30, do
John Smith, Lodger, Married, 54, Mason, Cavan, Ireland
Ann Smith, Lodger, Married, 53, Donegal, Ireland
John Heighton or Hayton (?), Lodger, Widowed, 65, Nailer, America (?)
William Anderson, Lodger, 45, Labourer, County Durham

Hetton-le-Hole, Brick Garth
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Head, Widowed, 71, Pauper, Waldridge
—- (short line indicating 2 families in one house)
Robert Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 29, Engineer, Grindon
Elizabeth, Wife, Married, 23, Houghton-le-Spring
Elizabeth, Daughter, 3, Easington Lane
Sarah, Daughter, 1, West Hetton

Sunderland Rd, Durham city (Ref 12783/ 180v)
Mary Adelaide Wandless, servant, 19, general servant, Coatham, Yorkshire
(working in household of Charles and Jane Ebdy)

Square**, St. Helen’s Auckland (folio 420, p. 31, enum. #11)

James WANLESS head md 46 coal miner DUR Evenwood
Jane WANLESS wife md 50 NBL St. Johnley(?)
Jane WANLESS dau md 26 coal miner’s wife NBL Hexham
John CURRY son U 23 coal miner NBL Hexham
James WANLESS son U 15 coal miner DUR Hetton
Edward WANLESS son 11 coal miner DUR Hetton
William WANLESS GSon 3 DUR Evenwood

**Based on other addresses nearby, I think this means they lived on the Square in the village of St. Helen’s.

Shildon, Auckland St Andrew, DUR (end of this section says “end of Old Shildon”) (folio 586, FHL 87063)
John Wanlass hd, md, 60, carter, DUR Old Shildon
Ann Wanlass wife, 77, carter’s wife, YKS Danby Whisk*
** probably Danby Wiske, North YKS near Northallerton

Sedgefield, DUR
Margaret Wanless Head Wid 83 Annuitant, b. Yorkshire, Skelton.
Harriet Ann Simpson Granddaughter 7 Scholar, b. Durham, Sedgefield.

Sedgefield, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Diamond Hall
John Beckwith or Beckworth, Head, married, 29, Farm Bailiff, Hetton-le-Hole
Ann B, Wife, married, 28, Witton-le-Wear
George Dixon, Male Servant, 27, Agricultural Labourer, Sand Hutton,Yorkshire
Ann Wanless or Wandless, Female Servant, 26, Bowes or Bower Hill

Temperance Street, East Thickley (folio 554)
WANDLESS, Margaret 53 head, widow, Dur Darlington
, William 23 son, engine stoker rail, Dur Gainford
, Richard 19 son, metal moulder, Dur Gainford
, Mary 16 dau, scholar, Dur Gainford
, Margaret 8 dau, scholar, Dur Gainford
PYM, John lodger, U, 63, shoemaker, Somerset Benwill(?)
HOGG, Charles lodger, U, 22, stoker, DUR West Auckland
GILL(?), Christopher lodger, U, 32, stoker, DUR Gainford

Quarry House, East Thickley (folio 569)
George Wandless 40 platelayer Dur Raby
Isabella .. 35 wfe Yks Morton or Marton
Jane .. 11 dau Dur Heighington
Mary . . 9 dau Dur Heighington
John .. 5 son, platelayer’s son, Dur Shildon
Robert .. 1 son — Dur Shildon

Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street, DUR
Robert Wanless or Wandless, Head, Widowed, 75, Millwright, DUR Lumley
John , Son, 24, Coalminer, Quidhampton, Wilts
Simeon , Son, 20, Coalminer, Quidhampton, Wilts
Jane, Daughter, 22, born Quidhampton Wiltshire

Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street, DUR
Jane Walton, Head of Household, Widowed, 69, Retired Schoolmistress, Birkley, Yorkshire
Robert Wanless or Wandless, Grandson, 8, Scholar, Great Lumley

Note: The Thornley entry for the Jervais/Jabez Wanless family has been removed because that family was clearly identified as Wonders in later censuses.

Grey Street, Thornley, DUR
William Hall, Head of Household, 19, Coalminer, Hebburn
George H, Brother, 14, Coalminer, do
Hannah Reed, Cousin, 21, Dressmaker, do
Jane Wanless, Female Servant, 23, West Auckland

Bishop Middleham, Co. Durham (HO 107/2384, page 20)
William WANLESS     Head, Married age 60, Agricultural labourer, born Shildon, Durham
Mary WANLESS        Wife, Married age 40, born Norton, Durham
Elizabeth WANLESS   Daughter, age 5, Scholar, born Fishburn, Durham

Edmondsley, Waldridge Colliery (piece 2394 folio 239 page 7)
Thomas Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 30, Coalminer, Lamesley
Jane W, Wife, Married, 26, Birthplace not known
Hannah W, Daughter, 6, Lamesley
Joseph Robson W, Son, 5, Washington
Dorothy W, Daughter, 3, do
Mary Jane W, Daughter, 1, Shadforth
Isabella W, Daughter, 3 months, Kelloe

Edmondsley, Waldridge (surrounded by Waldridge Fell) (piece 2394 folio 240 page 8).
Thomas Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 68, Forester, Lumley
Ann W, Wife, Married, 67, Rainton

HO 107/; f; p 32; sc 141 Newbottle, DUR.
John WANLESS            Hd M 48 Blacksmith NBL Breadford
Elizabeth WANLESS  Wi M 46 Blacksmith’s Wife NBL Swarland
John WANLESS            So U 21 Fireman NBL Reninton
William WANLESS   So U 18 Labourer DUR Houghton le Spring
George WANLESS   So U 15 Labourer DUR Broomhill
Ann WANLESS            Da – 11 Scholar DUR Broomhill
James WANLESS            So – 3 ———- DUR Newbottle
George WANLESS   Np – 2 ———- DUR Norton

Sherburn, Sherburn Hill Village, 103 Durham Row
James Walker, Head, married, 56, Coalminer, Lamesley
Mary W, Wife, married, 50, Trimdon
John W, son, 25, Coalminer, Chester-le-Street
Elizabeth W, daughter, 19, Jarrow
William W, son, 13, Coalminer, Houghton-le-Spring
James W, son, 11, Coalminer, Kelloe
Elizabeth Wanless or Wandless, Relative, 48, house servant, St. Ann, Northumberland

HO 107/4985; f; p50; sc Crown Pit, High Moorsley, Rainton, DUR.
Joseph TODD Hd M 29 Innkeeper & Ag. Lab. NBL Hexham
Isabella TODD Wi M 38 ———- DUR Elemore Grange
Thomas SMILES StSo U 19 Coal Miner DUR Moorsley
William SMILES StSo U 17 Coal Miner DUR Moorsley
Margaret SMILES StDa U 10 Scholar DUR Dragon Villa
John TODD       So U 3 ———- DUR Moorsley
Joseph TODD So U 3mo ———- DUR Moorsley
Isabella WANLESS Ser U 16 Dom. Serv. DUR Cosha [Coxhoe?]

