Site Policies

E-Mail Addresses

I will not sell/rent/share your email address other than by posting it in the Researcher Registry so others can contact you about your research. However, “spambots” can harvest email addresses from web pages with the intent of selling them to bulk emailers. I have taken some steps to prevent this by encoding the email addresses on the Researcher Registry page in a manner that is supposed to fool most spambots but still allow easy one-click email generation.


You are free to share these pages in any form with your family & friends. However, you are NOT free to sell or upload the data to other sites such as, World Family Tree, GenConnect, etc. or publish it in any for-profit form unless you have personally gathered the data & created the web page (which makes you the owner of the copyright) or you have obtained written permission from the copyright owner. Otherwise, you are stealing. Serious genealogists have no respect for such “tree gathering” sites because they rarely contains sources for their data, making it impossible to trust or verify the data. They are known for having huge amounts of incorrect data as a result, leading many researchers down the wrong path in their quest for family history.

No non-Wan(d)less additions unless they’re GEDCOMs

Because this is primarily a study of the Wan(d)less name (all spellings) worldwide, and because it is a ton of work to try to keep up with all the present-day changes such as births, marriages, divorces, and deaths, I can no longer accept additions of (or changes to) people who are not surnamed Wanless (any spelling) UNLESS you send it as a GEDCOM file that I can simply plug into your tree. I just do not have the time to manually type in all the details for new people any more.

I will still add people who are surnamed Wanless (any spelling), but if you are sending more than a few names, I would *really* appreciate a GEDCOM file instead of pages of text. But, if you have no other way than text to send it, then send away…


This is a non-profit, collaborative site. We gladly accept contributions of data and money. Money is used to purchase research that benefits as many researchers as possible. For example, we purchase certificates of birth, marriage, or death that might allow us to connect several family groups into one. Or we could rent more parish register films from the LDS church and transcribe and add any Wanless data found therein to the site.

Research Assistance

I (Holly) am happy to help anybody with their research. I can assist in ordering English birth/death/marriage records or point you in the right direction for parish records.