1871 Census


Pointe aux Trembles, Hochelaga
James Wanless, 31, b. Ecosse [Scotland], Protestant, Scottish origin, a cultivateur [gardener or orchardist]
Elizabeth, 27, b. Ont, Protestant, Irish origins
James, 17, b. Q, Scottish origins

Montreal – Rue Montcalm between 131 and 127, St Jacques Ward
Benjamin Wanless, 28, b. England, Baptist, commis [commission agent?]
Annie, 28, b England, Baptist
Eliza, 14, b. Quebec
John, 13, b. Quebec

Montreal – East Ward
Gilbert Wanless, 59, married, b. Scotland, W. Methodist, Scottish origin, commercant(?)
Emely, 30, b. England, married
Laurence, 21, male, b. Quebec, commercant(?)
Gilbert, 18, b. QUE

Montreal – 646 Palace(?) street, Ste Antoine ward
John Wanless, 58, b. Scotland, Congregational, Scotch origin, physician
Margaret, 57 ditto all info above
Aguina or Aquina, fem, 28, ditto
William, 27, ditto
John R., 26, ditto
Violet, 23, ditto
Rose Darrah, 24, Ireland, Catholic, servant

Ste-Jean-Chrysostome, Chateauguay
George Wanless, 76, b. England, Roman Catholic, English origins, farmer, married
Johanna, 56, b. Ireland, Irish origins, married
Maryann, 23, b. QUE
Bridgit, 22, b. QUE
Johanna, 18, b. QUE


This section contains the census entries for all Wan(d)lesses in Ontario, Canada in the 1871 census, or at least all those found in the index. Wanless & Wanles were the only spellings listed.
Thanks to Bruce Bagnall, Alona Perkes, and Holly Cochran for the census extractions. FHL #s are the Family History Library (Salt Lake City) film #s.

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Religion codes:

CD – Christadelphian IN – Independent
CP – Canada Presbyterian PS – Presbyterian
CS – Church of Scotland/Kirk/Scotch Presb., etc WM – Wesleyan Methodist

Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario – FHL 349152; ED 25, ES B, Div 1, page 4

WANLESS, DAVID, age 36, b. Scotland, religion: CP, ethnicity: SCOTCH, occupation: mill owner
Christina, age 28, b. Scotland
James, age 4, Canada(?)
— The census shows David born in Scotland (“Scotland” is written out). Then the line below for Christina just
has a || (double line) meaning “same as above”. For James it looks different. It could be a “C”. Perhaps
it stands for Canada. At the top of the page one entry has Ontario written out. James’s entry may even be
an “O” for Ontario, as I’ve seen in other counties, but it looks more like a “C”.

Stanley, Huron Co, Ontario (ED 25, SubDist. D, Div 3)

page 53, dwelling 180, family 180 (parents are 2 dwellings later)
Wanless, James 32 b. Scotland, Presbyterian, miller, married, Scotch origin
Sarah 22, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Scotch origin, married
James 1, b. Ontario, same religion/origin as parents
page 54, dwelling 182, family 182
Wanless, James m 60 b. Scotland, farmer, married (whole family is Independent religion & Scotch origin)
Margaret f 56 b. Scotland, married
Agnes f 80 b. Scotland, widowed
William m 50[30?] b. Scotland — should be 31 if this is his son Wm
John m 25 b. Ont.
Thomas m 18 b. Ont., in school
Helen f 21 b. Ont.
Arthur m 14 b. Ont, in school

Chatham Town, Kent Co, Ontario – District 2, subdistrict G

Division 1, page 11

WANLESS, GEORGE 23 b. ONTARIO, Wesleyan Methodist, ENGLISH origin, PAINTER, married
Eliza 20 b. Ont, W. Meth, English
Arthur 4/12, b. Ont in Decr, same religion & origin
COOK, Mary 14 b. Ont., W Meth, English
— based on later census entries, I think “painter” should have been “printer”, but it really looks like painter

Division 1, page 49

WANLESS THOMAS 51 b. ENGLAND C. Presbyterian, ENGLISH origin, shoemaker, married
Jennet 50 born “Q” or perhaps “do”, C. Presby, Scotch origin, married
John 16 ditto marks for birthplace, English origin, tinsmith
Thomas 9 b. O [Ontario], C. Presby, english, school
— wife’s birthplace is unclear. This censustaker didn’t seem to use “do” for “ditto”, he used ditto marks,
so that’s probably not it. It looks more like a Q than an O, and if it was an O, why repeat the O in Thomas’s entry?