Stockton, 30 James Street (HO 107/folio 709 pg 11)
John WANLESS 73 joiner YKS Ayton
Elizabeth WANLESS 72 DUR Wolviston

Stockton, Heffron Street (HO 107/2383/650)
William WANLESS, hd, md, 32 engine fitter, WIL Wilton
Margaret WANLESS, wife, 32 NBL Bedlington
Robert WANLESS, son, 9 NBL Bedlington
John    WANLESS, son, 1 NBL Bedlington
Robert WATERSTON, brother in law, 22 or 24, blacksmith, NBL Bedlington

Stockton, Housewife Lane (HO 107/2383; f733; p22)
Mary WANLESS head, widow, 55, pauper, seamstress, DUR Stockton
— lives alone between 2 Irish families; no obvious relatives around her

Stockton, Cherry Lane (HO 107/2383; f740; p36)
Robert Fawcett, hd, md, 32, wharfinger porter, DUR Darlington
Margaret Fawcett, wife, 29, Scotland Glascow [Glasgow]
Clementina Fawcett, dau, 4, DUR Stockton
Edward WANLESS head, widower, 60, roper, DUR Thorp

Stockton, 34(?) High St (HO 107/2383/folio 765)
Mary Moody, hd, wid, 53, innkeeper, DUR Bellingham
…her children Christopher, William, Robert…
Sarah Wanlass, house servant, 16, DUR Stockton
…other servants and visitors…

HO 107/; folio 310; p; sc Railway Terrace, Village of Blue Row, Bishop Auckland, DUR
William WANLESS head 36 blacksmith DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Margaret WANLESS wife 30 DUR Chester-le-Street
Margaret WANLESS dau 4 DUR Chester-le-Street
Robert WANLESS son 7mo DUR St.Andrew Auckld
Thomas H. Newton visitor, married, 30(?), colliery agent, DUR Chester-le-Street

HO 107/; Woodhouse Close Colliery, Auckland St. Andrew, DUR (folio 342, p.26, enum.#94).
Henry   WANLESS head 58 colliery agent DUR East Rainton
Sarah   WANLESS   wife 51 ————- DUR West Rainton
Johnson WANLESS son 30 mechanick DUR East Rainton
Margaret WANLESS dau 17 ————DUR East Rainton
Henry  WANLESS son 13 scholar——-DUR Pencher
Eleanor WANLESS dau 9 —————-DUR Pencher
Elizabeth YOUNG serv 18 house servant DUR New Shildon

HO 107/; f; p; sc Low Moorsley, DUR.
Henry WANDLESS         Hd M 23 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Hannah WANDLESS Wi M 24 ———- DUR Hetton le Hole
Margaret WANDLESS Da U 1 ———- DUR Moorsley

HO 107/; f; p; sc East Rainton, DUR.
Bateman WANLESS   Hd M 70 Wasteman/Coal Miner DUR Witton
Margaret WANLESS         Wi M 52 ———- DUR Southwick
Thomas WANLESS          So U 13 Coal Miner DUR East Rainton

East Rainton, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Cross Lane (HO107/2393/folio 499)
William Briggs, Head, married, 75, Pauper, born County Durham
Margaret Briggs, Wife, married, 71, born Lumley(?), County Durham
William Briggs, son, 35, Tailor, born [town unclear; -ach or -arl, then –ouses, could even be East Rainton], Durham
John Wanless(?), nephew, 26, Clerk, do

HO 107/2400; f 337; p30; Dog Bank Row, Township of Hedworth, Monkton and Jarrow, DUR (FHL 87078)

Elizabeth Wanless Head Widow 43 Domestic Duties Northumberland Morpeth
Joseph Wanless Son 21 Coal Miner Northumberland Morpeth
William Mould Nephew Unmarried 14 Coal Miner Northumberland Morpeth

HO 107/2394; f 260; p; sc Breckon Beds, Pelton, Chester-le-Street, DUR
Robert Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 30, Coalminer, Salisbury, Wilts
Elizabeth W, Wife, Married, 25, Hetton-le-Hole
William W, Son, 1 month, Pelton Fell
Sarah Moffatt, Female Servant, 13, Waldridge

HO 107/; f 408; p; sc Harraton, Chatershaugh.
Luke Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 45, Engineer & Contractor, Washington
Mary W, Wife, Married, 46, do
Samuel B. W, Son, 19, Farmer of 20 acres, Hetton-le-Hole
Mary W, Daughter, 17, do
Luke W, Son, 15, Clerk, do
Michael W, Son, 10, Scholar, Shildon
Thomas W, Son, 12, Scholar, do
John H. W, Son, 8, Scholar, do
Ann W, Mother, Widowed, 78, Ayton Banks, County Durham
William Robinson, Son-in-law, Married, 29, Colliery Engineer, Houghton-le-Spring
Ann Robinson, Daughter, Married, 23, do
George Robinson, Grandson, 4 months, Chatershaugh

HO 107/; f 425; p; sc Harraton, Nova Scotia
George Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 49, Coalminer, Shildon
Isabel(la) W, Wife, Married, 48, Chester-le-Street
George W, Son, 16, Coalminer, do
Jane W, Daughter, 14, do
Thomas W, Son, 12, do
Elizabeth W, Daughter, 10, do
John W, Son, 8, do
Isabel(la) W, Daughter, 6, do
Joseph W, Son, 3, do

HO 107/; f 400; p; sc Harraton, Fatfield Village, Fatfield Burns.
Robert Hobson, Head of Household, Married, 46, Coalminer, Fatfield
Isabel(la) H, Wife, Married, 42, do
Robert Wandless or Wanless, Stepson, 15, Coalminer, do
John Hobson, Son, 7, do
Mary Hobson, Daughter, 4, do
Michael Hobson, Son, 1, do

HO 107/; f 528 ‘Near South Row‘, Eighton Banks, Lamesley
Robert Wandless or Wanless, Head of Household, Married, 58, Coalminer, Washington
Jane W, Wife, Married, 57, Byker
Elizabeth W, Daughter, 35, Lamesley
Jacob Wilson, Stepson, Married, 28, Journeyman Shoemaker, Wallsend

Darlington, Thompson?s Yard (off Skinnergate), DUR (piece 2382, folio 314 page 11)
William Roberts      Head   aged 35, Horse Clipper, Born North Cowton
Isabella Roberts      Wife    aged 25                 Born Melsomby
Rebecca Roberts     Dau      aged 5                 Born Barton
Mary Jane Roberts  Dau     aged 5 months       Born Darlington
John Wanless          Lodger  aged 23, Groom, Born Gainford

Blakiston Hall, Norton, DUR (Piece/Folio 2383/861)
Joseph Wanless 51 Market Gardener Colchester
Mary Ann Wanless 34 Wife Stokesley YKS
Margaret Wanless 7 Daughter Norton Durham
William Wanless 5 Son Norton Durham
Sarah Wanless 2 Daughter Norton Durham
James Wanless 2m Son Norton Durham
William Robinson 72 FaInLaw, Shoe Maker, Stokesley YKS
Mary Robinson 14 Niece Stokesley YKS

Ferryhill, DUR (folio 779)
Robert Wanless Head mar 73 Grocer Durham Merrington
Ann .. wife .. 75 .. Barnard Castle
John Garnett son in law 31 farmer of 16 acres Yorkshire
Elizabeth Garnett dau 42 Durham Ferryhill

HO107/???? f261/p18/r85, 17 Moorgate street, Sunderland, DUR
Isabell(a) Wandless Wife Married 35 Boatman H.M Customs Wife DUR, Trimdon
William John Wandless Son 6 mo. DUR, Sunderland
Ann Wheatley Vis. Married 37 House Servant DUR, Sedgefield

Seaton Colliery, DUR

Anth. [Anthony] WANLAS hd md 40 Sinker NBL
Margaret WANLAS wi md 46 NBL

Cockfield, DUR – household 7

Thomas Wandless hd md 65 Agric labourer Fulwell DUR
Mary Wandless wi md 58 Lynesack DUR
Jane Wandless dau si 15 Cockfield DUR

Cockfield, DUR – household 88

Margaret Wandless hd md 49 Brancepeth DUR
John Wandless so 14 Engine fireman Evenwood DUR

West Auckland, DUR (HO 107 / 2386, Folio 52 Pg 80, in the Ecclesiastical District of St Helens Auckland)

John Wanlass hd md 28 coal miner Dykenuke DUR
Sarah Wanlass wi 50 Cockfield DUR
William Ogleby son 12 coal miner Cockfield DUR
Sarah Ogleby dau 10 scholar Cockfield DUR
Robert Wanlass bro un 20 coal miner Hole House** DUR

**Hole House is near Kelloe

West Auckland 1851, West Auckland Village HO107/2386/folio 23 page 23
John Warwick, Head, Married 37 Blacksmith, Barnard Castle
Jane Warwick, Wife, Married 36 Saint John’s Chapel
Jane A. Warwick, Daughter 10 Scholar West Auckland
Elizabeth Warwick, Daughter 8 Scholar West Auckland
Eliza Warwick, Daughter 11 months West Auckland
William Wanless, Male Servant 28 Blacksmith’s Servant, Birthplace not known
Elizabeth Stewart/Steward/Heward(?), Female Servant, 17, Weardale

