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The Migration to Wisconsin from Ohio
The Migration to Wisconsin from Ohio
George Wanless (1795-1858, son of Archibald Wanless & Mary Rutherford) migrated about 1819 from Alwinton, Northumberland to western Virginia (now West Virginia), where he married Anne Douglass abt 1820, and then moved by 1830 to Carroll County, Ohio. This album contains photos of some of George & Anne's descendants who migrated on to Wisconsin. Contributed by Wayne Wanless. 
2 Thomas Wandless, burglar (1880s-1910), East Coast
Thomas Wandless was a temporarily famous burglar between about 1900 and 1910. Apparently the son of John Thomas Wandless & Margaret Bennett of Brooklyn, New York, he robbed houses for years until he was shot while attempting a burglary and died a few weeks later in the hospital in Passaic, New Jersey. In between, he staged a dramatic escape from the Boston jail with the help of a young singer who he married while in jail, inherited a large sum of money from an aunt while in prison, and fathered a son with the singer, Mazie or May Coyle.