Division 2, page 13

WANLESS, JAMES 32 b. Ont, Church of Scotland, ENGLISH, LABORER, married
Margaret 32 b. Que, French, Church of Scotland, married
Isabella C[?] 12 b. Que, English, Baptist
George 7, b. Que, English, Baptist
Eleanor 7, b. Que, English, Baptist
James 5, b. Que, English, Baptist
Elizabeth 3, b. Ont, English, Baptist
Janett 1, b. Ont, English, Baptist

Plympton, Lambton Co (District 4, subdist. H, Division 1, page 47, FHL 0349137)

Wanles, James 48 b. Scotland, C. Presby, Scotch origin, merchant, married
, Elisabeth 47, b. England, C. of England, English, married
, Mary E. 19, all children born England
, George J. 14
, Annie L. 12
, Dougles G. 10
, Alexander A. 8
, Jessie C. 5
, Alice M. 2

Sarnia Town, Lambton Co (FHL 349137, ED 4, ES G)

Div 1, page 3

WANLESS, Robert 26 b. Scotland, Canada Presbyterian, Scotch origin, grocer, marital status isn’t noted
Minnie 4[?] b. Ontario, Canada Presby, Scotch origin, in school [her age is really unclear…it looks like Robert is widowed and she is his daughter?]
BRACK, Janet[?] 43 b. Scotland, same religion/origin
ROBINSON, James 20 or 21, b. Scotland, same religion/origin, mercht clk

Div 2, page 9

WANLESS, William 42 b. SCOTLAND C. Presby, SCOTCH origin, GROCER, married
, Jane 34 b. Ont, C. Presb, Scotch origin, married
, William 10 (all children b. Ont, same religion & origin as mother)
, Jane 8
, Alexander 6
, John 4

Cardwell, Caledon Twp, Peel Co (District 40, sub-district A)

Division 1, page 27

Wanless, John 38 b. England, C. Presby, English, carpenter, married
Elizabeth 35 b. Ont, C. Presb, Irish origin, married
John 14 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, in school
Thomas 12 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, in school
Mary Ann 8 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, in school
William 6 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, in school
Isabella 4 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin
George 2 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin
Robert A. 9/12 b. July, b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin

Division 3, page 1

Wanless, John 67 b. Scotland, c. Presb religion, Scotch origin, farmer, married
Margret 59 b. England, C. Presb, English, married
Wanless, George 36 b. England, C. Presb, English, farmer, married
Elizabeth 31 [37?] b. Ont, C. Presb, Scotch origin, married
John 12 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, school
James 8 b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, school
Mary 6, b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, school
Marthur (f) 4, b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin
Malcom 2, b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin
Lettica Fos [?] f, 17, b. Ont, C. Presb, English origin, servant

Mitchell Twp, Perth Co, Ontario, Canada (District 29, subdist. E, Div 3 page 18)

Wanless, Jessie f, 35, b. Scotland, C. Presby, Scotch origin, housekeeper
— lives in a household of seemingly unrelated blacksmiths named George Brooks, James Dow, John Atkinson, and William Stevenson

Flos Twp, Simcoe Co (District 42, subdist. F, Page 30)

Wanless, William 40 b. Scotland, religion: C. Presbyterian, Scotch origin, farmer, married
Janet 36 b. Ont, same religion/origin as husband, married
Isabella 13 [all children b. Ont, same religion/origin as parents]
Janet 12
Margaret 8
John 6
William Henry 4
Mary Ann 1

Waterloo Village, Waterloo Co (FHL 0349159, Dist. 32, subdist. E, Div 2, page 33, dwelling 103)

Wanless, John m 40 b. Scotland, religion: Christadelphian, origin: Scotch, agent, married
Mary f 34 b. Ireland, (whole family Christadelphian), Irish, married
Amana [Ariana?] f 12 b. O, Scotch, school
George m 10 b. O, ditto, ditto
Julia f 7 ditto all fields
Richard m 5 ditto all fields
William m 2 b. O, Scotch

St. Andrew’s Ward, West Toronto (district 46, subdistrict B, Division 1, page 92)

Wanless, John male, age 41, b. Scotland, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin, occupation: jeweller, married
Wanless, Susan age 39, b. England, S. Presbyterian, English origin, married
Kinsman, Joanna female, 80, b. England, Wes. Meth., English origin, widowed
Bell, Elizabeth A. 21, b. Ontario, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin, single
Bell, Janet 16, b. Ontario, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin, single
Wanless, John 8, b. Ontario, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin, at school
Wanless, Alexander 6, b. Ontario, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin, at school
Wanless, Margaret [looks like a middle initial G. or C. written above her name] 4, b. Ontario, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin
Wanless, Clara D. fem, 2, b. Ontario, S. Presbyterian, Scotch origin