West Auckland, DUR (folio 59)

John Clark hd md 33 ag. lab. Kirby Malzeard YKS
Jane Clark wi 33 Shildon DUR
Jane Wanlass mother wid 63 pauper Shildon DUR

Thornley Colliery, DUR (Vol 124 Folio 63)
George Wandless Hd marr 25 engine driver born Northumb Wallsend
Isabella Wandless wife 28 .. ..Cowpen
Margaret Wandless daugh 3 .. Durham Thornley
Jane Ramsey wife’s mother, widow, 70 annuitant, Newcastle upon Tyne
Ann Beadnell servant, unmarr 24 house servant Durham Usworth

Thornley Colliery, DUR (Vol 124 Folio 64)
John Arrowsmith head, widower, 53 grocer and innkeeper, born YKS Overton
William Arrowsmith son unmarr, 28 joiner, born DUR, Aycliffe
Bateman Wandless son in law 22 engine driver, NBL Wallsend
Elizabeth Wandless daughter marr 22 ————— DUR Aycliffe
Mary Arrowsmith daught unmarr 17 grocer & publicans daught, DUR Aycliffe
Barbara Cooper servant unmarr 21 servant, DUR, Washington

Bishopwearmouth, DUR – St. Thomas Parish, 32 Charles Street (folio 100)
Wanless George 44 joiner/cabinet maker born DUR Durham City
Wanless Margaret 46 born NBL Stamfordham
Wanless Jane 20 dressmaker born DUR Sunderland
Wanless Margaret 15 born DUR Bishopwearmouth
Wanless Elenor 12 scholar born DUR Bishopwearmouth
Wanless George 10 scholar born DUR Bishopwearmouth
Wanless Elizabeth 8 scholar born DUR Bishopwearmouth

Bishopwearmouth, DUR – 18 William Street, Ecclesiastical District of St. Thomas (HO 107/2395 f.118 p.16 & 17)
Robert Taylor Head Mar 46 Brickmaker Dur, Norton
Ann -do- Wife M 39 Dressmaker Dur, Wolsingham
William -do- Son 16 Iron Mongers Appr. Dur, Stockton
Jane Ann -do- Dau 12 Scholar Dur, Monkwearm’th
Robert -do- Son 3 Dur, Bishopwearm’th
John Henry -do- Son 11months Dur, Bishopwearm’th
Thomas Cowens Head Mar 39 Stone Mason NBL, Lemington
Margaret -do- Wife M 40 Dur, Sunderland
William Wanless Vis Wid 39 Master Mariner Dur, Darlington
Mary Ann -do- Vis 12 Scholar Dur, Sunderland
Thomas Jackson Head Mar 40 Cordwainer Dur, Sunderland
Mary Ann -do- Wife M 39 NBL, North Shields
Charles John Evans Vis Wid 40 Bookseller Kent, Deptford
— lines indicate several families sharing one address

8 Hopper Street, Bishopwearmouth (HO107/2395 folio 227 p58; Ecclesiastical District of St. Michael’s Parish Church, Borough of Sunderland)
John Wandless, Head, Mar, 46, Coal Trimmer, Durham Herrington
Jane -do- , Wife, Mar, 42, Yorkshire Scaleby**
William -do- Son, U, 21, Glass Cutter, Durham Bishopwearmouth
Jane -do-, Daur, 13, Scholar, Durham Bishopwearmouth
Sarah -do-, Daur, 9, Scholar, Durham Bishopwearmouth
John G. -do-, Son, 1, Durham Bishopwearmouth
John Hartley, Lodger, U, 20, Glass Cutter, Durham South Shore
**Scalby, near Scarborough. The house is shared – prob. up/down with Elizabeth Oliver, her daughter and grand-daughter – EO being described as ‘Lodging House Keeper’

Milton Street, Linthorpe, DUR (HO 107 / 4014)
Joseph Wanless Head 32 [22?] Steelworker Sunderland
Mary Jane Wanless Wife 22 – Eston, YKS

Linthorpe, DUR (HO 107 / 4014)
James Wanlass 37 Railway Engine Driver, born DUR New Shilton
— James had a family with him but Kay didn’t note their data

Wear Street, Monkwearmouth, DUR
Jane Wandlass aged 17, servant, born Monkwearmouth Shore
–working for the family of John Nesbitt

Pittington & Littletown 1851 Census, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Belmont
William Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 51, Coalminer, Hetton-le-Hole
Ann, Wife, Married, 49, Pelton
Jane, Daughter, 22, Hebron or Hebburn
Christopher, Son, 20, Coalminer, Hebron or Hebburn
Margaret, Daughter, 18, North Hetton
Hannah, Daughter, 15, Scholar, Gateshead
Thomas, Son, 10, Scholar, Hallgarth

Colliery Row, Houghton-le-Spring, DUR
Mark Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 25, Inspector of Coals, Colliery Row
Ann W, Wife, Married, 27, Heighington
Mary W, Daughter, 4 months, Houghton-le-Spring
John Dobson, Brother-in-law, 14, Coalminer, Heighington

Houghton-le-Spring, Hill Side Rows
Robert Wanless or Wandless, Head of Household, Married, 32, Joiner & Cabinetmaker, Houghton-le-Spring
Jane W, Wife, Married, 30, Chester-le-Street
Jane A. W, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Bishopwearmouth
Johnson W, Son, 6, Scholar, Washington
Elizabeth W, Daughter, 3, Houghton-le-Spring

South Hetton, South Hetton, DUR
William Wanless or Wandless, Head, married, 54, Coalminer, Lamesley
Ann W, Wife, married, 60, Edmundbyers
Ann Postle, Visitor, 28, Wylam
Ann Postle, Visitor, 8, Shotley Bridge
Jane Postle, Visitor, 6, do
Mary Postle, Visitor, 3, do

New North Rd, Durham city (part of Framwellgate township) (HO 107/2390 folio 187)
William Wandless Hd Marr age 26 shoemaker born Durham
Ann Wandless wife 24 born DUR Ferryhill
Thomas Cathron Wandless son 3 born Durham
James Cathron Wandless son 1 born Durham

South Bedburn, Hamsterley, Outlying Farms & Dwellings, Hoppyland (FOLIO 209 HO 107 / 2386)
Robert Wanless, Head, married, 27, Agricultural Lab, Ingleton, County Durham
Mary , Wife, married, 32, Hamsterley
Joseph W, Son, 3, do

Gateshead, Church Street (HO 107/2402 folio 538 p14, FHL 87080)

Henry Wanless Head Widower 70 Sawyer Durham Merrington
Catherine Bewick Daughter Widow 28 Durham Gateshead
Jane Wanless Daughter Unmarried 24 Dressmaker Durham Gateshead

Gateshead, Pipewellgate (HO 107/2402 folio 163 p10, FHL 87080)

Margaret Winn Head Unmarried 25 Hair Weaver Durham Gateshead
Mary Wandless Lodger Unmarried 17 Hair Weaver Durham Gateshead

Whickham (HO 107/2403 folio 275 pg 27, FHL 87081)

Henry Wandless Head Married 41 Sadler and Harness Maker Durham Gateshead
Grace Wandless Wife Married 42 Newcastle on Tyne
Henry James Wandless Son 13 Minder Sunday Scholar <Northumberland Walbottle>
Catherine Ann Wandless Daughter 10 <Northumberland Walbottle>
Jane Wandless Daughter 8 <Northumberland Walbottle>
Grace Wandless Daughter 1 Durham Winlaton
James Wandless Son 5 Scholar Durham Winlaton


Liverpool – 73 Upper Hill Street, Toxteth Park, West Derby borough, eccl. parish of St James (piece 2186 Folio 514)
Thomas D. Wanliss, 20, apprentice merchant, b. Perthshire, Scotland
–in the house of James Montgomery, coal keeper

Davyhulme, Barton upon Irwell civil parish, St. Mary’s eccl. parish (HO107/2218 folio 320 pg 5)

