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Elizabeth Wanless - was born on 25 Apr 1801 in Wilkwood, Alwinton, Northumberland, England
John Wanless - was born on 25 Apr 1859 in St Judes, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Susannah Wanlass - was born on 25 Apr 1866 in Lehi, Utah Co, Utah, USA
John Wanless - was born on 25 Apr 1891 in Newington, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Catherine Annie Wanless - was born on 25 Apr 1898 in Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Tree #41: William Wandless & Elizabeth Smurfitt/Smurthwaite

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William married Elizabeth Smurfitt or Smurthwaite in 1800 in Houghton le Spring, Durham. As of 18 Jan 2003, former database 33 (Wm & Elizabeth of Grindon) and the branch of George in St. Louis Missouri from database 100 were merged into this tree. This database follows their sons John (married Jane Wiseman, stayed in Bishopwearmouth area), George (married Mary Errington, moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1846), James (married Isabella Wheatley, was a customs officer at South Shields), and Robert (married Elizabeth Lawsen, moved to Missouri in 1854 and Illinois in 1860).

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