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Wanlesses mentioned in the Alnwick Mercury newspaper

Extracted from the Alnwick (Northumberland) Mercury at

Alnwick Mercury 1 June 1857
Deaths – At Australia, lately, aged 60, Mr. Wm. Wanless, blacksmith, formerly of Rock, near this town.

Alnwick Mercury 2 June 1862
Agents for the Alnwick Mercury, from whom the paper may be obtained on the day of publications and by whom advertisements will be received – James Wanless, Newham

Alnwick Mercury 1 June 1864
Midwifery – Mrs. Wanless, Amble, is now duly qualified for the Duties of Midwifery

Alnwick Mercury 01 September 1864
The Harbottle Annual Soiree in connection with the Harbottle Presbyterian Church was held on the 3rd ult at the pleasant little village of Harbottle. [Paraphrasing now…]Mrs. Wanless of Biddleston presided over one of the tea tables, as did Mrs. Wanlass of Park House; there was an excellent tea, psalm singing, interesting speeches. Proceeds go towards the debt on the church and manse. Other tea table presiders were from Alwinton, Peels, Woodhall, Harbottle, Hepple, and Netherton

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 13 July 1872
Married at Bamburgh Church on the 7th inst. by Rev. Wm. Darnell, Mr. James Wanless of Newcastle and Miss E. Elliott of Newham.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 18 January 1873
George Wanless of Blackpool took 3rd place in the hedge-cutting contest and received 10s, at Linden South Farm, on Tuesday. J. Wanlass of Blackpool took 2nd in the ploughing contest and won 20s.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 15 February 1873
Died, at Rowlands Gill on the 3rd inst., aged 47 years, Robert Wanless, late of Newham.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 22 March 1873
Mr. J. Wanless, farmer of Denwick, was appointed overseer for the country [did they mean county?] at the vestry meeting of the ratepayers of the parish of Alnwick.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 25 October 1873
Notice was served by the Inspector of the Alnwick Rural Sanitary Authority to Harrison, Wanless, and Hanlet, tenants at Amble, to empty their ashpit. [This was because there had been several cases of “fever” and scarlet fever in the district, and the residents were worried about cholera, so were focused on clearing stagnant drains and other places water could gather.]

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 24 June 1876 and listed each week through 15 July 1876
Visitors at Alnmouth – at Mr Brown’s, Mr & Mrs Grey and Miss Wanless

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 06 January 1877
Births – at 35 Albert Street, Shieldfield, Newcastle, on the 3rd inst, the wife of Mr James Wanless of a son.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 28 July 1877
Alnwick Mechanics’ Institution Art Classes – results of an examination in drawing held April last include success in geometrical drawing for Wm. Wanless.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 15 December 1877
Draught Tournament at Felton – a very interesting and well-contested draught tournament at Felton Reading Room ended Monday night…Mr. J. Wharrier beat Mr. W. Wanless in the first round.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 13 April 1878
Increased Duty on Tobacco – announcing the new tax rates – announcement made by sellers of tobacco, including S. Wanless

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 23 July 1881
Mr. Wanless, Alnwick, formerly an elder of Warenford congregation, was one of the speakers at a soiree at the Presbyterian Church of Warenford.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 26 November 1881
Births – at Dodd’s Lane, on the 24th inst, the wife of T. Wanless, of a son.

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 08 December 1883
For sale by auction, let to highly respectable tenants – lot 3, dwelling house, 1 Hotspur Place, containing 4 rooms, yard & c., in the occupation of Mr. T. Wanless

Alnwick Mercury – Saturday 20 July 1889
Alnwick Local Board – At the November term, Mr Taylor gave up his share in the tenancy of No 5 slaughter house, which has been taken up by Mr Wanless, a sub-tenant in the same.

— there is more in the Alnwick Mercury concerning Thomas Wanless who became involved in local government.

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