James Wright, hd, md, 41, gardener, Berwick on Tweed
Catherine, wife, 36, Scotland
William, son, 10, day and Sunday scholar, LAN Eccles
James, son, 8, day and Sunday scholar, LAN Eccles
Andrew, son, 6, day and Sunday scholar, LAN Eccles
Robert, son, 3, LAN Eccles
Isabella, dau, 1, LAN Eccles
Isabella Wanless, mother, widowed, 76, annuitant, NBL Kirknewton
Mary A. Pears, house servant, 19, LAN Hixton

Manchester – 273 Great Ancoat St, St. Andrew’s eccl. dist. (HO107/2226 folio 716)
Christopher Wanless, head, single, 27, journeyman grocer, NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne
A. Roberts, male, servant, 22, journeyman grocer, Lancs, Clitheroe


31 King Street, St Saviour, Southwark, London (HO107/1558/29v)
Joshua P WANLESS, Head, 52, Clerk Accountant Union, born London
Martha, wife, 40, born Preston, LAN
George, son, 8, scholar, born Lambeth
Joshua, son, 6, Scholar, ”
Mary, Daughter, 4, scholar, ”
Ellen STILL, Servant, 26, House Servant, born Wandsworth
John H Winter, Lodger, 21, Student, Guy’s Hospital, born Brighton SSX


Mansfield, High Oakham Barracks (HO107/2124 folio 249)
…with other members of the 1st Royal Dragoons…
Lancelot Wanlace, private, single, 38, dragoon private, NBL Longframlington

Northumberland (complete)

Riplington village, Whalton parish (HO107/2413 folio 209)
Samuel Ditchburn, hd, md, 28, farmer of 378 acres, NBL Ponteland
Elizabeth, wife, 28, NBL Bolam
Jane WANLACE, dau. in law [stepdaughter], 5, NBL Bolam
Mark DITCHBURN, son, 1/2, NBL Whalton
Robert Ditchburn, 70, farmer of 378 acres, NBL Whalton
…plus wife Margaret and more children…

Jesus Hospital, Manors, (near Stockbridge, police station, and gaol), District 10, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (HO107/2407 folio 287)
…among long list of inhabitants of all ages…
Elizabeth Winless, 98, widow, birthplace blank

Longhorsley – Blackpool Farm, Freeholders Quarter (piece 2418; very poor image)
Thomas Wanless, hd, md, 61, farmer of 399(?) acres employing 4(?) servants, NBL Longhorsley
Elizabeth Wanless, wife, 65, NBL Longhorsley
…1 illegible female servant & 2 illegible farm labourers…
Thomas Wanless Head Mar 29 Agricultural Labourer Longhorsley
Ursula ” Wife 28 Ag Lab’s Wife ”
John ” Son 5 ”
Thomas ” Son 3 ”
William ” Son 1 ”
Jane(?) Robson, hd, unm, 70, pauper formerly ag. lab., NBL Longhorsley
— “Jane” is a really unclear/faint female on the CD – the microfilm version might be clearer

HO 107/2413 F222 P10 Enum. No. 38 Guide Post, Belsay
John WANLACE Head, Mar, 34, Cartwright, NBL, Hartburn
Annabella WANLACE, Wife, Mar, 32, NBL, Morpeth
Anna Eliz WANLACE, Daur, 4, NBL, Bolam
John William WANLACE Son, 2, NBL, Morpeth
Ann Wilson Servant, 40?, NBL, Morpeth

HO 107/2413; folio 339; page 2; schedule 4; Heddon on the Wall.
Stephen WANLESS, Head, Married, age 50, Farm labourer, NBL, Whittingham.
Jane WANLESS, Wife, Married, 43, ——-,NBL, Elsdon
Mary WANLESS,Daughter, Single, 12, ——–, NBL, Heddon
Jane WANLESS, Daughter, Single, 10, ——-, NBL, Heddon
William WANLESS, Son, Single, 7, ——–, NBL, Heddon
Stephen WANLESS, Son, Single, 5, ——–, NBL, Heddon.

2 HO 107/2413; f 345 Heddon West Banks, Castle Ward – Ponteland & Stamfordham, NBL (Enum. No. 64).
George Armstrong, Head, Mar, 59, Farmer of 500 acres employing 9 labourers, born Durham, L….p.?
Mary Armstrong, Wife, Mar, 60, NBL Heddon
Elizabeth WANLACE 19, Servant, born NBL South Donnington*
…plus a Visitor and 3 other servants

3 HO 107/2413; f 416 Ingoe, Castle Ward – Ponteland & Stamfordham, NBL (Enum No 35).
John WANLESS Head Mar 56 Ag. Lab NBL Kirkharl
Mary WANLESS Wife Mar 49 NBL Thockrington
Isabella WANLESS Dau U 19 House Serv NBL Stamfordham
Mary Jane WANLESS Dau 14 Employed at home NBL Stamfordham
William WANLESS Son 10 Ag Lab. NBL Stamfordham
John WANLESS Son 7 Scholar NBL Stamfordham

4 HO 107/2409; f 47; p 4 West Row, Wallsend, NBL.
John          WEST  Hd M 38 Mariner NBL Wallsend
Alice           WEST Wi M 35 ———- NBL Byker
George ROXBY Vis W 78 Retired Wagonman DUR Mount ?
John WANDLESS Vis U 20 Labourer NBL NewcastleAllSaints

5 HO 107/2409; f 56; p 23 Wallsend Village, Wallsend, NBL.
John    WANLESS Hd M 50 Labourer NBL Benton
Mary Ann WANLESS Wi M 47 ———– NBL All Saints
George WANLESS So U 24 Blacksmith NBL All Saints
Margaret WANLESS Da U 18 ———– NBL All Saints

6 HO 107/2409; f 63 Turnpike Road, Wallsend, NBL.
Thomas WANLASS  Hd M 38 Grocer NBL Wallsend
Ellen   WANLASS       Wi M 34 ———— NBL Fawdon
Jane  WANLASS       Da U 12 Scholar NBL Wallsend
Ellenor WANLASS       Da U 10 Scholar NBL Wallsend
George WANLASS  So U 9 Scholar NBL Wallsend
John  WANLASS        So U 7 Scholar NBL Wallsend
Thomas WANLASS  So U 4 Scholar NBL Wallsend
Nicholas CODLING        Ap U 16 Apprentice NBL Shields
Dorothy WILKINSON Ser U 12 House Servant NBL Wallsend

7 HO 107/2409; f 229; p 25 Howdon Pit Row, Chirton, NBL.
Alexander WANDLESS Hd M 33 Pumpwright NBL Wallsend
Margaret WANDLESS Wi M 31 ———- NBL Percy Main
Mary Ann WANDLESS Da U 13 ———- NBL Percy Main
Margaret WANDLESS Da U 11 ———- NBL Seaton Delaval
Anthony WANDLESS So U 9 ———– NBL Seaton Delaval
Eleanor WANDLESS Da U 4 ———- DUR Bp. Middleham
Alexander WANDLESS So U 2 ———- NBL Percy Main

8 HO 107/2409; f 589; p 10 Murton, North Shields, NBL.
Lewes DUNN Hd M 40 Blacksmith NBL Longhurst
Margaret DUNN Wi M 42 ———- NBL Byker
Alace   WANDLESS Wife’s Daughter, U 20 ———— NBL Heaton
Thomas DUNN So – 11 ———- NBL Heaton
Frances DUNN Da – 3 ———- NBL Murton
Isabella DUNN Da – 4 ———- NBL Murton
Margaret DUNN Da – 7 ———– NBL Murton
William WANLESS Ap – 17 Blacksmith NBL Heaton

10 HO 107/2409; f 313; p 11 North Street, North Shields, NBL.
Jane  WANLACE Hd W 75 Publican NBL North Shields
Isabella URWIN Da M 35 Engineer’s Wife NBL North Shields
Jannetta URWIN GrDa – 9mo ———— NBL North Shields

