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Newspapers: Durham County Advertiser, Shields Daily Gazette

Extracted from the Durham County Advertiser at

Durham County Advertiser, Friday, 13 Apr 1860
Lanchester Police Court – Catherine Wanlass, of Shotley Bridge, servant, charged with stealing a cotton dress, the property of Mary Armstrong of the same place, was committed for one calendar month

Durham County Advertiser, Friday, 28 Nov 1856
Court, Nov 22 – John Wanless, of Kelloe, pitman, was charged with assaulting John Huntley, at Coxhoe, on the 8th inst. Fined 11s and costs.

Durham County Advertiser, Friday, 9 Oct 1846
Sunderland Gas & Water Companies: The sinking of the New Water Company’s shaft, at Humbleton Hill, has been let by the directors to Mr. Wanless, engineer.

Durham County Advertiser, Friday, 7 Aug 1846
A case was tried in the court: Brown v. Wanliss. The gist of the case is that Archibald Wanliss, a sheep farmer at Barrowhill and Biddleston, accused James Brown, a neighbor, of stealing sheep from Wanliss. Brown was suing Wanliss for injuries sustained when the plaintiff was apprehended along with is brother on the charge of sheep-stealing. Brown and Wanliss were conveyed in separate carts to Alnwick and locked in separate cells until the case could be heard. The plaintiff alleged that Wanliss acted with malice. The case was resumed on Monday, malice could not be proved, so the case was dismissed.

Durham County Advertiser, Sat, 27 Aug 1825
To be sold at auction, at the home of William Perkin, innkeeper: all that dwelling house in West Auckland, used as a Public House, known by the sign of the Marquis of Granby, with good stabling and appurtenances, now occupied by William Perkin. Also a small dwelling house lying behind the said public house, now occupied by William Wanless.

Durham County Advertiser, Sat, 20 Oct 1821
We, the undersigned, having assaulted Mr. Anthony Brignal, while in the execution of his duties as a Sheriff’s Officer at Houghton-le-Spring on the 14th and 16th days of July last, and having been bound over to answer to that charge at the Sessions, do hereby express our contrition for that offence, and promise not to offend again, in consideration of his staying the proceedings. As witness our hands:
John (his mark) Wanless
Margaret (her mark) Wanless
Catherine (her mark) Wanless
Mary (her mark) Johnson
Witnesses: George Robinson, Christopher Thwaites
Durham, Oct. 13, 1821

Shields Daily Gazette – Thursday 09 December 1858
Newcastle & Northumberland Assizes, Monday – James Jewell, 24, and Thomas Wanless, 29, were indicted for stealing a silver watch of the value of £3, a brass watch guard, and a cap, the property of William Mason, at Morpeth. Mr Price was for the prosecution and Mr Davison for the defence. The jury ignored a bill against John Moralee, 25, charged with the same offense. The prosecutor is a farm servant residing at Horton Grange, about 8 miles from Morpeth, and the prisoners are pitmen in the same neighborhood. On the 3rd Sept, the prosecutor was at Morpeth Fair and went to the railroad station to meet a friend and referred to his watch at that time, which was 7 p.m. He had in his possession also a Glengary cap and 4s. He returned to Morpeth without his friend and went to a public house called the Earl Grey, where he sat down in one of the upper rooms and fell asleep. At about 9 p.m., a young woman named Catherine Dodds, accompanied by a young man named Young, came into the room where the prosecutor was sleeping and saw the two prisoners and a third man there. She saw Jewell put his arm around the prosecutor’s neck, take off his watchguard, and hand it to Wanless. She was told to say nothing, but when the waiter came upstairs, she told him, at which Jewell became very angry and left the room. The prosecutor was roused up and it was discovered he had lost his watch, watch guard, 4s, and a cap. The cap was seen on Jewell’s head shortly after leaving the house, but the watch had not been found. Jewell – guilty. Wanless – not guilty. Wanless was discharged. Jewell, guilty of a “most impudent robbery” per the judge, was given 7 calendar months hard labour.

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