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Records of School Attendance, Apprenticeship,  and Employment of people named Wanless etc.

Publications of the Newcastle Upon Tyne Records Committee

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Codes used in this document:

a = apprentice to (between 2 names)

s = son of (between 2 names)

f.s. = freeman’s son (before a name)

m = musket (before a name; I don’t know what this refers to)

p = pike (before a name; I don’t know what this refers to)

r = respited, stopped (after a name)

Occupations (after a name):

barber = barber, surgeon, wax & tallow chandler

glazier = glazier & painter

skinner = skinner & glover

waller = waller, bricklayer, and plaisterer

Xpofer = an old spelling of the name Christopher

Volume III: The Register of Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne from the Corporation Guild

and Admission Books Chiefly of the Seventeenth Century, edited by Madelaine Hope Dodds (pub. 1923)

 #2970  Nov. 14, 1644 m. Chrir Wanles  glazier
 #1565  Guild, 22 April 1650 John Wannles a  George Milbourne  skinner
 #1565 Guild, 22 April 1650 Moses Crissum  a  Xpofer Wanlesse  glazier
 #3785  Guild, 11 Oct.1652 John Wanles  skinner
 #3945  1657 (prob. 1658) John Wanles waller
 #4080  1660 Cuthbert Wanless  glazier
 #5770  1681 John Wandles  waller
 #6215  1684 Jno Wanles  smith
 #8450  2 Oct.1708 f.s. John  s  John Wanlas  waller
 #8365  27 Oct. 1710 Wm. Wanlas  a  Hen Potts  cooper


Volume VI: The Register of Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne from the Corporation Guild

and Admission Books Chiefly of the Eighteenth Century, edited by A.M. Oliver (pub. 1926)

Thos. Wanlass  a Robt. Robson  smith (r)  note 1
 ___ Mar. 16 Matt. Wanlass.  waller  note 2
 1722 Mar. 30 Matthew Wanles  s John waller
Tho. Wanlas a smith note 2
 1772 Nov. 2 John Wanlass s Thomas smith
 1764 Guild, 8 Oct. John Wanlass  smith
 1768 Guild, 11 April Thomas Wandliss  a Thomas Grey  waller  Jan.17, 1769
 1768 Guild, 10 Oct. John Wanless a James Newton  barber  Oct.14, 1774
 1772 Guild, 27 April Thomas Wandless  a Ralph Smith  slater (r)
 24 April 1775 William Wandless a George Scaif  slater (r)
 1781 Guild, 23 April Joseph Galloway a Thomas Wandless  waller  Jan. 14, 1781

note 1: year not shown, but surrounding records are for 1720
note 2: year not shown in my copy; can probably be found in original

London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1925 (

15 Jan 1793, in the 33rd year of the reign of King George III

Sanderson Mayor

This day Mrs. Elizabeth Hooper, widow of Mr. John Hooper late clerk to
the sitting Justices at Guildhall, presents unto the court John Wanless
to be made a free of this city as the first of two granted unto her by
this court the fifteenth day of January 1793 for the purposes in the
Order mentioned. It is ordered that the said John Wanless be admitted
into the freedom of this city by redemption in the company of
Plaisterers, paying unto W. Chamberlain for this city the sum of 46
shillings and 8 pence .

N.B. If this order is not executed in 3 months, it is void.

“Haberdasher” is written at the bottom and circled.

Along the side is written sideways “Son of Benjamin, of Alford, Lincolnshire, surgeon”.

[Some notes about this document from Holly: First, John had to be at least 21 to be a
freedman. Second, normally freedman status would mean he had completed
his apprenticeship, but in this case, he is a freedman by “redemption”,
which means he purchased his position in the livery company from a
Corporation officer (Mrs. Hooper, who would have inherited her deceased
husband’s status) who had been granted a limited number of positions to
“present”, often as a reward for services rendered. Perhaps John was
already a haberdasher when he arrived in London; perhaps he had already
completed his apprenticeship in Lincoln, or perhaps he never served a
formal apprenticeship. The livery company one joined (in this case, the
Plaisterers) was one of about 100 established companies, of which some
were easier and cheaper to join than others, so by the early 1800s the
company one joined often bore no relationship to one’s occupation. We
are lucky the clerk wrote “haberdasher” at the bottom, or we might have
assumed John was a plaisterer (plasterer).]

