About Wanless Web

Thanks for visiting Wanless Web! This site is intended to be a central repository for research data on all spelling variations of the name Wanless-Wandless-Wanlass-Wanliss-Wanlace. It contains family trees and research data contributed by many people. If you have questions about a particular tree, please contact the owner listed in the Researcher Registry. If you want to make changes to a particular person in a tree, or add descendants or other information about that person, please locate them in a tree and, while viewing that person’s page, click the Suggest tab at the top. If you have questions or comments about anything else at this site, or if you wish to have your own data represented here, please contact Holly Wanless Cochran, the host and creator of this site. Our goal is to link up ALL ancestral Wan(d)lesses into one family some day.

For information about how to navigate & use this site, please read the Help page.

Site Host

I’m Holly Wanless Cochran, born a Wanless, married to a Cochran. I’ve been fascinated by genealogy ever since I was about 13 and my paternal grandmother helped me draw a family tree and identified some relatives in old pictures for me. I started “serious” researching when I was about 24. Since Wanless/Wandless is a relatively unusual name, I kept track of all the “other” Wan(d)lesses I found along the way, in hopes of eventually hooking them up with each other. The result is Wanless Web, which I started on-line in December 1998. This project has grown beyond my wildest dreams with the contributions of many other researchers, and it continues to grow and provide many satisfying connections.

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California, and have been moving steadily northward ever since, most recently (1993) to Ashland, a small town in southern Oregon. I have a degree in computer science (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 1984) and have done various programming-related jobs including technical support, management, teaching, and writing. Currently I run Durham Records Online, a web site that sells English census data to genealogists, and Hollyhock Press, which publishes public record transcriptions for genealogists researching in Bath & Highland counties in Virginia. When I’m not doing genealogy, I like to read, ski, camp, hike, play competitive volleyball, and bounce my inflatable kayak down rivers.

3 generations of our Wanless family: my Dad (Carl), my son (Evan), and me (Holly) in 2003