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John Wanless - was born on 23 Oct 1802 in Auchope, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Robert Clark Wanless - was born on 23 Oct 1807 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland
George Ross Wanless - was born on 23 Oct 1858 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Sidney Simpson Wanless - was born on 23 Oct 1888 in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, England

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Tree #51: William Wanless & Dinah Fishwick

35 people

Married in 1766 in Great Ayton, Yorkshire, their descendants were found in Ayton & Stokesley, and in Stockton, Durham. Origin of William is unknown.

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GRO Birth Index 1837-1911 updated with mother’s maiden surnames

Updated the GRO Birth Index for 1837 to mid-1911 with mother’s maiden surnames, which are now supplied on the main GRO site.

Thomas Wanless & Ann Marshall moved to tree 52

Moved the 45-person tree of Thomas Wanless & Ann Marshall from the catch-all database (tree 100) into tree 52 (John Wanless and Ann Harpley/Hartley). We’re 90% sure Thomas is a son of John and added […]

George Wandless & Ann Lax moved to the Lumley-area tree

Moved the family of George Wandless & Ann Lax from the Strays tree into tree 35. Realized that Ann Lax Wandless was the Ann Wandless who married Thomas Turnbull, because their son William Turnbull b. […]