William Henry Wanless, son of John Wanless late of Sion Square,
Stepney, mariner, deceased, is apprenticed to Cornelius Rich, citizen
and Stationer of London, for 7 years, to learn his Art.

4 Feb in the 52nd year of the reign of George III, 1812

Signed by Cornelius Rich.

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Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices’ Indentures, 1710-1811

29 Dec 1714 master Henry Wanless of Lincoln, barber &
pearwigmaker, apprentice John son of Peter Haslewood, 24 June 1714,
comon indenture & counter part, for 7 years

15 Aug 1716 master: Robert Robson of Newcastle, smith; apprentice: Tho.
son of Ja. Wanlas of Gateshead, Durham, pipemaker, for 7 yrs from 19
Jan 1712

28 Aug 1718 master: Thomas Parcevall of Durham, weaver; apprentice: Jos. Wanlas, for 7 yrs from 8 Aug

[nearly everybody else on the page has the apprentice’s father named but not this one!]

8 Mar 1720 master Hen. Wanless of Lincoln, barber, apprentice Tho. Pregion [or Preyion] for 7 yrs from 25 March next

10 Apr 1735 master: Robert Wilby of Boston in Lincoln, merser [mercer];
apprentice: Wm. Wanless son of John Wanless of Alford in Lincoln,
gentleman, for 7 yrs from 13 Feb 1735

22 Sep 1735 master: George Gibson of the City of Lincoln, apothecary;
apprentice: Benjamin son of John Wanless of Alford, gentleman, for 7
yrs from 1 March last

15 July 1751 master: James Crichton of Perth, baker; apprentice: Robert son of Robert Wanlass, for 4 yrs from 28 June 1751

14 Aug 1752 master Benjamin Wanless of Alford, Lincoln, apothecary, apprentice: Edward son of Edward Saltonstall

27 Oct 1757 master: Thomas Christopher of Portsea, shipwright; apprentice: William Wanless, for 7 yrs from 29 Aug 1757

21 Oct 1762 master: James Newton of Newcastle upon Tyne, barber & c; apprentice: John Wanless, for 7 yrs from 30 Aug 1762

20 June 1766 master: Ralph Smith of Newcastle upon Tyne, slater; apprentice: Thomas Wandlass for 7 yrs from 16 Jan 1766

23 July 1771 master: George Burn of Benton, smith; apprentice: Thomas Wanles, for 3-1/2 yrs from 19 June 1771

14 Feb 1774 master Thomas Wandless of Newcastle upon Tyne, bricklayer, apprentice Jos. Galloway, for 7 yrs from 6 Jan 1775

14 Jan 1777 master: George William Binkley of Kelso [Roxburghshire,
Scotland], sadler; apprentice: John Wanless, for 5 yrs from 23 Dec 1776

25 Dec 1779 master William Young of Town Yetholm [Roxburghshire,
Scotland], weaver; apprentice: James Wanless, for 3 yrs from 22 Nov 1779

4 Apr 1785 master: Francis Eden Sen’r of Newcastle upon Tyne, cabinet
maker; apprentice: William Wanless, for 7 yrs from 28 Mar 1785

14 July 1786 master: William Bell, of Newcastle upon Tyne, carpenter; apprentice: John Wanless, for 7 yrs from 13 June 1786

11 Dec 1788 master: Edward Samuel Barnard, of St James Clerkenwell,
taylor, apprentice: John Henry Wanless, for 7 yrs from this date

Record of Ellington Miners

Start date 22 Oct 1928: C. Wanless born 2 Feb 1869. Betty Pit.
Casual laborer. Tally #2174. Lives 27 Long Row, Ashington. Previously
employed at Ellington.

Start date 28 Dec 1928: as above, previously employed at Ellington.

School Registers (

Admissions to St. Paul’s School, Southwark, London

admitted 4 Oct 1800 Joshua Paul Wanless, age 9, son of John, haberdasher, of Fore Street