1861 Census

1861 Canada Census – Wan(d)less entries

Age is “on next birthday”.

Fields: Name, Birthplace, age, religion, occupation

U.C. = Upper Canada = Ontario (used in birthplaces)

New Brunswick

York County – Fredericton – King’s Ward (subdistrict 93 page 9 line 15)

Name Sex Age Relation Occ Religion Born MaritalStatus Other
Henry Wandless m 54 head Porter of University of N.B. Episcopal England Owns 1 pig in agric. census.
Mary f 37 2nd wife Episcopal England
Alicia f 26 daughter Episcopal native
Mary Jane f 18 daughter tailoress Episcopal native
Martha E. f 14 daughter scholar Episcopal native
William H. m 12 son scholar Episcopal native
Thomas m 10 son scholar Episcopal native
John m 6 son Episcopal native
Anna f 4 daughter Episcopal native
Charles m 1 son Episcopal native born previous year
Next dwelling is labeled “University Buildings”.


Lambton County, Sarnia Town
WANLESS, William, Scot 32 FC Merchant
Jane Ont 22 FC
John Scot 30 FC

West Hawkesbury, Prescott co
George Wanless, sadler, b. Scotland, Church of Scotland, 60, widower
Ellen, spinster, b. Ont, Ch. of Scotland, 17, single
log house, one story

Caledon twp, Peel co
John Wanless, b. Scotland, Presbyterian F.C., 57, married, frame house, 1-1/2 stories, 1 family living there
Margaret, b. Ireland, 51, married, Presbyterian F.C.
R. Wanless, b. Scotland, 15, male
Margaret Wanless, b. U.C. [Ont.], 13, [mark in male column]

Caledon twp, Peel co (ED 2 page 20)
George Wandlass, 24, farmer, born Northumberland, Free Church of scotland, married
Elizabeth, 21, married, b. U.C. [Ontario], F.C. of S., married
John, b. Ont, 3

Hullett Twp, Huron Co (ED 5/614, Page 51)
— possibly in the house of James Tauney or Tunney, a millwright b. Scotland, age 39
William Wanless, 30, labourer, married, b. England, religion: F.C.
Jannet R. Wanless, 26, b. Ont, F.C.
Isabella, 5, b. Ont.
Jannet R., 4, b. Ont.
Thomas J., 2, b. Ont.

Hay Twp, Huron Co (ED Ward 2/419 page 15)
— household of Paul & Anne Bell from Scotland
David Wanless, 25, machinist, b. Scotland, F.C. religion, single

Stanley Twp, Huron Co (ED 4/848 page 47) – indexed Waulep at ancestry.com
James Wanless, 50, farmer, b. Scotland, Congregationalist, married, lives in 1-story log house containing 1 family
Margaret, 46, b. Scotland, religion: U.P., married
David, 25, wool carder, b. Scotland, U.P., lives in Hay outside township limits, single, absent from household
Agnes, 28, b. Scotland, a Baptist, lives in London, single, absent from household
James, 23, labourer, b. Scotland, U.P., single
William, 20, labourer, b. Scotland, U.P., single
Margaret, 17, born on the Ocean, U.P., single
John, 15, b. Upper Canada [Ont.], U.P., single
Helen, 10, b. Upper Canada [Ont.], U.P.
Thomas, 8, b. Upper Canada [Ont.], U.P.
Arthur, 5, b. Upper Canada [Ont.], U.P.
Agnes, 70, b. Scotland, Congregationalist, single, widow

York, York Co, Ontario
bounded on the north by Ward 2, on the south by Kingston road, on west by Don Mills road, on the East by line between York and Scarborough
John Wanles, carpenter, b. Scotland, F.C. [Free Church], 29, married
Elizabeth, b. U. C. [Ont.], 26, married
John, b. U. C. [Ont.], 4
Thomas, b. U. C. [Ont.], 3
James, b. U. C. [Ont.], 1

Kingston, Frontenac Co (pg 483 Victoria Ward)
WANDLESS, John, 54, male, married, b. Ire., Episcopal, pensioner, 2 families in rooms in a house
Olivia, 24, female, married, b. UC, Episcopal
Charles, 5, male, single, b. UC, Episcopal
Elizabeth, 2, female, single, b. UC, Episcopal
ROBISON, Olivia, 50, female, married, b. Ire, Episcopal
Charles, 26, male, single, b. UC, Episcopal, Tailor
Thomas, 28, male, single, b. UC, Episcopal, Tanner, lives in US

Chatham, Kent Co, Ont
T.K. Wandlas, shoemaker, b. England, all Church of Scotland, age 41, married
J., 40, female, b. L. Canada [Quebec], married
H., 17, male, b. L. Canada [Quebec] [true for all kids down to A.R.]
G.J., 13, male
E.A., 11, female
A.K., 9, male
J.K., 7, male
A.R., 2, male, b. W. Canada [Ontario]
C. Huffman, b. Ont, W. Methodist, 19, female, single, not a family member
3 males & 1 female in school, 1 birth in 1860, 1 male and 1 female died in 1860 from scarlet fever, ages 4 and 17, frame house, 1 story, 1 family in house

Harwich, Kent co
George Wanless, 30, labourer, Church of England, b. Canada, single, lodger

Mosa Twp, Middlesex co (ward 2, page 20)
George Wanlass, operator, b. U.C. [Ontario], F.C. [Free Church of Scotland], 20, single, not related to the people he lives with.
–It looks like he boards in a 2 story frame house with Alexander (from Scotland, age 51) & Hannah Campbell & their adult children Fanny & Duncan, plus 3 other single males.

Ward 4, London Twp, Middlesex Co
boarding with the family of William (a merchant of boots, shoes, & dry goods from England) & Ann Rowland, in a 3-story brick house
John Bell, clerk, b. England, Episcopalian, 22
Harpar Shindler, clerk, b. Switzerland, Methodist, 20
Agnes Wanless, seamstress, b. Scotland, Baptist, 28


Chateauquay (district 6 page 335)
George Wanless, 64, shoemaker, b. England, married in 1819
Isabella Kay, 64, b. England, married in 1819
James Wanless, 22, b. U.C. [Ontario], married in 1859
Marguerite Isro, 22, b. L.C. [Quebec], married in 1859
Isabella C. Wanless, 2, L.C.
Isabella K.(?) Bellie [Baillie], 11, L.C.
2 males, 4 females all in one family, in a log house

Argenteuil Co – St. Andrew’s
Martin Wanless, baker, married in 1854, b. Que, Church of England, 39, married, frame house containing 1 family
Catharine, b. Ireland, 26, married
Mary Ann, b. Que, 5
George, 3, b.Que
William, 1, b. Que
Margaret Jones, b. Que, 60, single, related
Mars. Robire, laborer, Roman Catholic, male, 17, b. Que, not related