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Elinor "Nellie" Wanless - was born on 28 Jan 1823 in St. Andrews, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada
Charles Wanless - was born on 28 Jan 1894 in Glebe, New South Wales, Australia
Howard Reese Wanless - was born on 28 Jan 1899 in McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon
Leonard Barrett Wanless - was born on 28 Jan 1913 in Anoka, Anoka Co, Minnesota
Thomas Frederick Gray Wanless - was born on 28 Jan 1929 in Aldershot Hampshire England

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Tree #37: John Wanless & Eleanor Trotter

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John Wanless (abt 1777-1819) & his wife Eleanor Trotter lived most of their adult lives at Raby Park, Staindrop parish, Durham, England. Primary locations for their children are Staindrop, Gainford, and surrounding areas.

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