Places Named After Us

We are world travelers, and we have left our mark on the world, in the form of our name attached to lakes, streets, parks, waterfalls, etc.


  • Wanliss Falls (waterfall), Victoria
  • Wanliss Street, Rockingham, WT




  • Wanlass Howe (now called Ambleside Park)is a house near Windermere. “Exploring Ambleside” by Anthony Rose (published 1975, out of print) includes on page 5, a map of the area between Waterhead and the Roman camp at the head of Windermere. “The Place Names of Westmorland Part One Vol XL11” (published by the English Place Name Society) has Wanlass Howe on 1859 OS map and Wandlase Yeat in 1721, ct 11. It was owned by a local family called the Partridges who sold it to John and Mary Brenchley, who started a house there in 1841. It is currently (2004) owned by John Lewis partnership (a UK department store) as a staff retreat. The 1873 Post Office directory of Cumberland lists David McIver as the resident of Wanless How.


  • Wanlass Terrace in the North East of Durham City, near Claypath; not on 1841 census but exists in 1999.
  • Wanless Lane, St Nicholas, Durham city is mentioned in the 1827 White’s Directory of Durham, shows on 1861 Durham City census and is mentioned in the parish description at GenUKI. Also appears in the 1871 census (RG10/4968 folio 114).
  • Wandlass Place, Southwick, Sunderland, Co. Durham (see a map & description)



  • In 1828-29, Wanless Hall was one of the “homes of consequence” near Leicester town, occupied then by Sir George Palmer, Bart., and in 1835, there was a coach from Leicester to Wanless. In 1841, Lady Charles Palmer of Wanless was listed under Gentry & Nobility of Mountsorrel. [Source: Pigot’s Directories for 1828-29, 1835, and 1841]
  • Wanless Road in Syston, Leics. in the 1876 Post Office directory

Greater London West Counties

  • Wanless Rd, Lambeth, Surrey (seems to be a really long road with many residents) (folio 16, 1881 census)
  • Wanless Road, Herne Hill Lane, Brixton, London. In 1930 post office directory. Mentioned in 1872 newspapers as Wanless road, Herne Hill road, Brixton; in 1880, changes to Camberwell.


  • Wanless Lane and/or Close, Hexham


  • Wanles, Cottingham is listed as an address for a farmer in the 1892 Trade directory for Hull. In a history of Cottingham, it is identified as Wanless Farm on Dunswell Road.
  • Wanless Buildings, Holy Trinity Parish in Hull (seem to be a long row of them in 1881 census)
  • High Wanless and Low Wanless in West Witton (folio 117, 1881 census)
  • Wanlass Park in West Witton, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire
  • Wanlass, Salterforth. (a Samuel Crabtree living there in 1881 census)
  • Wandles House, Great Edstone (a John Connong living there in 1881 census)


  • Wanless Hospital in Miraj near Bombay


  • There is a seismograph station on Wanliss Street in New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

South Africa

  • Wanless Road in Glenmore, Durban


  • Wanless Elementary School – Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois,USA – named for Fred W. Wanless and Charles S. Wanless, Springfield real estate men, who donated the land for the school, built in 1913.
  • Wanless Lake, Sanders Co, Montana – does anybody know who it’s named after?
  • Wanless Lake and Wanless Creek in Lake Co, Minnesota
  • Wanless Street in Buhl, Minnesota
  • Wanless-Stoney area and Wanless Trail (aka County Road 7) near Finland (near Duluth), St. Louis Co, Minnesota
  • Wanless Ridge, Richland Co, Wisconsin
  • Wanless Road, Vernon & Crawford counties, Wisconsin
  • Wanless Creek in Pend Oreille Co, Washington
  • Wanless, Pocahontas Co, West Virginia – ancestral home area of William Wanless & Nancy Wilson. Nearby is Wanless Run (a stream), Wanless Station (an old railroad siding on the Greenbrier River), and Wanless Methodist Church and Cemetery.
  • Wandless Way in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – thought to be named for Harvey Wandless, civil engineer
  • Wanless Street in Denver, Colorado – in 1890s city directories; today there appears to be a park located there instead of a street
  • Wanless Ave. or St. in Colorado Springs, Colarado