Distribution and migration of the Wan(d)less name in Northumberland from 1583 to 1830

Based solely on births and marriages recorded in Northumberland in the 1993 LDS IGI, here is my analysis of which Northumberland parishes contained Wanless families (any spelling) from 1583 to about 1830. I divided the time period into chunks which seemed to reflect the migration of the families; i.e. the 2nd chunk starts at 1654 because that’s when I first started seeing births/marriages outside of Morpeth & the other “first tier” parishes.

Look first at the yellow areas only – these are the parishes in which Wanless records were first recorded in the IGI. (The earliest locations were Morpeth, the city center of Newcastle, and Hexham.) Then look at the pink areas – these are the next set of parishes into which Wanlesses expanded. Then light blue. And so forth.

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Cheviot Hills area of Scotland, with Wanless farms marked

Geographical overlap of trees 2 and 3

See how close together the John Wanless-Isabella Ewen and George Wanless-Bessie Carnes families lived – red pen indicates early residences of members of George & Bessie’s family (tree 2) and blue pen indicates early residences of members of John & Isabella’s family (tree 3):