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Mary Wandless - was born on 20 Oct 1800 in Ouston, Chester-Le-Street, England
Mary Wanless - was born on 20 Oct 1807 in Fleatham, NBL
William John Wandless - was born on 20 Oct 1850 in Sunderland, Durham, England
Mary Caroline Wanless - was born on 20 Oct 1850 in Pocahontas Co, Virginia
George Wanless - was born on 20 Oct 1862 in Low Moorsley, Durham, England

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Tree #53: Joseph Wanlace & Jane Oxley Pinder

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Joseph Wanlace was probably born at Wallington, Hartburn, Northumberland abt 1782. He married Jane Oxley (widow Pinder) in 1805 and they lived in North Shields, NBL. He was a mariner and she ran a tavern.

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