11 HO 107/2411; f 50; p 40, 149 Bewick High Row, Longbenton, NBL.
Joseph WANLESS Hd M 49 Coal Miner Shifter NBL Byker Hill
Isabella WANLESS Wi M 48 ———— NBL Newcastle AllSaints
William WANLESS So U 22 [or 20?] Coal Miner Hewer NBL Wallsend
Thomas WANLESS So U 16 Coal Miner Putter NBL Wallsend
Joseph WANLESS So – 12 Miner Rolly Driver NBL Willington
Isabella WANLESS Da – 7 Scholar NBL Willington
Mary GORDON, Visitor, Married, 24, Wallsend
Joseph GORDON, Visitor , 1, Wallsend

12 HO 107/2411; f 119; p 31 159 Cambourn Row, Walker Iron Works, Longbenton, NBL.
Robert BURNS Hd M 34 Mill Furnace Man NBL Rothbury
Mary   BURNS Wi M 32 ———- DUR Strictgate [Streetgate]
John     WANLASS    FaLw W 66 Labourer Foundry DUR Tharp [Thorp]
Martha THOMPSON Nc – 9 Scholar DUR Gateshead

13 HO 107/2411; f 139; p 16 Longbenton, NBL.
Parish or Township of Longbenton, Village of Low Walker, Enum No 54, Scotch Row [or Bar]
Sarah MARR, Head, Widow, 42, Newcastle Allsaints
John WANLASS, Son, Un, 20, Labourer, Newcastle Allsaints
Margaret MARR, Dau, Un, 15, At Home, Newcastle Allsaints
James MARR, Son, 12, Errand Boy, Newcastle Allsaints
Joseph MARR Son, 5, Newcastle Allsaints
John SHOTTON, Lodger, Mar, 24, Labourer, Newcastle Allsaints
Isabella SHOTTON, Wife, Mar, 22, Newcastle Allsaints

14 HO 107/2411; f 230; p 3 Longbenton, NBL.
Christopher WANLESS Hd M 44 Innkeeper NBL England
Jane    WANLESS Wi M 36 ———- NBL England
Mary    WANLESS Da U 12 ———- NBL England
Thomas WANLESS So – 11 Scholar NBL England
Alice    WANLESS Da – 9 Scholar NBL England
Jane Anne WANLESS Da – 7 Scholar NBL England
Margret WANLESS Da – 5 Scholar NBL England
Ann    WANLESS Da – 3 At Home NBL England
Christopher WANLESS So – 1mo At Home NBL England

15 HO 107/2412; f ; p 8 Blake Town, Seghill, NBL – Enum No 30
James WRIGHT, Head, Mar, 45, Coal Miner, Northd. Ulgham
Susanah WRIGHT,Wife, Mar, 47, Northd. Buston
Douglas WRIGHT, Son, Un, 15, Coal Miner, Northd. Broomhill
Robert WRIGHT, Son, 14, Coal Miner, Northd. Broomhill
James WRIGHT, Son, 12, Northd. Seghill
Jane WRIGHT, Daur, 8, Northd. Seghill
Mary WRIGHT, Daur, 4, Northd. Seghill
John WRIGHT, Son, 1, Northd. Seghill
William WANDLESS, Lodger, 15, Coal Miner, Northd. N. Shields

16 HO 107/2412; f 170;p 27 West Holywell Colliery, NBL.
Thomas WANDLESS Hd M 38 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Isabella WANDLESS Wi M 34 ———- DUR Hebbron
Peter          WANDLESS So – 13 ———- NBL Earsdon
Elizabeth WANDLESS Da – 11 ———- NBL Earsdon
Christopher WANDLESS So – 9 ———- NBL Earsdon
Thomas WANDLESS So – 7 ———- NBL Earsdon
Luke          WANDLESS So – 6 ———- NBL Earsdon
John          WANDLESS So – 3 ———- NBL Earsdon

17 HO 107/2412; f 490; p 15 Shank House, Cramlington, NBL.
George WANLESS Hd W 40 Coal Miner NBL Wallsend
Alice WANLESS Mother, widowed, 74 ———- DUR Lamsley
Henry WANLESS So – 15 Coal Miner NBL Benton
Thomas WANLESS So – 14 Coal Miner NBL Cramlington
George WANLESS So – 11 Scholar NBL Walker
Christopher WANLESS So – 8 Scholar NBL West Moor

18 HO 107/2412; f 557; p 31 West Cramlington Colliery, NBL.
Thomas WANLESS Hd M 37 Coal Miner NBL Newcastle
Mary   WANLESS Wi M 39 ———– NBL Shields
Elizabeth WANLESS Da – 12 Scholar NBL Benton
Jane A. WANLESS Da – 9 Scholar NBL Benton
Alice   WANLESS Da – 6 Scholar NBL Cramlington
Mary   WANLESS Da – 2 ———– NBL Cramlington

HO 107/2414; f 453; p ; Black Bull Bank, Enumerator No 86, Hexham, NBL
John Verley, Head, Widower, 53, Basket Maker, Yorks
William WANLESS, Son in Law, Un, 24, Basket Maker, London
John Verley, Son, Un, 17, Basket Maker, Northd, Hexham
James Verley, Son, Un, 15, Watchmaker Apprentice, Northd, Hexham
Charles Verley, Son, Un, 13, Curriers Apprentice, Northd, Hexham
— Son-in-law means step-son.

HO 107/2414; f 574; p ; Newbiggin, Enum. No 1, Hexham Low Quarter, NBL.
John Atkinson, Head, Mar, 49, Landed Proprietor & Coachmaker, Newcastle upon Tyne
Ann Atkinson, Wife, Mar, 42, Longframlington, Northd
Anne Atkinson, Daur, 11, Newcastle upon Tyne
John Atkinson, Son, 9, Newcastle upon Tyne
Elizabeth Mary Atkinson, Daur, 7, Newcastle upon Tyne
Joseph Surtees Atkinson, Son, 1, Tynemouth, Northd
Sophie Delass, Servant, Un, 20, Governess, Hampshire, Winchester
Henry Snowball, Visitor, Un, 45, Solicitor, Old Malton, Yorks
Joseph WANLESS, Servant, Un, 29, Coachman, Longhorsley, Northd
Mary Thompson, Servant, Un, 26, House Maid, Longhorsley, Northd
Ann Dixon, Servant, Un, 23, House Servant, Warden, Northd
Mary Dunn, Servant, Un, 26, House Servant, Morpeth, Northd
Mary Plender, Servant, Un, 16, House Servant, Hexham, Northd
Jane Edwards, Servant, Un, 27, House Servant, Newcastle upon Tyne

HO 107/2415; f 385; p ; Enum. No 24, Barrasford, Chollerton, NBL
Jacob Coulson, Head, Mar, 36, Ag. Lab, Northd Chollerton
Eliz Coulson, Wife, Mar, 33, Northd Chollerton
Wm Coulson, Son, 1, Northd Chollerton
Wm. WANLAS, Lodger, Un, 25, Ag. Lab, Northd Bamburgh

HO 107/2416; f 114; Enum No 24, East Farm, Plenmeller, Haltwhistle, NBL
Mary Elliot, Head, Widow, 67, Farmer of 59 Acres, Cumberland Alston
Thomas Elliot, Son, Un, 25, Farmer’s Son, Northd Haltwhistle
Elizabeth WANLESS, Visitor, Un, 15, No Occ. Cumberland Alston
Jacob Atkinson, Servant, Un, 45, Farm Labourer, Northd Haltwhistle
Jane Reay, Servant, Un, 17, House Servant, Northd Haltwhistle

HO 107/2416; f 258; p ; Enum No. 19, Crooks, Thirlwall, Haltwhistle, NBL
Thomas Smith, Head, Mar, 24, Shop Keeper, Northd Haltwhistle
Sarah Smith, Wife, Mar, 24, Cumb Denton?
John Smith, Son, 4, Northd Haltwhistle
Joseph Smith, Son, 2, Northd Haltwhistle
Joseph WANDLAS, Boarder, Un, 25, Ag. Lab, Northd Haltwhistle
John Dardy?, Lodger, Mar, 63, Ag. Lab, Cumb Farlow?

