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Richard Wanless - was born on 30 May 1812 in St. Andrews, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England
Harriet Wanless - was born on 30 May 1835 in Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, England
James Wanless - was born on 30 May 1868 in Grange, Errol, Perth, Scotland
Ralph Wanless - was born on 30 May 1911 in Cresco, Howard Co, Iowa
Mary Eleanor "Ellen" Wanless - was born on 30 May 1913 in Bern Twp, Athens Co, Ohio, USA

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Tree #26: George Wanless & Isabella Kay

253 people

George Wanless & Isabella Kay began married life in Wooler, Northumberland about 1819 and moved to Montreal, Quebec in the early 1830s, where George, by trade a shoemaker, was a gunner in the Royal Artillery until a thumb injury forced his military retirement in 1839, after which he moved his family to Beauharnois Co, Quebec. Their children:

  • Thomas Kay Wanless, b. 1820 in Wooler, lived as an adult first in Norton Creek, Beauharnois co, QUE and then migrated around 1860 to Chatham, Ontario.
  • Isabell, born in Barbados in 1822, who married John Johnston and lived in Pittsburgh Twp near Kingston, Frontenac co, and later in Napanee, Lennox Co, Ontario.
  • George, b. 1833 in Montreal, migrated before 1861 to Chatham, Ontario, and then in 1865 to Bay City, Bay Co, Michigan, USA.
  • William (b. 1835 in Montreal) migrated about 1851 to Port Huron, St. Clair Co, Michigan, USA.
  • John (b. abt 1838 in Canada) who fought in the Civil War out of Oakland Co, Michigan and ended up in Bay City, Michigan from about 1880 until his death there in 1902.
  • James (b. abt 1839 in Ontario) lived first in the Williamstown area of Quebec and then migrated to Chatham, Ontario in the mid-1860s

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