HO 107/2416; f 266 sch 71; Thirlwall, Haltwhistle, NBL
Reathryhaugh [Rotheryhaugh]

George Patrick or Patricks, Head, Mar, 72, Farmer of 850 acres, NBL Simonburn
Margaret ” , wife, Mar, 71, CUM Lanercost
John ” , Son, Un, 45, CUM Lanercost
Alexander “. Son, 41, Northd Haltwhistle
Jane “, Dau, Un, 43, Northd Haltwhistle
Nathan “, grandson, 11, Northd Haltwhistle
George WANDLAS, grandson, 5, Northd Haltwhistle

Haltwhistle – Bay Horse Inn (HO 107/2416 folio 192)
William Wanless Head Mar 50, Innkeeper, NBL Hawick
Isabella ” Wife 42, NBL Rotheryhaugh
Isabella ” Dau 12 Scholar, NBL Wardrew
William ” Son 4 Scholar, NBL Wardrew

HO 107/2417; f 292; p10 ; Enum No 34, Hawick, Kirkwhelpington, NBL
Jane WANLESS, Head, Un, 66, Housekeeper, Northd Kirkwhelpington
William Brown, Lodger, Un 63, Ag. Lab, Northd Haydon Bridge

HO 107/2418; f 7 ; p Saugh House, Wallington Demesne, Hartburn, NBL.
George WANLACE       Hd Wid 67 Farmer 180 acres, NBL Hartburn
Ann   WANLACE       Da U 28 ———- DUR Heworth
Mark  WANLACE        So U 25 Farmers Son NBL Bolam
Hannah WANLACE  Da U 21 ———- NBL Bolam
Elizabeth WANLACE   Da U 16 ———– NBL Hartburn
Mary WANLACE            Da U 13 ———- NBL Hartburn

HO 107/2418; f 8; p ; Saugh House, Wallington Demesne, Hartburn, NBL.
Ann BROWN, head, single, 58, NBL Donkinridge
Ann WANLACE Lgr W 67 Annuitant NBL Horsley

HO 107/2418; f31 ; p ; West Corridge, Hartburn, NBL.
Mark  WANLACE          Hd Wid 60 Farmer of 130 acres, NBL Low Fairnley
Joseph WANLACE  So U 26 Farmers Son NBL Gallowhill
Mark WANLACE  So U 24 Farmers Son NBL Gallowhill
Robert WANLACE  So U 22 Farmers Son NBL Gallowhill
George WANLACE  So U 20 Farmers Son NBL Gallowhill
Hannah LEATHEAD, servant, single, 29, house servant, NBL Hexham

HO 107/2418; f31 ; p West Corridge, Hartburn, NBL.
Robert WANLACE Hd M 56 Former Farmer NBL Low Fairnley
Isabella Ann WANLACE Wi M 48 Farmers Wife NBL Hawick
Elizabeth WANLACE Da U 14 Farmers Dau. NBL Foulmart Law
Isabella Ann WANLACE Da U 6 Farmers Dau. NBL Foulmart Law

Shelley, Netherwitton, NBL (HO 107/2418 folio 54 page 1)
Rachel WANLACE Hd Wid 60 Farmer of 150 acres employing 2 outdoor and 1 indoor labourer, YKS Yarm
Mary LAMB, daughter, md, 29, house servant, Bellion, Netherwitton, NBL
Isabella ORANGE, visitor, 13, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NBL
Henry THOMPSON, servant, single, 36, farm labourer, Rothley West Shield, NBL
Rachel WANLACE Grandchild – 8mo ———– NBL Shelly, Netherwitton

31 HO 107/2418; f58 ; p ; Netherwitton, NBL.
Lancelot WANLACE   Hd M 69 Labourer on plantation, NBL Hartburn
Sarah            WANLACE Wi M 63 Labourer’s Wife NBL Mitford
Robert WANLACE  So U 42 Labourer NBL Felton

32 HO 107/2418; f60 ; p Netherwitton, NBL.
George WANLACE Hd, single, 72 Labourer NBL Netherwitton

33 HO 107/2418; f ; p Longhorsley, NBL.
Thomas WANLESS Hd M 61 Farmer NBL Longhorsley
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 65 ———– NBL Longhorsley

34 HO 107/2418; f ; p Longhorsley, NBL.
Thomas WANLESS Hd M 29 Ag. Lab. NBL Longhorsley
Ursula    WANLESS Wi M 28 Ag. Lab.’s Wife NBL Longhorsley
John    WANLESS So – 5 ———- NBL Longhorsley
Thomas WANLESS So – 3 ———- NBL Longhorsley
William WANLESS So – 1 ———- NBL Longhorsley

35 HO 107/2421; f 205; p Tweedmouth, NBL.
Thomas WANLASS Hd M 58 Gardener LDN ———-
Frances WANLASS Wi M 50 ———- SCT ———-
Caroline WANLASS Da U 21 Dressmaker NBL Norham
Isabella WANLASS Da – 11 ——— NBL Tweedmouth
Thomas WANLASS So – 8 ———- NBL Tweedmouth


HO 107/2423; f 48; p 10, Enum No. 6, High Barton, Whittingham,NBL
Ann Ewart, Head, Wid, 72, Pauper, Durham Swalwell
Mary Ewart, Daur, Un, 40, Farm Laborer, Northd Eslington
William WANDLESS Son in Law Mar, 46 Farmer (visitor) Scotland
James Ewart, Grand Son, 6, Northd Felton

38 HO 107/2423; f 210; p 11 Wingates, Longhorsley, NBL.
George WANLACE   Hd single 37 Shoemaker NBL Wooffenshield
Eliz. APPLEBY            Sister Married 33 ———- NBL Cold Side
M. J. WANLACE     Nc – 9 ———- NBL Wingates
Jane APPLEBY           Nc – 1mo ———– NBL Wingates

HO 107/2423; f 7; p6 Alnham Moor, Alwinton, NB (FHL 87103)

William Burn Head Married 52 Shepherd Northumberland Elsdon
Margaret Burn Wife Married 50 Scotland
John Burn Son Unmarried 21 Shepherd Northumberland Alwinton
Margaret Burn Daughter Unmarried 19 Northumberland Alwinton
William Burn Son Unmarried 17 Shepherd Northumberland Alwinton
Elenor Burn Daughter Unmarried 15 Scholar at home Northumberland Alwinton
Isabella Ann Burn Daughter Unmarried 12 Scholar at home Northumberland Alwinton
Jane Burn Daughter Unmarried 9 Scholar at home Northumberland Elsdon
Alexander Burn Son Unmarried 4 Scholar at home Northumberland Elsdon
Robert Wanless Nephew Unmarried 15 Teacher Northumberland Alwinton

HO 107/2423; f 304; p1, Enum No 2, Alwinton, NBL
Isabella Burn, Head, Wid, 72, Innkeeper, Northd Elsdon
Margaret Burn, Daur, Un, 43, Northd Elsdon
Isabella WANLESS Grand Daur – 5 ———- NBL Alwinton
Thomas Anderson, Visitor, Widr, 68, Joiner, Northd Elsdon

40 HO 107/2423; f 305; Enum. 10, Alwinton, Rothbury, NBL.
Robert WANLESS Hd M 36 Grocer/Farmer 11 ac. NBL Alwinton
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 33 ———— NBL Elsdon
Mary    WANLESS Da – 3 At Home NBL Alwinton
Jane Ann WANLESS Da – 1 ———- NBL Alwinton
Ann NICHOL Ser U 17 House Servant NBL Rothbury

41 HO 107/2423; f 316; p Biddlestone, Alwinton, NBL.
Archbold WANLESS Hd M 40 Farmer 810 ac. SCT ———-
Margaret WANLESS Wi M 36 ———- SCT ———-
William WANLESS So U 11 Scholar NBL Alwinton
Mary     WANLESS Da – 8 ———- NBL Alwinton
Margaret WANLESS Da – 7 ———- NBL Alwinton
Elenor    WANLESS Da – 3 ———- NBL Alwinton
James    WANLESS Ser U 20 Farm Lab. NBL Alwinton
William WAIT Ser U 17 Shepherd NBL Alwinton
Eleanor MILBURN Ser U 16 House Servant NBL Alwinton
George SETON Lgr U 50 Sadler NBL Bellingham

42 HO 107/2423; f 317; p Biddlestone, Alwinton, NBL.
Ann WANLESS          Wi M 38 Farmers Wife NBL Whittingham
Ann WANLESS           Da – 12 ———- NBL Alwinton
Margaret WANLESS Da – 9 ———- NBL Alwinton
Andrew TURNBULL   Ser U 25 Shepherd SCT ———–

HO 107/2420; f 73 Newham, Belford, NBL.
James WANLESS           Hd M 33 Carrier/Grocer NBL Bamburgh
Elizabeth WANLESS Wi M 34 ———– NBL Chatton
James WANLESS           So – 5 Scholar NBL Bamburgh
Frances E. WANLESS Da – 1 ———– NBL Bamburgh
Mary J. WANLESS Da – 4mo ———– NBL Bamburgh
—same house, separate family—
Isabella WANLESS Hd Wid 73 Pauper NBL Bamburgh
Mary WANLESS Da U 29 Seamster NBL Bamburgh

Fowberry, Bamburgh, NBL (HO107/2420 folio 184)
Margaret Labourn [Laybourne], head, widow, 58, proprietor of houses, Scotland
Halen [Helen] Winlass, servant, 22, house servant, Scotland
Joseph Wilson, servant, 16, stable boy, NBL Embleton(?)

HO 107/2419; f 169; p Warkworth, NBL.
William WANDLESS Hd M 40 Ag. Lab. NBL Birkhead
Sarah WANDLESS       Wi M 31 ———– NBL Warkworth

46 HO 107/2419; f 171; p Amble, NBL.
John WANDLESS          Hd M 30 Ships Carpenter NBL Alnmouth
Charlotte WANDLESS Wi M 32 ———- — Bath, St. James
William WANDLESS So – 9 Scholar NBL Amble
John WANDLESS          So – 7 Scholar NBL Amble
Rosina WANDLESS Da – 5 Scholar NBL Amble
Matthew WANDLESS So – 3 ———- NBL Amble
Elizabeth WANDLESS Da – 10mo ———- NBL Amble
Isabella WANDLESS Mo W 70 ———– NBL Little Houghton

47 HO 107/2419; f 776; p 4 Rock, Embleton, NBL.
William WANLESS        Hd M 52 Blacksmith NBL Horton
Mary WANLESS                  Wi M 56 Blacksmith’s Wife NBL Buston
Thomas WANLESS    So U 28 Blacksmith NBL Rock
Saraw WANLESS                   Da U 26 General Serv. NBL Rock
M. Ann WANLESS         Da U 22 Dressmaker NBL Rock
Jas. W. Young WANLESS So U 15 Blacksmith NBL Rock

48 HO 107/2412 f ; p ; Foremans Row, Seaton Delaval, NBL.
Joseph WANLESS Hd M 30 Coal Miner NBL Newcastle
Elenor WANLESS          Wi M 27 ——– NBL New York
Thomas WANLESS So – 6 ——– NBL West Allotment
George WANLESS So – 2 ——– NBL Seaton Delaval
Wanless JOHNSON nephew 18 coal miner Nbl Benton Square

22 Corving Road (now Scotswood Road), Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL (HO 107/2404 f12 p16)
Thomas Wandlass, Head, Mar, 34, Engineer, (No birthplace given)
Elizabeth Wandlass, Wife, Mar, 29, Co. Durham, Chester le Street
Jane Wandlass, Daur, 6, Scholar, Co Durham, Castle Eden
John Wandlass, Son, 4, Scholar, Co Durham, Castle Eden
Thomas Wandlass, Son, 1, Co Durham, Lumley
Hannah Walton, Visitor,12, Scholar, Co Durham, Lumley

Harle Street, Westgate Ward, Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL (HO 107/2404; f 253; p61)
Ann Charlton, Head, Wid, 67, Washerwoman, Northd, Morpeth
Elizabeth Forsyth, Daur, Wid, 28, Washerwoman, Northd, Newcastle
Elizabeth Charlton, Daur, Un, 11, Northd, Newcastle
William Preston, Neph, Un, 22, Coachmaker, Northd, Newcastle
John Wanlass, Neph, Un, 18, Cabinet Maker, Northd, Newcastle
James Forsyth, Gr.Son, Un, 5, Scholar, Northd, Newcastle
Thomas Forsyth, Gr.Son, Un, 1, Scotland

Railway Street, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL (HO 107/2404; f 593)
Thomas Wanlass, Head, Mar, 52, Glass Silverer, Northd, N. Shields
Isabella Wanlass, Wife, Mar, 53, Northd, Lamley**
Joseph Wanlass, Son, Un, 23, Glass Cutter, Cumb, Garrigill
John Wanlass, Son, Un, 17, Glass Cutter, Newcastle upon Tyne
Adam Wanlass, Son, Un, 14, Glass Grinder, Newcastle upon Tyne
George Wanlass, Son, 9, Scholar, Newcastle upon Tyne
Margaret Wanlass, Daur in Law, Mar, 23, Northd, Morpeth

HO 107/2404; f 607; p Scotswood Road, Westgate Ward, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL
Thos. WANLASS Hd M 29 Foreman at Glassworks CUL Alston
Ellen WANLASS Wi M 30 ———- NBL Bedlington
Thos. WANLASS So – 3 ———- NBL Newcastle on Tyne

HO 107/2405; f 265; p 64 & 65 – 16 St. James Street, Newcastle St. Andrew, NBL
William Wanless Head M 44 Att’y at Law, Durham – Chester le Street
Elizabeth Wanless Wife M 39, Durham – Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Robinson Serv U 25, Durham – Gateshead

HO 107/2405; f 436; p1 – Simpson Street, Newcastle St. Andrew, NBL
John Wanless Head M 55 Architect, Scotland
Jane Wanless Wife M 56 Newcastle upon Tyne

HO107/2406 folio 108 pages 29 & 30
Groat Market – White Horse Public House, in the Parish of St. John, Newcastle upon Tyne

Bryan Burn Head Wid 53 Innkeeper N’land – Bellingham
Bryan Burn Son U 19 Engineer Cumberland – Brampton
William Burn Son U 15 Clerk N’land – Newcastle
Teasdale Burn Son U 9 Scholar -do-, Haltwhistle
Mathew Smith Son-in Law M 28 Gen. Solicitor’s Clerk, Cumberland – Brampton
Maria Smith Dau M 21 -do-, -do-
James H Smith Grandson U 3 N’land – Newcastle
Teasdale Smith Grandson U 1 at home -do-, -do-
Ellis Ellis M 38 Visitor [Myfed] Wales
Maria Ellis M 43 Visitor Alston, Cumberland
William Halliburton U 15 Visitor Stapleton, Cumb.
Caroline Wanless Serv U 25 House serv. Elley, Yorkshire
Margaret Gray -do- U 23 -do- Morpeth, N’land
Sarah Snowdon -do- U 24 -do- Greenhead, N’land
Robert Spoors -do- U 22 Ostler Hexham, N’land
Benjamin Leighton U 40 Visitor Newcastle, N’land
William Drummond Visitor M 40 Gardener Hexham, N’land
Joseph Gargett -do- U 55 Printer Barnard Castle, Durh.
David Clapperton -do- U 50 Stonemason Scotland

HO107/2406 folio 123 p.13 – St. Mary the Virgin Hospital for Old Freemen, in the Parish of St. John, Newcastle upon Tyne
Miles Hodgson Head Widr 71 Butcher Newcastle upon Tyne
John Reay Lodg. -do- 70 Butcher -do-
John Robson -do- -do- 69 Butcher -do-
Robert Yeilder -do- -do- 73 Butcher -do-
James Tweddle -do- -do- 73 Butcher -do-
Elizabeth Wright Widow 60 Widow of Butcher -do-
Isabella Wanless Widow 30 House Servant -do-

HO 107/2406; f 190; p 42 – 4 Back Derwent Place, Newcastle St. John, NBL
John Wanless Head M 27 Joiner & Cabinet Maker (master emp. 3 men), Berwick upon Tweed
Margaret -do- Wife M 27 -do-
Thomas Inness Head M 24 Furrier Berwick upon Tweed
Ann Inness Wife M 21 Cumb. Brampton

HO 107/2406; f 225; p?? – Smith’s Buildings, Black Friars, Newcastle St. John, NBL
Robert [Thinnion?] Head M 40 Tailor N’land, Rothbury
Mary Ann -do- Wife M 42 N’land, Newcastle
James Murphy Father in law Wid 78 Pauper formerly Skinner, Ireland, Dublin
John Wanless Lodg Wid 44 Tailor N’land, Newcastle

HO 107/2407; f 709; p.3 – Johnstone Entry, Sandgate, All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne
George Wanles Head M 30 Labourer Newcastle
Mary Wanles Wife M 29 Scotland
Margaret Wanles Dau U 2 at home Newcastle

HO 107/2407; f 494; p19 Richmond Place, Newcastle All Saints, NBL. (FHL 87085)

Agnes Pewitt Head Widow 31 Lodging House Keeper Newcastle on Tyne
Agnes Pewitt Daughter Unmarried 3 Newcastle on Tyne
Charles Learmouth Visitor Unmarried 4 Newcastle on Tyne
Charles Wanless Visitor Unmarried 45 Scotland
George Ansliy Visitor Unmarried 32 Butcher Scotland

HO 107/2407; f 542; p28 Church Lane, Newcastle All Saints, NBL (FHL 87085)

Richard Wanless Head Married 38 Moulder Newcastle on Tyne
Mary Wanless Wife Married 37 Newcastle on Tyne
John Wanless Son Unmarried 18 Moulder Newcastle on Tyne
Elizabeth Wanless Daughter Unmarried 15 or 16 at home Newcastle on Tyne
Mary Wanless Daughter Unmarried 10 Newcastle on Tyne

HO 107/2408; f 79; Enum No. 177, 109 Ballast Hills, Byker, NBL
Margaret Henderson, Head, Wid, 74, Small Shop, Northd Hexham
Edward Henderson, Son, Un, 47, Laborer, Newcastle upon Tyne
Lionel WANLACE, Visitor, Un, 48, House Servant, Newcastle upon Tyne

HO 107/2408; f 325; p32 Jesmond, NBL (FHL 87086)

Thomas Wanless Head Married 41 Farm Labourer NBL Bamburg*
Margaret Wanless Wife Married 39 NBL Alnwick
Robert Hirkeep Visitor Unmarried 27 Blacksmth NBL Bamburg*

*Bamburgh, near Belford


Brighton, Brighthelmstone civil parish, St. Peter’s eccl. parish (HO107/1645 folio 1006)
19 Elder Street – household of Henry & Emma Trish
Thomas Wanless, lodger, 26, widower, blacksmith, County Durham


2 Rosary Terrace, York, St. Mary Bishophill Junior (HO107/2354 folio 215)
Thomas Wanless, hd, md, 47, engine fitter, NBL Ellingham
Jane, wife, 41, DUR Pensher [Penshaw]
Jane, dau, 14, scholar, DUR Houghton
Thomas R., son, 9, scholar, DUR Lamesley
William, son, 4, DUR Lamesley

24 Oxford Street, York, St. Mary Bishophill Junior (HO107/2354 folio 227)
Thomas Wanless, hd, md, 33, engine driver, DUR Brancepeth
Margaret, wife, 35, YKS Scruton
Thomas, son, 8, scholar, DUR Darlington
John, son, 5, scholar, DUR Darlington
John Hutchinson, lodger, single, 23, rail stoker, LANC Newton le Willows

50 Pit Row, Whitwood, Wakefield district, West YKS (2330 ED 11 Page 14 Volume 17)
Robert Wanlass Hd M 50 Coal Miner,Yorkshire, Not Known
Mary .. Wi M 38 YKS Darrington
John .. So U 15 Coal Miner, YKS Astley
James .. So U 14 YKS Fairburn
Ann .. Da U 11 YKS Newton
Sarah .. Da U 8 YKS Methley
Ruth .. Da U 6 YKS Methley
Mary .. Da U 3 YKS Methley
George .. So U 6Mths YKS Methley

Stapleton Gra- (Gray?), Stapleton, North Riding (2382/folio 26)
Robert Lawson, hd, md, 69, farmer of 267 acres, DUR Foxton
Mary, wife, 65, DUR Marwood
Thomas, son, 29, YKS Melsonby
Jane, dau, 31, YKS Melsonby
Dorothy Bamlett, dau, md, 21(?), farmer’s wife, YKS Melsonby
Eleanor Robinson, servant, 24, YKS Spennythorne
Sarah Wandless, servant, 24, DUR Ingleton
…servants surnamed Sledge, Smith, and Langthorn…

Linthorpe, North Riding YKS – Barracks (2383/folio 176, in Stockton district)
John Wandless, hd, md, 26, weaver(?), DUR Stockton on Tees
Mary, wife, 26, YKS Whitby
Joseph, brother, single, 21, labourer, DUR Stockton
Stephen BOLT, brother-in-law, 18 [or 15 or 13?], labourer, YKS Stokesley

Ebberston, North YKS, piece 2373 folio 354 (from index)
Elizabeth Wanless age 42 Born Yorkshire Stokesley

Oulston (HO 107/2370 folio 396)
Richard Wanless hd marr 32 farm lab b Yorks Thirsk
Ellen Wanless wife marr 32 b Yorks Oulston
John Wanless son 10 scholar b Yorks Oulston
Mary Wanless dau 8 scholar b Yorks Oulston
Robert Wanless son 5/7? scholar b Yorks Oulston
Martha Wanless dau 1 b Yorks Oulston

HO 107 2351 folio 16
Back Lane, Brayton
Henry Morley hd marr 82 farmer 11 acres b yorkshire, Brayton
Lucy Morley wife 85 b Yorkshire, Brayton
James Wanless s in law marr 41 farmer of 16 acres, born Scotland
Harriet Wanless daug marr 42 b Yorkshire, Brayton
Eliza Kettlewell servant 14 B Yorkshire, Brayton

50 HO 107/2318; f 333; p Hunslet St. Judes, YKS.
John WANLASS 29 YKS Hunslet
Eliza WANLASS 24 LAN Manchester
Henry WANLASS 2 YKS Hunslet
Charles WANLASS 1 YKS Hunslet

51 HO 107/2318; f 430; p Hunslet St. Judes, YKS.
William WANLASS 69 SCT ——–
James  WANLASS 26 YKS Hunslet
Mary Ann WANLASS 12 YKS Hunslet

52 HO 107/2318; f 274; p Hunslet St. Mary’s, YKS.
Geo. WANDLASS 22 YKS Hunslet
Ellen WANDLASS 23 YKS Hunslet
Emma WANDLASS 1 YKS Hunslet

Frenchgate Head, Richmond (Folio 52)
Elizabeth Wanless widow 78, annuitant, born Yorkshire, Bedale
Elizabeth Wanless daughter unmarr 35 born Yorkshire, Richmond
Thomas Wanless son unmarr 40 painter born Yorkshire Richmond
Joseph Cradock, un , 24, lodger, bankers clerk ( I didn’t get his birthplace)
Matthew Weldon Bell, un 17, lodger born Dominica West Indies (British Subject)
Robert Fisher 74 visitor, joiner born Yorkshire, Patrick Brompton

Back Flags, Richmond (Folio 64)
William Wanless 46 or 66(?), Master Painter & Gilder, born Yorkshire, Richmond
Alice Wanless 51 born Yorkshire, Bellerby
Deborah Fenwick, 16, unmarr house servant born Northallerton, Yorkshire
Henry Charles Hast? 33, lodger, unmarr surveyor of taxes, born Essex

(HO 107 2375 folio 331) 124 Bow Street, Guisborough
Elijah Hauling Hd 53 Stone Cutter born Yorks, Glaisdale
Mary .. wife 46 born Yorks, Skelton
Ann .. dau 22 unmarr dressmaker born Yorks Skelton
Thomas .. son 8 scholar born Yorks,Guisborough
Wm Bell lodger unmar 21 Tailor Journeyman
Nicholas Walton lodger unmar 21 stonemason, Journeyman
Alfred Wandless, lodger unmarr 21 Tailor Journeyman born Yorkshire, Coatham